Hindsight (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

Tragic Kingdom

Previously on Hindsight Ever since your little elevator ride, you've been too scared to make any tough decisions.
I don't know anything anymore.
I don't know what to do about Andy or Sean.
If things ever get weird with us, you know you can talk to me.
Who was the guy that dropped you off at the concert? - Kevin.
- He is cute.
I actually have a new thing too.
Sean? I should have confronted you the second I found out you kissed him.
- Karma's a bitch.
- Yes, it is.
How much have you been smoking? The usual amount.
How can I be with Jamie when there's a Kevin out there? She thinks I have feelings for you.
Just tell her you don't.
I don't want to lie to her.
Don't wake me up when you come in.
I think I'll go to my parents'.
You just got to figure out what you want and go for it.
I'm kind of at the end of my rope here, Becca.
The only thing I want right now is to see you.
I'm at the cabin at Spring Lake.
Excuse me.
Hi, I'm looking for a patient.
Last name: Kelly.
- There was an accident - Becca! Keep me posted.
- My God.
- Shh, shh.
What happened? Where's Andy? Andy is in surgery.
He was on the turnpike.
The car in the Lane next to him had a blowout.
- It just spun right into him.
- Is he gonna be okay? They airlifted him here because we have got the best trauma No, is he gonna be okay? - What are you not telling me? - Look.
- Is he gonna be okay? - Honey, honey, honey.
There are internal injuries, and we will know a lot more as soon as he's out of surgery.
Is he gonna be okay? Please tell me he's gonna be okay.
Please tell me he's gonna come out of this.
This is all your fault.
I think Yeah, Frank.
Jane, I am so sorry.
Becca, thank you for coming.
Anything I can do.
- Frank.
- Becca.
You look more beautiful every time we see you.
I just talked to him this morning.
He said that he and Melanie were gonna stay in and order Indian food.
That was the plan.
Then why was he leaving the city? What the heck was he doing on the Jersey turnpike? I don't know.
- Excuse me a moment.
- Yeah.
You know, it was really hard studying my lines with my roommate and her boyfriend going at it in the next room, which at least they were playing some decent sex music.
So you just gonna stare at that number all day, or you gonna call him? I'm memorizing it.
Just call him.
You know what? I'll do it tomorrow.
I still have to unpack.
Paige, what are you doing? - Calling Kevin.
- Stop.
You just need a little push, that's all.
Stop it.
- It's ringing.
- Stop! You really like him, don't you? I don't know.
I can't stop thinking about him.
I feel like I'm and not in a good way.
If he star 69's me, it's your fault.
- Jamie.
- Hey.
Wel-welcome home.
I wasn't expecting you tonight.
Paige just came by to pretend to study her lines.
I was going anyway, so Bye.
So how how was your trip? Good.
Well, I'm glad that we're all here.
I know we haven't talked since, well, 1983 when I asked if you could get Ray Lamoy to kiss me in the seventh grade.
Thank you for that, by the way.
But this time, I really Need your help.
You probably all know that, um, the last few weeks have been weird for me, and I'm still trying to understand why this is happening.
But I need guidance.
I want to follow my heart, and I want to do the right thing.
How do I do both? Any of you can field this.
I need him to come out of this alive.
I need him to be one of the lucky ones.
I'll do whatever I have to do, please.
How long has it been going on with you and Andy? You know you left this here, right? I've been using it for bicep curls.
Yeah, right, I got a test on Monday.
Should I not have come over? No.
No, it's fine.
I'm just wiped from the weekend.
M did a two-hour encore.
I lost my religion like five times.
I just didn't see it.
All these years, and he's Been right there.
I mean, he's charming and smart and funny.
But he's with Melanie.
I never should've let myself have these feelings.
Does he feel the same way you do? I think so.
It's just I'm pretty sure the universe is telling me to walk away from him.
The universe? Last night, I was at the house in Spring Lake.
Andy was coming to see me.
He's in here because of me.
Okay, he's out of surgery.
He's in recovery.
He's resting, and we'll be able to see him in a few hours.
Yes! Hey.
Wow, I don't think this many people have come to visit me since my tenth birthday.
Well, you're not as cute as you were in the headgear, but you still look pretty good.
Jesus, what happened? You don't remember? You were on that Jersey turnpike.
Yeah, where were you going? The last thing I remember is leaving my apartment.
You know, he's still a little hazy from the anesthetic, so it'll wear off.
Maybe we should let him get some rest.
It's been enough excitement for one evening.
Good idea? I'll be back, honey.
See you.
So what do you say we cut across the street to O'Malley's for a drink? It's open all night for moments just like this.
I want to pick up some stuff for Andy just to make him feel more comfortable, and remember when he was sick, he always liked to drink Tang.
We've actually been avoiding sugary drinks.
We do Pellegrino now.
Um, why don't you and I go to his apartment and get him some Pellegrino and some of his favorite things? I just don't want to leave, because he might need me.
I can go.
Why don't I go, and, Melanie, you can stay? And then you guys go take a breather.
Well, then he's gonna need his toothbrush and a pillow and a towel, some books, the Nintendo, and the Sunday magazine section.
He reads it all week.
Anything you need.
- And some soap.
- Well, they have soap here.
- It's not good soap.
- Okay.
Okay, if there's anything else you can think of, just call over.
I'm gonna need those back.
Got it.
No, no, of course.
Okay, I'll be right there.
You trying to escape under the cover of darkness? That was Becca.
Andy was in an accident.
My God.
Is he all right? They think so.
He's at New York Metro.
Becca's just gone to his place to get him some things, so I'm gonna just go over there and help her or whatever.
Yeah, well, do you want me to come with you? I mean, it's the middle of the night.
It's not really the safest hour to be walking out alone.
I'll be fine.
It's My grandma gave me pepper spray for Hanukkah, so Will you call me with any updates? Of course.
Maybe we can get some dinner or something.
Can we just talk about it later? You know, 'cause I just I don't know how long.
Becca's gonna need me, so Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, of course, of course, of course.
I can't believe you went to God before you came to me.
I had to.
Anytime I've been around Andy, something bad has happened.
He got beat up at the Halloween party and now this horrible accident, neither of which would have happened if I didn't come here and kiss him.
And now look.
Andy's in the hospital.
Melanie's miserable, and I'm Gozer The Destructor.
Are you a God? Sorry, that was cookie monster.
I don't like who I've become.
He should be with Melanie.
She's a good person.
I don't know that she's such a good person.
Look what kind of shoes she wears.
Where did you find those? Melanie's drawer.
At least I hope it's Melanie's drawer.
I really do love him, Lolly.
I don't think I realized just how much.
You know he used to burn my toast every morning? He could never get it right.
I used to get so mad.
And these He used to keep a secret stash of these video games under our bed.
See? He loves you too.
He kept a copy.
Becca, listen to Lolly.
Andy got into an accident, and he's okay.
Look, it's possible that the universe, or whatever you want to call it, doesn't have any skin in this game.
If you want to be with someone, you may just have to take a gamble.
He might get hurt.
Anyone might get hurt.
That's kind of just called being alive.
Lolly Lavigne, you're such a philosopher.
What can I say? Sometimes God gives with both hands.
You know, it's true what they say.
These really do look like a pump and act like a sneaker.
Okay, maybe you should put it back now, Dorothy.
So you're an accountant.
I don't know what's in those cookies, but I'm not trying to sleep with an accountant tonight.
Are you crazy? You're very convincing, and Hey, buddy, could you move over a bit please? Thank you.
I came to save you from the conspiratorial whispers.
They all think you have an imaginary boyfriend.
Yeah, well, I can handle a little bar gossip.
There was a whole lot of it after Halloween.
Anyway, the lead in my friend's play had to drop out the last minute, and opening night is tomorrow night.
So Jeff here is all set, but I, Agnes, I need to learn my lines.
Gee, you think a woman with a name like Agnes would be smart enough to study at home in her private convent.
Yeah, well, my roommate's boyfriend is visiting our nunnery, and they pray very loudly.
Well, you can come to my place.
I don't think so.
Get your mind out of the gutter, Agnes.
My place is really quiet.
I'll be there all day painting anyway.
It's no big deal.
It's just two artists sharing the same space together.
Well, three if Jeff wants to come.
He's asleep.
You shouldn't go in.
Your dad and the Kellys went to get some rest too.
Yeah, they probably popped too many bottles of Mr.
Kelly's sparkling personality.
Thanks for getting all this.
Of course.
It's a nice picture.
Please don't be nice.
You're already so pretty and blonde and small, kind of abnormally small, and I just want to hate you.
I just I don't hate you Which sucks, because I've been telling myself that you're the reason why I've been so awful to Andy.
Well, we can all act a little crazy when we care about someone.
I lied to the Kellys.
About what? I just picked a fight with Andy for no reason.
I just wanted him to react, you know? I stormed out and took a train to my parents' house in New Brunswick.
Andy was on the turnpike coming after me.
This is all my fault.
Okay, this whole thing is like some weird algebraic equation of fate.
Okay, if Andy was going to see Melanie, it means that my inviting him to the lake house did not cause his accident.
But it also means that I'm not the one he wants.
But if Andy was coming to see me, it means he feels the same way about me that I do about him, which also means that I'm the reason why he's in the hospital.
Maybe he's just a bad driver.
Either way, I think I lose.
See? This is why I studied film.
No wrong answers.
No answers at all, really.
Just blah, blah, indexical images, blah, blah, Truffaut.
- Becca.
- Yeah? Becca.
- What? - No more Algebra.
No! You are driving yourself crazy.
What are you wearing? What? I'm not going anywhere.
Except I'm supposed to go meet Jamie.
You're anxious about it.
Your mood ring's yellow.
I think I have to break up with him.
Are you mad? No.
Maybe this is better.
Maybe you can cut him loose now before things get really messy and it won't send him into a tailspin.
You just have to be honest with him.
What hurt him the last time is, you just kept stringing him along.
He never knew where he stood.
If you want him to heal and move on, you just have to break it off clean.
Is that advice for me or for you? You came.
No big deal.
Come on in.
I'm just taking a break.
I'll help you run your lines.
I'm not showing you mine until you show me yours.
Wow, Sean.
You should be showing in galleries.
- Wow.
- You know what? That's just some old stuff.
I wouldn't These are beautiful.
You should give these to her.
You know, I'm free now.
I mean like I'm free tonight.
I can come to your play.
I don't let people see my stuff until've worked out all the kinks, you know? Got to be absolutely sure something's ready.
Fair enough.
You can at least use me for practice.
So what's it all about it anyway? What are Agnes and Jeff up to? They're studying Science.
Sounds pretty dreary.
What kind of Science? The Science of attraction.
Very dreary indeed.
My cousin, he has Dyslexia, which is actually a really hard word to spell, especially for people who have a hard time spelling, don't you think? Yeah.
I need to get to my other tables.
Wow, you you know a lot about Dyslexia.
Everybody did, after Theo Huxtable was brave enough to step forward.
Is your cake okay? I don't know.
Something's off.
Now that I think about it, the words "turtle" and "cheesecake" really don't go together.
I want to rename this.
Lolly, just do it already.
Do what? Break up with me.
This is agony.
I'm sorry.
Well, can I at least know why? I mean Is there someone else? No.
I I don't know.
I Who is it? It's no one you know.
Are you okay? At least I don't have to sit here and wonder anymore.
In fact, I don't even have to sit here at all.
Hey, he's trying to play video games one-handed.
You should go in and stop the madness.
I'll unplug it.
I'll go get some air.
Hey, brought you some Tang, so you'll be ready for liftoff, Buzz Aldrin.
Becca, I'm an adult now.
Call me Neil Armstrong.
How you feeling? Honestly, like I got hit by a truck, which I did.
But you know what the worst part was? I never made it to the lake.
So you were coming to see me? Yeah.
You, me The dock.
It was perfect.
Andy I scooped your films from radiology.
Now, the radius is broken, but it's a clean break, which means you'll heal clean.
Ortho will get you in a cast today.
Doc, I don't think I've thanked you for saving my life.
You're one of the lucky ones, Andy.
I'll do whatever I have to do.
Becca, what is it? I'm obviously in a really weird place right now, Andy.
I mean, I called off my wedding a month ago, and I have been a mess ever since.
I I know this won't make sense, but I don't know how I'm gonna feel a month from now or a week from now or even tomorrow, and that's not fair to you, not when you have Melanie.
She has not left your side since you got here.
You should be with Melanie, Andy.
You are safe with Melanie.
You won't be safe with me.
I have to say, I am really surprised to hear this.
I mean, I thought we were starting something.
It was selfish of me to call you I knew it was gonna be messy, but did I misread the signals that much? Am I an idiot? No.
Becca, I I've known you my whole life.
I know, which is why you should know more than anyone that I'm obviously losing it, Andy.
I mean Safe? Who wants to be safe? You can go.
Hey there, Super Mario.
How are you feeling? I don't want us to hide anything from each other.
Melanie, I was on the turnpike because I was going to the lake house.
To see Becca? She was the first girl that I ever had a crush on, and I just I guess that feeling just stayed with me.
But I know now that it's not real.
I'm looking at you now, and I just I realize just how big of a fool I've been Because the only thing that's real has been sitting in front of me this whole time.
I'm so sorry.
Please, I I don't want this to be the end of our story.
I have a probability exam tomorrow, and I don't even care.
Man I'm I'm probably gonna fail out of school, and I don't care.
Who cares, dude? Right? People only go to college for two reasons, really, anyway: To hook up or to throw up.
That's it, and you're doing really well in both of those.
Yeah, man, but I just I I can't believe that she likes some other guy, man.
Okay, okay, you're bumming me out, but let's let's look on the bright side.
Okay, now you don't have to compete against millions of other guys.
You just have to compete against this one guy.
What? It's probability.
I'm helping you study too.
Yeah, I really I really, really like this girl, you know? I mean, she was different.
She go turned on making prank phone calls.
That is cool.
She felt the need to say that Freddy Kruger was handsome in case in case he came after her.
Superstitious And then Dumb ponytail on top of her head that she did.
- Right here.
- Yeah.
It's like a It's like a unicorn.
- Yes.
- Right there.
Dude, you're right.
So she is my unicorn.
She was your unicorn, dude.
I'm never gonna find that again.
You're not.
It's hard to find one unicorn.
It's so hard.
All right, okay.
All right.
All right.
I we I have to find a way I have to I have to win her back.
Okay, okay.
Hear me out.
I have three sisters who taught me two very important words.
"Bold gesture.
" - Gesture, right? - Okay, right.
There's one at the end of every chick flick.
It's what they all want, my man.
- Yes! - Yes! Here's a bold goddamn gesture.
- Yes! - Yes! All right, okay.
Just think about that.
I'm thinking.
Hey, hey, man, hey.
How how much cash you got on you right now? I left my wallet in the dorm.
But we can We can get creative.
Love hurts.
I am never leaving this couch.
I was just gonna ask you to go pee for me.
I feel like a wrecking ball.
I keep trying to do the right thing, but everything keeps getting away from me.
But you put everything back where it was.
Andy and Melanie are together again.
That means it will all play out like it did before.
I'll be with Andy when I'm supposed to be, in 20 years.
Don't worry.
I'll burn your toast every morning till then.
We'll figure it out tomorrow.
Right now, we don't move.
That way, nothing else can go wrong.
Lolly! Lolly! I love you! Lolly! Lolly! Jamie, get down from there! Lolly, we never picked a song.
Or we never got to have a song.
But from the bottom of my heart, please don't go.
No, dude, the batteries.
What? I took it to the beach, man.
Come on.
Lolly, we belong together, and if this bold gesture doesn't prove it to you, then I don't know what will.
Please step down from the vehicle.
I arrest my case.
My Gosh.
Stanton, we're done for.
Cover me, dude.
Melanie! I can't believe you let me think his accident was my fault.
- Melanie, I can explain.
- Can you? You tried to steal him from me for months, and you both swore up and down that it was nothing, and then today, you looked into my eyes and pretended to be my friend, when you knew.
You knew where he was going.
There is no explanation for what you've done, Becca, none, other than that you and Andy are both morally bankrupt.
You don't have to believe a word I say, but you cannot blame Andy.
This is all me.
This is all my fault, okay? I'm so sorry, Melanie.
Well, it's a little late for apologies.
I don't know if I can be with someone who would even consider being with someone like you.
Go to hell, Becca.
Just get over yourself, and go to hell.
Here you go.
I thought Becca would have come.
Yeah, she was going to, and I said I wanted to be the one to throw the book at you.
I'm always forgetting this thing.
I also thought maybe we could talk, for real this time.
What are you doing? That's my only copy.
I'm just taking some notes.
I noticed a couple of kinks.
Really? Kinks? You know what? Jeff has a really big monologue in the next scene, so let's see how you work with that.
I don't think this monologue realizes it's about to meet its next Pierce Brosnan.
Day one of acting and you think you're 007? Devilishly handsome Check.
Charming foreign accent Check.
Gets to kiss the leading lady - Checkmate.
- Now, hold on now.
Brosnan only gets to kiss the leading lady because he gives a flawless performance, so you'll have to do the same.
- All righty then.
- Yeah.
Agnes How much more convincing do you need? You can study the data all you like, but the proof is right in front of us.
It's how we're staring at each other right now.
And we don't need to be scientists to see that.
This is a stupid play, Paige.
I'm skipping to the end.
The kissing bit.
I got to be at the theater in 15 minutes.
I didn't know it was so late.
Yeah, I didn't realize the time either.
All right.
These are your notes on my performance? Kinks and all.
You know what? Lamb's theatre.
Here's the address.
Come if you want.
No big deal.
No big deal.
Would it have made a difference if I had chosen a different song? No, I love that song.
But you don't love me.
You know, Jamie You know, you and Stanton would have got a lot more than a warning if his dad wasn't so connected.
Just promise me you'll watch it with the booze, okay? You don't get to lecture me right now.
We're not together anymore.
Yeah, but I care about you.
I'm, like Like your amiga.
I don't know.
"Friend" just sounds so cliché.
Yeah, well One thing you could never be is cliché.
All right, I just want you to know that whenever we see each other and I'm looking at you, I'm always gonna be thinking "I have seen her boobs.
" Yeah, well, I think that's only fair.
Well, I should I should get going.
I got this probability exam, and there's a high probability that I will flunk.
Jamie, wait, I I need to know that you're okay, like, for real okay.
Don't worry about me.
I'm fine.
I'll be fine.
We'll both We'll both be very fine.
Of course.
Why wouldn't everything I touch fall apart at the seams? Need some help? So much help.
Kevin? Hi.
It's Lolly.
Lolly Lavigne.
Yeah, I know most people only know one Lolly.
Um, so you know how we talked about you maybe coming up to New York sometime? Well, I was thinking.
There's really no better time to see the city than Thanksgiving, and that's really soon.
Thanksgiving is really soon.
So what do you think? You want to come up? And you think it's all your fault all these bad things keep happening? It has to be.
I am the common denominator.
Andy and Melanie are supposed to be together, and now their relationship is ruined, thanks to me, and that never happened before when I was here, none of this did.
What do you mean "before"? Did you move away or something? Sort of.
And then I came back with some perspective, but it doesn't seem to make me any wiser or better at handling things.
If anything, I've made an even bigger mess than I did before.
Sometimes I just wish life gave us clear answers.
Like with homework.
I was good at that I always found my way to the right answer.
Really, now? Why don't you tell me what you know about Latin? I'm applying to Med school, and I figured it would help me with some of the terms, but I still feel lost.
Well, I took Latin in high school.
Really? "Finis origine pendet.
" "The end depends upon the beginning.
" There's so much I could have handled better.
I wish I could retrace my steps and make a different decision.
You did say you always find your way back to the right answer.
You're right.
The end depends upon the beginning.
Maybe there's another way.
Good luck.
Somebody looks thirsty.
Are you going somewhere? Just to a play.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I should not be here.
Becca, wait, wait.
What You look like you've seen a ghost.
Are you all right? No.
I'm not all right.
I feel awful for what happened, and it's just hitting me now the damage that I did, and I came here to tell you that I want to go back to the way things were.
And I know it's unfair of me to come here and tell you this, but it's true.
Do you have to go? No, I don't.
Not if you need me.
I need you.
Next time, on "Hindsight" Andy! Melanie! You guys are here.
We were invited.
You know I always bring the ruckus for Aunt Libby.
You two are back together? Congratulations.
- Peekaboo! - Yes.
What's it going to take for you to accept the fact that you don't control the universe.
Boy trouble? - Sort of.
- Who needs them.
We both said some things we didn't mean.
Remind me what I said.
That I don't deserve Becca.
There's something I'd like to say too.
I saw myself in the future.
My wife was welcoming me home.
Are you falling in love back with him?