His Dark Materials (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

The Fight to the Death

1 I have Lord Asriel in a jail controlled by bears.
I've come here to save you.
When I leave, you're coming too.
All of you.
You didn't come to the north just for this, Lyra.
My father.
I need to free him.
Colonel John Parry, former marine and explorer, presumed dead around 13 years ago.
This house, this family, they're connected to someone I desperately need to find.
Watch them and report back to me.
Bears should not kill other bears, Lyra, but I did.
I was exiled and Iofur Raknison has become king.
If your father is a prisoner of the Svalbard bears, he will not escape.
- Charles - I don't know who you are.
I had a visitor.
I didn't know where else to go.
Your mum's mental, Parry.
- Oi! - Tell me what's in that folder, Mum.
Letters from your father.
But if she needs care, Will, well, my door's always open.
Lyra, take my hand! [LYRA SCREAMS.]
Lyra! [ROARS.]
You didn't leave? Why aren't you at the airfield with the others? The others are leaving? Why? This is the best place we could possibly be.
They cut out your daemon, not your brain.
You seem upset.
The girl's gas balloon did you see which way it went? There were a lot of girls at this facility Lyra.
Did you see which way Lyra went? I don't know a Lyra Mrs.
Then you are no use to me.
I'd like to be of use.
I would like to make you happy.
Happy? Here? Yes.
This is the best place you could possibly be.
No Shhshhshh I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it.
I don't know where to go.
I don't know where to go.
Susurros immortales Audiunt haruspices Incipite parvuli Incipite parvuli Procedant menses magni Incipite Incipite.
PAN: Lyra.
: Iorek! - Lee! - [FAINT SCREECHING.]
Those cliffghast creatures might still be around.
- No! No! [BANGS ON DOOR.]
Lyra, check the alethiometer.
Ask it if anyone's coming to rescue us.
Where is Iorek Byrnison? He saw where we fell.
He saw the bear tracks.
And he's headed this way.
He's coming to rescue us.
And I wish I was a witch.
That way you could fly off and see if my father is here.
But you are not a witch.
You're a little girl.
Who are you? [CHAINS RATTLE.]
Jotham Santelia.
Regius Professor of Cosmology at the University of Gloucester.
You're a scholar? And you ? What's your name? Lyra.
Lyra Belacqua.
I don't suppose you've seen my father? Asriel Belacqua.
He was taken prisoner by the bears.
It wasn't too long ago he was sitting where you are now.
- He was here? - Yes.
But the rogue cheated his way to Iofur's side.
Word is, he's persuaded your father to let him return to his laboratory on the highest of mountains.
But make no mistake that laboratory is still a prison.
And King Iofur will never let Asriel leave that place.
He will die up there conducting his heretical experiments! Me and Iorek Byrnison will save him.
You're not getting out of here! And Iorek Byrnison will certainly not save you.
Why not? Because there are 200 bears here.
They'll kill him with firehurlers before he even gets close and then set upon the corpse like he's a seal or a walrus.
Iorek should have been king but was disgraced and exiled.
He will never be allowed back in the palace.
Hatred is a powerful motor, and King Iofur hates every inch of Iorek.
You're stuck here, as am I.
Till you wilt.
Or they break you! [LAUGHS.]
I once heard that what Iofur wants most is to be human.
It's why he hired me.
My downfall came when I told him he was a bear and will always be one.
But unless you are a witch and can magic him a daemon, you will fail to please him, just as I have.
I need to speak to Iofur Raknison! It's about Iorek Byrnison! [GROWLING.]
There's something I know that the king needs to know! Just like your father.
Protecting your own skin, are you? [LAUGHS.]
Betraying your friend.
- Try and stay hidden.
- I will.
BEAR: What do you want? [DOOR CLANGS.]
JOHN PARRY: It's been easier to explain it to him than to Elaine, my wife.
I think helping scientists drill for ice sounds kind of cool to a kid.
Not that he is going to be able to remember any of it.
But I'll be writing, keeping them all updated, Shackleton style.
I'm going to write them some some truly epic, er letters.
I'm going to write them some some truly epic, er letters.
Who is this child? Greetings to you, great king.
Why do you disturb me? I've got something very important and secret to tell you.
It's about Iorek Byrnison.
Iorek! Come closer.
Well? I am his daemon.
But you're just a human.
Humans get animals.
It makes sense for bears to get humans, doesn't it? Bears, leave! Iorek Byrnison was the first bear to get a daemon, but it should have been you.
I would have much rather been your daemon.
How has a bear got a daemon? And how are you far away from him? I'm like a witch's daemon.
I I can travel.
And we stay connected.
As for how he got me It was at Bolvangar.
Coulter probably didn't tell you everything they were doing there.
And all kinds of other things too.
Including making artificial daemons.
Even for bears.
Daemons? For bears?! Mrs.
Coulter didn't give me a daemon.
I imprisoned Asriel for her.
I want to be with you.
That's why I'm here.
To tell you there is a way for me to be your daemon.
What way is that? Iorek's coming for you now.
My bears will kill him before he even gets close.
Thinks he can challenge you for the throne, but what he doesn't know is that if you were to beat him, in single combat his strength would flow into you and we would be united as one.
Why should I believe you? I can prove it.
I can prove what I am.
Ask me something that only a daemon would be able to find out.
If you're lying to me I will feed you to Iorek myself.
Tell me the first creature I killed.
I will have to go to a room by myself to do this.
Whatever you have to do, you can do it in here! When I am your daemon I will show you how I do it.
Until then I will die before I show my secrets.
Over there.
Come on, come on, come on.
Where is Iorek now? And how am I supposed to tell him what I've done? Trust him.
Who was the first creature you've killed? [WHIRRING.]
Well? I beg your pardon, Iofur Raknison.
I didn't know you were so great and powerful.
You're playing for time.
The first creature you killed was your own father.
I think you're a new god.
Only a god would have had the strength and power to do such a thing.
Coulter deceived me.
She deceived all of us.
Now do you see why you need me? You're scared.
That the other bears won't understand.
Tell them you called Iorek here yourself.
Tell them that the winner will rule over the bears for ever.
Make it your idea.
Not his.
Make it my idea? Yes.
And the fools will believe me.
Great king Now it's time for me to leave you.
Leave me? Iorek approaches.
I can feel him.
He must not know what he's fighting for, or else it will make him too passionate and He can't see that I'm loyal to you.
You must stay here with me, daemon.
If you make me, I will stay.
But give me a chance to prove my love.
Very well.
Ready me for battle! [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
Charles Latrom.
I was back in Oxford again.
I thought we could have a chat, Elaine.
No, thank you.
Elaine I'm sure you've guessed already.
I wasn't in Oxford by chance.
I have urgent information about your husband.
And I can't say it to you on your porch.
Where's your lounge? What a pleasant room.
It's strange.
Some houses you walk into and you know they're not happy places.
Other houses, it could be a smell or something indescribable, but you know a happy family lives inside.
You know nothing about this family.
I know you have a son.
Stay away from him.
I've no intention of going anywhere near him.
I'm on your side, Elaine.
Who do you work for? When I left the Marines, I was offered the opportunity to do some some intelligence work.
So, MI5, MI6? Maybe we don't need to answer that question.
- Tell me what you know about John.
- We're concerned.
We believe that before he disappeared he was entangled in something nasty.
I'm sorry? We're investigating the disappearance 13 years ago of some rather valuable objects.
Dangerous objects.
And your husband's name keeps getting brought up.
What objects? What if I told you there was a possibility, albeit slight, that we might, with the right information, be able to find John himself? I have already buried my husband.
I'm not talking about his corpse.
And if our information is correct he could be alive.
There is no chance of that.
And I'm telling you there is.
I can't help you.
I know nothing.
He wrote to you.
He wrote every day.
Those letters could have vital clues in them.
My husband left me with nothing.
I have nothing for you.
That's not true.
He didn't leave you with nothing.
You get money every month from a bank account that he controls.
I'm not helping you.
I'm at liberty to search this place, with or without your consent.
Do you have a warrant? - I can get one.
- Well, we'll wait for that, then.
Otherwise I will call the police and they can sort this out.
Are you aware that if you are obscuring evidence from Her Majesty's Government I've seen no evidence that you work for Her Majesty's Government.
that you're at risk of jail time - Can I see some ID? - and your son could end up in care.
Do you know what you're risking here? I'm frightened of everything.
Being frightened of you is just one more thing.
What ? What the hell's that? What? Snake.
A snake.
There was nothing of the kind.
I know what I saw.
It's your mind playing tricks on you.
I'll leave you be.
But I will come back with as you say the right paperwork.
We can get him back for you.
You have every reason to cooperate with us.
How was she? Not good, then.
Do you ever think that people just don't understand what's good for them? What do you want me to do? I don't care how you do it.
I want the letters.
Lyra! Are you okay? What is it? - Tell me, child.
- I've done a terrible thing.
I told Iofur to fight you in single combat, and he's going to kill you.
I tricked him so he wouldn't just kill you at the gates.
You tricked him? I thought I was doing the right thing.
You were.
I need to fight him, to end his tyranny.
I can't lose you.
You won't, Lyra.
He's not the real king.
He doesn't even act like one.
You do.
Show him he's nothing.
IOFUR: Your king awaits you! My bears! Iorek Byrnison has come back! At my invitation.
I drew him back.
And I will destroy him.
I've come here to give you a real fight, Iofur.
You are no king! And I will show you that.
Iorek! Look at him.
That's no king.
Whimpering pup! I will place his head above my palace! I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
And his memory shall be obliterated! Why are you helping him? Liar! You're no daemon! [SNARLING.]
You're hurt.
You're badly hurt.
You tricked a bear.
He wasn't a bear.
You showed me that.
There's a man in your dungeons.
Will you free him? Yes.
I will.
You helped me get my kingdom back.
You're one of us now, Lyra, and I will give you a new name.
You're no longer Lyra Belacqua, but Lyra Silvertongue.
Lyra Silvertongue.
Now the bloodmoss.
Mum? Again? You've got to stop doing this.
They were here, they were here.
They came.
There was a man with a snake.
- What? - He said he was secret service, but he wanted I know he wanted stuff about your dad.
And I wasn't going to just Hey, okay, not here, please.
Your dad, I think he was involved in something dangerous.
Dangerous? And it's It's still happening.
Whatever he started, it's still happening.
Mum, you're scaring me.
And now they think he's still alive.
They think Dad's alive? Hey, Mum, look at me.
They think Dad's alive? [DISTANT VOICES AND LAUGHTER.]
Okay, okay.
Not here, okay? Let's get you home.
IOREK: Bears! There will be no more killing.
This is the end of death in this palace.
And it is time for a new beginning.
Bear ways, not human.
Up ahead.
Go on.
Roger? Roger! Lyra! Iorek Byrnison made me stay out in the cold while he came to rescue you.
We fell out of the balloon together.
I don't know what happened to Lee, but he was still airborne when I last saw him.
Lyra, I need you to use your symbol-reader.
Tell me my friend Lee is safe.
He crashed with his balloon, but he seems safe.
A man with nine lives.
Ha! And the Magisterium? Iofur was their puppet.
They're coming here.
Trying to.
My mother's with them.
We need to get out of here.
Once she knows Iofur is dead, who knows what she might to do? Iorek, the alethiometer.
My father will need it.
We'll need the truth to defeat her.
I need to give it to him.
I need your help to get to him.
And we will go with you.
We will.
What on earth is going on? Iofur Raknison is dead.
Asriel is free.
They're sending everyone north.
You'll be coming too.
Father MacPhail.
Our paths do keep crossing.
You're to travel home.
The Cardinal wishes to speak to you.
You failed.
Your project lies in ruins, all your experiments have yielded nothing.
I'm here for Asriel.
Asriel? Asriel is with Iofur.
- I made sure that he - Yes.
I remember your reassurances, but Iofur gave him the freedom to experiment all he wished.
He had his own custom-built laboratory.
It seems you had less control than you thought.
And now Iofur is dead.
What? When? The bears that were his guards are now his protectors.
The Magisterium needs him stopped once and for all.
You're quite terrified of him, aren't you? Why? [STAMP TO ATTENTION.]
Do you think that he is ahead of you? Do you think he understands Dust in a way that you don't? I think you promised to control him and you haven't.
Well, MacPhail, I need to come with you.
Have you not listened to anything I've said? - You've already endangered enough - I know him.
You know I do.
I can smell his next move.
And I know Dust.
I've studied it.
I'll be able to understand what he's doing, what he's done.
Please, don't deny the Magisterium my help.
I seek only devotion to the Magisterium.
The Magisterium has my devotion.
You do understand what I'm saying? Lord Asriel needs to die.
Mum W W Mum, stay where you are.
They could still be here.
That man I knew he would Come on.
Mum, we're going now.
- I was right.
- Not now, Mum.
Come on.
They have been watching us.
They want the letters.
Come on, Mum.
Will, stop.
You have to believe me! I need you to believe me.
I know my head isn't right, but you have to believe me.
I believe those letters are important.
I believe there was a man with a snake.
I believe you, okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
Come on.
Will? My mum needs to come in for a bit.
There's been a break in at home.
She just needs a place to stay.
- Come in.
Let's call the police.
- You can't.
They can't see her like this.
And if they do, they'll take me into care.
Then what are you going to do? Maybe I just need to go home, tidy up, then I can bring her back.
I just need to think.
And your door was always open, remember? And now I need it to be open.
Come in, love.
She She might need to stay overnight.
I've got some spare pyjamas.
We'll be fine.
Mum Mr.
Hanway's a good man.
He'll keep you safe here.
He will keep you safe, okay? Find them, the letters.
Okay, okay.
I'm not sure I like that song any more.
LEE: I have to sing when I'm nervous, you know that.
- Think she's bust? - Of course not.
We just need to get out of here so someone can take a look at her.
And how do you suppose we do that? She's our only means of travel! [WHOOSHING.]
Maybe I can be of assistance.
When did you ? I didn't I-I didn't expect One of my sisters managed to track your movements.
You are important to us, Mr.
But I failed you.
And her.
I lost Lyra.
You didn't fail me in the slightest.
Or her.
You fought for her.
And now her fate is in another's hands.
She's alive? And Roger? And Iorek? Kaisa brings word that they all live and all thrive.
Iorek, with Lyra's help, has reclaimed his throne.
Yes! She is Well, isn't that something? Wow! SERAFINA: I believe this is yours.
Where did you ? How did ? Oh.
Oh, this means you need me to fight again, doesn't it? The battles are just beginning.
The great war is coming soon.
No-No more fancy talk.
I'm just a hustler.
I've played my part.
I was useful for a piece, but I'm no use to you now.
You're wrong.
And it's Lyra who will need you.
So this is still about fate? Of course it is.
She needs me? She needs all of us.
Then I hope I'm strong enough.
Can you see? LYRA: That's where my father is? Why does he want to be here? That you will have to ask your father.
- Are you sure they've gone? - [DOOR SHUTS.]
Oh! [THUD.]
If you need me, I will be close.
I will stand down the bears that are keeping your father prisoner.
His guards are now my guards.
Be safe.
Both of you.
You all right, Lyra? Last time we saw him, he was your uncle.
We're just giving him his alethiometer.
And then maybe we can go home.
- This for me or for you? - Bit of both.
I know you're brave, but hopefully you know that if you are ever scared I'm here.
I do.
I do know that.
- Lyra.
- Hello, Thorold.
Little Lyra! Come in, come in.
What are you doing here? You must be chilled.
I'll get the fire lit.
: No! I did not send for you! I did not send for you! You have to leave.
You have to turn around and leave! I did not send for you! - I came here to free you.
- No.
No, you have to get out before [GROWLS.]
Oh, you didn't come alone.
Who are you? Roger Parslow, sir.
I work in the kitchens.
At Jordan College.
Thorold, prepare these children a hot bath and make them some food.
Roger Parslow I am very pleased you came.