Historia de un Crimen: Colosio (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Who did it?

The real events surrounding
the assassination of Luis Colosio
have been fictionalized to depict
this tragic moment in Mexico's history.
Cover him! Cover him!
Cover the candidate!
Make way! Move! Police officer!
Come on!
- Step back!
- Make way!
Give him some air!
Step aside, motherfuckers!
Make way!
Make way! Make way!
Step back! Give him some air!
- Step back! Move!
- Step back!
Don't touch him.
- He's breathing! He's alive!
- Carry him!
Call an ambulance! An ambulance!
Make way! Make way!
Hold his head up!
Let go of him, motherfuckers.
Make way!
It wasn't me! It wasn't me!
You killed him, motherfucker!
- It was that old man!
- Shut up, scumbag!
You, over there.
Don't let anyone take him! Come on!
Open the car door! Move!
Get him in! Watch his head!
Don't interfere!
- Get him in. Be careful.
- Watch his head.
- Protect the perimeter!
- Move! Be careful!
- Move!
- Easy, put him in!
He's ours! Secret Service! Let go of him!
To the van!
Come on, put him in the van.
Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!
Why, sir? Why did those people betray him?
Come on, let's go!
Pull over!
Let us through!
Get those people out of the way!
Make way! Don't run over anyone!
Get them out! Oh, shit!
Let's take him to the ambulance.
An ambulance is faster.
Damn it!
You're dead meat, man!
Keep your fucking head down
and don't talk! You hear me?
Where the hell are you taking him?
David Rubí, Tijuana Police Commander.
Colonel Rentería, Secret Service.
Help me. They're going to kill me.
Shut up! Keep your head down!
I better go with you.
We don't want you to get lost.
This city is tricky.
Don't get smart with me.
Keep your head down
and don't move, motherfucker.
- Leave him alone.
- We have a lot of questions for him.
You piece of shit!
What's your name?
Mario Mario Aburto.
- Let's go.
- Keep your hands down!
Don't move.
There's blood on your jacket.
I helped carry the candidate, that's why.
I was there. I didn't see you.
Don't misunderstand.
You're going with me anyway, man.
- You're making a mistake, Commander.
- How do you know I'm a commander?
- Your badge.
- Yeah, right.
Watch his head.
I'll go with him.
Let's go! Come on, move!
Coffee or tea?
Tea would be great, thank you.
- Good afternoon.
- Hello, Mrs. Colosio.
Mr. Liébano Sáenz sent us.
Your husband is in the hospital.
- In the hospital? What happened?
- A blow to the head.
- Is he all right?
- You need to come with us, please.
Keep your head down!
- Stay down, motherfucker!
- Bring the other one!
Restrain him, quick!
- Make way!
- Move, scumbag!
Up the stairs, jerk! Come on!
No one enters or exits
without authorization!
Come on, you piece of shit!
Stay down, motherfucker!
Move it, man!
There's nothing to see here, people.
- Make way!
- You can't go in. Stand back.
Please, you guys!
When will you let me make my call,
When you explain that blood stain.
Blood type A-negative!
Come with me. You can come through.
All these people for a head wound?
And right this minute, Jacobo,
Diana Laura Riojas,
the presidential candidate's wife,
is arriving at the hospital.
Can you approach her
for an interview, Talina?
Mexico needs to know
what she's feeling at this difficult time
and if she knows who might be responsible.
No, I can't, Jacobo.
They're taking her to a restricted area.
Luis Donaldo Colosio's wife
has entered the hospital
where her husband
is being operated on to save his life
after being shot twice this afternoon
at Lomas Taurinas in the city of Tijuana.
Come in.
Attorney General Valadés is waiting
for you at the airport, Manlio.
- What for?
- I want you to meet Zedillo there.
I don't think Zedillo went to Tijuana.
You're going to be
my eyes and ears over there.
I want you to see the shooters
and get the whole truth out of them.
Do you understand?
Come in.
Makeup, Mr. President.
I'm addressing the nation.
do you suspect anyone?
Go easy on the foundation.
I don't want to look like a mannequin.
Yes, sir.
What happened?
Why are you so upset? What happened?
He has two bullet wounds.
One to his head and one to his stomach.
Mayoral, Vicente.
Height, five-foot-two.
Aburto, Mario.
Height, five-foot-five.
Santos Oliva, Juan Ramiro.
Height, five-foot-seven.
That man was going to be our president.
- Did he die?
- You've got to be kidding me.
He won't make it.
I saw him. They really fucked him up.
The madman who shot him
goes by the name Mario Aburto.
I'm not sure this was done by one man.
Everything's fishy here.
Why did they exclude us from security?
Why did they send in the Tucanes?
You think it was planned?
I think that guy I caught
has something to do with it.
And then the Tucanes.
Where were they? Did you see them?
Setting up such a stunt is complicated,
don't you think?
A big crowd, I don't know.
Too many logistics.
If you think about it,
a rally is the best place
to do it, isn't it?
They'll try to blame this on us.
You heard what Dionisio said.
We're the opposition.
Lupita, this is important.
Don't let them turn on the TV
or the radio, understand?
Yes, ma'am, don't worry.
I hope everything turns out okay.
Mom, are you there?
I wanted to talk to Dad.
The World Cup album is out.
Dad isn't with me right now, honey.
I'll let him know.
- Don't forget to give him my drawing.
- I won't forget, honey.
Go to bed now. It's late.
Okay, sleep tight.
I love you, darling. Lots of kisses.
Hurry up!
José Luis is going to kill us! Look!
You're finally here!
I should have left an hour ago.
Mario never showed up.
The girl fell asleep.
He must be partying somewhere.
With who? He doesn't have any friends.
- Maria Luisa! Maria Luisa!
- What?
- Your son is on TV!
- Mario?
They say he shot Colosio, the candidate.
- Mario?
- He's at the police station.
If you don't believe me, turn it on.
Hurry, child, hurry, hurry!
Let's go.
I need to talk to the doctor, please,
by order of the president.
28, 29, five.
Twenty-six, 27, 28, 29, five.
Twenty-six, 27, 28, 29, five.
Twenty-six, 27, 28, 29, five.
Twenty-six, 27, 28, 29, five.
The helicopter is here.
Should we move him?
There's nothing more we can do.
We're still here because
they insist on resuscitating him.
He died almost an hour ago.
Please, let him rest.
Mr. Liébano, any news
on the candidate's health?
I'm the one who was supposed to die.
Mr. Camacho,
the helicopter is waiting for you.
Very well, Lieutenant. I'll be right over.
Damn it!
Good evening.
Agent López.
Good evening.
How can I help you?
This is Manlio Fabio Beltrones,
Governor of Sonora,
and Diego Valadés, Attorney General.
We'll take charge
of the investigation from here.
Give them a private space.
The president sent them.
Not to interfere with your work, Pedrito.
Somewhere we can speak in private.
At your service, Mr. Governor.
Any progress?
We're about to take
the appropriate steps, sir.
A sodium rhodizonate test,
an interrogation
and a medical exam.
- You haven't done them yet?
- We're waiting for Human Rights.
- It's what the law dictates.
- That's absurd.
Go on, give them your office.
Don't leave them standing here.
Give me a minute, gentlemen.
Fucking shit!
What's wrong?
Manlio and Valadés are out there.
That idiot López brought them.
They're taking over the investigation.
We're out.
I saw it coming.
They wouldn't give us the case.
Grab your stuff.
We're giving them our office.
Damn it!
It's all yours, López.
Mr. President, Liébano Sáenz again.
- How is he?
- He just passed away, Mr. President.
I'm very sorry.
Let me speak with Diana Laura, please.
She doesn't know yet, Mr. President.
I understand.
Who is it?
Mr. President.
Please, gather everyone
in the conference room.
Yes, sir.
Liébano, please let the press know.
Yes, sir.
Fucking bastards.
They'll get a confession out of him,
lock him up in a maximum security joint,
and case closed.
Sir, I need information
about Mario Aburto. I'm his mother.
Why did Manlio come?
To represent the president. It's clear.
They'll arrange an official version.
Poor kid.
If it was him, he really screwed up.
And if it wasn't, too bad.
Tapia, your keys!
Who'll take me to the suspects?
My fellow public servants
our candidate
has passed away.
Let us please give him
one minute of applause.
Hurrah for Luis Donaldo Colosio!
I don't want this infamous deed
to give rise to a witch hunt.
But if there's a murderer among us,
I will personally make sure
he pays for his crime.
Which one do you want to see first?
The young one, the one the people caught.
Cell four.
Cell four, lights!
As I told you,
I can't make any statements.
Can you at least give us details
of the nature of the wounds?
Two bullet wounds
one on the right side of the skull,
inflicted with a .38 caliber,
and the other one
on the left side of his stomach,
apparently a smaller caliber.
Then there were two different weapons,
two different guns?
Journalists, please gather round.
I have news for you.
Excuse me.
People of the press
I deeply regret to tell you
that, in spite of all the efforts made,
Mr. Colosio
has passed away.
Kid, these men have some questions.
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
He got a beating.
You overdid it this time.
We didn't touch him.
It was the crowd, the people at the rally.
Gómez, give him some water to wake him up.
Drink up, kid. You'll feel better.
Mario what?
Were you at Lomas Taurinas today?
Speak up!
Please, don't harass him.
What were you doing there?
I went to see the presidential candidate.
You shot him.
I didn't have a gun.
They gave it to me when he dropped it.
Is this gun yours?
Is it yours?
- They pushed me.
- Who pushed you?
At the rally.
They all pushed, and I almost fell.
I took public transportation.
Do you belong to a subversive group?
Did you go there with someone?
I didn't know it was a rally.
I'd never seen a rally.
When I got off work, I took the bus.
- Where do you work?
- In a factory.
I'm a mechanic.
It's positive.
It was you.
Colosio is dead.
Jacobo said it on the news.
Kid. Kiddo, look at me.
Did you hear that, sucker?
You're being accused
of killing the candidate, get it?
Defend yourself.
That's right, wake up, wake up.
Relax, don't take it personally.
Why the hell is his jawbone shaking?
He's scared. He knows what's coming.
Who asked you to shoot the candidate?
I don't want to answer that question.
How much did they pay you?
I don't want to answer.
Did you act on your own?
I don't want to answer.
That's enough, right?
What do you mean?
Interrogations take an hour,
and he isn't well.
- We're done. It's clear it was him.
- It isn't clear. Look at him!
I don't need an hour to know it was him!
I have the gun and the test
- You have nothing, López!
- I have everything!
You can't do this to the kid!
Let's go, sir.
Fucking bastards!
The Commissioner for Peace in Chiapas
took a helicopter
from San Cristóbal de las Casas,
where he was holding discussions
with the EZLN.
He will hold a private meeting
with the President of the Republic.
It is speculated he could be
the one who replaces Candidate Colosio.
Notable PRI Party members,
including former president
Luis Echeverría, have turned up, too
Diana Laura, everything's ready.
In addition,
the opposition leaders have rejected
- Did they take him inside?
- Yes, the coffin's on the plane.
until a new candidate is appointed.
Both clergy and business representatives
have strongly condemned
this assassination as well, and
Officer, can we get something to eat?
We still have some time ahead of us.
Sir, will you let me see my son?
I've been waiting for hours.
Madam, I'm not the one you need to ask.
Are you Aburto's mother?
If you'll allow it,
we could let her see him.
I know she's been here for hours.
Take her to Aburto, please.
Go with him, ma'am.
You have five minutes.
Mario, is that you?
Why are you smoking, son?
I guess it's the wrong cell, ma'am.
Sir, get me out of here!
This isn't my son!
Get me out!
Where's my son?
You killed him, didn't you?
- Mario!
- Please.
Are you worried
we'll end up with a bad candidate?
Aren't you?
You let the suspect have visitors
with the investigation still pending?
It's his mother, López.
She's harmless.
Besides, we did the interrogation,
didn't we? It's protocol.
No, not in this case.
I'm glad you're already out.
We all know you're not a real cop.
Please, I want to talk to the suspect.
Of course, sir.
Which of the three suspects first?
- The shooter, of course.
- Obviously.
Sorry, "alleged." You mean Aburto, right?
Of course.
I'm so sorry, Diana Laura.
This is despicable.
Who did it, Carlos?
Why Luis Donaldo?
Answer me!
People of the press, journalists,
thank you for waiting.
I want to say a few words
so you can go home
with the information you were waiting for.
As you know, two suspects were arrested
for this terrible evil committed
against Luis Donaldo Colosio.
The first one, Mario Aburto Martínez,
who was detained at the scene,
has confessed to being
the mastermind of the crime.
He tested positive
in the rhodizonate test.
This led us to conclude
that this cowardly murder
was the work of a lone shooter.
The second man, Vicente Mayoral,
doesn't seem
to have participated in the act.
How is this possible, Attorney General?
He was shot in two different places.
Yes, that's right.
One shot was on the right side
of the skull,
the other on the left side of the abdomen.
This is due to an obvious spin
of Luis Donaldo Colosio's body
as he fell on the ground.
The lone shooter used this move
to wound him in the abdomen.
Hey, District Attorney, we're no fools.
The doctor who operated on him said
there might be two different calibers.
No, no, miss,
that's completely inaccurate.
The wounds are the same caliber.
That's what the autopsy proved.
I have nothing more to say.
Don't you think it's too soon
to discard other theories?
Is it true that Governor Beltrones
of Sonora came with you?
- What is he doing here?
- Look,
you'll get precise details tomorrow.
- Good night, everyone. Go home.
- Don't go, sir
Mr. District Attorney, please!
Please answer our questions,
Mr. District Attorney!
He's lying through his teeth.
We knew why they came, didn't we?
You and I know
that Aburto didn't confess to anything.
They'll leave people unpunished,
close the case.
I won't let them keep us
out of the investigation.
I don't think it's a good idea to be bold.
This isn't an American movie.
Am I right or what?
Right, signed.
Are you leaving now?
What about the other guy?
Are you letting him out this easy too?
He's free, according to the law.
Orders from upstairs.
According to the law?
When we bring them in for drinking,
they stay for 36 hours.
He hasn't been here for 12.
Sir, may I take my son home, too?
Good evening, ma'am. I'm sorry.
Here are your son's belongings.
Give me a moment.
As soon as we get a chance.
We're swamped.
Take her now.
She's been waiting for hours.
- You can take her, boss.
- Come with me, ma'am.
This corpse report just came in.
You can take a look.
We have more work to do.
The presidential candidate
was just murdered,
and you want me to go see a corpse?
- This way, ma'am.
- Yes, sir.
Only five minutes, sir?
Take all the time you need, ma'am.
Thank you.
Son save your strength, son.
I'm an Eagle Knight.
That's what they told me.
That I'm an Eagle Knight.
Settling of scores?
I think so.
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