Hollington Drive (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Eddie, that's outrageous!
It's true, though!
You can't say things like that!
People don't take care
of themselves any more,
they just let themselves go.
You cheat!
You're a cheat.
How would you feel
if someone said that to you?
That's the way I am! I wouldn't mind
if someone said that to me. Eh?!
I'd be flattered!
Can me and Eva go to the park?
Aunty Helen said she doesn't mind,
but she said we have to ask you.
Your brother's enjoying himself.
Mum, please?
Yes, I heard you.
No, you can't,
because we're eating any minute,
I'm not chasing after you, no.
I've only just lit the barbecue,
we're not gonna eat for a bit.
Why don't you let them go out?
Then you can come outside
and enjoy yourself.
He's over-excited,
I want him to calm down.
Get them out from under your feet.
Stop it!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
What's going on?
He pinched me!
I didn't! You did!
How many time have I told you,
don't lay hands on her! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Ben! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Everyone just calm down, OK?
Relax! Shut up.
Supposed to be a nice day.
OK, now, look,
I have a brilliant idea.
You two apologise to one another,
promise you'll play nicely,
and then maybe,
maybe Mum-slash-Aunty T will let you
go to the park for half an hour.
Sorry, Aunty T.
Well, half an hour, then.
Well, go on, then!
Whoa! Slow down! Can you make sure
Mummy knows, please?
And you need to take your phone.
Understand? Yes?
OK, go.
Thank you.
You could have said no.
Come on. Come on.
Come outside and have some fun.
Fun, remember? Fun!
Honestly, it is the best watch
I have ever owned.
Look, if you look, you can see
it's telling you active calories,
heart rate, oxygen levels.
You can see I've already
put in my 7k this morning.
A decent recovery
God, Eddie, that's amazing!
I barely got out of bed
this morning.
David always says
he's gonna take up running.
Oh, yeah?
Then I meet runners.
I'm at school from 6am,
barely ever home before nine
Theresa's always out in the garden
most days with her whole routine.
I'm just I'm in total awe.
Theresa, your sister thinks you've
got too much time on your hands.
Oh, don't start a fight, please!
That is not what I said.
Er, salad, anyone?
No, thanks, mate.
Today is cheat day.
I'm waiting for sausages.
Need a hand over there, Dave?
No, thank you.
Keep turning them, yeah,
nice and even.
What I meant was how Theresa
manages to balance everything
along with the cafes and Ben
is astonishing to me.
You know that smart watches are
just another way for faded brands
to get your money
and harvest all your data?
I don't know about you, Georgie, but
I don't have data worth harvesting.
I'm not a perv, you know.
Actually, er, we took Eddie to go
and see the cafes this morning.
Oh, that's lovely.
He asked for normal bread cos the
sourdough was cutting into his gums.
It's just sharp, you know.
What Theresa has managed to do there
since Mum passed away
is really wonderful.
Did you know Theresa's been
nominated for a business award?
No! Yeah, we're going
Wednesday evening.
Got ourselves
a real high flyer here.
Does it get competitive?
What? No!
Oh, God, no, not at all!
If I lived next to Fraser,
I'd be comparing couch sizes.
Right, on that note,
I'm gonna go and get the kids.
Come on, mate,
let's give you a hand.
T, please don't go.
It's been half an hour.
The kids'll be back any minute.
It's been over half an hour.
Call them. Are the kids late back?
It's fine.
Well, shall I go and get them?
You don't need to go and get them,
I can go and get them, it's fine.
No, well, it's my fault they went
in the first place, so I
It's not your fault.
It's so easy, I can go.
Two minutes.
Tell them if they're not quick,
Uncle Eddie will have
all their sausages.
Om nom nom! God, I love cheat day.
'Yo, this is Benji,
wait for the beep'
' Ben, where are you?
We said half an hour.'
'Yo, this is Benji,
wait for the beep'
So, Eddie, how long
are you actually staying?
Just for a little while.
Checking in on my brother,
seeing a few friends.
Yeah, it'll be nice.
And Theresa and I have
taken a few days off work.
Yeah, I've got one or two
visa issues to deal with
from the divorce, but as soon as
that's done, I'll be heading back.
Why do you want to
live in America, anyway?
Doesn't it cost, like, a million
dollars just to see a doctor?
It's a great country, Georgina.
People there look after themselves.
They don't expect things
to be given to them.
You're literally sleeping
on my dad's couch.
Yeah, and he's welcome to
as long as he likes.
Thanks, man!
Ben, no. Please. No! Ben!
It's me, Ben, no!
What are you doing?
Why did you grab her?
You don't grab people!
Ever. Do you understand me?
Do you understand me?
What were you doing?
I was going out of my mind.
You said you'd be half an hour.
You said you'd be in the park.
Why didn't you answer
your mobile phone?
Is Mum angry?
Actually, maybe it's best
if we just, erm
keep this to ourselves, yeah?
Maybe not tell Mummy.
Get in the car.
This is seriously
such a nice place. Hm.
I've no idea why you and Theresa
talk about leaving so much.
What? You're thinking
of leaving the Drive?
No, no, no, no, it wasn't
Eddie, can?
No, erm, no.
Theresa and I were just, er,
talking about, erm, the countryside,
you know, the
house in the country, more space
But it was a-a daydream. You know?
Yeah, the country's overrated,
anyway. The people are weird.
Oh! Here they are!
Don't worry, kids,
I've saved you a sausage.
She'd have said something to me,
Well, maybe not.
Well, clearly!
Well, she's nuts.
How did you find Eddie tonight?
How did he seem to you?
I don't know.
He doesn't mean to be rude, he's
just not great at reading the room.
Well, I thought
he was on great form.
I mean, I was a bit worried that
he might've got a bit carried away,
but it's understandable,
given everything.
Look, T, he's only been here a day.
I don't complain and we practically
live with your sister.
Sounds like a complaint.
He's had a rough time. He needs me.
Yeah, well, he doesn't like me.
Of course he likes you.
I don't like the way you are
around him.
Sorry, er
what have I done wrong?
When I didn't want
the kids to go out today,
it's because there was
a legitimate reason.
I wasn't just being a boring nag.
They were a few minutes late, T.
But when Ben is aggressive
and angry,
he can't just get what he wants,
and it would really help me
if you supported me
rather than trying to be his friend.
Hello, Jean.
I'm so sorry to disturb you.
That's all right.
M-My son Alex, he's gone missing.
We don't know where he is.
Oh, my God!
Erm When did you last see him?
I haven't seen him
since I left for work last night.
Gareth is positive
he went out this morning.
But we haven't seen him. He
He usually always comes home
Right. I heard Helen was here,
she's his head teacher,
I thought she'd know what to do
Yeah, I'll get her.
I'm so sorry to ruin your evening.
No, God, no, no, no Helen!
I'm sorry to disturb you, Helen
Have you called the police?
No, not yet. Not yet.
We've been looking.
Er, she says he went out
this morning.
Right, well, why don't you go home
and call the police,
and then stay there
in case Alex shows up?
We'll get in our cars
and go out and look for him.
Really? Are you sure?
Fraser, will you go get David?
Eddie can look after the kids.
I'm sure
it's nothing to worry about.
Theresa's already had to drag
our two back from the park earlier.
We'll find him.
Oh, God, I shouldn't be driving.
None of us should be driving.
Hey, Jean said they thought
that Alex had gone out.
Like she didn't know.
Like they hadn't checked.
I never said
I was gonna take up running.
David, there is a child missing.
I've definitely heard you say it
Anyway, I was just
making conversation.
Do you want me to take up running?
I don't care.
I'm sorry if I undermined you
with Ben.
It's fine. It's done now.
At least he's safe, thank God.
I was just, erm
Well, I mean, I was just
trying to help, you know,
cos you just seemed so stressed,
so OK.
But it's not like I turn into
a wanker when my brother's around.
Oh, God! Yeah, right.
Hey, I'm, er, I-I'm I didn't
mean it, what I said about Eddie.
I'm just I'm sorry, OK?
I was just tired.
I think Eddie's great.
'Eddie's a twat, isn't he?'
I thought he was all right.
You'd have no idea
he was Fraser's brother.
I thought Theresa seemed very off
this afternoon. Didn't you?
I thought she seemed fine.
'She looked miserable.'
Do you think
they'll leave the Drive?
Why would they want
to leave the Drive, David?
I have no idea, Helen.
She's your sister.
You know, actually, I don't like
the way you are around Helen.
Oh, my God!
I'm serious.
I just said I was sorry.
She drowns you, T.
And everybody else can see it.
She obsesses about you, it's all
the comments, the compliments.
Wow. Compliments!?
Oh, my God! OK!
She pities you, T.
She pities you!
'It's bloody patronising.
She treats you like you're this'
broken thing,
and you're not.
You're absolutely not, T.
I really, really hate the way
you disappear when she's around.
I hate it.
No-one in this world cares for me
as much as Helen does, so
David's putting Eva to bed
next door.
This is a nightmare.
We have to make some sort of
announcement at the school tomorrow.
We're gonna get inundated
with calls.
Maybe one of the kids
knows where Alex is.
I mean, maybe he's at a friend's
house. Is that something he'd do?
You probably get a fair few
paedophiles around here.
It's the right area for it.
Plenty of kids. Quiet. Insular.
Look, I'm just saying,
they're everywhere.
It could have been one of our kids,
The police are here.
It's just a joke.
A joke?
Alex is missing.
His parents are terrified.
The police are out there,
asking questions.
Did you two?
Did? Did either of you
see him today when you were out?
We didn't see him! Why do you
always think I've done something?
I haven't done anything!
So this wasn't you,
this was somebody else, was it?
It was just a joke.
Yeah, well, I'm keeping this.
Thanks, love.
You didn't need to do that.
It's all right. I really needed
to get out of that other room,
to be honest.
mentioned that you and Fraser
were thinking of leaving.
Not that I know of.
You would say, wouldn't you,
if you weren't happy?
Yeah, of course.
I mean, I am happy.
We're not not happy.
I mean, obviously, we talk,
we talk, erm,
but, like, aeons in the future.
Not Eddie's
He's a bit odd, isn't he?
So, what's the matter, then?
I'm really worried about something.
I didn't find the kids in the park,
I found them by the woods.
They were fighting.
They were really weird.
I'm really worried that something's
happened, that they've
I'm I'm worried
I found this on Ben's phone.
That's Alex Boyd, isn't it?
Theresa, this is awful.
It is, it's awful,
but I see these all the time.
Kids send these to each other.
It's like a meme.
It's not just
I think I think you're
reading too much into it.
No, you are!
You always do with him!
Look, Ben can be
But he's not capable of
And neither is Eva!
You know, I
It's silly,
silly even talking about it.
Sorry, I-I'm so sorry, Helen.
I just I was just so worried.
Ben's fine, he's more than fine.
He's normal. He always has been.
Have you mentioned this to Fraser?
I've got school tomorrow.
You should get some sleep.
Yeah. Night. Night, love.
Thank you. Sorry. Stupid.
See you tomorrow.
There's quite a lot of barbecue food
left over.
We could take some round
for the Boyds.
Eddie's gonna be out seeing friends.
We could pop round,
see how they are.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Who wants leftover barbecue food?
Well, I thought it would be nice.
Thought it was the sort of thing
that neighbours are supposed to do.
What do you think?
I've got a late finish tonight,
so Dad's gonna come
and pick you up, all right?
Did you see Alex anywhere
when you were out yesterday?
When you were out playing with Ben?
As some of you may well be aware
..something very sad has happened
over the weekend.
One of our children, Alex Boyd,
has gone missing.
And all of us, but most
especially his mum and dad,
are very, very worried about him.
Now, while I don't want
to scare you,
it is important to remember
what we have always said -
if you see anyone acting strangely,
or making you feel uncomfortable,
you must tell a trusted adult
straight away,
and always tell your family
where you are going.
If there is anything worrying you,
and if you know anything
about where Alex Boyd was,
or who might have seen him
or been with him
over the weekend,
then don't keep it to yourselves.
I would like all of us
to keep Alex Boyd and his family
in our thoughts.
What do you say?
To people in this situation?
No idea.
Hi, Gareth.
We just, erm
Well, we helped out with the search
and, er,
we thought we should
Brought you some food.
Yeah, do you wanna come in?
Do you make these carvings yourself?
Gareth's got a shed in the garden.
He's always out there.
They're really nice.
I'm so sorry. I can't begin
to imagine how you must feel.
What have the police said?
Have they found anything?
They want us
to do a press conference.
There's 12 registered
sex offenders around here.
Did you know that?
No, I didn't know that, no.
The police wouldn't talk about it,
but that's what Milena down the road
told me.
And she knows
cos her husband installs broadband
in people's houses.
You learn a lot of things
going installing broadband
round people's houses.
Sorry, I just need the
the toilet?
Just the top of the stairs,
straight on.
We should go.
They're just being kind, Gareth.
They've come here to pry.
We'll, um let you guys
Thanks so much for coming.
I'm so sorry, we're
Not at all.
No, we're so sorry.
Erm, if you need anything, just
I hope everything's all right
with the food,
it was just a few bits
left over from the barbecue
We're vegetarian, mate, so
Oh. It doesn't matter,
it was really kind of you.
I can get something else
No, it's fine.
We're not fussy right now.
Hello, Stephanie.
Sorry to interrupt, Mrs Bardwell.
Erm, do you have a moment?
Of course. Come in.
I, um
Oh, please sit down.
I wanted to talk to you about Alex.
Of course.
How are his classmates?
They're OK.
We're taking it slowly.
I'm sure you're doing brilliantly.
I'm so sorry,
I feel terrible.
I should have said before, but
Said what, Stephanie?
Alex was distant, a lot.
Hungry, sometimes.
Anxious, or angry
a lot of the time.
He could be
He had bruises. Small ones.
Any child could get them,
but just with everything else
I know I should have said,
but it just never felt that
And now I'm also worried
it could be nothing,
but you never know
what's going on at home,
so I thought I should say something.
You've done the right thing.
You just leave it with me,
and, er
..I will talk to the authorities.
I'll be very discreet.
I'm just worried it's all my fault.
It is absolutely not your fault.
You've done nothing
but be a kind, observant teacher.
Thank you.
Our son Alex is ten years old.
He loves superheroes.
He loves making up stories
..making little films.
'Our son is missing.
'And we just want him back
'If you have our son,
'or if you know where he is,
or who has him,
please just give him back.
'Tell us where he is.
'There won't be any trouble.
'We just want our baby back.'
Is Jean home?
no, no.
She's, er, she's
She's at her mum's.
I'm sorry.
It's just
it is so terrible.
And I
..I just wanted to say,
if there's anything
..anything that I can do
Do you wanna come in?
Dad, this is so stupid!
I'm just being cautious
until we find out what happened
to that little boy.
Yeah, well,
I'm not a little boy, am I?!
You're welcome to ask your friends
round here,
but I'm not having you wandering off
into town at night at the moment.
I'm sorry. Dad
I said no!
I'll talk to her.
Knock, knock.
Come on, sweetheart.
Your dad's just
It's scary times, he's just
He's just being careful, that's all.
Do you want me to drive you over
to a friend's, or?
Dad is guilty
because it could have been Ben.
He's just taking it out on me.
He's not taking it out on you,
but he is trying to protect you.
The other stuff's probably true.
I'm sorry,
I don't want to be a problem.
You are the furthest thing possible
from a problem.
Ben's been upset, hasn't he?
Yeah. Yeah
Were they friends? Him and Alex?
Same class.
He must be terrified.
Suddenly, the world is
dangerous, you know?
Would you like me to talk to him?
Er That's kind of you.
I think he's fine.
Thank you. I'll leave you to it.
She's fine. She gets it.
That's good.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You know, she's brilliant, Georgina.
She is. You do get that, don't you?
I do. It's a nightmare.
I mean, she's mature
and articulate, and
really kind.
You should be really proud of her.
You've done really well.
I'd say we both have.
Have we?
With Ben, something's not right.
I think he needs help.
I'm worried about his behaviour.
He's ten, T, he's bound
to be an arsehole sometimes.
I'm really not worried
about his behaviour.
Yeah, but he's, erm,
different with you.
I'm worried that I
that I'm.
Look, babe
You know that I know
it's really hard bringing a child up
on your own.
And I can speak from experience
that I think you've done a good job.
Ben's dad left.
And the poor kid is trying
to work out how to be a boy,
by himself, you know?
Ben's fine, T.
You've done a good job.
You haven't raised a monster.
He didn't leave.
He He didn't leave us.
I didn't know Ben's
In fact, I-I never even
saw his face.
I told you we were together,
but we weren't together.
I was at a party.
There were a lot of strangers.
And then I woke up in the hospital.
Helen was there,
to pick up the pieces.
And later, I realised
that I was pregnant
..and I wanted him, so
You know, when he
When he was a baby,
he was
..so sweet
..and as he gets older
..the more and more I
..I worry that that is
..part of him.
Maybe it's me.
Maybe it's just that I'm
I don't know.
When I look at him now, he looks
..and less like me.
And it's
I'm sorry, I do know that it's
I do know that it's not his fault.
I know that it's not his fault.
I just don't know what to do.
Oh, God, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
It's fine because
I should have told you.
No, no, no, I, erm
I understand. It's OK.
Look, I, erm
OK, it's just
I'm not just saying this,
I've been thinking about this
for a long time, but, erm
..why don't I adopt Ben?
I mean, I know it sounds mad, but
..it's not actually,
if you think about it.
Because, er
Because I love you, and, erm
..it would be good for Ben to have
a a male figure in his life,
you know?
Someone who can stick around,
someone who's not going anywhere.
I'm not going anywhere, T. OK?
he doesn't need a doctor,
someone to make him feel like
he's broken, cos he's not.
He's fine, T.
We're fine. OK?
I'm sorry. M-Maybe this was
the wrong time to
No, it's fine.
I, erm I just ne
I just need to, erm, think about it.
Yeah, I know.
Mr Boyd, there's been
a concerning development
regarding Alex's disappearance.
What's happened?
'Police searching for missing
ten-year-old Alex Boyd
'have cordoned off a landfill site
'after the discovery
of his mobile phone.
'The police have
renewed their appeal
'for anyone with relevant
information to come forward.'
I need you to tell me
what you've done.
They've found his phone.
Alex's phone.
They found it in landfill.
So if you and Eva had it,
and then you threw it away,
then they're gonna find out.
I need to know what you have done.
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