Holy Family (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

A Crack

[mysterious music playing]
[woman screaming]
[grunting, groaning]
[screams, shouts]
[nurse] Okay. You got this.
You got this.
You're almost there. You're doing great.
Come on, I see the head.
Keep going. Just a little harder.
- [screaming]
- You're so close. Come on!
Tell the OR to get ready for a Cesarean.
[panting] Come on, let's go.
[haunting choral music builds]
[machines beeping]
- [baby crying]
- Come here. [gasps]
[gasping] Oh, my sweet angel.
Hey, sweetie.
Oh, you're beautiful.
[gasps] Oh, hey, angel.
I love you.
Hello, my baby.
Natalia is here.
She's excited to meet little Nico.
[choral music intensifies]
[glass scraping]
[choral music fades out]
All right, perfect.
All right, describe this image.
An amulet or
is it a goddess of fertility?
Or a sturdy woman?
[students laugh]
A mother?
[classical piano music plays]
Venus of Willendorf.
Over more than 20,000 years ago,
all the way in the Paleolithic era,
these great figures were not fetishized.
No, these women had such
an important function as our mothers
and also our protectors
throughout history.
They weren't only in charge
of feeding the children,
but they also protected and preserved,
to ensure the survival
of our species from any peril.
In China, 4,000 years ago,
the skeleton of a mother protecting
her young child against a large tremor,
showed us a very fascinating
theory that considers
the everlasting bond that is shared
between a mother and her children
as the primary cause
for society as we know it today.
In other words,
it is the love of our mothers
that has made us the empathetic
human beings that we are today.
- Our species needed to stop being nomads.
- [chattering]
[professor] Meaning this love
helped us evolve.
A Russian poetess once said
that the love of a mother
is like a scorpion's tail.
And full of poison.
Poison is a powerful love.
Relentless. Unique.
I'm asking you again,
what do you see here?
[woman] Coming, coming.
[professor] In this picture,
I see the origin of it all.
I see the magic.
[children shouting]
[professor] The generosity
that is in the nature of all women.
Because without their protection,
we all wouldn't be here,
Don't forget that.
Don't you ever forget.
All good, Aitana?
[music fades]
All good?
[music continues in headphones]
- I don't see the link to narrative class.
- [professor] Oh, right
How are you guys going to make movies
if you don't know the real story?
I'll ask something
that's a little personal.
How many of you here want to be mothers?
I'm asking,
but you're not obligated to be one.
[students laugh]
- [woman 1] Getting bigger every day, yes.
- [woman 2] Lorenzo, play with your friend.
[woman 1 chuckles] Mmm!
He's already started eating eggs.
Did your pediatrician recommend that?
Oh, tell me his name.
I might leave mine too.
Oh, he doesn't live here.
How about you send over
your doctor's number though?
- [woman 2 groans] You don't want it.
- [Lorenzo] Mine.
Mm-hmm, but you decided,
uh, you're going to Cologne finally?
To Cologne? Oh, no, not a chance.
His boss won't let Ramón
be transferred over here either.
- And he's not gonna get that job. No.
- Hmm.
- Make plans for Saturday?
- Okay.
[woman 3] I can't.
- It'll be this one's first birthday.
- [woman 2] All the more reason.
Now we finally get to peruse your house.
- Mm-hmm.
- [baby cries]
Oh, please,
you don't trust us enough for that, huh?
[laughs] She isn't serious.
I just have so much work. To be honest.
So we'll do my house, then.
God, this is not about anybody's house.
Gloria, the child's first birthday
is a day that's very important.
- [woman 1] Mm-hmm.
- But it's not like he cares.
Yes, but you always
should have a celebration.
And children don't forget anything.
They even remember
their mother's womb too.
Well, now,
I wouldn't be so absolutely sure of that.
But come on, it's a birthday
Hugo has to celebrate, so just do it.
Yeah, it's true.
- [Gloria] Okay.
- Another margarita?
All right.
[woman 2] Uh, waiter,
another round, please.
- [Gloria] Aitana. I should go.
- [waiter] Two more margaritas.
Uh, Lorenzo, careful, okay? [sighs]
- [Aitana] Hi.
- Hello, my dear. [exhales]
[woman 2] So are we
having lunch Saturday, huh?
- Okay.
- [woman 1] At my place?
- [woman 2] Perfect.
- You be good, okay?
[woman 2 chuckles] Yes, we will.
It's so strange
that she doesn't wanna celebrate it.
[woman 1] I know.
Doing fine?
[Aitana] Hmm.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- Well, I've already fed him enough.
- [woman 2] Lorenzo!
- Come here
- But he always asks for a bit more.
- Here you go.
- Are you all right?
[grunts] We are throwing,
uh, a party for Hugo.
- Oh! One-year-old, right?
- [Gloria exhales]
- [chuckles]
- Such a social life you have now.
Well, yeah. In Barcelona,
your brother had a great social life.
And remember what happened?
- Anyway, Blanca's right.
- [Hugo coughing]
Not celebrating baby's first birthday
is unusual. Everybody does it.
Well, I don't really
remember my first birthday.
Well, yeah,
but you were just a baby though.
It's at Alicia's house. It'll all go well.
- There you go.
- [Hugo babbling]
[mysterious music playing]
[dog barking in distance]
[telephone ringing]
- I'm coming down.
- [young man] Okay.
[young man] Why did you lock the door?
[Gloria] I sliced your fruit.
- I'm going to get a blanket.
- [young man] When can I go out in daytime?
[sighs] Why did I put in a lock?
Because the day is dangerous.
The night is much safer now.
Abel, things'll get better soon.
They will.
[Blanca] Leave them on the ground.
The garbage workers
will come collect them.
Oh, thank you.
- You're new here, aren't you? [chuckles]
- Yes, it seems that I am. Yes.
Uh, Caterina.
- A foreigner? Hi, I'm Blanca.
- Uh, yes, yes. My pleasure.
- I also live on this street.
- [Lorenzo] Her name is Ana.
Uh, who's Ana, honey?
- Ana.
- Yes, my daughter.
- [chuckles] And how do you know that?
- In the street.
- [Blanca] Yes, we live down the street.
- Oh!
- We've seen you walking.
- Saw me walking.
- Of course.
- Yes.
- And you?
- Yes, his name is Lorenzo.
Hello, Lorenzo.
- You're such a handsome guy.
- [chuckles]
Yes, I always wanted a daughter,
but How old is she?
Oh, just four months.
Well, you're gonna be great here,
right, Lorenzo?
- [Lorenzo] Yes.
- Madrid is beautiful.
But this neighborhood
in particular is peaceful, you know?
Big enough to get lost
and small enough to find yourself.
Oh, the real estate agency
told us the same thing.
[both laugh]
- Oh, honey. Honey, come here.
- [man] Hey.
Look, our neighbor is here.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hi, I'm, uh, Germán, nice to meet you.
- Hi, I'm Blanca.
Oh [chuckles]
And this is my son Lorenzo.
Hello, Lorenzo.
- High five! How are you?
- [Lorenzo laughs]
I'm great.
And so you know,
I'm a great guide to Fuente del Berro.
- Oh, yeah? What's your word on that?
- No.
- [laughs] What a funny guy.
- [Germán laughs] "No."
- So do you like coffee?
- [Caterina] Me?
I do.
Too much makes her go
a little crazy and squirrelly.
- [laughing]
- Well, tomorrow we'll go get coffee.
- At the best spot. My treat.
- [Caterina] Okay.
I'll get you up to date.
- Could you introduce us to some friends?
- [Blanca] Of course.
- Okay, thank you! We can't wait.
- [Lorenzo] Goodbye!
- So long, Lorenzo.
- See you, Lorenzo.
[Hugo crying]
I'll hold him.
- He hasn't stopped crying.
- [Gloria] Hey, little guy.
When he gets like this,
I know just what he needs, right?
His teeth hurt.
I think he's hungry.
It's his teeth that hurt. I told you.
- [Aitana exhales]
- [Gloria] I'm sorry.
But you were identical. Identical.
That's how I know
it's your teeth, right, my love?
You told Abel
you're having a social for Nico?
His name is Hugo.
In and out of this house,
his name is Hugo. We clear on that?
Besides, it's not a social.
I have to do this
to avoid looking suspicious.
I wish I could plan parties
so I wouldn't arouse suspicion.
Why don't you join, then? Hmm?
And you could socialize,
if you're interested in it.
No, thank you.
[Gloria] All right, listen to me.
It's just Blanca is a social hurricane.
There's no way to shut her up.
The only choice
you really have is say "yeah."
You can't make excuses to that woman.
It's the only thing I could do.
He's locked inside.
Abel? Yes, he's locked up.
I was just worried, that's all.
And I didn't want him
to do anything crazy.
But, well, look, it's nighttime.
You can go bring the key.
And tell Abel he's free for now.
My love!
It'll get better in Canada.
- I promise you, it'll get better.
- [exhales]
[somber music plays]
[door closes]
[grunting, groaning]
- I'm sorry. Are you fine?
- [exhales]
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
[exhales] Sorry, it's just really dark,
man. I didn't see you.
Are you hurt?
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
If you want, I'll walk with you.
[Abel grunts]
Well, I'm sorry.
[mysterious music plays]
[mysterious music intensifies]
[shouts, grunts]
[music fades out]
[Hugo crying]
[Gloria shuddering]
[classical music plays]
The ideology of Soviet cinema
had a very clear mission.
And it was to show a revolutionary cinema,
through and for the revolution.
At first sight,
it may seem like it's a boring period,
because there is no fantasy,
and there was no place for fiction here.
But to me, it is a very interesting
period in film history because
[classical music builds]
[man] Okay.
[classical music fades out]
[rapid classical tune playing]
Hey, where did you come from?
- Hey!
- [music stops]
Come back! Wait!
[Blanca] Lorenzo, play over there.
But don't go too far away, okay, my love?
Mommy has to see you.
Mommy must see you.
As I was saying,
we don't have any news yet.
And Pedro is pretty sensitive.
[Blanca] I don't blame him.
All this bureaucracy is absurd.
What's this about, girls?
We won't be able to celebrate
Hugo's birthday at our house.
Gloria, I'm so sorry.
Well, how about
we have the party at my house?
Ah, amazing!
- Welcome to my house.
- [Blanca sighs]
- [Alicia] Are you sure?
- Don't worry about it.
I know he'll forget this,
but it'll be fun for all of us.
I think this deserves a celebration!
- César, same as always!
- Oh, and appetizers.
- Yes. And bring an appetizer. Oh!
- [César] Of course.
Caterina! You're here
just in time for my favorite margaritas.
Four, actually, César.
Tell me you aren't still breastfeeding.
No, no, no.
She never really did, actually.
Ladies, let me introduce you to Caterina.
This is Alicia and Gloria, my friends.
- [Alicia] Nice to meet you, Caterina.
- Oh, you too.
- Your name is beautiful.
- [Caterina] Yeah.
Do you know the meaning of it?
Uh, no. No.
- Ah.
- It's such a beautiful name.
- [César] Your margaritas.
- [Gloria] Where are you from?
Well, a little bit of everywhere.
My father's a diplomat, so
Gloria is also new.
She's been here for three months, right?
She's so beautiful.
She's more like you, huh?
Really? I don't think so. I get worried
that she looks different than us.
We even sometimes joke
that she's, uh, just someone else's.
People say they change a bit, so
Yeah, she will, like mine.
Boy, did he change.
I still have unworn clothes of his
that are lying around.
You know what size she wears?
Oh, uh, she's normal.
What do you mean normal?
Yes, she's she's normal for her age.
Well, that size-for-age thing
is a complete mess.
- [Gloria] Uh-huh.
- Mmm! All the beautiful girls together!
- This is Aitana.
- Hello.
- A new friend?
- [Alicia] Hey, Aitana.
No, Aitana looks after Hugo.
- Ah, the au pair.
- Hmm.
Hmm. Are you the mom of the kid's
mom or the mom of the father?
- No. No, not his grandmother.
- [Alicia] No.
I'm his mother.
Oh, so sorry.
Don't worry. When I met her, I also
thought that she was the grandmother.
- And Aitana, the mother.
- My goodness.
How dare you. You kept repeating
that she looked like his grandmother.
- I'm sorry. Please forgive me.
- No worries. We should get going.
Okay, but you really aren't mad, are you?
[Gloria] No, I have a lot to do.
I have to get prepared for Saturday.
[clicks tongue]
You should really be quiet.
Well, I'm meeting Pedro.
He should be done at school. A pleasure.
- [Gloria] Mm, by the way, Blanca.
- Hmm?
Walking tomorrow, no excuse.
- It's such a pleasure, Caterina.
- Yes, truly.
- [Gloria] Mm.
- [sighs]
She wants to go for a walk because
she says I sit all day sipping margaritas.
- I can help you drink them. [laughs]
- [Blanca laughs] Perfect.
All right, all right, what do we have?
- Hey.
- [Hugo fusses]
- Did you find everything that we need?
- Yeah.
- The balloons as well?
- Yeah.
[Gloria] Ah.
But I think you're abusing
our bargain though, you know.
[Gloria sighs]
No, no. Nothing. Hmm.
- [sighs]
- Did you know that woman?
[huffs] Woman?
The new one. She thought
you were his grandmother, right?
- Caterina. Hmm.
- Oh.
I don't trust her.
She gives me a bad feeling.
She's from where?
No idea.
Her accent was so strange to me. [inhales]
But, oh well. Don't be worried.
You're being even more paranoid than I am.
This is all just a lot for me.
And for me. So we'll work this out little
by little, take it step by step. Yeah?
Yeah, but all of them here in the house?
[exhales] Yeah. In our house.
[Aitana] I'm not trying to upset you.
It's just that you're always
the first one reminding us to be careful.
Everything will be great.
We'll celebrate his birthday Saturday.
- And it'll all go well.
- [line ringing]
- Blanca.
- [Blanca] Yes, who is it?
- Hey, it's Gloria.
- Oh, Gloria.
I was just wondering whether you could
Uh, what was the name of that girl
who came to the park with us?
- Who?
- The new one.
- Oh, yeah. Caterina.
- Caterina.
Oh, she's so nice.
Yes, that's right. I was hoping
she could come Saturday for Hugo.
Of course. She'd love that.
[dog barking]
- [exhales]
- [Pedro] Nothing.
They could've just misplaced it.
No. The letter'll get here soon.
[Alicia] Mm-hmm.
- Be right back. Come on! [claps]
- [clicks tongue]
[classical music playing on piano]
[Aitana] You're skipping a "D."
- No.
- [chord resonates]
Listen to the melody, 'kay?
- [sighs]
- You give more priority to the right hand.
Hey, move it. [chuckles]
All right.
[rapid classical tune playing]
You don't study here. Then you must think
we're all dorks compared to you.
I'm sorry. I didn't try to show off.
No, no. Not your problem at all.
I just don't know why I do this.
Well, I do, I guess.
So you don't like music, then?
I do.
But between Chopin and Nirvana,
well, I can't make a choice.
[laughs] A rocker studying
in the conservatory?
This is all the idea of my parents.
Every family has an outcast now.
Uh, would you like
to go to a party to play?
No, I can't.
But you don't know the date though.
This Saturday, my house.
No, I can't. I have a birthday
No, wait. Did I say Saturday?
No, well, but Friday's the real party.
It's next Friday.
Now you're all out of excuses.
Yeah, well, I can't make it.
Uh, just wait, wait! Gimme a second.
Look, I'll tell you what.
If they start the piece with a cello,
then you're the winner. You don't come
to my party, and you never see me again.
But if the violins are first,
I win, and you come to the party.
Okay, but you could just be rigging this.
[instruments tuning]
Hey, guys!
Have we ever met before?
Have we ever seen each other
in the hallways
of the conservatory or anything?
No, no, never.
[exhales] Sound good?
- Okay.
- [musician 1] What are we playing?
- [musician 2] Uh, I don't know.
- [chuckles]
[musician 1 clears throat]
- [classical music playing]
- Yeah, I'm good!
- [Aitana] No!
- [chuckles]
All right.
Ah, on Friday
- [Aitana laughing]
- Okay.
Here. That's the address.
You'll be there.
I'm counting on you, okay?
I'm Marcos, and you?
Aitana, you play fucking great.
[string instruments playing]
- [music ends]
- [chuckles]
[sighs] Hey, sis.
How was school?
Mm, good.
[exhales] I wish I could go too.
Hey, have you talked to Mom?
Did you get hurt?
- Nah, it's nothing.
- Let me.
I told her I need
to get out of here during the day.
But you know she's still
mad at me about Barcelona?
She shouldn't blame you though.
None of this is your fault.
Anyway, she's having guests over here.
- [Abel] Really?
- Hmm.
It's a party for Nico.
I feel like I don't understand anything.
Well, Mom knows what's right.
Oh, and by the way,
so in class, they put on a movie.
One of those old ones you like so much.
- Really?
- Mm.
The Exterminating Angel.
Oh, Buñuel. Haven't seen it. [exhales]
Well, it's about a group of best friends
who gather
for a fancy dinner at this house.
And this party's so much fun.
- But when they wanna leave, they can't.
- [chattering]
- [Abel] Why?
- [Aitana] They're not really sure.
Some unseen force is stopping them.
- [doorbell rings]
- They are very afraid and frustrated.
[Abel laughs] Buñuel was such a bastard.
[Aitana] And they try not to go crazy.
I don't know how.
I guess it's the spirit of survival.
- [guests chattering]
- [Alicia] Isn't it pretty?
[haunting choral music plays]
- [Gloria] Hello!
- Hi! [chuckles]
- Hello.
- [Gloria] Come in.
- Aww, come on, little one.
- Do you need help?
- Yes, thank you.
- You're welcome.
Ah! It looks wonderful.
Okay, this is my husband Germán.
- Nice to see you.
- How are you? All right.
- Gloria, right?
- Yes.
- This is a present.
- Oh, beautiful, thank you.
- Please, come in.
- Oh, thank you.
- Oh, look! They're already here.
- They're all here.
- Gorgeous house, isn't it?
- [Alicia] Here you go, Lorenzo.
The most beautiful couple
in the neighborhood. Hmm?
I'm sorry,
but they're replacing you. [chuckles]
- Did you invite those two?
- Yep, I was asked by Gloria.
It's important for us moms to be together.
- Hello, ladies!
- Hello, everyone.
- Hi, there. I'm Pedro.
- [Germán] Germán.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too. How you doing?
- Can you please water them? Okay?
- [Alicia] How are you?
Hello, Germán.
I'll introduce you to my husband.
- [Germán] Hello.
- This is Pedro.
[Pedro] Hey, how are you? Very good guy.
- [chattering]
- [laughing]
[choral music ends]
[all] Happy birthday to you ♪
- Happy birthday to you ♪
- [crying]
Happy birthday, dear Hugo ♪
Happy birthday to you! ♪
- Yay!
- One year! [chuckles]
I'm sorry.
Oh, blow these out.
Go on, Lorenzo, you can do it.
- [blows]
- Come on. More. Try harder. Ready?
- [blows] Bravo!
- [cheering, laughing]
[Caterina] Did he make a wish?
- What's your favorite animal?
- I love ducks.
[Pedro] Look at you. You're so handsome.
[Alicia] Lorenzo wants
to go see the ducks.
[scoffs] Oh, my. He loves talking
about ducks. He has fixed ideas.
- Come on, Lorenzo. For you.
- [Lorenzo] A soccer ball.
I had a duck
that would walk with me to school.
- Oh, really?
- [Pedro] Yeah.
- [laughing]
- [Caterina] Come on.
Until it got stuffed in 1978 by my mother.
[laughs] Oh, Pedro,
please don't say that so loud.
- The child will hear you.
- Yeah.
I used to have a doll, and she would cry,
so I would take care of her.
Oh, there's a mark on you, Gloria.
Oh, no, it's the
the rose hip for the Cesarean scar.
I'll wipe it.
There. I got it all.
I also had one. They butchered me.
- Was yours natural?
- Uh, yes, yes, natural. [laughs]
Well, that's why
you don't wait to have kids so late.
- 'Course. [chuckles]
- [exhales]
Oh, Aitana.
Could you get a knife?
It's in the kitchen.
- Time to open all these great gifts now!
- Oh, thank you.
So exciting.
Okay, okay. Here I go. Let's open it.
Look, my love. Look, my love.
Oh, careful. [gasps]
- Okay. I love opening presents.
- Okay. Oh, oh.
[gasps] Oh, it's beautiful.
Oh, thank you, Blanca.
Let me see.
- "I have the best mommy."
- [Caterina] Aww!
- [Pedro] Aww.
- [laughing]
[Gloria] I have the best mommy
in the world.
The best mommy in the world. [gasps]
The Little Lost Lamb.
Don't think I've read this one.
It is precious.
I have to use your bathroom.
Down to the left?
- Yeah.
- Aww, what's wrong?
This stuff can be hard for her.
Forgive us.
[Caterina] Ah.
- What's up?
- Hmm?
It's a very somber story.
The poor things wanna adopt.
- Ah.
- She would be a perfect mother. I know it.
[Hugo fusses]
[Germán] Lorenzo, come on over here now.
[haunting choral music plays]
[Lorenzo] Who in there?
Who is in there?
[Blanca] Oh, what a beautiful picture.
I always wanted
to take a picture like this with Lorenzo.
[Gloria] Why don't you take one, then?
How can someone like this come out of us?
- It's a miracle. Look, come here.
- [Alicia] Yes.
This is where I work.
Needs work and some repairs,
but I don't know.
I love it. It has a lot of light.
- [Alicia] Oh, wow, wow, wow!
- Oh, wow!
Look at all these colors!
- [glass shatters]
- [Gloria groans]
Lorenzo, come here! Apologize now!
[sighs] Oh, Gloria.
I'm so sorry about that.
Well, don't worry about it.
It's just a little glass.
I have gifts for you all.
- [Alicia] Really?
- Yeah.
- For you, Alicia.
- [Alicia] Oh, wow.
- It's beautiful. I love it.
- Here.
- [Caterina] You didn't have to.
- I used the stained-glass windows.
- That's marvelous, isn't it?
- [Gloria laughs]
You really planned this out.
- [all laughing]
- [Caterina] How nice.
JUNE 1999
- [Natalia] I'm sorry for the short notice.
- [woman] It's okay.
I don't think I'll make it to lunch.
- The consulate has all these formalities.
- Don't apologize, please.
Well, if I don't get there,
can you feed him the usual amount?
- Yes?
- [woman] Yes.
- Goodbye, honey. You're wide awake.
- [laughs]
[woman] I just need some things
for my dinner recipe.
I'm thinking about
making a salad to start.
Could I get three bell peppers?
And, oh, yes, please,
can't forget about the onions.
Tomatoes and lemons
He hey! Hey!
[boy shouts]
Someone! Help me!
[Caterina] Thank you so much
for everything.
[Pedro] See you tomorrow, Lorenzo.
Have a good night, Germán.
- [Caterina] See you later, bye.
- [Pedro] Good night, everyone!
[Germán] Really nice to meet you, Pedro.
- We'll see you soon.
- [Pedro] Of course.
- [Blanca] Good night.
- [Caterina] Bye, Blanca.
[Germán] See you soon.
[pensive classical music playing]
[Germán panting]
[music stops]
See that you bounced back, huh?
Yeah, I told you it's nothing.
I'm glad you're back.
You skate around here?
Yeah, but I don't get out
as much as I'd like.
I love the sport,
but now I'm a little bit too old.
Now I run to work out.
What, are you far away,
or do you live around here?
Because I just moved in.
My place is near here.
[Germán] Awesome.
Gotta run.
Well, it's great to see you.
My name's Germán.
[mysterious music plays]
[Blanca] Lorenzo!
Lorenzo, what are you doing?
Come on, you have to go to bed.
- Where are you going?
- [Lorenzo] Ducks.
[Blanca] What's wrong with the ducks?
- [Ana crying]
- [Germán sighs]
[Caterina] Will that baby never shut up?
Why don't you try the pacifier?
Oh, look. Here it is.
What's wrong with my girl?
We have to tell the mother
that we're going to keep her
for a few more weeks.
- [Germán] That's it, sweetheart.
- Right?
- [Ana fusses]
- [Germán] What? You're okay.
- [Caterina sighs]
- You just need a little affection.
Well, it wasn't easy.
Because God knows it took forever,
but I think we found everyone.
Yeah, the mommy and all her kittens too.
- [Germán chuckles]
- [exhales]
It's over.
It's time to return
that baby to its family.
["After the Lights Go Out"
by the Walker Brothers playing]
As the sun goes down ♪
My silent little room is growing dim ♪
And the man next door ♪
Is saying what a lousy day it's been ♪
[Aitana] Oh, Mom,
that pie looks delicious.
[Abel] With cream!
I was really just craving a pie.
- Come on, don't eat out of the bowl.
- Wow, that's great, Mom.
Tuck your chair in.
Your pies are amazing.
Yeah, it's actually so easy to make
After the lights go out
What will I do? ♪
After the lights go out
Facing the night without you ♪
There's a pigeon that's ♪
Been sitting on my windowsill all day ♪
I guess he's lonely too ♪
I wonder if his love has flown away ♪
When I get up on my feet ♪
I need a cup of coffee anyway ♪
Someone called for you ♪
But I hung up the phone
What could I say? ♪
After the lights go out
What will I do? ♪
After the lights go out
Facing the night without you ♪
Facing the night without you ♪
Facing the night without you ♪
Facing the night without you ♪
Facing the night ♪
[song fades out]
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