Holy Family (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Son of the Moon

[suspenseful music plays]
When you put a frog into boiling water
- [frog croaks]
- you know what happens?
It won't be killed,
because the frog will
just jump out immediately.
It's instinctive.
So what if the water's cold?
Frog doesn't move then,
because there's nothing to be scared of.
But that poor guy's falling
for your trick.
If you turn up fire slowly
- [stove clicks]
- [flame roars]
- the water will warm slowly.
- [frog croaks]
The little frog won't notice it at all.
It's only a few degrees difference.
But the temperature climbs high.
- And then higher and then higher.
- [frog croaking]
And before you expect it,
the boiling has started.
- [frog croaks]
- [haunting choral music playing]
Do you think the frog'll get out though?
- [frog croaking]
- [liquid bubbling]
Because before it was cold,
but now, it likes the hot water.
But then the frog'll boil
and burn to death.
Because its instinct
to jump out just happened far too late.
Because nature
does not always know what's best.
Our nature can be so imperfect.
[haunting choral music builds]
[glass scraping]
[Aitana panting]
Are you sure?
I can't be here anymore.
Especially since we don't know
what happened to Marcos.
I owe him that.
- Why don't you leave with me?
- I can't leave her alone.
It's Mom.
That's not Mom anymore.
Remember that story Santi told us
with the frogs?
[inhales] This is the same thing.
Edu. [inhales]
Can you give her this?
[classical piano music plays]
You owe me one too.
And where should I mail it?
This isn't the end.
Especially for two people
that have always been together.
Send the letter anywhere. I'll find it.
I love you.
I love you too, Edu.
[Abel sighs]
- [Aitana sighs]
- Be safe.
You be safe too. [gasps]
[both sigh]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[inhales deeply]
[tense music accompanies piano]
[Germán groans]
[tense music builds]
[music fades out]
[Lorenzo] Can I wear my mask?
Oh, no. You can't, honey.
No one will see that you're singing.
It's important they see you,
and you see them.
Which row are you in?
Well, whatever. You just be in the front.
Oh, my love.
Go draw something.
Mommy has to make herself look pretty.
What are you gonna do with that?
[Abel] Could you kill me?
I couldn't kill you.
You think I would murder
the most special guy I've ever known?
Don't patronize me.
I'm not a fucking moron.
- [gulps] Abel.
- How much did they pay for me?
I spoke to you because I wanted to help.
That's why I wanted
to meet at the gas station.
I was gonna tell you everything.
[classical violin music plays]
My life was shit before you showed up.
I felt so good being with you,
for the first time in my life.
I swear, it felt like fate
had brought you here, just for me.
But you acted like a fucking asshole.
[breathes deeply]
Germán [shuddering]
have any of the things
we've shared been real?
What is real?
What everyone says, is that real?
Abel and Germán, are they real, Eduardo?
So I guess your name isn't Germán.
[exhales, sniffles]
What the fuck's your name, then?
[sighs] You wanna know
the only real thing at this moment?
You still have time to run away.
[clears throat]
You shouldn't leave any loose ends.
Please kill me. [grunts]
Please do it. Kill me.
[violin music intensifies]
[telephone ringing]
[music fades out]
- [beeps]
- [sighs]
Yes, hello. Who's this?
[Fernando] Edurne.
You know who.
I'll be there in just a couple of hours.
- Is it done?
- Uh
Are you there?
Yeah, yeah, we are ready.
It's all under control.
I'm just waiting in the house for Gloria
uh, Julia.
I have a reservation at the Excellent.
The room's under my name too, okay?
All right, we'll be there.
Edurne, they're all dead already.
If you're a ghost,
then you can't go missing.
But the lives of my grandson
and my daughter are now up to you.
That clear?
I'm saying that if things get out of hand,
think of this matter as divine justice.
They'll face the consequences. Understand?
Yeah, I'm here.
I hired you because I know
that you're very good at your job.
So if you think it's necessary,
then pull the trigger.
- [sighs]
- [beeps]
[Gloria] You locked me in here.
[inhales] Where's your sister, Abel?
Here. It's from her.
You let her leave?
[inhales] We have to go now. Come on.
[Gloria] Give me the gun. Give me the gun!
[Abel] Don't touch me!
You don't call the shots anymore.
I released Germán.
- [Gloria gasps, gags]
- [panting]
Careful now, Mom.
You don't have anyone else.
- He wants to take away Hugo.
- [exhales]
[Gloria gasps]
Mom, listen. They're not taking anyone.
Caterina doesn't have
a fucking clue, okay?
And Germán won't betray me,
so get everything you need.
I'll bring the van around,
and we'll get the hell out of here.
- [snaps fingers]
- Come on!
I was wrong about you,
but you were wrong about Germán.
[sobbing] And it's all my fault.
It's all my fault.
[Abel] If you're not ready when I'm back,
I'm taking Hugo.
Then you'll know what guilt
actually fucking feels like.
- [gasps]
- [door closes]
It took you so many weeks to decide
that this would be the exact paper
that you'd put on that wall.
It's just paper.
Don't ruin it like that.
This room looks so perfect.
[Pedro] No, it's not perfect.
And it never will be
without the most important thing.
[Alicia] Pedro.
[gasps] I don't
I don't know what I want now.
[somber music plays]
Well, I do.
[exhales] I wanna go buy my new sofa.
This one's okay for TV,
but it sucks to sleep on.
But I do like the bed.
Besides, you always wanted a home office.
It wouldn't be fair for you
to give up so quickly.
- A year or two can go by fast.
- No, no, honey, not anymore.
No papers and no interviews,
no nights without sleep now.
Time to face facts.
But you always wanted to have a family.
And I have one. You are my family.
You are that to me, you know.
[Alicia exhales]
[both sighing]
- [crowd praying indistinctly]
- [sobbing]
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God
[fast-paced classical music playing]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music fades out]
[exhales, sniffles]
- [crowd chattering]
- [sobbing]
[Aitana exhales]
[Blanca] Lorenzo!
Stop drawing
and go upstairs to get the camera.
- I just wanna take a quick picture of you.
- [door opening]
- [footsteps approach]
- [sighs]
Why are you here?
[Ramón] I took a few days off.
That's how you welcome me?
You could've told us.
Although I suppose
you not calling me is normal.
It was a surprise, Blanca.
So what, I have to warn you
every time I come back to my own house?
That's usually what you're supposed
to do when you don't live alone.
And you weren't gonna tell me
about Lorenzo?
Because I had to find out
from another parent from his school
that his show was today.
Well, Christmas comes
the same time every year.
You don't have to be a genius.
Hey, uh, could you please
talk to me respectfully, Blanca?
Because I haven't even been here a minute,
and you're already starting to attack me.
[Blanca inhales]
How was your flight, my love?
Was there any turbulence?
You're just incredible.
Know what?
The only thing I wanted was
to spend a few days, just the three of us.
And to give you the good news in person.
[inhales] I got a promotion.
Congratulations, wow!
Now you can peer down
from above on this marvelous world
you've worked tirelessly
to build for yourself.
Away from me and Lorenzo.
What the fuck
are you talking about, Blanca?
Lorenzo, go pee-pee.
Go to the bathroom!
Daddy will be upstairs
in a sec, little mouse.
[footsteps tapping]
[Blanca inhales]
I don't have a job
that makes me travel a million miles.
- [Ramón sighs]
- I don't go to meetings.
No one makes my bed in the hotels.
And I don't go to expensive dinners
with my colleagues and talk bullshit.
I stay here, 24 hours a day.
And I don't just visit my family
to bring my son to a shitty circus
and have a quickie.
I could have done what you did, Ramón.
But I chose to try and be
a better mother and a better wife.
You know what I've done, Blanca?
I've worked my ass off for both of you.
[inhales] And made a lot of sacrifices.
- A lot, Blanca.
- [sobs]
[Ramón] And that isn't the life I want.
But I guess that's the life
you actually want for yourself.
I'm not going to let you ruin this day.
Or any more days.
You know what? Let's forget about it.
Hey, don't leave your car outside
on the street.
They've been getting set on fire lately.
[door opens]
- [line ringing]
- [Germán tapping]
[telephone ringing]
- [beeps]
- Yes, who is this?
[Germán chuckles] Caterina.
You're a real son of a bitch,
aren't you, huh?
- Caterina, listen, please.
- I'm going to kill you. I will find you.
And I will kill you.
[sighs] Gloria kidnapped me,
but I escaped.
Gloria found out.
And how the fuck did she find out?
I don't know, but they're trying
to run away. I'm going to their house.
- I'll meet you there.
- I'll be at the cross street.
[Aitana] Honestly,
I think I should write two letters.
One for Julia and one for Gloria.
I only have loving words
to write about Julia.
But this one's for you, Gloria.
[children shouting]
[Aitana] You didn't choose
your name randomly.
You thought you were going to reach glory.
- [Ana babbles]
- [Aitana] You never left things to chance.
But you did forget
the most important detail.
To be a real mother.
Because giving birth
doesn't make you a mother.
[Pedro] Good luck, honey.
I'll be here.
[Aitana] Hiding all of us to save yourself
hasn't made you a mother.
[water running]
Denying us our dreams
and our desires hasn't either.
Not even keeping
our family together does that.
The only thing that makes
a woman a real mother
is giving away the best of herself.
[Natalia exhales]
[Aitana] All the freedom and love
there is in the world.
Julia did that for me.
She gave me everything.
I was her light, and she was mine.
You're nothing but a shadow.
- [Natalia] Mariana.
- [gasps]
- I have to talk to you!
- [gasping]
- I don't know you. Get off me!
- I know it's you. I know it's you.
You can pretend you're not,
but I know it's you.
Now listen to me for a minute.
Where's my Nico?
- [whimpers]
- Give him back to me.
[man shushes]
Give him back to me. Please, I need him.
- [shouts] Where is he?
- [crowd clamoring]
[Natalia gasps, sobs]
Honey, are you all right? Hello.
[chuckles, sighs]
- [woman 1] Hey, Blanca!
- Hi, there, hi.
- Hello, Lorenzo. High five!
- [Blanca laughs]
- You're gonna be amazing.
- [woman 2] Hello, Lorenzo. You look cute!
- I appreciate it.
- You're gonna be so great!
Well, why don't you join your buddies?
A little kiss for Mommy.
All right, yes. I love you. I love you.
[sniffles, sighs]
He couldn't even get to sleep last night.
He's so excited.
This morning I think I saw
Ramón's car around here. He joining us?
Yes, he didn't wanna miss this.
He's parking now.
- Oh.
- Well, I should take a seat too.
I think it's over here. Yeah, here it is.
- See ya later.
- [Alicia] Blanca.
- [Blanca] Hmm?
- How is Lorenzo?
Just thrilled. And wearing
his first pair of grown-up shoes.
- [Alicia laughs]
- How about that? Amazing.
Well, enjoy the show.
- Thank you.
- It's gonna be a lovely evening.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- [Alicia] Good.
- [man] Hey, Blanca.
- How are you? Long time no see.
- Hi, there. Long time, yeah.
[man laughs] Yeah.
- [engine turns over]
- [sighs]
- [exhales]
- [gears shifting]
[doorbell buzzing]
- Oh, hey. Hello.
- Hey, Pedro.
- How are you? [chuckles]
- Uh, Alicia's not home.
Yeah, I know. I know. I know.
- There you go.
- Hello there, honey. How are ya, huh?
Would you take her?
- What?
- Look after her.
[exhales] It's just our,
um, our nanny cancelled.
And I want to go see the kids' concert
along with Blanca.
- Sure.
- I feel like I should.
- Support poor Lorenzo.
- Yeah, it's really no trouble for me.
You know,
this is a lot better use of my time.
- Uh, I shouldn't impose on you.
- No, really, it's my pleasure.
- I can do it. Ha-ha. So pretty.
- Okay.
- Thank you so much. Thank you.
- Hello. Hey, there, pretty girl, huh?
- [Ana crying]
- Uh, well
[Pedro shushing]
Whenever she gets hungry,
I have this big bottle.
You just heat it, okay?
- Okay. Perfect.
- And that's it, yeah.
- And, well, if If she starts to cry
- Yeah. Oh!
- Yeah.
- she loves this the most.
- Oh, okay. Perfect.
- [Ana babbles]
Yeah, you like it, huh?
You wanna go in now?
- Yeah.
- [Caterina sighs]
- Come on.
- You're such a good person.
- Oh, thanks.
- [Caterina chuckles]
Have you ever thought about fostering?
I'm sorry, but, um, maybe it's none
of my business. Fostering, not adoption.
That way, the children
aren't separated from their families,
and between all of you, they can be
always loved and taken care of, right?
- [exhales]
- Yeah.
[Ana crying]
- Sorry, that's none of my business.
- Hey, hey!
No, no, it's okay. Don't worry about it.
Don't worry, please. Hey.
- Well, goodbye, my cauliflower.
- Hey, pretty baby, huh?
- You'll be safe here, little one.
- [Ana babbling]
Have fun and don't be sad
without your mama.
- Of course. Huh? [laughs]
- Hmm?
Well, I better head out now.
- All right. Hey, wave to your mommy.
- Thank you.
- See you later.
- See you later, Mommy!
Come on. You wanna go in?
Ciao! Come on.
- Let's go. Yeah.
- [Caterina sighs]
[Pedro] Bye.
[exhales, sniffles]
[gasps, sniffles]
[suspenseful music plays]
[engine turns over]
[man chattering]
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon. Can I help you?
Yes, I have a reservation.
Alberche, Fernando. For one night only.
May I see your identification,
please, sir?
Thank you.
[Gloria] My love.
[gasps] Baby, I knew you'd come back.
[music fades out]
I didn't come to apologize.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Neither will Hugo.
Natalia is in Madrid.
She's in the park.
Waiting for me to bring her son to her.
[huffs] Her son.
Did you bring Natalia here?
You spoke to her?
Have you spoken to Natalia?!
It was you that brought her.
And you came here to take Hugo.
[gasps] To give him to her.
You're going to betray me?
I'm your mother!
I'm your mother!
[Gloria] "No" what?
My mother never scared me.
Yes, but you didn't seem so scared back
at the water, with a big red flag.
We are all suffering for your mistake.
You think I don't know you're in pain?
That it's hard for your brother?
I suffer too.
The only thing
that we all have left of Santi is Hugo.
Santi is dead.
- Santi isn't dead.
- Santi is dead and buried.
Santi's dead!
He's dead!
[Gloria gasps]
Hugo will never replace him.
Natalia's suffering just like you.
- [exhales]
- [Aitana] You've both lost a child.
But she can still get hers back.
Don't you wanna make sure
no one suffers like you?
[Gloria scoffs]
Just love and freedom, right?
Isn't that what it takes
to be a good mother, Mom?
[tense music builds]
[brakes squeal]
- [tires screech]
- [metal grinds]
[liquid hissing]
["Hijo de la luna" playing]
- [choir vocalizing]
- [choir singing in Spanish]
[woman] Did you see what happened?
Germán! Germán! Germán! Germán!
Germán! Germán! Germán! Germán!
Hello, there's been an accident.
- [vocalizing]
- [singing in Spanish]
[tires screech]
[sobs, chuckles]
[Gloria] Stop right now!
- [shouts]
- [gasps]
- Give me Hugo.
- [Aitana] He isn't your son!
- I'm your daughter, okay? Yours!
- [Gloria panting]
[Aitana] Mom, please!
- I don't wanna hurt you, honey.
- [shouts]
- What did you do?
- What's going on?
Get in the van. Go!
- [Natalia gasps] Somebody help us.
- [Abel] You! Hey!
Hey, come on. Go now. Hurry, go!
- Nico! Nico!
- [Abel] Damn it! Walk!
Come on!
[choir continues singing]
- Who's a cutie? Yeah!
- [Ana babbling]
[singing continues]
Nico. Let me hold him, please.
[sobbing] Please let me hold him.
[continues sobbing]
[cell phone rings]
[Natalia continues sobbing]
[singing continues]
Okay, get a bit closer.
- All right. Picture time now.
- [Natalia] Okay.
- Mariana, you ready? [laughs]
- Tell me when.
[Natalia] It's good. Say "cheese."
[all] Cheese!
[camera shutter clicks]
- [song ends]
- [audience applauding]
[haunting choral music plays]
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