Holy Family (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Away from God

- [sirens wailing]
- [indistinct chatter]
[pensive music playing]
[Gloria] I've never believed in Heaven.
I believe in Earth
and paying our dues here.
- Marín.
- [Gloria] But leaving this Earth
while seeing a familiar face
must make it easier.
When you witness someone's end,
you can feel their body counting down,
fading away.
Nine, eight, seven
Their eyes are fixed on you
and you feel cold.
Six, five
[Gloria] But that cold
is just the fear of knowing
that some people saw you before they left
but not the ones who needed you the most.
Four, three, two
and one.
I've never thought about
how that last moment will be for me.
Who will be with me?
Who will I look at?
[mysterious music playing]
Where are you hiding her?
She's safe. That should be enough for you.
No. Mm-mm.
- I want to talk to her, or
- Or what?
You'll call the police?
I don't think it's in your best interest.
Go to Argentina
and leave my son alone.
You have that monstrosity thanks to me.
If I had known
how he was going to be born, then
you and I wouldn't be
having this conversation right now.
- Give it back to her. It's hers.
- No.
- Yes.
- [angrily] No!
That child is mine.
He's mine.
I can't be away from him.
And I don't want any of my children
anywhere near you.
Least of all a baby.
- Nico stays with me.
- No.
It's hers.
All you did was put the, um
Say it.
Say it.
Say it!
Say it.
Or say it to your god!
To your church!
To your priests and to your pastors.
Tell them I carried
the fruit of my son and your daughter
who couldn't get pregnant.
And that you prayed,
and prayed, and prayed.
And hallelujah.
A miracle. I got pregnant.
[laughs softly]
Crazy, huh?
Folks who don't believe in anything
apparently think that we're praying
for ourselves.
We pray for people like you.
Your prayers are wasted.
I am not a Christian.
But I've got faith.
Faith in my children.
Faith in my family.
Because family is sacred.
[scoffs] And, Fernando
No prayer will ever
help you bury a child, none.
So make your decision.
Either you go alone or with her.
I want my daughter
to be delivered here tonight.
[grave music playing]
[ducks quacking]
[indistinct chatter]
- [truck door closes]
- [ambulance siren blaring]
[phone ringing]
- Tell me.
- [Abel] Have you found her?
No, no.
No, I haven't found her yet.
[Gloria] But I think I know where she is.
[phone beeps]
[mysterious music playing]
[PA chimes]
[woman on PA] Attention, passengers.
The bus to Barcelona
will depart at 3:30 p.m.
Departure at platform nine.
[mysterious music continues]
[woman on PA] Attention, passengers.
The bus to Barcelona
will depart at 3:30 p.m.
Departure at platform nine.
[mysterious music playing]
[mysterious music continues]
[mysterious music building]
Aitana, sweetie.
- Leave me alone.
- Listen to me.
I'm not asking you to forgive me.
- Just don't go away like this.
- How? Behind your back?
I can't believe you're surprised.
It runs in our genes.
[Gloria] Natalia is leaving tonight.
Shit. You don't get it.
You think this is just about Natalia?
No, but we'll be better off without her.
I can be better.
- [Aitana] Yeah.
- I can be better for you.
When, though?
I've been waiting
for this whole fucking year.
I have tried, you know?
Although I haven't succeeded.
- You definitely haven't.
- Listen to me.
Remember our trip to Seville?
One of our best trips, right?
Well, except for the day you got lost.
I was running like crazy
from one place to another.
I couldn't find you and suddenly I did!
You were sitting on the sidewalk.
And you said to me
with a smile from ear-to-ear,
[voice breaking] "Mom,
I knew you were going to find me,
and you did."
Julia always made it on time.
But I'm not Julia anymore, sweetheart.
[sweet music playing]
And you're no longer a child.
Tell me what to do here.
Set Natalia free.
No more lies and deception.
And get me that passport.
It's either that or nothing.
[woman on PA] to Barcelona
will depart at 3:30 p.m.
Departure at platform nine.
Let's go home.
[sweet music continues]
[sweet music continues]
- [knock on door]
- [Gloria] Go. Go away.
- [woman] Gloria!
- [banging on door]
- [Gloria] Coming! Who is it?
- It's me, Alicia.
- Alicia.
- Gloria.
- What happened?
- Lorenzo
[apprehensive music playing]
I'm gonna head to the station.
I'll see you soon.
Sounds good.
I'll go with them later, okay?
[crying] Gloria! Lorenzo
[sobbing] Lorenzo
[inspector] I'm so sorry.
[Alicia] I'm sorry.
[Blanca sobbing] What am I gonna do?
What am I gonna do without him?
We have to go now, okay? I'm sorry.
- [Gloria] There, there.
- Blanca, sweetheart
[Gloria] I'm here for you.
[inspector] Come on. Come on, let's go.
Careful, watch your head.
Losada, let's go
straight to the police station, okay?
[somber music playing]
[Abel] What are you talking about?
No way, it doesn't make sense.
She went looking for you and Fernando.
Besides, he's a child.
Mom is incapable of killing him.
- Incapable?
- Yes.
Lorenzo saw everything.
Why did you come back?
Don't go that way, Mariana.
What way, Edu?
All I know is that Lorenzo's dead.
And I don't know
what the fuck to think anymore.
[softly] Oh my God.
[footsteps approach]
[Gloria] Killing a child.
Jesus. Do you really think I could
Oh my God, that's too much.
I can't even say it out loud.
I didn't do it.
You have to trust me.
Is that clear?
- Who was it that found him?
- I have no idea.
All I know is that Blanca
is just devastated.
Right now we need
to take care of ourselves.
- Swear it.
- Swear what?
That you had nothing to do with it,
neither with Lorenzo's or Marcos's death.
- Again? Come on.
- I swear.
On Santi.
[baby crying in background]
The baby.
Oh, and by the way
Fernando has accepted.
Natalia's leaving tonight.
[crying continues]
- [kicks table]
- You're such a pain.
[crying continues]
[door unlocking]
It's your father.
[exhales and sniffles] Papa?
[Fernando] Natalia, sweetie. How are you?
- [sobbing] Oh, Papa!
- It's okay, baby. It's okay.
Help me, please. They have Nico.
I'm begging you
No, don't worry, don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
- No
- [Gloria] That's enough.
- Julia, give her the phone back, damn it!
- No!
Let me calm her down.
- This is as generous as I'll ever get.
- Please!
- Consider it a gift.
- Julia!
- [phone beeps]
- Julia. Julia, let me go, please. Please.
You're leaving. Just quit whining.
You should be happy.
No! Not without Nico!
When Santi died, were you happy?
That's how I feel.
It's not the same thing.
[dark music playing]
You've never given birth to a child.
- [smacks table]
- Go to fucking hell!
You want to hear the truth? Huh?
You want to hear the truth?
Your son was gonna leave you!
We were moving to Argentina.
Didn't he tell you? We were leaving.
He wanted you far! Far, you hear?
I know you can hear me
and I know it hurts!
- [banging on door]
- Julia!
You disgust me, Julia! You disgust me!
[car approaching]
[car stops]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
[man groans weakly]
[man gurgling]
[Santi] Mom.
[voice breaking] I didn't see him.
I didn't see him, I
I didn't see him, Mom.
[crying] We have to take him
to a hospital, Mom. I didn't see him.
Mom, we have to take him to a hospital,
for fuck's sake!
[slaps] Quiet!
[man gurgling]
- Come here, sweetie.
- [sinister music playing]
[Gloria] It's okay.
Get in the car.
Don't worry about it. Get in the car.
Get in the car.
- [sinister music continues]
- [man gurgling]
[man gurgling]
- [stabbing]
- [disturbing music playing]
[music fades out]
Call me.
[vending machine beeps]
- [machine whirring]
- [indistinct chatter on PA]
- [machine whirs]
- [coffee pouring]
Excuse me, do you have change?
Uh No, I'm sorry. I only have this.
Tell me what you want. It's on me.
- Okay, but I'll pay you back.
- No, no, no. Don't be silly.
[money rattles]
One shot? Double?
One shot.
[machine whirring]
- I'm Abel.
- Manu.
Who are you here for?
My grandpa.
He's stable, but, well we'll see.
[Manu] Ah. Good luck.
- First night here?
- Yeah.
[chuckles] The first one is the worst.
Well, the first one, the second one
I don't want to be a bummer,
but there are no good nights here.
- What about you? Who are you here for?
- [Manu sighs]
My partner.
He's in a coma.
The doctors have been very clear.
They have no idea.
It might take a week,
two months, two years
Who knows?
I'm sorry.
Are you sleeping here every night?
No, I wish.
We live in Barcelona.
But I can't take him back
until he's stable.
So I, uh
I rented an apartment in the area.
[Abel] Hmm.
Hope he gets better.
- [Manu] Thanks. Likewise.
- Thanks.
[Manu] We'll hang in there
while there's coffee.
[mysterious music playing]
[woman yelling] Caterina!
Open the fucking door!
[woman banging on door]
[woman] Caterina!
Open the door!
Open the door!
- It's Claudia! Open the goddamn door!
- Hey, hey, hey, take it easy.
- You're gonna knock the door down.
- Fuck off, damn it.
No one's home. You're wasting your time.
[nervously] Do you know Caterina?
Do you know where she is?
She has my daughter.
I don't I don't know. I'm sorry.
They left all of the sudden
without saying a word.
I don't think they're coming back.
They took everything.
[muttering incoherently]
Fuck my fucking life.
Fuck my fucking life!
[yelling] Fuck my fucking life!
Fuck my fucking life, assholes!
[crying] She's my daughter!
[sobbing] Open the goddamn door!
I'm glad you called me.
- I want to know what happened to him too.
- You didn't notice anything, did you?
Did he mention anyone, or
I don't know,
was he nervous about something?
The detective
hasn't told you anything yet?
Not yet.
He doesn't want to speak too soon.
Apparently, there was a worker nearby.
- He worked at the warehouse, but, uh
- Did he see anything?
Or anyone?
We're working on it. Hopefully.
I don't know.
Listen, thanks for your concern.
You know what the worst part is?
The nights.
I don't know,
the silence makes it all come back.
Ten years, I would hardly
even look at my brother in the face.
I'm sure it's not that bad.
Did he ever talk about me?
No wonder he didn't. I'm fuckin' stupid.
I never checked on him
or asked if he was okay.
Well, maybe I can help you with that.
Let's go. Come on.
["London Bridge Is Falling Down"
jingle playing on stereo]
- [song continues on loop]
- [Ramón sighs]
Why did you turn this on?
- [song stops]
- No, don't turn it off. I'm begging you.
[sobbing] I can't stand
being like this with all the silence.
- [somber music playing]
- [crying]
You should eat something.
Or try to sleep.
You should probably stay.
At least for a couple of days.
[sighs] I don't know
if that's a good idea, Blanca.
Truth is I don't know.
[Blanca sniffling]
- [Blanca crying]
- [sighs]
- [Blanca] Please.
- [somber music continues]
- [Claudia] Give me the stuff already.
- Aren't you gonna pay?
[Claudia] Yeah, I'm
I'm paying. Give it to me.
[dealer] For fuck's sake,
it's always been the same.
- Just fuckin' pay me.
- I will. Give it to me.
[dealer] Okay, I'll let you grab it,
but you gotta pay me.
Come on, damn it,
just give me the cash, bitch.
You have to pay me.
[chatter continues indistinctly]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Manu] Hey, what are you doing here?
How did you find me?
[Abel] The nurse, she can't keep a secret.
[Manu laughs] Well, the nurse
just ruined my hiding place.
I owed you this.
You didn't have to, but thanks.
- Want one?
- I don't smoke.
I should quit, you know?
We've been trying to quit for years,
Diego and me.
- [Abel] Diego?
- My partner.
Huh! His name's Diego?
We're always competing
to see who quits first.
How long have you been together?
[Manu] Fifteen years.
Smoking, 20.
We weren't seeing each other much lately.
I was in Barcelona.
He was here in Madrid
or wherever he was sent.
What does he do?
He's a bodyguard.
He used to be a cop, but
Well, now he's a bodyguard.
Yeah. I'm sure it's not easy.
Being a gay policeman?
No, it's not.
- I meant being apart.
- Ah.
Well, you look pretty young.
But in such long relationships,
I guess you get used to it eventually.
Until something like this, uh,
gets you rethinking your whole life.
What about you?
- Any boyfriends?
- But who told you that I'm gay?
You think I was born yesterday?
No one needs to tell me.
Well, yeah.
- I'm deeply in love with a man.
- Mmm.
But he's in a relationship. Well
If I may give you some advice,
don't get in the middle of a couple.
Besides, you don't really need to.
[clears throat] I have to go back.
I don't want you far from Julia's house.
I want her to feel your presence
at all times.
I mean, if Natalia's there,
why don't you just go in and get her?
No, no.
Don't know where she's hiding her.
I don't want to risk it.
Besides, Julia is what she is,
but, well, she's right about one thing.
No one would understand
the nature of this child
who shouldn't have been born.
I shouldn't have let it go this far.
All in all
I'm the guilty one, yeah.
I'll deal with myself later.
What matters now
is that my daughter gets her light back.
[monitor beeping regularly in background]
[Chino] I don't know how you do it.
You always get the craziest clients,
don't you?
You must be well known
at the police station.
[door opens]
Now, listen to me.
- [door closes]
- You need to wake up.
You're not leaving me alone in this one.
We're fighting together, okay?
[Blanca] We're just missing Caterina.
- [gentle music playing]
- [Gloria] She's not here.
- Would you like to lie down?
- No.
Get more comfortable? Are you okay?
I don't know how he got out
without us noticing.
[Alicia] Darling
don't think about that now.
And what should I think about, Alicia?
Losing a child's
not something I'm used to.
But you'll learn to live with it.
I promise.
You know, I always told him,
"Don't go to the pond."
- "Lorenzo, the pond's dangerous."
- I know, sweetie. I know.
- If you want some cold milk, let me know.
- [Blanca] Oh God.
- [Alicia] Thanks.
- Did you get any news?
Nothing. They won't tell us anything
until the forensics are done.
I don't really care, I just want him back.
Yeah, honey, but you heard, uh,
what they told us.
It's too soon for that.
- [gentle music continues]
- [sighs]
The police are checking
if there are any cameras.
[sinister note plays]
[Alicia] And, um,
is Marga taking the case after all?
Well, she's been, uh, advised not to.
But she wants to take it.
Who is Marga?
She's a good friend of Ramón's,
a childhood friend.
That's good. A friend is much better.
All you need now is to be okay.
What am I gonna do without him?
Love him.
Just keep loving him.
Thank you.
I have to go.
You know you can count on me
for whatever you need.
- Thanks for coming, Gloria.
- Sure.
- [Gloria softly] Pedro.
- Hi.
[Gloria] Let me see her.
[laughs softly] She looks so cute.
[Pedro] Gloria
I don't know if you can help me
I'm a bit worried about,
uh, Caterina and Germán.
It's all really weird.
Them not having a family
You knew them well, didn't you?
Well no better than Alicia.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me, it's just
- We're all very tired, you know?
- Yeah.
So many things happening
and none of them good. [laughs]
- It's okay. It's okay.
- Take care.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
[sinister music playing]
Actually, we shouldn't be here.
This is only for musicians.
You play the piano, don't you?
That doesn't make me a musician.
Marcos was the musician.
Truth is he didn't like being here at all.
But he wanted to finish his degree
so your father would let him go abroad.
Abroad? Where did he want to go?
To make the type of music he really liked.
[Felipe] What is it that you want?
I haven't known for a while.
When I met him,
he was stuck with this tune.
[playing "Suite Española, Op. 47"
by Isaac Albéniz]
[playing melody rapidly]
So I told him,
"You're skipping a D. It's like this."
[playing melody extremely rapidly]
[playing dramatic melody beautifully]
[playing stops suddenly]
Aitana, are you okay?
[vomiting and coughing]
[peacock squawking]
["Con el Amor No Se Juega"
by Augusto Santos playing on stereo]
["Con el Amor No Se Juega"
continues on stereo]
Did Lorenzo have any issues
with his classmates
or other kids in the last few weeks?
[Alicia] No.
Or maybe Blanca or Ramón did?
No, everyone loved Lorenzo, really.
[baby fussing in background]
[Marga] How long ago?
- [Alicia] Hmm?
- That you gave birth, I mean.
Right! No, actually, that's our friend's
[Pedro] Hello! Uh, hi.
- Sorry, I was in the bathroom. Hello.
- [Marga] Hi.
Pedro, my husband.
I'm Inspector Morales,
This is my colleague, Marín.
- [Marín] Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Sorry, uh, I heard you
and I remembered something
from a couple of weeks ago.
I, uh Apart from PE,
I teach corporal expression.
They love dancing.
Especially Lorenzo.
But that day, he didn't want to.
It seemed he had problems with his father.
With Ramón?
I'm surprised.
I believe he argued,
uh, more with Blanca, right?
Blanca can be many things, but Lorenzo
Lorenzo loved her.
[plastic ripping]
How long has he been there for?
[upbeat folk music
playing faintly on car stereo]
[Abel] A while now.
Why? What's the matter?
The matter is that
when I was looking for Fernando
I passed by the school
and I saw Lorenzo.
[dark music playing]
I pulled over, and I picked him up
and drove him to Blanca's.
It was 2:00 in the morning!
- What?
- Yes, it was 2:00 a.m.
I couldn't leave him there.
But then I left and
Mom, don't bullshit me.
Listen to me, I didn't do anything.
You have to believe me.
I'm telling you the truth.
But if the police see the
the camera footage,
and they're able to identify the van
- Jesus, Mom.
- Then we will have a real problem.
"A real problem," she says.
You mean "more problems," don't you? Huh?
Why the fuck are we doing this? Huh?
The police are at Alicia's house
right this moment.
They're talking to Blanca's inner circle.
It won't be long
before they pay us a visit.
- What do we do with Natalia, Mom?
- I'll deal with that issue.
You go get the camera footage.
It's either them or it's us, son.
All right, then.
Anything else you're not saying?
No, son.
I always tell you everything.
Like I'm doing right now.
Because I know you wouldn't
ever betray me.
My love.
- Right?
- [dark music continues]
Oh God. I don't trust people
who listen to that kind of music.
I don't trust them.
- [dark music continues]
- [dog barking]
[lock rattling]
[door opening]
- [restraints snap]
- Get out.
- Run where?
- Leave!
No! Where is Nico?
Your father's hit man
is outside waiting for you. Leave.
Not without Nico.
[tense music playing]
Do you think that Nico is Santi, Julia?
He's not.
He never will be!
- Do it.
- [menacing music playing]
You'll never be able to hide from my dad.
- [menacing music building]
- [gun cocks]
- I'm going crazy.
- [menacing music subsides]
I don't know what I'm capable of.
Out of my way.
Out of my way.
[lock rattling]
[suspenseful music playing]
I need you to look after your brother.
I have to go out.
Don't answer the door.
[suspenseful music playing]
Are you okay?
[lock clicks]
- For fuck's sake.
- [suspenseful music continues]
God damn it.
[Gloria] Hi. I'd like to see Marga.
It's kind of urgent.
[suspenseful music continues]
[discordant note plays]
[Gloria] About a week ago, um
Well, I went to the park with the baby,
like all the neighbors used to do.
And I saw a man who looked a little weird.
But weird weird how?
Well, I didn't know him at all.
[hesitatingly] He seemed very nervous
and I saw him talking to Lorenzo.
- Okay.
- Instinctively, I
I got up and went to them,
and he just walked away.
Did the kid say anything?
Lorenzo? No, not at all.
Lorenzo didn't say anything.
But, today, I saw that man again.
In the park, near the pond.
He looked nervous,
like he was looking for something.
Could you see his face clearly?
Yes, but just as I was approaching,
I tripped, and, uh
And, um
I hurt myself with a rock, and then
We'll send someone over
just in case, okay?
- Can you wait here for a second?
- Sure.
[tense music playing]
[officer] Was there
anything of value in it?
[Gloria] Not that I recall.
[officer] Which model was it?
The car model? I wrote it down here.
Just to be safe, right?
A Jaguar XJ40.
And the plate number is M-5-3-2-0
- V as in "Valencia," K as in "Kilo."
- Mm-hm.
And it was parked outside?
Yeah, left it right by the hippodrome.
Then I went shopping, and when I returned
It was nowhere.
If it's crossed the border to Morocco
forget about it.
You know that, right?
My wife and I are expecting a baby too.
Boy or girl?
[mysterious music playing]
All settled.
- What do you mean?
- It's all settled.
You can't say anything to anyone.
Not even Natalia.
That night never happened.
- [car starting]
- That's the truth.
[mysterious music continues]
[crying in disbelief]
[Natalia on intercom] Is anybody there?
Edu? Anybody, please, can you hear me?
Julia, Julia, Julia, Julia, Julia
- [beeps]
- What do you want?
- [Natalia] Put me through to Julia.
- She's not here.
[Natalia] Mariana,
I can't go on like this.
If I have to leave, I'll leave.
But, please, let me say goodbye to my son.
[sniffles] Tell that to my mother later.
No! You know she won't let me see him.
Mar, you're not like her.
Santi would always say that.
He loved the most. You were his favorite.
Don't talk about Santi!
[Natalia] If you won't do it for me,
do it for Santi.
That's all I ask of you.
He's my son.
[baby fussing]
- Hello, my love.
- [dark music playing]
Hi, my beautiful baby.
- He has Santi's nose and eyes.
- [baby fusses]
Can I just hold him? Please?
Mariana, it's the last time I see him.
Let me enjoy this moment.
It's all that's left for me.
- Just a little while.
- [baby cries]
Mariana. Mariana
It'll just be a second.
Come on.
- [exclaims]
- [baby fussing]
Hi, sweetheart.
Ah, hi! [laughs]
Hi, my love. How are you, sweetie?
Here's Mommy.
[suspenseful music playing]
[suspenseful music building]
Natalia, give him back.
Give me the keys.
Natalia, give him back.
- Give me the keys.
- Give him back!
- Give me the keys!
- Give him!
- Mariana!
- [Aitana yells] Now!
- [music stops]
- [baby cries]
[dark music playing]
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