Holy Family (2022) s02e04 Episode Script

Eye Opener

HAPPY 2000
[Gloria] Every year,
we make new resolutions.
Some are so far out of reach
we know we'll never achieve them.
But that's when the faith of achieving
the unattainable comes into play.
[dark music playing]
No wonder everyone is looking forward
to the new millennium.
They're expecting a change in their lives.
But yearning for something
isn't enough for everyone.
Some of us need to make things happen.
Even when we know
there's no perfect future.
Santi! Wait! Santi, son!
- Listen
- No.
I can't go through
another night like this again, I can't.
Listen, do you think you'll fix anything
by talking to that guy's family?
You'll regret doing that
for the rest of your life!
Do it for him, son.
I'm doing it for him!
You won't see him grow up!
You won't see him grow up, son.
- Listen. After all I've done for you
- [engine revving]
Do it for me! Do it for me!
Do it for me!
[mysterious music playing]
Sweetie, he was about to start crawling.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm!
[Aitana] Oh boy.
He's a quick learner, isn't he?
You were a quick learner.
The first one to start walking.
It was you.
And talking.
Always the first one in everything.
Even though I've put you last
so many times.
- [Gloria] Did it go well?
- All good.
[sighs] Oh my God.
You see? It wasn't that far out of reach.
You love this life, right?
Do you know what I love?
New Year's Eve.
And this year,
we'll be celebrating it the right way.
Who's up for it?
[baby fussing]
- [laughing]
- [Abel] Hey, little one.
- You too, right?
- [Gloria] Yeah, him too.
Well, majority wins.
Right! We should probably do that,
uh, thing with the paper?
Where we, um,
write one wish on a paper and burn it.
Just one?
I mean, I need like two or three.
I'll give you mine.
- [Aitana] Hm?
- I can't ask for more.
[phone ringing]
Hey, hey, hey, wait. I'll get it.
- [ringing continues]
- Hold him.
- [Aitana] Hey, you.
- [Gloria] Coming, coming.
- Hello?
- [Marga] Hi, Gloria.
This is Inspector Morales.
I'm sorry for calling this late,
um, but I need to see you.
Can you come down
to the police station today?
It's for a police lineup.
It's just a routine. Nothing, uh
Nothing crazy.
Uh, sure. Right away. Yeah.
Great, Gloria. Thanks. I'll see you then.
It's Blanca. She, uh
needs to clear her mind, the poor thing.
[pensive music playing]
[gasps] Gloria.
[Gloria] Blanca.
How are you? Marga called me.
It's too much.
Now they're saying that someone
broke into the school and took the tapes.
- But why?
- That's what they want to know.
If someone from the school
is involved in all this
The only thing I care about
is knowing why they chose Lorenzo.
Oh, Blanca.
[exclaims] I'm sorry.
- [Blanca] I know.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- I know, Gloria. I know you're sorry.
- Oh gosh.
Gloria, shall we?
I'll see you soon.
So, Gloria, we have a list of suspects
that match your description.
All of them have records.
Let's see if any of them
look familiar to you.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Yeah. Here we go, then.
- Can they see me?
- They can't see you. No.
Is one of them the man in the park?
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry. That's how this goes.
[sighs] Are you looking for someone else?
- That's the plan.
- Of course.
Actually, Gloria, since you're here,
we wanted to talk to you for a little bit.
If you have the time.
- Well, for Blanca, I'd do anything. Yeah.
- [Marín] Great.
- [Marga] Great.
- Because we just have a few questions.
- Have a seat! Please.
- Yeah, sure.
- [phone ringing]
- [grunts]
I was just thinking of you.
How are you?
Good! I want to see you.
There's something I need to tell you.
You're keeping me in suspense?
It's way too important
for me to tell you over the phone.
Okay, when can we meet?
I'm training later. Can you pick me up?
Okay. Well, I'll see you soon.
- Can't wait.
- Um, bye.
Felipe, your father is waiting for you.
[Felipe] Okay.
It's important.
What's going on?
Enrique found something
about your brother's case.
I checked every call
and the last one made to this house
was answered by Marcos.
He was the only one here.
Someone called from a hotel.
- [Felipe] A hotel? A hotel where?
- Here in Madrid.
The room was under Natalia Alberche.
Alberche? Doesn't ring a bell at all.
[Enrique] Argentinian, but she's in Spain.
She got here a couple of days
before he died
and it seems she's still here.
- Where is she now?
- I don't know.
But I have a contact in customs
who gave me a photo of her.
Have you seen this girl before?
Give me back my son, please!
- [Aitana] Let go of me!
- [hysterical] Where is he?
[mysterious music playing]
[Enrique] Have you ever seen her?
- Yeah, at the Mass.
- [Enrique] What was she doing there?
Was she alone or with someone?
I don't
I don't know.
There were lots of people.
It was a long day. I'm not really sure.
Well, don't worry about it.
I'll keep looking for her.
Maybe she knows something
about what happened that night.
- If you remember anything, let me know.
- I will.
What did you give me, Papa?
[Fernando] Tranquilizers, sweetie.
You were very nervous.
[Natalia grunts]
[Fernando] You need to rest. Okay?
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you leave Nico there?
Sweetie, I'm on your side.
All I've done was to help you.
God knows it.
Stop talking about God. It's all you do.
- What has God done for me?
- What?
That's not what you should be asking.
The question is what have we done for him?
Me, I keep contradicting him
with my actions.
Going away from his path.
But he is generous
and brought you back to me alive, sweetie.
He's your grandson.
If you can't abandon me,
then you shouldn't abandon him, Papa.
Come on, sweetheart,
you know what happened.
It wasn't my choice.
They convinced me.
But why didn't you tell me
what was happening?
Because when I came to realize it
I was already in love
with the idea of having a child.
It all happened so fast.
It happened so fast
and it's going away fast.
We need to leave, okay?
We're going back home, Natalia.
We're going back home.
[whimpering] Papa, please, no
[somber music playing]
- [Marga] A latte for you.
- Perfect, thanks.
You sure you don't want a coffee?
I'm good.
It won't take us that long, right?
[Marga] I'll start if you don't mind.
You see, Gloria, after your statement,
we did a bit of research on you.
And, um, there's something that
that really caught our attention.
There's nothing noteworthy about you.
I don't get it. [laughs]
Well, you know, nothing.
Not even a simple traffic ticket.
Ramón told us that you recently
moved here from Barcelona, right?
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
And why does that matter?
You can't imagine
the amount of false statements we get.
Tons of them.
And in this case, we want to make sure
that we have accurate information.
You understand?
I mean, um
I don't have anything to hide.
How did you make ends meet
in Barcelona all this time without a job?
We checked your work history.
It's a long story.
Well, we have time.
- Do you have time, Marín?
- Sure.
We have all the time in the world.
Do you want a coffee, maybe?
A smoke?
[sputters] How do you prefer it,
from the beginning, or
Well, let's see
I, um
[clears throat] Hmm.
I left home when I was very young.
I then met my partner, uh,
at 17 years old.
Good family.
Middle class Catalan.
Uh, I didn't have to work
because he said he didn't need me to.
And I never got married
because his family didn't accept me.
And I
Well, I lived my life making
stained glass windows for my friends
and taking care of my son.
But Hugo is your only son, right?
what, one year old?
[suspenseful music playing]
He's not my only son.
I had a son
with my ex-partner.
But he died when he was 25
in an accident
in the sea.
I saw him being swallowed by the waves
with my own eyes.
No one here knows about it.
It's the first time I've talked about it.
I'm sorry.
That's life, you know? [laughs]
It's unexpected.
All the good things
and bad come hand in hand.
[dramatic music playing]
[knock on door]
- ["Your Love" by Klooz & Kidedo playing]
- Dreamy ♪
Some days ♪
I see ♪
Your way ♪
In your eyes ♪
The world is wide ♪
In your arms ♪
The world is warm ♪
Your love is all around ♪
I live in a safer place ♪
Your love is all around ♪
- [defibrillator charging]
- [man] Stand clear.
I live in a safer place ♪
- [defibrillator charging]
- Your love is all around ♪
I live in a safer place ♪
- [defibrillator charging]
- [grunting]
Dreamy ♪
[monitor beeping regularly]
- Some days ♪
- [song fades]
[Caterina] Water.
[Chino chuckling] Easy!
Oh, I was more eager to drink water
than to get the fuck out of here.
You were picturing yourself
with ten million pesetas, huh? [laughing]
Well, yeah. And it felt good.
I also love picturing that.
And that's why we're gonna
start doing what we have to do now.
- [gun cocks]
- [Caterina] You're always so clueless.
[Chino chuckling] What the fuck
are you doing?
Chino, I already told you.
No way.
This just doesn't make sense.
I mean, I don't know.
I don't know. Lorenzo's dead
I don't know.
"I don't know." What, huh? What?
- You want to do what's right?
- No.
What happened to you in the accident?
Are you Mother Teresa now? What the fuck?
Nothing's gonna happen to us, you hear me?
And you and I both know
you're not gonna shoot me.
[Caterina sighs]
I hate you.
I really hate you.
No, I'm not gonna shoot.
Because you and I both know
that you're not gonna tell anyone.
[Chino] Why not?
Because I don't want to keep doing this.
[Chino laughs softly]
I don't, Chino.
[scoffs] I can't.
If you want to, then
then go ahead.
Be careful, but I'll I'll, uh
I'm getting the hell out of here
as soon as I can.
There's nothing left for me here, you see?
So now what?
Now, you promise me
that you're not gonna let anyone know.
As long as you're asleep,
I'll promise you many things.
After that, we'll see.
Once you wake up, I'm gonna be very alert.
Because I kinda know you already.
We both know each other.
But don't worry.
I'm not gonna tell anyone.
You know why?
Because we could
make a great team, you know?
[door opens]
- [toilet rattles]
- Um, you have good taste, huh?
[Manu] I found it like this.
They rent it on a monthly basis.
I was talking about me.
- [Manu laughs] You jerk.
- [sink running]
[door closes]
You feel like eating anything?
No. I'm not hungry.
Are you okay?
[Abel] Hey
Is something wrong?
Why are you doing this, Manu?
[Manu sighs]
Are you doing it out of spite or revenge?
[sighs] I'm not that twisted.
I guess I'm
I'm not at my best at the moment, but
Maybe this is gonna sound weird
but I really like you a lot.
- [sweet music playing]
- [both laugh]
It's been a long time
since I felt like this.
I like you a lot too.
Are you scared of falling in love?
It's just that I'm already in love.
Of course I'm scared.
I'm scared you'll get
the wrong idea about me.
That you're actually looking for a father.
I'll never be that to you.
[phone ringing]
- Hello?
- [woman] Hello, am I speaking to Manuel?
Yes, this is him.
I'm calling from the hospital
to inform you that Diego has woken up.
- When?
- Not long ago. He's in the infirmary.
- Are you in the hospital?
- I'm not there right now.
- I'll be there right away.
- You're coming?
- Yeah, sure. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I gotta go to the hospital.
Diego's awake.
[dark music playing]
[Felipe] Oh!
[laughing] Yeah!
- You owe me a meal, huh?
- Yup, make it two.
[Felipe laughs]
[gentle music playing]
Without you, I wouldn't dare.
Are you serious?
- Wow!
- [laughs]
That makes me really happy.
So am I gonna be that, well,
"something" for you too?
Mmm, well, first, you should
ask me out to dinner or something, right?
[both laugh]
Dinner's great.
Especially now that our little Almonacid
has to grow healthy and strong.
[both laugh]
- Shall we play some tennis first? Huh?
- Come on.
[indistinct chatter on PA]
[door opens]
- Oh, shit.
- [door closes]
[Germán] Oh, fuck.
[Germán groans weakly]
- [Germán] Abel.
- Hi.
[Germán] Hi.
[sighs] Well, I guess you, uh,
already know a lot more than you should.
None of us have been honest.
But why didn't you tell me?
- What do you want to know?
- He loves you.
I guess so. Help me up.
[grunts softly]
- Thank you.
- Be careful.
You have to go, Abel.
- And you?
- What?
Who do you love?
I'm not buying this whole accident thing.
I'm not buying it either,
but what can we do?
Tell everything to Manu.
Come again?
I know him.
Did something happen?
No, nothing.
He told me he was here with you,
and, uh, I got the picture.
Germán, or Diego, or whatever,
I don't care what your real name is.
- [sweet music playing]
- Let's run away.
[sighs] Abel
Say yes. Come on, say yes. Let's run away.
I can't! I need time, Abel.
There's no time, no. There's no time.
I can't just leave Manu all of a sudden!
Don't you understand that?
Don't you get it?
It needs to be right.
[somber music playing]
[softly] I get it.
Happy New Year.
- [ball smacks wall]
- [Felipe] Okay!
- [Aitana] Yeah!
- [both laughing]
[Felipe] Out. Obviously out.
So that's a point for me.
[Aitana] Come on!
How can you prove that it was out?
Because playing tennis
is like when you play the piano.
It all comes down to a millimeter.
You need to get it right
or you're screwed.
Well, you're wrong about me, smart guy,
because I'm not Monica Seles.
You okay?
Yeah, I just remember
something from the past.
I used to call Marcos "Monica Seles."
He hated it.
My parents want to put together
a memorial for Marcos on his birthday.
He deserves it. More than anyone.
Aitana, I was thinking, why don't you
Why don't you come and play the piano?
Felipe, that's not a good idea.
I haven't played in a long time.
Besides, I don't belong there.
You do belong. Now more than ever.
Besides, you didn't
get to say goodbye to him.
You didn't go to the funeral, did you?
Hey, do you have any plans
for the new millennium?
Of course.
With you.
[suspenseful music playing]
[car starting]
[engine stops]
Son, do it for me!
Do it for me!
[dark music playing]
[car starting]
[suspenseful music playing]
[suspenseful music continues]
[door closing in background]
[Felipe sighs deeply]
[plucks guitar strings]
[phone ringing]
Enrique, I remembered something.
I saw a friend of my brother's
talking to that girl, Natalia Alberche.
Tell me what you know.
The sooner I talk to her, the better.
I should approach her myself.
She's pregnant and it's Marcos's.
We could lose the baby
if we scare her off.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
[pensive music playing]
[knock on door]
I can't sleep.
Yeah, me neither.
Weird, huh? Can't believe it's all over.
Can you stay? I don't want to be alone.
[Gloria grunts softly]
[Gloria breathes deeply]
You helped Santi record a video
so he could go to Argentina?
Why didn't you say anything?
I didn't want to hurt you, Mom.
Like you don't want to hurt us.
Did he tell you why he wanted to leave?
And we're better off not knowing.
[suspenseful music playing]
[suspenseful music building]
[suspenseful music continues]
[music fades out]
[knock on door]
- Hi.
- Pedro.
[Pedro] May I come in?
How are you feeling?
You look a lot better than I expected.
Why were you going after Gloria?
Why are you here?
- I need an explanation.
- Gloria is very dangerous.
Why is she dangerous, Germán?
Or should I call you "Diego"?
Get away from all of this
as soon as possible.
Shit, I've got Ana.
Caterina gave her to me
before the accident.
That child has a mother.
And she should be with her.
I'll help you find her mother if you want.
No need for that.
[grave music playing]
Did you talk to him?
He's not well, Alicia.
He's not well at all.
He's pretty fucked.
And he doesn't have anyone.
And, plus, he doesn't get along
with Caterina's family.
That's none of our business.
Why did he lie about his name?
That doesn't matter.
That's really none of our business.
- I'm going to talk to him.
- He's not well, Alicia, for fuck's sake!
His wife is dead
and he just got out of a coma.
You don't care about anything!
You don't care about her, either!
You don't care about anything, damn it!
Don't talk to me like that.
[baby crying]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Ali.
[baby fussing]
Just look at her.
[baby fussing]
Let's go home, all right?
[car starting]
[phone dialing]
- [Caterina grunting loudly]
- [phone ringing]
[Caterina groaning]
[phone ringing]
You fucking bitch!
- [grunting]
- [ringing continues]
[dark music playing]
[ringing continues]
- So long.
- [ringing continues]
[dark music fades out]
[Abel] This has become
my favorite place to hide.
But only when you're here.
Who the fuck are you?
- You said your grandpa's admitted here.
- Wait a minute, I can explain.
- [Manu] A fucking liar, what you are.
- Wait a minute.
I saw you with Diego.
I can explain, fuck!
He's the guy
that you fell in love with, right?
God damn it, Diego didn't tell me
he had a partner, I swear!
- [Manu] Since when?
- I found out here for fuck's sake!
I said, "Since when?"
Will you just listen for a second, okay?
If I hurt you, I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
But I like you.
You like me too, don't you?
- Let Diego live his life.
- No, you leave us alone!
You little shit.
- [knock on door]
- [Gloria] Who is it?
[Marga] Hi, Gloria. It's Marga.
- [Marga] Hi.
- Hi, there!
Sorry, I know it's late. I wouldn't
be here if it wasn't really important.
It's okay. It's okay.
- What's up?
- [sighs]
Do you know this man?
That's him!
The man from the park.
- [sinister music playing]
- [Marga] He's one of the school janitors.
We interrogated him yesterday.
He looked nervous, but we didn't think
it was anything out of the ordinary.
You know? Just a regular, lonely old man
who doesn't have anyone or anything.
At least that's what we thought,
but we were wrong.
That man, the janitor, had a lot to lose.
I'm sorry.
[Marga] He was found dead.
He killed himself.
Apparently, he was involved
in Lorenzo's death.
- [Gloria] God
- He left a letter with his confession.
It's what they usually do
when they feel trapped.
But now we'll never know
why he chose Lorenzo.
- And Blanca?
- [scoffs]
You can imagine.
I just talked to her and Ramón.
[sighs] But, anyway, I thought
it'd be best to tell you this in person.
- Thanks a lot.
- Mmm. You're welcome.
- Well, then. Good night.
- Good night.
Happy New Year.
- Likewise.
- [Gloria chuckles]
[apprehensive music playing]
[smacks table]
- [Natalia] No, Dad. That's enough. Enough.
- Shh.
No, it's not a tranquilizer, baby girl.
I need you to be awake.
We're going to the airport.
[Natalia] No, I'm not going anywhere.
- Please, you have to trust me.
- [groans]
You and I are going home together.
God will not abandon you,
and I am right here.
- Come on, we
- No! No! I'm not getting on that plane.
I'd rather be dead than live without Nico.
[sputters] But who am I to you?
Well, you do have me.
Have I ever failed you? Come on.
- Come on
- [phone ringing]
- [Chino] She's gone.
- What are you talking about?
I don't think she'll do anything,
but we have to wait.
- Oh my God.
- [phone clatters]
- [phone beeps]
- [line ringing]
- [receptionist] Reception, may I help you?
- I need a taxi immediately.
- Right away.
- Yes, sir, not a problem.
- What happened?
- Nothing.
I'll pay the bill, then come back for you.
Get dressed, right now.
[door opens]
[door closes]
- ["Get On Up" by Jason Creasey playing]
- [indistinct chatter]
Do you know your wish
for the new millennium already?
- Mmm, well, for everything to go well.
- Right.
That's it?
It's the year 2000,
you could wish for more. It's free.
- Oh, really?
- Uh-huh.
I want to, um
- [laughing]play the piano.
- Okay.
- And travel.
- Mm-hmm.
And more classes
with that goofy tennis player.
If you ask me,
that wish already came true.
But it's still 1999.
Yeah, but to me
it might as well be a new year.
Hey, my wish already came true.
What was it?
To be with you.
Fifteen minutes left for the grapes!
Hey, I'll grab the grapes.
No grapes, no luck.
And this year, we're gonna need
all the luck we can get.
[chuckling] Hey, by the way,
I'm going to the memorial, okay?
For Marcos.
And for you.
That is the best news you could give me
to start the new year, really.
Thank you.
[upbeat dance music continues]
I'll get us drinks, okay?
Two shots!
- [dance music fading]
- [contemplative music playing]
- [indistinct excited chatter]
- [monitor beeping regularly]
[excited chatter continues]
- [man] All right, guys!
- [woman] Hurry, come on!
[excited chatter continues]
- [bell ringing]
- What do you want?
[Abel] You have to know
who Diego really is.
- [bell ringing]
- [woman on TV] One
[partygoers] Five
HAPPY 2000
- [partygoers] Six
- Natalia?
- Oh, for fuck's sake.
- [woman on TV] Seven
- [Fernando] Natalia?
- [woman on TV] Eight
- [Fernando] You don't want to do that.
- [woman on TV] Nine
- Ten
- [Natalia whimpers]
- [bell tolling]
- [woman on TV] Eleven
- And 12! That was the last one!
- Let's go home now, baby girl. Come on.
- [Natalia yelps]
- [screaming]
[woman on TV] Welcome to the
new millennium!
- [gasps]
- [fireworks popping]
[somber music playing]
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