Home Before Dark (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Never Be the Same

[door closes]
[tense music playing]
[door closes]
Shh. Ginny,
go back to bed.
Is that blood?
-[steel scraping]-[floor creaks]
[Ginny gasps]
[scraping continues]
[floorboard creaking]
[gasps, pants]
Hi, Pop-Pop.
[upbeat music]
[ship horn blares]
[Bridget] Eat fast, honey. Don't
want tobe late on your first day, okay?
God, there's a lot of milk.
Just sit down, Dad. Sit down.
Right there. Give me the other foot.
Dad, I think I might have
figured outwho killed Penny Gillis.
Don't do it, Hilde. I'm telling you.
Not now, Hilde, okay?
First, the weird footprintsat the
crime scene, kinda like triangles.
[Matt] That's it. No.-What
are you doing down there?
- Who's that man?-I saw
the same weird triangle shoes
- on Principal Collins.-That
man is your grandfather,
and this is his house.
Matt, can you drive Izzy to school?
I'm sure I'm gonna haveall
kinds of papers to fill out.
Yeah, I'm kinda busy right now.
I think Principal Collins
stole somethingfrom Penny
- and then killed
her.-[Matt] Just take it easy.
What if they have scary
clowns there, Mommy?
No, they won't have any clowns.
You will sing songs and draw,
and there'll beall kinds
of toys and playtime.
What if one of the toys is a clown?
Thanks a lot, sweetie.
Dad, I'm serious!
- That's great, Hilde.-No,
that's enough. That's enough.
If he used to live here,
why did he move away?
You know what? Your grandpa
needsa little help right now, okay?
Jane! Did I leave my
good bootsin the mudroom?
-I need my boots. Jane?-Dad.
Dad, Mom's gone. She's not here. Okay?
Here, Pop-Pop. Two sugars, no milk.
So there's this locked cabinet,
and I just had this feeling
Where's the damn Chairman?
[Bridget] I need the littlest at the
frontdoor, fed and ready in ten seconds.
- [Matt] Not right now, Hilde.-There's
the Chairman. Right there.
- [Matt] No, don't! Just be careful.-Dad,
you're not even listening to me!
I solved Penny Gillis' murder!
-Hilde, come on! Stop it, Hilde.-Stop.
Come on. Let it go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, I know
what you're all going to say.
- And yes, I have
proof.-[Bridget] And I'm out.
- We need the Chairman of the
Board.-[Matt] I know. I get it, I get it.
Could you just put your arm in
the jacket? You're not gonna do it?
Learn to read the room,
genius. Let's go. Come on.
You got it? Okay? You
gonna be okay? All right.
-Okay. I'll see you later.-Okay. [kisses]
[Bridget] Have a good day.
-Good luck.-Hey, it's good to see you.
You too, Sylvester.
Where's the one with the blue eyes?
I always loved the girlwith the blue eyes.
Yeah, okay. Come on, Dad.
[thunder rumbling]
-[Matt] You okay?-Yeah.
Okay, watch your step.
-It's cold.-Yeah. No, no. I know. I know.
Look where you're going, Dad.
Don't take me back to that prison.
Hey, come, come on, come
on. It's not a prison. Okay?
It's your home. You like it here.
what's in the safe in the attic?
Why did you wall it off?
I was worried about the house.
People killing people again.
That's why I escaped, Frankie.
No, no. I'm not Frankie, Dad.
It's Matt. It's your son.
I know. I know.
Okay, come on. Come on.
Let's get you inside. Come on.
[woman sings "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"]
[Hilde] Mr. Sipple? I'm
gathering some facts
for an upcoming storyin
The Magic Hour Chronicle.
Would you mind if I asked youa
few questions about my father?
In the yearbookit said you
were his science teacher.
Your dad's Matt Lisko, right?
[Mr. Sipple on speaker]Now,
he was a pain in my butt.
Spent most of his time making jokes.
The other kids all loved him.
I was young and just wanted to teach.
Your dad wanted to laugh.
My dad?
Richie Fife.
[Mr. Sipple] Everything changed.
From that moment on
it was before, before, before and after.
[school bell rings]
-Hey.-Um, pro tip.
If you have to Photoshop your
cool, it means you're not cool.
And next time, maybe
don't use the first picture
that comes up on Google Images.
Au revoir.
Congratulations. Welcome to detention.
You have all chosen to
extendyour school day by one hour.
- [students
groaning]-[Principal Collins] Aw.
If you don't like it, you willmake
better life choices next time.
Read quietly, do your homework,
or you can join me again tomorrow.
Hey, guys. How are you doing?
-Hey, Hilde.-Hey.
Hey. You okay?
[sighs] Well, other than the fact
that my life sucks and my sister
sucksand the Jessicas suck,
sure, I'm great.
I heard about the Paris incident.
Well, hey, at least your
Photoshoppingwasn't bad.
- It was stupid.-Nah, you
got skills. I'm into that stuff.
-Really?-Yeah, you should follow me.
You know I need, like, actual
information to do that, right?
Uh. Here.
Whoa, where'd you take these?
Right in town. I can show you.
[folk music playing]
Ooh, look at this place.
Come on. Let's go. Ooh, do
you wanna go sit over there?
Hi, um, I'm Bridget Jensen.
We spoke on the phone.
It was Ginny, right?
Wow. Good memory.
I cheated. Filled in the
paperworkwhen we got off the phone.
Oh, sorry. Uh, I kept my maiden name.
She has her dad's last
name. It's Lisko. L-I-S-K-O.
You know what? Just give me a sec.
[Bridget whispers] What's going on?
- [Ginny] Clover.-A clover?
You should color that more.
I'm so sorry. But your daughter
puts usout of compliance
with state ratio requirements.
But you knew we were
coming. You did the paperwork.
There's a great day care on
14th. It was so nice meeting you.
You too.
Ginny, come on. Let's go.
Before Mommy loses her shit.
Your older daughter's
quite the reporter, isn't she?
Yes. Yeah. She is.
Is she sleeping?
I think she's reading.
Those eyes are definitely closed.
Ah. Ah. Fire.
She's sleeping.
Okay, then.
What is that?
[Hilde] Research.
[Hilde] See that little girl?
That's Principal Kim Collins.
[Donny] Can't believe she used to bea kid.
[Hilde] And you see that kid right there?
That's Richie Fife.
[Spoon] They're together in every picture.
[Hilde] So when Richie Fife
disappeared31 years ago,
Principal Collins lost her best friend.
The guy they put away for abducting him,
that's Penny Gillis' brother, Sam Gillis.
So Principal Collinsmust
have hated Penny forever.
[Donny] Then why kill her now?
[Hilde] I don't know. She stole
some videothat shows the kidnapping.
I think Penny was going to
use itto get Sam outta jail.
[metal clinks]
To be continued.
We need to go back to Penny's
houseto gather more evidence.
But isn't that a crime scene?
I do not feel good about this.
[Matt] Just sto Stop pulling
back. That's it. That's it.
- [Sylvester] Let go of my
foot.-Just let me do the last bit here.
Just relax, would you, please?
I'll relax whenthe Chairman
of the Board gets here.
Yeah, who's the Chairman of the Board?
- What are you doing
here?-Who the hell are you?
Come on. It's me, Frankie. Remember?
Frankie, I don't know who this crook is.
He's been cutting on
my feet all daywith knives.
- Dad, don't tell him that.-He
won't let me talk to the Chairman.
-Who is the Chairman?-Come on.
- He's been saying that
all day.-[Frank] Yeah?
Well, he loves Frank Sinatra.
["I've Got You Under My Skin" playing]
-Come on, the Chairman of the Board.-Oh.
[Frank] There you go. Attaboy.
- Didn't know you were back in
town.-Yeah, yeah. I just got in.
Been a while. What, 25 years? I
thought you were never coming back.
Yeah, well, I came when
my mom passed, so
Yeah, that's right. Four
hours, six years ago.
You know, people are
supposed to come home, Matt.
Visit family, visit friends.
[music continues]
Yeah, my sister's great. Thanks for asking.
You know, my dad called me "Frankie" today.
You been stopping by here a lot?
What? There something wrong with that?
Someone needed to look after him.
No, it's just,
you know, cost me an arm
and a legto have him here. So
Oh. Yeah, well, you ripped
himout of his own home
without coming in personto
see what was going on.
Yeah, I could hear in his
voicethat he needed more help.
I'm glad you gota
thorough diagnosis, Matty.
Hey, don't call me that.
Who did it?
Who killed Penny?
[Frank] Nobody, Syl.
[Frank] It was an accident.
A terrible accident.
-Whoo-hoo! Come on!-This is so fun!
-[Hilde] Let's go!-[Spoon] Whoo!
[Donny] Yay!
[Spoon] Whoo-hoo!
[Hilde laughs] Whoo-hoo!
[Spoon] Slow down! Wait up!
Anyone know how to pick a lock?
I do.
What is your problem?
Are you gonna pay for that?
- [Spoon] Did you have any other
ideas?-[Hilde] I'm not cleaning that up.
[Donny] Why did you break the
glass? This isn't even our house.
- [Spoon] Yeah, there's glass on the
floor!-[Donny] Why? Why did you break the glass?
-[Spoon] So what?-I know you broke it!
-Yeah. I did!-You gonna pay for that?
-[Donny] You see Boys! Get it together.
Just go. Just go.
Hilde's always right. Why
didn't you just crawl through?
I was just giving you options.
I was just giving you options.
[Donny] I don't think we should be here.
If we get busted, this is gonnago
on our permanent records.
[Hilde] There's no such
thingas a permanent record.
That's just what adults say to scare us.
[Donny] Well, it works.
[Hilde] Look.
[Donny] Ew. Gross.
I can't believe a person
died, like, right here.
[Hilde] They said she
felltrying to change a light bulb.
But how could she reach it?
Did she use one of those pole things?
[Spoon] Well, maybe the police
put it awayor took it as evidence.
If they didn't think it was a
murder, why take evidence?
The light's not burnt out.
And there is no broken bulb on the
ground, so it just doesn't make sense.
[Hilde sighs] I'm going to
check outthe rest of the house.
[shutter clicks]
[Donny] Wow. I wish my house
was this coolwhen I grew up.
This joystick only has one button.
What are you evensupposed to do with that?
Oh, okay. We have pets,
and we got cemeteries.
Is this movie rated R because
Don't ask questionsyou
don't want the answer to.
Did I do something wrong at day care?
You think I'd buy you
ice creambefore dinner
-if I was mad at you?-No.
"No" is right. I will be right back, okay?
I just need to take care of this.
[children clamor]
Hi, um, I'm sorry to interrupt.
You ladies wouldn't happen to havea
good day care you'd recommend?
I'm new in town, and it
would really help me out.
I'm pretty sure mine is full.
Oh. Okay.
Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, I want sprinkles!
Ginny, restaurant, restaurant voice.
[Ginny] But we're outside.
[Bridget] Yep, you are.
Did I do something wrong? Is this
aboutthe article my daughter wrote?
I'm sorry. Excuse me.
[eerie music plays]
[cat yowls]
Where did you [groans]
[chuckles] You totally jumped.
Did not.
[Spoon] That's so creepy.
[Hilde] You want creepy? You should
seewhen they wheel out a gurney
with a body bag on it,
and you know what's inside.
[TV clicks, movie stops]
[groans] I used to go to work
with my dada lot in New York.
It's a little sketchy.
Well, this whole townis
filled with creepy things.
Women get killed, kids disappear,
and there's weird creatures in the woods.
I hear they're a hybrid of wolf-coyotes.
[Donny] And we all know they eat people.
Well, they eat cows, but if theycan
eat cows, they can eat people.
[Spoon] One time, these
kids in my brother's class
swore they saw Richie Fifeby the boathouse.
Well, his ghost anyway.
- [Donny whispers] Go, go,
go.-[Spoon] Go, go, go, go!
Go, go.
This way. Here.
You know I have pepper spray, right?
[chuckles] You're not gonna
spray methough, are you?
I don't know. Was thinking about it.
I can't believeSylvester's
your grandfather.
I can't believe you work at his old shop.
-Small town, right?-[Izzy chuckles]
How is he?
Uh, I don't know. Fine, I guess.
- It really is beautiful here.-This
isn't even it yet. Come on.
Here, watch your step.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.-Whoops. [chuckles]
This is my land.
Actually, maybe it's our land now.
[chuckles] Yeah.
What were you even doing way back here?
I don't know. I
I had this fight with my dad.
And I-I'd just seen this
movie,The Jungle Book.
Not the cartoon one. The real one.
And I just thoughtl could
be Mowgli, you know?
Live in the woods. [sighs]
But then I got hungry, so
What was the fight about?
It was Whatever.
Yeah. Totally.
It's okay. I get it.
At least you have two
sistersto hang out with.
More like one sisterand
one big, giant attention hog
who sucks up all the
light and airin the world.
[chuckles] I swear, if you and I
reallymoved out to the woods,
I don't think my family would even notice.
Do you want to?
Do you?
-[bushes rustling]-[birds flapping]
What was that?
[wolf growling]
Oh, my God.
Ethan? Really? Really, Ethan?
Oh, shit.
Hi. Uh, my, my daughter was
She was just playing outside.
- Did she come back in here?-Not
since she got her ice cream.
-Oh. Okay.-[door jingles]
[Bridget] Ginny!
[wolf growling]
[Izzy panting, grunts]
Ginny! Excuse me.
- Have you guys seen a
little girl?-[woman] Ginny!
-[Izzy grunts, panting]-[wolf growls]
Have you seen a little
girl? She's about this big.
[Izzy panting]
-[Izzy panting]-[wolf growls]
[wolf growling]
Oh. Hey, Trip.
Hilde, what are you doing here?
Oh, thank God. Ginny,
you gave me a heart attack.
[Trip] What is wrong with
you? I should call your parents.
You kids have no business being in here.
And who broke the window upstairs? Huh?
Neighbor called about a glass breaking.
[footsteps thudding]
[door closes]
- [footsteps continue]-Did
you bring a partner?
I don't have a partner.
-[door bangs]-[footsteps continue]
Stay here.
[Hilde] Come on.
[footsteps continue]
-[footsteps running]-[door bangs]
[Trip] Hey! Holmes CountySheriff's
Department. Get down!
-Go!-Go, go, go!
Go, go!
[door creaks]
You didn't catch him?
Does it look like I caught him?
Well, did you get a good
look? Was it a him or a her?
-Was it Kim Collins?-What?
The Magic Hour Chronicle
has reason to believe that
You're ridiculous. No comment.
You kids need to go home.
- [Spoon] Just go,
go.-This is a crime scene.
It's not a playgroundor
your little secret hideout.
So, you admit it's a crime scene.
The official stanceof the
Holmes County Sheriff
is still that Penny Gillishad an accident.
But you don't think that.
That's why you came here.
I'm here for broken glass.
Really? Or did you just
see thatwhen you got here?
No. I'm not having a moment with you.
Get outta here!
[Spoon] Bye, Hilde!
-I want an exclusive.-An exclusive?
- Yes. That means I
know what it means, Hilde.
Are you outta your
Do you know how much trouble I can get in?
- [thunder rumbling]-Don't worry.
I always protect my sources.
Oh. [chuckles]What are
you? Woodward or Bernstein?
I know I'm only nine years
old, but I think I can help.
Besides, I'm really good at this stuff.
Put your bike in the trunk.
Peach and cardamom kulfi.
Thank you so much.
This is great. Do you have sprinkles?
Please. Por favor. S'il vous plaît.
So I could get extra pointsif
I say it in another language.
-Wow. [laughs]-[Bridget chuckles]
That was way less
annoyingwhen I taught you to do it.
But yes, we'll get
sprinkles. You go sit down.
[Bridget sighs]I thought
that the stereotype was
that everyone in a small
townis supposed to be nice, but
you're honestly the first one, so
You know that cold
shoulderyou're bumping up against?
It's not because of that
articleyour daughter wrote.
It's because of what your
husband didwhen he was a kid.
I was little, but the
whole town knew about it.
Did he never tell you?
[lounge music playing]
[scoffs] Dad.
Dad. What are you doing?
You're making paper airplanes.
I thought we're supposed
to bedrawing a picture.
Mmm. He loves origami.
Folds his papers no matter what
projectwe're supposed to be working on.
[Young Matt]Uh, Dad, if
you want me to lie tomorrow,
I will. I'll lie.
Why'd you tell me, Frankie?
Dad, come on. Frankie's not here.
Why'd you tell me if you
didn't want me to look into it?
Look into what?
You shoulda justkept your damn mouth shut!
- Let's get you to bed,
Syl.-[Sylvester grunts]
No need to get upset.
Syl? Why don't you finish that one?
There you go.
You're so good at these, hmm?
[Sylvester sighs]
Uh, is he in and out like that a lot?
Like, you know what might trigger it?
Someone changes the
channelwhen it's time for Jeopardy!
Could be anything.
It's just he was talking about Frankie,
you know, something that he told him.
Any idea what that might be?
Sorry. Sometimes he's in his own world.
It's hard to get inside.
But now that you're back in town,
maybe you can spendsome more time with him.
See if you can't, you
know, break through a bit.
[whispers] Hold this for me. Keep it safe.
[Bridget sighs, chuckles]
Where's, uh, where's the tiny little one?
Oh, she's playing out back.
You okay?
Yeah. Other than getting
rejectedby the day care
I spent the last two
weeksresearching and obsessing over.
Rejected? Wh I
thought you spoke to them.
I did.
Well, what happened?
What do you think?
I I don't know.
Uh, did Ginny curse at school?
-I don't know.-No.
They found outthat
her last name is Lisko
and that you are her father.
What do you mean?
How could you have not told me?
About what?
Damn it, Matt. You know, no.
I think I knew that there was
somethingyou were hiding.
I mean, we never saw your parents.
You always just saidyou
loved Christmas with my family.
But almost every year?
And then the few timesl
took the girls here alone,
I just, you know, I just rationalizedthat
you were busy with work. But
- Wait. Did my dad talk
to you?-He didn't have to.
There is a town full of peoplethat
know more about my husband than I do.
When you said that a kid was
abductedfrom your hometown,
you made it sound likeyou
didn't even know him.
Why didn't you tell me you wereright
next to him when it happened?
- That he was your best
friend.-[door opens, closes]
Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad. Mmm.
-Uh, hi.-Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad.
Excuse me. Where are you
going? Where have you been all day?
-At the crime scene.-Crime scene?
-Did you find anything?-Yep.
- But you're gonna have
to read about it.-Come on.
- [Bridget] Whoa, whoa, whoa.-Hilde,
you've gotta be kidding me.
Hey, what's for dinner?
Where were you? And
what happened to your pants?
I went to the woods with a boy,
but then a wolf scared him away, so
-Wait. There was a wolf?-There was a boy?
I mean, wait. A boy?
Yes. A male.
[door opens, closes]
-All right. Cool. Cool.-What
Daddy, you're home. Is Pop-Pop still here?
No, sweetie. Pop-Pops
is not here. He's gone.
Listen. You know what? I
can cook something if you want.
- The littlest ate already,
so-[Matt] What?
- You ate already? Without
us?-[Bridget] Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- Because Mommy lost me.-Why?
What happened? She lost you?
What does she mean she lost
you? What the hell happened today?
-[knocking on door]-I got it. I got it.
-[Bridget] Come here. Come here.-I got it.
- [Bridget] I'll take her.
You get it.-All right.
[groans] Why did you say that?
I got it.
Okay. Kim.
I'm sorry to just
stop by like this, uh
I've been calling, but no
one's answered their phones.
- Yeah, it's been really busy.
It's been-Yeah, it's been crazy.
[Principal Collins] Again, I'm
sorry. It's just this is very important.
Hilde stole from me.
[Bridget] You stole from the principal?
After she was in my office.
I tried to show you this
morning, but Pop-Pop was here!
And you said, "Wait."And
Izzy said, "Read the room,"
even thoughshe's
basically obstructing justice
since the principalis the primary suspect!
Wait. What did you say? Hilde,
come on. Get upstairs now.
-Matt. I got it. I got it.-Upstairs. Now.
-But [Matt] Now!
Oh, God. I'm I am so sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I'm guessingyou haven't
watched the videotape?
[Young Matt] Can we use your mom's bike?
Is that your mommy's?
[vehicle approaches]
[Young Matt] Whoa! Whoa!
- Hey! Stop! Help!
[screams]-[Richie screaming]
[Young Matt] Get off Richie!
[tires squealing]
- [Young Matt] Richie! Help!
[groans]-[boy] Go, Matty!
[Young Matt] Richie! Richie!
Richie. Help me!
-[heartbeat pulsing]-[bike rattling]
-[Young Matt panting]-[pulsing continues]
[Young Matt] Kim! Kim!
[Matt] Where did you get this?
She wanted to give it to you.
But she asked me to make a copy for her.
She knew I could use the
AV equipment at the school.
So I told her I would.
Then I left.
Um, it's the last time I saw her.
Where did she get it?
And how comethis has never surfaced before?
At the trial, there was never any tape.
I don't know. She never told me anything.
But you know how Penny was.
Why did she want me to have it?
[Principal Collins]She knew
she couldn't take it to the cops.
I mean, Penny spent her whole
lifetrying to clear her brother.
Maybe she figuredthat
you could help her with that.
[Principal Collins]Do
you think Hilde was right?
Do you think somebody
killed Pennyover that tape?
[Matt] No.
No, that wouldn't make any sense.
You can barely see anything on it.
No, there's no waythat
would exonerate Sam. Right?
[whispers] I knew she was the suspect.
Hilde, we don't spy on people.
- But, Mom, I Now get in
your room. Go to your room.
I know it killed youthat
your father didn't believe you.
But Penny did.
Yeah, I wish that made a difference.
- Three kids. That's a
lotta kids.-[Matt chuckles]
I know. It's a lot. They're great.
-Hilde's just like you.-Oh, really?
-Mmm.-What? A pain in the ass?
She's smart. She's really, really smart.
-Yeah.-And a pain in the ass.
Right. [chuckles]
-Well.-All right.
-Okay. It's good to see you, Kim.-You too.
All right. Take care.
Drive safe, okay?
[engine starts]
Her eyes aren't that blue.
Knock, knock.
[taps on door]
Can I come in?
Hey, I'm sorry I yelled.
Look, it's not that I don't wanna
listento you or I don't believe you.
It's just, on this
you're wrong.
Wow. Is this an apology?
Because it's really bad.
Like, I feel like you shouldowe
me an apology for this apology.
- [Hilde sighs]-All right.
Look, listen to me, okay?
Look, Kim Collins did not kill Penny.
They were best friends.
- But the shoe prints, they were
at the The crime scene. I know.
Kim went to Penny's earlier that
night. She didn't steal the VCR.
Penny gave it to her before she died.
Yeah. "Oh."
You know, you didn't have the facts.
You didn't have the sources.
But you went ahead and printed out a storythat
freaked out your grandfather so badly
that he got up to check his
housein the middle of the night.
That's why Pop-Pop was
here? And his feet got all cut up?
Yeah, you didn't even check with me.
Kim Collins was a friend
of minesince kindergarten.
She's a friend of Penny's
too. You think about that?
You know, it's bad journalism, Hilde.
The state calls Matt Lisko.
Do the right thing, Matty.
[Young Matt] I'm sorry, but
it wasn't Sam Gillis.
I don't know who it was.
But I know for sure, it wasn't him.
-[gavel banging]-[safe rattling]
Come on!
Damn it. [exhales sharply]
What is this?
I don't know.
You know, when we
moved here, Matt, it was
supposed to be so thatyou
would hide less, not more.
- Bridge, I'm not hiding,
okay.-What about the safe?
I've never seen it before in my life.
-Really?-Really. I mean
You know, I asked my dad about it, but
-More secrets.-Bridge, come on.
I just wish I I coulda helped you.
I just wish I could help you.
Is that why you got so wrapped
upin that story in New York?
The missing girl?
It's okay. Look, I knowit
must've been traumatic, but you
- If you don't share these
things with me Bridge, Bridge.
Okay, it was That night was like the
the worst thing you could imagine.
But then what happened after?
Everyone wanted me to
saythat Sam Gillis did it.
They wanted a bad guy, you know?
And I didn't geta good
look at him that night.
But I did hear his voice, and it was wrong.
It-It wasn't Sam.
So that's what I said.
I mean, they just, they
sent him to jail anyway.
Uh, it doesn't matter anyway.
None of it's gonna bring Richie back.
Come here.
- I'm sorry, Bridge. No, I'm
so sorry.-It's okay. Come here.
[Matt] I'm sorry. [sobs]
[crickets chirping]
[sighs] Hey, Scout.
[Matt sighs]
Hey, you know, I think
I owe you an apology.
And, uh, a real one this time.
And, you know, the reasonthat
you didn't get it right is
Well, it's becausel didn't
tell you the whole story.
You know, my, uh my best friend
he was taken right in front of me.
And the, uh, the video that you saw.
Yeah, well, that's me on the tape.
Yeah. I know.
I guess I just didn't want you to
knowthat the world could be that scary.
Dad, the scary thing is not knowing.
Just promise me you'll take a second
just to be a kid.
Okay, Daddy. I will.
-[clicks]-[speaker buzzes]
["I'll Never Be the Same" playing]
[music continues]
[music continues]
"An anonymous source confirms
that some in the Holmes
CountySheriff's Department
believe this should
bean open investigation."
[Sheriff Briggs]We're
gonna make this go away.
[door closes]
[scoffs] "News desk."
At least I'm not a murderer in this one.
[music slows]
[Bridget] Take this. Eat it.
Dad, why does Hilde get the
camera? Okay, what if I want it?
And why is she so special?
Well, I meant for the
camerato be for the newspaper,
so maybe you could be the photographer.
Your plate.
[music fades]
Stop it, okay? You're killing me.
[phone rings]
-Hello?-[Bridget] Family dinner.
-[phone beeps]-[whispers] Sorry.
-Hello?-[female recording] Hello,
this is a prepaid collect call from
[man] Sam Gillis.
[female recording] an inmateat
Northfield Corrections Center.
This call is subject to
recordingand monitoring.
- Do you accept charges?-Um,
uh, yeah, yeah. I accept.
[female recording]You may
start the conversation now.
Why are you calling me?
[Sam] I'm not.
I'm calling for Hilde Lisko.
[Hilde] Dad?
[Sam] I have a tip.
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