Home Before Dark (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

The Bird, Man

[men struggling, grunting]
[blow lands]
[Matt groans]
Richie Fife was last seen in a blue van.
We have Highway Patrolat
checkpoints starting at five miles out,
and a child abduction alert statewide.
So we need you to help uscomb every inch
- Penny!
- Kim.
Of the forest, lake,
and road.
The Fife family is counting on usto
bring their boy home. So, let's move.
[siren blares]
[dogs barking]
[helicopter whirs]
[man] Richie!
[young Matt] Is that Richie's?
My mom found it.
Matt. Let's go look at zone two.
Penny, Sam. Come with us?
Sam. Coming?
Come on, Matty. Stay close. [echoes]
Dad always makes breakfast on Saturdays.
I want eggs.
I know, but Dad's not here.
Don't worry, Ginny. Mom
and Dad will be back soon.
God, what's wrong with you?
You're like a raccoon in a skirt.
I'm looking for clues.
I knew it.
[line rings]
They would kill me if I didn't pick
up. Why aren't they picking up?
Hi, um, it's me.
Just we found someB-L-O-O-D-Y paper towels,
and just wanted to
make sure you're okay.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
[Ginny] I can make eggs.
How do I open them?
How bad is it?
Uh, what?
Oh, well. I'd
I Yeah, I'd call it a five.
-Five?-Yeah, point five.
-Great.-Now you're making fun of me. Nice.
Okay, in my defense, I
have just had my ass kicked,
so I don't think we need to do that.
Why did you go there? To provoke him?
Look, I wanted him to admit that he lied.
And did he?
So this is what we're
modelingfor the girls now?
You don't get what you want,
you just punch 'em in the face.
No, of-of course not.
[phone vibrating]
- It's Izzy. She's called 12
times.-No, don't answer it.
I don't know whatl'm gonna tell 'em, okay?
You should've thought of that
beforeyou decided to be such a meathead.
What happened? Are you guys okay?
Who's bleedingand why is
the VHS tape in the trash?
No, it's fine. Everything's fine.
Your dad just had a small accident.
We're getting him patched up.
-Well, is he okay?-What kind of accident?
[Hilde] Does he have a concussion?
- You know what? You
have to talk.-Is he in a coma?
-No, no.-You are talking to them.
Hey, guys.
First of all, I'm-I'm fine. Okay?
And second of all, Hilde, you
are absolutely not reporting on this.
What do I have to report on?
You're not telling us anything.
[sighs] Everything's fine. I'm fine.
You guys keep on using the word "fine."
You told me that when people
saythe same word over and over again,
that usually means they're lying.
I love that you remember that.
I love it a little less that you're
tryingto use that against me,
but look, you know, we're
gonna be home soon,
so you can inspect me yourself.
You will see that I'm-I'm
all good. I'm-I'm f fantastic.
-I'm good.-Can you stop?
Okay, I'm passing you back to your mom.
Okay? I love you guys, bye. Bye, bye, bye.
-Hey.-Give me the phone, Hilde.
Mom, I have that movie
thingwith the kids from school.
I'm sorry, Iz. We won't be back
in time. Can you stay with Ginny?
Uh, yeah. It's fine. I
get it. I'll take care of it.
'Kay, I'll talk to you soon. Bye.
-[sighs]-She okay?
[boy on TV] Hey! Ow!
[boys screaming on TV]
No, no, no, no, no!
God, it was one thing when Dad was
sad. Now he's coming home wasted.
And having accidents. Mom
seemed really mad at him.
Do you think they're gonna break up?
I don't know.
I don't want them to break up.
Me either.
[sighs] Come on. We can fix it.
How's that gonna fix it?
We just need to make things
nice for them. Okay? Easier.
So that they don't have to worryabout
cleaning or laundry and food and us.
So that they can just be together.
No, put this away.
This is how we fix things.
Something happened to Dad. Something bad.
That's why he was so
obsessedwith the New York case.
That's why he's hiding things from us.
If I could If I could just find
outwhat happened to Richie Fife.
Okay, but what could you figure
outthat the Sheriff's Department couldn't?
That Dad couldn't?
This tape is new. They
didn't have it 30 years ago.
Okay, so what?
So, if I can find who filmed
it, where it came from,
and where it was 30 years ago
I could find out what happened that night.
[banging on door]
[Frank] Hey, Matt!
[doorknob rattling]
Matt! Open the door!
Open this door, Matt!
That's the weird guy. Look at
his face. Did he beat up Dad?
Matt! I want the original.
[banging continues]
Open the door, Matt!
Open this door, Matt!
I know you're in there.
The original tape?
[footsteps departing]
He's gone.
We can't tell Dad about this.
[engine starts, vehicle departs]
I gotta get there first.
Wait, no, Hilde. You can't go
backout there. What are you doing?
Fixing things.
Don't tell Dad where I went.
I got myself dressed.
Hope you can clean in that.
[Izzy sighs]
You realize you're gonna have to
actuallyexplain this to the girls at some point.
Uh, yeah, I was hopingwe
were gonna skip that part.
The man I married doesn't run away fromthe
truth, and he doesn't get in fights.
Okay. He was spying on us, okay?
I had to draw a line.
I've seen you draw lines plenty before,
but with words, which I feel like
youalways said were your greatest weapons.
What What's happening?
I don't know.
I see him, and it's like I'm
11 years oldall over again.
Sorry about the room.
It's a full house today.
No, it's okay.
You don't remember me, do you?
I'm Lucy.
Richie Fife's sister.
What's the tree for?
I'm granting Penny Gillis' last wish.
Yeah, what was it?
That's between me and Penny Gillis.
What are you guys doing here?
We really, really, really
needa copy of the original tape.
Okay, it was nice talking to you.
We know you have it.
Lieutenant Briggs was just bangingon
Hilde's door. He wants the original.
We think he's trying
to destroyall the copies.
I know you're mad at usfor
calling Sam Gillis in the library.
You can give us detentionfor a whole year,
but please let us see the original.
-[phone vibrating]-Ms. Collins?
- [alarm bell ringing over
phone]-[man shouting]
Uh-huh. Okay, I'm coming.
-[line beeps]-[sighs]
I'm guessing this fire alarmat
the school is not a coincidence?
Come on. Get in the truck.
And don't call me Kim.
[Matt] Uh
Yeah, you know, your dad must be
proudthat you followed in his footsteps.
Well, he's not one for praise.
But I do think he's secretly stoked.
How is the good mayor?
And I saw he's running
unopposedfor, what, the seventh time?
Eighth. Good thing
there are no term limits.
Honestly don't knowwhat he
would've done with himself if
It's good he's staying busy.
And he has certainly had his hands fullwith
all the corrections officer business
your daughter stirred up.
You guys should come to
the clambaketomorrow night.
Get reacquainted with everybody.
A "clambake"?
Yeah, it's a Q and A with the candidates.
Matty will tell you it's just a
formality. Everybody runs unopposed.
All anybody goes foris Mary Wesson's clams,
boiled in Old Bay and beer.
Well, that sounds delicious.
Yeah, w-well, we should
probablycheck in with the girls, all right?
Yeah, they have a It's movie night.
Well, bring them. Your
daughtercould cover it in her little paper.
-I'm gonna meet you outside.-Okay, sure.
You-You have any kids?
A daughter. Jessica. I think she
might bein one of your girls' classes.
And it is all I can donot
to lock her up at night.
I'm sure you know what I mean.
We told you we'd get her.
I just had to make
sureyou'd come to help me.
You do know it's an actual
crimeto pull a false fire alarm, hmm?
I'm sorry, but Lieutenant
Briggsbeat up my dad last night.
My parents won't admit it, but I just know.
Wait, he what? Why?
I don't know, but he smashed
the tape, and he beat up my dad.
It was really bad. He's at
the clinic now with my mom.
Can we just make a copy of the
tapeto make sure it stays safe?
I can't do this.
I can't give it to you.
I just can't.
Even just to record it?
So, you all have ten minutes to leave.
Excuse me. I need to go
do this thing I need to do.
[unlocks lock]
We need to make lots of
backupsjust in case, okay?
Okay, we got this.
[stops tape]
Who's that? That wasn't on the copy I saw.
I know that face.
I knew I recognized him.
Holy crap! That's-That's Birdman.
Oh, my God.
Who's Birdman?
Okay, you want me to open up more?
-Yeah.-Yeah? Okay.
-You see the rec center right there?-Yeah.
Yeah, that's where I broke the rafters
when me and Richie were tryingto
jump into the pool from the ceiling.
Yeah, Coach Larson punched me for that.
Yeah, he got fired too.
Yeah, and right here.
Larson starts fishing every day.
So, he'd leave his trout in
a coolerright by the door.
And when he was drunk, me
and Richie would, uh, steal his fish.
Of course you would.
And one time, uh,
Richie, he got a dead fish
And he wedged it right
upunderneath Larson's car.
And it must have been there for
weeks'cause it I mean, it stank.
I mean, it to-totally stank.
And there were, like, flies
buzzing around and everything.
Yeah, it was it was funny.
Richie was pretty funny.
What do you know about Birdman?
What was Birdman like at school?
I heard everyone thought he was a freak.
Was he a video-head?
Did he film a lot of stuff?
Did he know Richie Fife?
[Hilde]We need an editorial board meeting.
We need to find Birdman.
[Donny] If I'm not home by
dinner, my mom's gonna kill me.
-You guys, be quiet.-It's Hilde.
Hi, Mom, I need to sleep over at
Spoon'sso we can give the Richie Fife case
our undivided attention.
Bridge, come on. When was the last
timeshe had any friends? Come on.
Okay, but say "please" and "thank
you,"and no true-crime TV. Okay?
-[line beeps]-Hil Hil
-She hung up on me.-[chuckles]
[woman singing in foreign language]
[Bridget] What is going on in here?
Did somebody call a cleaner?
[Bridget] Oh, my
And what a big helper you are. Come here.
Hey, do we have to pay for this service?
Your face is all messed up.
-Hey.-Yeah, I know, sweetie. But I'm okay.
Iz. What did you do?
I am going to take
the littlestfor ice cream.
Come on.
Bon appétit.
[Hilde] Okay, so what have we got?
Mr. Sipple didn't teach Birdman,
'cause one day he just disappeared.
Meena said he was homeschooled.
Rumor isBirdman was
caught mutilating birds.
And others said he had a whole
freezerfull of dead birds in his house.
Hence the nickname.
[Hilde] Harming animals,
first sign of a serial killer.
That's why they took him out of school.
Danger towards himself and others.
I found this on the
microficheat the library.
What's a "microfiche"?
It's like the Internet,
but it's older and slower
and way harder to find things. Look.
He was arrested for damaginga
bulldozer at a construction site.
[Spoon] Why would someone do that?
[Hilde] Anger management problems?
[Donny]Or a tendency
toward destructive behavior.
The biggest headline, Birdman
had bad blood with Richie Fife.
What kind of bad blood?
Like Birdman kicking the crapout
of Richie one day after school.
Nobody knows why.
No, the biggest headlineis
that Birdman's still alive.
And he worksat the creepiest place in town.
I'm worried about her.
Which one?
[Bridget]The one that hides in plain sight.
[water dripping]
[sighs] Dad.
The ceiling's leaking again.
[footsteps approaching]
The ceiling's leaking again.
You know, this feels likeone of
those moments where whatever I say
is probably not the right thing to say.
I miss Brooklyn.
And black-and-white cookiesand
running around Prospect Park.
You know, I miss riding
the F train above ground
and watching the downtown skyline.
What about Murray's Bagels?
God, I miss that place.
Fried-egg sandwich
- with salt, pepper,
ketchup.-Salt, pepper, ketchup.
I know, I know.
Look, you can't You just gotta
makethe most of where you are. All right?
And not be thinking about where you were.
You know? You gotta embrace
the new. Come on, try and fit in.
"Fit in"?
I know. It sucks.
It sucks, but maybe you couldfind
some new things to do here.
[sighs] Yeah, well, I was
tryingto do that yesterday,
but someone ended up at urgent care.
Yeah, okay. That's fair.
[water dripping]
-God, this place sucks.-[chuckles]
Are you sure he's here?
My intel tells mehe works
off-season security here.
The graveyard shift.
[stammering]I can't do
this. I have fear hives.
Yeah, that's not a thing.
How'd you know how to get in here?
I couldn't afford a
ticketso I figured it out.
[Hilde] But that's illegal.
You have a very strange
relationshipto rules.
[Hilde whispers] Wow.
[Hilde giggling] Are you okay?
[Hilde] Okay, let's split up and find him.
[Donny] What?
[Hilde]Come on. It'll
be character building.
Turn on everything.
Maybe we can lure him out.
Maybe it's the power. Try again.
[machines whirring]
-Holy crap.-It's alive.
Come on, let's go.
[Hilde] Al Wergeles.
Al Wergeles!
[Donny laughs]
Birdman! Birdman!
-[creaking]-[wolf howls]
-[Hilde gasps]-[witch cackles]
[Hilde] Birdman.
Birdman, wait.
We wanna talk to you.
-Clear your mind. That's it. Arms up.-Okay.
And spread your arms like
- Come on. What, you
never saw that movie?-No.
Come on, what? I must
have failed as a parent.
Head up, and just keep
going forward. Look forward.
Yeah, okay, Dad. I get it. It's a metaphor.
Oh, you got that? Okay. Good. Good for you.
[both chuckle]
You got it.
Man, we-we used to
come up hereall the time.
Yeah, Richie and Frankie
and me. A whole bunch of us.
Why don't you ever talk about them?
I don't know.
I guess not much of my
time herewas-was so happy.
'Cause people were mean to you?
Kinda, yeah.
You know what, but I got
out. I left. I reinvented myself.
And I never looked back.
Hey, maybe you could do that.
You know, reinvent yourself.
I like who I was in Brooklyn.
[girls chattering]
Oh, God.
Those kids giving you a hard time?
[scoffs] Man, just-just ignore them.
[grunts] Look who it is.
Broken, volume one and two.
Get lost, Matt. Nobody wants
you here. Get off the bench.
Hey. Hey!
You know, I heard on a
podcastthat being a stuck-up little shit
means you're six times
more likelyto get cancer.
Sucks for you!
Yeah, yeah.[stammers]
It was something like that.
God, can I just be in college now?
What? What did you just say?
- No, you cannot! You cannot go
to college!-Why? No! [chuckles]
-I'm gonna shove you down!-No!
And I'm gonna keep you
smalland cute and little,
- and my baby girl forever.
Yes!-No! No, it's too late for that!
[kisses] No, no, it's not.
-Yes.-No, don't tell me that.
Don't tell me that.
[kisses] Oh, God.
Has this been going on a while?
-Mm-hmm.-Why didn't you tell me?
'Cause it's fine.
You know, I can handle it. [sniffs]
Hey, look, you know what I said
before? All right? About fitting in?
Uh-uh, no way. Screw that.
You do your thing, Iz.
Okay? You be you.
It just
It makes life hard. You know, being me.
Well, if it's hard, then you talk to me.
You know, pretending to be someone else
burying who you are, what
you know, keeping secrets
In the end, all that stuff, it
just, it burns a hole in you.
Believe me.
[Hilde] Why did you smash that bulldozer?
Well, they were gonna bulldozemy
favorite bird-watching tree.
Effing loggers. I had to do
something. Stand up for what's right.
You know, it was your
dadstarted calling me Birdman.
What's up, Birdman?
[boys laughing]
I'm sorry. I didn't know.
That's okay.
I mean, I hated it at first, but
eventually, well, it's what I am.
Why did you set up that camera?
Were you spying on people?
I never watch people.
Birds are just much more interesting.
Oh! A red-tailed hawk!
Why didn't that tapeever
see the light of day?
Why didn't you give itto
the Sheriff's Department?
I did.
Hey! Ow!
-Get off Richie!-[gasps]
This shows the abduction.
I thought it could help Sam and Richie.
So Sam doesn't have to go
away, and Richie can come back.
Why'd it take you so long to turn it in?
I just found it.
I thought Richie was just messing around.
That he wasn't really missing.
Well, this is an open case, so
you can't tell anybody about this.
You hear?
Or you could be brought up on charges.
Obstruction of justice or worse.
There you go, son. It's a
little reward for your trouble.
Forty dollars. That's how
much it costto ruin Sam's life
And mine.
Missed text from Hilde.
-[phone clicks]-It says, "Don't tell Dad."
- Oh, well, now you
gotta tell me.-[chuckles]
I don't know. She's gonna
findsome guy named Birdman.
Give me your bird, man!
How can I help you?
Mr. Gillis, I am so
sorry about your sister.
I can't take the thoughtthat
she died protecting me.
Are things better now with the CO gone?
As good as they can be for now.
- What do you want?-I
wanna get you out of here.
I've heard that song before.
My husband is hauntedby
what happened to you.
And now I am too.
I'm not a person who can sleep at night
when I feel like justicehasn't been served.
So, yes, I am doing this for
me, but I'm doing it for you too.
Please tell Hilde "thank you"
for finding out what happened to Penny.
[calliope music, "Over the Waves"]
Scout! Where are you?
- [electricity clicks, whirs
down]-[music stops]
[Birdman] She's gone.
What do you mean "she's
gone"? Hey, what did you do to her?
Hey, hey. She left. She-She
went to the clambake.
[Richie] Why do we call him Birdman?
[young Matt]'Cause he's
in love with a bird, man.
Why is he in love with a bird, man?
'Cause it's the only
thingthat'll love him back.
Go get it, go get it.
Hey! Give it back!
Look, Al
I-I just wanna say I'm sorry, man.
You know, for all the stuff we did to you.
You didn't deserve that.
I think that's the first timeyou've
called me by my name.
Thanks, man.
[Principal Collins]There's
no nail file hidden inside.
Do you think I'm gonna give
someonea fatal paper cut wound with it?
Thank you.
-Hi, I-Hi.
-Just Here.-Okay.
I'm not sure if it's because you'remy
husband's ex or my girls' principal,
or another woman in this townwho hates me,
but does it have to be this awkward?
Um, no. It doesn't.
[Bridget chuckles]
Maybe I can try and be one personat a time.
Which one are you right now?
Penny's best friend.
I'm here to see Sam about her final wish.
Maybe we can help each other.
Then we can go right backto
being awkward. Cool? [chuckles]
[chuckles] Cool.
-Well, good luck.-Thanks.
[Frank]So, this next guy
needs no introduction.
He has served Erie Harborfor
the past three decades.
His clearance rate speaks for itself.
He's made our little townone of the safest
and most desirable
placesto live in the state.
He's brought in new businessfrom
Strata Tech down the road.
I mean, heck, he's doing such a
good job, he's running uncontested.
-Again.-[people laughing]
Uh, no, but I have to ask as a formality.
Are there any questions
for my pop, Sheriff Briggs?
Yeah, sure, I got a
question. When do we eat?
[all laugh]
All right, get in line
before Rick, everyone.
Well, so good to see you all.
Thank you all for coming out today.
I got a real question.
What happened to the tapethat
showed the abduction of Richie Fife?
[people murmuring]
Well, no such thing exists.
Yes, it does. I have a copy.
It shows that your
son's testimonywas a lie.
[Sheriff Briggs] Well, that's enough now.
[scoffs] What is that saying?
"Kids say the darndest things"?
[people laughing]
Dad, Dad! Stop.
What are you gonna do?
You know, we're not fitting in anymore.
[people chuckling]
[Matt] She has the right to ask a
questionjust like everyone else.
[whispers] Dad.
It's a Q and A, isn't it?
So, let's Q this A.
Ask him, Hilde.
Sheriff Briggs, why didn't you
submitthat tape into evidence?
What the hell is she talking about?
I have no idea.
Did you force your sonto
lie on the stand, Sheriff?
Okay, this is ridiculous. Fake news. Lies.
[Matt] Just answer the question, Sheriff.
I mean, did you or did you
notforce your son to perjure himself?
You piece of shit.
- Deputies.-Get off of
me. All right, get off of me.
Hey, Hilde, don't back down, okay?
Just get off of me, okay? I'm walking.
The truth will come out!
[playing soft tune]
You said I could inspect you.
Yeah, you're right. I did.
Okay, come on, then.
You be careful though, okay?
I will.
It's up here, right?
-Yeah, careful, careful.-I am.
You're not fine.
Yeah, well, I will be.
I saw Briggs.
It wasn't an accident.
No. No, it wasn't.
Why did you lie?
Well, I-I didn't exactly lie.
Then what was it?
Well, it was more like an omission.
Hey, and you did it too, by the way.
Yeah, we left things out.
We shouldn't do that anymore.
Ah, you're right.
You're right. We-We shouldn't.
Hey, you know, your mom wants
meto tell you not to get in fights.
What do you wanna tell me?
Well, I wanna tell you that
if you do get in a fight
that it's for the right reasons.
You know, 'cause what you do now,
y-you gotta make sureit's
something that you're proud of.
You know, 'cause in this moment,
I mean, who you are right now
it's gonna follow you.
It's gonna follow you for a long time.
So, you make it count, okay?
[imitates explosion]
Do you smell something?
Oh, shit.
No, no, no, no, no.
- No! No, no, no, let it
go. Let it go!-No! Daddy!
I need to report a fire.
-Sylvester Lisko's place.-It's okay.
It's okay.
Izzy, get the fire extinguisher.
It's okay.
[crying] Daddy, who would do this?
I don't know.
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