Home Before Dark (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Superhero Monster Slayer

[Hilde] Good morning, Ms. Collins.
We're looking for bookson American history.
Specifically, the election process.
More specifically, local elections.
More specifically, has a rookie deputyever
pulled off a last minute election
to become sheriffin a small American town?
So, what is ityou're
looking for specifically?
[chuckling] I'm kidding. Let's look.
-Hi, Mom.-Oh.
Good morning. We're
polling for the election.
May we ask who you're voting for?
Strictly off the record, I'd like to
seesome new blood around here.
I like what I'm hearing, ladies.
[Spoon] I made them
myself.-Oh, how creative.
But I'm not surel can wear mine at school.
She has to give the
appearanceof objectivity. I don't.
[door closes]
Margaret Miller?
Agent Chris Adkins, FBI.
We have some questions for you.
[scoffs] You've made a mistake.
This is my mother, Carol Collins.
It's okay, sweetie.
Mom? Mom, wait, don't go with him.
Excuse me, what's happening?
Are you arresting her?
We just wanna ask her some questions.
It's okay.
[sighs] Make sure the kids
are okay. Keep them in here.
[woman] Hilde!
I need to get my things in the office.
Matt, what the hell is going on?
I, uh I wanted to give you a
heads-up, but they said that I couldn't.
They who? The FBI? You
knew they were coming?
They ran a DNAfrom the
blood on Richie's jacket.
-You know, the one he was wearing.-Yeah.
[Matt] Well, apparently,
you did a genetic profile kit.
What does that have to do with anything?
Kim, your blood matched the profile.
Well, obviously I didn't have
anythingto do with it. So
No, but And that's the
thing, it was a 50% match.
- And it was female.-What
are you trying to say?
Well, you don't have a sister. So
My mom?
What's going on?
-Matt, that doesn't make any sense.-I know.
But they ran her
picturethrough facial recognition
and, well, they got a hit.
Well, there must besome
sort of explanation.
I know. Look, I know these
guys. They'll clear this up.
-[Kim] You did all of this?-Look, I had to.
I couldn't bring any
of thisto Sheriff Briggs.
Look, whatever happened, he he's
beencovering this up for for, like, decades.
[students chattering]
Look, I'm I'm sorry. All
right? We'll figure it out.
[bell rings]
I got a pitch for the headline.
"Don't judge a book by its cover."
Get it? Because she's gonna
be in frontof a judge soon.
Not salacious enough.
We need a catchy nickname,
like "Mother Murder."
Guys, we can't publish.
But this story is huge.
I know, but we just gotta be careful.
This is a real person.
Just imaginehow
Principal Collins must feel.
Are you sayingwe should
give her special treatment?
No, it's just thatwe have to get it right.
There was a time when I thoughtPrincipal
Collins murdered Penny Gillis.
We need more facts. Not just
what we think, but what we know.
-[Mr. Sipple] All right, folks.-[claps]
I know that was exciting, but
you know what else gets excited?
Atoms. Today, we're studying
-Where is she?-She's okay.
The FBI guys are justasking
her some questions.
Guess they own the place now.
How you holding up?
Can I see her?
[police radio chatter]
Are you sureyou're gonna be okay in there?
I doubt it.
Then maybe you should wait in my office.
That's my mom in there.
All right. Come on.
[Chris] As I'm sure you know,
there's been some new
informationin the Richie Fife case.
[Chris] We have some questions for you.
[Carol] Yes. Of course.
Whatever you all need.
[Chris] Does this look familiar to you?
[screaming echoes]
I understand you were the one who found
itduring the initial search for Richie on
January 31st, 1988.
-Is that correct?-Yes.
Can you tell mewhy your
blood is on this jacket?
I I cut myself [sighs]
in the kitchen, and I
guess I was still bleeding
-I remember that.-when I picked it up.
I remember her sayingthat she cut her hand.
[Matt] Yeah, but did you see it happen?
[Chris] And you didn't thinkto tell anyone?
I never thought that would matter.
I realize how naive it sounds,
but back then I'd never even heard of DNA.
And-and we were alljust
trying to find Richie.
Don't worry, Kim. They don't
have a clean chain of custody.
There's no judge on earththat
would allow it as evidence.
[Chris] Is that your
former addressin Portland?
[Carol] Yes.
[Chris] You wanna tell me about this?
In 1973
I was arrested for auto theft.
My family
Um, well, there was troubleand
money was always tight.
A lot of people experiencefinancial
hardship, Ms. Miller.
My name's Carol now, please.
Most of them don't commit grand larceny.
I know that, which is why I
When I got out of prison,
I was so ashamed of
what I'd been, what I'd done
and I just wanted a do-over.
Just a new name and a new life.
And I found that here in Erie Harbor.
Which broke the terms of your parole
because you weren't allowedto
leave the state, Margaret.
Even though wateris
supposed to keep us clean,
H2O molecules[muffled]
are actually very sticky.
Can I have a bathroom pass?
To the Holmes County Sheriff's Department?
-No.-[students laugh]
And you knew Richie
Fifethrough your daughter?
They just seemedto really
care about each other.
And you've said before
that you did not see Richie
Fifethe night he was abducted?
That's correct.
You know how longl've
been doing this job, Margaret?
It's Carol.
Long enough to knowwhen
I'm hearing the truth
and when someone is lying to my face.
Why is he going after her like
that? She didn't do anything.
Don't you remember? You said you
thoughtyour parents were hiding stuff.
Normal parent things.
Infidelity, money problems
not murder.
I swear to you, I did not hurt Richie Fife.
I loved that boy.
My daughter loved that boy.
We all did.
[Mr. Sipple, muffled] Now, even
thoughwater is supposed to keep us clean,
H2O molecules
Ms. Lisko.
- As I was saying, the hydrogen
atoms-[mouthing words]
[muffled] of the water moleculelike
to stick to the nearby oxygen atoms,
which causes multiple water
moleculesto stick together.
Oh, come on!
Oh, come on, molecular fusions.
Why are you so interesting?
- [students laugh]-I'm glad
we all find this fascinating,
because water's remarkable stickiness
If you leave, you can go
straightto the principal's office.
She's not here, but I'll
give her the message.
[rock music playing]
[music continues]
We don't know yet, Jack. I'm sorry.
Richie had dinner at her
housealmost every night.
Why would she have anythingto do with this?
Maybe she didn't. You know, that's
exactlywhat we're trying to find out.
[door buzzes]
[sighs] Hilde, what are you
doing here? This isn't some story.
I know. I just I wanted
to make sure you're okay.
[door opens]
Hey, uh, let 'em go,
Hilde. Come on. Let 'em go.
I meant it.
I know you did, sweetie. I know.
It's just, uh, she's going
through a lot right now.
- Hey, come on. We should
get you home.-Really?
I I don't have to go back to school?
Well, we'll call it a mental health day.
Okay? Come on. Huh?
Dad, why would Carol change her name?
Just because she got arrested?
Yeah, maybe.
You know, maybe she
didn't like who she was.
And maybe she wanted to start
over. Press the reset button on her life.
Yeah, look, some people, well, if
they don't like something that they did
or they don't like
somethingthat happened to 'em,
well, they try and move on, right?
Pretend it never happened.
Kinda like you didwhen
you left Erie Harbor?
Yeah, yeah. Kinda like that.
[Hilde] Did it work out for you?
[Matt] It kind of did. For a while.
What ends up happening isyou
try so hard to convince yourself
that you can leave that
person behind, right?
And, uh, you end up just lyingto everyone.
Just so you can be someone else.
And then one dayyou
end up kinda believing it.
Maybe that's what happened to Ms. Collins.
Yeah, but you know what?
Always catches up with
you in the end.Always.
Trust me. It caught up with me.
When we came back to town?
I think it was more around
the timewhen I had you.
Yeah. Yeah, you were so annoying
that you wouldn't let me
get awaywith anything at all.
And you would drive me crazy
all the time, asking questions.
[kisses, grunts]
Let's do this.
Okay. So, these are all the
eyewitnessaccounts from the kidnapping
in the hours leading up to it in the news.
And this is a rundown of Sylvester'sresearch
organized chronologically.
And this is probably the worstmoo
shu pork I've ever eaten. Ever.
[Hilde] Can you be helpful?
I am being helpful. Don't
eat the moo shu pork.
I don't get it. Not one
thing in all of this research
points to a woman being involved.
You're sure it was a male's
voiceyou heard that night?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure.
I wish I could forget it.
There's somethingthat's always bothered me.
Come on. We've watched
that videolike a hundred times.
Count until the van drives away.
-[presses key]-[Richie] No! No!
[young Matt] Hey! Richie!
[tires squeal]
Maybe two seconds.
Not even. I don't think
the person who took him
could've gotten from the back of
the vanto the driver's seat that quickly.
So, what now? The person who
took Richieis is not the driver?
[Hilde] Maybe there
were two peoplein the van.
So, Principal Collins' momcould've
been the getaway driver.
[Matt] Oh, come on. Why would Carol do it?
I I can't think of
anyonewith less of a motive.
Well, the first night out of prison I
gotas far away from Portland as I could.
I hopped this bus to this cheap motel
and, um, Carol Burnett was on the TV.
And she was funny, and she was smart.
And I just wanted to
beall those things too, so
That was it. I decided to become Carol.
You say that like it was a fun
nicknameyou chose for yourself.
Look, you wanted to know what
happened, and I'm telling you.
But my biggest fear was that my
old lifewould somehow touch this one.
- [chuckles] Touch you.-That
didn't work out so well, did it?
Come on. Nothing's changed.
[chuckles] I'm still your mom.
And you are the best thingthat
I've ever done with my life.
I'm the one who's watched
you become this smart
and amazing tough lady boss.
I'm just in awe of the
womanthat I somehow created.
Because I can see that
little girl underneath all that,
who has such a good heart.
And I don't wanna lose that, any of that.
You were the one that made me
feellike the world could be safe again.
And now I can't
believethat I listened to you.
Because I don't know who you are.
-This. This is me. I Ah.
[sighs] You have got to believe me, honey.
[sniffs] Please.
I did not kill Richie Fife.
[breathes heavily]
-I thought of something.-[gasps]
Oh, my God. You just You
just gave me a heart attack.
- What's happening?-Uh,
Hilde just thought of something.
Oh, good.
You wanted to start over, but
you didn't change your name.
Uh, can we can we
talk about this tomorrow?
You were basically the same person.
Ms. Collins became someone else.
I was trying to figure outwhy
she would want to do that,
why she would kill Richie.
And then I realized,
what if Carol didn't kill Richie,
but maybe Margaret Miller did?
It's like you said, you lie to other people
and then you actually start to believe it.
What if Carol doesn't have a motive,
but Margaret Miller does?
Hey, you know what? That's,
uh That's really something, Hilde.
Are you just saying thatso
you can go back to sleep?
No. No, no, no. No,
that's that's really smart.
We need to find Margaret
Miller. Find out who she was.
Hey, you know what?
I've, uh
I've got an address in Portland.
-Road trip?-Tomorrow.
-All right, come on. Go back to bed.-Okay.
All right. There we go.
It's fake.
[chuckles] Yeah. Well, technically, yeah.
But since I didn't include
the dateand the state seal,
I think we'll be all right.
Hey, no one's gonna know.
But I know it's fake.
Yeah. Well, it's not for you.
See, this this is for the
peoplewho don't believe in you.
You have had this thing the
whole timeas far as I'm concerned.
What? It's beautiful.
Aw. I'm so proud of you.
[kisses] You look like a soldierfor truth.
Remember, it's fake.
Yeah, for now. All
right. Come on. Let's go.
-Come on.-Let's do it.
-You got it?-[Bridget] Yeah, I got it.
Uh, Matty?
Please don't go.
New York is too far.
I'll never see you.
I'll come back and visit, Pop.
Hey, come here.
Hey. Hey, it's just a day trip.
All right? I won't leave you again.
-[Matt] Okay.-[Bridget] Okay.
[Matt] Yeah. All good.
Hey, Scout. What are you thinking about?
Pop-Pop. How sick is he?
Is he gonna die like Grandma?
Well, that's that's how it works.
You know, people people get old and
yeah, you know, they they die.
I was really sad when Grandma died.
Yeah, me too.
It snuck up on me sometimes.
I remember.
That's kinda the order of things.
Losing your grandparentsand
then losing your parents.
You know, it's kinda kinda
the way that's supposed to go.
That's why the Richie
Fife thingwas so hard.
Yeah, parents aren't
supposed tolose their child.
And a kid isn't supposed
tolose a friend either, Dad.
[sniffs] Yeah.
[Winnie] Is Matt okay? Is this Carol
thinghelping him or messing him up?
-Helping him, actually.-Oh.
For the first time in a long
timewe're not not okay.
Or at least Matt's not not okay.
So, I guess we're pretty good.
-Happy husband. What's that like?-Yeah.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Is there anyone new you're interested in?
It's gotta be slim pickings around here.
[chuckles] You are the
nicest, most well-meaning snob.
No, I just mean, you know, numbers-wise,
like, statistically
speakingbecause the town is small.
Do you hate this place that much?
No. No, I
It It's amazing in a lot of ways.
[Winnie] The air is
clean. The rent is cheap.
Yeah, [sighs] everything I get
herewould cost me $8 billion in New York.
I'm actually wrapping my
mind aroundstaying a while.
Maybe even opening an office.
With everything that's been going
onwith Sam since he went AWOL, it's
They're transferring himto maximum security
right while I'm trying
to provehe's innocent.
Go get 'em, snob.
All these neat little houseson
all these nice little streets.
It's hard to believe that something'swrong
with some of those little houses.
Yeah. Well, you need to watch a movie
foronce that's not All the President's Men.
-I know, but it's so good.-[both chuckle]
All right. Listen up.
Okay, remember, silence is your friend.
Each new question is
the endof the last answer.
So, you gotta be patient.
Let the silence go ontill it gets awkward,
'cause that person's gonnawanna
fill the empty space, okay?
All right. Okay, I get it. You're, uh
Enjoying the silence.
Very good. All right. Save it for in there.
Come on, give it a knock.
Hi, sorry to bother you.
We're here from The Magic Hour Chronicle.
Yeah, we just wanna ask
some questionsabout a woman
who used to live here a long time ago.
Uh, a woman called Margaret Miller.
Uh, thank you.
So was she the onethat sold you this house?
No, Margaret is I guess you
could sayshe's my fairy godmother.
She gave me this house. I've
always wanted to thank her.
Well, any idea where she lives now?
No. I was hoping you knew.
Oh. Yeah, well,
we're we're looking into it.
My mom and I, we, uh
We could not have
survivedwithout Aunt Margaret.
Aunt Margaret?
So, Margaret and your
dadwere brother and sister?
Yeah. My biological
dad is Margaret's brother.
Why do you say, "biological dad"?
I guess because I never met him.
He ran off before I was born.
My mom said it was right afterhe
found out she was pregnant.
She didn't like to talk about him much.
There's some photos of him and Margaretat
the diner my grandparents used to own.
I still go look at them sometimes.
I could take you guys.
[oldies music playing]
There they are. That's my
dad, Zeke, and Aunt Margaret.
Margaret and Ezekiel
were inseparableas kids,
but then Ezekiel
startedgetting into trouble.
Some more photos over here.
[oldies music fades]
[Matt] Uh, so when did he disappear?
Little before I was born.
And if I could ask, uh, w
When was your birthday?
March 14th, 1988.
Hey. That's right around
the time when Richie
He left town.
What's your story about anyway?
Oh, well, we're not
exactly sure yet, right?
But we're definitely getting closer.
- Let me know if you
need anything.-Thank you.
Thank you.
That's the tattoo.
What tattoo?
That "sinner" tattoo.
The one in Pop-Pop's notes.
Sam saw it too.
Yeah. Well, maybe.
Oh, that tattoo says "saint."
Sound it out, honey.
I learned how to read upside
down. When Mom was teaching Izzy.
If he held his arms down by his sides
people would see "sinner."
It's an ambigram.
Yeah, I got it.
Yeah, thanks, Joe. I appreciate it.
Do you have a sourceat every
police department in the country?
Twenty years at the New York Sentinel.
That didn't pay much, but yeah,
I got some pretty good contacts.
Here, look, check this out.
Ezekiel Miller's record, right?
Guy had a rap sheet like a mile
long, and they both spent time in prison.
Lead with that.
No, you lead with it.
I'm grounded, remember?
On a case-by-case basis, you're ungrounded.
You write the article.
Dad, it's your story.
[sighs] Anyway, look.
We gotta head out. You know,
your mom's gonna get worried.
Take that in the kitchenand
wash up for dinner, okay?
Hey, Izzy.
Izzy, I'm gonna need youfor
some extra babysitting duties.
I'm really going back to work.
Before you roll your eyes at me,
I am prepared to pay you because I
willhave money because I will be working.
What, no snarky comments?
You all right, Iz?
You can have me full-time. It's
not like I have any friends anyway.
Oh, man.
These comments on your profile
they're really mean.
Especially the ones from Jessica.
Look, I'm gonna be real honest, I'm
a little out of my depth here.
We didn't have all this
open cruelty when I was growing up.
It was more of a behind
your back, quiet kind of cruelty.
So, I'm not exactly sure whatthe
right thing is to say. I mean
Girls were mean and shitty to each other,
but it wasn't amplified around the worldand
immortalized until the end of time.
What'd you do?
I ignored them.
And avoided them.
And sometimes I just cried
quietlyin my car like a loser.
Mom, what are you doing?
I don't cry in my car anymore, sweetheart.
I am a lawyer, I take screenshots.
- No, Mom, please don't. I mean, it's-Look,
I know you don't want me to do
You don't want me to get involved.
So, I'm not gonna do anything with these.
But I want you to
knowthat I have your back.
So, if it gets worse
or you need helpor you start
feeling bad about yourself,
which is insanebecause
you are the most amazing,
funny, smart, sarcastic,
awesome girl on the planet.
I [chuckles]forgot where
I was going with that.
[both chuckle]
I just [sighs]
I love you.
[sighing] Oh, Ginny!
Mom, Mom! It wasn't me.
Oh, of course not.
No, it really wasn't.
Come on.
Ezekiel seemed like a
guythat was up for a buck, right?
Like he's not a killer.
He wasn't even
arrestedfor anything violent.
W What if his planwas
to hold Richie ransom,
and then something went wrong?
-Something went awry.-Dad.
No, what what if Ezekiel thoughtthat
Richie was someone else? I mean
Why did you quit?
You do like this.
You love it. We love it.
You, uh You remember that
girlthat disappeared in Montauk?
You know, when I wasn't home a lot?
I didn't realize until nowthat all of that
was just because I never let
goof what happened to Richie.
And that's why Mom got mad at you.
When you get married,
you you make a deal.
And that deal is thatthat
person is your person.
You know, you go to them
with all of your feelings.
Good and bad.
And I I didn't do that.
No, I talked to one of my
sourcesinstead of talking to your mom.
Hey, but not anymore.
No, no, no. [smacks lips]
No, your mom and I
[inhales]yeah, we share everything.
No more secrets. Yeah,
that's thanks to you.
"Secrets are like monsters under the bed."
That's what Sam said.
But I think thatonce
you shine a light on them,
they're actually not that scary anymore.
You're pretty mucha
superhero monster slayer, kid.
[ambulance radio chatter]
Bridge! What the hell happened?
He fell. They They think it's a stroke.
Go with him. I'll follow
in the car with the girls.
[paramedic] Easy.
See you there.
-[siren wailing in distance]-[doors close]
Hey, guys.
-Here.-Hey, what did you get?
Egg salad with one bite missing.
'Cause I didn't like it.
Oh, well, thank you. Thank you very much.
How's Pop-Pop?
It's okay. You can tell us.
Well, listen, guys. Um
Look, your Pop-Pop's had
somethingcalled a mild ischemic stroke.
All right, and he's lost some blood flowto
a part of his brain for a little bit.
It couldn't have been too long. We heardhim
fall and we called 911, like, almost
Hey, Iz. Iz, no, no, no, no, no.
[kisses] Look, you you saved his life.
Yeah, 'cause, uh, you know, the
doctors, they think he's going to be okay.
Will he remember us now?
I don't know, sweetie.
[sighs] Are you sure
you don't want usto stay?
No, no, no. You guys, uh You
guys head off. Get some sleep.
- I'll grab some stuff for
you.-All right. Thanks.
[Bridget] Come on.
- [Matt] All right, see
you later, guys.-[kisses]
[Matt] See you later.
I'll write the article for us.
I'll take care of you, so
you can take care of him.
I love you, Pop-Pop.
[Izzy] Night.
-Good night. [kisses]-Good night, Mom.
[door opens, closes]
How long are you going to be typing?
You might want to put in earplugs.
[electronic music playing]
The Chronicle has uncovered that ourvery
own school librarian, Carol Collins,
has an unlikely criminal past.
Her real name is Margaret Miller,
and she was part of a
car-theft ringin Portland
with her younger brother,
Ezekiel Miller, back in the 1970s.
She got an early releasefor good behavior
and changed her name to
Carolwhen she moved to Erie Harbor.
[phone vibrates]
That's where she married Roger
Collinsand had her daughter,
Erie Harbor's school
principal, Kim Collins.
Margaret Miller's brother, Ezekiel,
was released from prison about six
monthsbefore Richie Fife was abducted.
Ezekiel has a distinguishing
tattooon his arm that reads "sinner."
And multiple sources
confirmedseeing a man with that tattoo
around the time Richie went missing.
DNA tests on Richie Fife's jacket
revealedMargaret Miller's blood.
The jacket remains inadmissible in court.
As of the time of publication,
there is still no conclusive evidence
tying Margaret or her brother,
Ezekiel, to Richie Fife's disappearance.
You read it yet?
Why don't you want to know the truth?
Thirty-one years ago,
we buried an empty coffin,
and I've been wondering about yourbrother's
final moments every day since.
What if we find out what happened
to him, and it's worse than we thought?
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music fades]
I'm sorry.
[phone ringing]
Yeah, uh, hello?
It's about the article.
About this picture.
The day Richie Fife was taken
for me
it was different.
[horn honking]
[tires squealing]
I woke up after a few daysin the hospital,
and I didn't remember anything.
Until I saw Hilde's article today.
Well, you think he could be a witness?
That would officially
placeEzekiel Miller in Erie Harbor
on the day Richie was taken.
-Yeah.-Yeah? Okay. That's good.
Look, uh, I-I gotta make some calls, but
Thank you. Appreciate it.
She went home sick.
All right, thank you.
Hey, Chris. Yeah, it's Matt.
Listen, I I think I
got something for you.
[young Kim] Can I see it?
[young Matt] He got one too.
I wonder if he still has his.
I'm, uh, glad you came.
Yeah, me too.
Hey. Will, uh Will you sit down?
Please, Kim.
All right, look, um
[sighs] Sipple is saying thathe
saw your uncle here in Erie Harbor.
He is also saying thathe
ran him off the road too.
Look, it's only a matter of time
before we connect himto
what happened to Richie.
And your mother too.
Look, I ju I just wanted you to know.
So you could be prepared.
Sipple, he's, uh he's
saying he's gonna testify.
Jesus, Matt. What am I
supposed to do with all of this?
[stammering] Well, maybe you could help.
Talk your mother into confessing.
Get her to tell all of
uswhat really happened.
So choose between you and my mother?
No, just just tell the truth.
You know, the way things are goingthis
This isn't gonna end well for her.
Agent Adkins is already trying
tofigure out what to charge her on. So
So, no choice really.
I wish you'd never come back.
[young Sylvester] You got this.
Perfect. Now watch me one
more time. That's the intro. Ready?
I'll never be the same ♪
Stars have lost their meaning to me ♪
Never be the same ♪
Nothing's what it once used to be ♪
And every songbird that sings ♪
Tells me it's spring ♪
And I don't believe their song ♪
Once love was king ♪
Kings can be wrong ♪
Where are you going? Kimmy!
Kimmy, I get why you're upset.
[Kim] There was one thing
thatalways bothered me about that night.
For 31 yearsmy brain
hasn't been able to let it go.
The night Richie disappeared,
Matt came banging on our door, and
I followed him back to the overpass.
So, I'd been, you know, over
the same section of road twice
before the search party even started.
But when I circled back with you
suddenly it was there.
As if you knew it was there.
Or you put it there.
-[woman] Richie!-[boy] Richie!
[siren wailing]
-Oh, honey.-[breath quavers]
-[woman] Hello!-[boy] Richie!
[dogs barking]
-[man] Richie!-[boy] Richie!
What I can't figure out is why.
The only thing I can come up with is
maybe you thought if you werethe
one to give them the evidence,
that they'd never suspect you.
Let's run away.
I know how to start over.
That's not gonna happen.
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