Home for Christmas (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Party Flirting

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES DECEMBER 12TH No All I still dreaming? Welcome! Thanks.
Did you hire a caterer or what? Just some things I whipped up.
I'm happy you're here.
- I'm actually really happy to be here.
- Good.
I woke up with a bit of anxiety this morning, to be honest.
Well, it seems like it's still there, actually.
You know what you need to do? Live a little, especially at your age.
You I'll stab you! - Do you want it? - Yeah, I do.
This is weird.
Weird can be good and even lovely.
You're right.
This whole thing is lovely.
And you're cute.
- You're cuter.
- You're the cutest.
Shut up.
- Cheers to that.
- Yeah.
- Wow, smoothie? - Homemade.
- No way! - Yeah.
- Cheers! Nice, huh? - Hmm.
- Good? - Hmm.
I'm so sorry! Oh, thanks.
Ah Voilà! No, thanks.
Yeah, no, thanks.
- Nah? - Nah.
Very impressive, but no.
No? Oh, my God So, tonight's the night of that Christmas party, is that right? Yes.
Ever been to a party with a bunch of doctors before? They've got nothing on the parties in my day.
I can still remember the Christmas parties they threw at the embassy in Beirut.
Oh, God, were they wild! They flew in a living pig, and we ended up slaughtering it right there in the living room.
You guys slaughtered a pig in the living room? Yeah, yeah.
I mean, technically, in the foyer.
I thought Muslims couldn't eat pigs.
What happens at Christmas parties stays at them.
What? That's why the Lebanese are my favorite people on Earth.
When we were there, I had an affair with my husband's chauffeur.
You see, my husband and I didn't get along well.
He started porking his secretary, so it was fair game for me to get some, too.
You know how it works.
Anyway, I'll tell you That hot Lebanese guy had his hands all over me from the moment I said yes.
All over.
From my boobs down to my feet.
- To be fair, I was a pretty little thing.
- Yeah.
I still am.
And if you disagree, I'll fight you.
I see you making all the guys thirsty! Sorry, sounds too handsy for me.
Liar! No woman is turned off by a lover's touch! And I could say "stop," and he'd be a gentleman about it.
- Good morning! - Hey there! Yeah, Tone Uh, Trine, shall we check how your lungs are doing? - Are you Ulrik? - Close.
It's Henrik.
- Henrik.
- Henrik? - Yes.
- You look more like an Ulrik.
It's Henrik.
I'll see you.
- Make sure, at the party, you - Yeah.
Woof! Have fun.
What What was your name? - Henrik or Ulrik? - Yeah, Henrik.
- Sure, sure.
- We need to unbutton this a bit.
Be gentle with me, Henrik.
Ulrik! Heartless fucking bitch! So I thought we could play some ball today.
Got no one to train for, so who cares? Well, first off, you should be getting better for yourself.
And not for that heartless fucking bitch.
You can't call her that.
- Then what's her name? - Runa.
She's not nice to me.
Why is that? Because she's Well, I just said it.
She says she won't see me until I get professional help.
Women will abandon you just when you need them.
That's so goddamn lame.
I get her, actually.
Huh? If you carry on like this, here's what will happen You'll be admitted again, we rehabilitate you, send you on your way.
But you'll be back again in a month.
It will be the same cycle, the same unlearned lesson, until one day, it will be too late.
What do you want her to do? Should she just stand around and watch helplessly as the person she loves inevitably self-destructs right in front of her? She obviously cares.
But you put her through all that because you think it's lame to ask for help? You should feel so lucky that someone out there gives a crap.
You fight hard to deserve a girl who cares like that! - Hey, guys! - Hi! Hi.
Hey! So, how are we getting to the party? - I got us a taxi.
- Here.
Pregaming! - Zip me up.
Help a girl out.
- Sure.
- And one for you.
- Damn it! Does anyone have an extra pair of tights I could steal? Let me see.
Or, I don't know.
I think I can rock this look.
Do you think? I've only got this thing.
What even are these things? - Wait, hold on.
- Give me that.
Your loss! How are these? Perfect! Thanks.
You're my hero.
- Hi.
- Well, well, well.
You already started the party.
- You bet! - Yeah! - Cheers! - Cheers! Do you know what the leading cause of divorce in this country is? Work parties, the arena where you see what you and your partner are made of.
YOU OUT TONIGHT? Marriage and parties are scientifically proven to reveal your dark side, I kid you not.
I never knew you were so funny, Henrik.
Show that facet of yourself more.
It's highly amusing! Hi.
And you? Do you have a guy in your life? Not yet, no.
- Nice dress.
Very sexy.
- Thanks.
Hey, put that phone away, or I'm going to have to confiscate it! Tonight, we need you to be present for your department.
This party happens once a year, so let's get through it.
Can we do that? - Yes, ma'am.
- Ready to do this? OK.
Yes! Stay together.
Use the buddy system.
I've got the tab.
Order whatever your heart desires, but, you know, the cheaper, the better.
Yes, perfect.
Oh, hey! Hello.
Are you here for the party? Yeah, tonight is the United Plumbing Association's holiday get-together.
Looks like we booked it with an army of nurses.
- Like, "TV hot" nurses.
- Yep, that would be the case.
- Well, I - Hey I've been thinking about what you told me after our date that time.
- Do you remember? - Yeah.
What you said to me You know what would be great? If we could just move on and not bring up what I said.
Yeah, but Johanne, I really thought it was kind of - "Ne!" - What? - "Ne!" - Hey, we miss you over there.
Look, lady, I just need a minute with Johanna - Johanne! It's not difficult.
- Yeah.
Cheers! Cheers.
Regrets tomorrow! Have you done anymore skiing recently, Johanne? So are we hitting the slopes sometime? - Me and you? - Me and you.
Uh I don't know.
This This song is my jam! That's popping! Come dance with me! - No, I'm good.
- Let's go! Sorry, I'm way too sore after that impromptu ski trip.
I really can't.
- Can I go ahead and get anyone a drink? - Oh, yes! - Yeah? - Definitely! - Yeah.
- Me too! I've got you all taken care of.
Stein? Stein, can you hear me? The music is, like, super loud in here, so if you can hear me, I'm in the party! Hello? Hello? What would you like? - Gin and tonic.
- Well, OK, Miss Hemingway? Sorry, but you'll have to pick something more fun.
- OK, uh Skinny Bitch? - Skinny Bitch! A vodka soda, alright? A Skinny Maybe not.
OK, I give up.
You order me something, then.
Yeah, I'll have a Jameson on the rocks and also one Sex on the Beach for the lady.
That's quite a Can we put a pin in this for just a minute? I'll be right back.
Could I just scooch by you? Sorry! Excuse me.
I just I need to say hello to you.
I know I've seen you before, but I, for the life of me, can't figure out from where.
I don't mean to be that person and hit on you at a Christmas party, but I promise I'm not some superficial weirdo.
You can look like Keanu Reeves, but be dumber than a box of bricks.
Not that you I didn't mean you were You're probably really smart, and Keanu Reeves might not be dumb.
He just plays those parts.
Oh, God You know what? You're that guy.
The kind of guy who can be silent and girls just come and word vomit all over into his lap.
You must have a really big aura or something.
Sorry, after my ex, it's been a nightmare trying to find guys to be open with.
But the important part is opening up in spite of my fears.
Break outside of my little box! I It's just hemorrhaging now.
OK, Mulligan, let's start again.
Yeah So, who are you? Sorry, but I don't understand any English.
This is too good! I can't believe you've never met him.
This is Raul from the hospital.
He works as a clown.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry! I didn't recognize you without the makeup.
No worries.
- I can translate - What I just said - No, I can't.
- No, it's OK.
Salud! Congratulations.
Johanne! Johanne! - Hey! - Hi! Hey! You came! Of course I did, with a clear agenda: to say I'm sorry.
- Oh, what are you talking about? - Sorry for what? Yeah, Stein, this is Henrik.
Henrik, this is Stein.
- Hi.
- Stein.
A doctor from the hospital.
- This guy over here is Raul, the clown.
- Hi.
And the rest of my co-workers are all right here.
Hi, guys! - You look lovely! - That's sweet.
- Stein, would you like a drink? - No, thanks.
I drove.
Hey! And this is Eira.
Hi! - Stein, yeah.
- Yeah? A pleasure.
- Yeah You don't drink, do you? - Normally, I'm in my car, so not really.
Think you'll need a DD later? Yep, just give us a minute.
Will you need a ride? This must be some party! You are so ridiculously beautiful.
Cheers to that! - Yes, to the holidays! - To you! - The holidays! - Cheers! - To the holidays! - Christmas! - Cheers! - Excuse me.
Hi! Hi.
I just needed to talk with you before I got too drunk, or whatever.
- OK.
- Work together long? - Could I just tell you one little thing? - Mm-hmm.
Well, it's just I don't think you were being very - You said you just wanted a nice guy.
- Look, OK - I'm a nice guy.
- What are you saying? - Johanne No, let me finish first.
- It's "Johanne.
" - Huh? - "Ne"! Johanne.
Yeah, yeah.
All your friends are looking at me right now.
It's a little overwhelming.
- And some co-workers, too.
- Relax, man.
Don't touch me! Back up, Fabio.
Don't involve them.
Talk to me.
- Say what you wanted to say.
- OK.
- I want to make one thing real clear.
- OK.
And that is, I would rather date a dry-ass Christmas tree than a judgy bitch like you.
- Whoa, hey! - Hold on.
- He's a kind of, sort of friend.
- Don't talk to her like that.
What the fuck is a "kind of, sort of" friend? - Paul, calm down! - My name isn't Paul, then.
It's Paulo! - I can play that game, too! - Paulo, my ass! - I'll give you a Paul right in your ass! - You, no! That's enough! Whoa - Paul, what the hell is wrong with you? Is the Y chromosome totally defective? Testosterone's a bad look on you! Did you lose your mind or were you missing one to start? And, OK Look, I get it, dudes.
You men have to be better than everyone.
Best at escape room, best at skiing, best at the Christmas party And I guess that's human nature, but No one is the best.
It's OK to be mediocre.
And you're cute and actually still smart and witty in a way that I can't unpack right now, but that aside, you can't deny the stone-cold fact: if dudes just vanished, right, well, for starters, we'd have less violence, or way less chlamydia.
Erectile dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction! Smart, Henrik.
Nailed it! And maybe we'd even get equal pay for doing the same job.
Yep, that is a verifiable fact! It's Christmas.
Chill out! Be merry and kind, not angry and full of crap.
And stop trying to impress people.
It's not impressive.
You're just annoying everyone.
Was that a hell of a speech, or what? To girls! They run the world! Hey.
Are you actually alright? Yes.
Well, I think I'm fine.
Are you sure about that? You seem sad.
I don't want to pry.
I mean, do I seem that sad? Mm-hmm.
OK, but I'm fine.
I think I'm fine.
I'm good.
What is it you're thinking about? I'm thinking that you truly are stunningly beautiful.
- That's sweet.
- Mm-hmm.
You know, you're beautiful yourself.
Poised and graceful.
I've been wanting you for forever.
What are you doing? No! Jesus Christ almighty! Hey, are you OK? - Did you get hurt? - Yeah! Ow, ow, ow! Listen up This isn't a Turkish bathhouse.
I'm sorry.
I - I mean, come on! - I mean it.
We're really sorry! Yeah, real sorry.
Because you got caught Sorry about that.
Christ! Oh, my God! Oh no.
So Wanna come home with me? I can't.
That's not a good idea.
Ow, ow! Never mind.
OK Why don't you just sleep on it? Excuse me.
Oh, shoot! Sorry.
I'm really fine.
I just can't Hi.
Hi, hi.
Thanks for last night.
Right back at you.
Oh, dear.
How did you hurt your neck like that? - Whiplash.
- Well, yes.
I can see that, but how? No? No.
No, no.
Don't tell me.
That's fine.
I have a strong feeling the less I know about your private escapades, the better for me.
- Johanne? - Hmm? New patient in 138.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Oh, boy.
- Sorry.
- Mrs.
Nergaard? - Yeah.
They're taking you to the OR.
They will go in and see if they can clear up your airways, OK? - Yeah.
- Be a good girl.
I promise I'll sneak a glass into your room on Christmas Eve.
A glass of port! For God's sake, please let it be port.
- OK.
- Don't let me down.
Thanks for the party! You and your harem kept me entertained the whole night.
So, which beast won the beauty in the end? He who cries, he who fights, or she who gropes.
- I don't think any of them won anything.
- Oh? Don't forget what a very wise man once said "If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love really is all around.
" You're great.
You're great.
DECEMBER 17TH Johanne.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Weren't we meeting at the Christmas tree sales place? Yes, sure! I just wanted a few minutes with you alone before everyone gets together.
Just to say I quite enjoyed it at the spa.
I think it might have gone over my head the whole thing with you and Bengt-Erik.
Mom, can we just pretend like that was a bad dream and never speak of it? - Ever.
- OK, but was there anything between you? No.
- Then, we'll let that sleeping dog lie.
- Great.
But on Christmas Eve, well, who are you going to be bringing? Christmas cakes? Hi, Jørgunn! - These are for you.
- Oh, thanks! So, what are your plans for Christmas? I'll probably be right here testing new Christmas recipes, and that kind of stuff.
I think I'm going to make lamb ribs, but chop up some pork belly, and put it underneath to catch the drippings and prop them up.
Oh? Hear that? That will be a riveting evening.
- Yep.
- Yes.
Well, she and I need to get going, so we can stop my family from buying a pine Christmas tree.
- Pine is literally the worst.
- Exactly! We're in agreement.
Pine is for noobs.
Noobs! You took the words right out of my mouth.
- Yeah? - Yeah! - Merry, merry! - You too! Bye.
These are so good! - Hi! - Hi! - Hi! - Hey.
- Are you doing good? - Yeah.
- You guys found a tree? - Not yet, but some contenders.
- Don't choose pine, or Mom will kill you.
- Hilarious.
So, how's the love life looking? It's what dreams are made of.
Will you tell us his name soon? Yep, soon.
- Are you set on a spruce fir, Jorid? - Yeah, that looks great.
Yeah, fir is definitely the winner.
Plus I think this one is even a subalpine fir.
You can get three pines for the same price.
- Yeah, they're not cheap.
- But Mom said she doesn't want I don't want that one either.
They not Norwegian trees.
Aren't they Danish imports? Originally, I think they're from the Adriatic Sea, or somewhere round about there, but this is a Norwegian fir.
I still think they're Danish.
Yeah, you're right.
They're probably Danish.
So, about your mystery guy I just hope he's good to you and everything.
Dad and I, we talk about this a lot.
We worry for you and just want you to be happy.
- You're our little girl.
- What about this one, dear? No.
Hands down, that one is way too short.
- But shorter is cheaper.
- Shell out more for Christmas! OK, then, what about this beauty here? - Is it dry on top? - Dry on top? Of course it's not dry on top! Morten? Yeah.
I mean, no I I think it's - It's clearly not dry on top.
- No, it's - It's nice, Morten.
- I think this one's great.
- Good.
Three to two.
That's it.
- Is that alright, Mom? Yeah.
Oh You know I'm going to London with your Aunt Mildrid, doing our Christmas shopping there, remember? I bought some tickets for you and your father, so you can both watch the biathlon.
Why would you do that? I don't like skiing or shooting.
No, but Dad loves it.
And I thought it might be nice if you guys had a father-daughter date together, like old times.
You remember those days.
Yeah, but isn't it only skiing that Dad likes? Skiing is skiing.
Right? - Jorid? - Yes? The Visa card? - I thought you brought it.
- Well, I didn't.
Johanne? I knew it! - Hi.
- Hi.
How are you? Good.
You? - Have you two met? - No.
- Siri.
- Johanne.
So, you two are also out Christmas-tree shopping? Yeah, actually.
All three.
Three of us.
Would you want to meet Noa? Come on.
Say hi to Noa.
Oh Hi, hi! Meet Johanne.
- Oops.
I've made him cold.
- We'll meet you at the car.
I'll be there in a second.
Nice to meet you.
I thought it might be nice to set up a kind of Christmas I don't know, tradition, now that we're a family.
- Yeah, that's smart.
- Thanks.
- Nice tree you've got there.
- Yeah, it's pretty great.
Of course, it was actually Siri who picked it out.
- Good picker.
- Yeah.
Well, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas.
You too.
Good to see you.
- Christian? - Jorid? How nice to see you! - Hi! - Good to see you, too.
Is the entire gang out and about today? - Hey, you.
- Hey.
Look at you! - You look great.
- Bring 'em in! There's the man of the hour.
Big Tor! Me too.
Don't forget me.
Hey, buddy.
How are you? - Great to see you.
- It is.
- It's been forever.
- Longer than that.
I'd love to stay and catch up with you guys all day, but I really should be going.
- I've got a cold kid in the car.
- Oh, I've been there.
OK, but stop by for a drink sometime, won't you? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
- That would be really nice.
- Absolutely.
- And maybe we could have a - Maybe a little.
We could put them away.
Well, Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas! - Take care.
- Good seeing you.
- Bye.
Oh, God, how I miss him.
- Man! - I'm sad now.
- Such a great guy.
- Yeah.
- Right, Morten? - Absolutely.
I agree, definitely.
So, what happened with you two? He was such a catch.
That's the thing.
I just got dumped.
That's just how it goes.
It's OK.
I'm not as lucky as you guys.