Homeland s04e12 Episode Script

Long Time Coming

Previously on Homeland- This man, Saul Berenson, chief of the CIA, will bring us back our brothers.
I've made a fool of my time.
You haven't.
People are dead because of it.
I wanted to be able to see you.
- Why? What happened? - Dad died last night.
Is there something going on I should know about? With the Pakistanis.
- Not that I know of.
Why? - I'm not sure.
Something's up.
I only care about one thing.
Getting us safely home.
And that includes Peter Quinn.
He thinks he can find Haissam Haqqani.
You can't do this.
Bomb goes off, he'll know it's you.
Move the fuck away.
I can't lose you, Quinn.
Haqqani! Haqqani! Haqqani! Haqqani! - Haqqani! - What the fuck? No, no! No.
Look who's in the car, Carrie.
Maneuvering on your position.
We 'll be setting up for an engagement.
It's Alice in fucking Wonderland.
PID confirmed.
- Where are you? - I'm at a safe distance.
Clipped an artery.
I know a way.
First, the US found and killed Osama bin Laden- You will die over there! Well, you can't keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbors.
You know, there are things that the Pakistanis have done, as complicated as the relationship has been- Roger.
I'll try and get eyes on.
- Oh, God.
- I'm so sorry.
I have to say good-bye now.
Just for a few more seconds.
His razor.
- Can't throw it out.
- Then don't.
Stupid, right? I don't want to throw any of these out.
I don't want him to be gone.
You okay? Yeah.
It was bad over there, huh? It was horrible.
Maybe you need to get some help.
I have to ask.
You taking your meds? Yeah.
I'm walking the line.
That's good.
Can't blame it on that.
Blame what? I got this.
Aren't you gonna ask me in? Um, the baby's sleeping.
I'm, uh, sorry about your father.
Thank you.
Is there somewhere we can talk? I'm looking for Peter Quinn.
Haven't seen him.
Heard from him? Nope.
That's it? For all I know, he's still in Islamabad.
Doing what? Hunting Haissam Haqqani.
I presume you were briefed on that.
I presumed he'd come to his senses, especially with Haqqani back in the tribal areas.
Is that true? Is that where Haqqani is? Enjoying the full protection of the Pakistan Armed Forces.
Pretty much.
But we take him out first chance we get, right? Right.
Well, I, for one, am looking forward to that day.
We all are, but until then- - What? - One adapts to the terrain.
Meaning? Meaning we get through the congressional hearings before we do anything else.
I want to know the minute you hear from Peter.
If I hear from him.
I'll see myself out.
Washington has repeatedly exploited Pakistan and interfered in our affairs.
No self-respecting state can accept such dictates, not even from a superpower.
It's a stain on our honor.
If they want to break relations with us, I say good riddance.
A career official in the foreign ministry, Tasneem Qureshi has emerged in the last few days as a leading- Hey.
You're gonna drive yourself crazy.
I wish it would just happen already.
Maybe it never will.
Sitting at Haqqani's side on a leash.
Of course he'll release the video.
And there is nothing you can do about it.
Fuck this.
Wait and see, Saul.
People might be more understanding than you think.
Aaron Gage didn't waste any time sending over a severance package.
With a check for a year's salary.
That buys you time to decide what you want to do next.
I know what I want to do next, goddamn it.
I want back in.
Want to make this right.
Baby, that's not gonna happen.
I'm gonna get in the shower.
Late for my meeting.
Is that Frannie? What- You know her? Sure.
We see her all the time with Frank.
Where's he been lately? Oh, no.
It was sudden.
Oh, damn.
You were park friends? Yeah.
You must be Carrie.
How'd you- Frank talked about you a bunch.
No kidding.
I'm Billy.
He was crazy about her, you know.
He was the closest thing she had to a father.
Or mother, for that matter.
He knew you'd come back for her.
He said that? Oh, yeah.
I know you had troubles at first, which my wife did too, so we talked on that.
Really? But Frank always said, “That girl's made of strong stuff.
She'll get better.
She'll be here for Fran.
” Boy, he really shared.
Looks like he was right.
Thank you.
Thanks for telling me that.
Is there a service? Tomorrow.
Thank you.
Look who showed up.
What is this? I saw the obituary.
I had to come.
You have a lot of nerve.
- I wanted to be here.
- Why? You haven't been here for 15 years.
- Carrie.
- No, no, no.
No, you don't get to play grieving wife all of a sudden.
Would you calm down? Maggie says you have a daughter.
I'd love to meet her.
Too bad.
Really? You're not in our lives.
Look, I made a hard decision a long time ago, and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry a thousand times.
You know what this is called? Too little, too late.
So that's it? Should I just get back in my car and drive away and never darken your door again? That sounds good.
- Not to me.
- I'd like to make amends.
- Get out.
- Excuse me.
This is my house.
Then we're leaving, 'cause we're not spending another second with this woman.
- If that's what you want.
- Yeah, that's what I want! No.
Hold on! Mom! No.
What are you doing? Let her go.
She's my mom too.
Fuck her! You don't get to speak for both of us.
Good going.
Now we won't see her for another 15 years.
Works for me.
Joe, how are you? I'm well.
Come on in.
Right there.
Nice to have you back on American soil.
What an ordeal.
You have no idea.
I do though.
I've been reading your debrief.
I think I know why you're here.
Wondering how we're gonna play this.
Well, I wish I had good news for you.
I was hardly expecting good news.
Still, with Lockhart on the ropes, I was hoping we could get you back in the ring.
Doesn't have to be as director, Joe.
Give me a division, a station.
I'll take anything.
The video is the problem, Saul.
Once it's out there- I officially become persona non grata.
It would derail any confirmation hearing before it got started.
Any idea why Haqqani hasn't put it up on the Internet yet? None.
I need to ask you something about that.
Off the record.
I thought you hated her.
I thought so too.
But she's the only mother I have.
So she turns on the charm, and you're ready to forgive her? Not forgive her, exactly.
She walked out on us.
What kind of person does that? Well, you.
No, that is not the same thing.
It's not? I was always coming back, I was in touch and I had reasons.
I'm sure she had a reason.
We know the reason.
It's just too much, you know? I'm- I'm sick about Dad.
Islamabad was a mind fuck.
I can't deal with her too.
We don't even know where she is.
She didn't leave a number? When would she have left a number? You had a fucking pitchfork out.
He had to have popcorn, soda and Sno-Caps at the movies.
Jigsaw puzzles- no less than 3,000 pieces.
And watching every single Orioles game, - yelling at them to stop stinking up the diamond.
- These were some of Dad's favorite things.
Extremes, of course, because- because that's who he was.
He loved me and my sister like that.
Like crazy.
He had demons- everyone here knows that- but he lived with them.
And he taught me how to live with them.
This past year, he helped me with my daughter.
He took care of her.
He loved her with that same crazy love when I couldn't.
I don't think Frannie will remember him.
But I'm taking over now, Dad, and I'll remember for her.
If everyone could please turn to page 48 in their hymnals.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Oh, thank God.
Thank God.
God, I was so worried about you.
Things were worrisome there for a while.
You okay? Yeah.
How'd you get out of there? German intelligence was helpful.
Astrid? Yeah.
I hid out for a while, hoping for another chance at Haqqani, but he was gone.
I'm not sorry, Quinn.
Yeah, I get that.
I had a chance at him too.
Right after.
He stood up out of the sunroof suddenly, waving to the crowd.
I was moving on him, but Khan stopped me.
Jesus, Carrie.
Now you know how I felt.
Yeah, well, anyway, that's all over now.
What's that mean? Dar Adal came looking for you.
When? Yesterday.
Any idea why? He didn't say.
Personally, I'd stay away from that motherfucker.
Oh, I plan to.
Who knew Dad had so many friends? Who's that? Oh, he's one of mine- from work.
Don't think I ever heard you mention him before.
Mmm, I don't think I ever have.
Well, he and Frannie seem to have hit it off.
the Middle East.
Can I borrow him for a minute? Of course.
What'd you find out? Crocker swears up and down there was no engagement with Islamabad of any kind.
What about an overture to Haqqani? He calls that unthinkable.
Political suicide.
How does he explain Dar Adal on the ground then? He doesn't.
What do you mean? I mentioned no names.
For now, you and me are as big as this club gets, okay? Okay.
Not even Quinn? He'd go ballistic if he knew.
Absolutely sure it was Dar Adal in that car? It was him, all right.
I'll do some more digging.
Am I interrupting? No.
Not at all.
How'd your dad feel about Irish whiskey? Nice.
I'm learning so much about my dad that I never knew.
Like what? Like he was arrested on the Mall, protesting the Iraq War- six times.
- I seem to recall that.
- You do? All his letters were forwarded to me.
Remember? - What letters? - Hundreds he wrote to George Tenet, demanding you be reassigned home from Baghdad.
- You never told me that.
- Hello, all.
Look who's a nice guy.
I would have come earlier.
I was in a marathon meeting with my lawyers.
That's fun.
Barrel of monkeys.
Anyway, my wife made a lasagna.
I know.
Who wants lasagna at 10:00 at night? I do.
Sorry about your dad.
- Hey, join us.
- Yeah, take a chair.
Whiskey? I would love a beer.
Oh, there's some inside.
Forget it.
I'll have what you're having.
Cheers, everybody.
I'm gonna go check on Frannie.
That's done.
Tired? Yeah, wrung out.
Were you there too? Pakistan? Yeah.
I've never seen Carrie so thrown after a job.
A lot went wrong.
Hi, sweet girl.
Everything okay? Yeah, I NyQuil'd her.
Just kidding.
She's fine.
Ready? Ready.
I'll be right back.
Well, it was nice meeting you.
Nice to meet you.
Frannie took a shine to you.
We made friends.
You've been quiet.
About? This.
What do you mean? Being home.
Being away from all that.
Normal life.
Feels good, lust laughing, you know? Yeah.
Tonight was fun.
God, is that awful? No.
Not at all.
It was sad, but fun.
Quinn, I'll just fuck it up.
No, you won't.
I will.
I do.
I know how this goes.
It ends badly.
Till it doesn't.
Come on.
You know my shit.
You know mine.
But you don't have my condition.
I've seen you at your worst.
You should be heading for the hills.
Look, Islamabad was ugly.
It was a black hole, and I don't want anything like that in my life ever again.
I want to get out.
Stay out.
But I can't do it on my own.
I've learned that.
Well, I haven't exactly been helpful.
But you could be.
You want out too.
We get out together.
Well, you think about it, Carrie.
You don't even know where she lives.
Missouri plates.
I saw the tag number.
And? I'll have her address in an hour.
You're just gonna show up? That's what she did.
And you kicked her out.
I want her to look me in the eye and explain herself.
Can she stay? I got her.
It's a long drive.
I don't want to leave her again.
Babies and road trips, bad mix.
Are you sure that's okay? Positive.
It's only a couple days.
I could use some time to think.
Bye, sweetheart.
Say bye-bye.
Bye-bye, Mommy.
Douche bag.
Hey, welcome back.
Just in time.
- For the holidays.
- For the next thing.
Group's been looking for you.
Yeah, I lost my phone.
Fuck off.
Or maybe I took a hammer to it.
We got a location on three high-value IS targets in some fortified shithole in Aleppo, and a very narrow window before they fuck off again.
And? We fly tomorrow night.
Without me.
Hey, group orders.
All hands, no exceptions.
I quit the group, Rob.
Since when? Since right now, I guess.
Stop fucking around.
Shit, shower, shave and let's go.
No, I'm serious.
I'm out.
Moved on.
To what? You care? Not really.
I just care about you showing up to the airframe tomorrow.
Can't do it.
Do you want me to take a new guy on this? He's got to learn sometime.
My estimation? We're 20% less likely to pull this off without you.
Twenty percent more likely to lose guys.
I'm sorry.
Then this is your job.
Let's hope we get this done without you, and you don't have to deliver any of those.
Happy holidays.
Can I help you? I'm looking for Ellen.
She's at work already.
Um, at school? Yeah.
Who are you? I'm a friend.
I can come back.
Um, kind of late myself.
Oh, sure.
Plop it down here, sweetie.
Play nice, you guys.
Can you look after her for a minute? Okay, sure.
Hi, Mom.
What are you doing here? I drove.
All night.
I went to your house.
Did you? There was a boy there.
He told me where to find you.
Who is he? Your brother.
Half brother.
So you left your children to go have more children? Sorry, that was- What I deserve.
You have to go.
Can we meet at 3:30? At the house? Sure.
Hey, let's go.
Come on in.
Egg whites, scrambled- It's not exactly Walter's.
Out of business, huh? Walter retired.
It's now a Pain Quotidien.
Things change.
Things go to shit.
How are the waffles? Not bad.
I did.
I heard you met with Crocker.
Well, what about? Damage assessment.
And? Two torpedoes in my side, taking on water.
Lockhart's resignation will be on the president's desk by the end of next week.
So I hear.
What if I told you I can put your name back on the short list to replace him? I'd say you were having a major senior moment.
What's that? It's the video of you and Haqqani.
I've been assured it's the only copy, but even if it isn't, I've been assured it'll never be released.
Don't look so shocked.
We have to see events for what they are.
Good morning.
Can I get you gentlemen started with anything? Coffee? Can we have a minute? Take your time.
What have you done to get this? It's not what I've done.
It's what I got in return.
What have you done? I reached out to Haqqani.
I told him I'd take his name off the kill list in exchange for a commitment not to harbor terrorists in Afghanistan.
He's the fuckin' terrorist.
Is he? He just massacred 36 Americans.
Menachem Begin killed 91 British soldiers at the King David Hotel before becoming prime minister.
You know what this conversation is? Sedition.
Saul, steady.
Well, it's wrong.
Just plain wrong.
In the two months since we handed over combat operations in Helmand, the Taliban has reclaimed district centers in all but one city.
Haqqani will be in Kabul by Christmas.
And what makes you think he'll keep his word? Why anyone keeps their word.
Because it's in their self-interest.
Plus he offered a show of good faith.
And let's face it, not every choice we make is blessed with moral clarity, especially in our business.
What's that line? "We are the no men of no-man's land.
” Come back.
Lead us.
The Agency is waiting for you with open arms.
There is a rumor you're in Missouri.
Found out where my mom is.
And drove there.
It's out of the blue.
I know.
Um, I should have called you.
It's just been a whirlwind.
How are you? I'm wondering about you.
Um, we should talk, obviously.
You want me to join you? I could fly out.
Uh, no.
You sure? Yeah.
I'm kind of in the middle of something.
I have a brother, it turns out.
What? Yeah.
See, I- I have a lot to deal with.
I can't think about anything else right now.
Hey, look, if it's a no, just say.
It's not.
I- I just- I've been dealing with this other stuff.
No problem.
God, look at me, Quinn.
I'm on a crazy road trip like my dad used to take.
I'm no good for you.
Or anyone else.
So it is a no.
I didn't say that.
Don't pressure me, okay? Okay.
Look, I gotta go.
Um- I'll be back in a few days.
We'll talk then.
Your dad- “They'll take all your water, but they're worth it.
" So should I be bracing to meet Tim's father? No.
He left before the baby was born.
And how old is Tim? He's 14, 15? Fifteen.
Why didn't you just tell us you were pregnant? I couldn't.
But you could just vanish? It's hard to explain.
Well, how about you try? I guess I wasn't very good at being married.
You mean you weren't very good at being married to Dad.
To anyone.
I don't get it.
Let's go inside.
Did Dad know? Not about Tim's father, no.
Wh-What do you mean, not about Tim's father? There were others? Oh, yeah.
There were others.
How did I not know about this? Dad never said a word.
He was loyal like that.
He'd forgive me, and then I'd go out and do it all over again.
Until it ruined us.
He always said that-that you left because of him.
Because he was too impossible to live with.
I mean, it wasn't easy.
It was a circus at times.
You know that.
But I broke it apart.
I got pregnant and couldn't face up to what I'd done.
Uh, so don't blame him.
Blame him? Blame him- No, I-I don't.
He stayed.
You're the one who let me down.
Right when I needed you the most, by the way.
What's that mean? I got sick.
Like Dad.
The first month of college.
And then a professor walked me into the ER, and then I'm on a psych ward, and then I'm in a room- just me and a mattress and a cage on the window.
Oh, my God.
All I wanted was my mom, and you were not there.
You were nowhere.
How do you not call? How do you not send a fucking Christmas card? I always meant to get in touch, but I couldn't say what I'd done.
I'd hurt so many people already.
I just had to stop.
I had to stop and do one right thing- focus on Tim.
And so I did.
I have to go.
Are you okay? I've always thought that being bipolar meant that you couldn't be with people, not for the long haul, 'cause they'll up and leave you soon enough.
Well, that's what I've thought.
All this time.
It's not true.
Please believe that.
I don't even know if that's possible anymore.
It's possible.
The number you have dialed has been changed, disconnected or is no longer in service.
The number you have dialed has been changed, disconnected or is- I'm unreachable at the moment.
Please leave a message.
Where is he? Where's Quinn? All right, put those with the M4s.
Next to the generator, over there.
Who's the new guy? Dale.
I'm going.
You're not.
What? Take these.
This is fucked up.
Take 'em.
Call back would've been nice.
You were the one who was supposed to be in touch with me after you heard from Peter.
Where is he? Not out here.
Where is he? I imagine somewhere on the Turkish border by now, about to cross over into Syria.
I need to speak to him.
Don't give me that bullshit.
If he's on a mission, there's a way to reach him.
Actually, there's not.
They went dark a little over an hour ago.
I was just on the phone to Ops 4.
When do they check in next? They don't.
What do you mean? The mission is open-ended.
They're responsible for their own extraction.
From Syria? From Iraq, most likely.
I need to speak to Quinn.
And I said no.
I saw you in Islamabad.
In the backseat of an SUV with Haissam Haqqani.
What are you playing at, Carrie? I call it give me what I fucking want.
You're not listening.
I can't.
I will leave here and go straight to the Washington Post.
- No, you won't.
- Watch me.
You might consider talking to Saul before you do.
He'd explain to you what's at stake here.
I know what's at stake.
You make a deal with Haqqani, you dishonor every officer, every soldier at the embassy who died at his hands.
Saul would spit in your face.
Ask him yourself.