Homeland s06e09 Episode Script

Sock Puppets

1 SAUL: Previously on Homeland Max told me about Franny.
All I can do is comply with the court order hope to God I can convince the judge I'm a changed woman.
You'll get her back.
(gun cocks) (water splashes) The Iranians are abiding by the terms of the agreement.
There is no parallel program with North Korea.
You have proof of all this, I'm assuming.
I do.
Majid Javadi.
Ma'am, this is Major General Majid Javadi.
- The deal is broken.
- Majid.
We are pursuing a parallel program in North Korea.
He told me exactly the opposite last night.
CARRIE: Madame President-Elect.
Madame President-Elect, I have to speak to you.
Javadi is lying.
It's the only explanation.
No, it's not.
I can think of others, including one where you were wrong and I was wrong to have ever listened to you.
Goodbye, Carrie.
Why, Majid? Why? Because I didn't want to spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder.
You reached out to Dar Adal? I bet on a horse.
In the end, I went with the sure thing.
Are you going to be able to do this, live out here? - Down! - (gunshot) There's a gun in the car.
I'm going for it.
Astrid, no! (gun clicking) (gunshot) and the home of the brave SCOTT-HERON: The first revolution is when you change your mind about how you look at things and see that there might be another way to look at it that you have not been shown.
(crowd shouting) SCAHILL: The brutality against protesters, the para-militarization of law enforcement.
CARRIE: That's why we have to keep trying.
ELIZABETH: We don't need a police state in this country to fight terrorism.
We need a new strategy.
SCOTT-HERON: The revolution will not be televised.
GREENWALD: the system of indefinite detention SCAHILL: FBI and the CIA targeting Muslim communities DEMARCO: Security.
Got an agitated non-compliant patient.
- Get away from me! Aah! - What's his name again? - Peter Quinn.
- Peter Quinn.
SCOTT-HERON: You will not be able to stay home, brother.
You will not be able to plug in, turn on, and cop out.
WOMAN: It's a very alarming charge.
WOMAN #2: The Russians hacked our committees.
WOMAN #3: The continuation of endless war.
QUINN: Can't you get that through your fucking skull? SCOTT-HERON: The revolution will put you in the driver's seat.
SCAHILL: The US continues to engage in a covert war with very, very high stakes.
SAUL: I made promises and didn't keep them.
PRIEST: This world began right after 9/11.
SCOTT-HERON: The revolution will not be televised, not be televised.
There will be no rerun, brothers and sisters.
The revolution will be live.
Which agency? MCCULLOUGH: I can't say that here in an open hearing, sir.
QUINN: You saved me.
QUINN: Why? Franny never knew her father.
He died before she was born.
Honestly, I wasn't even sure I should have her.
And it wasn't because I thought I'd be a terrible mother.
(chuckling) Some people would say that's a given.
It was because Her father and I-- (sighs) We had a relationship that was unusually intense.
However complicated my life was, his was 1,000 times more.
It didn't end well.
At all.
Maybe I was afraid she would remind me of that.
SCHOUTEN: And did she? Well, her father had red hair, and-- and she has red hair, so at first, whenever I looked, what I'd see (sighs) What I'd see was that he wasn't there.
She reminded you of his absence.
Not just that.
Of my role in his not being there.
I knew where everything was heading.
I-- I knew.
And I pushed him toward that.
(sighs) I-I really-- I really don't like this.
(chuckles) No one does.
Someone else decides if I get to see my daughter, sure, I'll talk about whatever they want, but But you don't think it's fair.
I don't see how you could possibly understand.
Look, I don't know all the facts of your life, that's true.
But I know you're ex-CIA.
I can enter a Google search.
I have some idea what you're talking about.
So-- So maybe you'll understand this.
Peter Quinn, the man that I had living in my home who they say took Franny hostage I have a very intense relationship with him, too.
I mean, not-- not like Franny's father, not physical, but He nearly died last year in Berlin.
And I-I managed to save him, but The way he's been acting the past few months, it's-- it's as if he wants to finish the job.
So I brought him into our home because-- because I can't go through that again.
I-I can't lose another one.
I want you to listen to me a second.
(breathes deeply) I want you to listen and really try to hear.
What you go through, every parent goes through.
Here is you, and here is your child.
And how do you balance that? How do you make it work? A 4-year-old doesn't need much, but they do need something.
They need, at times, to come first.
- Dar.
- Madame President-Elect.
I know we had a briefing scheduled for tomorrow, but something's come up.
Involving me? Rob, could we have the room? Ma'am, if I may, I feel I owe you an apology.
We got off on the wrong foot at our very first meeting, and I blame myself entirely.
It's not that, not at all.
Please, sit down.
The fact is, I asked you here to pick your brain.
- About? - Iran.
And the contingency plans we need if, as you've suggested, they are cheating on the nuclear deal.
Forgive me, I have to ask.
I've heard rumors about a high-level Iranian defector, - Very high-level.
- Not just rumors.
- Is there a name? - Majid Javadi.
- Oh.
- He put out feelers, said he had important information.
I was led to believe that it was about an Israeli effort to sabotage our treaty with Iran.
What he told me was quite different.
Iran is cheating on the nuclear deal.
Now, I've asked Saul Berenson to return to Langley.
So there's no confusion, yes, he was very much involved in this let's call it a misunderstanding.
In Saul's defense, it's easy to get things wrong in this business.
That doesn't mean you get rewarded for it.
If you don't mind my saying, I'm impressed.
Whatever you think, I'm not an ideologue.
I really do care about the security of this country.
As do I.
Which is why I want to be absolutely clear about the scope of this contingency plan you're asking for.
What do you mean? What I mean is it's not just a question of how many inspectors or which sanctions.
First and foremost, it's the face we present to the world.
Secretary of State, for example.
Anyone you were considering to help pivot towards Iran wouldn't be the one now to draw a line in the sand.
Sanctions first.
But bring me some new names.
Nothing's off the table.
How'd it go? I really don't know.
(scoffs) - Did you get to see Franny? - No.
You get to confess a bunch of shit about yourself, after which you may or may not be allowed to see your child someday in a supervised setting.
On the positive side, the shrink said expect to hear from him soon.
Plus, he was smiling, so Fingers crossed.
What's this? Um, according to cellphone records, it's where Conlin called you from just before he was killed.
- Looks deserted.
- Yeah, I don't think so.
Um, all this, job listings, each one leading back to this address.
Some kind of start-up.
They're hiring like crazy.
"Large scale cluster management, Aurora, Lamp Stack" Internet support, social media.
That's what they're looking for.
- You know this stuff? - Yeah, a lot of it.
I applied for a job.
- Max.
- I know.
You just said Conlin died after going there.
I know, but this place is a black box.
It makes sense for me to go in at least and-- and find out what it's called.
Unless you're not interested.
Of course I'm interested.
I also just spent 90 minutes with a shrink reminding me how I put people in harm's way without thinking twice.
Well, I've already had a Skype interview with a recruiter.
They want me to come in this afternoon.
- Max-- - It's not on you.
It's on me.
They said it couldn't be done.
The President-Elect could not be moved.
That's what they said.
But she has been, finally.
And I owe it all to you.
You still love it, don't you? - Victory? - The game.
(laughs) Come on.
You do, too.
Yeah, well, I'm done.
The second I get the other half of the money, I'm gone.
- $45 million.
- Mm.
It goes a long way in, what is it, Costa Rica? (chuckles) I think I'll keep my retirement plans to myself.
- No offense.
- None taken.
I have a lot of people angry at me thanks to you.
- Ah.
- My own organization, they'd hang me from a crane if they got their hands on me.
And Saul, Saul was quite unhappy with me the last time I saw him.
Also Mossad.
Mossad? Don't you think? What the hell are they angry about? I lied for them.
I saved their asses.
Yeah, true, this time around.
But, Majid, you've been dropping missiles on their heads for the past 30 years.
That's got to take a toll.
(doorbell rings) - (knock on door) - You gonna answer it? Oh, I was unable to mention this earlier, but our partners at Mossad came to me when they found out you were in the country.
I said "Leave him alone.
He's got important work to do.
" Which I did.
I kept my part of the bargain.
- Now it's time for you to keep yours! - I know.
You're absolutely right.
(door opens, closes) But Mossad made the case that the head of the IRGC has a lot to tell them.
Unfortunately, I couldn't convince anyone they were wrong.
(cellphone rings) Hello? JAVADI: This is wrong.
DAR: I don't disagree.
Then call them off.
I can't.
It's not up to me.
I still have value to you, intelligence.
(beep) (ringing) Saul, come on, please.
Come on, come on, come on.
(cellphone vibrating) - I've been recalled to Langley.
- Saul.
Order of the President-Elect her fucking self.
Hold on, wait.
Just listen.
- Listen to what? - Shh! DAR: If it makes any difference, some said ship you back to Tehran.
I told them that was just cruel.
Completely unacceptable.
You expect me to be grateful? - (speaks indistinctly) - Javadi and Dar.
Javadi's in trouble.
- You need to track this.
- Holy shit.
- You seen Nate? - No, sir.
- Nate Joseph.
Where is he? - He's over there.
Nate! - Mr.
- We need to trace this.
- We need to locate this call.
- Uh, yeah, of course.
Uh DAR: My family's my business.
I take no pleasure in this.
No! (grunting) - No! No! No! - Hurry.
I should have never trusted you! I should have stuck with Carrie and Saul! - (groans) - Where are they? I, um, I don't know yet.
(groaning) Hurry.
(coughs) (screaming) Saul, did you get it? Where is he? Oh, wait, wait.
I'm getting closer.
(door opens) (door closes) Uh, they're-- they're somewhere in Midtown.
Um, east, maybe? (sighs) No, no, no, no.
Come on.
(keyboard clacks) Wait.
Uh It's too late.
We're too late.
(knock on door) Sir? Ma'am? - (knock on door) - Anybody home? (clears throat) Sheriff's department! Open up! Anybody home? Jensen? Jensen! Come here! Get a load of this.
Whoever reported shots out here, they weren't kidding.
- (radio beeps) - Dispatch, Jensen here, requesting backup, Old Lake Road, McBride Cabin, back porch, bullet holes.
Blood inside the house.
Fuck it.
I'm going in.
(engine starts) All the front desk knows is he never checked out.
No one saw anything.
And security cameras were offline, of course.
So we have no idea how it went down.
(sighs) Right.
What about here? No phone.
I don't get it.
His phone led us here.
Yeah, right to this floor.
This was the gentleman's suite.
Where'd these come from? (cellphone clicks, beeps) (ringing) (cellphone vibrating) - Is it here? - Shh.
(cellphone ringing, vibrating) That's it.
So that's him, this Iranian financier? Farhad Nafisi.
- (Javadi speaking Farsi) - What's he saying? He's asking why Nafisi lied.
(Nafisi speaking Farsi) Mossad paid him.
(continues speaking Farsi) To trick us.
Make us believe Iran is running a parallel nuclear program with North Korea, in violation of our deal with them.
(speaking Farsi) They said you needed What? What did I need? You needed to be educated.
(Javadi speaking Farsi) So now I'm supposed to believe this.
It was a gift from a doomed man.
He wanted us to have the truth.
The truth.
That Mossad used this man, Nafisi, in an elaborate charade to get me to back off my Iran policy.
Not just Mossad.
Someone at the Agency was highly aware of the operation.
That same person was in the room with Javadi when he was rendered back to Israel.
And who was that? Dar Adal.
That's who got Javadi to change his story in the first place.
Dar Adal.
You know, he sat right there earlier today and lied to me about this all over again, that obsequious little shit! What is it with you people? The "intelligence community.
" I mean, who even thinks like this? Ma'am, there's something else we should get out into the open, just so we're all clear.
What, more good news? The bombing.
There's a man who set up a surveillance operation on me, probably to document my interactions with you.
The night before the explosion, he spent several hours tinkering with the van that Sekou Bah would be driving the next day.
We think that he planted the bomb at that time, that Sekou Bah was framed.
You mean murdered.
Is that possible? The afternoon before the bomb went off, Dar came to me at my daughter's school and told me in no uncertain terms to stand down.
That's all we know for sure.
How do we shut him down? (indistinct conversations) What's up? What's the issue? There were some irregularities during his interview.
- About? - A one-year gap on his résumé.
How did he explain it? He won't.
Then why are we even having this discussion? Because this is the résumé you singled out as near perfect.
It's fine.
I'll talk to him.
Max Puh-trovski? Mm? This is quite a résumé, Max.
Hardware, software, security clearance.
Triple threat.
I'm assuming that this is PRISM? - Okay.
- For the Agency? - No.
- Meaning not a direct hire.
Can't stand the politics.
Especially now.
Oh, I hear you.
God, I hear you.
So, Max, did she tell you what the issue is? She didn't say there was an issue.
There is.
She didn't ask you about this missing year? You want to tell me? No.
Then, unfortunately, we're done.
Max, help me out.
I don't want us to be done.
I think you'd be good here.
But you know the drill-- Blank spaces make people nervous.
You've got to give me something.
It's private.
What do we know, you and I? No such thing as private anymore, is there? M and M? That year, from here to here, I spent smoking meth and masturbating.
What sent you into this tailspin? Can you tell me that? (woman speaking indistinctly in distance) I was working.
(voice breaking) I lost someone important to me.
She was killed.
I spent that year wishing it had been me.
You wait here, Max.
Hook him up.
He'll be joining us.
Mother of fuck! Hey, that's my truck.
Holy shit.
(men shouting indistinctly) (fire extinguisher spraying) (car honks honking, siren wailing in distance) Carrie.
You know the Solicitor General.
Not personally.
George Pallis, meet Carrie Mathison.
I haven't announced it yet, but George will be an important part of my new administration, heading the Justice Department.
In a way, we're just pulling that up.
This is quite a situation you've uncovered.
Shall we? - Shouldn't we wait for Saul? - He'll be in later.
So, the, uh, President-Elect told me about Dar's efforts to falsify intelligence on Iran, plus his possible role in the recent bombing.
- More than possible.
- I agree, and to be clear, the accusation frightens me because I agree.
But as a legal proposition, we need to understand, there's not a judge in this country who would allow a prosecution against Dar Adal to proceed on this evidence.
We have a videotaped confession.
Yes, of a foreign agent who names Mossad, and that under torture.
We also have photos of an unnamed third party in the presence of some white vans.
And we have an FBI agent dead, we believe at the hands of this same third party, but we don't know.
Am I missing something? So, what's the plan? In a word You.
A few weeks ago, you told Rob and me about a situation in the Berlin station.
Dar covered up a serious breach by a Russian mole.
He lied in his reports to Congress.
That's prosecutable under the Espionage Act.
Okay, I really think that we need to bring Saul into this conversation.
You said you were willing to make a statement.
I also said I was uneasy about doing that, because it would be a problem for Saul.
And I'm more uneasy now.
We all should be.
I didn't uncover this, Saul did.
He took it upon himself to travel off-book to the occupied territories to meet with an asset he placed years ago.
That's the only reason any of us is here.
It's the only reason we're not just being steamrolled by Dar and his fucking cabal.
Excuse me.
Carrie, I'm the newcomer here, but I'm already certain.
An affidavit from you about what happened in Berlin, that's how we get Dar.
I'm gonna have to talk to Saul.
There will be a pardon for him, down the line.
I still have to talk to him.
Your parking pass is in the envelope, along with the parking rules, which are, let's say, complicated.
Read them, or you'll get towed.
I'm not even kidding.
- Okay.
- How's your commute? Not too bad.
If you stay at the Resident Suites, there's a corporate rate and a pool.
A lot of people take advantage.
(beep, door unlocks) (indistinct conversations) If you get lost, you're Level 6, Area 3.
What's OPC? No one seems to know.
So, this is you.
All good? Yeah, I-I guess.
That him? Max, Trent.
Trent, Max.
Let me know if you need anything.
O'Keefe said you're the man.
Uh, depends on what you mean.
Well, my network shit the bed.
22,000 sock puppets gone, just when we've got a big I/O push coming.
That sound like something you can handle? Show me.
SAUL: Carrie? I've been going over the Nafisi tape, translating the whole thing.
It's true he never mentions Dar directly, it's always Mossad, but there's a lot of indirect reference to American involvement, a lot.
You hear anything from Keane? (sighs) Yeah.
They, uh-- They brought the Solicitor General onboard.
So when do we go in? Actually, I just met with them.
You did? What happened, they lose my number? (sighs) No, what happened is The Solicitor General says there's no evidence.
(chuckles) That's not true.
Not enough to prosecute, according to him.
He says that the only way to bring down Dar is by prosecuting the breach in the Berlin station under the Espionage Act.
(scoffs) You told them about Berlin? Weeks ago.
It was never supposed to be used.
It's about the cover-up, Saul, and that's on Dar.
He had the obligation to report not only the security breach - Oh, please.
- but also leaving agents on the ground after - they had been compromised.
- Stop it.
Stop it! Who cares about a cover-up? The breach itself is me.
I was in the middle of it.
I was the one involved with the Russian spy.
I know.
Everything I've done, my entire career will be wiped out.
All anyone will remember is that.
Keane is not ungrateful.
She promised you a pardon.
A pardon.
It's not nothing.
What about the Agency? (sighs) Well, the Agency has survived worse.
Not when the president wants it gone, which Keane does.
You're aware of that, right? Don't look away, God damn it.
Answer me.
Say something.
Maybe you shouldn't have been fucking a Russian mole.
Well, coming from someone who fucked a guy in a suicide vest, that means a lot.
(cellphone ringing) Just answer the damn thing.
- Hello? - Carrie Mathison? - Yes.
- Hi.
This is Maria at Child Services.
You've been approved for a visit with your daughter tomorrow at our offices.
Do you know where that is? I do.
At 3:00 PM.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
You're very welcome, Ms.
Uh, we'll see you tomorrow.
Dar's here.
He's in the building.
(sighs) Not too late to cancel.
The meeting's been scheduled.
I can sub in for you.
No changes.
I don't want to tip our hand.
He is bringing me a list of cabinet recommendations.
George thinks we'll get to see who some of Dar's fellow travelers are.
- That would be huge.
- Yeah, assuming I'm able to stand being in the same room with him.
(knock on door, door opens) Dar.
Madame President-Elect.
Can I get you something to drink? (chuckling) It's still a little early for me.
What I have is coffee or juice.
Please have a seat.
Thank you.
I have to confess, I'm not a complete stranger to something stronger early in the day.
Oh? KEANE: The toughest districts always seem to have bars that open at 6:00 AM when the night shift gets off.
You want their vote, you better be able to knock back a few with breakfast.
For us Arabists, it's the tea.
My first post, the local tribesmen honored a guest by cleaning his teacup with a gob of spit.
If you rejected the hospitality, well Let's hope the service here is better.
Two days in a row for us.
It's an honor for me, ma'am.
What do you think? Are we heading toward a daily briefing? That will be with the Director.
I said nothing's off the table.
So, where are we? You said you had some names for me.
Oh, that's him, isn't it? Your son, Andrew.
I can't help but think how proud he'd be of you right now.
MAX: Okay.
So, I'm seeing Facebook accounts, Instagram, Twitter 4chan, 8chan, fuckin' LinkedIn, whatever.
We're there.
And this interface masks your identity.
It did until it stopped working.
Didn't O'Keefe tell you anything? Not really, no.
All right, look.
So, these sock puppets you're missing, they're just a bunch of fake users with online lives that you manage, right? - I wouldn't say fake.
- (sighs) What is it? Just a second.
- What is it? - Just wait.
Okay, so the system here uses dynamic proxies to mask your location, but there's a conflict with the firewall.
I put in a workaround, so Um, do any of these ring a bell? Um, SemperFucked? - Right.
- IraqBob.
- That's me.
- NavyWife.
That's me, too.
- DeltaForceGroupie.
- Yo.
So we're back in business? You tell me.
(all cheering) Vacation's over.
You'll find a new set of talking points in your folders.
- Get outraged! - Yeah.
- Let's go! - Yeah! - Let's go.
- Okay.
DRIVER: You okay back there? Yeah.
Not too hot.
Long day, sir? Let me ask you something.
- Shoot.
- Did I do anything, anything at all, to suggest I was curious about the sound of your voice? No, right? So shut the fuck up.
(sighs) (vehicle departs) QUINN: Enjoy.
You're not at the lake.
Want to tell me why? If you won't say what's bothering you, how am I supposed to help? You tried to kill me.
The guy you sent.
- What guy? - The fucking guy! I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh? Oh! You stay.
I would never hurt you, Peter.
You know that.
I don't.
I got you out of lockup.
So you knew where I was.
In a safe place.
That was the point.
My God, I flew Astrid in all the way from Berlin to take care of you.
Astrid is dead.
What? - How? - What do you fucking mean, how? The guy with the hat, he shot her! Listen to me.
- We can figure this out.
- No! Together, like we always have.
- Where is he? - I raised you, Peter.
- Stay there.
- You are my child.
More than that.
I would never hurt you.
I love you.
That's the God's honest truth.
If you don't believe that, please, just pull the trigger.
(grunts) (groans) (panting) (ringing) - Yeah? - What the fuck did you do? BELLI: You sound terrible.
I told you to leave him alone.
And I told you there were other opinions.
You answer to me, you fuck.
To me, you hear that? Yeah.
I do.
But you need to hear, too.
The good news is we no longer have your boy out there saying God knows what to God knows who.
You really-- You really believe that? He was just in my house, you fucking moron.
- What? - In my house looking for you.
I can't believe you called me on an open line.
(engine starts)