Homeland s07e07 Episode Script


1 [Saul.]
Previously on Homeland We always assumed Simone would run to David Wellington.
And when she did, it confirmed our suspicions.
But what if that was our mistake, designing an operation with a predetermined result in mind? What if it isn't David Wellington at all? What if her contact is someone else? - What do you want? - Yevgeny Gromov.
Lucasville-- fake news that sparked the massacre.
You think that was Yevgeny's handiwork? I do.
And you want me to help find him? I do.
I had an ex that was bipolar.
Is that why you broke up? We broke up 'cause I drank too much.
On March 30th, I was told to withdraw money from these places and leave it in Hazelton.
- We need to know who this is.
- A senior White House official.
You mean David Wellington.
- Simone is lying.
- What are you talking about? She's full of shit, and they are this close to giving her immunity, which means they want her to testify in open hearing.
At that point, the damage to the presidency is done.
Whoever's bankrolling this woman also wants McClendon's murder pinned on the White House.
Tell me, how'd you find out she was in West Virginia - in the first place? - She got a parking ticket there.
No, I mean, who brought it to your attention? - Dante did.
- You say you're old friends.
The two of you just bumped into each other by chance? When was this? [voice breaks.]
Right after I got fired by Keane.
Interesting coincidence.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Fuck me.
Fuck me.
- Take a breath, Carrie.
- What I need to do - is nail that fucker.
- Lay low.
Just don't communicate with him under any circumstances.
[moans and exhales.]
You're okay.
[switch clicks.]
He saved our lives.
What was his name? [Brody.]
Carrie, you're not yourself.
You don't have my condition.
I'm dealing with it.
I-I've been dealing with it since I was 22.
She said no one at work could know.
She's bipolar.
The mood of the country, it's not great.
[siren wailing.]
Civil war.
Madam President, please! You have to put a stop to this! [woman.]
It's only getting worse.
Is there no fucking line? [Hillary Clinton.]
Ridiculous lies and accusations.
The White House is in crisis mode.
We're talking about information warfare.
Our country is under attack.
The time to rise up is now! [Carrie.]
I swore an oath to protect it.
[siren wailing.]
Just think of me as a light on the heavens, a beacon, steering you clear of the wrongs.
[tense music playing.]
[camera beeps.]
[inhales deeply.]
[clears throat.]
[switch clicks.]
[front door closes.]
What happened to 12 hours out cold, guaranteed? [Carrie.]
I don't think he saw anything.
Yeah, he did.
He saw Stein's ugly face, which, lucky for us, sent him straight back into unconsciousness.
I don't know about you, but I wasn't done yet.
- Me either.
- I got all the downloads.
Yeah? Well, let's hope you got something, 'cause so far, we got nothing.
I gotta figure out a way to get us back in there.
Or not.
Look, that's the kind of shit you get away with once, at most.
Anyone want breakfast? Yeah, sure.
Oh, fuck! I've gotta get home.
My sister's gonna kill me.
[doorbell rings.]
[doors creaking.]
Can I come in? Actually, I was just on my way out.
[bag thuds.]
So what is it? - Where'd you meet Simone Martin? - Look, Saul-- Indulge me.
We met at a conference, in Budapest four years ago.
- What kind of conference? - A conference.
"Preparing Candidates for Democracy.
" We were on a panel together.
And? It was the only event we made it to all week.
We spent the rest of the time in her room.
Can we sit down? Saul, how-- how long is this gonna take? I got an 8:00 I gotta get to.
I really think you'll want to sit down.
[clears throat.]
[sighs deeply.]
Simone Martin is scheduled to testify in front of Paley's committee in three days.
Yeah, and I swear to God, I have no idea what she's even gonna say.
I believe you because I do know what she's going to say.
She will say, under oath, that you gave her $50,000 as payment for the murder of General McClendon.
That's bullshit.
I know.
Why? Why is she doing this to me? So we're clear She is not doing it to you.
Simone Martin is an agent of the Russian government.
A what? An agent of Russian military intelligence, the GRU.
Her testimony is an effort to topple this administration.
I've been involved with a Russian agent? Almost certainly.
Which is why I need your complete cooperation.
What I just told you is currently a theory.
[pen cap clicks.]
We need it to become a fact.
[tense music playing.]
Everything you know about Simone Martin that might conceivably be relevant, tell me.
[taps notepad.]
[door creaks.]
[indistinct conversation, utensils clinking.]
What's for breakfast? I'm making eggs.
- Can I help? - We got it.
- Fresh orange juice maybe? - Yeah, we got that, too.
Jos, take over.
- What's this about? - You know, you say that you're tired of having the same conversation over and over, but from what you do, it must be your great joy in life.
- Believe me, it's not.
- You're not a child.
- I know.
- You had your bad girl years.
- It's time to grow out of them.
- You know what? Fuck you.
Really? You're really gonna go there? We had no idea where you were all night.
- I told you, Franny worries.
- So tell her I'm fine.
- I don't know that.
- Look, you say - I should work - I said get a job.
- so I work.
- This is not working, - in any sense of the word.
- Yeah, for me either.
Well, why don't you think about that, whether you actually wanna be a part of this family or not? Because you know what? We have had it, all of us, including your daughter.
[stomping footsteps.]
- Are you okay? - Where was she? I don't know, sweetie.
Why doesn't she like to be here? I don't know that either.
[bedroom door slams.]
Your mom is, uh, under a lot do pressure at work.
What work? - [stomping footsteps.]
- We're going.
- No, you're not.
- Franny, put your coat on.
- That's not the deal.
- What deal? There is no deal.
She's my daughter, not yours.
[lowered voice.]
You don't want to do this.
Oh, everything's secret now? Like it's suddenly too upsetting to talk out loud? You drag me from the kitchen - She didn't drag you.
- You know what? You're right.
She didn't literally drag me.
Thanks very much, Mister "I've had it.
" Thanks for the hospitality.
You've served your time.
- Where will you go? - [front door closes.]
[tense music playing.]
[lobby door closes.]
[door creaks.]
[muffled shouting.]
Get off of me! Promise you won't yell? So where you been all night? - Out.
- With Carrie? She told me about the surveillance, Max.
What surveillance? The surveillance you put in at Wellington's, and I just took out.
The surveillance that let you know Simone Martin is running some kind of scam.
I told Carrie to back off, let me handle it now, but that's not her way.
So I thought I'd check in with you before you both end up in prison.
I can't believe she told you.
In case you haven't noticed, she isn't the most reliable.
So where were you? - At Dante's apartment.
- With Carrie.
- Yeah.
- Where was Dante? Sleeping.
What'd you find there while he was, uh, sleeping? I don't know.
I downloaded a bunch of stuff, but I haven't had time to go through it yet.
You'll do that now, somewhere I can keep an eye on you.
Let's go.
[door creaks.]
[gears shift, engine turns off.]
[seat belts unbuckle.]
All right.
[Muzak playing.]
- Hi.
Uh, just one night.
- It's six hours till check-in.
I'll have to charge you an extra half-day.
Fine, just Fine.
- I'm hungry.
- Well, let's put our stuff in the room, then we'll find a place to eat.
I can't put my stuff in the room.
We didn't bring it.
- [credit card swiping.]
- Mom? - What? - What's a "mo-tel"? It's a place like this.
It means "motor hotel," - because you drive there.
- [reader beeps.]
We went to a hotel in Richmond.
We drove there.
Ma'am, your credit card's been declined.
- Well, can you try it again? - I already did.
Uh fine.
Uh, sorry.
Uh here.
Now I'm confused.
Are you Carrie Mathison or Karen Harris? You know what? Thank you very much.
We're good.
- I'm hungry.
- Come on, let's go.
[door handle clacks.]
All right, fasten your seat belt.
- Where are we going? - I don't know.
- It was just a question.
- Well, isn't it obvious, Franny? I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.
Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry.
[voice breaks.]
I was just asking.
I know, I know.
Look, I was up all night working.
Okay? I'm just really, really tired.
Okay? Okay.
- Sweetie.
- I wanna go home.
[cellphone vibrating.]
[continues vibrating.]
Okay, I'm gonna be right back.
Right back.
[continues vibrating.]
So, uh what exactly happened last night? [sighs.]
Exactly? You passed out.
Yeah, well, before that.
We had some drinks.
Yeah, well, after that.
Last thing I remember, we were coming home together, heading for the couch.
Now I wake up alone, the mother of all headaches And I'm not sure.
Did we What? Did we do it? [scoffs.]
- Well? - If we had, you would've remembered.
Believe me.
So, no.
Definitely no.
You don't have to say it like that.
I'm sorry.
That-- that wasn't you.
That was [Dante.]
What? Honestly? It's just [exhales.]
been a rough morning.
You okay? Not really.
I had a big blowout with my sister.
The one you live with.
[sighs deeply.]
Not anymore.
I very dramatically grabbed Franny by the hand and said we were out of there, and then dragged her to this motel, where my credit card just got declined.
Meanwhile, my daughter's gonna kill me if I don't get her breakfast soon.
Well, come on over.
Seriously, come on over.
I make excellent pancakes.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[engine turns off.]
Wait here.
This way.
Over here.
[keypad beeping.]
[door unlocks.]
Close it.
[keys jangling.]
[door unlocks.]
In here.
- Max, stay.
- [portfolio thuds.]
Don't worry about them.
What is this place? Don't worry about that either.
Here's what I want you to do.
Those downloads you got at Dante's? Start going through them.
Find anything interesting, you tell me.
Not Carrie.
We clear? I'm gonna need an Internet connection.
Okay, fine, I'll get you one.
So we're clear you abuse that, or anything here You fuck me even this much, I will personally convince a judge the surveillance you snuck into Wellington's house constitutes the biggest national security threat since 9/11.
Got that? Get to work.
- Who's that? - Max.
What-- what's-- what's his skill set? Irritant.
He's working with Carrie.
Your Carrie? Mathison? If you're implying I have any control over her, then no.
They might be on to something, he and Carrie might.
I want him to work that while the two of you take a look at this-- David Wellington's meditations on his girlfriend Simone.
Everything he thinks might help us connect her to Russia.
So you dropped the bomb on him.
- Yeah.
- How'd he react? He had no idea.
It's priority.
We have less than three days.
[tense music playing.]
- [chocolate chips rattle.]
- Wait.
A frown? Seriously? A frown? In my house? - Well - [chocolate chips rattle.]
I'm going for a smile.
"S M I L E.
" There.
Hey, keep an eye on those.
They're ours.
Don't let anyone mess with 'em.
- You've done this before.
- And my ex has a niece.
I have two nieces and her, and I'm clueless.
You know you're welcome to stay here, right? While you're, uh, on the lam.
We're not in the way? Not at all.
In fact, I got a meeting to get to.
- Wait, you're not staying? - You'll be fine.
There's an extra key by the front door.
I'm sure you can find whatever you need.
- They're ready! - All yours.
- Bye, Franny.
- Bye.
[keys clatter.]
There have been nearly a hundred requests for comment.
I'm not commenting on a TMZ video.
Then they'll just go to Wellington.
Well, if they find him, maybe they can let me know where the hell he's hiding.
Oh, no.
He's been trying to talk to me all week.
You want me to run interference? No, but interrupt us after three minutes.
- [telephone rings in distance.]
- Mr.
Vice President.
- Ma'am.
- Please.
I know you have been asking to see me.
It has just been a crazy few days.
Well, that's why I'm here-- find out what's going on with Mr.
- You mean the video.
- I don't care about that.
He wants to make a scene, let him.
I mean the immunity deal.
That woman they're calling his girlfriend-- - Simone Martin.
- Yes, well, Ms.
Martin has been granted immunity to testify against him.
That's true.
So? Will he be charged with high crimes and misdemeanors? Will the walls of this White House come tumbling down? I have a right to know, Madam President, because if this administration falls, it falls on me.
Okay, Ralph, let's talk normally a minute.
You asked about what's going on with Mr.
Nothing is going on with him.
Oh? He has no idea what she could possibly be testifying to.
- He has assured me of that.
- And you believe him.
And you should, too.
I'm sure you come in here wanting to help, but you have to understand that what you're actually doing is helping Paley, because what you just said, "My God, she's gonna testify.
There must be something there," that's his position.
He sows doubt.
That is what he does.
And it is bad enough when it shows up out there.
But you cannot let it take root in here.
Ma'am, it's not only me.
There are rumblings.
Well, stop them.
Stop the rumblings.
You want to help, do that, because now there's going to be more rumblings, about the fact that you and I are sitting here together.
- [door opens.]
- Madam President? Yes? Protocols for the medal ceremony at the Virginia War Memorial this afternoon.
From the bombing raid in Syria? - I can come back.
- No.
The Vice President was just leaving.
Ralph since what you're really asking is whether you'll be sitting in this chair anytime soon, the answer is no.
- What are you doing? - Cleaning up.
Still? Almost done.
Few more minutes.
- Who's this? - What? - Who's this? - Who's who? Her.
Where'd you find that? Under the table.
- That's not ours.
- Should I put it back? That's Dante's wife.
Does she live here? Uh, no, honey.
She's his ex-wife.
They split up.
Why? You know what? That is a very good question.
Audrey Navarro.
She works at Treasury.
What's Treasury? You want to take a ride? I'll show you.
[knocks on door.]
- [door creaks.]
- Hi.
- Hello.
- I'm Dante.
I guess Carrie didn't mention me.
Sorry, no, I don't think so.
Anyway, she's not here.
Uh, I know.
She's at my house with Franny.
They're fine.
Well, thanks for telling me.
That's good to know.
So you probably heard about the big blowout this morning.
Same words.
- Hmm? - Uh, "big blowout.
" Exact same words Carrie used to describe it.
Like I said, though, they're-- they're fine.
Just, uh, traveling a little light.
I thought Franny wouldn't mind getting some of her things.
Yeah, come in.
[door creaks.]
[indistinct conversation in distance.]
- Karen Harris? - Yes, Audrey? You said you had some questions about Dante.
Just a few.
It won't take long.
So [sighs.]
what has he done? Nothing.
He hasn't done anything.
We're vetting him for a new assignment.
So did you and Carrie just meet? Uh, no.
We've, uh, we've worked together for a while, - off and on.
- Mm.
Are you Agency? - Am I allowed to ask that? - Uh, Bureau.
So, um, what are you working on now? The usual.
Meaning you can't say.
You people have no idea how frustrating that is for everyone else.
- [closes drawer.]
- I apologize.
No, it's, uh, reassuring to know she's actually doing something.
- What are you looking for? - Oh, this stuffed rabbit I thought Franny would outgrow by now, but she's, uh, kind of doubled down on him.
- [closes drawer.]
- Think it might be - in Carrie's room? - Maybe, yeah.
Down the hall.
[tense music playing.]
Any luck? Not yet.
Floppy ears, big feet.
You're sure she didn't have him with her? I think I'd have noticed.
Well, maybe he's downstairs.
- [footsteps approach.]
- What are you doing? Is this him? Which is what I want to talk to you about.
Your personal issues are yours, but I-I'd like to hear what you know about his work life at the time.
You mean the whole mess in Kabul? Yeah.
What I know is not a lot.
He was sent home.
He was not happy about it at all.
He started Drinking.
Drinking? Dante? No.
No, I was gonna say obsessing, but that's not quite right either.
He was bitter, for sure, for getting blamed for something that, as I understand it, wasn't his fault.
And he just wouldn't let it go.
So in the end, the timing was just really bad.
How do you mean? Because right when I finally gave up on him and walked out, the whole Kabul thing kind of blew over.
He got some new assignment, back in the game, traveling again.
Where? You would know more about that than me.
Overseas somewhere? He couldn't say.
Anyway, by that time, we were barely talking.
Well, this was very helpful.
Thank you.
You know what really bugged him? The sheer unfairness of it all.
'Cause at the same time he's over there, trying to bring some sanity to the situation, there's this woman, this CIA station chief, who was completely off the rails.
Right around the time he's sent home from Kabul, total pariah, this crazy lady drops a drone on a wedding party, killing 40 people.
And you know what she gets? A promotion.
So Okay, life's not fair.
I know that.
Maybe you do, too.
But I'm not sure Dante really does.
He told me she's bipolar.
Well, she's not.
She's about the most stable person on Earth.
He also said he started drinking heavily-- another lie.
And that he was chained to a desk stateside when, according to her, he was traveling.
- Where was he going? - She had no idea.
By that point, she didn't really care.
But-- but check out the travel.
It's important.
I think that's when he was getting recruited.
Max, are you there? Yeah, I'm here.
Also there was some crazy, crazy stuff involving me.
Like what? I sort of don't know where to start.
How about I come over with Franny, and we go over everything at once? Now's not a good time.
I'm kind of busy.
With what? I'll-- I'll get back to you once I find something.
Okay, good.
So where did we park? [sighs.]
It's not right, you keeping her in the dark.
I don't want to discuss it.
Carrie's the one who told you what's going on.
Is that what she said? See, I wouldn't characterize it that way.
Carrie brought me a problem she couldn't solve, a problem she created, because until she talked to me, she had gotten everything exactly backward.
She trusted the wrong people, used her considerable energies to help a foreign power undermine our government.
Doesn't exactly make her citizen of the month.
- [door opens.]
- Saul? So sit here and do your work.
Next time she calls, don't answer.
[door slams.]
What is it? Simone Martin.
We were tracking some of the names Wellington gave us, looking for a Russian connection overseas.
Then it hit us.
Why not look closer to home? Aristov.
- The oligarchs.
- Like this with the Kremlin and all members of her board.
All three make huge contributions to the NGO she works for, - through companies they control.
- So what are we saying exactly? Her charity, the International Democracy Foundation? It's a Russian front.
Work that up, with all the supporting materials you can get your hands on.
Any luck, we can still get it to a judge this afternoon.
[Vice President Warner.]
Ladies and gentlemen, it's an honor to be here with you all today.
I know you just got home.
You probably want to be off with your families and your loved ones, out of your dress blues, done with all these awards and formalities.
And I don't blame you.
I've been there.
President Keane has, too.
We both know what it's like to be parents Madam President.
General Rossen has already spoken.
The Vice President is introducing you now.
Your remarks are on teleprompter.
President Keane came up with one heck of a play here-- a tricky one, a challenging one-- and she chose you to make it.
Wellington approved the text.
Where is he? Where's David? Mr.
Wellington's not here.
He got me into this.
I haven't seen him all day.
Where is he? He gave me something for you.
because you are the tip of the spear He asked that you not read it until after the event.
warriors of the highest caliber.
Fact is, you came through for us in a very big way [ominous music playing.]
Are you okay? Would you like to sit down? No.
[papers rustle.]
- Madam President-- - No.
- And now, without further ado - [papers rustle.]
I would like to introduce someone else who wants to thank you-- our Commander in Chief, President Elizabeth Keane! [muted applause.]
[mouthing words.]
[applause continues.]
[applause continues.]
This is her, Your Honor-- Simone Martin.
Doesn't look Russian.
She's a Russian agent.
French national.
Mm, pretty.
Nice shape.
These are three Russian organized crime figures who sit on the board of the NGO where she works.
The International Democracy Foundation.
- So called.
- She runs it? She's in charge of fundraising, which she accomplishes mainly by laundering money for these men.
This NGO's a Russian front which we believe has been instrumental in recent active measures against our country.
- Before you get into that - Yes, Your Honor? Come on, you know what I'm gonna say.
You're alleging a sprawling conspiracy.
This woman you've got your sights set on - is a small piece of that pie.
- We believe she's a-- Yeah, you believe.
You allege.
You surmise.
Honestly, I don't know what you're asking for.
A surveillance order? An arrest warrant? I want a writ of mandamus, allowing me to question her on her Russian connections before she testifies in front of Paley's committee in three days.
Okay, wait.
This, uh, Russian agent, this is the same woman who's involved with the President's Chief of Staff? That's correct.
Who he's manhandling all over the interweb.
She's currently sequestered by the committee at a location they're unwilling to disclose.
Probably for her own protection.
No, Your Honor, I don't think so.
Her efforts to damage our country are not a speculation.
We know what her testimony will be.
We know it will not be truthful.
- Then prove that.
- That's why I'm here-- to get a chance to confront her with these facts.
No, no, no.
You get your chance after she's testified, after she says what she's gonna say.
Your Honor, by then it's too late.
Her lies are given credence by the fact she tells them at the Capitol.
There's no way to undo that.
She's not just tainting Wellington.
We face the real prospect of the administration collapsing - Did you hear me? - due to false claims - by a foreign operative - I said no! and a grandstanding Senator who doesn't give a damn about the truth! Now you're raising your voice in my house, which is offensive to me.
Now you can call that a writ of whatever.
What you're asking for is witness tampering, and you know it.
Your problem? It's called politics, which is why it's such a goddamn mess.
[inhales sharply.]
It's also why I have no intention of intervening, and nobody else in this building would either.
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Sanborn.
Major Jeremy Willows.
Airman First Class Andrew Yamato.
Ladies and gentlemen, follow me.
Ma'am, the photographers will be ready in a few minutes.
[cellphone ringing.]
- [beep, ringing stops.]
- Madam President.
I'm at a war memorial, handing out medals for an air strike I didn't order, and you know what I just got? A resignation letter from David Wellington.
Three excruciating pages explaining why he's resigning-- Russians, Russians, Russians, Russians, which he says came from you.
[tense music playing.]
So did it? [Saul.]
The Russian connection, yes.
I did not tell him to resign.
But should he? [Saul.]
No state secrets were compromised.
Beyond that, it's really up to you.
This is what you were trying to tell me the other day, isn't it? When we lost control of the situation in Lucasville.
They're trying to destroy me.
All respect, Ma'am, they're trying to destroy the country.
Used to be from St.
Petersburg and Moscow.
Now it's from Pennsylvania Avenue, three blocks from the White House.
That's where she works, this woman who will be - testifying against Wellington.
- That can't happen.
I agree.
I've started a task force.
Just a few trusted people so far.
Russian experts, not from any single agency.
We've already built what I believe is a compelling case against her.
And? [Saul.]
Federal judge disagreed.
At least, he wasn't willing to intervene.
Is there anything I can do to help? If there were, believe me, I'd let you know.
[keypad beeping.]
Just had a bad conversation with a federal judge, followed by a truly terrible conversation with the President.
So recess is over.
Max, back to your desk.
What? He may have found something.
- What is it? - Something Carrie said, about Dante's trips overseas-- to take a look at them, so I did, while they were looking at where Simone was traveling, raising money, supposedly.
And? Five points of congruence-- Riga, Dubrovnik, Belgrad, Berat, Sofia.
Same time, same place.
We got what we could on Simone.
Is there more? Probably.
But how quickly we can develop that is anyone's guess.
If you need to talk to someone now Go after Dante.
Hop! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You're very welcome.
[Dante sniffs.]
Well? What? Are you gonna thank me? Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind isn't "Thanks.
" It's more, "I don't appreciate you going to my sister's - behind my back.
" - Wow.
I thought you had some some big meeting you had to get to.
Yeah, I picked these up after.
Look I just thought Franny'd be more comfortable.
Franny's not your concern.
Mom? I really don't know how I got to be the bad guy here.
Well, think about it.
- Mom.
- [Carrie sighs.]
[sirens wailing.]
[inhales and exhales slowly.]
[exhales slowly.]
Ma'am? We're five minutes out.
Roger? I'd like to stop at Mr.
Wellington's on the way.
Oh! Sorry.
Too high? - Better? - Better.
One night.
Then what? School tomorrow.
Then what? Don't you worry about that.
Okay? Promise me.
All right.
Now close your eyes.
I'll be back before you know it.
Okay? Close 'em.
[switch clicks.]
[liquid pouring.]
- She good? - Yeah.
You? You really didn't have to give us your room.
I'll survive.
Peace? Yes? No? Yes.
[ice rattles.]
- So what'd she say? - Who? Who do you think? My sister.
Oh, come on.
You were spying on me.
- Spying? - Yeah.
So what'd she say? - Not much.
- Really? She's very discreet.
Probably learned that from you.
She was grilling me.
I do think she's worried about you.
She, uh, said she was relieved to know you were actually doing something with me.
What did Audrey say? She called after you left, congratulate me on the new job.
Fingers crossed, hoped she said the right things.
So did she, hmm? Say the right things? 'Cause, uh, Audrey's definitely not discreet.
She said she worried about you back then, that when things went south in Kabul, she tried to reach out.
At first, anyway.
But? She couldn't make it work.
Why not? She said she gave up.
She gave up? Okay.
What else? Nothing.
I doubt that.
I don't know what you mean.
I think you do.
[exhales slowly.]
She said you were preoccupied with someone else.
Who? A CIA station chief.
[radio chatter.]
[doorbell rings.]
- I'll just be a minute.
- Yes, ma'am.
I got your letter-- letters.
This one, "I resign"-- at least I understand, But this "She meant nothing to me" "a relationship of convenience"? I thought you should know before I leave.
- Know what? - Why I've been here.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
[normal voice.]
You don't get to do that.
upend everything after seven years with this this I don't even know what to call it.
This declaration? I'm the President of the United States.
- I know.
- You made that happen.
As much as anyone, you are responsible.
- I am trying to be.
- By resigning? I am not gonna pull you down.
But I am being pulled down.
Everything is falling apart.
Everything is disintegrating all around me.
And what I need now is for you to be the man I hired to protect me, because they are coming after me, and you are running away, and you can't.
- You can't do that.
- [sighs.]
You can't.
I don't accept this.
I don't accept your resignation.
[door creaks.]
[indistinct conversation.]
[breathing heavily.]
[dramatic music playing.]
We good? Yeah, she can sleep through anything.
[both breathing heavily.]
[SWAT commander.]
He's FBI, spent several years in counterterrorism overseas.
He'll have his standard issue sidearm at least, maybe more.
Tread lightly going in.
Surprise is our friend here.
- [technician.]
Hey, sir? - Yeah? We may have a problem.
What? I'm seeing three images.
He's got company.
- Let me see.
- Yes, sir.
She was warned to stay clear.
[moaning loudly.]
You never told me why you went to her.
[both breathing heavily.]
Why you went to Audrey.
[exhaling sharply.]
Because I think you're-- Aah! Freeze and get on the ground! - On the ground! - No! No! Wait! - On the ground! - Don't move! [Dante.]
Get the fuck off me! Get the fuck off me! I'm a federal agent! - It's all right.
I gotcha.
- Franny! - [Franny screaming.]
- Franny! - Up! Up! - [Franny crying.]
- Franny, it's okay.
- Mommy, no! It's okay.
It's okay, Franny.
[breathing shakily.]
[ominous music playing.]

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