Homeland s07e09 Episode Script

Useful Idiot

1 SAUL: Previously on Homeland Were you delivering the money on your own behalf? LAWYER: Let's talk about immunity.
She gonna tell us who sent her there? A senior White House official.
We have a witness appearing for us in two days who will implicate your Chief of Staff in the General's death.
Let me talk to the Russians.
Tell them in terms they understand.
- No more.
- What happened? I left Franny at Maggie's for the time being.
Go back to your sister's house.
Whatever you did, undo it.
I've been running around like a madman.
I can't keep inflicting that on Franny.
I can't.
We are running out of time.
You have to be honest now.
- I want my lawyer.
- Let's give him one.
I drew up a motion demanding your immediate release.
(gasping) - Dante! - Poison.
(inhales sharply) Like McClendon.
- Did we get what we need? - He said McClendon was poisoned by Russians.
He named Simone.
We have a warrant for Simone Martin's arrest.
Saul, we've reached out to the Russians ourselves.
You just put a target on her back.
They got to her.
Now Dante's all we've got.
I'm gonna have to get back to you.
His heart stopped.
KEANE: He saved our lives.
What was his name? BRODY: Carrie, you're not yourself.
CARRIE: But you don't have my condition.
I'm dealing with it.
I-I've been dealing with it since I was 22.
MAGGIE: She said no one at work could know.
She's bipolar.
MAN: The mood of the country, it's not great.
O'KEEFE: Civil war.
CARRIE: Madam President, please! You have to put a stop to this! WOMAN: It's only getting worse.
QUINN: Is there no fucking line? HILLARY CLINTON: Ridiculous lies and accusations.
WOMAN: The White House is in crisis mode.
SAUL: I'm talking about information warfare.
CARRIE: Our country is under attack.
O'KEEFE: The time to rise up is now! CARRIE: I swore an oath to protect it.
(siren wailing) QUINN: Just think of me as a light on the heavens, a beacon, steering you clear of the wrongs.
- Sim? - Hmm? Simi? (exhales) Are we there? Almost.
(exhales) How long have I been out? About an hour.
(exhales sharply) You should have woken me.
I like watching you sleep.
No tails? Nah, nothing.
What happens when we get there? I will put you in the bed and, uh, we won't get out for a month.
My uncle-- he's got a place near Sergiyev Posad.
We used to go there in summers.
It's got woods.
It's beautiful.
So when they finish debriefing you, we'll go there.
(men speaking indistinctly) (cellphone rings) - (beep) - (Yevgeny clears throat) - Yeah? - Have you had any contact with your FBI guy in the last day or two? - No, why? - How about Simone? Simone, have you heard from Dante lately? - No.
- No, she hasn't.
- Why? What's going on? - Dante hasn't shown up for work, and his phone goes straight to voicemail.
I had his super ring his doorbell a few times, and no answer.
I'm on my way there now.
I'll call you back.
(beep) That was Clayton.
Dante's missing.
He hasn't checked in in a couple of days.
Maybe I missed a message.
Has he done anything like this before? Just disappeared? Never.
Cold feet? (sighs) He's already done the difficult part.
It doesn't make sense.
Where is he then? I don't know.
I can't go, then.
What are you talking about? This can put the whole operation at risk.
But that's absurd.
The President will be blamed for my disappearance, just as she was blamed for the death of McClendon.
You've won.
She's on her last legs.
Not if Dante turned himself in.
If he's cooperating with the authorities, then - No, he's not.
- You don't know that.
- I know him.
- I hope you're right.
It's no safer for you here than it is for me.
- I'll be careful.
- Don't give me that shit! You've been reckless and you know it! Coming to get me was reckless.
Next time, I'll leave you there.
You think this is a joke? Leave it to Clayton.
That is why he is here.
I can't! (jets powering up) I can't.
Then I must plan to never see you again.
(tires peal, engine revs) (telephone ringing in distance) (monitor beeping steadily) (inhaling deeply, exhaling slowly) (monitor continues beeping steadily) - Got anything? - (exhales slowly) No.
They wanna put a balloon pump in, but at this point, he's not strong enough to survive the procedure.
- How's his cognitive function? - They did a CAT scan.
There's no structural damage to his brain, but we won't really know anything until he wakes up.
They give you any sense of when that might happen? (exhales slowly) No.
(monitor continues beeping steadily) But he is gonna wake up? The doctor thinks so.
He better.
(sighs heavily) Anything on Simone? We got teams out, but Is there any other way to connect the Russians to McClendon or Lucasville, any of it? Without Dante? No.
You realize he may deny he said anything.
He may not even remember he said it.
I have to get to the White House, brief the President.
- When he comes to - You'll be the first to know.
(exhales slowly) (monitor continues beeping steadily) (reporters speaking over each other) Senator, why was tomorrow's hearing canceled? Hopefully, it's just postponed.
We're not sure at the moment.
WOMAN: Has the witness chosen not to testify? She was ready and willing to testify.
Unfortunately, we no longer know where she is.
(reporters shouting at once) PALEY: All I can tell you is that Ms.
Martin was under Federal protection in an undisclosed location known only to the US Marshal Service, and now she's gone.
- Are you saying she was kidnapped? - I don't know what to say.
Frankly, the whole thing is deeply troubling.
MAN: Do you believe the White House had a hand - in her disappearance? - The sheer volume of links between these very disturbing events and this administration has become simply overwhelming.
WOMAN: Sir, is impeachment on the table? That's up to my colleagues in the House.
But with the kind of behavior we're seeing from this President That's enough.
it's tough to imagine we're not headed in that direction.
- (remote control clatters) - Anything? Keeping a close eye on the airports and the borders, but likelihood is Simone's already dead.
KEANE: How did they find her? WELLINGTON: What about the FBI agent? I mean, he can still testify this was a Russian operation.
We were hoping that would be the case, but, uh, that's been problematic.
- Fucking hell.
- All right.
How much of the evidence holds up on paper? Not enough.
Not yet.
But we can still make a connection between the Russians and the fake Lucasville story, right? Paley's suggesting you disappeared a witness from Federal Protection.
That's the starter pistol on impeachment.
We can't come back at him with a story about hostile tweets.
I think you may need to read him in.
Who? Paley? On what? Everything.
Lay it out.
Tonight even.
Maybe he'll tone down the rhetoric, give us some time to stem the bleeding.
It's painful, I know.
- It's suicidal.
- She's right.
There's no telling what he'd do with that kind of ammunition.
He's a 20-year veteran of the United States Senate.
I've testified before him, briefed him.
He asks smart questions, has his eye on the ball.
He may be a grasping partisan, but he's also a patriot.
(cellphone rings) (ring) (call waiting beeps) (beep) (clears throat) Have you found him? - Yeah.
- Where is he? A hospital in Bethesda.
Regent Medical Center.
So he is sick? Not exactly.
I'm just leaving his apartment.
Apparently, he was arrested last night.
Arrested? Neighbors saw him being dragged naked into a cruiser.
So I don't understand.
Why is he in the hospital? I don't know.
I'm on my way there now.
I just texted you the location.
(cellphone beeps) - I'll be there in a few hours.
- You got it.
(cellphone rings) (exhales slowly) (telephone ringing) (indistinct conversations) (door closes) (monitor beeping steadily) (bag thuds) Hey.
How you feelin'? (raspy voice) Thirsty.
- (ice rattles) - Here.
(exhales slowly) The doctor says there's some damage to your heart, but nothing that's not fixable.
We're trying to find the guy, the lawyer, but so far he's (inhales deeply) he's gone.
(exhales deeply) Is he somebody you'd seen before? Do-- do you remember a lawyer coming in yesterday? - Yeah.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
I-I didn't know how much of that was still clear.
(sighs heavily) Did he say anything that might help us track him down? Are you still protecting them? Jesus Christ.
Are you serious? You-- you already told us.
Simone, McClendon Are-- are we still playing this game? I was having a heart attack.
(sighs) Those people tried to kill you.
The doctors didn't think you were gonna make it.
They wanted me to track down your parents.
I I've been trying to figure out how I was gonna tell your mother you were poisoned by Russians.
And that's who you're loyal to? People who would do this to you? You think they're gonna stop now? We can protect you.
We can.
But you won't.
Simone is gone.
They got to her and they probably killed her, just like they tried to kill you.
So, yeah, a few days ago, you didn't mean much, and we were not inclined to protect you.
But now if you help us, I will.
I will do everything in my power.
I will use all of my influence with Saul Berenson to see you don't spend the rest of your life in a federal prison.
You have an idea of who I am and what I did and it's nothing like that.
I believe you.
I really do.
(sighs) Who was running you? Was it Simone? Or Yevgeny himself? (sighs heavily) He's awake and he's gonna cooperate.
- Is he coherent? - Completely.
He won't be the friendliest witness in the world, but he'll confirm he was a Russian asset.
And he'll confirm Simone is an operative.
Thank God.
He give you anybody else? He says they maintained a pretty tight cell structure.
He didn't deal with anyone but Simone.
- I suppose it's possible.
- Saul he told me there's a burn code for emergencies, delivered as a tweet.
And when you get it, you don't just go to ground, you torch your entire part of the operation.
SAUL: Okay.
It's one code for the whole network.
Doesn't seem particularly secure.
- Why would Yevgeny do that? - It's a ripcord if they need to go down fast.
And, Saul, there's a response code.
You reply to confirm you're out.
Did he give you the code? He did.
You think we can launch it? I don't know.
You tell me.
It means breaking into the Twitter server, which may or may not be feasible.
Never mind the legal issues.
I'll look into that end.
Talk to Clint and Max, see if they can make it happen.
If we can launch this thing, get a bunch of his operatives to countersign It collapses his entire operation.
Potentially ID's everyone in the network.
Carrie, I don't know what to say.
It's, uh I'll, uh, I'll call you back.
(under breath) Unbelievable.
(chuckles) (sniffles, exhales deeply) (engine starts) (camera shutter clicks) (indistinct conversations) (camera shutter clicks) - (door opens) - Senator Paley's here.
They're putting him in the Situation Room now.
- Shall we? - Have him sit for a minute.
There's something else we need to talk about.
What's that? Well, there'll be some jockeying for immunity and protection, but our witness, Dante Allen, has just agreed to cooperate.
- On the record? - He also provided us Intel that might allow us to make a move on Yevgeny Gromov's network here in the United States.
A cyber attack that will disable his capabilities.
Probably identify a number of his agents on the ground.
- What's the catch? - It'll require some NSA intervention and an American media company.
Probably best undertaken without their knowledge.
- Say what you mean, Saul.
- Electronic breaking and entering on US citizens.
If you consider us under attack, you're at liberty to authorize it.
- But? - But if it ever leaks, you look like you're playing fast and loose with the Constitution.
You notice the longer this goes on, the more I become the leader my enemies say that I am.
Draft a finding for me to sign.
Saul? Let's do our best to keep the club on this one very small.
Yes, ma'am.
(door closes) Sam.
Thanks for coming in.
This couldn't wait till morning? We didn't think it should.
She joining us? - She isn't.
- (chair rolls) - (door closes) - Senator.
Here you go.
(TV chimes) (switch clicks, door closes) (door closes) Your witness, Simone Martin, the woman you're accusing us of disappearing, is a Russian intelligence officer.
- What? - I'm afraid so.
(click) She's attached to an operational division inside the GRU known as Directorate Six.
After the election, she was posted to Washington to rekindle a prior relationship with Mr.
- The Russians? - Yes, sir.
Yeah, give me a fucking break.
Believe me, I had a great deal of difficulty accepting it myself.
- (chuckles) - We've uncovered compelling evidence that ties Ms.
Martin to the poisoning death of General McClendon.
Plan was for her to testify in front of your committee that she'd done so on behalf of Mr.
Wellington and the President.
If your evidence was so compelling, why'd you go to the trouble of gettin' rid of her? We didn't get rid of her.
The GRU did.
This is nonsense.
Come on, David.
As Hail Marys goes, this is elaborate, even for you.
I wish it weren't true.
Well, it isn't.
If you could prove it, we wouldn't be huddled in here, just us chickens.
(click) You know this man? Yeah, Dante Allen.
He's, uh, FBI.
Had a good deal of interaction with him, haven't you? - Some.
- In fact, he's the one who brought Ms.
Martin to your attention, wasn't he? - So? - Go on.
Connect the dots.
For Christ's sake.
You gonna tell me Castro was in on this, too? Mr.
Allen is in federal custody, Senator, charged with violations of the Espionage Act.
(door opens) And he's talking.
(click) So far, he's confirmed a devastating account of Russian interference in our Democratic process, including feeding you and your committee a steady diet of manipulated information designed to bring down the President of the United States.
WELLINGTON: You've been played, Sam.
We all have.
And we all have a lot to answer for if this unfolds the wrong way.
We are counting on your discretion.
My discretion? Dialing back on the impeachment rhetoric, for starters.
What's "UI"? It says it next to my name.
Those are categories used by the GRU.
"T" for target, "RA" for recruited asset, "UI" for What? Useful Idiot.
(door opens, touchscreen clicking) (door closes) All right, tell me how this is gonna work.
CLINT: We spoke to Davis at the NSA.
They've got a backdoor into Twitter's base in Ireland.
They slip us in there, and we launch the code.
Which is what, exactly? It comes out of a Twitter handle called "Real Trade Tramp.
" Claims she's a freelance stock tipster, was fired by JP Morgan.
The accounts are registered to a real estate LLC in Florida called Wyker Properties.
Dante was told to follow the account, and if he saw the phrase "Darwin loves Bitcoin," sign off.
Trade Tramp has a few thousand followers, mostly there for the folksy advice.
They'll see the tweet and presumably dump Bitcoin.
But the rest should reply.
"What about Ripple?" means they copy.
It's a poison pill.
Or it's a digital flare from Dante to Yevgeny, warning him that he's been compromised and we're gonna deploy it for him.
That's clever.
Your guy's not dumb.
Dante thinks they tried to kill him and almost succeeded.
He's not gonna warn Yevgeny we're on his trail.
That's your professional opinion? Ah.
And he has no idea it was you that poisoned him? Not them? - No, he doesn't.
- I'm just saying-- What, you really think there's a single fucking person on the planet more skeptical of Dante Allen than me right now? It's a digital dead drop.
We have no idea what it means.
Good judgment or not, at least acknowledge the fact that we are shooting in the dark.
We got a better play? (sighs) Did the President authorize it? She's not crazy about it, but, yeah.
If it works (sighs) what's the next step? Launch the code, wait for his team to acknowledge.
I got a watch list a mile long.
Anything we get on a live user, I can crosscheck to see if it's somebody we recognize.
Let's go.
(typing) (chirps) (beeps, chirps) (exhales deeply) JANET: How's 20 minutes? Is that right from-- - Come with me.
- I'll get back to you.
How did Mathison make contact with you? Carrie? When? Initially.
You sorority sisters or somethin'? Charlie Gilweit at the DIA called me, said Carrie wanted to talk, and I should take the meeting.
Did you check her out before you put her in a room with me? Charlie Gilweit's a two-star General.
Unless the White House has concocted a truly epic web of lies, which is, of course, always a possibility, I am the tip of the spear of one of the most insidious attacks ever perpetrated on the institution of American democracy.
And everything I've said in public in the last three months has been an elaborate fiction authored by the military intelligence wing of the Russian government.
(scoffs) Carrie is a-- No, Simone Martin is.
And Dante Allen.
Mathison's just a stooge, like me and you.
- How can you be sure? - Because as explanations go, this one bears the unfortunate hallmark of making all the fucking sense in the world.
When are they going public with the news? I don't know.
Dante's in the middle of briefing the authorities.
We need to get out in front of it, then.
- I can - We can't.
- Why not? - It would compromise the effort to take down the Russian network.
What we need is a face-saving measure.
Build a narrative about unity in the face of adversity.
Some crap like that.
But when they're ready, you get to make the announcement and your committee leads the investigation in Congress.
They want a deal? That's the price.
I can sit down with them first thing in the morning.
(footsteps depart) (door opens) (cellphone rings) - Clayton.
- What the hell is going on? - What do you mean? - Are we going to ground? What? No.
- The burn code.
You sent it.
- No, I didn't.
What do you think? I'm making it up? Look at the feed.
(chirping) (speaks Russian) - Have you found Dante? - He's in the ER.
They got a bunch of guys guarding the place.
I don't know what's wrong with him.
- He fucking gave them the code.
- What do you want me to do? Nothing.
Just stay there, wait for me.
Whatever you do, do not-- do not go to ground.
(beep) (sighs) (beep, line rings) (beep, call disconnects, cellphone thuds) (yells) (chirps) We got another one.
Here we go.
(typing) Why are they all overseas? Those are Tor servers-- Romania, Germany.
It gives us a place to start, but it takes a while.
They work pretty hard to stay anonymized.
We pray for the lazy ones-- some genius who logs in from Starbucks.
(computer chirping) - (computer bloops) - Sandy.
SANDY: J Wittkowski.
UT Austin.
Little shit.
Another amplifier.
He's got the best part-time job on campus.
Pays for a lot of Adderall.
Do they even know who they're working for? Most of them probably don't.
One or two may have been recruited in person.
- (chirps) - 17, ladies and gentlemen.
(typing) - Not bad.
- Yeah.
Hey, you mind if I duck out for a bit? I should touch base with my sister.
She was in high dungeon.
It's up to the quants now anyhow.
Be nice.
Your sister's just worried about you and the kid.
CLINT: Saul.
Where the hell is that? Connecticut.
Is that a bounce or a real location? Give me a sec.
User logged in from an AT&T server.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
There's one in every class.
- (bloops) - Paul Wyler.
Red Strake Capital.
SANDY: Paul Wyler.
Personal wealth manager.
SEC flagged him in 2013 for work done on behalf of client Wang Xiaobo.
Beijing real estate developer.
Wyler was investigated, no charges filed.
If I'm Yevgeny, I'd let him handle my money.
Client list, affiliated firms? - Yep.
- (chirps) - (line rings) - 18.
Sharon, I need counterintel to have a friendly chat with Paul Wyler.
- W-Y-L-E-R.
- Greenwich.
Greenwich, Connecticut.
(birds chirping) (dog barking in distance) (door creaks closed) - Hey.
- Hi.
- How's it goin'? - (sighs) Okay.
Maggie around? Uh, no.
I called her office.
They said she wasn't there.
Maybe a haircut or something? (sighs) Franny's at school? Yeah.
Was she all right this morning? Uh, better than yesterday.
She slept.
I felt awful about that.
I didn't wanna leave, but (inhales deeply) there was a pretty big thing going down with a double agent and a foreign infiltration.
I think we may have stopped it.
Came up with a kind of amazing counterpunch, actually.
That's great.
I'm sorry.
I-I know this sounds like science fiction.
I believe you.
I believe you were doing something important.
So does Maggie.
(sighs) When's she coming home? Uh, I don't know.
Can you call and ask her? She's not answering my calls 'cause she's trying to make a point, and she's made it.
Can you just call and find out when she'll be back? (sighs) Um (sighs) All right, know what? Forget it.
She'll pick up the home phone.
- Carrie, stop.
- What the fuck? Don't call her.
She's (inhales deeply) She's talking to a lawyer.
- About? - Franny.
What's the name of this lawyer? Goddamn it.
Tell me where your wife is.
I'm sorry.
I-I know that this is painful.
(voice breaking) Look, I made a mistake.
Bringing Franny to Dante's, that was that was a big mistake.
But I am not the only parent in this world who has stumbled.
- That was more than a stumble.
- Yeah, I'm aware of that.
I-I don't really think that you are.
You can't provide her with a stable home, so we are going to.
Not for a week, not for six months.
That is too damaging for a child.
And if she doesn't get some stability in her life, she's gonna end up just like you.
(cellphone rings) (sighs heavily) Hello? SIMONE: What in God's name are you doing? Mirov called.
He's furious.
He said you won't answer the phone.
Dante Allen is cooperating with the Americans, Simone.
I know, and I'm sorry.
But we are no longer in a position to salvage the network, which means you have to-- I don't give a fuck about the network, Simone.
- They've got one of us in custody.
- Mirov's panicking, and so are you.
Calm down, speak to him respectfully, and maybe he'll send you reinforcement.
Did he say that? He said if you don't re-establish contact, he will designate you rogue.
Did you hear me? (sighs) Yes.
I'm sorry about Dante.
Ah, it's not your fault.
Of course it is.
And I will take full responsibility.
- (call waiting beeps) - Hey, uh, Simi, I got another call coming.
- (beep) - It's probably Mirov.
Answer him.
Don't make him wait.
- (beep) - Yeah, I'll call you back.
- (beep) - (clears throat) It's Wyler.
What the fuck is going on? WOMAN: Honey, who are these people? PAUL: Are you there? Hello? - (baby crying) - (woman shouting indistinctly) Are you calling me from an encrypted line? I don't fucking know! I have two assholes from the FBI at my front door! What am I supposed to tell them?! Nothing.
Not a single word.
Do you understand? Don't say anything.
Get a lawyer and never call me again.
What the fuck are you-- (call disconnects) (cellphone thuds) (engine revs) (window whirring) (cellphone clatters) (keys clatter) - This isn't a good idea.
- Thanks for your input.
- Carrie - Stay the fuck away from my kid.
- Carrie! - (door slams) (sighs) (sighs) (dials cellphone) (line rings) Mirov called.
Says he can't reach you.
I had to dump my phone.
Is he sending a team? No.
(sighs deeply) He has a plane waiting.
He wants me to take you there.
I told him it was a nonstarter.
(chuckles) What does it look like in there? Allen's still in the ER.
They moved him to a private area-- locked halls, key cards, security guards all over the place checking ID.
Family and patients only.
I got in there for a minute, but they hustled me out quick.
Hospital security or Feds.
(pats arm) Swap seats with me.
I wanna drive.
Do you have another phone for me? Yeah.
- (gunshot) - (gasps) - Breathe.
- (wheezes) Breathe.
You'll be fine.
We're at the hospital.
(wheezes) (tires peal) Help! He's been shot! GSW at 1B.
This way.
Get a gurney in there.
(door buzzes) MAN: Here we go, here we go.
Get him in the R-- - (Clayton gasping) - He's not breathing! - We gotta control this bleeding.
- Let's get him on hypo O2.
- Excuse us, excuse us! - Get a peripheral pulse.
- How many extra fluids do you have? - No pulse.
Start the pressure.
Sir, why don't you come with me? We'll get you cleaned up.
MAN: Cardiac surgeon down here.
(door closes) Hi.
- Sorry, can you help me? - Sure.
I need to pull my daughter out a little early today.
Franny Mathison.
She's in Room 107 with Mrs.
Of course.
Let me just call the classroom.
(beep) Hi, Julia.
Is Franny Mathison in the room now or are they in the gym? Tanya.
I'm going to call you right back.
I'm Jim Lippard.
I think we met at, uh, Curriculum Night.
Uh, yeah.
I-I think so.
(chuckles) Franny's uncle, uh, Bill, I think? - Yeah.
- He just called and asked that Franny stay here - for the rest of the school day.
- She and I have an appointment.
So I'll check in with my brother-in-law later, but I'd like to get my daughter now.
He said there's a lot going on right now.
And I know these things can be tricky.
Franny's got a lot of people who love her, - which is great.
- I'm Franny's mother.
My sister and her husband spend a lot of time with her.
She's stayed with them when I've had to work overseas, but I'm her only legal guardian, and I need you to bring her out now.
Or I-I can go get her myself.
- I'll get her.
- Thank you.
They're in the gym.
MAN: Continued compressions.
His pulses are not breathing.
- We're losing him.
- He's crashing, guys.
WOMAN: Set up an intubation tray.
- (man speaking indistinctly) - (beeping) MAN: Okay, keep bagging him.
Just keep pushing.
All right, suction.
WOMAN (over PA): Code blue in ER.
Code blue in ER.
MAN: All right, let's go, let's go.
Line started for me.
(cart wheels rolling) (beep) (door opens, cart wheels rolling) (door closes) (monitor beeping steadily) (sniffs) (grunts, inhales sharply) Don't worry.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I just need to know what you told the government.
Fuck you.
You tried to kill me.
What are you talking about? You poisoned me.
That's why you're here? We didn't try to poison you.
The lawyer you sent.
We didn't send you a lawyer.
Who was holding you? Mathison? So she tells you that we sent someone in to poison you, and you believed her? I don't poison my own people.
I have I have many flaws (chuckles) but that isn't one of them.
I protect my people.
You don't believe me? Call her.
Call her and ask.
And listen.
Listen to her voice as she works out how to lie to you.
(cellphone chirps, touchscreen clicks) (line rings) (cellphone rings) (ring) (click) - Hey, sweetheart.
You ready? - Yeah.
Clarke said there's a spelling sheet in her folder.
It's in the backpack.
They're doing it in class today.
- (ring) - Franny can bring it tomorrow.
- Uh, excuse me for one second.
Dante? - Yeah.
Can I call you back in, like, five minutes? Did you poison me? Um - W-what are you - The lawyer.
Was he one of yours? Are you out of your fucking mind? No.
I did not.
My God, why would you even think that? That's That's insane.
- I'm gonna come there.
- Mommy.
I-I just picked up Franny.
We'll come to the hospital.
- (Dante breathing raggedly) - Dante? Dante.
Hang up that phone.
Yevgeny's here.
Lock down the hospital-- (call disconnects) Dante! Fuck! (grunting) (muffled shouts) (inhales deeply, exhales sharply) - Aw, shit.
- (beep) Um some-- something's happened and I have to go.
She has to stay here.
It-- it's an emergency.
- (line rings) - Carrie.
Yevgeny's in the hospital.
He found Dante.
Lock down the hospital.
Hey, you need to go back to class.
I love you, baby.
I'm gonna see you after school, okay? - I have to go.
- No, Mommy! No, Mommy, no.
I gotta go.
I gotta go.
Franny! (engine stalls, turns over) Shit.
FRANNY: Mommy! - (gasps) - (tires screech) (gasping) Get her! No, Mommy, no! No! (tires peal, engine revs) (exhales sharply) - (thud) - (gasps, exhales sharply) (sobbing) (exhales sharply) No, no, no! (tires screech, horn blares) (breathing heavily) (engine revving) (brakes screech) You cannot park there! You don't have a tag.
(indistinct radio chatter) (girl wailing) CARRIE: What happened? Is he okay? He didn't make it.
He didn't make it.
(breathing heavily) CARRIE: Brody! - (crowd shouting) - Brody! (exhales sharply) (crowd continues shouting, gunshot) - (gasps) - (crowd continues shouting) (rapid gunfire) (gunfire continues) (crowd continues shouting) - Hey! - (monitor flatlining) (gasps, screaming) - (crying) - What did you do? (screaming)
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