Homeland s07e12 Episode Script

Paean To The People

1 [Saul.]
Previously on Homeland I know you're working with Saul Berenson.
I also know he just took a group to Moscow.
Why are they there? To retrieve Simone Martin.
Imagine Simone Martin saying that publicly, that everything we've been blaming on Keane - is actually Russians.
- [Janet.]
A few words to the Russian ambassador, and Saul's mission fails.
[tense music playing.]
Plan "A" at the dacha went to shit.
Team walked into a trap.
Explain to me how you used the 25th Amendment to oust a President who is not in a coma, not in any way disabled, clearly in possession of her faculties.
Elizabeth Keane is no longer President.
Whatever authorization we had has vanished.
There are divisions on their side we can use against them.
What do you want? I want Simone Martin.
[rapid gunfire, screaming.]
This whole crazy thing is you.
The Kremlin has lost control.
You are the problem.
What do you think they'll do? You are expendable.
- You good? - [panting.]
- Yeah.
- [engine revs.]
Keep down, okay? Homeland - 7x12 "Paean To The People" [engine revving.]
They're expecting us at the Embassy? Yeah.
Was that always the plan? More or less.
Difference being we didn't expect - to have Yevgeny on our ass.
- Well, we don't.
Not yet, anyway.
Left here.
[tires screech.]
[woman on TV.]
Live videos taken on the ground show a violent assault in progress at the headquarters - of the GRU - [knock on door.]
Russia's main intelligence directorate, where personnel - [knocking continues.]
- are being dragged outside, beaten, and held at gunpoint by members of the SVR, the Russian foreign intelligence service, a modern successor - What is this? What's going on? - [mutes TV.]
Apparently, the Russians are fighting each other.
It's Saul Berenson, and you sent him there.
You thought what? I wouldn't find out? I wouldn't notice you sent a damn time bomb to Moscow? What is he doing? What's the mission? [clears throat.]
He's discussing Russian active measures with members of their intelligence community.
Really? That is "discussing active measures"? You don't wanna answer my questions? Fine.
I'll pull him from the field right now.
- Don't do that.
- [Warner sighs.]
- Why not? Why shouldn't I? - [sighs.]
Why shouldn't I? - Simone Martin.
- [Warner.]
What about her? I told you she's a Russian operative.
- Was a Russian operative.
- No.
She's alive in Moscow.
Saul has gone there to bring her back.
Simone is GRU.
That's GRU headquarters.
So we assumed it was part of Saul's mission, but obviously, something has gone wrong.
You think? I should've been briefed on this.
- You should've briefed me.
- I couldn't take that chance.
What chance? That I would compromise an American operation in progress on the ground? Yes.
Why on earth would I do that? For the same reason you stuck a knife in my back two days ago.
[door closes.]
[lowered voice.]
They have the package.
Listen up.
We're going home.
We leave now.
Don't go to your rooms.
Go straight to the parking garage.
- [indistinct conversations.]
- Colonel.
Berenson, has something happened? What you predicted.
All the changes in Washington.
I've been recalled.
You're not National Security Advisor anymore? I said recalled, not fired.
New President wants to consult with me.
He also said I must invite you and General Yakushin to Washington to continue our discussions there.
I'd like that.
[footsteps descending staircase.]
[door closes.]
This is Saul Berenson.
Get her in the van.
Are we good? Police escort is waiting outside.
Plane is standing by.
- Thanks, Jim.
- Don't thank me yet.
[vehicle doors closing.]
[indistinct conversations, cellphone rings.]
- [beep.]
- [speaks Russian.]
[cellphone beeps.]
[tense music playing.]
[engine revving.]
[tires screeching.]
Stop! Stop! - [engine idling.]
- What's wrong? I want everyone out of this van.
- Excuse me? - I said everyone out! - Colonel, calm down.
- [knocks on window.]
Turn off the car! Please, you're making a fool of yourself.
- I am? - [cellphone rings.]
- [sighs.]
- [ring.]
Da? [sighs.]
- I'm sorry.
- [breathing heavily.]
Have a good flight.
[engine starts, radio chatter.]
[car door closes.]
[siren wailing.]
[cellphone vibrating.]
Who keeps calling you? - It's nobody.
No, don't! - Hey! Clint.
Who? [cellphone vibrates.]
It's Janet.
She works for Senator Paley.
- [vibrating continues.]
- Tell me.
She came to my house to find out what Saul was doing.
I have no idea how she even connected me to it.
She threatened you? And you told her about the plan to exfiltrate Simone.
That's why the Russians were waiting at the dacha.
[computer bloops.]
Saul's en route to the airport.
Have you said anything to anybody - about what's happening now? - No, nothing.
Not a word.
It's why I'm not answering the phone.
So she doesn't get any ideas and try to find us.
I'm really, really sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
But right now I can't let you out of my sight.
Come on.
- [chair scrapes floor.]
- [Sandy.]
Sit with me, okay? [tires screech.]
[siren wailing, horn honks, tires screech.]
- [Anson.]
- [Carrie.]
[radio chatter.]
[men shouting in Russian.]
- Max, can you hear me? - [Max.]
We're cut off from the Embassy.
Where's Saul? He left the hotel five minutes ago with the package.
We have to buy time.
40 minutes, maybe an hour, till they're in the air.
- Where are you going? - They know the car.
- I have to go on foot.
- I'm not leaving you.
No, it's not up for discussion.
I agreed with Saul.
If things go wrong, this is the plan.
What, to allow them to fucking catch you? No, to buy time for what really matters, which is not me, it's Simone.
[men shouting in Russian.]
[radio chatter, man speaks in Russian.]
[man speaking in Russian.]
They've seen us.
[siren wailing.]
[shouting in Russian.]
[tires peal.]
[loud crash.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[siren wailing.]
- What station is that? - Checking.
[indistinct conversations.]
[men shouting in Russian.]
[indistinct PA announcement.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[engines revving.]
Remember, we're a bunch of diplomats heading home.
So you know who you are.
Carrie Mathison.
Your favorite.
- What's happening with her? - Don't worry about it.
She came over the roof to get me.
Did you know that? You're just going to leave her here? [panting.]
[wheels squeaking on track.]
[indistinct PA announcement.]
[typing on keyboard.]
[engine revs.]
[exhales deeply.]
[window whirs.]
[radio chatter.]
[helicopter blades whirring.]
[radio chatter continues.]
[scanner whirring.]
[scanner whirring.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
What do you think you're doing? - This is a diplomatic vehicle.
- [woman translates in Russian.]
- [man.]
- [Saul.]
Nobody's going anywhere.
- This man is murderer.
- [Saul.]
You're mistaken.
- We're United States diplomats.
- [speaking Russian.]
This man's wanted by the police.
Killed someone in Sergiyev Posad.
That's the dacha.
They have a photo.
We have diplomatic immunity.
His orders are to make an arrest.
No, that's not gonna happen.
We have diplomatic immunity.
We're protected by international law.
[speaks Russian.]
Fuck off, asshole! Lock it! Lock it! [men shouting in Russian.]
Get me the Embassy.
[train wheels rattling and squeaking.]
[man shouts in Russian.]
[woman screams.]
[man shouts indistinctly.]
[lock clacks.]
[men shouting in Russian in distance.]
[intercom beeps.]
President, I have Mr.
Berenson for you.
- He says it's urgent.
- [beep.]
- Put him on.
- [beeps.]
- Mr.
- [Saul.]
President, I'm at Ostafyevo Airport outside Moscow on a diplomatic mission initiated by President Keane.
- I'm aware.
- [Saul.]
Then you're aware of the importance of our work here.
What do you want? [Saul.]
The guards are refusing to let us board our plane.
I need you to contact the Russians and remind them this is a diplomatic mission, that all of us have diplomatic immunity and must be allowed to board.
Why are they holding you? Police claim a member of our group is wanted in connection with a homicide outside of Moscow.
- And was he involved? - No, sir.
Mistaken identity.
And has the mission been a success? - Sir? - [Warner.]
You heard me.
Has the mission been a success? Yes, it has.
But if our situation here isn't resolved soon, that will change.
I'll have to get back to you.
[call disconnects.]
[Saul exhales deeply.]
He's got her, doesn't he? Simone Martin.
So you know she's alive? Yes.
And not a victim of Keane's reign of terror, - as you've been saying.
- No.
But that's not the issue now.
And what is the issue? If Saul Berenson returns with Simone Martin to the United States, Keane'll be sitting behind this desk again, feeling vindicated and vindictive.
You'll be back to opening State Fairs and Boy Scout jamborees.
- What do you advise? - The Russian Ambassador was waiting in the Roosevelt Room when I came in.
Said he's been asking to see you all morning.
Tell him the truth.
Which is? You didn't send Berenson to Moscow.
You didn't cause all this unrest.
You are not responsible for Elizabeth Keane's brinksmanship.
[ominous music playing.]
[indistinct conversations in Russian.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[man speaking Russian over PA.]
[speaks Russian.]
[speaks Russian.]
[doors rattle.]
- Max, are you there? - Yeah.
Please tell me Saul's on the plane.
There's a problem at the airfield.
They're not being allowed to board.
[footsteps approaching, radio chatter.]
Ambassador, sorry to keep you waiting.
- [door closes.]
- It's been a hell of a morning.
Forgive me for getting straight to the point, but events in Moscow are causing us great concern.
Mm, as they are me.
Especially because we have clear evidence they were instigated by members of your own-- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I think we have this the wrong way around.
I asked to see you, because right now there's a situation developing at Ostafyevo Airport.
Your security forces are preventing Saul Berenson and his team from leaving the country.
In fact, they're being detained.
I want them released immediately.
President, this is not at all what we discussed.
Let me finish, Senator.
Berenson is there on a diplomatic mission and therefore has diplomatic immunity - But he has flouted-- - no different than you.
And if he and his people aren't allowed to board their plane in the next five minutes, I will close your Embassy and I will detain every single Russian diplomat, starting with you.
Call Moscow.
Let Mr.
Berenson go.
And you, Senator, you can get the fuck out of my White House.
[dramatic music playing.]
- Carrie.
- Yeah? [Max.]
Anson made it into the Embassy.
Oh, thank God.
What about Saul? [Max.]
Not yet.
[speaking inaudibly.]
[speaking Russian.]
[metal clanking.]
Max, I haven't got much longer.
I'm with you, Carrie.
[banging on door.]
[men shouting in Russian.]
[Carrie shouts in Russian.]
[buzzer sounds.]
[men shouting in Russian.]
[Carrie grunts.]
[exhales sharply.]
- [punches.]
- [Carrie grunts.]
Carrie, Saul is away.
[breathing heavily.]
[TV news program theme playing.]
Security is unusually tight today ahead of Simone Martin's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, testimony widely expected to be a complete vindication of Elizabeth Keane, who was removed from office five days ago.
Senator Sam Paley, who led that effort, was himself arrested Tuesday morning in a dawn raid by the FBI and charged with criminally conspiring with a foreign power.
His chief of staff, Janet Bayne, is said to be cooperating with investigators.
Meanwhile, back at the White House, Ms.
Keane is scheduled to be re-sworn into office at noon Eastern Standard Time.
Sources tell CNB her first official act will be to sign a series of executive orders dramatically expanding sanctions against Russia.
It appears Simone Martin has just entered the hearing room.
Let's watch.
[cameras shutters clicking, spectators murmuring.]
[exhales deeply.]
[gavel bangs, camera shutters stop clicking.]
In accordance with the practice of the committee, will the witness please rise and be sworn? [camera shutters resume clicking.]
Do you swear that all the testimony you will give in this proceeding will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? - I do.
- [Eames.]
Be seated.
Would you state your full name, please? - Simone Marie Martin.
- [Eames.]
Martin, the Committee thanks you for your appearance here today.
There's a lot riding on what you have to say, so I'd like to just jump right in, if that's okay with you.
Will you tell the American people what the GRU is? The GRU is a foreign military intelligence agency of the general staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation.
What is your relationship to that organization? I'm a Captain in the GRU.
That one's for you, Carrie.
Could you describe for us, please, what a Captain does exactly? Different things.
Me, I'm an operations officer.
I work in the field.
Martin, what was your most recent operation? [tense music playing.]
I was part of a team sent here to disrupt the American political system.
How? By any means necessary.
Give me an example of what you tried to do.
Come on, baby, just say it.
We tried to compromise your President and push her out of office.
Yes! [camera shutters clicking on TV.]
Feels good, doesn't it? To finally hear the truth.
- [Anson.]
- [Doxie.]
Sure does.
You have no fucking idea.
- [exhales.]
- [Keane laughs.]
So this is the room where it happened.
Well, I wanted to come and meet you all and say thank you.
So thank you.
You guys kicked ass.
I also wanted to tell you that I am doing everything in my power to bring Carrie Mathison home.
You have my solemn promise on that.
[horns honking in distance.]
Come on, Saul.
Introduce me to everybody.
- Sandy Langmore.
- It's an honor to meet you, - Madam President.
- [Saul.]
Clint Prower.
- Hi.
- [Keane.]
Max Pietrowski.
[door clanks and squeaks.]
How's the book? It's good.
Passes time.
Thanks for letting me have it.
[cell door closes.]
[door creaks.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[door creaks closed.]
Of course.
I guess this means Simone's already testified, or is about to.
Sit down.
Well, I'm not gonna save your asses now by reading some stupid statement saying this was all a CIA plot.
Oh, I think you will.
What's the point anyway? People will know the statement was coerced.
- No one will believe it.
- They don't have to.
As long as the seed of doubt is planted, that's all I need-- something to water and let grow.
More reason not to do it.
[pills rattle.]
Your medication.
Your new medication.
Yes, I know all about that.
Am I supposed to be impressed? No, you're supposed to ask yourself how do you want to spend the rest of your days here-- reading nice books that Aleksandr brings you and exercising in the yard, or gone mad, locked up in an asylum? Make the statement.
Admit your guilt, apologize to the Russian people, and the pills are yours as long as you need them.
I said no.
It will be months, Carrie.
Maybe longer.
Very powerful men are upset.
They're not gonna exchange you soon, or for nothing.
[sighs heavily.]
- [pills rattle.]
- [Yevgeny.]
Think about it.
You have till tomorrow to decide.
Aleksandr! [door clanks and creaks.]
[engines revving, sirens chirping.]
[sirens wailing.]
Not yet.
Still a work in progress.
Tell them they'll get the full draft three hours before air.
[horn honks, sirens continue wailing.]
Well, that's up to the President.
Hold on.
I'll ask her.
Reiko's wondering if she should mention that you chose tomorrow night for the address because it's the anniversary of Andrew's death.
You know the answer to that.
My son's off-limits.
That would be a "no.
" And, uh, I'll get back to you on the other thing.
[cellphone beeps.]
What about me? When do I get to see a draft? When I'm ready to show it to you.
[sirens wailing.]
[radio chatter.]
Also, the Vice President's been asking for a moment of your time after the reswearing in.
- What for? - No idea.
Well, find out.
Then put him back in his doll box and close the lid.
I'm done playing with him.
[cheers and applause.]
[applause continues.]
Thank you.
- Hello, Ralph.
- Madam President.
Not quite yet.
- Thanks for holding down the fort.
- It was the honor of my life.
And to all of you for having my back - [staff murmuring.]
- Thank you.
Chief Justice.
- Whenever you're ready.
- Now's good.
Excuse me.
Please place your left hand on the Bible and raise your right hand and repeat after me.
Is it the same oath I swore a hundred days ago? Yes, ma'am.
Then I'm pretty sure I got it down.
[inhales deeply, exhales slowly.]
[somber music playing.]
I do solemnly swear that I shall faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.
- [man.]
Hear, hear.
- [applause.]
[man shouting indistinctly in distance.]
[door clanks and creaks.]
Aleksandr I need to ask you something.
Of course.
Come in a second.
Yevgeny has a bottle of pills-- the medication I take.
Without it I'll lose my mind, I'll go insane.
I would do anything, anything I don't know if it's possible.
I will try.
[door clanks.]
- [exhales shakily.]
- [door locks.]
[indistinct conversations.]
We need the transition protocols - David said you wanted a word.
- I do.
- Please.
- [door closes.]
Is it true about the new round of sanctions you're planning to announce tomorrow? It is.
Am I overplaying? Not at all.
The American people need to know exactly where you stand on Russia and why.
What then? The policy isn't the problem.
The method is.
Executive orders governing by fiat.
I think you're-- you're missing an opportunity here.
How so? The Russian rebuke is the perfect bipartisan issue.
Instead of acting unilaterally, why not bring Congress in as a partner? Because it's handing our agenda over to a legislative body that has forgotten how to legislate.
You're right, of course.
It's not with-- without its risks.
But the upside is huge.
Build a bridge now and push our domestic program across it later.
I'm not sure the timing is right.
In this town, it's never a bad time to try a new way of doing things.
Otherwise, it's just Democrats and Republicans, Republicans and Democrats, whipsawing the country to death.
Tell you what, Ralph.
Let me think about it.
Of course, Madam President.
- David.
- Thank you.
[door opens.]
[indistinct conversations, telephone ringing.]
[door closes.]
I can't believe you were going for that.
Oh, I don't know.
It didn't sound like such - a terrible idea to me.
- Come on.
The man has instincts, Elizabeth, and skills.
Even the other side likes him.
But it's our foot on their throats for once.
I think that's his point.
Sooner or later, someone's gonna have to stop this vicious cycle of partisan advantage and start exercising - some restraint when in power.
- Does it have to be me? [whispers.]
Okay, okay.
[normal voice.]
I said I'll think about it.
I will.
[somber music playing.]
What else? Did I hear you say that Paley's been asking to see me? I'll just tell him to piss off.
Actually, no, don't do that.
Him, I might want to talk to.
[birds chirping.]
I see three names, but no Alexei Gorin.
Gorin's a deal-breaker.
If she's really that valuable I told you, I can't make Gorin happen even if I wanted to.
Too bad.
I'm offering you three of the highest-level captures in the last decade.
No one back in Moscow is much in the mood to negotiate anyway.
Maybe it's better if you wait a few months.
I can't wait a few months.
I don't even know if she'll be alive in a few months.
Then put Gorin back on the list.
[departing footsteps.]
[siren wailing in distance.]
[horn honks.]
- [buzzer in distance.]
- Come on in.
[door closes.]
Madam President.
I let a terrible thing happen.
People died.
I beg your forgiveness.
I'm not asking for me.
I know I'm not getting out of this place anytime soon.
I'm asking for my family-- my wife, Sally, my boys, Harry and Sam Jr.
, all blameless.
I've been in public life for 40 years.
My first job-- Animal Control Lieutenant, Pima County, Arizona.
Literally the dog catcher.
I haven't spent a day in private sector.
Never used any of my positions, including United States Senate, to enrich myself.
Maybe it's hard for you to believe, but I'm not a wealthy man.
And without my pension, my family won't-- won't have enough to live on.
Sally you know is not well.
Elizabeth please, I'm begging you.
Punish me, not them.
For God's sake, say something.
- [footsteps depart.]
- [grunts.]
[door opens, closes.]
[melancholy music playing.]
[siren wailing in distance.]
[cell door clanks open.]
Cauliflower and carrot stroganoff.
It is not horrible.
Thank you.
Come back later tonight? [cell door opens.]
[door closes.]
[exhales sharply.]
[somber music playing.]
[exhales sharply.]
Reschedule for our first press conference, and Todd will take care of that [woman.]
Let's go, guys.
Mic check.
Where's the stand-in? [indistinct conversations.]
- What's going on? - POTUS changed her mind.
- I thought you knew.
- Where is she? In the residence.
She asked not to be disturbed.
[indistinct conversations continue.]
- [knock on door.]
- [Keane.]
Come in.
Um could-- could we have a moment, please? No, stay.
Don't look so worried, David.
We discussed this-- the East Room, the power walk to the podium, you're always better - in front of a live audience.
- I'll be fine.
Don't tell me you'll be fine.
Tell me what's going on.
You're the one who wanted me to listen to the Vice President.
- Well, I have.
- Okay.
That's why I'm moving the speech to the Oval.
I wanna sit down and speak directly to the American people from the heart, - like I did after Lucasville.
- Well, that is hardly the speech that's on the teleprompter right now.
I'm not going to use the teleprompter.
- What? - You heard me.
I'm gonna wing it, let the spirit move me.
You're kidding.
I'm not.
You're prepared to blow your one chance to reintroduce yourself to the country? There is still time.
Let me and Josh whip something up for you.
Trust me, David.
I got this.
[cell door unlocks.]
[inhales deeply.]
Well? What? Time's up.
You gotta decide.
I told you.
I'm not doing it.
No statement.
I was really hoping you'd make it easy for both of us.
- Tough shit.
- [sighs heavily.]
You know, it's really not that much to ask.
Surely I can change your mind.
Not a chance.
Even if I told you that Aleksandr has been reassigned.
Consular security in Zurich.
Aleksandr! You should congratulate him.
It's a promotion.
[voice breaks.]
And that pill he brought you last night? Sugar.
[ominous music playing.]
I'm sorry to play with your emotions like this, but I hope you can see your situation a lot more clearly now.
Fuck you.
Last chance.
Read the statement.
I won't ask again.
Go to hell.
I believe that's where you're going.
[footsteps depart.]
[cell door closes, locks.]
[staff murmuring.]
[indistinct conversations.]
Of course, yeah.
Is the script good to go? She's gonna be using it? [man speaks indistinctly.]
[murmuring continues.]
Standby studio, 15 seconds.
Okay, everybody, settle down now.
Nice and quiet.
Eight seconds to air.
Five, four, three, two [man.]
Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.
Good evening.
I was going to read a prepared speech tonight about how Russia has waged a covert war on my presidency and on our country.
Those of you who watched the Senate hearings yesterday know what I'm talking about.
You should also know that none of this is new.
We have been under one form of Russian attack or another since the 1950s.
What's different today is what an easy target we are, as deeply divided a nation as I can remember.
For this, I must share some of the blame.
The attack on my life earlier this year [inhales sharply.]
[exhales deeply.]
It scared the hell out of me.
Then it made me really angry, and then I tried to get even.
I wasn't above using the power of this office to lash out at my enemies.
I don't believe it was against the law, but it was wrong.
For over 200 years, we have had an angel on our shoulder in this country.
Lately I've been wondering where she's gone.
Look around.
We're in trouble.
Our democracy is.
And it is not Russia's fault.
It is ours.
We are the ones killing it.
When we think of democracies dying, we think of revolutions, of military coup d'etats, of armed men in the street.
But that's less and less how it happens anymore.
Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Nicaragua, the Philippines democracies now die when we're not looking, when we're not paying attention.
And the end rarely comes in an instant, but arrives slowly, like twilight.
And at first, our eyes don't notice.
I spent much of the afternoon with Vice President Warner, who I have come to know as a deeply honorable and decent man.
He and I agree, our country is at a crisis point, locked in an existential conflict over race and identity and culture.
The signs are everywhere and flashing red.
Something must change.
Something bold must be done.
[inhales deeply.]
I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I do know I have become part of the problem.
I open my mouth, and half of you hear only lies.
That's not only unacceptable, but unlikely to change anytime soon.
[inhales deeply.]
No single leader can save a democracy, but without a leader you can trust, no democracy can be saved.
For that reason, effective midnight tonight, I hereby resign the Presidency of the United States.
The Vice President will be sworn in as President at that time in this office.
[Somber music playing.]
People will say I'm stepping down because I'm weak.
I'm not.
I am as strong as I have ever been.
People will say it's because I'm a woman.
Well, if it takes a woman to shock this country back to its senses, so be it.
So let's make a promise here tonight-- an American promise to each other-- That instead of scorching the earth between us, we will try every day to find common ground.
There will be a new President in the morning.
Help him.
Pray for him.
Our future depends on it.
Good night, and God bless America.
[inhales and exhales deeply.]
[exhales slowly.]
[switch clicks.]
[exhales deeply.]
[wind blowing.]
They're moving our way.
Can we confirm it's her? 90%.
What shape's she in? Hard to tell.
[gate clanks.]
[man speaks indistinctly, footsteps approach.]
Shouldn't we be moving, too? Not yet.
Wanna see her first with my own eyes.
[scuffing footsteps.]
That's her.
Get the prisoners.
[tense music playing.]
- [sighs.]
- [van door slides open.]
Is that Gorin? Yeah.
I had no idea.
[breathing heavily.]
[continues breathing heavily.]
[melancholy jazz playing.]
Carrie? Carrie.
You all right? Carrie.
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