Hostages s01e04 Episode Script

2:45 PM

The Secret Service thinks it's my responsibility.
That all this is my fault.
Angela needs to confess.
- Admit you made a mistake.
- But I didn't.
You killed her! No.
Angela's death is on you.
Did you find out who he is? His name is Carlisle.
He's an FBI Agent.
Sometimes you have to do a bad thing for a good reason.
- How's she doing today? - The chemo's hard on your wife.
But she always looks a little more peaceful to me after your visits.
Everything's gonna go back just the way it was.
You're gonna implant a GPS chip into everyone.
Think of it as an invisible leash.
You do everything he wants, he's still going to kill us.
How'd you get out of the hospital? Aren't they watching you? I slipped away.
Made them think I was in surgery.
Can you do it again? I think so.
Why? - We're going to escape.
- It's not that simple to just run away.
- I'll act as a decoy.
- No.
I'm not leaving you here.
It's dangerous, forget it.
I won't do it.
You know I love you, right? Of course.
- I'm having an affair.
- What? So, you're ready to do this? I need more time to think.
- We don't have time.
- What if the plan doesn't work? What's the alternative? Think about it.
They didn't expect this to happen.
There're four of them in the house.
They can't watch all of us for two weeks.
They're improvising.
The longer we wait, the harder it will get.
We have to go now.
We have to escape.
- Don't let him break your spirit.
- I'm not broken.
I'm just calculating risk.
Well, calculate the risk of not doing anything.
For this plan to work, all you have to do is get out of the hospital like you did yesterday.
- What about you? - I'll keep up like everything's normal.
Draw their attention while you escape.
And then I'll get away, when you're clear.
How? How will you get away? Look, don't worry about me, all right? I'll catch up to you.
But for this to work, somebody has to distract them.
- I'm the one they want, I should - No.
This is on me.
I know why you're doing this.
I'm not doing it because of the affair.
It was meaningless.
I don't want to talk about that now.
I'm doing this because I love my family.
Because I love you.
Well, you couldn't ask for a better home.
Five bedroom.
Four bath.
Open floor plan.
Updates throughout.
Brand new kitchen.
And this is in the highly coveted Yorktown school district.
I love all the trees out back.
It's a bit pricey, especially in this market.
Well, that backyard alone is over an acre.
Totally private.
Very safe neighborhood.
Why don't I give you a minute? This is the house we dreamed about when we lived in that tiny studio in med school.
I miss the view of the giant green dumpster.
It's perfect.
Can't you just see you and Jake throwing the football around? Lacrosse, okay? He's gonna play lacrosse.
Let's make a bid.
All right, but you have to stop smiling.
Why? Because it makes it impossible to negotiate.
Okay, but I do not want to lose this place.
I won't.
I promise.
What are you doing? Baking muffins.
I'm just following your rules, pretending like everything's normal.
You all right? I need my med kit.
I know you guys took it away, but - How bad is it? Let me see.
- No, it's just a little burn.
Get it.
Here, let me do that.
Thank you.
Jake! Morgan! We're leaving in five.
Ellen? You okay? - Bye.
- Hey, hey! Hold up a sec.
Come here.
How you feeling? Awesome.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
I should have listened to what you were trying to tell me.
- How's your bruise? - I'm fine.
So Look.
It's my job to protect you.
I should've done that.
That's what fathers do.
Can I go now? - Where's your sister? - She's already in the car.
Well Tell her I love her.
We're leaving.
Don't look.
- Where are we gonna go? - Canada.
We need to get far away.
Their people are everywhere.
The FBI.
The Secret Service.
We can't trust anyone.
Only each other.
Now go to your class.
Don't let them know anything's wrong.
And then, after lunch, you slip away.
Wait, it's not that easy.
You are resourceful and smart, and I know you can do this.
You have to.
I'll meet you at the bus station on Glebe at 2:00 p.
We're taking the 2:45 bus to Montreal.
Mom, they're gonna find us! We have GPS chips in our backs, remember? Cut them out.
Angela? - I know what's going on.
- Know what? I mean, I'm not supposed to say anything, but, they talked to me about you.
The Secret Service! You're operating on the President? I know! It's unbelievable, right? I mean, just don't forget about us, the little people, when they make you Surgeon General.
I hope they didn't grill you too much.
I didn't realize this whole process was gonna be so intense.
It is a pleasure telling them how amazing you are.
Even if every word's a lie.
Well, look, uh, there's another reason they talked to you.
I told them I want you to be a part of my surgical team.
- Shut up.
- Mmm-hmm.
Thank you so much! Okay, we have less than six hours to get out of here and meet Mom.
The sooner we cut out the GPS chips, the better.
- Oh, God, I'm gonna puke.
- Just, calm down.
Just go to your class, take your Bio test, and try to act normal.
- Mom said we need the iodine bandages.
- I'll take care of it.
- And how are we gonna get off campus? - I'll figure it out.
Meet me at 10:30, third period, at the supply shed.
- Why all the way over there? - Because it's empty and private.
And no one will hear you in case you scream.
Hurt yourself? It's nothing.
I scraped it getting some gear out of the van.
If that's the way you want to play it.
- Play what? - I think he likes me.
You're on Brian.
I have to go to see Nina at the hospital.
- How's she doing? - We spoke last night.
She said if I didn't come see her today, she was going to have sex with her oncologist.
That sounds more like her.
She must be feeling better.
Tell her I love her.
I will.
Here are copies of the loan docs and your safety deposit box, Mr.
I can't believe I lost my key.
Too many plates spinning.
Also, I'd like to withdraw $9,000 from my checking.
I can take care of that.
There's a hold on your account.
It must be some mistake, let me check.
It's all right, just withdraw it from the savings.
No, there's a hold on that, too.
All of your accounts are frozen.
- Are you sure? Can you tell me why? - No, I'll call my supervisor.
That's okay.
That's okay, I'll, um, I'll sort it out later.
Can I have an envelope? You were in there an awful long time.
- What's in your jacket? - Nothing.
Loan documents.
It's gonna be a long, boring day.
Lacrosse practice.
Uh, they need you in the gym.
Somebody twisted their ankle.
They want you to take a look.
Thanks, Morgan.
What are you doing? I just needed something for my stomach.
Why didn't you ask me? I forgot I just thought I'd get it myself.
You know, you came in here last week complaining of nausea, Morgan.
Probably just a stomach virus.
You sure there's nothing else going on with you? You're not pregnant, are you? No! - You can tell me the truth.
- I'm fine.
There's nothing to tell.
Okay, let me get you something for your nausea.
You know, if you were pregnant, you'd need to take care of yourself.
Obviously, no alcohol.
Prenatal vitamins.
Folic acid.
- And no stress.
- Thanks, but it's just the flu.
Hey, stranger.
Uh, delivery from Washington General Savings Bank? It's your wife again.
I'm getting a new phone tomorrow.
I promise.
I'll bring this back to you when I'm done, okay? - Maybe she can call the office line.
- Yeah, all right.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Did you get the passports? Yeah, but I couldn't get the cash, they froze our bank accounts.
- What? How? - He's FBI, Ellen.
It doesn't take much these days.
We need cash for tickets, hotels, food.
I'll figure something out.
Now, listen, I'm going to leave everything for you in my desk at the Hellman building.
It's five blocks away from the bus station.
Yes, but Brian, they're watching you.
They're gonna follow you there.
They won't.
I'll make sure of it.
I gotta get to surgery.
The cash, the passports, they'll be in my desk.
Okay, I gotta go.
Good to see you out of that gown.
I can still open my own bottles, Duncan.
It's such a beautiful day.
We should move this outside and have a picnic.
It's not a good idea.
Your immune system's weak.
You need to be patient.
I've been nothing but patient for the last six months.
So, I got a call from Miss Jones.
Apparently, Sawyer got into a fight with Danica Barry at school yesterday.
- That little snot probably deserved it.
- She stole Sawyer's thermos.
Did you arrest her? You know, I thought about it, but I had a hard time getting a warrant.
Oh, she wanted me to show you this picture.
She was very proud of herself I'm gonna stop the chemo.
- What? - I talked about it with Dr.
Suresh, um The leukemia is still not in remission.
It's not working.
So I'm gonna stop.
Don't you think I should be part of this discussion? This is the discussion.
Sounded more like a declaration.
Duncan, we've tried everything.
We haven't.
You'll get through this.
We'll get through this.
I want to enjoy my life.
While I still can.
I'm missing everything.
Sawyer will get in more fights.
That's easy for you to say, you're there with her, and I'm stuck in here.
Look, I want her to remember me as her mother.
As a real person, not somebody wasting away in a hospital.
I need to get out of here.
You stealing petty cash? Things that tough? If you own the company, do you call it stealing? In my opinion, absolutely.
There's only $70 here.
Do you have any more? You do know this is for office supplies, right? I left my wallet at home.
Gotta go to lunch.
Three hundred.
Put it back tomorrow or I'll have to tell my boss.
- Thank you.
- Mmm-hmm.
I'll give you 500 bucks.
It's worth 6,000.
At least.
Today, it's worth 500.
Princess cuts don't move like they did in 1999, sweetheart.
You want to sell it or not? - Hello? - Just checkin' in.
Wanted to see how my favorite doctor's doing.
- Everything is fine.
- I see you finally got out of surgery.
- How'd it go? - Do you really care? I'll be talking to you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Dinner's gonna be ready in 10 minutes.
- How was your day? - Great, actually.
You'll never believe where I was today The White House.
- Are you serious? You got the job? - They offered me the job.
They asked me to operate on the President.
I mean That's amazing.
- Wow.
- I know.
It's insane.
Apparently he wants to send a signal that he supports the public healthcare system.
- Still.
I can't believe he chose me.
- So, what did you say? What do you mean? I said yes.
It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.
- I thought you'd be proud.
- I am proud.
I am.
- But - But what, Brian? But it's a huge undertaking.
They're gonna put us under a microscope.
Review our tax records, emails, telephone calls I don't need a bunch of people digging through every loan, every deal - We've got nothing to hide.
- No, I know, I know.
I don't have anything to hide, but, what I'm saying is It's a huge commitment.
You're already too busy.
We barely see you as it is.
Jake, where are you? - Shouldn't you be in class, Ms.
Sanders? - It's a free period.
Where's my brother, Kevin? Haven't seen him all day.
Look, I know that you think you're doing Jake a solid, but I need to know where he is.
Now! I saw him heading out back Look behind the bleachers.
We need to go.
Now! I can explain.
It's not what it looks like, okay? You wanted to see me? Yeah.
Could you do me a favor? Can you go to the Hellman Building and put this in my desk? What is it? It's nothing.
It's just, uh, documents I have to give to somebody I have a really busy day So do I.
Can you just help me out? Okay.
Yeah, I'll drop it off on my way home.
I need it done, like, now.
Seriously? I'm sorry.
That didn't come out right.
I just I'm the one asking you to do me the favor.
Just because we're sleeping together, you do not get to treat me like your secretary.
I'm the office manager.
That's too bad.
It would be hotter if you were my secretary.
- I could tell you to do things.
- Hmm? Order you around.
Oh, someone's in a naughty mood, huh? Mmm.
You have no idea.
- But I gotta get back to work.
- Yeah.
Dinner, later tonight? Marcel's? Of course.
Gotta go back to work.
She says she wants to stop the chemo.
Come home.
She's had enough.
She does that, then everything we're doing it's all for nothing.
I wish I could just tell her the truth.
You'll figure out what to say.
Hell, if you could talk her into marrying you, you can talk her into anything.
- Agent Carlisle.
- I've gotta go.
The review board finished their investigation.
And? They cleared you.
In fact, they're gonna give you a commendation.
Welcome back, Duncan.
Good to be back, sir.
I've got a new assignment for you.
Agent Carlisle? Stan Hoffman.
Secret Service.
Agent Hoffman is leading an Inter-Agency Task Force.
He requested you.
Just give him back when you're done.
Please sit.
So, what's the case? Missing person.
We're looking into the disappearance of Angela Nix.
You know who she is? The nurse who committed suicide.
I saw it on the news.
You think she's still alive? We don't have a body.
Nix was last seen at the Windom Tavern at 7:14 p.
Her car was discovered at the edge of the Potomac at 10:42 pm.
So, that leaves over three hours unaccounted for.
- Any leads? - Nothing solid.
But we have a witness who saw Nix talking to a man at the tavern that night.
So we need to keep looking for video surveillance, canvas for witnesses I'll put a team together.
We'll get started right away.
Thank you, Agent Carlisle.
My supervisor said you requested me Mmm-hmm.
But we haven't met before, have we? No.
But your track record speaks for itself.
It's quite impressive.
And you come highly recommended.
From somebody in the White House.
God, take it easy.
Oh! We should have done this hours ago.
You almost ruined everything because you wanted to get high.
I was helping us get out of school.
Yeah, right.
Stop it! Seriously.
It's filling up with blood, I can't see Just take it out! Almost No.
They'll know something is up if it stops transmitting.
Okay, um Sterilize the tweezers and scalpel with iodine.
I'll patch you up.
Come on.
It's my turn.
- Let's go! - I'm going.
Aren't you were supposed to be in surgery, Doctor? It got canceled.
Where are you going? - To get a latte.
- Where? At the cafe, a block away.
Is that a problem? What's wrong with the coffee cart in the lobby? Well, the coffee sucks.
There's nowhere to sit.
And it's in the lobby of a hospital.
Shall I continue? You call before you leave.
Anything else? - You lose something? - What? Where's your wedding ring? I took it off.
Before surgery.
For the rest of the day, you're gonna check in every 15 minutes.
- But - But what? Your surgery was canceled, right? Every 15 minutes.
One second more, we will have a problem.
- Are you on your way? - We have to call it off.
What? What the hell are you talking about? They caught me trying to get away and I can't get out of the hospital.
Are you okay? Did they hurt you? No, I'm fine.
I covered, but I I can't get out.
I can't get to the kids.
They want me to check in every 15 minutes.
So, you need to get to the school and tell the kids to stop.
Now! - No.
- What do you mean, no? They probably already cut out the chips.
We can't hide that.
We can't stop.
It's over.
I can't get away from him.
I have to check in every 15 minutes, okay? - He got suspicious.
- Why? What happened? We needed money so I went to a pawnbroker.
A pawnbroker? What the I sold my wedding ring.
He noticed.
I told you I'd get the cash.
It's done, all right? Just get to the kids and call this off.
Leave the hospital at 2:15.
Pick up the passports, meet the kids.
I told them I would meet them at 2:00 So be a little late.
The bus doesn't leave till 2:45.
Are you even listening to me? I can't get rid of him.
I'll make sure no one is following you.
How? Please.
Just trust me.
All right, we got 30 minutes to meet Mom.
Okay, let's sneak out the entrance by the football fields.
Are you kidding? Security is always watching that exit.
Um Then the south side, by the dumpsters.
Have you ever ditched before? What What is your brilliant plan? I told you.
I had it covered.
- Just hold on.
- Yeah, right.
You and the stoners.
All students and faculty, - please evacuate the building.
- What did you do? I had Michael Greenwald call in a bomb threat.
How'd you pull that off? - He owes me money.
- For what? I'm not smoking weed, Morgan.
I'm selling it.
All students and faculty, please evacuate the building.
Can I help you? Dr.
I'm Angela's mom.
Yes, of course, Beth.
Oh, I am so sorry.
I came by to get her things and I I thought maybe you would want something.
I know how much you meant to her.
Oh, I I miss her very much, Beth.
And this never should have happened.
I can't help but blame myself.
The last time we spoke, we got in this fight.
And I said some things I told her that I was disappointed in her.
It's not about that.
At all.
This is not your fault.
I loved her.
And I didn't get to tell her.
She knew.
She knew.
When you go home tonight, give your family a big hug.
Before you pack your toothbrush, why don't you sit down? - Don't.
- What? Don't use your negotiator voice.
I don't have a voice.
I know you, Duncan.
When you face a problem, you have to solve it You always find a way to win.
And this one's different.
It's making you crazy.
What's making me crazy is the idea of losing you.
Some things are just beyond our control.
There are other ways.
Other choices we can make.
We can pursue other types of treatments.
What are you talking about? I think I found somebody who can help.
A doctor who specializes in experimental therapies.
Why are you just telling me about this now? It's complicated.
Is it legal? No, don't do it.
Do not spend every penny we have chasing some fantasy cure.
It's not a fantasy.
It's dangerous and it's risky, but it's it's a chance.
Our only chance.
But if you leave now, if you stop the chemo, the treatment won't work.
What I'm What I'm asking isn't fair, but I'm asking anyway.
For me.
For Sawyer.
Please, don't give up.
What's the rush, boss? Lacrosse practice isn't till 4:00.
I'm gonna work out before practice.
Gotta get my frustration out somewhere.
As long as your wife cooperates, everything is gonna be fine.
You really believe that? What's your name? C'mon, man.
We're locked up in the same house.
- I gotta call you something.
- You know what? You can call me Where are Mom and Dad? They should be here by now.
They'll come.
And what if they don't? What happens then? - What do we do? - I don't know, Jake.
Okay? I don't know.
I am scared, too.
Mom said they'd come.
Let's give her some time.
The bus doesn't leave till 2:45.
Go ahead.
Ellen is making a run for it.
- You sure? - Positive.
She's flying down 29 at about 70 miles an hour.
Damn it.
Clamp it down.
Now! - Give me some good news.
- I got her.
Passing Falls Church headed towards 694.
I'm on my way to you.
You got Brian and the kids on GPS? Not yet.
Still looking.
- Can you get her off the road? - Not without drawing eyeballs.
Grab her the second you have an opportunity.
Got it.
Where are the kids? In front of the school.
There was a bomb threat.
Do you have a visual? - No, but - Do you see them? I ping their chips every five minutes.
They're here.
- Get a confirmation.
- What's going on? Find them now.
Let's go.
Back to class.
Can I help you? I work for Dr.
I'm picking up Jake and Morgan.
I heard about the bomb threat.
Have you seen them? No.
I'm with the bomb squad, I need to check something Hello.
What the hell happened? Where's Brian? I don't know.
He jumped me.
My reception sucks.
Find Brian's GPS chip and tell me where the hell he is now.
It's not her.
It's Brian.
Where's your wife, Brian? Gone.
Where is she? Oh, God.
You scared me.
Sorry, I was just dropping something off for Brian.
I guess it's for you.
Are you and Brian going on a trip? Just give me the envelope, Samantha.
I didn't mean to pry.
I was just wondering when Brian was gonna be back in the office.
I don't know.
I gotta go.
Can you tell me why? As to why you guys are all going to Montreal? The money and the passports, Brian didn't mention it.
That's because it's none of your business.
I know about the two of you, Samantha.
He told me.
Your attention, please.
Bus 8921 to Montreal is now boarding.
This is Brian, please leave a message.
I am where I'm supposed to be.
And the kids are, too.
So, it all It worked out.
You You pulled it off.
Thank you.
I just, uh I just hope that you're okay.
I told you not to test me.
Where is Brian? Keep going, sweetheart.
He doesn't know where you are.
We did it.
Just keep Oh, God! He's still alive, but I have no idea how long he'll last.
That's up to you, Doctor.