Hostages s01e08 Episode Script

The Good Reason

Previously on Hostages.
This is Vanessa Moore.
My sister.
You are a beautiful woman.
This guy came at us.
He pulled a gun.
I killed him.
- Kramer Delaney? - Why do you wanna talk to me? I can explain downtown.
I'd like you to meet Special Agent Carlisle with the FBI.
He's helping us in our investigation into the disappearance of your friend, Angela.
So what do you think? She telling the truth? My gut tells me she's credible.
There's just no way out of this.
- Unless - Unless what? We kill him.
What about the poison he gave you? We just need some professional help here.
I don't have a lot of killers on my speed dial.
You? I might know someone who does.
- Ellen? - I need help.
Of course.
Tell me everything.
- Who is this? - We have a lot to discuss.
Killing Duncan is a terrible mistake.
The second he's dead, my partners will cut their losses and slaughter each and every one of us.
Brian, it's me.
Just I'll explain everything later, but call me back, as soon as you can, okay? Nice job.
No, no, no, no, no! Stop! We need him alive.
Don't move.
Don't, don't.
We need to minimize the poison spreading through your body.
Let me do it.
I spoke to Burton, I get it.
If you die, we die.
What the hell are you doing? This is our chance, just kill him! Just do it, just get it over with! - Just do it! - We can't.
I'll explain later.
Please just get my medical bag, I need a scalpel.
Why the hell are you doing this? This is the poison you gave me to use on the President.
- Some of it went in.
I need to know what it is.
- It's a paralytic.
It's fast acting.
I'll lose muscle function, the ability to breathe, speak.
I'm not dead yet, you move an inch and I'll put you down for good.
- Drop it.
- How much time do we have? - A few minutes.
- I need to cut it out.
There's a knife in my hip, use it.
This is gonna hurt.
Ellen, just kill him.
Do this, and we get our lives back.
Everything just goes away.
We need ice.
Brian, like it or not, our lives depend on his right now.
There are other people behind this, and if he dies, they will come for us.
You need to trust me.
Stay with me, Duncan.
Stay with me.
You're lucky.
Two more minutes and you would have been dead.
The wound will heal in a couple of days.
You made the right decision last night.
Well, I can see the full picture now.
We are in this together.
- Which is why I'm willing to cooperate.
- Good.
But there's something else we need to be clear on.
You went to my daughter's school.
My family is off-limits to you, do you understand that? Stay away from them.
His name is Tim Grace.
He's 46 years old.
Private security guard and limo driver.
Like I said, I've never seen the guy.
He died last night.
Got in a fight.
That's too bad, but I have no idea what that has to do with me.
A surveillance camera two blocks away from the crime scene picked up a dark, four-door sedan leaving the area shortly after this happened.
The car is registered to you.
So, I'm here because I was in Bethesda? We gotta start somewhere, right? So, look, just to cross you off the list, tell me what you were doing up there that night.
Stop talking to my client.
Okay, Kramer, let's go.
- Well, who the hell are you? - His father.
And lawyer.
- We're done.
- I didn't say the interview was over.
Are you charging him with anything? Then it's over.
Let's go.
I put that needle in his body and you took it out.
I told you, killing him would not solve our problem, this is a conspiracy that goes way beyond Duncan.
According to the lawyer.
Who's part of it.
What makes you believe him? Open your eyes, Brian, the Secret Service, the FBI, this is much bigger than any one man.
So what? You're not even listening to me.
If I'd killed him, we'd all be dead.
What's your plan? You're gonna trust some guy who's trying to kill the President? We need to figure out the big picture.
- Who's behind this, and why? - Where do we even start? Burton, Kramer, Duncan, they're all related.
I say we start with his family.
He warned you to stay away from his daughter.
You'll never get near her again.
That's why I'm going after his wife.
This is a medical bill for Nina Carlisle.
She's a patient at Beth Zion hospital.
- You are out of your mind.
- Nope.
Just determined.
The Dutch ambassador will make the opening remarks at the reception tomorrow night.
All you need to do is stay awake.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
I was out of line.
Forget it.
I wish your sister was that forgiving.
Who said I forgave you? Hello, Quentin.
Vanessa, have you met Colonel Blair? Not in person, but I read about your appointment to the NSA.
DC must be a nice change from Bagram Air Force Base.
The food is better.
Traffic is worse.
President, gentlemen, I'll leave you to it.
Have a seat.
You can shut the door.
I want to talk about Operation Total Information.
Colonel Blair, I know that you've been running point on this program since you arrived at the NSA.
- How's it going? - OTI's been a valuable tool for us, Mr.
We've used it to thwart hundreds of terrorist attacks.
Yeah, I understand.
But I've decided it's time to give it up.
President, I thought you weren't going to make any major policy moves until after the midterm elections.
I changed my mind.
Are you sure that's prudent? - OTI could be a political disaster for us.
- Exactly.
It's unconstitutional.
It's invasive.
When the American people find out the extent to which this government's been secretly spying on its own citizens Surveillance devices in cars? Computers? They're gonna demand my head on a stake.
- OTI has to end.
- You want to dismantle it.
- I want to expose it.
- But why take the risk? Right now, nobody even knows OTI exists.
Well, this is Washington, Quentin.
It's never a question of if something will be leaked, but when.
This is a time bomb.
And I want to get in front of it.
- But, Mr.
President - I understand completely, sir.
You want to control the message.
It makes sense.
The program was already in place before you took office.
But, you couldn't expose it until now, for national security reasons.
Claim the moral high ground.
When were you thinking of making this announcement? Well, I haven't decided.
I wanted to give you both a heads-up.
I appreciate your getting on board with this, Colonel.
Hoffman asked me to pull financial records for Ellen Sanders.
What exactly does he know? It's not what he knows, it's where he's looking.
He keeps coming back to Dr.
She's linked to the surgery, the blood thinner incident, Angela's disappearance, the men in the bar.
- Does he have any hard evidence? - Nothing.
But he's convinced that she hasn't told him everything.
Has he talked about this with anybody else? I don't think so.
Good to see you, Jimmy.
Don't mean to put you on the spot.
Please, I've known your kid since he was ten, happy to help.
Here you go.
Appreciate your help, as always.
Logan tells me you're still investigating Dr.
There are pieces that don't add up, and too many of them connect to her.
So, what are you thinking? This is a personal thing with her and the nurse? Or something more? What I'm going on is a hunch.
The blood thinners, they weren't a mistake.
You think Dr.
Sanders is part of a plot to kill the President? Maybe.
Well, if you're right, then there has to be some sort of motive.
- Have you checked her financial records? - Logan is working on it.
Does she have a political history? Not that I'm aware of, but I'll keep looking.
Maybe somebody is pressuring her.
I'll swing by the house, see if there's any unusual activity.
- Talk to the neighbors, what have you.
- Thank you.
This is probably a wild goose chase, but But we have to investigate every possibility.
No matter how remote.
It's a long shot, but if this is some sort of conspiracy, we have no idea who else might be involved.
Maybe we should keep this between you, me, and Logan, for now.
I agree.
Do you have a list of today's patient transfers? I'll print it out for you.
Come in.
I'll call you back.
I'm sorry about this morning.
It was a complete surprise to me as well.
You're his Chief of Staff.
You're not supposed to be surprised.
Well, I can't control him.
I told you that when we started this thing.
Shut the door, Quentin.
Shut the door, Quentin.
Colonel, it's a pleasure.
Our mutual friend speaks very highly of you.
- Likewise.
Have a seat.
- Thank you.
Can I speak freely here? If not here, where? This is the most secure building in the country.
The NSA is lucky to have you.
The work you're doing with Operation Total Information is of vital importance.
Thank you.
Now, unfortunately, not everybody appreciates the value of what you do here.
What would you say, if I were to tell you that the President wants to eliminate OTI? - I would say that would be a tragic mistake.
- I agree.
And that's why our mutual friend wanted us to meet.
Do you want to say it out loud, or should I? I heard you were direct.
It's refreshing.
Better that this President die than undermine our nation's security.
He has a tumor on his lung.
He's scheduled to undergo surgery shortly.
Is that dangerous? Could be.
What do you need from me? Duncan assured me the President would be dead by now.
This is his fault.
- He's the one who - Stop being a baby.
This isn't about assigning blame, this is about finding a solution.
We need to know exactly when Kincaid plans to go public, and that is on you.
And what if that's before the scheduled surgery? Well, we re-evaluate where we stand with everything.
And everyone.
Hello? One of my patient's is being transferred to an off site surgery, I need to go with him to assist.
What's the patient's name? Cornfeld.
It's a heart transplant.
- What hospital are you going to? - Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.
Surgery will last at least six hours.
- I'll follow you.
- Well, that won't be so easy, we're leaving on the medevac chopper right now.
You call me the minute the surgery's finished.
- Uh, is that Peggy Burgdorf? - Yeah.
She's being transferred to Beth Zion for surgery.
Oh, great.
I told Dr.
Gibson I'd help out.
Do you mind if I catch a ride with you guys? Yeah, sure.
Tell me exactly what you said to the detective.
I said exactly nothing.
Not a single word.
He said they saw my car on some surveillance camera and that's it.
That's not it.
They have a witness who says the assailant fits your description.
And what else do they have? Is this a big problem? Not necessarily.
That's pretty.
You should do that with your hair.
Daddy! Hey, honey! Am I coming home tonight? Not yet, sweetie.
- You're gonna stay with Grandpa a little longer.
- Really? Why is that? Unbelievable, now she tells me.
Gibson doesn't need my help anymore.
Well, we're almost done here, I can give you a ride back.
Uh, I'm gonna meet a friend for a coffee, she's on staff here, so - Tea? - I would love some, thank you.
It's time to go, sweetie.
Anna's waiting in the hall.
Say goodbye to Mommy.
But I don't wanna leave.
Oh, it's okay, honey.
Mommy's tired.
When do I get to see you again? - Okay.
- Love you.
See you soon, okay? Why is Sawyer staying with my father? I'm working a big case right now.
Coming and going.
I thought I thought it would be easier for her to be with Burton.
You know, more stability.
You're still chasing after this miracle, aren't you? A solution is in sight.
I'm closer than I've ever been to saving you.
I won't let go of that.
I said I would do one more round of chemo.
That's it.
After this, I'm going home.
I want to spend my last days with you.
And with Sawyer.
Please, Duncan.
I don't want to die resenting you because you won't give up on some fantasy cure.
What the hell's going on? What's he doing here? - We're going on a road trip.
- Where? Just get in and I'll explain everything.
My name is Burton Delaney.
I know who you are.
You're a fraud.
- I understand this is a difficult situation.
- Difficult? You were Ellen's lawyer.
Her father's friend.
She put her faith in you and you sold her out.
- We need your help.
- Go to hell.
- You can keep your mouth shut.
- Kramer, please.
Kramer is a suspect in a murder case.
Your son is going to help him.
What are you talking about? We're not going to help you.
As I explained to your wife, the fates of our families are intertwined, Brian.
You need to help us to help yourself.
This is a series of time-lapse satellite images of the Sanders' house over the past 30 days.
I've analyzed them for any anomalies, unusual comings and goings, I found nothing.
Checked the house, talked to the neighbors, all quiet.
Logan says her bank accounts are clean.
- You want to bring her back in for questioning? - No.
Not without some new evidence.
- All right, well, I'll keep checking.
- Okay.
- Can I help you? - Yeah, uh I was just looking for a patient, Nina Carlisle.
I believe she was in this room.
Oh yes, Mrs.
Carlisle was just taken down to chemo.
I'm afraid she'll be down there for a couple of hours.
Oh, okay.
I'll stop back later.
Thank you.
I heard what happened with the limo driver.
Anything else I need to know? No.
The guy tried to be a hero.
Kramer hit him.
And that was it.
The money we got has nothing to do with this.
You still need to pay me what we agreed on.
That mean I can count on you? If I get paid.
You'll get every penny when this is over.
After the surgery.
What the hell are you doing? I know the truth.
About everything.
Okay, look, you need to go.
Forget it.
I'm not going anywhere without you.
- I know what's going on.
- I'm serious.
Just get out.
I can see it in your eyes.
You're terrified of him.
Him? - What are you talking about? - The bruises on your arm.
The lady from child services.
It's your father, Morgan, he's abusing you.
Your mother too.
She had blood on her arm when I came by the other day, - she's scared.
- That's not what's going on.
You're lying.
I can tell.
Boyd Please, just go.
Just tell me one thing.
Did he make you break up with me? Yes.
Do you still love me? Yes.
Then I'm not leaving, Morgan.
Look you don't understand, he will kill you.
I'm not afraid of him.
Okay? And no one is ever going to hurt you again.
I'm taking you away.
What do you want? What's going on? Something wrong? I'm fine.
Look, I've had a really hard day today.
This pregnancy is just awful.
Look just talk about what we talked about and you'll be fine.
I got it.
You didn't see him do anything.
Just remember that.
Okay? Dad, I can handle this, it's a not a big deal.
Jake Sanders.
What's the camera for? We have to record every word you say.
It's nothing to worry about.
Look into the lens.
State your name and age.
Jake Sanders.
Fifteen years old.
So, tell me Jake, what were you and Kramer Delaney doing up in Bethesda that night? Do I still look in camera? No, you can look at me.
I met Kramer two years ago, he's a friend of my dad's.
He's sort of been a mentor to me.
Okay, he's your mentor.
What were you doing that night? Uh, he took me to a skate park off of Wisconsin Avenue, near a school.
Just the two of you? Yeah, he's a really good skateboarder.
He was teaching me some tricks.
How to do a kick flip, you know? How long were you there? An hour, maybe more.
Then he drove me home.
Where do you live? Arlington, Virginia.
Arlington? Why did you drive up all the way to Bethesda to go skateboarding? Uh, it's a really good park.
Not very crowded.
There are no big parks in Arlington? Are you telling me the truth, Jake? What are you doing? I'm Dr.
Your husband asked me to check in on you.
I know exactly who you are.
Look Jake.
I don't want you to get in any trouble.
You're a young kid.
- Trouble? - If you lie.
Well you'll get in trouble.
Simple as that.
I'm telling the truth.
I was just checking.
Why'd you show me that? 'Cause I don't think you're taking this seriously enough.
This man had two kids and a wife and now he's dead.
His family will never see him again.
Imagine that was your father.
You would want me to do my best to find out who did this horrible thing.
Right? So I'm going to ask one more time.
Are you telling me the truth? My husband told me all about you.
He did? I know everything.
Then Tell me why is he doing this? He thinks it's his only option.
There's always other options.
Particularly with something this serious.
He wants to save me.
And you've obviously convinced him there's some experimental therapy that can cure my leukemia.
He believes in you.
But I don't.
If you won't leave with me, I'm gonna walk in and talk with him myself.
You can't do that.
Stop! Okay, I'll go with you.
I'll go with you, okay? - Just - Okay.
Stay here.
Okay? I'm gonna go and make sure it's clear, and we'll go out the side door.
Stay here.
Morgan! Where you going? Come here.
I was just going to meet my friend.
You know the rules.
You don't leave this house without my permission.
What's going on with you? Morgan? Tell me.
Morgan, I asked you a question.
Get your hands off her! It's over.
You're not going to hurt her ever again.
Put the gun down, son.
Now, before somebody gets hurt.
No one is gonna get hurt if you just let your daughter go.
Obviously you're upset, and I'm sure you have your reasons, but let's talk about this, I'm sure we could figure something out.
Listen to him.
Just put the gun down and do what he says.
He's brainwashed you.
But it's okay, you don't have to be afraid of him anymore.
C'mon Morgan.
We're gonna go to the police.
And we're going to tell them everything.
Boyd that's not necessary.
She's right.
You don't want to get the police involved.
For your own sake, you just broke into somebody's house with a loaded gun.
That's a felony.
I did it to protect Morgan.
That's not a crime.
I understand.
You mean well.
And you love her.
That's why I'm willing to put this all behind us.
I won't press charges, and we can keep the police out of it.
But I need you to put that gun down.
Boyd, put the gun down.
And I will explain everything.
You've reached the Sanders residence, please leave a message.
Hey Morgan, it's me, Dad.
Can you pick up? Just checking in.
All right, well, I'm with Jake.
We'll be home soon.
Love you.
Morgan? What the hell is going on? I'm done asking politely.
Drop it.
I won't ask again.
Who is this guy, Morgan? What is going on? Please! Please, don't kill him.
I don't want to.
You can lock him up, do whatever you want.
He's not going to say anything.
Just just don't kill him.
Morgan, what are you saying? You can't win, Boyd.
You just can't.
I'm sorry.
Drop it! No.
You okay? You're wearing a vest.
- Good.
- Yeah.
I wanna check on a friend of mine who's in surgery today.
Neil Cornfeld.
He was medevac'd to Baltimore this morning.
Yes, the surgery ended several hours ago.
I spoke to one of his doctors earlier today.
Ellen Sanders.
Is she back yet? Dr.
Sanders didn't go to Baltimore.
Oh, maybe I misunderstood.
Do you know where she is? Nina, is it okay if I call you Nina? What did you tell him? To make him actually believe you could cure my leukemia.
Well, I told him about stem cells.
The harvesting, the success rate.
Your husband loves you.
He's willing to try anything.
How much are you charging him for this? 'Cause our insurance won't cover anything.
Well it isn't about money.
It's about trying to find a cure.
I want nothing to do with you.
Please get out.
Get out! How'd it go? Pretty good, just did what your father told me to say.
And that detective? He believed you? Yeah.
I think so, anyway.
Then I owe you one.
There's nothing to shake on here.
D, something's going on.
Talk to me.
Sanders told me she was going to Baltimore with a patient.
She lied.
Is she on the run? No, she's still in town.
At another hospital.
Beth Zion.
Any idea what this is about? I'll see you back at the house.
You're staying with me.
I'll see you soon.
Did you really kill that man? Of course not.
Brian Sanders.
Secret Service.
We need to talk.
I tried talking to him, but I can't pin him down.
You know how evasive politicians can be.
Like you.
I was always straight with you.
You think I didn't know you had a gun to your head, when you called me about the President's decision to stay with his doctor? What did that FBI agent do? He threaten you? Threaten your family? I was on the spot.
It's okay, Quentin.
I just want you to understand he's not the one you should be afraid of.
Our mutual friend is here.
I wanted to keep her in the loop.
Hello Quentin.
Don't get up.
My name is Agent Hoffman.
I'm with the Secret Service.
I think someone is threatening your family.
And I'm here to help you.
What the hell are you doing? Blood cell count of 642.
Acute lymphocytic leukemia.
Unsuccessful third round of chemotherapy.
Your wife is a very sick woman.
I warned you to stay away from my family.
I took the safety valve off.
I can dump 20 cc of morphine into her before you take another step.
You won't.
Think about what you're doing.
She's innocent.
So is my family.
What do you want?