Hostages s01e13 Episode Script

Fight or Flight

Previously on Hostages You need to be careful around Sandrine.
I think she might be selling us out.
- To who? - Logan.
We're going to eliminate a few loose ends.
- A few? - Duncan, Archer and Kramer.
What do I have to do? They're shaped charges.
They're small, powerful, and untraceable.
I need you to attach one to each vehicle.
How did your meeting go with the Vice President? He said he would be lucky as hell to have someone like you as his running mate.
You need a fresh face.
Not an elected official.
Someone with instant name recognition.
I know exactly who you're describing.
The only question is, are you interested in running? You're telling me that the President is Your biological father.
And my husband, is holding your family hostage? If my family dies, it's on you! Not your father, not your husband, you! I told her everything.
She's the only one, that can stop this I need to tell him I won't do it.
I talked to Brian Sanders.
He told me what's going on, what you've done to his family, what you're planning.
Is it true? So? Is Brian Sanders telling the truth? Have you taken his family hostage? Nina, you need to get back into bed and rest.
Don't you dare patronize me.
I asked you a question.
I didn't have a choice.
- Nina - Get away from me! I'm trying to save your life.
Our family.
- This was the only way.
- This? Killing the President? It didn't start there.
- I don't care where it started.
- I made a deal.
Kill a bad man to save a good woman.
Right or wrong, I was willing to live with it.
And what about me? Did you ever wonder if I would be okay with that? I want to live.
I do.
More than anything.
But I would rather die with my dignity, than live with the shame, the disgust, of knowing what you did.
If this is your miracle cure, I don't want it.
This has to stop.
It's not that simple, Nina.
Sure it is.
What are you doing? I'm getting the hell out of here.
The bombs are in place.
- When you gonna detonate them? - When Kincaid is dead.
And the cars are far enough away from the Sanders' house.
Has Duncan told you his exit plan? We're meeting at a rest stop off I-95.
Two hours after the President is declared dead.
Duncan's gonna give us the wire transfer information there, we'll part ways.
Rest stop.
That's good.
We'll take care of it there.
When do I get my money and my passports? Right after your partners are dead.
Right before would be better.
Trust isn't my strong suit.
Spoke with Duncan.
He wanted you to know, Sandrine took the bait.
Leaked the fact that you two are surveilling a federal prosecutor.
How do we know she's the leak? I mean, these guys got lots of contacts.
Lots of resources.
I told D we should leave you out of this conversation.
That you couldn't handle the facts.
I'm just saying, "Why?" Why would they be paying her to spy on us? We want the same thing.
We're on the same team.
We want the same thing, but we are most definitely not on the same team.
When this is over, they're gonna try and take us out.
And Sandrine'll be the one who'll do it.
So as much as I like her, she's gotta go.
Duncan said that? Yeah.
But we gotta figure out how she's planning to kill us before we make a move.
In the meantime, play it cool, act like everything's normal.
You gotta keep your feelings out of this, man.
It's just business.
So, you ready for this? - Yeah, positive.
It's the only way.
- Good.
Now, talk to Duncan as soon as he gets back.
Yeah, but I want you to be there.
I just want you to know, when this is over Let's just get through this, okay? But you raised me.
You're my father.
How could you not tell me the truth? I was trying to protect you.
That's all I've ever tried to do.
Then protect me now.
Fix this.
- I'm afraid I can't.
- I don't accept that.
It's complicated, Nina.
You're both insane.
I cannot believe this is actually happening.
Sawyer, honey, what are you doing up? I heard all these people talking.
I'm sorry, honey.
We didn't mean to wake you.
I don't care.
I'm just glad that you're out of the hospital.
That means that you're not sick anymore.
I love you so much.
I love you.
You go back to bed, okay? It's really late.
I'll take her.
Come on, sweetheart.
I'll read you a story.
Let's race.
Come on.
Come on.
She's the reason we're doing this.
She deserves to have a mother.
She deserves to have you in her life.
She deserves to have a father who's not a murderer.
I'm calling the police.
I'm ending it.
I'm sorry.
But you're not calling anyone.
You need to calm down.
- I need to get out of here.
- That's not an option.
What? You're not thinking clearly right now.
There's a lot to absorb.
I think you should stay here until this is over.
You're gonna lock me in? Duncan! Open the door.
What are you doing? Have you lost your mind? I am your wife! Open the door now! Duncan! Thank you, everybody.
Followed your advice.
Didn't mention a word to the Attorney General about my political aspirations.
Just kept it light and breezy.
Light and breezy can get you a long way in this town.
That's what I hear.
I'm going to meet my sister.
- How is she? - Worried about Paul.
Doesn't like the idea of him going in to surgery, so, she wants to spend the day together.
She thinks I'm her good luck charm.
I think she might be wrong about that.
Everything's still on track? I spoke with Duncan last night.
All systems go.
In 48 hours, things will be a lot different.
The future of this country will be in our hands.
- Where's Sandrine? - With Kramer.
They left together last night.
- You find anything? - Nada.
No clue how she plans to do this.
Not too many options.
Either she's gonna clip us in person, or set us up.
About that.
I've been thinkin'.
If Sandrine is working for the other side and their plan is to get rid of us, what makes you think they're gonna pay up when this is over? Money's already been wired.
It's being held by a third party, someone Creasy and I agreed upon months ago.
The moment the President dies, he'll send me the account information.
So as long as Dr.
Sanders comes through, we're good.
We're good.
Then let's make sure homegirl delivers.
Been a long few weeks.
I didn't come all this way for a kiss on the cheek, you know what I mean? She'll come through.
She better.
Otherwise, I'll put a bullet in her eye.
What? We need to talk about the surgery.
I've changed my mind.
I'm not gonna kill him.
That's not an option, Ellen.
- I'm not gonna do it.
- We have an agreement.
Well, things have changed.
There are consequences to that decision.
And I am prepared to face them.
Look, I know you're doing this to save your wife.
And despite your threats, you're not gonna kill my kids.
I know it and you know it.
You're right.
I won't kill them.
But that doesn't matter.
Other people involved will.
Plus, Archer and Sandrine are in this for the money.
They won't hesitate to finish you off if you don't go through with this.
We understand the risks.
And we have a proposal for you.
I'm listening.
I'll find a way to get the President's bone marrow, if you protect my children.
I'm not sure that's even possible.
Do you want to save your wife? It's the only offer on the table.
But we want proof that you'll protect our kids.
Proof? I hate to break it to you, but your word isn't worth much around here.
What do you have in mind? Only two days left, are you planning on a lot of wardrobe changes or something? What's the matter? Nothing.
We have a little time.
Not right now, sorry.
Should I be insulted? I'm stressed.
I can't turn it on and off like you can.
When this is over, I hope we can keep this going.
And my son.
I think you'd really like him.
Well, if he's anything like his mother Look.
Things are crazy right now.
Everyone's worried about the other side of this.
Sometimes people do something in the moment that seems to make sense, but later on doesn't.
What are you saying? If you did do something, or promise something, that no longer makes sense, there's still time to undo it.
If you made a mistake, I'd be willing to forgive you.
But Duncan and Archer they wouldn't.
Can I help you? Yeah, I, called about your rental place here.
It's for a friend of mine.
Needs a little peace and quiet.
Well, how long's your friend wanna stay for? A week.
Your friend have a name? Alex.
$60 a night, no smoking.
Cash okay? Can I help you? - Are you Burton Delaney? - Yes.
I'm looking for Nina Carlisle.
You have any idea where she might be? - You're looking for Nina? - Yes.
I'm Dr.
One of her oncologists.
I heard she just checked herself out of the hospital late last night? Look, I'm concerned.
- Her immune system's very weak right now.
- I know.
It's, it's been a terrible situation, as you might imagine.
She and her husband made the decision together.
- So she's at her home? - Yes.
But I was just there, it was empty.
She's probably sleeping.
Delaney, it's very important that I speak with your daughter.
I want her to go back to the hospital.
I understand.
I'll track her down and have a talk with her.
Grandpa? I wanna play with Mommy.
Is she done with her nap? Sawyer, please, I'm just finishing up with Mommy's doctor.
I just wanted to see her.
I'm confused.
Is Nina here? Sawyer? Are you there? No.
She's at her home in Bethesda.
We're going to visit her later today, when she's feeling up to it.
Sorry to disturb you.
No, it's not a problem.
Thank you for dropping by.
Why did you lie to the doctor? I was trying to help your mother.
Sometimes we have to say certain things that aren't true to protect the people we love.
When the President's dead, and we get paid, I'm gonna live life, brother.
Buy a boat.
Get a place out in Florida, near the water.
Still got some work to do.
Yeah, I know.
But it's not illegal to dream, is it? So about Sandrine, I've been thinking, it's not that easy to take out three armed men.
No matter how good you are.
What are you sayin'? If I were them, I'd try to be more efficient.
Get us all at once.
Away from the house.
We should check the cars.
Thank you.
Thanks for coming by, Colonel.
Of course.
It's my pleasure, Mr.
Vice President.
I'll cut to the chase.
Vanessa Moore and I have been talking.
She mentioned that you two are good friends.
Is that right? Spoke very highly of you.
Well, that's good to hear.
Vanessa's an amazing woman.
And one of the smartest people I know.
And a very capable politician.
So, the reason I called you here, Colonel It's no secret that I'm going to run for President when Paul's term expires.
And I think that Vanessa would be a perfect running mate.
In your estimation, do you believe she's someone I can trust? - Thanks for coming over.
- What the hell's going on? Your sister wants to go to the police.
She won't listen to us.
You need to reason with her.
Oh, thank God.
I don't even know where to begin.
You're in on this too.
How did they talk you into this? It was my decision.
Nobody talked me into anything.
We need to end it.
Look, I don't care what's already happened, there's nothing we can do about that.
But we have to go to the police.
Right now.
- We can't.
- Why not? - Because of the President.
- What, you mean my father? Your father doesn't know you're alive.
And your very existence is a threat to him, to his whole hypocrisy.
I'm not very worried about him.
What's he gonna do to me? Kill me? I'm practically dead as it is.
Well, what about Sawyer? It's the same DNA.
She could bring him down just as easily as you could.
You're not making any sense.
He raped your mother 35 years ago, then tried to have her killed to cover it up, if he finds out the truth, he will eliminate any and all evidence that it ever happened.
That includes you and Sawyer.
So please, just stay here.
And let Duncan try to help you.
What are you guys doing? I'm worried our partners might try to take us out when this is over.
Makes sense.
If you think about it.
No upside to letting us live, right? So, we need to be alert.
Make sure they haven't planted anything on the vehicles.
Got it.
What made you think that they want to get rid of us? Intuition.
- Cars are clean, D.
- You sure? Positive.
So what should we do next? Sweep the house? Already did.
Maybe I should check the house again.
How'd it go? How do you think? She's mad as hell.
- One day she'll thank us.
- You really think so? I do.
I have to.
Otherwise, what's the point? Let's get this done.
Get the family together.
Until the President's surgery is complete, I want the kids locked in the basement, blindfolded.
We're not taking any chances.
- What the hell? No! - Keep your mouth shut and listen! We made a deal, Ellen.
Kill the President, or we kill you and your family.
I intend to honor that agreement.
- But you said that - A deal's a deal.
Take 'em away.
Let's go.
- Hey, hey! Get your hands off him.
- No.
- No! Jake! - Oh my God! Oh no.
Oh no! They killed Jake! Do you want me to kill the other one too? Jake.
Jake! Oh, no.
Oh my God! Dammit! We need to move fast in case one of the neighbors heard anything.
You two get outside and make sure the coast is clear.
Kramer and I will clean this up.
Get her out of here.
What are you waiting for? Move! Fast! No! This is what happens when you don't listen.
- What just happened? - I don't know.
The kid is only 15.
I think Duncan lost it.
Kid grabbed a weapon.
He didn't have a choice.
This kind of pressure's tough to take.
It can make a person do something stupid.
Are we good to move? Yeah.
All quiet outside.
I know Duncan is your friend, but maybe we should get out of this.
Both of us.
Before it's too late.
It already is.
- Fridge all stocked? - You're all set.
Your friend won't have to leave for a week, just like you asked.
- Did it work? - You did great.
Stay out of sight for the next two days, Jake.
Your mom and dad will send you a message on this phone with instructions on where to meet them when this is over.
What happens if something goes wrong and I don't hear from you guys? If you don't hear from us, then you run and you don't stop.
Do you understand? Come on, Jake.
I'll give you a tour of your home for the next couple days.
Morgan, your brother is okay, your brother is okay, he's not dead.
He's not dead.
What? We don't have much time so just listen to me.
Your father and I made a deal with Duncan.
It was too much of a risk to tell you in advance.
- It had to seem 100% real.
- Real? For who? Archer and Sandrine.
Duncan and Kramer have their own reason for doing this.
They don't want to hurt us, but Archer and Sandrine are different.
Now we're going to get you out of here too, before I operate on the President, so you'll be safe no matter what.
I don't understand.
Where's Jake? In hiding.
We sent him first.
Because Because you're stronger.
You just need to keep it together a couple more days, can you do that? Oh.
I'm so sorry to put you through all this.
Just promise me that we are going to be okay at the end of this.
We will.
I promise.
I'm so sorry.
About that private matter, sir.
Shut the door.
You asked me to let you know if there was anything unusual about Duncan Carlisle's personal or professional life.
- What is it? - His wife.
Apparently she checked herself out of the hospital last night, suddenly, without her doctor's consent.
They're looking for her, but she's off the grid.
Nobody is off the grid to the NSA.
Your decision not to kill Kincaid has made everything more complicated.
It also creates a problem getting the bone marrow out of the hospital.
Logan was going to smuggle it out for us, but once he realizes the President's gonna live, Logan won't help us.
And then the Secret Service will search me when I leave the OR.
We need to find another way.
Sawyer? Is that you? Mommy? Are you awake? Hey baby, yeah, I'm awake.
Grandpa told me not to bother you.
No, no, you've been a really good girl.
I had a nice nap and I feel much better now.
- Are you coming out? - Yeah, um But I locked the door by accident.
- Oh, I'll go get Grandpa.
- No.
Um Don't bother Grandpa.
I just I need you to do something for me.
Met with Dr.
All systems go.
Did you get what I asked for? Yes.
I'll handle it from here.
Everything will be in place on the day.
Colonel, hello.
Good to see you.
I had a surprise meeting today.
With the Vice-President.
Really? How'd it go? He asked me an interesting question.
He wanted to know if I thought you were trustworthy.
- I hope you said yes.
- 'Course I did.
I'm a good liar.
Excuse me? You're a very clever woman, Vanessa, but the game isn't over.
Sawyer? Sawyer? Where are you? Why are we here? We need these guys' help.
They'll create a diversion on the day of the surgery.
You sure you don't want to wear a wire? Too risky.
It's risky not to wear one.
Want me to quiz you? No, I'm good.
I know this cover inside out.
You're here to watch my back, but don't interfere unless things go south.
Copy that.
This has to work, so be patient.
How patient? Wait for a gunshot.
That's not patient.
That's stupid.
I told our leader all about your plan.
He's excited.
This is the guy I was telling you about.
Donald Carter.
Nice to meet you.
Heard good things.
Steve says you guys did some business a few months back.
Yeah, a few deals, we got to know each other a little bit.
That's why I came to you.
I'm flattered.
What I meant was we both share a similar philosophy about the government and the President.
I'm told you have a plan already in place.
I've been working on this for a few months, but I'm still shorthanded.
I need a few more smart, skilled men, and we can do the unthinkable.
We can take down the President of the United States.
Tell me more.
I have a mole in the Secret Service, gave me everything.
Times, security codes, rotations, you name it.
That sounds good.
Too good.
Usually that means there's a cop involved.
You calling me a snitch? He's legit, man.
We've done a lot of work together.
We're gonna run your information, make sure you are who you say you are.
Sawyer and I are leaving.
Please don't try and follow us.
Please, just let her live somewhere else.
Away from you and all the craziness.
I loved you my whole life.
You broke my heart.
Let's go.
Wait, where are we going? Trains are that way.
I know.
Donald Carter? You didn't tell me you did time in federal prison.
Gun trafficking.
You didn't ask.
And it was a narcotics charge.
Oh yeah? What cell block were you in? Look, you don't wanna be a part of this, that's fine with me.
But I'm done answering questions.
Oh, I didn't give you permission to leave.
I don't ask permission.
So either you shoot me or I walk away.
Wait, wait, wait.
Come on.
I'm interested.
You got balls, man, I'll give you that, but it doesn't mean you're gonna be able to get close enough to the President to pull this off.
Now, it's all well and good to know the security plan.
What makes you think we can get past it? I was hoping you'd ask that question.
Secret Service lapel pins.
They change color every day.
Those are the correct ones to get us past security the day after tomorrow.
Like I've been trying to say, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Went in to check on you.
Was close.
I hope you at least considered shooting the son of a bitch.
You told me to be patient.
It all worked out.
- For us, anyway.
- What do you mean? Billy doesn't know it yet, but he and his boys just signed up for a suicide mission.
They're the diversion.
Let's get the hell out of here.
- Dr.
- Madam First Lady.
Thank you for seeing me on such short notice.
You said you wanted to speak in private.
I hope it's nothing serious.
As you may recall, I did some blood work on your husband a few days ago.
And I came upon something unexpected.
Something I wanted to bring to your attention.
Go on.
Your husband has a genetic marker which could indicate he is susceptible to early onset dementia.
Very few people know about this marker.
It was only identified in a medical journal last month.
But I think further testing would be the logical next step.
Have you spoken to Paul about this, and the White House physician? No, but I plan to.
I thought I should speak with you first.
Obviously this is a very sensitive issue in the case of the President.
If people find out he's being tested for any form of cognitive impairment, well, I assume that's the kind of thing you'd want to keep private.
You were right to come to me.
I appreciate your candor and your discretion.
As his doctor, I would feel irresponsible not recommending further testing.
But if we go through the official channels, I find it hard to believe we could keep it secret.
Do you have an alternative proposal? His upcoming surgery presents a unique opportunity.
I believe I could take a blood sample without drawing attention, but I would need help getting it out of the hospital into a private lab.
It would require someone who is capable of walking through security without being searched.
Someone like you, Madam First Lady.
Boone? You see anybody else in here reading the newspaper? Or anywhere else, for that matter.
So How does this work? It works like this.
Delaney's paying me a nice chunk of cash to help you guys disappear, so if you don't want him to waste his money, I suggest you listen.
In this envelope you will find new identities, documents, instructions, keys to a new house and a new life, but none of that will be worth a damn if you don't follow one simple rule.
Leave your past behind.
For how long? I mean, I just got accepted into college.
You mean Morgan Sanders got accepted to college.
Morgan Sanders doesn't exist anymore.
- Don't worry, honey.
- You'll start over.
Listen to your father.
There's only one reason to do this.
Because you don't have a choice.
She called me from a payphone at DC National Station.
I'll get down there and see if I can track 'em down.
- Good.
- At least she didn't go to the police.
If she had, they'd be here by now.
She's running.
I'll call a friend at the Bureau.
Hey, Mike, how you doin'? Good.
Good, good.
I need a favor.
It's kind of embarrassing, but I got myself into a bit of a mess at home.
My wife and I have been struggling lately, and Well, she took off with my daughter.
As you can imagine, I'd rather keep this off the record, but I need a hand in tracking them down.
Cross-Atlantic airlines, flight 733.
Final boarding at gate four.
- Nina Carlisle? - Yes? Follow us.
We need to ask you a few questions.
Nice to meet you, Mrs.
My name is Thomas Blair.