Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e14 Episode Script

114 - StormShocker

If you think any harder, Agura, you might blow a gasket.
[AGURA GASPS] AGURA: Checkers is all about strategy.
[CHUCKLES] And your strategy's gone all pear-shaped, love.
- Crown me.
- Oh.
[CHUCKLES] - Nice move.
- Heh, enjoy it, prince charming.
That's the only crown you'll ever get.
Defeat is hard to swallow, Agura.
Especially from someone like me, who is good at everything.
BOTH: Hmm.
[REVERB REVVING] [ALL GASP] STANFORD: Someone stole my ride.
VERT: Move, move, move.
VERT: Hey, pull over.
That wasn't a request, dude.
That was an order.
[STANFORD GRUNTS] How does Agura control this beast? STANFORD: Whoa! [WHIMPERING] All right, thief, bring it on.
What's the deal? SIMON: Pleased to meet you.
The name's Simon.
Simon Ian Rhodes II.
[SIGHS] Everyone, I'd like you to meet my brother.
zOOM: Stanford has a brother? SIMON: Thattaboy, Stanford.
You're such a star.
Don't spill anything.
Hmm! Funny, he never mentioned him before.
They look so much alike.
Right down to the eye color.
That's right, Agura, emerald green.
Only mine have-- Little flecks of gold.
You forgot your key lime pie.
It's on the house.
Why, thank you.
[GRACE CHUCKLES] [GRUNTS] How exactly did you find me here? You sent me this, remember? "Salutations, Simon.
Just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you I've taken up residence in a quaint little resort town.
" A quaint little resort town? Ha, ha.
Oh, that's Handler Corners, all right.
"Life is brilliant.
I even have my own butlers named Vert, Agura, zoom, Sherman and Spinner.
" Butlers? "Wish you could be here.
Love, Stanford.
" Uh, I didn't include a return address.
Ha, ha.
Nothing the MI6 couldn't take care of.
[GRUNTS] Those guys could find a needle in a haystack.
Okay, so you found me.
Why exactly are you here? I was on my way to a film shoot on the West Coast.
I'm starring in a little blockbuster called Skid Marks 3-D and I thought I'd pop by to say hello.
Show my little brother how much he means to me.
Meaning you're here to make my life miserable.
Oh, come on, Stanford.
Show your older, better-looking brother some love.
[SIMON CHUCKLES THEN STANFORD GROANS] Is this gonna work? This can shut down a stormshock? In theory.
Spinner, pass me the screwdriver.
Huh? Unh.
[GRUNTS] Thanks a lot, big bro.
If this device works, it could end the war with Kalus and zemerik.
I will be able to search for Sentient survivors.
Rebuild my civilization.
You must miss your family.
I miss my axons.
Axons? What you humans would call parents.
Uh, do you have any brothers and sisters? I have a twin brother but we do not communicate.
Spinner, ratchet.
- Here you go, bro.
- Oh! - Argh, Spinner! SPINNER: Huh, what? Oh, you want a hammer? No, Spinner.
No hammer.
[SIGHS] I hope your brother isn't as annoying as mine can be sometimes.
Stormshock arrival imminent.
Let's go, Spin.
I've got the stormshock in my sights.
Crystal sync diodes fully charged.
That doesn't sound good.
Brace yourself, big bro.
[BOTH SCREAMING] [GASPS] The thing about Stanford is he was always so competitive.
- You're the one who's competitive.
- Me? You know, I kind of feel sorry for Stanford.
You're the one who's 189th in line for the royal throne.
ALL: No.
I'm 188th.
- What was that? - Alien activity is what that was.
[STATIC BUzzlNG] [zEKE CHUCKLES] Hang back, guys.
I'm gonna check this out.
That's quite the fog that's rolled in.
zEKE: Hmm.
zEKE: It's an incoming UFO.
[GRUNTS] Heh, a vulture.
Unidentified flying object, identified.
[zEKE GRUNTS] Ha, very funny.
- We've got a little problem.
VERT: What kind of problem? The immediate geographic area suffered a spatial phase shift.
Meaning? SHERMAN: We teleported part of Handler Corners into a battlezone.
Huh? [THUNDER CRASHING] [STANFORD GRUNTS] If you think any harder, Stanford, you might blow a gasket.
Checkers is all about strategy.
And your strategy's gone all pear-shaped, brother.
Crown me.
[CHUCKLES] [GROWLS] Best two out of three.
[BOTH LAUGH] [DOOR OPENS] Guys, we need to do a little recon.
[RATTLING] You're telling me zeke's diner was teleported into a battlezone? And the desert around it.
Sage's device malfunctioned.
In a big way.
[THUNDER CRASHING] This would be the battlezone.
AGURA: And those would be zurk scouts.
Destroy them before they make it through the fog.
You had me at "destroy it.
" [zOOM GRUNTS] zOOM: Two down, one to go.
Come on, come on.
[GRUNTS] Do you think it relayed any info? zEMERlK: The organics are protecting that building.
It must contain the battlekey.
All zurk converge on this building.
Sherman, if there was ever a time when we needed one of your brilliant ideas, it's now.
I think I can fix this.
You think or you know? While the device can no longer be used for its original purpose we can reengineer it to transport everything back to where it belongs.
I'll have to jury-rig a few pieces, which will take time, but-- Sherm's on it.
He'll have it fixed in no time at all.
- Huh? - No pressure, little bro.
[SHERMAN GROWLS] Okay, Agura, zoom, we need to set up a perimeter around the diner.
Protect it from any Sark.
As long as my knuckles get to pound robot steel, I'm there.
And how do I fit into this brilliant plan, oh, great leader? I need you to keep all the civilians inside the diner.
- But my brother is in there.
- And it's your job to keep him there.
The last thing we need is him jumping into another car and driving around in a Sark-infested battlezone.
[zEKE GRUNTING] - Hey, what are you kids doing back here? - Uh, we were, uh.
Just admiring your pickup truck.
Uh, pretty sick ride.
[zEKE GRUNTS] [SCOFFS] Well, whatever you do, don't you dare touch it.
I just had it painted.
Just had it painted? Remember, guys, not a single zurk gets past us.
If the whole team were here, we could cover more area.
Well, it's not, so we'll just have to smash Sark faster and harder.
Music to my ears.
- zemerik.
- Organic.
Target acquired.
zug, lead the invasion.
Yes, Lord zemerik.
You will need to connect the blue cable to the geodesic link.
But not until Spinner has uploaded the proper software.
It just finished uploading.
Activate the program on my mark.
In three, two, one-- [GRUNTS] [GASPS] Unh, Spinner, you were supposed to wait till zero.
I thought it was on one.
I've really gotta work on my countdowns.
You've also gotta work on being a better brother.
I'm a great brother.
Brothers work with each other, not against each other.
By the way, that wrench you tossed, you threw it into the works, literally.
There's nothing like the sound of Sentient blades cutting Sark steel.
zEMERlK: What is this? Scout units, assemble.
Uploading new target info.
Target must be destroyed at all costs.
Hey, zug, you're gonna have to move faster than that if you want a piece of me.
- Whoa.
Eighteen milkshakes? That's amazing.
Hey, Stanford, how many can you drink? SIMON: Stanford's lactose intolerant.
The bloke's got a sensitive little tumsy wumsy, don't you? [GROWLS] Oh, Grace, what do you say you and me go for a ride? You can give me a tour of this resort town.
Uh, no, you guys can't leave.
[GRUNTS] [DOOR CHIMES] SIMON: Dual-disc clutch, five.
Guys, come back in the diner.
That's pretty impressive.
No, it's not.
This is impressive.
[LOUD ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS] There's his competitive streak rearing its ugly head again.
[BEEPS] [LOUD TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS] Did you hear that, Grace? Twelve hundred watt, 12-inch subwoofers.
Mine are 1300 watts and 13 inches, but that's beside the point.
- Will you guys just come back inside? SIMON: No can do, Stanford.
You've started something and now you have to finish it.
Hey, I didn't start this, you did.
You sent the postcard bragging how much better your life was than mine.
Which I only did because you've spent your entire life bragging how much better your life was.
I can't help it if I'm taller, better looking, smarter, and faster than you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
If there's one thing you're not, it's faster than me.
- Yes, I am.
- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am.
- No, you're not! Yes, I am.
[STANFORD COUGHS] That wasn't how it was supposed to work out.
Simon, come back.
[WRENCH CREAKING] SPINNER: Sherman, work faster, bro.
That wall of fog is moving in on us.
[SIGHS] Sage.
As the fog closes in, the battlezone is draining me of my energy.
I must go into hibernation mode.
I'm sorry, Sage, this is all my fault.
Can you forgive me? Please? Please, please, please-- We've got a problem.
Incoming, incoming.
Man all battle stations.
We're under attack.
- Spinner, calm down.
- Aah! We can't use the Buster while I'm repairing the device.
You mean, we're defenseless against those killer thingamajigs.
- What are we supposed to do? - I don't know.
You're the older brother, you figure it out.
I've gotta get this thing online.
- Sherman, how's the device coming? SHERMAN [OVER RADIO]: Working on it.
Well, work faster.
We can't hold zemerik off for much longer.
All right, guys, you wanna throw down? Let's throw down.
[GASPS] This is going to be a humiliating defeat for you, Stanford.
Simon, you've got to stop.
You have no idea what you're doing.
I know exactly what I'm doing.
How does one lap around the fog sound? [GASPS] Ha, ha! Does that frightened look on your face mean you accept? [CHUCKLES] Ha-ha-ha.
Nice try, Stanford.
Don't try and distract me.
So long, brother.
Is it just me or is this wall of fog getting closer to the diner? Yeah, it's getting closer, but just focus on driving them back into it.
Drive, throw, same thing.
Spinner, you've got this guy, right? Spinner? [HORN HONKS] Hey, would your big brother ever let you down? Heh.
Thanks, big bro.
- Simon, you have to stop.
- Are you giving up? Just admit it, Stanford, I'm better than you.
This isn't about who's better than who.
I'm trying to save your life.
Save my life? From what? [GRUNTS] You're so melodramatic sometimes.
Eat dust, little brother.
SHERMAN: Starting power-up sequence.
Hang in there, guys.
We're just about home.
[GRUNTS] Guys, I'm pinned under my bike here.
I could use a hand when you're free.
A bit tied up right now.
Hang tight, zoom.
[LAUGHS] Who's the fastest one now? [CHUCKLES] [GROWLS] [COMPUTER BEEPING] Prepare for reverse spatial phase shift in three, two, one.
You fellas still here? And what in blazes is that thing on top of your truck? Uh, it's, um.
A crystal hood ornament.
- We tricked out our ride a little.
You like? - Ha, ha.
Why, it's the crummiest cornball contraption I ever did see.
[GRUNTS] These kids come up, electronically.
[DOOR CLOSES] [BOTH SIGH] SHERMAN: Initiating power-up sequence.
[GROWLING] Okay, this is gonna hurt.
Big time.
Reverse spatial phase shift in three.
[SCREAMING] Sherman, tell me the good news.
Home sweet home is home sweet home.
Vert, Agura, zoom, Sherman and Spinner you are some of the coolest butlers I've ever met.
Grace, the pleasure was all yours.
[CHUCKLES] - Give me a ring-a-ding sometime.
- Huh? Well, Stanford, looks like the best man won.
Chin up.
Might take a few decades, but you'll eventually get over this stinging defeat.
Until next time, brother.
[GRUNTS] Don't let him get under your skin.
Oh, he's not.
When we were on the salt flats, all I could think was, "He's my brother.
" And I didn't want any of those Sark to hurt him.
I think I know how you feel.
Thanks, big bro.
Oh! No problem, little bro.
I had this moment where I realized I don't have to prove anything to Simon.
- I just have to be a bigger person.
- That's awesome, Stanford.
And then the moment passed.
I mean, sure, my brother's good-looking and charming, but so am I.
And I can kick anybody's butt at checkers.
- Hmm.
STANFORD: Agura? [ALL GRUMBLING] Checkers? Race across the salt flats? Who wants to lose to the unstoppable, indomitable Stanford Isaac Rhodes?