Hotel Cocaine (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

The Orishas


My name is Roman Compte,
and I'm the general manager
of The Mutiny Club.
Let's play "find the DEA agent
at the martini bar."
[ZULIO] Why did you never tell me
that your brother's the biggest
trafficker in Miami?
We went our separate ways.
I'm gonna need you to provide us
with intel about his operation.
Your brother is a very dangerous man.
They threatened to arrest me
and take Valeria away
if I don't cooperate.
You're Janice Nichols.
Hot damn. I love your film.
I did that film against my will.
[NESTOR] Chucho, that's my brother.
We came from Cuba, and you abandoned me.
I didn't wanna kill people
so I could sell drugs.
I might be willing to help you,
but you're gonna have to prove
that I can trust you.
There's something else going on, Nestor.
[ROMAN] Some Haitians
stole Nestor's shipment.
- He's gonna buy it back.
- Where?
All units ready to engage.
- [ROMAN] Isn't that the meet?
- Oh, we switched it.
You know, Chucho
he smells a rat everywhere.
- What the fuck?!
- [NESTOR] Those Haitians
they got another thing coming.
[CHUCHO] Fucking rat.
[MAN] We gotta get him
to a fucking hospital.
Come on, hurry! Let's go!
[ZULIO] Let me get this
fucking straight!
A bunch of coke-dealing Haitians
your brother was supposed
to meet with wind up dead,
shot full of holes.
Chucho Ramirez winds up in the ER
in the middle of the night
with a bullet in his throat.
You're with Nestor the whole time,
and you know nothing about any of this?!
Nestor took me to the meet,
but he had me wait in the car.
Why, Roman, would he do that?
The same reason he gave me
a fake meeting address.
He doesn't trust me yet.
He's testing me.
I'm gonna get the information
from you about your brother,
or you can kiss
your daughter goodbye, huh?
You know, listen, asshole.
I risked my life even being there,
and I'm gonna report you
and all your kabooms.
To who? My group supervisor?
Your local congressman? Who, Roman?
[SIGHS] Look, I got this Chucho Ramirez
under 24-hour guard.
Son of a bitch is unconscious right now.
But if he makes it out of the ICU,
he and I are gonna have a little chat.
Good. What are his chances?
I don't know.
But you ought to pray to God
that miserable piece of shit
survives and spills on Nestor. Huh?
Listen, I need you to have faith.
Because I really feel
Chucho's going to recover.
I've asked my madrina
to come by tomorrow
to ask the Orishas for protection
for him.
I want you to meet Chucho's family.
This is Catalina, his wife,
and his children, Rosa and Manuel.
This is Hermano Romano.
This is the man
that helped me save Chucho.
Chucho isn't just my number two.
He's the most loyal guy I've ever known.
Well, he will very likely
be under guard.
How many things have you and I done
that everybody said was impossible?
Not walk into a hospital guarded
by U.S. law enforcement.
Chucho is like a brother to me.
I would do for him
as I would do for you.
Well, if he's your brother,
then he's my brother, too.
- Yeah ♪
- Hotel Cocaine ♪
- Yeah ♪
You ready for more? ♪
I got it ♪
- Erotic ♪
- Yes ♪
- Exotic, you got it ♪
- You got it ♪
- The yayo ♪
- The yayo ♪
- Perico ♪
- Perico ♪
- Polvo blanco ♪
- Polvo blanco ♪
You ready for more? ♪
Curious, furious,
Sensual, chemical ♪
Mysterious, delirious ♪
Baby, why so serious? ♪
It ain't what it seems ♪
Your secret's safe with me ♪
Curious, furious ♪
Sensual, chemical ♪
Mysterious, delirious ♪
Baby, why so serious? ♪
It ain't what it seems ♪
Your secret's safe with me ♪

I got it ♪
- Erotic ♪
- Yes ♪
Exotic ♪
- You got it ♪
- You got it ♪
- The yayo ♪
- The yayo ♪
- Perico ♪
- Perico ♪
- Polvo blanco ♪
- Polvo blanco ♪
You know where we at ♪
Hotel Cocaine ♪
Hotel Cocaine ♪
Might just maintain ♪
Might just do the thing ♪
You know where we at ♪
Hotel Cocaine ♪
Hotel Cocaine ♪
Are you ready for more? ♪
Ready for more? ♪
Roman. Look at this.
Can you fucking believe it?
- Yeah. So?
- They're counterfeit.
People are manufacturing
these goddamn cards
to get into the club.
Oh, shit.
Whoever made these
went to a lot of trouble.
Yeah, it's easier
to just print the money.
A lot of people in Miami have money.
Very few have Mutiny cards.
Burn these. Where's Janice?
Roman, this is Rick James,
grandmaster of funk.
Rick, this is Roman Compte,
our kickass general manager.
Sir James, I'm a huge fan.
Your songs really get
our dance floor grooving.
Thank you, brother.
Anything you need?
Can I get you a drink, a bite?
- On the house, of course.
- Hmm. Cocaine.
- That sounds about right.
- Yeah, we need a few grams.
I just need a quick word with Janice,
and then I'll dig some up.
It's a pleasure.

How's it going?
If making sure the guests
don't put their hands down
one of my girls' bikinis
is your idea of a good time,
I'm having a blast.
I need a favor.
Does your friend Nancy
still work at Mercy Hospital?
Yeah. What kind of favor?
I need the health status
on a patient admitted last night.
- Mm-hmm.
- Chucho Ramirez.
Are you serious?
He got shot.
And how does that involve you?
You can't repeat this to anyone, Janice.
Yeah, of course.
Nestor Cabal is my brother.
- What?
- Yeah.
That DEA asshole Zulio
is forcing me to spy on him,
or he'll hit me
with some bullshit drug charges
and take Valeria away.
How can he do that?
You need to get a lawyer. That's
I can't risk it.
Yeah, I went with Nestor
and Chucho to a
a meet last night,
and somehow Chucho figured out
I'm working for the DEA.
So look, I-I had to.
It was It was either him or me.
I had to shoot him, and he survived.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
If he lives,
and he tells Zulio I shot him,
I'll be sent to jail.
And if he tells Nestor
I'm working with the feds,
I will be face-down in the Everglades.
So, what the hell are you gonna do?
Gitchie, ya-ya, da-da ♪
Gitchie, gitchie Ya-ya, here ♪
Mocha Chocolata, ya-ya ♪
Creole Lady Marmalade ♪
Hi, sugar.
- Hi, Roman.
- Hey, Roman.
Gitchie, gitchie,
Ya-ya, da-da ♪
Gitchie, gitchie Ya-ya, here ♪
[BURTON] Rick, look at
the women around you.
You're gonna get out of this funk.
Just relax.
Take it all in.

[ROMAN] You guys have been
on a bit of a tear.
Oh, thank you. Thank you.
- Mm.
- Mr. James?
[BURTON] Yes. One, two.
How about a little mood picker-upper?
- No, man.
- Rick. This isn't like you.
Roman, we've gotta cheer this guy up.
Even the girls aren't doing it for him.
Ah The Bolivian pink. ♪
- Rick, are you sure?
- I ain't feeling it.
He's got writer's block.
I'm sorry to hear that.
You know, maybe being here
will do the trick.
Uh, Crosby, Stills & Nash
wrote a whole album here.
[BURTON] And if I'm not
mistaken, Keith Richards
came up with "Beasts of Burden"
at our very own urinal.
[RICK] You aren't gettin' it.
When my album dropped, I got
everything I always wanted.
Money, chicks, fame.
But then the music stopped.
Rick, trust me, you'll get
your inspiration back.
That's what The Mutiny is all about.

- I gotta get back.
- [BURTON] Oh, Roman.
Don't worry, Valeria's confirmation
I will be there.
Wouldn't miss it for the world.
- Gracias.
- Familia.
[ROMAN] Later, Rick.

I don't know how you can stand
being a part of
this freak show every night.
For a guy who hates this
freak show, you're here a lot.
What are you, fucking with me?
This place is a goddamn
cornucopia of information.
I can tell if someone brought in a load
by how many cases of champagne
they ordered.
You want me here for a reason,
or you're just lonely?
I came to brighten your evening.
You suck at that.
About a year ago,
some coked-up Peruvians
rescued their boss out of
a hospital from Dade County.
I wouldn't put it past your
brother to do something that ballsy.
Give him a call.
Tell him you heard
from one of your bozos
here at the club that the DEA
they doubled protection on Chucho.

Is that it?
That'll do.


Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone ♪
What the fuck are you doing here?
You look good, Janice.
Still haven't answered my question.
I came to ask your forgiveness.
- You wanna sit?
- No, I do not.
What you did and what I
went through is unforgivable.
Can you leave now,
or should I get a bouncer?
I'll go if you want me to.
But I've learned that forgiveness
isn't just for those seeking it,
but also for those who forgive.
I reserved a room hoping we could talk.
Maybe grab a coffee tomorrow.
If you decide you don't want to,
I'll check out,
and you'll never see me again.
Your call.
Thanks, sweetheart.
Connect with Nancy?
Yeah, she said Chucho's
in and out of consciousness,
still in intensive care,
but the doctors
are expecting him to recover.
Did she say when
he will be moved out of there?
I don't think you should go
anywhere near that hospital.
[ROMAN] Where's Valeria?
Uh, she's getting ready.
Listen, her confirmation class
I got a call she skipped it.
Confirmation's tomorrow.
You need to talk to her.
I will.
[SIGHS] Like I need more shit right now.
And while you do that, my love,
I am going to read you a poem
from a fellow Cuban.
So you want me to die by your hand?
Yes, to prove your undying love for me.
You drive a hard bargain.
- Sí.
Sorry to interrupt, but I have to go.
And I will drive you to school.
We have to have a little talk
about confirmation class.
Now don't look at her.
This is about us.
All right, enough of
the silent treatment.
Let's talk about this class you skipped.
This whole confirmation thing
is about me becoming
a soldier of Christ.
But how is that possible
if I think it's all bullshit?
It's not bullshit.
- Really?
- Really.
What kind of God
sends teenagers out to die
in some stupid war in Vietnam?
Or lets the world create a bomb
that could annihilate us all?
Or what?
Or takes Mom from us.
I understand. I really do.
I don't know how God works,
but I know that He created your mom.
So He must have had a good reason
for taking her away.
I don't have much time,
so be quick about what you have to say.
Can you at least have a seat?
They said this could be tough.
Who's "they"?
Um, I've been
doing something called EST.
It's about trying to become
a better person.
Part of that includes reconnecting
with people you haven't seen
in a while to make amends.
You lured me and every one
of those girls into a sex ring
using drugs and alcohol
and whatever else
you could find to do it.
You spill that?
Yeah, I did.
Janice, I'm sorry.
I hope you can find forgiveness
if and when you think
I'm ever worthy of it.
Phil, I'm not sure
I can ever forgive you.
But I admit it feels good
to hear you say that.
Thank you.
Chucho will be moved
from the intensive care unit
on the third floor to a private room
on the second that I have arranged.
Now, there's an elevator,
but he'll be on a gurney,
so he'll be wheeled down a ramp.
When they roll that gurney
down the ramp,
we'll be with it every step of the way.
Nestor, the DEA is fucking wise to this.
You understand me? All I know is
when Chucho comes out,
Guillermo's gonna be there,
and he's gonna intercept the DEA
before they get to the ramp at gunpoint.
Oh, so you're asking
for a fucking shootout
in a hospital?
[ZULIO] Cabal's smart.
Very smart, but if he tries
to grab his man,
he's in for a rude awakening.
Nestor, we are too fucking exposed.
It's an open hospital.
There's civilians.
Too many things could go wrong.
I understand everything, but you
need to have a little faith.
If the Orishas want us to succeed,
then we're gonna succeed.
And if they don't,
then we're fucked anyways.
The Orishas?
Yeah, the divine spirits who protect us.
All right, let's get ready.
He wants to kidnap Chucho
from the hospital? That's crazy.
I couldn't talk him out of it,
but I'm going with him.
What for?
Chucho might be under DEA guard,
but If Nestor manages
to get him out of there,
it'll be my best chance to take him out.
I need you
to cover for me at the club
for the next few hours.
Can you do that?
Sure, but I don't think
you should do this.
Thanks. I appreciate it.
Let's go around.
Stay close.
Don't make me blow
your fucking heads off.
It's okay. No one wants
to get shot here today.
Shut the fuck up! Raise your hands.
Shh, shh. Just walk slowly.
If you make a move to come after me,
I will shoot up this hospital
and kill anyone I see.
Don't worry. No one's gonna make a move.
- Good?
- Yeah.
Piece of shit.
Get the fuck out!
Fuck out of here. Let's go.
- What?
- Mira.
[NESTOR] Motherfucker.
They switched him up
for a fucking dead guy!
- Let's go.
- Fuck, man!
[MAN] Don't worry, Chucho.
You're safe with us.
Okay, boys, post up
in front of this room.
Anybody who's not hospital personnel
tries to enter, shoot the motherfucker.
Let me know when he wakes up.
Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen,
we have a very special treat here
at The Mutiny Club tonight.
The great Rick James
has agreed to perform
a little number with our Mutiny
girls up on this very stage.
- Yep. Yep, that's right.
That's right.
Now I don't think Rick
would mind my sharing with you
that he's been seeking
a little inspiration
for his new album.
And I reminded him
of the karmic benefits
of hearing and seeing
and feeling the response
an audience has to his musical genius.
- So, people, please
put your hands together
for the minister of funk,
the one, the only, the king, Rick James!
Come on up here, Rick,
and show us your stuff!

Uh, okay, okay. Rick, are you
Oh. All right.
Well, I'm gonna get us started.
That's right.
Oh, hey, ladies.
Come here, baby.
Rick, it's a joint. Get up here!
Come on! Show 'em what you're all about!
Oh, come on.
Rick, where are ya?!

Let's go. This is where
you come in, Rick.
Rick, where are you going? Come back!

Well, he scared Rick James
out of the club. That was great.
Yes, but I think we have a problem.
- What's that?
- Maybe it's nothing,
but I just saw Phil
leading Trini upstairs.
Just thought you should know.
A big, sexy smile for me.
That's it. Right there.
Right there. That's beautiful.
- You're like a cat. I love it.
- Hey, Janice.
Get out, Trini.
No. She doesn't have to go anywhere.
- It's a free country.
- Leave.
Is something wrong? He's just
taking modeling photos.
That's what he tells all the girls
before he talks them
into turning tricks.
Those pics aren't
for some modeling agency.
They're for the Johns
he plans to sell you to.
She's old and jealous.
[WHISPERS] This is your big break.
He's lying, Trini.
I paid good money for this room.
One expects a certain amount of privacy.
Gotta say, the amends thing
had me going for a bit.
We don't have to be enemies,
Janice. Why don't you help me?
There's lots of money to be made.
You're the pimp, not me.
[CHUCKLES] No? I see what goes on here.
These girls are here
at their own free will,
and if they ever decide to leave,
they go with my full blessing.
And if you come back here and try to
You're gonna do what?
A little friendly advice.
Mind your fucking business,
or what'll come at you
will make being locked up
in my uncle's rooms feel like heaven
by comparison.
Okay, come on. Break's over.
Let's go. Let's go.
Back on the pillows. Let's go.
Do you want it or not? Let's go.
Yeah, a little smile at the camera.
- Forget about her. Let's go.
- What'd you give me before?
Gracias, madrina.
What'd you find out?
Chucho's in a private room,
heavily guarded.
They wouldn't give me his condition.
And maybe I could go
back there alone, sneak in.
- No, no, no. It's impossible.
- Let me try.
Well, that's not a risk
I'm willing to take.
What if he regains consciousness
and talks to the cops?
He will never betray me.
Is that what your santera
told you?
Hey, brother. You do your thing
at your Catholic church,
and you're gonna let me do mine.
If Chucho wakes up and dimes us
out, we're all fucked.
Valeria's confirmation is tomorrow.
You pray to your God for protection,
and I'm gonna pray to mine,
and that way,
we're gonna have all our bases covered.
¿Cómo están, Chichito?
You don't look so good.
I know you speak English,
so I won't torture you
with my terrible Spanish.
But I'm gonna need everything
you've got on Nestor Cabal.
Well, of course I could pin the murders
of all 14 Haitians on your hands.
But if you want to stay loyal
to your boss, be my guest.
Yeah, write that shit down.
Yeah, yeah.
Write it!
Come on.
Rick, welcome to
the Alice in Wonderland Suite.
[RICK] What the
This place is tripped out.
I do my best thinking in here.
Okay. See this funhouse mirror?
To me, it symbolizes the way
we look at ourselves.
Distorted, mis-shaped.
Monstrous. [LAUGHS]
You got that right, B.
It's been like this for months.
You think your music is all you got,
all you are. I get it.
Look, all my life, I've been a weirdo.
I was that kid who wore shoes
on the wrong feet
'cause he thought
it looked cooler that way,
who'd rather play with snails
in the outfield
during Little League games
than his team,
who flunked every test he ever took
because school felt like
an unbearable prison.
And who was told he'd never
amount to anything by teachers,
psychiatric specialists,
and most of his family.
Except for my mom.
She never treated me like a freak.
She encouraged me to be
as strange as I wanted to be,
because she said, "Burton,
that's your superpower."
And then one day that little boy
got caught in a riptide,
and the only one
who went after him was her.
She saved me
but drowned doing it.
Damn, man, I'm sorry.
- That's fucked up.
- Yeah.
But you know what keeps me
reaching for the stars, Rick?
No. What?
You do.
You inspire me.
That's why I built this hotel,
for people like us.
You kind of sound like
my first church choir teacher.
Singing them gospels was like
fighting God.
For real.
I think I have a way to get inspired.
But you're gonna have to
go somewhere with me.
Love is like fire ♪
Keep on running,
Keep on running ♪
Keep on running ♪
Hey, there he is. Have a seat.
I'm working.
Hey, relax. It's good news.
Your brother wanted to make a play,
and I was ready for him.
[LAUGHS] But that's different.
But the gurney
I would have given my left nut
to see his reaction.
Why didn't you arrest him on the spot?
What for?
Absconding with a dead guy?
So, Chucho's gonna make it?
He's out of ICU.
Not well enough to talk yet,
but yeah, he will be soon.
That's fantastic.
And he will spill.
When facing jail, they all do,
and not just about Nestor
what happened in Little Haiti.
What else happened in Little Haiti?
What are you talking about?
So, there's nothing you wanna tell me
about that night
you haven't talked about?
Let's see what Chucho
has to say when he wakes up.
Great. Let me know.
Will do.
Janice. What's up?
He's here, Roman.
Janice, who's here?
Yes. Just like that.
- You're a natural.
- Good.
Who the fuck are you? [GRUNTS]
- You don't remember me, singao?
- Fuck, man!
I'm the one who found you
beating Janice up
- on Lincoln Road.
Remember me now? [SPEAKS SPANISH]
Roman, stop. That's enough. Enough.
And you tell your uncle,
if any of you ever come back here,
I'll kill you all.
Are we clear?
- Get the fuck outta here.
I just sent Trini home.
She's fine, but
how are you?
You were right.
I should have gone to a lawyer.
I should have told Zulio
to go fuck himself.
- Roman, it's not too late.
- It is.
As soon as Chucho wakes up,
he'd either tell Zulio
or Nestor what I did.
And Valeria will grow up
without a father.
There's gotta be a way.
Yeah. Yeah. The only way
is if Chucho dies.
After the confirmation,
I'll go to Zulio.
And I'll tell him the whole thing,
even if he throws me in jail.
Maybe he won't take Valeria away.
And Marisol will raise her.
Or maybe you'll get lucky,
and Chucho will die.
I'm not that lucky.
Couldn't do this without you.
You've tied many knots before.
I'm sure after, say, a hundred tries,
you would get it.
I mean, this, all of this
raising Valeria like she was your own.
It's like having two children
you and Valeria.
Mmm. Very funny.
- I mean it.
She loves you. She
She depends on you.
You inspire her and me.
I'm just trying to say thank you.
Look into my eyes.
Kiss me.
You're welcome.
- Now hurry, we'll be late.
- Yeah.
You look like a soldier of Christ,
only prettier.
You are spectacular.
Listen, the good thing about
being confirmed is the dress.
Let me see. As your madrina,
I gotta make sure you look your best.
I'll never be as pretty as you.
You've already beaten me by a mile.
Let's go.
Papá Dios waits for no one.
[MARISOL] Sí. Let's go.
[PRIEST] In confirmation,
we are called to align
our inner intentions
to the beatitudes of Christ,
to search for the fundamental goodness
that God put in all of us.
Confirmation is not merely
a rite of passage.
It is a deepening
of a holy covenant with God,
a profound moment
in your life of faith
that began at baptism.
I can't even believe we're
talking about this, Janice.
Nancy, Roman's life is at stake.
Please, I just need a nurse's uniform.
Baptism incorporates us into Christ
and forms us into God's people.
His first sacrament
cleanses all our sins
and rescues us
from the power of darkness.
Today, your baptism is
completed, and you are enriched
with the strength
of the Holy Spirit.
Do you reject Satan and all his
works and empty promises?
[ALL] I do.
[PRIEST] Do you believe in God,
the Father Almighty,
creator of Heaven and Earth?
[PRIEST] Do you believe
in the holy Catholic Church,
the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and life everlasting?
As you receive the sacraments today,
do so with a heart full of faith
and openness to the workings
of the Holy Spirit
in your life.
This anointing will seal you
with the gifts of the Lord.
Remember these gifts
and use them to spread
and defend the faith.
You were called to be
witnesses of Christ
in your words and actions.

[PRIEST] Let your every action
be a reflection of God's love,
peace, compassion, and justice.
See you in hell.
[PRIEST] Valeria receives
with this signal
the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Peace be with you.
[VALERIA] And also with you.
[PRIEST] The peace of the Lord
be with you always.
[MAN] O, let our hearts ♪
Are you feeling at all inspired yet?
Definitely feel a song coming on.
Hey, B?
Your mama would have been
real proud of you.

You're not just a freak.
You a super freak.
Thanks for the help, brother.

[WHISPERS] Super freak.
[MAN] All the earth shall see
the saints ♪
Roman, everything okay?
Yeah. I'll be in in a minute.
I just need some air.
Dad, what's wrong?
No, no, just just go inside.
I'm gonna take a little walk.
Chucho's dead.
I got a call from the hospital.
He died about an hour ago.
He didn't make it.
Chucho's destiny has come to an end.
But a new one begins for me and you.
I'm sorry, I'm not following.
It's a sign from the Orishas.
I need a new second-in-command.
You're my new Chucho.

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