Hotel Cocaine (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

See that unkind
looking woman over there?
The mousy one, by the entrance.
- [ROMAN] Your sister.
- None other.
What the hell do you think
you're doing, Constance?
A few years ago,
you borrowed $3 million.
You owe the remaining
$2.1 million, dumbshit.
Can you think of
any of our regular guests
who might be able to loan me some money?
You don't want to get involved
with our guests that way.
What about Ray Dorado? He owns a bank.
He's the last person you should talk to.
I'd like you to plant this
in your brother's house--
wherever he's most likely
to talk about business.
Nestor, you never mentioned
you had a brother.
- A pleasure.
- Congressman.
He's a gritty bastard,
but politicians are useful.
My dad's Congressman Landon.
He, uh, "works" with them.
There's a Colombian
who's staying in your hotel.
His name is Alvaro Gomez.
How and where is he
getting his shit into Miami?
I am here as a representative
of a very powerful man,
who is ready to take control of Miami.
Gomez doesn't import coke.
He imports weapons and motorcycles.
Colombians are here
to wipe out the competition.
- I have to warn Nestor.
- Nestor goes away,
so does your problem with the DEA.
[NESTOR] Thanks for the warning.
Now let's go inside and find out
who's behind all this.
What's wrong with this one?
Tell him.
Yes, please.
Tell him.
The boy I met at Uncle Nestor's, Andrew?
Mm-hmm. We had a plan to go out.
But his parents said we couldn't.
- Good.
- Roman.
What, she has to concentrate
on school, not boys.
You're so bogus.
Proceed with caution, mi amor.
Just saying,
it's the end of the semester,
and I'm sure his parents
want him studying, too.
It's because I'm not some lily-white
Barbie doll from Palm Beach.
Hey, we're decorating this weekend.
Have you gotten the Christmas lights?
I have not.
Okay, we need colored
string lights for the tree.
We want the room to sparkle.
[REPORTER ON TV] While the
investigation is all underway,
as yet, the police have no suspects
in the highly coordinated
motorcycle attack
in Little Havana
that saw six people get murdered
in broad daylight just two days ago--
MARISOL: What's happening to this city?
We're not in any danger.
We are perfectly safe.
[WHISPERS] Just eat now.
- Aah!
- Yeah ♪
- Hotel Cocaine ♪
- Yeah ♪
-You ready for more? ♪
- Whoo!
I got it ♪
-Erotic ♪
- Yes ♪
-Exotic, you got it ♪
- You got it ♪
- The yayo ♪
- The yayo ♪
- Perico ♪
- Perico ♪
- Polvo blanco ♪
- Polvo blanco ♪
You ready for more? ♪
Curious, furious, Sensual, chemical ♪
Mysterious, delirious ♪
Baby, why so serious? ♪
It ain't what it seems ♪
Your secret's safe with me ♪
Curious, furious ♪
Sensual, chemical ♪
Mysterious, delirious ♪
Baby, why so serious? ♪
It ain't what it seems ♪
Your secret's safe with me ♪

I got it ♪
-Erotic ♪
- Yes ♪
Exotic ♪
-You got it ♪
- You got it ♪
-The yayo ♪
- The yayo ♪
-Perico ♪
- Perico ♪
-Polvo blanco ♪
- Polvo blanco ♪
You know where we at ♪
Hotel Cocaine ♪
Hotel Cocaine ♪
Might just maintain ♪
-Might just do the thing ♪
- Whoo!
You know where we at, Hotel Cocaine ♪
Hotel Cocaine ♪
Are you ready for more? ♪
Ready for more? ♪

- Merry Christmas, man.
- Feliz Navidad.
[DOM] Oh, look at that.
You got Christmas lights.
What the hell are you doing?
[SCOFFS] I was about to ask you
the same fuckin' thing.
Get in the van.
You guys are real subtle.
Come on in. Have a seat.
Thanks, pal.
Why didn't you warn us Nestor
was gonna kill his rivals?
- Because he didn't.
- Oh, bullshit.
He was also attacked.
Okay, Roman, tell me. Who's responsible?
Alvaro Gomez, like I told you.
Alvaro Gomez is a fictitious
name on a fake passport.
Fictitious or not,
he's staying at The Mutiny.
Why don't you do your fuckin' job?
Now watch your mouth, asshole!
[CHUCKLES] You know what?
You probably think
it's unfair of me, uh,
using Valeria to get
to your brother, huh?
Well, life's not fuckin' fair.
You may have a badge,
but you're no different than
these fuckin' thugs.
You planted a bug
in your brother's house.
So far, it hasn't gotten us shit.
You get him
to incriminate himself on tape,
and then you're off the hook.
This is just wrong.
Look, you're part of a team, amigo.
And, uh
a team's like these Christmas lights.
If one bulb doesn't work
none of 'em do.
Merry Christmas.
So, how much money exactly do you need?
So we're looking at, uh,
solid $3 million?
Three million dollars is a lot of money.
Take a look around, Ray.
This place is a cash cow,
and you know it.
But you're in debt,
so you're obviously doing
something wrong.
I got 138 rooms that require
constant upgrade.
I have to supply the best food,
the best music, the best lighting.
the best women,
the best drugs, the best--
I've taken a look at your books, Burton.
They're a fuckin' mess.
You're hemorrhaging cash
out of this place.
As far as I'm concerned, you have
no fuckin' clue what you are doing.
All right, you're Ray Dorado.
You own a bank.
You know, I like you, Burton.
I appreciate the fact
that you're speaking Spanish.
[CHUCKLES] Gracias.
Also, I see the way
you treat your employees,
and I can respect that.
You're a nice guy.
I can get you $3 million.
Okay, Ray, now we're talking.
But you're gonna have to put
the hotel as collateral.
I have a board to whom I'm responsible.
These men, they're Latin.
And they insist on having excess
collateral for a risky loan.
Jesus, Ray, I'd hardly
call the Mutiny a risk.
In my line of business, Burton,
everyone's a risk.
You get a shiver In the dark ♪
It's raining in the park,
But meantime ♪
South of the river, you stop,
And you hold everything ♪
He can play the honky tonk
Like anything ♪
Saving it up For Friday night ♪
With the Sultans ♪
With the Sultans of Swing ♪
And the Sultans ♪
Yeah, the Sultans ♪
[NESTOR] Look at these photos
Alejandra took at the party
of you and Valeria.
I mean, look at that.
That kid is something special.
Yeah, she is.
She has your eyes. You know that, right?
Thankfully, she looks
more like her mother.
[NESTOR] Well, her mother
lives on in Valeria.
[ROMAN] Hmm.
I'm assuming it was the Colombians
who made a play for you, but why?
Retail in Miami is where the money's at.
Until now, the Colombians left us alone.
Much harder to bribe
your way out of a U.S. jail.
So, who planned this? Escobar?
I spoke to Pablo directly.
He said it's a new player
from Buenaventura.
Coastal city.
Got a cobra stamped on his product.
They are bloodthirsty motherfuckers.
[ROMAN] So, if this guy wants
to take over your business
Attaboy, keep him talking.
I control almost every key
that comes into Dade County.
My territory is the most
lucrative of them all.
They wanna take over my operation.
Got you.
Now, when do I get to see
my goddaughter again?
And this is the breakdown for today?
Okay, make sure he has table 12.
- Table 12. Copy that.
- Good job.
It's all over the news.
Three men killed in broad
daylight, but not your brother.
I had to warn him.
You get that, right?
I couldn't just let him die.
It says a lot of things
about you, sweetheart.
One of them might be dumb.
Well, look, it's fine.
It's all over anyway.
I got Nestor to admit to his
whole operation on a DEA bug.
That's good, right?
Yeah, it's good for Valeria.
I feel like a piece of shit.
[YOLANDA] Excuse me.
Who is the manager here?
I'm Roman Compte.
This is Janice Nichols, my right hand.
Uh how can we help you, Miss
Yolanda Garcia Guero.
It's a pleasure.
Well, I would love to entertain
some business associates
at the club later tonight,
but they told me
I need a card to get in.
And is there anything you can do?
We may be able to grant temporary entry.
Perfect. Thank you.
Enjoy your stay, Yolanda.
I will.
No one gets into the club
without a card.
I've heard you say that
a gazillion times.
I guess I'm feeling generous.
It's not every day you stab
your brother in the back.
Fly, robin, fly ♪

Fly, robin, fly ♪

Fly, robin, fly ♪

There you are. I've been looking
all over for you.
What's the problem now?
Martini bar.
Ice machine is on the fritz.
Ain't no more frosty drinks,
and people are getting upset.
What a tragedy, Omar.
It's a terrible situation.
Think you can handle it?

Yeah, sure, I'll just
call the freezer guy.
Good man.
You okay, brother?
Never better.
Fly, robin fly ♪

Fly, robin fly ♪

Fly, robin fly ♪

Up, up to the sky ♪
- Salud.

Janice, sit with us. Have a glass.
With champagne this expensive,
don't mind if I do.
Constance, I'd love
to propose a toast

to The Mutiny.
Long may she live.
- The Mutiny.
Oh, one more surprise. Janice.
Your very own Mutiny card.
I'd love to see more of you.
Janice, would you mind if I
speak to my brother in private?
Of course.
Thank you.

Well, I see you've found
the money for your loan payment.
Guess I'm not as drug-addled
as you make me out to be.
Wanna do a bump?
Oh, no, of course not.
That'd be fun.
Hello! How are you?
Everyone knows that the Orange
Grove Bank is under investigation
by the IRS for money laundering.
[SCOFFS] Except maybe a dope like you.
Ray Dorado is a crook.
I'm having a local judge
who happens to be a friend of the family
issue a subpoena to look through
their books as well as yours.
How did you know where I got the loan?
We are Greenbergs. This is Miami.
We have connections.
Okay, Constance, please,
you--you can't just do that.
Don't worry. If there's nothing illegal
about their business or yours,
you have nothing to worry about.
[SCOFFS] Why are you--
Why do you hate me so much?
I don't hate you. I
I love you,
despite the fact that you're a fuck-up.
Growing up means
awareness of the consequences
of your actions.
And point of fact, I'm helping you.
Oh, thanks for this.
Iwill use it as a bookmark.
That doesn't look good.

Hey, sweet cheeks.
Uh, you mind getting us
a couple of tequilas sunrises
and give us a minute?

Her name's Janice.
Yeah, yeah. You did it, kemosabe.
You got it on tape, dead to rights.
So, I'm done, right?
I never have to see
your Kojak-looking ass again?
You did good, Roman.
My group supervisor is going bananas
for this Nestor intel. His ass is toast.
All I care about is
you keeping what I did secret.
I'm never going to testify
in court or anything like that.
I'll do everything I can
to prevent that eventuality.
Shit. Don't like the sound of that.
- Here we are.
- Uh, shall we toast?
No, thanks. I'd rather drink alone.
And how about you?
Care to join me, foxy mama?
in the next life.

Fine. More for me.

Plug them in.
Oh, the mistletoe is over there.
We need to hang it.
Yes, uh
Y Valeria?
Uh, she's out driving her car.
I love it when the lights
go on for the first time.
It's like getting permission
to be joyful.
All right, three
[BOTH] Two, one.
Did you plug it?
- What happened?

A rat ate one of the bulbs.
- What?
- Yeah, when one bulb is broken,
the others don't work. [SPEAKS SPANISH]
I'll--I'll get you a new string later.
- It's okay.
- I'll fix it.
Look at me.
I know what's bothering you.
It's your brother who chose
the easy money, not you.
You did what you had to do
to save Valeria.
And really, the only thing
you're guilty of
is being a good person.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, right.
Yeah, you are a good person.
So, maybe
you can stop thinking
about that for a while,
and just be here and now,
with me and
Say that to me again.
Under the mistletoe.
I don't know what I said, so
[NESTOR] The car's a real beauty.
Just like you, kiddo.
Yeah, all the girls at school
wanna drive it.
It's a very nice gift.
Your father loves you very much.
Please don't bullshit me.
What kind of language is that?
What are you talking about?
I know you bought the car.
You're rich.
My dad can't afford a Beetle.
Let's just say
I gave him a loan
that he didn't ask for.
Okay? Can that be our secret?
Everyone has secrets, padrino.
The would wouldn't work without them.
- Wow. How'd you get so wise?
- Hmm.
One secret would be,
why you have so many men
with guns around here.
Well, when somebody becomes
successful in business,
there are people out there
that maybe wish them harm,
kidnap them, hold them for ransom.
Security is cheap.
Ransom is expensive.
Now, what do you--
what do you wanna watch?
Logan's Run, Rocky?
Surprise me.
Surprise her.
So you got a boyfriend, something?
Well, I did meet a boy at your party.
His name's Andrew.
Oh, his father's
a very good friend of mine.
Well, he asked me out,
then his parents told him that
they didn't want him
hanging out with me.
- They say why?
- No.
The only explanation I see is that
they didn't want their son
seeing a Cuban girl.
What else could it be?
[DOM] Are you fuckin' kidding me?
This went all the way up
to the sack in Miami,
and he kicked it up
to headquarters in Washington.
I told Compte it was one and done.
No can do. We need to keep him
as an informant.
How? I felt like
a piece of shit using his kid.
I'm not gonna use her again.
I mean, this guy did shit
that other informants
wouldn't even dream of doing.
He dimed on his own brother,
for Christ's sake!
Dom listen.
Headquarters was extremely interested
in Nestor Cabal's discussion
what the Colombians are doing,
because apparently
there is a new player
using Marxist guerrillas
to protect the lab sites in Los Llanos.
His product is marked by a cobra.
Bells and whistles went off.
It went straight from the administrator
to the fuckin' Attorney General himself.
Fuck, no. [SCOFFS]
Because of a fuckin Marxist?
Keep your source focused on
this new Colombian threat.
How is he ever gonna trust me
again if we are fucking him?
Tell him that either he can help us,
or his kid ends up in foster care.
This sucks. You realize that this is
gonna heat things up
between Compte and me, right?
And I sympathize,
but that's how it is in D.C.
They care more about commies
than cocaine.
Gimme danger, Little stranger ♪
And I'll feel your disease ♪
Gimme danger, Little stranger ♪
And I'll feel your disease ♪
There's nothing in my dreams ♪
Just some ugly memories ♪
Kiss me Like the ocean breeze ♪

Hey ♪

Now, if you will be my lover ♪
I will shiver and sing ♪
But if you can't be My master ♪
Yeah, find a little stranger ♪
Find a little stranger ♪
Yeah, they're gonna feel My hand ♪
Said die a little later ♪
Why no, little stranger? ♪
Hurry on and feel my hand ♪
Swear you're gonna feel My hand ♪
Swear you're gonna Feel my hand ♪

Om shanti.
Shanti om.
Om shanti, shanti.
Oh, my God. This is so fuckin' groovy.
All these movements treat
our parasympathetic nervous system
engendering the equilibrium
of our chakras.
Oh, Mommy.
Mommy, please let me
stay inside just one more--
Hey, asshole!
Get the fuck out of the pool.
[MUFFLED] Get the fuck out
of there, you son of a bitch.
Get the fuck out of there.
Come on, let's go!
Let's go. Come on. Outta here.
Tell her to call it off.
She said your bank is under
investigation by the IRS?
Somehow you failed to mention that.
So is Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns
and American Savings
and fucking Loan, Burton.
It comes with the territory.
You listen to me.
You get her to stop. Now!
Okay, okay, I will. I promise.
My brother was on the board
of the Orange Grove Bank.
And I had to let him go.
'Cause he embezzled $100,000
for a fuckin' Lamborghini.
So believe me when I tell you
I know exactly
what it's like to have
some prick in the family.
Yeah, well
Constance is a prick
with two very large balls.
Then you kick her
right where it fuckin' hurts,
or I'm gonna have to take action.
What kind of action, amigo mio?
[CHUCKLES] You wouldn't hurt her.
Would you?
What do I look like to you, Burton?
- Some sleazy lowlife thug?
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Like a gangster?
- No, not at all.
Is that what you see
when you look at me?
- A gangster?
- No. I'm sorry.
I meant legal action, Burton.
Which, by the way, will turn
into a very, very expensive hassle
for the both of us.
I want your sister off our back.
Get it done.
Yeah, okay.
You wanted to see me?
Everything all right?
Is there something you need?
The yacht
I sold you at very steep discount.
The one you named Prosperity
- Are you enjoying it?
- Yeah, very much.
In fact, I took my family
for a little cruise
just the other night.
You fuck whores on it?
Do you fuck whores on it?!
It's a fuckin' simple question!
The money I give you,
it helps fund
your campaign for governor
What's wrong, my friend?
My friend?
Now I'm your fuckin' friend?
Well, fuck you,
and your whole fuckin' family.
I don't know what you're talking about.
So, now you insult me by playing dumb?
Whatever it is, I'll fix it.
Just tell me.
My goddaughter
the sweet little girl
is heartbroken because
apparently, somebody
in your fuckin' family
thinks your son shouldn't go out
with a Cuban.
That's absurd!
This is the first I've heard of it.
Or maybe it's
'cause she's related to me.
And you have such
fuckin' disrespect for me
that you forbid your son
from being seen with her.
I swear on the Holy Bible,
Jesus and Mary,
and on the life of my son,
I don't know anything about this.
That's probably my goddamn
bitch of a wife.
I will fix this, easy.
I-I saw your goddaughter at your party.
She looks delightful.
They have plans to see
each other? I'll pay for it.
It'll be lovely.
Fuckin' better be.
It'll be fixed.
It'll be fixed.
Church bells ring And bugles play ♪
'Cause Santa's on his way ♪
There's something in the air ♪
Season's joy is everywhere ♪
When bells ring On Christmas day ♪
Santa's on his way ♪

Okay, I'm gonna
ask you again, Marty Owens.
How much did Nestor Cabal pay you?
I don't know who that is!
I don't know fuckin'--
Your name was in Alvaro's book.
You know why?
Because you warned Nestor.
[PANTING] I didn't warn anybody.
I didn't warn anybody.
I swear. I swear!
I swear
You know, normally
I don't like to kill children.
But sometimes I don't mind.
- So, if you don't tell me,
both of them will be dead
within the hour.
A man came.
He beat the shit out of me.
Forced me to tell him
about the motorcycle.
What's his name?
Ro--Roman Compte.
Roman Compte.
He's the manager of The Mutiny Club.
So, I'd like to know where ♪
You got the notion ♪
Said I'd like to know where ♪
You got the notion ♪
- To rock the boat ♪
- Don't rock the boat, baby ♪
- Rock the boat ♪
- Hey! Give that back!
Give me back my hat!

Sorry, I'm gonna
have to borrow your boss.
We need to talk in private.
This way.

- Honestly
how do you think straight with
all these tits in your face?
This better be good news.
[SIGHS] I can't let you off the case.
What the fuck are you talking about?
I'm truly sorry, Roman.
We're victims of our own success.
- What?
- And my superiors--
they were very impressed by that tape,
especially the part where the Colombians
were making trouble in Miami.
Well, what does that have to do with me?
They wanna know
who these bastards are
- I don't give a shit.
- when they're dropping the drugs,
what Marxist group they're protecting.
Well, you tell them I said go to hell.
My supervisor
he can take your daughter away.
- He can put you away.
- Well, fuck him!
He can have his way with you. I'm sorry.
It's out of my hands.
I'm gonna go get my hat,
give you a minute to think,
and then we'll discuss the next steps.
Let's fuckin' discuss it
right now, motherfucker!
- Roman, stop.
- Stop! Stop it! Stop it!
- How does that fuckin' feel?
Stop it.
It's out of fuckin' hands, too,
you motherfucker!
- Roman, look at me!
[DOM GASPS] Jesus, Roman.
It's okay. You can go.
I'm fine.
Look, just help me out
with these Colombian fucks.
I'll make sure that
your brother's tape disappears.
And you'll be out for good.
Here, look, it's, uh
this guy that was staying here
with that fake diplomatic passport,
Alvaro Gomez--
you recognize him?
Unless the Colombian embassy
is a morgue,
somebody offed this guy.
Do you know if he
checked out officially?
I don't know.
Well, maybe you can go
check in his room.
I don't have legal access.
You have a room key.
Get me something, and you and
your brother's troubles go away.
Look, I get it.
No hard feelings.
I would've choked me, too.
Can I just say that your car
is fuckin' radical?
Thanks. My godfather got it for me,
although my dad pretends he did.
Isn't that mental?
Yeah, kind of.
Um, do you know what you want?
Yeah, I think I'm gonna go
with the shrimp scampi.
Ew, gross. No, go with the hamburger.
I've never had it before,
so I'm gonna try it.
Two shrimp scampis, please.
If I throw up later, I am blaming you.

So, what was the problem, Andrew?
Problem with what?
First, you wanna hang out,
then you don't, now you do.
What gives?
- The truth?
- Always prefer the truth.
My dad's worried I'd break your heart.
Then you would tell your godfather,
which is not good.
And he would end up in hot water.
Your godfather got him elected.
Nestor Cabal owns this town.
He--He controls
the whole Miami City Council.
He's a businessman. He sells boats.
You're kidding, right?
He's the biggest coke dealer in Miami.
And my dad's just worried if I fuck up,
he's gonna end up in the bottom
of Biscayne Bay.
[GROANS] She's such a bitch.
What is it about your sister?
Is it just about the bread?
Hi, Angie. Hey, Shannon.
No. Constance has money to burn.
She just hates me. Hi, Em.
- Okay, but why?
- Hola, Maria.
She's probably still resentful
that her mom drowned
trying to save me from a riptide.
Or she was born with some
seriously negative mojo.
I really don't know.
Maybe she's jealous.
You know how to have fun in life.
You seek pleasure,
and you want others to be happy.
So, maybe it's not that
she wants you to be more like her.
Maybe she wants to be more like you.
Whoa. [GASPS]
Whoa! What a mindfuck.
Janice, you might be on to something.
- Right?
- Yeah.
Lemmon 714.
Best Quaalude on the planet.
I mean, it's impossible to be miserable
with top quality drugs.
From what you describe,
she's not the type to take a 'lude.
Yeah, well, she won't be taking it,
so much as I'll be slipping it
into her Chardonnay.
You're gonna dose her?
- You can't do that.
- Well
- It's not right. No.
- You said it yourself.
She wants to be more like me.
- You want another champagne?
- No. In a little while.

Oh, yeah.
Come on. Here we go.
It's bus stop time.
That's right. That's right.
- Do you remember the steps?
- Ay, um

Bus Stop ♪
Are you ready ♪
[LAUGHS] You're right.
This place is amazing!
Didn't I tell you, Connie?
You haven't called me "Connie"
since we were kids.
I always liked "Connie"
more than "Constance."

I feel a little dizzy.
It's like we're back on Star Island.
You always used to get dizzy
dancing in the basement.
All right, all right.
Come on, let's sit at the bar.
Oh, easy tiger. Easy.
Remember, Mom would put on records
and throw her little dance parties?
I completely forgot.
- I miss that.
- I miss Mom.

Yeah, she was fun.
A lot more fun than Dad.
I caused her death.
You didn't cause her death.
She was trying to save you.
It's okay. I'd resent you
if she died saving your life.
That's not why I'm auditing your hotel.
You know that, right?
Then what is it? Why are you?
Sometimes I think I'm just like Mom
trying to pull you to dry land.
I think you need saving from yourself.
Connie, I just had the most
brilliant fuckin' idea.
Run this place with me.
We can do it together.
Yeah, you're nuts.
Come on! It'll be fun.
I love you.
You're my big sis.
- I've always looked up to you.
- I have to admit,
it took experiencing this place
for myself.
What you have done here has potential.
You just need to get out of business
with those shady crooks.
I--I'm gonna go home.
This has been great.
We will make a fresh start.
Yeah, um, Connie, can I have
someone take you home?
- You're still pretty drunk.
I have a driver.
Okay. Good, good, good, good.
I just want to make sure
you get home safe. [KISSES]
- Ta-ta!
- Ta-ta!
Oh! That's not the way.
You're going that way.
Right. Yeah.
Just right out the entrance.
Through the night ♪

how was it?
He is so the max.
Really? Oh, come here.
Do you-- Do you-- Do you
wanna tell me about it?
Yes, yes. It's just--
I love Christmas music.

His love will save our souls ♪
Come here.
Do you hear what I hear? ♪
- Hear what I hear ♪
- Hear what I hear ♪
Hear what I hear ♪
Said the night wind ♪
To the little lamb ♪
Do you see what I see? ♪
Way up in the sky, Little lamb ♪
- Do you see what I see? ♪
- Do you see what I see? ♪
[DOM] Looks like the Colombians
got to Marty Owens.
With a tail As big as a kite ♪
With a tail ss big As a kite ♪
Okay. So it was fun?
Yes, it was really fun.
He's-- He's pretty great.
Yeah. Yeah, he's a cute kid.
- Yeah.
- Yes.


- So, I just have a question.
- Yeah?
What does, uh, padrino Nestor
really do for a living?
A child, a child ♪
Shivers in the cold ♪
Let us bring Him Silver and gold ♪
[CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] He sells boats.
Yes, right. But, um
Is he involved in drugs in any way?

Your uncle is a businessman.
He has a luxury boat business.
I-I wouldn't know
anything about drugs, so
[CHUCKLES] You didn't really
answer my question.
He will bring us ♪
Goodness ♪
And light ♪

All right, make it
Yeah, it looks
more or less the same distance.
No, no. No, no, no.
No, señor, señor. No!
Yeah, I'm looking for
a Detective Samuelson.
Yeah, hi, I'm Burton Greenberg.
I got a call.
I don't understand what's going on.
I was with Constance
not half a hour ago.
What is this?
Thank you for coming, Mr. Greenberg.
I hate to inform you of this,
but we received a call,
complaints of gunshots fired.
Ran your sister's ID, and your
name came up as a contact.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No. Connie!
No! What the fuck?!
Connie? No!
- Hola.
- Hey, Pa.
We're almost done here.
Did you bring the lights?
I need to make a quick call.
- Happy?
- Yeah.
Looks cute.
I'll take care of this, Roman.
Were the bodies
in the house or on the street?
The street.
I need you to get them cleaned up, now.
I'll call my captain from
Metro-Dade to seal off the area
while I send in a cleanup crew.
Are you okay?
They could have come inside.
I know, brother,
but they don't want you.
They want me. From now on,
I'll keep you out of this.
No, Nestor.
We're in this together.
I'm in a fight now.

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