House Husbands (2012) s03e08 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 8

1 - I understand you've met my nephew.
- The librarian? He said you two really hit it off.
He'd like to get to know you better.
I'm feeling really good about tonight.
This is Ned.
Hi, brother.
You're a piece of work, aren't you? I didn't ask you to come into my life, just because you're carrying around a shit-load of guilt.
Take your money, I don't want it.
You found our son without consulting me.
And then you go and scare him off.
- You slept with Belle? - Sort of.
I'm guessing Gemma doesn't know.
We really need to get Poppy into a new school.
Would you like me to make a call? That'd be great.
Oh, it's Gemma calling.
This is Lewis's phone.
It went missing when As your doctor, I can't tell Gemma because she might kill you.
Gemma Belle and I were together when I had the heart attack.
TV: Three, two! (BELL DINGS) Gemma.
Dad, Uncle Lewis is awake.
- Oh, bugger.
- And he swore.
OK, boys.
Come on, get up.
No video games before school.
Come on, get up.
Get up.
(GRUNTS) Getting heavy.
How are you holding up? Groin's a bit sore from the operation.
I gotta get home before Gemma leaves.
- Have you taken your medicine? - LEWIS: Yeah.
- You can leave the bag here.
- Why? I'm going home.
It's gonna take longer than 24 hours for Gemma to get over this.
Yeah, I know.
I'm gonna fix it.
Dad, you're back from hospital.
Look, Dad's all better.
Time to go.
Kiss Dad goodbye.
- Get your recorder, darling.
- I'm running late.
- Talk to me.
- Not now.
- We can get through this.
- I don't think we can.
Gemma, just tell me what you want.
- What do I have to do? - Nothing.
There must be something, because we can't go on like this.
Yeah, you're right.
I wanna separate.
I'm ready.
(SIREN WAILS) I thought Mr Crabb was coming home from the hospital last night.
- Hmm.
- You two are OK? - You're gonna sort it out, yeah? - We're separating.
What? - Like a trial separation, right? - I don't know.
Well, are we talking a few days? Well, I think I'm gonna need longer than that.
A week? A month is way too long, don't you think? - What have we got? - Found her collapsed on the street.
No ID.
Could be a stroke.
OK, category one.
Call it.
Let's get her to bay four.
Well, what do I do with her shopping? This hat's itchy.
Do I have to go? The first day with new friends is always the hardest, but starting a new school is really exciting.
Go, get your bag.
We'll take a photo.
MARK: I'm not looking forward to it, either.
New parents, private school ones.
The first day with new friends is always the hardest.
I'll take her to school if you do my shift with Gemma.
How is she? I'd like to be there for her, but she's shutting me out.
- Maybe you could talk to her.
- No.
I'm not getting involved.
I'm going Switzerland on this.
Why do I have to take sides? - Lewis is hurting too.
- You're defending him? No.
I'm just saying that nothing is black-and-white.
Except he's the bad guy.
Gemma wants to separate? She actually used those words? She probably didn't mean it.
Maybe you should just take your foot off the pedal for a bit.
- She probably just wants some space.
- Yeah.
Space is good.
That's probably all she meant.
Great! So, I just sit back and do nothing, while my marriage falls apart.
Well, you don't wanna suffocate her.
Maybe instead of giving bad advice, you should concentrate on getting Poppy to the right school.
Well, school starts late.
The more you pay for, the less education you get.
Have a great day, kids! Poppy, come back! Are you guys getting these? - Gentlemen.
- Ms Looby.
I've been getting these in the mail.
Looks like the Dewey decimal system used for cataloguing libraries.
The numbers are codes for books.
- Hey.
- Where the Wild Things Are? - (CHUCKLES) - School for Scandal.
- Great Expectations.
- I was trying to be romantic.
Just like in 813.
33, when Captain Wentworth sends Anne the note.
Who? On Persuasion, by Jane Austen.
I'm not bookish.
I know you're not meant to say that to a librarian.
I'm more of a movie guy.
It's OK.
I didn't mean to scare you off.
It's just Look, I really enjoyed our date, and you're a good guy.
I feel the same.
Oh, I'm not saying I'm not saying that I think I'm good.
I'm saying I think you're good.
Well, I'm glad we got that sorted.
Me too.
I can go in by myself, Dad.
Don't worry.
The first day is always the the hardest.
Don't worry.
We'll make some new friends soon.
I'm trying to identify an elderly patient.
She was in your store this morning, and she bought a leg of lamb.
Yes, I know it's a big supermarket.
I ju OK.
Thank you.
Hey, what's going on? It's our stroke victim.
I'm just trying to find out who she is, so I can identify her next of kin.
Oh, I meant with Lewis.
Mark mentioned you're separating.
I'm so sorry I let you down.
I just wanna help.
- If you need someone to talk to - Bay four.
She's unconscious, but her vitals are good.
Oh, Gemma.
Excuse me.
Heart attack survivor coming through.
- I got chest pains.
- I'll handle this.
Get over here.
You're faking chest pain now? Just let me explain.
I just need five minutes.
You've got two.
- What, here? - One minute, 55.
This morning, everything came out all wrong.
- I didn't mean to pressure you.
- What do you call this? I should've started with 'I'm sorry', Gemma.
You've got one minute.
Kids pick up on tension in the house, Gemma.
We should sort this out for Tilda.
Well, let's have some dinner.
Come over after school.
We can tell Tilda that you're moving out.
- What? - Next.
Wait! I think I was the only parent to walk to school.
- You'll make friends soon.
- It's not about me.
It's about Poppy.
I just I think the place lacks a bit of community spirit.
- KANE: Lewis.
- Hey, hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing with that thing? Swapping out the cylinders.
What does it look like? - Come on, give it here.
- No, no.
I'm all right.
- No, don't.
- Just let it go.
- Lewis, give me give me the thing! - (GRUNTS) You shouldn't be working.
Oh, it's a cramp, that's all.
I slept on the bloody couch last night.
It's not my heart.
I vote we ban Lewis from the pub for at least a week.
- MARK AND KANE: Aye! - Three against one.
- You're outvoted.
- That's workplace bullying.
- Ah.
- How'd you go with Gemma? We're having dinner tonight - Oh, good.
- That's great news! - That's awesome.
- To tell Tilda I'm moving out.
(SUPERHUMAN BY J ALBAN PLAYS) SONG: You fan the flames then you walk on through You took my heart away When I've got lives to save And I beat myself up Every day.
TILDA: You look pretty.
Thank you, baby.
- Is this a party dinner? - What do you mean? For Dad, cos we're glad his heart's better.
Well, kind of.
We're glad that Dad's heart's better, but it's not the only reason we're having dinner.
What's the other reason? (DOORBELL RINGS) Why'd Dad ring the bell? Hm.
Maybe he forgot his keys.
You're late.
- Oh.
- Gemma.
Er, Tilda like horses? Yeah.
Thank you.
- She'll love that.
- Sure.
Is the old man home? (SIGHS) - I'm gonna call him Misty.
- Misty, good name.
Yeah, it looks like a Misty.
Any idea when Lewis will be back? No.
Hey, sweetheart, why don't you take Misty upstairs and show Ryan? What about Belle? Is she around? No.
She's gone back to London.
I'm sorry you missed her.
She said in her letter that she was moving back here.
Oh, well, I'm sure she changed her mind.
What happened? - I think you better ask Lewis that.
- Ooh.
Top secret? No.
Your dad and Belle had a a moment.
A moment? What do you mean, like a bus stop? No.
Like a romantic moment.
Oh, shit.
Lewis and I are taking a break.
It sucks to be you.
He also had a heart attack after the moment with Belle.
What, his heart packed it on the job? But he's OK? Oh, he's fine.
He's always fine.
And why wouldn't he be? With everybody just bending over backwards to make sure that he's OK.
Well, you know what? If he thinks for one second that he can just waltz back in here, and make his apologies, and we'll all magically go back to happy families, well, he's kidding himself! Right.
Well, cheers for the beer.
I'm gonna get out of your hair.
Hey, sis! You shouldn't work so hard.
Ned, how did you? What are you doing here? Gemma gave me your card.
So, you're knocking off? - WOMAN: Look at this! - Is that your boss? - You and you and you - She looks scary.
Let's do a runner.
Sounds familiar.
First time I met you, you disappeared after ten minutes.
Yeah, but this time, I'm taking you with me.
Please, I'm in trouble.
I need a lawyer.
So, I've got this moron ex-business partner that's trying to sue me over a bunch of stolen TVs.
Did you steal them? - Oh, you have to ask that? - Yeah, I do.
No, I didn't, but if he wins, I'll be bankrupt, and that's the end of my business.
If you didn't steal the TVs, why does he think you did? Well, he doesn't.
He knows I'm innocent.
I may have had a moment with his wife a couple of moments, actually.
What is with the men in this family? Want some legal advice? Keep it in your pants.
So, I'm guessing you had to deal with a bit of crap after the Lewis and Belle reunion, huh? It's weird.
When I was a kid, all I wanted was for them to get back together.
Well, you got your wish.
A week ago, I had two families, and in one move, Dad trashed both of them.
I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
I'm just a junior.
I'm not allowed to take on my own clients.
And apart from that, I know we're related, but I don't know you.
Well, that's easily fixed.
Come on.
Come on! Brother-sister bonding time.
Let's go.
What? Oh, no, no, no, no.
What? The librarian's changed his status from 'single' to 'in a relationship'.
You're off the hook.
(READS) "In a relationship with Kane Albert.
" Aww.
When did this happen? It didn't.
We ate a goat.
That's it.
In some cultures, that is considered marriage.
Hey, how'd it go? Hey.
I get why you didn't go.
Once you tell your kids you're splitting, it makes it real.
It's not over.
Gemma just needs a break.
I know I messed up but I don't wanna lose my family.
That's why you gotta keep fighting.
Lewis, er, can't make it here for dinner.
He sent you to cover for him, has he? I'm not covering.
I'm Switzerland.
You're two of my best friends.
You can't split up.
You're the benchmark couple.
You do know this is his third marriage? And he has learned from his mistakes.
Well, maybe not all of them, but he is sorry.
Yeah, so he says.
He wishes it didn't happen.
We all do.
I must say I miss him when he's not around.
Well, that's a good sign.
Yeah, but then, I see him and I wanna stab him.
You know, I asked him to do one thing today, and he couldn't even do that.
He fell down the stairs.
That's why he can't be here at dinner.
He collapsed? He tripped.
He twisted his knee.
He's OK.
He's just got to put some ice on it.
Well, he could've picked up the phone.
That's why I'm here, to reschedule.
Maybe you don't wanna rush into this dinner, telling Tilda.
It's very final.
I've gotta go to work.
Night shift.
How's that going with Abi? That's why you're really here? No, no.
She's she's concerned too.
ABI: Oh, hey.
The local retirement village have reported a missing person matching the description of the patient you mentioned.
Her son's here.
I can take him in, if you like.
I'll do it.
Gemma, please.
Your mother came in, having a stroke.
She's had a severe cerebral bleed.
I'm really sorry.
That's not my mother.
Are you sure? Yes.
I'm sorry about the confusion.
You should speak to the social work downstairs.
Give them your mother's details.
She came in with a leg of lamb in her shopping bag.
A leg of lamb is not something that you cook for one person.
It's a family meal.
There's somebody out there, waiting for her to come home.
Why aren't they looking for her? Maybe they are.
Hey, are you sure you wanna work? I could make a few phone calls, get someone to take your shift.
I wanna work.
Maybe tomorrow, I could cook you dinner, even though you hate my cooking.
Lewis has betrayed you in the most horrible way, and if you don't talk to someone You wanna talk about Lewis's betrayal? Yeah.
Whatever Why don't we talk about your betrayal, and the fact that you knew, and you didn't tell me? And then you went to Belle, and you asked for her help.
She said she could make some calls to get Poppy into the new school.
I wanted to yell at her and punch her, and tell her she'd ruined my best friend's life.
- Yeah, but instead - I asked her for a reference.
You wanna know what the worst part about this is? When something bad happens, the first person I wanna tell is Lewis, but the second is you.
I'm so sorry.
You've got to stop saying that.
- LEWIS: You told her what? - MARK: You hurt your knee.
- Your knee, OK? Your knee.
- Well, which one? Which one? Erm, I don't know! Mark, do me a favour.
Don't help me.
- Mr Crabb.
- I'm here for dinner.
- I'm a bit late, but I'm here.
- Mrs Crabb's gone to work.
- I'll tuck Tilda in.
- She's already asleep.
I'd like to see her.
I am on strict orders not to let you in.
It's my house! You mess with me, you mess with Mrs Crabb, and I don't think that's a very good idea now, do you? Sorry, Mr Crabb.
Tilda get my horse? - Misty? - What? The horse Ned gave her.
Ned?! Oh, yeah.
- Hey, old man.
- You took my horse - LUCY: What? - for Tilda.
Oh, sorry.
I didn't realise it meant so much to you.
Anyway, you owe me.
I was just around at your place, copped a massive serve from Gemma.
I think it was meant for you.
Oh, come on.
Don't beat yourself up.
We're both rug rats.
Runs in the family! MAN: Hey! Whoa, whoa.
Hey! - Break it up! Break it up! - Break it up, boys! - Come on! - Are you all right? - Yeah.
- LEWIS: Get off me! Admit it.
You're jealous.
You've been wanting to deck Lewis since he stuffed up with Belle.
She wrote me a letter Belle.
I want you to read it.
- Really? - Yeah.
Yeah, she's your mother too.
This part's about you.
(READS) "Even if you don't want anything to do with me and Lewis, you should get to know your sister.
Lucy's got the biggest heart of anyone I know.
" And apparently, I'd be lucky to have you as part of my life.
That's embarrassing.
She sounds like a top chick, Belle, our mother.
Yeah, she is, most of the time.
Hey has it ever bothered you that I was the one they kept? Has it ever bothered you that you're the one they kept? - You OK? - Oh, yeah.
Yeah, you should see the other guy.
Yeah, Lewis is going through a rough patch.
Might be worth backing off.
Yeah, all right.
Listen, thank you.
I'll, erm, talk to you later.
- Ned? - Yeah.
Call me to discuss your case.
- What, you're gonna be my lawyer? - Yeah.
- Really? - Mum took off.
Dad punched him.
Someone in this family's gotta be nice.
I don't trust him.
Well, lucky you're not the one representing him.
I hope the punch was worth it.
That steak's Wagyu.
Hey, what's she doing here? You've recently had a heart attack, and you've hit your head.
I thought a house call was warranted.
I've come as your doctor.
I want nothing to do with you as a friend.
Now take off your shirt.
I'll have a listen.
He didn't hit me that hard.
You might want to take a look at his knee, as well.
- What have you done to your knee? - Nothing.
You're the one who didn't turn up to dinner.
I had to say something.
What have you done? I told Gemma that he fell down the stairs.
- Why did you do that? - I was trying to help.
- Well done, Switzerland.
- I better go and man the bar.
Heart sounds fine.
How are you feeling? Physically, I mean.
How is Gemma? I don't know.
She's not talking to me.
Why not? Oh, Abi.
I never thought I'd muck it up, not with Gemma.
Me, neither.
(BABY MURMURS) Poppy didn't have a school.
You had no choice.
I did.
You put your child first.
Just explain that to Gemma.
I just think that will make her feel ever more isolated.
She's become really attached to this patient with no family.
It's as if she thinks that's how she's gonna end up.
I think you just need to convince her that we're all still there for her.
- How? - You'll find a way.
You're you.
Does it look like she's starting to fall? - No.
- No.
(WOULD YOU LET ME BACK IN? BY CAITLIN PARK PLAYS) SONG: Would you let me back in? Will you? Will you let me back in? Would you? (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Cos I've been crying, crying For you (GEMMA SCOFFS) Yes, I've been crying, crying For you.
- Whoa! - What took you so long? What, a pub to run! It'd be easier to run if I was there.
That's debatable.
What do you need us for? I'm always tripping over Tilda's toys.
She needs a playroom.
You're giving up your man cave? Haven't you always said every man needs a shed? - Yeah, I might've.
- I see what's happening here.
You're trying to prove to Gemma that you're a man that's worth keeping.
- That's great.
- Shut up, Kane.
- Good luck in court.
- I've never needed luck.
Of course.
You'll be gone two, maybe three hours? - Why? - No reason.
You claim my client stole over $20,000 worth of televisions from your warehouse.
He did.
We didn't see a police report.
There isn't one.
Over $20,000 worth of TVs went missing, and you didn't think to call the police? I knew where they were.
My client's a fair man.
I chose to keep the police out of it.
Or there wasn't enough evidence for a criminal conviction, which you would expect, given that a crime wasn't committed, in the first place.
Did your client tell you his wife was having an affair with my client? She's lying.
My wife wouldn't go near him.
Oh, she did more than once.
- Sorry, mate.
I'm under oath.
- You I'm not excusing my client.
What he did was a total bastard's act.
- Hey - Right! Exactly! You see why I want him to suffer? You admit this is a personal vendetta? Yes! No! No.
You have every right to be angry, but if you pursue this, it will get thrown out of court, and your client will bear the costs, or we could put this mess behind us, and move on.
My client wishes to withdraw his claim.
Yes! So, you either thank me now or later? - What? - I just gave you your first win.
What, you can't tell me you're not a little bit pumped? Just a little bit? Little bit! Yes! - Put me down.
- Say thank you to your brother! Seriously, put me down! Huh? Hey.
I stuffed up.
I'm really, really Don't be.
I'm impressed.
You're only a junior solicitor and you held your own against a senior partner of Leets.
You might make a half-decent lawyer one day.
You remind me of me when I was your age.
I cost the first firm I worked for a hundred grand in a botched settlement.
I was cocky, and a huge liability.
I love loose cannons, just not in my firm.
You're fired.
Hey, I need an L.
I've only got vowels.
- (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) - LEWIS: Can you shut that thing off? It's not my fault.
It's Aunty Cathy.
I'm being congratulated.
Congratulated for what? My new relationship with the librarian.
You have to dump him.
We're not even going out.
- Not according to Aunty Cathy.
- (MEN CHUCKLE) I don't even know how to dump someone.
I've always been the 'dumpee'.
What do I do? - Oh - Keep it short and sharp.
Yeah, but not too short.
You don't wanna appear rude.
- Yes.
Say it's not them.
It's you.
- Yeah, but a little bit more them.
- And don't be too nice.
- Maybe tell a few jokes.
- Keep the tone friendly.
- Don't overthink it.
Short and sharp.
Short and sharp.
Not too sharp.
Just don't be insensitive.
- Hello.
- You're dumped.
What? But not that you're dumped, because, technically, we were never going out.
So, I'm not really the bad guy here, not that I'm saying that you're bad.
You're nice, and those notes were really sweet.
I'm saving myself for someone else.
And these books might be overdue.
She was amazing.
Yeah, she totally nailed that lawyer.
So, it went well? Erm, 'wellish'.
Gaby sort of sacked me.
- What? - It was my fault.
- Oh, yeah.
You reckon? - Justin.
MAN: Beer over here, mate! Hey, we're slammed.
We're a man down.
I should get back to it.
- He's just protective.
- No.
He's right.
I owe you.
How can I repay you? No.
There is no way Ned is working at the pub.
Dad is out of action, and you said you need an extra pair of hands.
- Yeah, not his.
He got you fired.
- It wasn't entirely his fault.
I knew the rules.
I broke them.
Oh, yeah, for him.
Mum has run away to London just when we were getting to know each other again and I always wanted a brother.
Er, your stroke patient, she woke up this morning.
Her speech is severely impaired, but she was able to identify herself.
Did anyone call her family? She doesn't have a family.
They've transferred her to a nursing home.
I know I've been a terrible friend, but I wanna make it up to you.
What's this? - A play date? - We'll all be there.
Actually, the whole thing is mainly for Mark.
Since Poppy started at the new school, he's been struggling to make friends.
- It's been two days.
- I know.
It takes years to make a best friend.
Please come and play with us! It'll be all your favourites, Kane and Mark and me, Justin, Lucy, the kids.
What about Lewis? It's up to you, just as long as you're there.
Don't kill me, but Mr Crabb is here.
I told him he was only allowed in the shed.
He didn't even come to the house once, not even to pee.
He did that under the lemon tree.
Thank you, Ryan.
TILDA: Dad, you start with the edges first.
Don't you know anything? LEWIS: Not much.
You must be pretty good at jigsaw puzzles.
Now if you move that one there What's going on in here? Daddy made me a playroom.
I thought Abi told you to take it easy.
You two talking again, then? Yeah, we are.
That's great.
Why don't we try this bit next? I'm thinking somewhere around here.
Poppy invited us to a play date.
Yay! You should come too, if you want to.
Can I wear a dress? Yeah.
Go and choose one.
This doesn't change anything.
I just thought it will be nice for Tilda, for us all to be together.
What about dinner? We're gonna have to explain things to her.
Maybe we can do it tomorrow night.
- You owe me five bucks and 25 cents.
- Sorry? The librarian gave me a fine when I dumped him.
You two are actually together? Oh, no.
My Aunty Cathy thought we were, and so did a lot of guys I went to high school with too.
My chiropractor actually thought that It went viral prematurely.
Look, the point is that Alex is a great guy, but he's not the kind of guy I wanna go viral with.
So, this on-off thing you've got going with your ex what's the status? Off permanently.
Hey, Lily.
Let me take that for you.
How was band? Good? Call me.
- What are you smiling about? - Nothing.
(UP-BEAT MUSIC) Here you go.
Riesling, fairy bread, winning combination.
Thank you.
Poppy looks happy.
Yeah, she is.
Loving her new school, and, miraculously, behaving.
That's great.
Hey, I get it, why you used Belle for the reference.
You've gotta put your little girl first.
Maybe I should do the same.
Put Tilda's feelings before my own, and forgive Lewis.
You know, she loves her dad more than anything else in the whole world.
I don't want to be the one to take that away from her.
- What would you do if you were me? - It doesn't matter what I would do.
It absolutely matters.
Tell me honestly.
Honestly, if Mark did that to me, I don't think I could forgive him.
Daddy! (CHUCKLES) - You invited Lewis? - Yeah.
Oh, don't listen to anything I just said.
- You know, what would I know? - Hi.
- Hi.
- LEWIS: Right.
Who's for charades? MAN: Charades? Sure.
MAN: OK, magazine.
- GIRL: Reading.
- A book.
- WOMAN: Two words.
- Two words.
First word.
OK, kids.
Don't let all the oldies have all the fun, OK? - MAN: Talking.
- This? BOY: Stirring hot stuff.
- Stirring the pot.
- Soup! Ice-cream.
- BOY: Eating.
- Pregnant.
- Yeah! MAN: Second word.
- MAN: Oh.
- BOY: Squirmy.
- A snake! - Fish! BOY: Worm.
- GIRL: Caterpillar.
- Hungry Caterpillar! - We have a winner! A winner! - (PEOPLE CHEER) - KANE: Well done, Stell.
- Who's next? - Me.
I'll have a go.
- JUSTIN: Here we go.
Now, this is the first movie that Gemma and I ever went to see together.
You're not supposed to tell us that.
Perhaps you should do another one.
All right.
GIRL: Vomit.
- Goldfish! - Pinocchio.
Song? MARK: Song.
PEOPLE: Four words.
MAN: First word.
- GIRL: Jumping - KANE: Kangaroo.
- Kangaroo! - Wallaby.
Wait, wait, wait.
- Forget about the marsupials - No, no.
No talking.
You're not allowed.
It's charades, OK? All right.
GEMMA: Lewis.
Lewis, that's cheating.
No, it's not, Gemma.
I'm just helping them along.
No, Lewis.
It's cheating! I know.
I got carried away.
I was doing Jump In My Car.
You know? (SINGS) Jump in my car I wanna take you home.
I'm sorry, Gemma.
I didn't mean to cheat.
I just wanna fix this.
I love you.
I can't do this.
I want a divorce.
Look, it's a castle.
- That's great, darling.
- Help me finish it.
Tilly I'm gonna be sleeping somewhere else for a while.
Somewhere close so I can still walk you to school every day, but just not here.
Why? Well because Because Mum and Dad have had a disagreement, and we just think it's best if we spend some time apart.
Are you getting a divorce? Lots of kids at school have divorced mums and dads.
Who will I live with? Oh.
Let's go one step at a time.
Daddy just has to leave now but we can finish this first.
(QUEENY BY J WALKER) SONG: Come sit by me, my love And tell me your troubles Come sit by me, my sweet I sing you a lullaby If you promise you'll go asleep.
How's your cheek? Bruised.
How's your marriage? What's your excuse for being here? I work here now.
- Says who? - Says Justin.
Know how to pour a beer? SONG: Come sit by me, my love Why so sad? Got any more of that? I bring wine.
The worst thing in the world having to tell your kid you're getting a divorce.
Nah, it's all right.
I can handle it.
To your health.
SONG: When you wake up Nothing could keep me from you.