House, M.D. s03e14 Episode Script

HOU-314 - Insensitive

I'm okay.
Let's just go home.
You're getting checked out.
I tripped on the ice.
Eight other kids tripped.
This is embarrassing.
You said you were just gonna hang with your friends.
I turn around, and you're out there on the ice.
I'm fine.
You don't know that.
You fell awkwardly.
No, I didn't.
You don't know how to fall.
I'm 16.
I've been falling a lot.
I think I'm getting the hang of it.
And I checked.
And now the doctors are gonna check.
You don't think that you're overreacting? I don't need you to fix every booboo.
Then stop getting them.
I was just playing around with my friends.
I was having fun.
You know you can't do that.
Oh, I can't have fun.
You know what I mean.
I'm going to have a talk with your friends.
No! They need to stop.
No, I don't want you freaking them out.
Fine, we'll go to the hospital, but they're going to tell you that I'm fine, and they're going to tell you that you don't need to worry about Mom! Mom? Mom? Hello? Mom, you gotta wake up.
No one's coming.
Mom! what's your emergency? We got into an accident along the Canal Road just outside Kingston.
My mom's unconscious.
Are you hurt? I'm fine.
Mom? Mom? Where's Foreman? He's down here somewhere.
" Very helpful.
Do you have any idea when he's getting out tonight? Sometime.
I realize you can't predict.
I just thought you might be able to estimate.
It's Valentines Day.
I've planned a surprise getaway.
Get away.
Get away.
Get away.
Is my mom okay? She's gone to surgery.
Foreman, your girlfriend wants to know if you're available for Valentine's.
Act surprised.
What are you doing down here? There's a snowstorm.
ER's short-staffed.
We're all supposed to be here.
You're supposed to be here.
You're an ass.
Act surprised.
This could sting a little.
Can we hurry this up? Make sure that Take your time.
What's your name? Hannah Morganthal.
You have CIPA, Hannah Morganthal.
No, I don't.
We have to do x-rays to make sure you don't have internal injuries, blood tests to make sure no infections.
EEG for neurological anomalies and biopsy a spinal nerve.
Congenital insensitivity to pain is one of the rarest conditions on the planet.
There's only been about 60 documented cases.
Yeah, and I have seven reasons to think that she's one of them.
She says she's not.
And that's reason number one.
She knew what it was without us telling her.
Two, she's still wet from the snow.
She's not shivering.
That's odd, unless she can't sweat or feel hot and cold.
The ambulance was warm.
I want to see my mother.
Three, scarring around the lips and tongue.
When she was a baby, she chewed on herself without feeling it.
I fell through a window when I was a kid.
Four, when you cleaned the wound, she flexed into the cleaner instead of away from it.
It's hard to fake pain when you've never felt it.
It takes an imaginative leap, Ms.
That's one of them Jew names.
Ashkenazis are a higher-risk group.
On the other hand, she says she doesn't have it, and she'd be dead by now if she'd never been diagnosed.
They killed our Lord.
You're gonna trust them? She wants to see her mom.
She admits having CIPA, she knows we're not letting her go anywhere without a battery of tests.
You said you had seven reasons.
I pulled a number out of the air.
What, five isn't enough? Five lame reasons aren't.
I'm taking her to see her mom as soon as I can hit her again if six isn't enough.
Do the tests.
Need to bail on the ER.
I got a case.
Why are you wearing perfume? Is this a real case or one of those imaginary cases that happen when you're bored? CIPA.
CIPA is a diagnosis.
Diagnoses happen at the end of cases.
She's got no idea what's going on in her body.
There's bound to be something wrong.
In other words, she could be perfectly healthy, but you're curious about someone who can't feel pain because you always feel pain, so you want to go exploring.
She was in a car accident.
She needs x-rays, blood tests, EEG, nerve biopsy.
I also note that, although snow is coming down in sheets this morning, you left your hat at home, and you used earmuffs.
Do your tests, except for the So while everyone else was just worrying about getting in, you were concerned with hat head.
Blind dates are never a good idea.
Only reason to wear a scarf like that is as a beacon to identify you in a crowd.
Do your tests, except for the nerve biopsy.
I need the nerve biopsy.
You'd risk paralyzing her.
It's neurological.
You have no evidence of that.
She tripped.
Do you have any evidence, other than the fact that a typically clumsy CIPA patient tripped on an icy day? If the EEG reveals a problem, we can talk then.
Could have left the scarf at home and just told him you'd be wearing a look of desperation.
Spiking on leads C-3 and O-2.
She could be going into a seizure.
Hello? I think there's a simpler explanation.
You're not gonna find anything.
I'm fine! I want to see my mom! So sedate her.
She won't consent.
She's a teenager.
No dad.
Mom's still in surgery.
What do you want us to do? Hold her down? Well, only until you inject her with a sedative.
Then you can let her go.
We tried.
Seriously? She's strong and doesn't care.
We'd have broken something before we can get her to sit still enough to inject her.
So break her arm.
She won't mind.
You're cranky.
I'm in pain.
Come on, let's go break her arm.
Nurse Shortie, your biznitch, how long are you going to waste her time? I'm so glad we're walking somewhere.
Another 60 feet, and this conversation is over.
When you guys are out of this program, Cameron will find somebody, Chase will find eight somebodies, and you'll be alone.
Thirty feet.
You'll date, and you'll date, but you're the ultimate Darwinian.
You have to fight for everything.
Anybody else would just slow you down.
I'm still with her, aren't I? Yeah.
I can only imagine it's because she hasn't given you an excuse to break up, and you don't have the guts to recognize your own reality.
I want to see my mother.
Hi again.
I'm sure I could say this without being condescending, but then you'd get the false impression that I respect you, so you're a kid, you're scared, you're stalling, grow up.
I'm not scared.
I'm never scared.
See? How juvenile was that? You can't feel pain.
Nothing left but pleasure.
Why don't you tell me how wonderful that is? It sucks.
Better than being in pain all the time.
Get in the chair.
Every morning, I have to check my eyes to make sure I didn't scratch a cornea in my sleep.
Oh, God, stop.
I'm in a pool of tears here.
I can't cry.
Neither can I.
Every morning, I check my eyes for jaundice in case the Vicodin's finally shot my liver.
I can't run anywhere without examining all my toes for swelling.
I can't run.
Boys can't hold me for too long because I can overheat.
Girls can't hold me for too long because I only pay for an hour.
I need an alarm on my watch to remind me to go to the bathroom.
Know how many humiliating experiences before I thought of that? Bathroom is 50 feet from my office.
Every drink of water, I weigh the pros and cons.
After everything I do, I self-check.
Mouth, tongue, gums for cuts, count teeth, check temperature, fingers, toes and joints for swelling, skin for bruises.
I got shot.
I sat on a stove when I was three.
Want to see the coil marks? Yeah.
You think I'm lying? You think I would just want to check out your tuchus, as your people would say? Put her in the chair and run the damn test.
If she moves again, give her nitrous.
You weren't shot because of leg pain.
You were shot because you're a jerk.
Some think the two are connected.
He didn't have to do that.
Yeah, he did.
I'm sick? No, your EEG was normal.
X- ray showed no break.
Blood tests showed no infections.
Urine indicated no Hannah? Call a code! Oh, God.
Need ice packs and cooling blankets.
Got saline in there? She's not flushed.
She's not sweating.
You must be She has a temperature of 105.
Wow, she's actually sick.
We got her temperature down below boiling.
It could be infection.
No, LP showed normal proteins and no white blood cells.
High bilirubin.
Could be a liver problem.
Nope, transaminases were normal.
Could be drugs.
She's smoked pot since she was 11.
No again.
Tox screen was clean.
We're doing this case backwards.
We do the tests, and then she gets sick? Maybe we did something to her.
Maybe she got sick after the tests.
We should rerun them.
And biopsy a spinal nerve.
You want to risk paralysis because she's got a fever? I want to risk paralysis because I don't know what's causing the fever.
If it's neurological It's a fever.
In a CIPA patient.
Obviously things are a little different in her upstairs wiring.
And have been since the day she was born.
Yeah, it's much more likely that whatever it is was cleverly waiting and hiding until you guys were done testing.
Where are you going? You're all against this, right? And you're all gonna stand on principle and refuse to do it, right? I'm going to get Cuddy's approval.
How long are we going to keep Hannah in the dark about her mother? Long as possible.
Side airbags should be standard.
I'm sure she'll agree.
She should know her mother's situation.
Breaking that news is that surgeon's problem.
Any word from House? No.
Well, maybe Cuddy will say no.
Cuddy never says no.
That's not true.
Nobody ever says no.
We don't say no.
You don't say no.
He'll come back.
He'll browbeat us.
He'll give us seven reasons, and eventually we'll fold.
We all will, not just me.
The only way we can avoid biopsying this kid's spine is to find the answer some other way.
All the tests were negative.
We need a better history.
How much more paperwork do you need? We've got pediatric records, a few dozen ER records, our own admission questionnaire.
What's the first question? Insurance coverage.
Okay, second question.
Just make your point.
"Where does it hurt?" If we knew where it hurt, we could diagnose her.
You do know CIPA means she can't feel pain.
No, CIPA means she's insensitive to pain.
She still has scattered nerve fibers that could conduct pain, but the signals don't make it to the brain.
What if we give her more pain signals, a lot more pain signals? Maybe some of them will make it through.
You want to torture her? No.
Yes, we do this to anybody else, it's torture.
Doing it to her is no different than pricking a finger.
We keep poking sharp sticks into her, eventually we'll find the part that's already tender.
So what does a Dean of Medicine do? Oh, can we please not talk about that? I will talk about anything else.
I'm just trying to get away from work.
Metaphorically, because geographically, the coffee place around the corner from the hospital probably isn't the furthest you could get.
Well, the snow! The roads are clearing, but it's a good place to beat a retreat from.
You usually expect your dates to go wrong? Experience has taught me to have an escape route.
Well, low expectations, that's in my favor.
Whatever happens, I need you to understand that there are certain aspects to my life I'm not happy about.
Need a nerve biopsy.
And you had to come here personally to tell me that? And how did you even know I was here? I had to bring the file, and this was the most noncommittal location in walking distance.
You left your car keys in your desk.
Greg House.
You two must have met online.
Either that, or you've got a friend who secretly hates you.
Don Herrick.
Yeah, we connected through SingleBallroomDanceLovers.
Why would he volunteer that information? Why would I hide it? You didn't tell him that anything he said would be held against you? So what line of work are you in? Auto maintenance, changing oil and filters.
Great, 'cause my place overcharges.
Can't trust anything you guys say.
Where are you located? In 14 states.
I own Eastern Lube.
Most CIPA complications are infection, and she's got a fever.
LP? Urine? Clean.
Same with the white-blood-cell count.
Cancer? Nothing on the scan.
I think it's her nerves messing with the temperature control.
Amyloid, sarcoid, there's a lot of candidates.
I want a biopsy.
Fine, if that's what you need, go get it.
He seems a lot nicer than that one from WiccaNeedsADaddyFigure.
One of these is warm, and the other is very hot.
Start here.
Move to the hot one.
Just a few seconds, then back.
We're gonna monitor activity in your brain while you do it.
If you feel any response to the heat, it could indicate a vascular problem.
How's my mom doing? She's okay.
Do you feel anything? No.
What does "okay" mean? She's still in surgery.
They tell me it's going okay.
Can you take your hand out? And you didn't ask anything else? Take your hand out of the water.
What's going on with my mother? Hannah! You just got second-degree burns.
I'll be fine.
What's going on with my mother? Is she gonna die? They said she's okay.
Surgery this long is typical when there are internal injuries.
Naloxone and kinase proteins in.
And that's gonna make me feel pain? I didn't feel anything when you guys screwed this thing into my head.
It'll replace missing chemicals in your nerves, heighten sensitivity.
We're gonna be drilling directly into your skull.
A response should indicate sarcoma.
What does it feel like? It hurts.
I'm sorry.
Bone pain is the worst there is, so you need to let me know as soon as you feel anything.
She's ready.
So, what, I just sit here while you guys drill a hole in me? You wanna talk? Just you and your mom, huh? You two must be pretty close.
We were, until I got arrested.
Third time.
Drugs? Fights.
You got an advantage.
Not really.
Never know when to stop.
You piss a lot of people off, or are you just trying to piss off your mom? Those are pretty much the only two choices you have.
Hannah? You want us to stop? Stop the drill! Stop the drill! It's okay.
What did you feel? Where did you feel it? Hannah, I need to know how it hurt.
Hannah! I am so tired of this.
Did you know that the new nurse from Cardiology is sleeping with that weird lawyer from the board? The guy with 11 fingers? He has 11 fingers? How do you not notice that? The nurse used to be a man.
She's not anymore? But we can't talk about that.
I thought we were.
We were supposed to talk about that.
I came here to talk about that, but on the way up, I ran into Cameron.
You've got a CIPA patient? Tranny nurse is more interesting.
Oh, it's way more interesting, but instead I've got to be your damn conscience.
I'm tired of being your conscience.
I don't enjoy being your conscience.
No one enjoys You're studying her.
She's actually sick.
Which you found out after you took her on.
I was curious.
Since I'm not a cat, that's not dangerous.
I don't think that metaphor was designed to actually warn cats.
You don't care about her illness.
You care about CIPA, which means your focus is gonna be on getting your answers, not hers.
Thank you.
Forewarned is forearmed.
What do you think you're gonna figure out? Do you think her lack of pain is somehow the answer to your pain? I think if you'd stop talking to Cameron, then right now we could be ranking nurses in order of do-ability.
I need you.
What did the nerve biopsy show? Never did it.
Well, then do it.
Why? She's gonna jump off the lobby balcony.
You think I can catch her? Get away from me! I'm not gonna hurt you.
Yes, you are.
You're just jealous I can do anything.
Hannah, you're having a paranoid delusion.
I don't believe you.
Did you think she would? This is real.
You want me to be in pain.
You even said so.
If we wanted to hurt you, we'd let you jump.
Just let me see my mother.
Fine, we'll take you to our OR observation room.
I don't believe you! Your mother is fine.
I just spoke to her surgeon.
I don't believe you! Hannah, what do you want from us? What do you want us to do? I can't feel my legs.
You're trying to pull the same stunt twice in 10 minutes.
I'm not pretending.
They don't hurt.
They're just They're Anything? We're not looking for pain.
Anything at all? Pressure? Nothing.
You have six broken bones, a fever, a concussion, erratic heart rhythms and a complete lack of sensation below the waist.
I feel fine.
Is my mother out of surgery yet? Not yet.
This is excellent.
The paranoia seems to have dissipated, but her vitals keep getting worse.
She could be dead in hours.
But if you're gonna die a miserable, lingering death, pain-free is the way to do it.
Are we sure the fall didn't cause the paralysis? The paralysis caused the fall.
Spine's clean.
No vertebral fractures or spinal cord compression.
Even better.
The nuttiness and paralysis mean there's definitely a neurological component.
Could be a nerve disease.
Which is why we need to look at the nerve that you didn't biopsy.
There are other tests.
HIV? Syphilis? She was negative for all STDs.
Vascular? No, ANA was negative.
Cerebral clot? No, MRI was Thyroid storm.
Makes sense given her glucose reaction was slow, and potassium's down.
Yeah, I'll check with an endocrinologist.
Bennett's on call.
Need a consult.
I already okayed your nerve biopsy.
Need an endocrinologist.
Bennett's on call.
Won't pick up.
His cell phone must be broken.
Mine's working.
Had to give you the file.
I assume you're thinking thyroid storm.
Have you done a hormone panel? Normal.
TSH was on the low side.
Is that a cheery fire I hear crackling nearby? No, what about CPK enzymes? Elevated, 275.
People light fires for themselves, but then they don't deny it.
He's here? CPK isn't high enough.
Potassium's what you'd expect because of the bronchodilators.
Oh, my God! You're not wearing a bra.
It's not thyroid storm.
You just met him.
I like him, and I like sex.
Do I need to stitch a letter on my tops? No.
Might be worth taking out an ad in the local papers.
Do you like me, House? I was on the phone with Bennett 15 minutes ago.
His cell phone's working.
Your MO is to avoid me at all costs, and suddenly you need my input on every move you make.
I can only assume it's because I'm on a date.
When we met, I noticed You noticed he was a Shriner because of the way he parted his hair.
You noticed he was a mama's boy because of the way he blinked his left eye.
I'm not interested.
I'm not impressed.
There are only two reasons anyone would want to screw with me tonight.
Either they're an altruistic decent person who's worried about my well-being, or they want me for themselves.
You left out the third option.
Evil bastard who just wants to mess with other people's happiness.
Good night, House.
We won't be bothered again.
It's late.
I should go.
Why? I part my hair on the left, and I'm a Shriner? You heard the conversation? I'm not interested in him.
I don't blame you.
I only said those things so that he wouldn't come back.
I don't really care about my job.
I do it well.
I provide a service, but my goal was always to make enough money to do the things I really like.
Music, travel I like those things, too.
You like them, but they're not really important to you.
I don't know whether it's House, your job, or you just thrive on conflict, but you should hear yourself when you're talking to him.
Nothing else in the world's going on.
You're focused, confident, compelling.
Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd like to go out with that woman.
I can get her on the phone.
Where did you go? She's getting worse.
It's not thyroid storm.
Give me a spinal nerve.
There are still other tests.
She just said the girl is getting worse.
You really want to wait? We'll be risking infection, maybe make the paralysis worse.
It is worse, and we're making it worse than worse? Do the biopsy.
We could paralyze her and get no useful information.
Do the biopsy.
If you're thinking peripheral neuropathy, we should take a nerve a little further away from the spine.
A little further from the truth.
We're talking paralysis.
There's a good chance the spine is relevant.
If this thing is progressing, it could kill her in hours.
Give me back my papers.
Is he asking for a spinal nerve? How did you know? Give us a minute.
Did you know they recently found a protein that speeds up nerve growth? Fascinating stuff.
If you put that protein with the insulation from a spinal nerve, you could grow your own little garden.
If that spinal nerve Yeah, yeah, yeah, if it happened to come from a person with CIPA, I can grow pain-free nerves and graft them into my own leg.
What an evil plan! You'd have to be on immunosuppressors for life.
Risk of infection, shorter lifespan Shorter but normal.
Usually jealousy expresses itself by trying to destroy what someone has.
You're more ambitious.
You actually want to change medical fact to get this thing Medical fact changes all the time.
You're risking your patient's life.
That's how medical fact changes.
A doctor risks To serve their patient's health, not their own.
This is medically justified.
Are you sure? Are you sure that you're the right one to be making this call? Biopsy whatever nerve you figure you could safely get at.
God, Wilson's annoying.
Past 3:00 a.
on Valentine's Day night.
I assume you had a date with Wendy.
She'll survive.
She knows the deal.
You're lucky.
I know.
Someday, when there's time, I would like to actually have a social life.
Someday? Come on.
If there's one thing a good-looking woman can have whenever she wants, it's a social life.
You mean a sex life.
There's nothing wrong with a little companionship until the real thing comes along.
I had the real thing.
Forgive me if I don't want to settle.
What does that mean? Nothing.
You think I didn't have the real thing? I have no idea what you had.
And yet you're judging it.
It's late.
I'm cranky.
I didn't have the real thing.
How could you even know? You married a dying man.
You thought, "Six months, a year, it'll be tough, "but then I'll recover, and I'll have the rest of my life.
" It's like willingly getting the flu or joining the Peace Corps, short-term.
Wow, you nailed it.
It's basically like a wasted weekend.
The sacrifices you made were huge, but they were at the height of your love for him.
Commitment is only commitment because it has no expiration date.
You stand next to someone and watch them floss for 30 years like my parents have, then ask for sacrifices.
That's how you know the real thing.
Cameron, I wasn't criticizing you.
People who avoid commitment are people who know what a big thing it is.
This isn't right.
CIPA can't cause this much degeneration.
A few nerve fibers we teased out of the center have some insulation left, but the insulation around the bundles has been stripped bare.
Means the damage must be coming from the outside in.
Which means it's secondary demyelination, which means the source is somewhere else, which tells us it's not a nerve disease.
It's something systemic that's affecting the nerves, which means that we need to Where are you going? Kid's mom is finally out of surgery.
I'll be right back.
So what? Hannah should see her.
Yes, immediately after we're done chatting about saving her life.
Most likely causes are metabolic.
They found brain swelling.
They're prepping her mother for another surgery.
Again, so what? Get a nurse to take the kid.
There are more than 60 different metabolic conditions that could account for what she's got.
There's only three of you guys.
She's scared.
She should be.
She'll die if we don't diagnose her.
So diagnose her.
Mom? How bad is it? Are you okay? I'm okay, Mom.
I'll get better.
I always get better.
Are you checking yourself, your temperature? Mom, could you just let it go? You shouldn't be worrying.
Baby, I'm sorry.
I should have seen that car coming.
No, Mom, I did this to myself.
I screwed up.
You were right.
You were right, and I was wrong.
I shouldn't have gone out on the ice.
I shouldn't have fallen down, and I shouldn't have made you rush me to an ER for the 10th time this year.
Mom? Mom? You okay? They have to take her back to surgery.
Hannah, your BP is way up.
We need to get you some rest.
My hand's wet.
You're crying.
I can't cry.
My head's killing me.
So what does the pain tell us? No tingling or itching, so we can rule out It tells us nothing.
It wasn't physical pain.
It was emotional.
What were they doing when she got the headache? Saying goodbye.
You said they were arguing.
They weren't really arguing.
She was just frustrated.
What were they arguing about? Whose fault it was.
Peripheral neuropathy, fever and intermittent paranoia.
Lots of metabolic conditions can explain those things.
What if we add guilt? Guilt? As a symptom? Alzheimer's can cause euphoria, pain causes depression, and B12 deficiency causes guilt, along with all that other stuff.
If she felt guilty, she wouldn't be making her mother's life miserable.
She wouldn't be getting in fights, getting arrested.
Maybe she's fighting because she feels guilty.
She's showing her mom she can take stupid risks and still be safe.
Means mom can let go.
Which is rational.
If guilt is a symptom, it's caused by the illness, not by a thought process, and it would have to be new.
Couple years ago, she was a model student.
This is pointless.
If the headache was caused by guilt, she has a B12 deficiency.
If it's just because she was sad, it's meaningless.
How the hell do we test for that? We don't.
Give her a shot of B12.
When she gets better, I was right.
We already did.
ER gave her B12 when she was admitted, part of a multivitamin supplement.
Apparently, she's just sad.
Why are you still here? Trying to get a couple pages into a drug trial.
Paperwork's due tomorrow.
Why are you here? Still haven't figured out why.
No, I meant here, in my office.
Just dumped a cool B12 theory.
Moved on to leukemia.
Very pedestrian.
I'm not happy.
Her white-blood-cell count was low.
The ones she's got, it's just a lot of eosinophils.
The immunoglobulin E- level's borderline.
If you want to be 100% sure, check the bone marrow.
The team's doing a biopsy right now.
It turns out the weird lawyer knew that she used to be a man.
And he's cool with that? Turns out that his previous girlfriend also used to be a man.
Is it possible for you to just watch me eat, or do you get some primeval thrill out of beating the other hunters to the food? See you later.
You still haven't figured out that I don't need sedation? It's so you don't move during the procedure.
Is that nitrous? What, are you trying to kill her? We gave her nitrous during the EEG.
That's what made this thing rear its ugly What thing? B12 deficiency.
Are you having déjà vu? We've had this conversation.
She was given B12.
She didn't get better.
Because someone else ate it.
Get an abdominal MRI.
What? What are you doing? Don't touch me! Don't touch me! See? There's she goes.
Don't touch me! Another paranoid delusion.
At the rate she's going downhill, forget the MRI.
We need an OR.
Leave me alone! Occupied! Her hernia can wait.
Help! They're trying to kill me! Okay, you can either believe that we really are trying to kill her, or you can assume she's suffering from a medical condition.
Seeing as this is a hospital, and we're all dressed like doctors, and there are easier ways to kill somebody Bev, help them.
I'm gonna need iodine, scalpel numbers 10 and 15, forceps and a largish salad bowl.
Okay, hold her down.
Come on, weenie, she's in a cast.
You're not gonna anesthetize her? Relax.
It's just a magic trick.
She's faking it.
We're not falling for it this time.
Okay, keep that retracted.
Lake fishing can be fun.
It can bring the generations together.
But if you don't cook that trout or perch well, you'll be giving room and board to this fellow, and by "free board," I mean all the B12 you can take in.
I could have a tapeworm in me? Not likely.
You'd be in a lot of pain.
It's gotta be 25 feet long.
Damn it.
World record's over 60.
Hannah, wake up.
Somebody here to see you.
She's got limited motion on her left side.
You might have to take care of her for a while.
You don't feel it, but you're about to rip your stitches out.
Take care of yourself.
Then you can take care of her.
You haven't gone home.
Sorry I screwed up Valentine's day.
I'm dating a doctor.
I'd be an idiot to expect anything else.
I did get you a gift.
Best teaching hospital in Boston.
You want to be a nurse practitioner? That's as good as it gets.
I made a few calls, and you're in if you want in.
This is why you've been helping me get my surgical hours for accreditation.
I thought you wanted Stupid.
You've got 10 feet of personal space around you.
I step forward, you step back.
I've shared a lot of things with you.
Which is why you're breaking up with me.
You can't stand to be close.
Wendy, you think I'll stay with you because you're angry with me? I'm upset because I care.
Only you'd expect an argument to be rational, you and that ass boss of yours.
Well, you could ask her for the spinal nerve.
She's got no reason to give it.
She owes you.
The hospital will send her a bill.
I'm just saying, if you want to do it, do it while her B12 is still low.
Guilt can be your friend.
Breakfast? Yeah.
Happy Valentine's Day.
Holiday that only applies to people who are already paired up.
For everyone else, it's Wednesday.
Wow, thank you for that dash of cold water.
Don't get me wrong.
I still think true love's out there.
It's just very far away, possibly in another galaxy.
We may need to develop faster-than-light travel before we can make contact.
So I'm thinking we should have sex.
That makes sense.
Despite the wisdom of pop songs, there's no point putting our lives on hold until love comes along.
We're both healthy and busy people.
We work together so it's convenient.
Like microwave pizza.
And of all the people I work with, you're the one I'm least likely to fall in love with.
Like microwave pizza.
The point here is to make things simpler, not more complicated.
Someday, there'll be time to get serious about someone.
Meanwhile, we already had sex once and didn't get weird about it, so I get it.
I get it.
So what if I'm offended by your judgment? Then you're not the man I'm looking for.

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