House of Cards (2013) s02e04 Episode Script

Chapter 17

Strange not seeing your name up there.
"To improve is to change.
" "To perfect is to change often.
" You know your Churchill.
It's inscribed on the watch you gave me when I left for Glendon Hill.
Was it? Nancy arranges all the gifts.
She knows you well.
As much as I am enjoying this little I got you two more votes.
Partridge and Krauss.
Is this Raymond's way of extending an olive branch? It's a start.
Two votes is a twig.
It's not a branch.
Which is why I'm here.
Well, the vote's at 5:00.
We have less than three hours.
Two hours and 49 minutes.
We have made more happen in less.
Is that the watch? No.
it's nicer.
So, why did Raymond have a change of heart? If the government grinds to a halt, that benefits no one.
We want the President focused on China, not distracted by furloughs and protests.
You take direction from Jacqueline.
She's not gonna like that very much.
Bossing you around? Having me around.
Oh, I don't blame her.
Ashleigh will start the interview with questions about how you and your husband met, your early marriage.
Then she'll move on to more specific questions about your recent transition.
All right.
She's gonna ask about you having no children.
I thought we'd agreed to take that off the table.
We did.
But they insisted.
Now I can speak to Ashleigh directly and fight for No.
It's fine.
I've been asked the question before.
I know how to answer it.
It'll be quick and painless.
And I'll confirm that with Ashleigh when she gets here.
I like it.
Maybe something less neutral.
I'm sure you'll look good in whatever you choose.
I'll be downstairs.
Disori owes you for the overpass funding you secured.
Yes, he does.
I'll call him.
Where's Doug? He's doing the rounds, making sure our hard-won stay hard.
Birch and Womack are doing the same.
But we're still 15 short.
Got relationships with most of these folks.
Money's not enough.
I already tried the D-trip route.
Retirement age is the main sticking point, correct? Old people vote.
I'll target the AARP.
That'll take most of the heat off.
We're wasting time.
I gotta get to work.
Take Remy with you.
Shouldn't we divide and conquer? It's harder to say no twice than once.
I'll stay out of your way.
Like you did on the Watershed Act? We're on the same side of the fence this time.
You're late to the party.
Well, think of Remy as the guy who shows up with a six-pack after the liquor store is closed.
Who's on your plate? Donald Blythe.
Do you really think that's the best use of your time? If I can get him to turn his people.
That's a lot of eggs to put in one basket We only have one basket.
Jacqueline, may I use your office, for old times' sake? I serve at the pleasure of the Vice President.
Two hours and 17 minutes.
Normally, all I need to sway Donald Blythe is patience and time, neither of which I have right now.
Tick took.
Good to see you.
Vice President.
Please, it's always "Frank" to you.
I came because you asked me, but don't mistake that for false hope.
If you have other people to lobby, you should.
Ten minutes.
It won't change anything.
Well, at the very least, enjoy the free coffee.
I don't drink caffeine.
Then decaf.
Still has caffeine.
Well, enjoy the free oxygen.
It's gets stuffy over there in the Longworth Building.
Coffee for me, and Seltzer water, if you have it.
I'm sure we do.
Now I can understand if you might hold a grudge.
I don't hold grudges, Frank.
I just don't negotiate with people who are fundamentally deceptive.
I never lied to you, Donald.
You promised to seek my counsel, which you never once did.
We had to move the Education Bill in a direction I knew would make you unhappy.
I saw no reason to frustrate You eviscerated the unions.
You federalized performance standards.
If we hadn't done that, the bill would've been dead in the water.
And now you want to cut the pathetic level of funding you did manage to pass.
Isn't some funding better than none? A flat line will send a louder message than life support.
Look, I'm impressed with the little coalition that you've cobbled together.
But we Not so little.
Twenty-eight votes.
And you need them all.
Well, really only half.
Half of zero is still zero.
I had to pull every trick in the book to get Entitlement through the Senate.
If it fails in the House, we don't get a round two.
This is a one-time deal.
It should never have passed the Senate to begin with.
Can we start over? May I offer you an apology? Deaf ears, Frank.
I withdrew myself from the Education fight, and that is my cross to bear.
But I will be damned if I will make the same mistake twice.
This sort of stubbornness makes you no better than the Tea Party.
Except for the fact that we happen to be right.
Just a few more minutes, Donald.
You haven't even had your seltzer yet.
They have seven other data centers spread across the Northeast.
Those aren't good odds.
Well, if we can access one, I should be able to talk to the other seven.
And they all look like that, Fort Knox wrapped in a nuclear bunker.
How do we get in? Well, we don't.
You do.
What? How? What's my reason? You're writing a story on cyberterrorism.
It's free publicity.
But if they're so secure, I'm They give tours all the time, mostly to prospective clients.
Then why haven't you done it yourself? Because I run a white hat firm.
And if I were to show up in the tour logs before a breach, it would raise alarms.
Okay, once I'm in? These are what the servers look like.
You're gonna get inside one of these cages.
You will have this.
You slide it into the server.
It's that simple? Yeah.
Well, your part, not mine.
The codes extremely complex.
How do I do it without them noticing? How you get good at anything? Practice makes perfect.
We've got a problem.
Everyone, stop what you're doing, head into the nearest office and shut the door.
You, stay exactly where you are.
Retirement age is a done deal, but I might be able to redistribute some appropriations That's not what I'm after.
You can't fix a wrecked car with new hubcaps.
How about a sister bill, one that focuses entirely on education? My coalition is fighting for the integrity of the party.
We're not just focused on education.
I'm sorry, Donald.
Excuse me for a moment.
Nancy, I said no interrup When? But the vote is in less than an hour.
I don't care what protocol it Quarantine.
There's white powder in the mail.
We're locked in? Sir! Close the door now! Look, I have to Now, sir! Please! I should call my wife.
And I should call Claire.
Should I tell Connor? No.
It's better the press doesn't know.
The field tests should come in before the vote.
And as soon as the Kelly's in, I'll come home.
How's it looking? Shaky.
We may lose this one.
That could make for a tough interview.
Well, I didn't want to do it in the first place.
Well, we're committed now.
I better get back to the Holy Crusader.
Let me know as soon as the tests have cleared.
If we're lucky, it'll be anthrax, and I won't live long enough to see the bill fail.
Don't say that.
We're gonna be fine.
How many of these quarantines we've been through? I've lost count.
Wish me luck with Donald.
Heels crossed.
It's ripping the caucus apart.
Of course.
We take a united stand on our version of the bill.
Some of us have to stay on our feet.
This is about party unity.
It's about abandoning our base.
No, that's what the freeze is.
Our base doesn't benefit from sword-rattling.
It gets left bleeding on the field.
My district has the third largest number of seniors in the country.
If we raise the age of retirement, the AARP will raise hell.
I spoke with the President of the AARP this morning.
He'll be receiving a $45 million endowment next week.
Voters will still revolt.
The midterms are gonna be ugly.
Many of us, and I can certainly speak for myself The choice is between immediate discontinuation of services and an age bump five years from now.
You're comparing theoretical discomfort to imminent pain.
I just feel like we're losing touch with our core values.
The Education Bill is a good example.
We all followed Frank's lead, hoping it would buy us traction with the Republicans.
Would you excuse me? Just one moment.
Does the press know? Not yet.
Can you keep in touch with him? I need to pummel our lunch guests into submission.
You've got 'em close.
But relax.
Listen more.
They want their hands held, not someone in their face.
I know how to whip votes.
Best caviar in D.
, ladies and gentlemen.
- We can't let you pay for that.
- Then don't eat it.
But if you do, I won't tell anyone.
You were saying about the Education Bill? No, Marjory, honey.
Remember, we just talked about it.
I was telling you Right.
Nothing to worry about If you have any questions, ask Molly.
She knows what's going on.
I will call as soon as I know anything.
I love you.
How's Marjory? She's okay.
Long call.
You know, she gets emotional.
Molly took a semester off to be at home.
I told her she needs to head back in the spring.
I don't want her mother dragging her down.
Must be hard on you.
Harder on the girls, I think.
Is she lucid? About half the time.
Just enough to be aware of how quickly she's going.
I feel terrible saying it, but part of me is looking forward to her not being lucid.
At least then she won't realize what's happening.
I should have thought of this before.
Appeal to the heart, not the brain.
Forgive my ignorance, but has there been any progress with research? Some.
Genetic testing, vascular manipulation, but it's slow.
They won't come up with anything in time for Marjory.
We're focusing on quality of life.
Look, I know you have work to do, so I'm no longer the Whip.
That's Jacqueline's job.
I just agreed to meet with you because we have a history.
She would be tougher to say no to.
But it still would've been a "No.
" Yes.
I admire your convictions, Donald.
You're a rare breed nowadays.
It didn't sound that way when you were comparing us to the Tea Party.
I was being unfair.
You're not a reactionary.
You're a progressive.
I see where this is going.
How do you mean? When you've been in the wasteland as long as I have, you become immune to flattery.
I know you think I'm fundamentally deceptive, but I am capable of a genuine compliment.
Then I will take it as one, but it won't soften my resolve.
If it did, you wouldn't deserve the compliment in the first place.
If you vote "No," I won't hold it against you.
We're all in this together through the midterms.
But if you stick with me, we can show both the Republicans and the American people that we're capable of more than stagnation.
And that's worth something, even it if hurts.
Who can I count on? Copy that.
The fact that there is still a door between us, I take, is a bad sign.
One tested negative, one inconclusive, sir.
That means we have to take the samples to the lab.
So, how much longer? Another three or four hours,.
We have an important vote going to the floor.
I have to be talking to my people.
The vote is delayed, sir.
We're evacuating this side of the capitol.
So no vote? No! until we get the all-clear.
Good things happen to good people.
Another thing, sir.
Ali cell phone service, Wi-Fi, land lines We'll be blocking them, in case there's a legitimate security threat.
I need to be able to call my wife.
I apologize, sir.
We can have someone notify her.
It needs to be me.
She gets very anxious if she doesn't recognize the voice.
Congressman, I have strict instructions not to Figure it out, unless you want me to get the White House involved.
PH find a way, sir.
There are advantages to being Vice President.
Ma'am? We'll have to ask you lo remain up here for a little while.
Is it the quarantine? The Capitol is being evacuated.
We expect everything to be fine.
It's just standard procedure.
You won't be able to get through.
Communications are being jammed.
You mean I can't even speak to Francis? Not until the all-clear.
How long? Four hours is the estimate right now.
We're supposed to tape in 25 minutes.
Nothing we can do.
You okay? Yes.
I'll go talk 10 Emma.
You know, I'm fine.
Thank you.
So, we might have a problem.
It's all over the news.
It could be a while.
Can we get audio from the Vice President? Communications are being jammed until the evacuation is over.
Have you spoken to Ashleigh? She thinks we should get a sat truck down here.
Wait and go live.
I can't guarantee when that will be.
The Vice President is quarantined in the Capitol, and we have an exclusive.
The network will broadcast whenever the hell we tell them to.
They're holding off until you get here.
You should do the interview solo.
I'd rather wait.
Who knows whether we'll win the vote? If we lose, I don't want my face on national television.
This could be a silver lining.
I don't know, Francis.
I'm sure you'll be terrific.
Let me run it past Connor.
Thank you.
We're done.
Sir, we were able to get Mrs.
Oh, Donald Marjory? Hello? Yes, it's me, sweetheart.
It's hard to hear you.
We're still stuck inside the office.
What office? At the Capitol.
It's going to be a little while longer.
But why are you there? It's Sunday.
No, it's Friday, sweetheart.
Donald? I'm here.
Who is this man with me? He's a police officer.
They're using walkie-talkies so we can speak.
Who am I talking to? It's your husband, ma'am.
I'm not married.
It's me.
It's Donald.
Turn it off.
I don't know that man.
Marjory She went into the other room, sir.
Thank you.
If you could stay with her, please.
Yes, sir.
Drink? Sure.
Why not? For all we know, it could be midnight before he's out.
And then he still needs to manage the vote.
We're fine if it's 2:00 a.
When everyone's asleep? People would stay up for this.
The whole point was primetime.
Then we do it tomorrow.
We've already set aside half a day for this.
The Vice President can't rearrange his entire schedule for an interview.
I don't see any other options.
I spoke to Francis over the radio.
We think I should do it alone.
Just you? Mrs.
Underwood and Ashleigh, one-on-one.
Maybe we can broadcast his voice from the Capitol.
Francis doesn't want the entire interview to be about the quarantine.
Neither do I.
That's just spectacle.
The quarantine is news.
We have a unique opportunity.
We're done.
What? Cancel the interview.
No reschedule.
Come on, Connor.
Please pack up everything and leave.
Let me call Ashleigh.
I thought I'd get used to it, but no.
Hurts every time.
You spend 30 years with someone, and then they don't have a damn clue who you are.
I really shouldn't If we never did anything we shouldn't do, we'd never feel good about doing the things we should.
Excellent point.
And if these are our last moments on Earth, I don't know about you, but I'd rather go out with a buzz on.
To Marjory.
You love her dearly.
More than anything.
I can't imagine what I'd do without Claire, or if she didn't remember who I was.
Hopefully, you'll never have to.
Well, it makes me angry that you do, that anybody does.
No sense being angry over what you can't change.
How much funding does Alzheimer's research get? Just under $500 million.
Well, I'm no expert, but that sounds inadequate to me.
It is.
For every $100 we allocate to research, we spend nearly $30,000 on care.
We ought to change that.
I tried.
My bill didn't even leave committee.
Who opposed it? Howard Webb.
Ugh Appropriations.
He didn't even put it to a vote.
I've never been fond of Howard.
That makes two of us.
What was his argument? He didn't feel he owed me one.
"Fiscally irresponsible," is all he said.
Walk me through the specifics of your bill.
I see what you're doing.
Doing what? You're disgusting, Frank.
Excuse me? Using my wife.
Donald, what are you saying? You think I'll give in on Entitlement if you slap some extra Alzheimer's funding on the table? I was not suggesting that at all.
Bullshit, Frank.
You think as little of me as you want, but I do not barter with people's health.
Then why are you trying to raise the age of retirement? Medical research we can afford.
Medicare, we can't.
There are realities, Donald.
Don't talk down to me about realities.
My wife is dying.
That's a reality.
Other people will die, too, if your package succeeds.
That's a reality! God damn it! I wish I wasn't stuck in this fucking room with you.
Donald? I'm done talking.
One more time.
I've got it.
I want it to sound more natural.
Francis and I wanted to devote our lives to public service.
And we didn't feel that we could both do that and be the parents we wanted to be.
And by making that choice, it allows more time for us to be in the service of others.
That sounds good.
We need you, Mrs.
Keep Derek at the Capitol.
I want quotes from evacuees and Homeland Security.
And Sarah should be finishing that history of biohazard scares.
I'll be there soon.
I have 10 go.
We're not done yet.
This is a major story.
I'll come back tomorrow.
You've come here two days in a row, and this is how patterns emerge.
The FBI likes patterns, and we do not give the FBI what the FBI likes.
I can't disappear all day in the middle of I have eight reporters out in the field, okay? Stop.
Tell me why I purchased Cashew.
I don't know.
Companionship? Yes.
More importantly, a reminder that lam never more than one wrong move away from life in a cage.
You stay.
I'll walk you through every line of code I intend to write, every attempt I make to breach the wall.
If we get caught, you don't get 10 plead ignorance.
We go down together.
No, I didn't sign up for Bonnie and Clyde.
You need me for this one thing.
Just like I need you.
But whatever you've done before me, that You know where I live.
And you know who I am.
Sit down.
The sooner we start, the sooner we finish.
The Capitol is still on lockdown, as HazMat crews continue a thorough sweep of the building.
Earlier this morning, a white powder-like substance was found in a package mailed to the office of Majority Whip Jacqueline Sharp.
Are we free to go? Almost, sir.
Less than an hour.
I've got a message from your wife.
What is it? She's doing the interview live right now.
Congressman Donald Blythe and 14 of Miss Sharp's staff.
The secrets Mrs.
Underwood, I so appreciate you taking the time to speak with us today in what, lam certain, is a very stressful situation.
Thank you, Ashleigh.
Have you spoken with your husband today? Yes, I did.
And he's in very good spirits, and in good hands with the Secret Service.
Of course, he's very disappointed he couldn't be here.
Well, our thoughts are with him and everyone else quarantined at the Capitol today.
Thank you.
I'd like to begin with Claire Underwood before you met your husband, in Texas.
And I have a couple of pictures.
Oh, no.
Oh, my goodness.
That was Red.
An accomplished rider? An enthusiast.
This one's from a couple of years later.
Oh, my goodness.
You like those penny loafers? Those are Those are two very different girls.
Which one are you more comfortable being? My family's ranch.
That was home for me.
You didn't like the prep school? No.
I think I preferred the dirt.
You grew up in Dallas, though.
Um, Highland Park.
My father, well, he was a businessman.
So' we lived in the city, but we're ranchers.
I mean, we go back three generations, our family.
Your parents were very wealthy.
We were comfortable, yes.
They made sure I wanted for nothing.
It was a very happy childhood.
What is your most vivid memory from that time? My most vivid memory.
Um Probably when I was about nine or 10, my father took me to Dealey Plaza, where Kennedy was shot.
And he said, "Claire, a great man died here.
" And I remember not fully comprehending the meaning of death yet.
And I asked him how he died, and he told me.
And I remember feeling so sad, so angry.
It seemed so unfair.
I started to cry, and my daddy picked me up.
And he wrapped his arms around me, and he said, "Don't be sad, sweetheart.
"He made the world a better place, "but sometimes that comes at a price.
" I guess that was the most vivid memory.
We are only eight votes away.
I'm sorry.
I've made up my mind.
Me, too.
I've gotta stick to my guns on this one.
You would rather let the government shut down Hey, don't put that on us just because we're on the ass-end of the whip list.
Don't get us wrong.
We have a lot of respect for you, Jackie.
You're doing a fine job since Frank's gone.
Different styles, but a fine job.
Excuse us just a moment.
They're not taking me seriously.
'Cause you're not Frank.
You mean because I'm not a man.
I mean Frank.
They're used to being offered something.
Ask them what they want.
I know Paul needs help with a waste-treatment facility.
You're being just as condescending as they are.
Take some good advice when you get it.
I was right earlier, wasn't I? Paul, Remy tells me you need a waste treatment plant.
We've had some trouble getting matching federal funds.
Ben, you mentioned once a winery museum in your district? We are making some great wines in Long Island these days.
I've tried some.
It tastes like piss, compared to what we have in Napa, the sort of piss that belongs in Paul's waste treatment plant.
We have a possible terror attack, and you're holding out your plates for more pork.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
In my caucus, people are rewarded for good behavior, not trading their votes for ransom.
When we walk in there, I expect the both of you to vote "Yes, “ without a moment's hesitation.
Thank you for your change of heart.
Six more to go.
You left Texas and spent the last two years of high school at the prestigious Phillips Academy.
And then, on to Radcliffe.
Where you would meet the future Vice President.
Back then, just a dashing law student.
I never dreamed he would become Vice President, of course.
Some people think that your marriage may be a bit more calculated than you let on, that perhaps he needed your family's money.
That's just not true.
Your father did contribute an awful lotto his campaign.
Yes, he did.
Because he believed in Francis.
Would he have won that campaign had it not been for your father's contributions? I don't know.
I mean, it certainly helped.
But I like to think that it was Francis' ideas and leadership that convinced voters, not just TV commercials.
You've been married 27 years.
That's right.
You were just in school.
I mean, you married so young.
We did.
But when you've found the one Well, Francis was the one.
You call him Francis.
Well, back home, they call him Frank, still.
But he likes that I call him Francis.
He said that it makes him sound more sophisticated.
Is it hard being a politician's wife? It's thrilling.
Not without its challenges.
Always in the background, subsuming your goals for his goals.
No, I don't see it that way.
We're two very independent people who have chosen to live our lives together.
I support him.
He supports me.
Which, you know, goes back to the political partnership.
Well, my husband happens to be a politician, and I happen to do political work.
But our partnership extends far beyond that.
Was that a sacrifice? Because you haven't had any.
Francis and I wanted to devote our lives to public service.
And we didn't feel that we could both do that and be the parents we wanted to be.
So, we made the choice.
We've heard that answer before.
Sorry? You have given the exact same answer in previous interviews.
Because it's the truth.
Forgive me, but career and timing, uh, those are often very convenient answers.
It is true that whatever it takes for people to get from "maybe" to "yes" never arrived for me.
Never felt the pressure? No maternal instinct? No.
And it was a choice? It wasn't because you couldn't have any? Well, Francis and I did what was right for us.
Because it is unusual, I mean, even now, for politicians at the executive level not to have children.
Yes, it is.
In your husband's second congressional campaign, there was a Republican, a pro-family candidate, who made some pretty unsettling accusations.
Well, Francis is a Southern Democrat, and we have thick skins.
He suggested, in order to keep your husband's political career on track Children are the center of many people's lives.
And I think they just want to make sure that their representatives will fight for their children's dreams.
And Francis has, again and again, proven that he will.
And he will continue lo do so as Vice President.
He claimed that you may have been pregnant during the campaign.
Was there a pregnancy? Have you ever been pregnant? Break.
That's not gonna happen.
During the campaign? Before.
Was it a miscarriage? No.
Did you Did you terminate the pregnancy? If I said "yes," my husband's political career would be in jeopardy.
My faith would be questioned.
Likely, my life would be threatened.
But I won't feel ashamed.
Yes, I was pregnant.
And, yes, I had an abortion.
Can you excuse me for one moment? Of course.
We'll have more of our live interview with Claire Underwood in a moment.
That took a lot of guts.
Yes, it did.
It'll look like I am ashamed.
I'm not.
And I won't.
Nothing you can say will make this any better.
I'd rather deal with the damage I'm not going to run from this.
She's gonna ask why you had the abortion.
I haven't had one.
I've had three.
Three? No.
You need to stick to one.
Okay, fine.
Tell me what you'll say.
Well, I can't use the real reason.
The first two, I was a teenager, and I was reckless.
What about the third? Well, the article that she showed, it's right.
I was on the pill.
It didn't work.
We talked about having a baby, and then we decided against it.
Why? Because we were focused on the campaign.
How many weeks in? Sixteen.
You can't say any of this.
Go upstairs.
I'll deal with Ashleigh.
If we're going to continue, we've got about 20 seconds.
Connor, I Please, trust me.
You'll be making a big mistake.
Are you willing to discuss the circumstances? I became pregnant as a result of a sexual assault.
Are you saying that you were Raped.
You've never spoken publicly about this before.
No one ever asked.
Can you tell us what happened? It was college.
A classmate, we were dating.
And it happened on a We had a fight, and he forced himself on me.
Did you tell anybody about it? Did he Was he charged? No.
Because at the time, I felt that I was somehow at fault.
I knew I wasn't, but I just didn't want to be stared at.
I didn't want to be known as "the girl who got raped".
And when I became pregnant, I wasn't going to drop out of school.
I wasn't going to let this man ruin my life.
So' I made a choice.
I ended it.
But if you never told anybody about it, the assailant could still be out there.
Can you tell us anything about him? I saw him for the first time in almost 30 years, just a few months ago.
Where? At a commissioning ceremony that Francis and I attended.
Did you speak to him? Briefly.
Francis pinned stars on him.
He was being commissioned? General Dalton McGinnis.
And for the record, Francis has always known about the assault.
He just didn't know the name.
And he's been nothing but supportive all these years.
We're gonna have to reach out to the General, um, for a response to what you just said.
Would you mind if we took a quick break? Absolutely.
We'll be right back with Mrs.
Claire Underwood.
Take all the time you need.
The lab tests all came back negative, sir.
What was it? Talcum powder laced with flour.
It was pesticide from the wheat that gave us the false positive.
So, are we free to go? Yes, sir.
Nancy, tell 'em I'm on my way down.
I already did.
Mind if I use your phone? Of course.
And, Donald? I'm gonna get you that research funding, no matter how the vote goes.
It's your call, because I'm still voting against it.
I understand.
You have a brave wife, Frank.
So do you, Donald.
Frank! How'd you do? We're down to four.
How about Blythe? He won't budge.
What did you offer him? Alzheimer's research.
He was insulted.
The vote's in 45 minutes.
I need to get to Claire.
Who should I call from the car? We've exhausted our options.
It's either Blythe's people, or it won't pass.
They're too loyal to him.
I'll figure it out.
I can stay if you need me.
No, get to your wife.
I know where to find you.
Nancy, I need every ream of paper you have.
And get me dollies.
Almost done.
Twenty more minutes.
I hate lying.
Did he do it? Yes.
Then don't feel bad.
What if he denies it? Then we'll cross that bridge.
Connor? Give us one more minute.
We have a young woman on the phone, a private.
She says she was also assaulted by the General.
Two years ago.
She wants to share her story, but she won't give her name.
We can't put her on if she's anonymous.
You want me to convince her? She's frightened.
Is she still on the phone? I've never told anyone.
It took me almost half my life before I could say anything.
But you can say something now.
I don'! know.
Just think of how many others there must have been.
Bu! you want me to talk.
Well, would you have called if you didn't want to? I didn't think I'd have to use my name.
Listen, I understand you're afraid of the consequence.
I'm a private.
He's a general.
And my husband is the Vice President of the United States.
We will protect you.
I promise you that.
What's your name? Private Megan Hennessey.
What is this? The names of every person in America who will lose home care when the freeze sets in, who will lose half their welfare benefits, who will go on furlough, who will lose their student loans, transportation services, post-combat counseling.
Shall I go on? This is about the big picture, Jacqueline.
This picture looks pretty big to me.
I can't vote for the package.
Then don't.
Just get four of your people to do it.
And then work with me after we avoid the freeze.
I'm not Frank Underwood.
At least two other girls that same year.
If that was true for all the years he's served It's just staggering.
And I felt so helpless.
And he keeps rising in the ranks.
The system protects him.
Why do you think no one has ever reported him? Do you wanna join her? We know it won't do anything.
Chain of command.
It's inexcusable that you're willing to put your life on the line to defend our freedom, and yet you don't feel the freedom to come forward.
I love my country.
And I love sewing in the Marines.
But not like this.
Private Hennessey, thank you for your courage in joining us tonight.
It was Mrs.
Underwood who gave me the courage.
And Mrs.
Underwood, thank you for your honesty.
Sir, your wife is on the phone.
You've given us a great deal to think about.
Thank you, Ashleigh.
And that concludes our live one-on-one exclusive interview with Claire Underwood.
You can watch the entire interview on our website.
And as always, we invite you to give us your thoughts and your comments on Facebook and on Twitter.
But for now, thanks for watching, and good night.
And we're out.
This is going to make waves like you never imagined.
Thank you.
Where's Carter? You'll be reporting to me now.
And who are you? Carter's boss.
You're doing good work, Gavin.
But you can't be assaulting the target.
That could compromise us.
I don't even know why you're going after this guy.
He's small-time.
That's not your concern.
He couldn't write a line of code to save his life.
He intends to commit an act of cyberterrorism.
Well, that's intention, not capability.
He's not a real threat.
Maybe Carter talked things outwith you.
I won't.
How much longer? Until what? Until I can stop.
Do you prefer prison? I've given you eight child pornographers, three botnet masters But you still haven't given us AV unit.
Well' Hold Carter I don't know where he is.
Yes, you do.
I don't.
Nobody does.
Then what about your friends in DecSec? I'm not giving you my friends.
Then you can keep doing this.
You're a productive asset, Gavin, but the moment you stop being productive, no lawyer can help you.
Wish we had the real thing right now.
Always prepared.
I've missed this.
So have I.
Shouldn't you be on the phone getting your accolades? That can wait till tomorrow.
Sing me something.
What do you want to hear? Anything.
# Polly, pretty Polly Would you take me unkind? # Oh, Pally, pretty Polly Would you take me unkind? # Let me set beside you And tel! you my mind # Well, my mind is to marry And never to part # My mind is to marry And never to part # The first time I saw you You wounded my heart # Oh, Polly, pretty Polly Come go along with me # Before we get married Some pleasures to see # Before we get married Some pleasures to see I