House of Cards (2013) s02e08 Episode Script

Chapter 21

Mr, Danton.
Rem?'- How are you? I'm okay.
I'm good.
Been a while.
Yeah, it has.
Good morning.
Vice President.
Chief Whitehall.
Is Andrew Jackson going to be joining us? No, I'm sorry.
That's a terrible oversight.
Doug, will you remove that? Why don't we take the photograph first? Thank you.
Please, have a seat.
Let's talk federal recognition.
Your tribe has waited long enough.
Who is it? It's me.
It's Lisa.
Can I come in? Temp jobs, mostly.
Clerical work.
Right now, I'm doing part-time at a dentist's office, reception.
You deserve better.
It is what it is.
This is the first time I've had Starbucks since I can remember.
It's a luxury for me these days.
Maybe there's something for you at Glendon Hill.
That's nice of you 10 say, but I'm not the right fit for a place like Sure you are.
20 years' experience in the non-profit sphere.
We coordinate all the time with NGOs.
You'd be a valuable asset to us.
Claire should have never let you go.
Well, I'll hold my tongue.
She and I don't talk.
We had a falling out.
Loyalty isn't her thing.
No, it is not.
I don't think she's loyal to anyone.
Except maybe her husband.
Maybe not.
What do you mean? Nothing I know for certain, but spend a decade working for someone and She threaten you or anything? No.
She just wouldn't leave.
It's not like I wanted to call the cops.
She's not a bad person.
No, no, but I tried to talk to her.
Then she lit up a pipe.
Math? Yeah.
When we were roommates, that's all it was.
I used to be really deep into that.
Heroin, too.
And then I found the fellowship What can I do? I'm sorry.
I shouldn't No, I'm glad you came here.
I know you're late for work.
I'll call in sick.
Don't do that.
It's fine.
I'll go.
Stay here.
I mean, don't go back there.
Are you sure? Keys.
In case you need to come and go.
I'll be back around 7:30.
Thank you.
You don't have to thank me.
All the President has to do is pick up the phone, and the bridge is approved.
If the President had wanted to be involved, he would have already made that call.
It's his initiative, Linda.
Was his initiative.
We're in a trade war now.
But that doesn't mean we have to abandon good policy.
It's inconsistent with his current stance.
The Committee on Foreign Investment has 30 days to approve.
There's only six days left.
They won't act without a directive from the President of the United States.
I'm confused.
You've been the biggest proponent of a strong position against China.
That is not true.
I advocated the opposite early on.
You seem fixated on this bridge.
Is something else going on here? Unemployment is at 9.
Inflation is skyrocketing.
We're on the verge of losing our majority.
The President needs to offer a piece of good news.
A bridge? That's a drop in the bucket.
Jobs, infrastructure, deficit reduction.
You think You're still not being straight with me.
I have no ulterior motive here.
But if you feel that strongly, and the President feels that strongly, then I'll back off.
I won't mention it again.
I think that's a wise decision.
We should be a united front.
I couldn't agree more.
Thank you.
Why does everything have to be a struggle? Can't some people just say yes for once? Sir? I need the President's schedule for the next two days.
She change her mind? What do you think? So what's our next move? I'll focus on the bridge.
You talk to the Indian Affairs.
The sooner that Whitehall's tribe gets recognized, the sooner they can break ground on that casino.
Yes, sir.
Maybe it'll help me, you know, if I talk about it more, in the open.
I mean, that's what your interview did.
When I called, when I could say those things out loud Well, we don't want you lo feel obligated.
I know the press hasn't left you alone.
If they're gonna keep taking pictures of me, I should at least say something.
Well, it's only gonna become more intense as McGinnis gets closer to his court-martial.
Yeah, I know.
I'm prepared.
If you come and speak to the Armed Services Committee, tell your story, I feel confident we can get it to a vote.
There'll be too much coverage to ignore it.
And you think it will pass? We need to get it through committee first.
But let's be clear, Megan.
It's not just the testimony.
We'll need you lo do a media avail after.
Photo ops, a statement.
You won't be alone.
I'll be standing right next to you.
And so will I.
Do you think we're doing the right thing, hauling her in front of the cameras? We have to trust her when she says she wants to.
But it's very important that the White House backs us up on this, not just you.
I'm not sure if Garrett will gel involved publicly.
Well, can you talk to him? We haven't been doing much talking about anything lately.
Things haven't gotten any better? We haven't said a word to each other in almost a week.
I've been there.
It's awful.
With Frank? Sure.
What did you do? We saw someone.
You mean a therapist? Weren't you worried about exposure? He was a minister.
He wasn't exactly a therapist.
It was more like a spiritual guidance type thing.
The only difference was he had a degree.
I could put you in touch.
It's too risky.
Just a suggestion.
Let me know if you change your mind.
In the meantime, can you try to talk to Garrett? We really need his support with this.
I will.
Yes? Show him in, please.
Rem?'- So formal.
Would you have a seat? You shouldn't keep your interns so late.
You and I might not have lives, but they do.
When there's work to be done, we work.
They know that.
Why am I here at Where is the GOP getting their money? That is a 25-million-dollar question, isn't it? You must have an idea.
What makes you think that? Because you know things.
That's why Glendon Hill made you partner.
Most of our clients are Democrats.
I'm just as much in the dark as you are.
I'm losing in my district, Remy.
And I wish I could help you.
Even if I pull off a win, it doesn't matter.
The GOP takes the House, I lose my spot in the leadership, this office, everything I've worked for.
I feel for you.
But you want information I don't have.
Are you upset about the last time we saw each other? Not at all.
I made myself clear.
Can we talk? No work, no politics.
We can talk about whatever you want.
I've never been with anyone for more than six months.
When I was in the Army, I was always on the move, and since I've been in Congress, I just haven't had time.
I wasn't asking to marry you.
Just to be more than company for a night.
Do you still want that? I'm here, aren't I? There would have to be clear boundaries.
Whatever we have privately couldn't affect our professional relationship.
Then we shouldn't be having this conversation in your office.
I'm glad we had this meeting.
If you'd like to have another, just call me.
We can leave the secretaries out of it.
I'll review this and have Linda get in touch.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Good morning, Mr.
Hi, Frank.
I left my bourbon at home, but you have some time for coffee? I'm fine.
You go ahead.
I wanted to talk to you about the Port Jefferson Bridge.
Linda told me you two spoke.
Have you reconsidered? No, it's not the right time, Frank.
We'll find some other project to showcase our program once tensions subside.
During the campaign, you repeatedly promised to address critical infrastructure.
We're well into your second year.
This project is ready to go.
You don't want to have to start from square one.
Well, I'm thinking midterms.
We have to project consistency.
Except people don't vote for consistency.
They vote for concrete progress.
Linda mentioned that you seemed obsessed with this bridge.
I'm beginning to think she was right.
The back-stabbing, vomit-inducing bitch.
Is she right, Frank? Tell me why this bridge is so important to you.
I wanted to insulate you from this.
From what? You asked me to backchannel with the Chinese, and I have continued to do so.
I told you to stop backchanneling, and you did anyway, without informing me? Frank I needed to distance you.
There are issues that a president cannot be aware of.
What issues? But what I can tell you is that the building of this bridge directly affects our ability to combat the Republicans in the midterms.
Are the Chinese Mr.
President, you are asking questions you do not want the answers to.
How much danger are we in, Frank? None, if we end this conversation right now.
Sometimes I feel like I'm losing control of my own goddamn administration.
You're under pressure, sir, but you're not losing control.
You have people who are looking out for you.
Me, Linda, your wife.
Might be losing control of her, too.
I shouldn't have said that.
Of course she wants the best for me.
Has Claire said anything? I mean, I know they talk.
Not much.
Just that things have been a little rocky.
That's an understatement.
You have the most difficult job on Earth.
It would take a toll on any marriage.
Which is why I'm urging you to reconsider your decision on the bridge.
And I'd say that not as your Vice President, but as your friend, because I care about you.
All right, I'll have another look at it.
Thank you, Mr Thank you, Garrett.
We filed all of our paperwork back in 2006.
We dotted all of our I's and crossed all of our T's.
There's over 317 applications.
Each one requires at least a year to review.
You need more researchers.
It's not just personnel.
There's travel, filing, administration.
Name the figure.
Twelve, 13 million.
That requires an appropriation from Congress.
The Vice President can make that happen.
But first we need you to recognize the Ugaya tribe.
Our policy is first come, first serve.
There are applications which we have to Daniel Lanagin dis-enrolled us.
We lost our right to BIA benefits.
Is this more about starting a casino? It's about correcting an injustice.
I can't be getting involved in inter-tribal conflicts.
Yes, you can.
If you want that appropriation.
Two months.
Maybe less if all the ancestry holds up.
Lanagin knows.
And what did he say? He wants to meet.
But on his turf this time.
I need a way to get to Missouri without attracting any attention.
Womack's district's in Kansas City.
It's not far from the casino.
See if he has any events coming up.
Rallies, fundraisers.
How's it coming with co-sponsors for Claire's bill? Terrific.
We're making great progress.
One speech.
It'll send a message to Congress that And a message to the Joint Chiefs that I'm trampling on Twenty four thousand assaults last year.
Only 3,000 reported, because they're I know the figures.
Do you know how many suicides result from the trauma that It's not a question of statistics.
This bill will save lives.
Can we discuss this later? I had to schedule this meeting, Garrett.
It's the middle of the day, Patricia.
You know very well how my Don't make me lobby you when I go home.
I'm sorry to interrupt, Mr.
The Secretary-General is here.
Two more minutes.
It's 12:30.
He was scheduled for 12:15.
I'll go.
You were supposed to tell me to stay, but it's nice to know I'm worth at least two minutes.
Hi, Tricia.
No, please, don't worry about it.
Oh, that's awful.
Yes, of course.
Let me grab his number for you.
His name is Dr.
Thomas Larkin at 202-251-6258.
And if you'd like, I can give him a call beforehand and let him know you'll be reaching out.
Well you let me know if I can be of any help.
Good night, Tricia.
What do you think? We'll see.
The idea is to take color theory and turn it on its head.
Break all the rules.
They're gorgeous.
Who'd you say your client is? I didn't.
I was just wondering if maybe I knew him.
You don't.
Let's say he's a collector always on the lookout for new talent.
I understand you work for Adam Galloway.
It's a way to pay the bills.
I mean, Adam's a good photographer if you like that kind of thing.
I'm much more interested in form.
How much for all of them? What? I'd like to buy them all.
Missouri is the Show Me State for a reason, and we need to show the rest of America that we can keep our leadership intact.
It is a pleasure to look out and see a room full of smiling faces.
That's not something you see every day in Washington, D.
What did your editors say? Five thousand words.
This should be twice that.
I can probably get them to eight, but I'm gonna need the First Lady, too.
Separate interviews.
Let me talk to Mrs.
Hey, how come you're coming to me with this instead of Connor? Between you and me, he's out.
Got a job at SpaceX.
His choice, or was he pushed out? People don't like working with me, Matt.
You may be the only one.
No, I don't like you, either.
I might if you get me the First Lady.
They'll both be speaking to Armed Services tomorrow along with Megan Hennessey.
She's the one who the general was That's right.
I'll set up a one-on-one, texture for your piece.
All right.
Let me know, man.
Anything for the Times, Matt.
Anything for the Times, huh? And we get shut out of donor meetings.
The magazine.
And yes.
Raymond Tusk.
Your boss went to see him last October.
It's in his congressional travel report.
Before my time.
You said they didn't communicate.
I said not to my knowledge.
We're in Missouri.
He's not one of the donors.
I can quote you on that? If you spell my name right.
Now, normally, I don't quote northern writers.
But every now and then, one of them says something that makes a lot of sense.
And this Emerson fellow you've probably heard of once wrote that, "The only way to have a friend is to be one.
" And I think you all know what kind of a friend that Terry has been to this district.
So I'm proud to introduce him today and to call him my friend.
Would you please welcome the Majority Leader, Representative Terry Womack.
Thank you, Mr.
Vice President.
And I would like lo thank all of you.
We all set? I told the press you're having some private meetings with contributors.
Thank you.
AW protests? Oh, we're good, except for Ayla Sayyad.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What's going on? Potential blind spot.
Tell me on the way to the car.
Vice President.
Thank you.
Calm down.
What a pleasant surprise, Raymond.
Vice President.
I was expecting to see you privately today, Daniel.
When it's a serious matter, I invite all the chiefs lo the circle.
Nice pool.
I've never swum in it.
The chlorine hurts my eyes.
You're welcome to take a dip in it if you'd like.
Another time.
Well, Raymond tells me you're a ribs man.
Well, I've got three of the choicest pieces of meat you'll ever see in your life coming out.
You do not want to pass on this.
I won't be here long.
So, the Ugaya band.
Tip of the iceberg.
They're not a real tribe.
They're about to be.
No, they're a bunch of troublemakers with too much hope on their hands.
Once they get recognized, they're gonna have their own casino.
In two years? At best? Well, you better enjoy this pool while you can.
I don't think your casino can stand that sort of competition.
Who do you think Whitehall called as soon as he left the BIA? You offered them a casino two years from now.
We offered what they really want.
Re-enrollment in my tribe.
The tip of your iceberg is melting, Frank.
And you do not have time on your side.
So, how about this? You help me repair my relationship with Garrett.
Dan and I here get the money flowing back in the right direction.
How about this? I get the BIA to investigate both of you.
Connection to Feng, launder You could.
But you won't.
You don't dare.
My money has been going to the Democrats for nine years.
You were the Whip for all of them.
You implicate us, you implicate yourself and everyone in the leadership.
- Ah, here comes the steak.
- Oh.
Now, you are going to enjoy this, Frank.
There you go.
Thank you.
Now, dig in, Frank, before the flies get to it.
- I'll pass.
- Are you sure? This is soy-fed Matsusaka beef.
You know, my ancestors would have prayed to this heifer to honor her spirit.
But at 200 bucks a pound, I figure, fuck tradition.
Come on.
Live a little, Frank.
Vice President.
Not my vice president.
You're on sovereign land.
Dogs are so predictable, aren't they? Setup a meeting with Walker.
Tonight, if possible.
I should be back by 6:00.
Lanagin didn't budge? He re-enrolled them.
We have to get the bridge approved now.
I'll call Linda.
Bypass her.
I don't want her in the meeting I'm on it.
Meechum, get in touch with the plane.
Have them make ribs for the flight back.
Yes, sir.
Vice President, do you have a moment? I'm sorry.
The President asked to see me.
No, he didn't.
You requested the meeting, and I took it off the schedule.
You did what? Let's go in your office.
You lied, Frank.
You said you would let the bridge go, and then you went behind my back, just like you're trying to do now.
I do not require your permission.
No, but you should involve me.
The President and the Vice President have issues they must discuss privately.
When you are secretive, it prevents me from being able to do my job.
And when you cancel meetings, it prevents me from being able to do mine.
Which is why I wanted to talk, so we can work things out.
We should be working together.
I will not waste my time inflating your sense of self-importance! Excuse me? How many elections have you won? How many congressional committees have you chaired? Would you even be working in the White House if I hadn't recommended you during the campaign? I returned that favor and then some.
Look where your desk is now.
And I'd say we're even.
And if you want to maintain my respect, you're going about it all wrong.
I asked you in here to work out a solution You didn't ask.
You demanded.
I will not be left out of the loop.
I'm the President's Chief of Staff.
Oh, you call this being Chief of Staff? Micromanaging his datebook? I'd say that's more of a glorified scheduler.
The White House would fall off its rails without me doing my job.
Are you certain about that? Yes, lam.
I look out for the President 24.
I keep him informed.
I keep his priorities straight.
We did just fine before you became Vice President, Frank.
All right.
Let's go over to the Oval Office right now and ask the President to choose.
His Chief of Staff or his Vice President.
I know what the answer would be.
You want to go? I didn't think so.
Now I will see the President tomorrow morning, schedule or no.
And please, turn out the lights before you leave.
I thought you went home.
No, not yet.
Do you have a moment? Is there something wrong? I know you are reconsidering the bridge project, and I wanted I'm reviewing it.
I'll make my decision soon.
But you already made a decision, sir.
I'm concerned that you are overthinking this one.
If we backtrack Did I not make myself clear? I'm just trying to offer my advice, sir.
Which I have heard, and which I don't need to hear again.
But thank you.
I know the Vice President spoke to you yesterday, and in fairness You know I value your input, Linda.
When I say I've heard it, you need to know I mean that.
Of course, sir.
Is there anything else? No, sir.
Good night.
Good night.
You disappointed me.
I told you it would take time.
Any leads? I've been going over his state senate days.
It's a slow process.
I have to be thorough.
So how is it that I've found more in two days than you have in two months? What do you mean? I've had to do your job for you.
You found something? I'm the one who's supposed to ask that question.
What'd you find? Maybe I can help.
Are you working for Frank? Yeah, as his communications director.
No, are you working for him? Come on.
He couldn't pay me a fraction of what you're offering.
Don't lie to me.
Look, if you've lost confidence in my ability Stop fucking around.
You made the wrong choice, Seth.
I don't think so.
You're nothing.
You're a parasite.
So are you, Danton.
Justin a nicer suit.
Do you know what it might be? Keep your ear to the ground.
That was Seth.
He thinks Remy may have something on us.
What? He doesn't know.
Do you think it could be No.
If it's anything, I'm sure it's innocuous.
Nothing we can't weather.
But my bet is they're bluffing, just to make us paranoid.
But he's a dangerous man, isn't he, Raymond? We can be dangerous, too, when we need to be.
Don't stop.
I used 10 be a call girl.
I had to get away from it, and that's why I came here.
There's a lot of stuff you don't know about me.
You don't have to say anything you don't want to.
When you tapped on my shoulder on the bus, there was something Your eyes.
That sounds really, really dumb.
I don't know.
I felt like I wanted to tell you everything.
That I could trust you, even though I didn't know you.
You can.
I've never trusted anyone.
Have you ever loved anyone? No.
I've never expected much from the world.
It's ugly.
It's not a fair place.
I'm happy to have what I have.
I'm glad I have this.
I've thought it all out.
And there's a way to do it so we don't risk any exposure.
Do we have to talk about this now? I'm beat.
My brain is Yes, we do.
Because it's our marriage.
If we're gonna survive the next two years or six, we need to do something.
We should be each other's support system, not cause each other stress.
The foundation of this White House is not brick or mortar.
It's us, Garrett.
This is important to me.
And I want it to be important to you.
I have to trust that whatever you're managing, to whatever extent you choose not to inform me, that I'm neither at risk nor passively condoning something blatantly illegal.
Any risk falls solely on me.
And you can't be accused of condoning what you're not aware of.
Being not aware is just as egregious.
Not in this case.
I'm steering the ship away from the rocks, not toward them.
Then I'll call the Committee for Foreign Investments.
You're making the right decision, sir.
I have another difficult decision to make.
Linda submitted her resignation.
I was furious with her.
It was a very manipulative move.
I can speculate as to why she made it.
Well, are her complaints valid? I have a very biased view on that subject.
Well, I've heard hers.
Give me yours.
Well, Linda and I don't always agree.
But she's been very loyal to you and a more than competent Chief of Staff.
So you think I should keep her? Do I think she oversteps sometimes? Yes.
Does she wrongly equate her advice with mine? Often.
But the question that occurs to me is not about Linda.
Let's say you refuse her resignation.
If this gets out, and it could, won't you be sending a signal that you can be leveraged? She offered her resignation.
Shes already gone, even if she stays.
Megan? They're ready.
I don't know.
My hands are shaking.
You can do this, Megan.
I'll be there.
I get panic attacks sometimes.
You afraid you'll get one? Yeah.
Well, why don't we ask for a couple of more minutes? It's not about that.
They just come.
I can't control them.
I don't want to do this.
Okay, Megan, there's some of the most senior Congressmen and women in the room, and the press, they've shown up just to hear from you.
I know.
Okay, I don't want to pressure you, but a lot of planning has gone into this.
Please don't make me do this.
We're not making you do anything.
Then can I just go back home? Back to Chicago? Listen, you have nerves.
That's understandable.
I don't want to fucking do it, okay? I understand.
It's okay.
But if you back out now, Megan This isn't about me at all, is it? This is not good for us.
It hurts us.
It makes us look unorganized.
This is about your fucking moment to shine.
You don't fucking care if I do I do care.
I do care.
It is about me and about you.
For whatever reason, we both decided to share what happened to us, and it mattered, and people listened.
So let's go in and finish what we started.
I can't.
I'm not the right person.
Come on, Megan.
Do you know what I did last night? Let's go.
I picked up some guy in a bar.
Total stranger.
I let him fuck my brains out at the hotel.
Night before, same thing.
I can't stop.
It's my only way to fucking Jesus, I fucking hate this when my hands shake like this, and I can't It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm not who you want to be your poster girl.
You don't have to be.
You don't have to be.
I'm sorry I'm letting you down.
It's okay.
You're not letting me down.
It's okay.
It's okay.
When will it become official? The President will make his can this afternoon.
Official approval will be announced in the morning.
No revisions to the agreement? None.
Everything is as spelled out in the proposal.
Then I will uphold my end of the bargain.
The money will be cut oft.
You required proof.
Now, we want some.
What sort? Of your commitment.
You kill your co-venture with Tusk.
That was never part of the deal.
It is now.
The refinery can't proceed while we're in a trade war.
We want you to kill it for good, and we want you to kill it today.
Make the call to Tusk.
It's business hours.
Is this a business call? No.
I was hoping it wasn't.
What are you doing tonight? Just about to get on a plane.
Where to? Boundaries, remember? Work-related.
I don't take vacation.
Can you tell me when you'll be back? Tomorrow.
It's a quick trip.
Do you want to have dinner? I'd like that.
Bring your carry-on.
You could stay over after.
Yes? Do you have a moment? Absolutely.
The President accepted my resignation an hour ago.
Yes, I know.
I almost told him that I'd changed my mind, but I realized it wouldn't make any difference.
For whatever it's worth, I did bring up your loyalty and how good you are at your job, not that he needed me to remind him.
And I will always be grateful you recommended me.
It has been quite a ride.
Shorter than I would have hoped, but I have a long career ahead.
No doubt.
And just so you know, I don't plan on making any fuss in the press.
You'll hear nothing but my praises if I'm asked.
I have something for you.
A few weeks ago, the President told me about a dinner he had at your house.
He went on and on about your Civil War models.
How much fun he had painting the toy soldiers with you.
This was given to me by the Director of the Smithsonian.
It's the first Medal of Honor awarded to a Hispanic-American, Corporal Joseph De Castro.
He fought for the Union.
Linda, I don't know what to say.
It's clear the President sees you as a friend.
I've never been that to him.
But his job is bigger than friendship.
It's bigger than you and me.
I just hope you'll look out for him the way I've tried to do.
I will.
And I'll treasure this.
Goodbye, Mr.
Vice President.
I've never thought higher of her than I do at this moment.
She lost, but she played to win.
Underwood got to Feng.
The refinery's dead.
Grayson played us.
We're running out of options.
What do you think, Jean? Fuck him.
Do it.
Thank you.
Thank you for doing this, Sandra.
How are you, Richard? He has his good days and his bad.
This is a good day.
He would love to spend a few minutes with you after your meeting.
Of course.
The reverend's in here.
How can I help? We should really get a fan in here, Francis.
Well, the AC is all the way up to full blast.
I mean from the fumes, the glue.
Oh, that's half the fun.
Megan Hennessey bailed on us today.
Why? Her nerves got to her.
And she decided she didn't want to be in the public eye.
Well, we can sympathize with that.
It's Doug.
Yes? Seth.
I'll call you back.