House of Cards (2013) s03e01 Episode Script

Chapter 27

Hey, Pop.
Been a while, hasn't it? Did you see that motorcade roll up? It's the first time that the President of the United States has visited Gaffney.
Can you believe it? Oh, I wouldn't be here if I had a choice.
But I have to do these sort of things now.
Makes me seem more human.
And you have to be a little human when you're the president.
He couldn't even afford to pay for his own gravestone.
I paid for it out of my own scholarship money from the Sentinel.
Nobody showed up for his funeral except me.
Not even my mother.
But I'll tell you this, though, Pop, when they bury me, it won't be in my backyard.
And when they come to pay their respects, they'll have to wait in line.
You should let us take a photo at the grave.
He wants privacy.
The man's honouring his father for God sakes.
Here's the info you were looking for.
And we have that scheduled for next Tuesday at 10:00 a.
That's still perfect, right? Excellent I'll confirm you then.
Excuse me.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
The President is ready to see you now.
Jesus! I'm devastated.
I love this man as if he were my son.
And he's a fighter, and I'm sure that he'll pull through.
Our prayers are with him.
"Said President Underwood "during a press conference yesterday.
"The Maryland State Police and Federal authorities "have yet to locate Mr.
Stamper's car or name any suspects.
" You want more of this, brother? Maybe the sports page? Oh.
"Game six of the World Series went scoreless for 13 innings "before a rain delay that turned "an already epic evening into" We need a doctor in room 301.
Douglas? Can you hear me? I want you to blink if you can hear me.
My name is Dr Lanjwani.
The President's office asked me to look after you personally.
You're getting the very best of care, okay? Douglas, I want you to blink if you can feel this.
How about this? Okay.
And this? How about here? Relax.
It's perfectly normal at this early stage.
That's good.
Get some rest.
Are you gonna hurt me? I will do whatever you want, please just don't hurt me.
- Does that hurt? - A little.
All right.
Let's go ahead.
Try and make a fist for me.
- Remy.
- What's that? Remy Danton.
Was he here? He was.
Just checking on your progress.
Go ahead, make that fist for me.
- Lion.
- Mmm-hmm.
What colour is Rudolph's nose? Rudolph? Reindeer.
It's red.
The President of the United States? Douglas? Who's the President of the United States? Frank Underwood.
What year are we in? What month is it? It's December.
I have to get back to work.
Douglas, listen to me.
You suffered a compound fracture I know what I fucking suffered.
I need you to hear me this time.
There was damage to your left frontal cortex.
Your motor skills will be a struggle.
Your emotions will be unpredictable.
It's a long road ahead, and we can't rush it.
- Let's do the test later.
- No.
We'll finish it now.
What was your mother's name? She was young and beautiful.
Jacob fell in love with her while she was watering a lamb and she became his wife after he worked seven years to earn her hand in marriage.
Push back.
Heel into my hand.
Back up.
Deep breath.
Ready? Push.
Hey, Doug, focus.
The report I submit to Congress today includes evidence that would normally warrant criminal prosecution, but the Justice Department won't pursue charges in accordance with the Presidential pardons.
I'm grateful for the hard work Ms.
Dunbar and her team have dedicated to their investigation.
In response, I'll be forming a bipartisan commission to examine campaign finance reform so history does not repeat itself, and so that our nation can heal from these wounds.
I got bacon-cheese and regular.
Which one you want? Just a minute.
Remember when you'd never eat a burger if it didn't have bacon on it? Dad would get so pissed because he hated the smell of bacon grease on the grill.
I'm trying to listen, Gary.
The President's hands are tied.
Might as well let him burn.
They're getting their marshmallows ready.
I mean, look at Underwood's approval rating.
It's worse than Walker's before he resigned.
That's a deep, deep hole to climb out of.
The Republicans' gonna have their fun for a while.
They have plenty to hammer him on in the general.
And they're out for blood.
They lost big on education and entitlement reform.
And if the rumours about America Works are true For the left, that's just too far to the right.
And for the right, it's too far to the left.
They need me back.
- Where? - The White House? We have to turn the corner.
Start ramping up for 2016.
You don't really think he's gonna win, do you? He'll recover.
How about you recover first? This is gonna be a long 18 months, if this program is any indication.
It can be a lot of chest-thumping with nothing really getting done.
The Xybenetrin will help with depression.
The Buspirone is for anxiety.
Here you go.
I'd like to prescribe you something for the pain, but with your Well, any patient with a history of addictive behaviour, we I know.
It's fine.
I can handle the pain.
He looks a lot better.
No, he's still asleep.
I have to go.
Is this a bad time? No.
It's fine.
It's just nobody told me you were coming.
Francis sends his love.
He would visit himself, but with the media No, I understand.
He did come before when Both of us.
I know.
I saw the flowers.
Thank you.
- You look well.
- Getting there.
I just wanna get better so I can get back to work.
We're looking forward to that.
We can use all the help we can get actually.
Been watching the news.
Francis is at his wit's end.
The Republicans won't send him a single bill he can sign and the Democrats aren't much better.
- Bob Birch? - Blind leading the stupid.
How's Remy working out? Oh, well, we'd much rather have you there, but he's doing a fine job.
Doug, do you recall anything about what happened? Why? Did the police Did they find something? Not that we're aware of.
And we've asked them to hold off questioning you until you are feeling more like yourself.
Rachel, you know, she I don't remember.
Yes, you do.
A carjacking.
- A man.
- What sort of man? That part's fuzzy.
It could be anyone then? Any man.
Any man.
And he got frightened? I chased him.
And that's all.
Any idea where she is? No.
Because it's important that we find her.
I really don't know.
That's the truth.
I want you to tell all of this to the police.
Exactly what you told me.
About the carjacking and the man.
Nothing about her.
I got it.
If you need anything or remember anything.
It's good to see you.
You, too.
That's good, one more time.
Up and forward.
That's good.
Let's try this one.
You're doing a great job.
Keep breathing.
Good job, Doug.
Okay? Lean forward.
You got it.
Great job, Doug.
Keep going.
One more.
Great job.
One more time.
It's almost done.
Ready? Keep breathing.
Just his voice.
He said, "Get out of the car.
" Anything you can say about the voice? Was it Accent? Lisp? High? Low? Deep.
That's all I remember.
Then I laid on the horn.
I remember him running.
Like a blur.
I got out, I chased him.
I'm not sure.
I must have What were you doing in that part of Maryland? Mr.
Stamper? Sir, what were you doing in that part of Maryland? I drive sometimes to think.
There's a lot on my mind with work.
I drive to clear my head.
Have you found the car? Well, we don't have anything other than what you just told us.
How's your mood been? Any episodes? No.
The meds are working.
You just telling me what I want to hear? No.
I feel good.
I'm gonna sign your release today.
But it's important you take it easy at first.
Everything's gonna be much harder in general.
I know.
Do you have someone who can look after you? Yeah.
My brother Gary's in from Ohio.
How long is he here for? Awhile, I guess.
Okay, great.
It's important you go to your meetings.
Stay on top of your sobriety.
Take this.
It's for the steroids I prescribed you.
It's one shot to the right thigh, once a week.
The nurse she She showed me how.
You do this? No.
Wasn't me.
I talked to my boss.
I can stick around for another couple of weeks while you transition back.
You should get back to your family.
Sarah's fine with it.
Kids are, too.
Gary, we've hardly spoken in 10 years.
You've already gone above and beyond.
All right, you want me to go.
I'm fine.
Thanks for everything.
I mean, I'm just a phone call and a plane ticket away.
Safe travels.
All right.
Take care.
Hey, Gary, I Send me some pictures of the kids.
Yeah, I will.
But one of the things I admire about you is that in Washington DC, which is so gridlocked, you get things done.
And I understand you've got a new piece of legislation, a major new initiative you're rolling out- What is it? That is correct.
It's a new jobs program that we're calling "America Works.
" Oh, so it's a fantasy novel.
This is a fundamentally different look at how to solve the problem of unemployment.
It has the size and the scope of the New Deal.
Oh, so it's a socialist redistribution of wealth wherein the baby boomers will latch onto the millennials like a lamprey and just keep sucking until they're as dry as a crouton.
This is about putting people to work and avoiding the entitlement entirely.
Well, I like the sound of that.
So, what, we're gonna privatize social security and then raise revenue by hunting the elderly for sport? - Good plan.
You can use that.
- No, as I say, this is a fundamentally different approach entirely.
And you think that the Republicans in Congress will cooperate with you? Oh, I think that it has been proved that both parties want the same thing.
A new president in 2016? No.
No, I think, actually, I think unemployment, eradicating it, and I think a strong economy is something both parties want.
Well, speaking of everyone, there's a recent poll by Reuters.
I wanna get this right.
It says that eight out of 10 Americans agree that you lack "effectiveness and leadership.
" Uh, look, I don't let polls like that bother me.
I think that once the nation sees AmWorks in action, they will change their attitudes.
I'm sorry, AmWorks? I didn't realize it was called AmWorks.
Is that like Amway? Is it a pyramid scheme? Is that what you're selling the American people? No.
It's actually just an abbreviation to make it easier to say.
Well, if you make it small enough, uh, maybe, uh, it'll be easier to swallow.
You know even though you're a Democrat, I respect you.
But let's just take a look at the facts here for a second.
You've been president for six months and again I wanna get this right, unemployment has gone up, our trade deficit with China has increased, the number of vetoes has skyrocketed.
I'm not entirely sure that I am confident that you'll be able to eradicate unemployment the same way you've been able to eradicate your approval polls.
You know, what do you How are you going to get it across to the American people Doug? - Seth? - Yeah, it's me.
Underwood, she gave me this phone.
I know.
Is something wrong? No.
I wanna speak to the President.
Is it urgent? I wanna talk to him about the America Works program.
Oh, so nothing urgent.
It's not an emergency, no.
Because that's what this phone is for.
Well, you pass on my message.
You're late.
I switched cabs three times.
Were you being followed? I didn't want to take chances.
You know why I asked you here? I don't know where she is.
Then you need to find out.
I ran her Social, her name, police records, taxes, everything.
She could be tossed in a ditch by a john, for all I know.
You work at the FBI.
What do I get in return? My protection, like you asked.
I thought you had something to offer.
Something real.
Like money? Like getting me out of the Bureau.
You make that happen, maybe I can help you.
That was a condition for your charges being dropped.
So, you don't still know people.
I shouldn't have even come here.
I am your only safety net.
You think I would have turned over all the AT&T records without leaving a backup with somebody? I'm not going to blow my Get Out of Jail card on a wild-goose chase.
Does anyone suspect anything? At the Bureau? Nobody has a clue about her.
Yeah, that gives you any peace of mind? Doug? Tell him it's urgent.
Well, we're aiming for some time in May.
As soon as we agree on a date with the Russian delegation, you will be the first to know.
Uh, Greg? The summit with Petrov here in Washington, what'll be the focus of the talks? A bilateral approach to the Middle East.
As you know, the Palestinians have refused to negotiate until Israeli troops leave the Jordan Valley.
So, we hope to address this with President Petrov so that we can move on to a whole host of other issues.
Sara? So this bilateral approach doesn't include Israel and Palestine? The State Department is briefing all interested parties.
The summit's really just a first step.
Ayla? I'd like to change course to the America Works program.
I've spoken to a number of the President's policy advisors who say there's been a lot of disagreement on the economic team as to exactly what form this jobs package should take.
Which advisors? Nice try.
To be clear, this is far more than just a jobs package.
It is a comprehensive plan which aims at full employment within two years.
So, as such, there are a lot of details to be worked out.
So, your sources are inaccurate.
It's not so much a disagreement as it is debating the finer points of the plan.
Jess? Well, just to follow-up.
What are some of the finer points? Or the broad strokes even.
No one from the White House has said anything.
When we have a plan to present, we will present.
Jess? Is America Works a reaction to the President's low approval ratings? An effort to offer some sign of progress ramping up to the elections? We've been working on this plan since day one.
It has nothing to do with the approval ratings.
But as for the election, whose turn is it to ask today? Mark? Is the President running in 2016? Today the priority is good government, - but ask me again tomorrow.
- Ask me again tomorrow.
Thank you, everyone.
We got a window at 10:00.
I'll call him now.
Please sit down.
John, Samantha, you spoke to a journalist about disagreements in this room? If that happens again, you're off the team.
And speaking of the disagreements in this room, we now have an even bigger one because Remy has shown me your work so far, and it's toothless.
I stood in this room three months ago and gave you all very clear direction.
Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, every entitlement program that is sucking us dry, I want it all on the table, and this doesn't go nearly far enough.
So, we obviously have to get back to some basics.
Remind ourselves of some of the facts that are before us.
- Sir, if I may - No, no, no, no.
I will speak first and then you will speak, Paul.
This is what the average senior citizen gets one year from entitlements, whether they were a janitor, or they ran a hedge fund.
This money is a job we could be giving to a single mother, or a student just out of school.
Now, at the moment, goes to pay for these programs.
By 2030, it'll be over half, 62 cents.
Entitlements are bankrupting us.
Now, I had Remy conduct a little poll.
Statement posed was, "Doing what's best for my country "means doing some things that I don't like.
" that tell us? We have to do the things that people won't like.
And even when we do, three out of four of them will go along with us.
And why? Because we're promising jobs.
And again, where are the three areas that we're gonna be creating these jobs from? Infrastructure at the state and federal level.
Increasing the size of the military, and working with our friends in the private sector to start the I'm sorry, sir.
But I have to interrupt.
The programs that you want to scale back or dismantle are the bedrock of the American Dream.
You work hard, you pay your taxes No, I'm sorry.
They were the bedrock of the American Dream but they're not anymore.
Certainly not for the 10 million people who are out of work.
But practically speaking, a thousand special interests, organized labour, opposition in both parties.
Now, we can do a version of what you're proposing I don't want a version.
I want a vision.
As head of this team, and I think I speak for everyone, we have done Speaking as the president who chose this team and for whom it works, I want $500 billion to put I don't care how much it hurts.
I don't care how controversial it is.
Your job is to find a way.
It's my job to convince Congress and the American people.
Your job is not to sell me on your version of my program.
Now, are we all clear on what our jobs are? Good.
Because I wanna present this proposal to leadership in 30 days.
Let's make it happen.
Your service is no longer needed.
Excuse me? Let's keep it quiet.
Let's keep it cordial.
Thanks for all your work.
I'll get my things.
I'll have them sent down to you in the lobby.
Hello? Yeah.
I'm on my way.
Oh, God! Ah! God! God! It'll be a few minutes.
Please have a seat.
How long have you known? Two months.
It hasn't impaired my judgment on the bench.
And it's early on.
We don't expect any real symptoms for quite some time.
I won't be wandering around the Supreme Court in my boxer shorts any time soon.
But I'd like to retire now, long before we get there.
Well, Justice, I wanna thank you for having the courage to come and share this news with me.
Are you sure the diagnosis is correct? My doctor is the same that treated the Vice President's wife.
He's the foremost Alzheimer's specialist in America.
Yes, I made Donald my vice president.
I'd rather him be a pain in my ass here than over in Congress.
And even the Republicans couldn't refuse a man who just buried his wife.
Terrible, how quickly Marjory went.
I'm telling you this now so you have time to think about candidates before I announce my retirement.
How much time can you give me? How much do you need? I'm about to introduce America Works to Congress.
It's sure to be an uphill battle.
And I'd prefer not to add a Supreme Court nomination to the mix.
The Republicans will just use it as leverage.
I heard rumblings.
Entitlements on the chopping block? All the more reason to keep you on the bench.
It's sure to be challenged in the judiciary.
President, I wanna spend as much time with my wife as possible, in the good years that I have left.
When Marjory was ill, she wanted the same thing.
She left the Smithsonian and, you know what? She hated every second of being at home, of not being productive, of not doing what she loved.
It made her time with us much harder, and it made her deeply unhappy.
Work is the best distraction.
I wish she hadn't retired.
And before she lost her lucid thought, she said she regretted it, too.
Can you give me six months? A year at the most, that's all.
Just enough time to get this program up and running before I have to face a Supreme Court fight.
I need to think it over.
Of course.
Speak to your wife.
I'll walk you out.
I better get that research centre.
Yes, a deal is a deal.
Now good God, Donald.
Let's get something done.
Now you see why Donald said yes.
He may hate my guts, but there's nothing like a death in the family to separate the wheat from the bullshit.
Send him in.
Yes, sir.
The President is ready to see you now.
The doctor told me your recovery is going very well.
Well, there's this.
Everything else is as good as new.
It's great to see you.
Claire and I have been worried sick about you.
Thank you for the gifts.
Well For looking out for me.
I don't have that many close friends, I count you among them.
I appreciate you saying that, sir.
Drop the "sir.
" We're old pals.
Well, I'm the one who should apologize.
You gave me another chance.
You trusted me.
And what happened, I take responsibility for that.
No, for putting you in that position Stop.
It's not necessary.
I endangered you just as everything was coming together Yeah, but all I care about is that you are alive and getting better.
Let the rest of it go.
You know how devoted I am.
You don't have to say it.
You proved it time and time again.
Now, come on, come on, sit down.
Right here.
I should've taken care of her when I had the chance.
I haven't found her yet.
But when I do, I'll make sure that no one else does.
You can count on that, sir.
How is it Probably better if we don't talk about it.
Right, of course.
Well, they told me you needed to see me.
Well, sir, I know that it's a lot to ask.
That I probably don't deserve it, considering the mess I put us in.
I'm sure you have your doubts.
I realize it couldn't be anything too visible, but I've been following everything with America Works Well, that's a ways off.
Yeah, but I was thinking that I could help.
There should be a targeted plan for lobbying committee leadership.
And I can work with the political team, coordinate with House leg directors, chiefs of staff I was in Gaffney yesterday, visiting my father's grave.
He never took care of himself.
He ignored his heart problems.
And he paid the price.
You have to respect your own mortality, Doug.
I don't wanna be standing over your grave.
Now, look.
There is a place for you here.
I promise.
But we have to go about this slowly.
I'll work from home.
Only direct contact with you or Remy.
You know the way that you can help me the best is to do exactly what you're doing right now, focusing on your recovery.
I would never forgive myself, if I put too much on your plate too soon.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, I have to go.
But look, I meant what I said.
When you are truly ready.
Yes, sir.
Stay as long as you like.
Three hours ago, we pinpointed him here in the Shabwah region of Yemen.
Cooperation? I spoke to the Foreign Minister a few minutes ago.
- Civilians? - Two dozen non-IDs.
That's too many.
Our concern is that he could be on the move at any moment.
Sir, with Petrov coming to Washington, unless It's taken us two years to track Abdullah down.
We can't ignore every opportunity between now and the summit.
Do you have eyes on the village? Yes, sir.
He's in this building here.
Kill zone is anyone within 50 meters.
If we take him out with no civilian casualties, I'll authorize the strike.
Sir, if I may.
I really think we should act President Petrov is coming to Washington in less than two months.
Our entire Middle East policy hinges on that meeting.
We don't want to give the Muslim community any viable reasons to obstruct things if we can avoid it.
So find a way to do this without killing civilians.
Thank you all very much.
May I have a moment? It's about Claire.
If your husband nominates you, I can't pull any punches.
Lack of experience.
Nepotism That's right.
And you think I'm a dilettante.
But plenty of people will.
I've been preparing since Francis took office.
What I lack in experience I'll make up for in work ethic.
And why Ambassador to the UN? You wield far more influence as the first lady.
That's not the same as contributing in a concrete way.
If we vote down your confirmation, are you comfortable with that sort of public embarrassment? I know that's a risk.
You're running in 2016, right? No comment.
Francis and I are impressed by how the Republicans are consolidating around you.
You'll make a good candidate.
Not by linking arms with the President's wife.
If I'm a disaster, it makes for a good campaign ad.
If I do a good job, nobody can fault you.
Either way it doesn't hurt your chances in 2016.
Well, I appreciate you coming by before going public.
It is classy and thoughtful.
I won't actively block you.
The rest is on your shoulders.
Thank you, Senator.
Tell the President I'm doing this out of respect to you.
Frank's still on my shit list till I beat him in the general.
I will.
Why didn't you come right away? I had a meeting I couldn't miss.
Fucking Washington.
This is gonna hurt.
I know.
Here's some Percocet.
It'll help with the pain.
I'll write you a 30-day prescription.
I can't.
I'm not supposed to.
What was that? Nothing.
All right.
You're good to go.
How did it go with Mendoza? Well.
I think.
He'll support you? He won't openly fight it.
Well, that is a big step forward.
How did it go with Doug? No real news.
Hey, are you in here again tonight? I'm still getting over this cold.
I don't wanna get you sick.
Well, don't stay up with all that too late.
Francis? When do we announce the nomination? Listen, I wasn't gonna bring this up tonight.
But you should know that there are some serious doubts from people at the State Department.
You mean, Cathy? And some on her staff.
Like what? Oh.
In over your head, wearing two hats.
The obvious things.
And are you saying this because you don't want to move forward? Not at all.
I'm sharing with you, so you fully understand what you're getting into.
And I do.
Maybe we shouldn't rush this.
You're having doubts now, too.
I didn't say that.
Only, you should put more thought into whether this is the right move for you.
That's all.
Good night, Francis.
Feel better.
I want you to announce the nomination this week.
I don't wanna wait.
The timing will never be good.
And I don't wanna waste time when I can be getting real experience under my belt.
So set a date, hold a press conference, and let's do it.
Claire I was not trying to suggest that you not be the ambassador when I brought up Cathy.
I was just informing We made a deal.
And now you're trying to back away from it.
That is not true.
Then you would have told Cathy it's happening, to make her peace with that.
It's not that simple.
Yes, it is.
You're the president.
I can't control Congress.
I'm trying to get two major initiatives off the ground.
And every move I make will have an effect.
We agreed to this before we ever stepped foot in this house.
I know what we agreed.
How am I supposed to run for office at some point if I don't have a legitimate track record? We have to survive the next 18 months.
Accomplish something.
And then look ahead.
Francis, let's be realistic.
There's no guarantee you'll get elected.
I need to be prepared if you don't.
You have that much faith in me, do you? More faith than you have in me, it seems.
I believe in you more than anyone, Claire.
Then show it.
Nominate me.
I shouldn't have to convince you.
It's not about convincing.
It's about being honest about the political climate that we find ourselves I'm almost 50 years old.
I've been in the passenger seat for decades.
It's time for me to get behind the wheel.
That needs to start now, before the election.
Because who knows what will happen.
What if you lose? I will not be a placeholder president, Claire.
I will win.
And I will leave a legacy.
You mean we will.
Excuse me, sir? The Secretary of Defense is on the line.
He says it's urgent.
Yes? Okay.
I'm coming.
Not until I get there.
I'll be right down.
Yes, sir.
Get dressed.
I want you to see something.
Come in.
Thank you.
Okay, great.
Get undressed.
How did this happen? Doesn't matter.
Let me help you with that.
I'll do it.
I'll be gentle.
Don't be gentle.
Like that? Yeah.
Oh! Whoa! What the fuck? It's bourbon.
That's all.
It's just bourbon.
Take it.
I really don't want to.
Nothing's going through the skin.
Just want you to squirt it.
Into my mouth.
Okay? Please.
Is that our target? Yes, sir.
President, this is a highly classified operation I'm clearing the First Lady for this operation.
Yes, sir.
Forgive me, sir.
We are armed and ready, sir.
Abdullah is in one of those vehicles.
We can't tell which one.
If they go in three different directions, we wouldn't know where to strike.
And if he makes it back to the mountains, we'll lose our satellite track on him.
Are those children? I can't say definitely, sir, but they could be.
Do we have authorization, sir? Proceed.
Proceed with the launch.
At 10 seconds.
And five, four, three Target is destroyed, sir.
Thank you, everyone.
I still want it.
All right.
All right.