House of Cards (2013) s03e10 Episode Script

Chapter 36

And where are you from, Mr Brown? Sheldon, sir.
I'm a retired police officer.
Well, then I can only imagine that Sheldon must be one of the safest places in this state.
We do our best.
But my son? He's a marine, stationed at Camp Dwyer.
He keeps our country safer than I do.
Me and my wife were wondering if he got sent over to the Jordan Valley, will that really keep us safer? Because it sure seems like the whole peacekeeping mission is only making things more dangerous.
Thank you for that.
May I? Well, first of all, let me say, uh, how grateful I am, uh, for your son's service.
I know we all feel exactly the same way.
And now, let me try to answer your question.
Have we run into some difficulties with the Russians? Yes, we have.
Is there tension between the Israelis and the Palestinians? Absolutely.
But that is the very reason that this mission is so important.
We have gathered together a coalition of seven nations to bring stability to a region that has suffered from unrest for decades.
It will take time.
And there may be lives that will be lost.
But this is not just important for the Middle East's security, it's important for the security of the United States, and the rest of the world.
And I hope that I have answered your question.
Now, uh, who's next? Uh, let's see, here.
Well, how about this young woman, right here? Now, I'll give you my microphone, but only if you'll promise to give it back.
He seemed to want to hang onto it for a while.
There you are.
Um My name is Annie Wietz.
And I'm also worried about what the officer was just saying.
I want a safe world for my grandkids.
Well, give me back the mike, and I'll answer your question.
No, sir, I haven't asked my question yet.
Oh! WOW.
Apologies, I'm ahead of myself.
Go ahead.
The covert operation, the one that caused the Israelis to invade, was that us? Because that really seemed to make a mess of everything.
- May I? - Please.
- Thank you.
Now, Annie, is that your name? - Yeah? Yes, sir.
Now, I have said this on this matter before, and I know it may be frustrating, but it is the truth.
When it comes to covert operations, by any nation, or matters of intelligence, for security purposes, including the security of our own soldiers, I simply cannot comment on these issues.
But, sir, I'm sorry, but what's the point of having us ask questions if you won't answer them? Well, she's got me there.
Uh, I can answer any question but that one.
In fact, I-I hope that we can ask some questions about how we're gonna focus on things right here at home.
How about someone up there in the cheap seats? Anyone have a question there? The situation in Jordan Valley, it threatens to bleed across the border.
We already have refugees requesting to enter Jordan.
Forgive me, Prince Ryad, you may be dealing with a few hundred refugees, but we are facing mortar attacks.
Fourteen in the last two weeks.
None of your people have died yet.
The last one came within Your troops have killed over a dozen Palestinians in house raids.
You expect us not to fight back? We need the violence to stop.
If it continues, the peacekeeping mission will fall apart.
And it's our best hope for long-term stability.
Can you speak to Hamas and Hezbollah? Get them to agree to a cease-fire? Israel has twice as many troops in the region as before the peacekeeping mission began.
No, it is we who are defending ourselves.
You agreed to remove 2,000 troops.
If there is a cessation of mortar attacks, and if the Russians leave.
A one-third troop reduction.
That should be enough to convince your people.
No? Once the troops leave, I engage them, but not before.
Show some good will.
You'll still have Because we cannot accomplish anything unless we have proof of de-escalation on both sides.
What about Russia? That's a separate issue.
We will tackle that another time.
Can you convey to Jerusalem the importance of this troop reduction? Yes.
But no promises.
All right.
Thank you, everyone.
We'll meet again tomorrow morning.
Thank you.
Eliana, we need to discuss the no-fly zone.
Oh, it's only for the Russians, not the peacekeepers.
They can't stay if they have nothing to eat.
What are you going to do? Shoot down a supply plane? We hope they won't make us face that choice.
They'll ignore it.
And you're just going to antagonise Moscow.
I'm sorry, but the no-fly zone is above my pay grade.
Perhaps your husband can talk to the Prime Minister.
When are we looking at? Could be tomorrow, could be a week.
I'm not a part of those conversations any more.
We could vet the questions.
That doesn't work in Iowa.
It'll piss people off.
Even if we did, it wouldn't make a difference.
The country's preoccupied with the Jordan Valley.
We're off message.
In the meantime, we can put the town halls on hold.
Just do the stump.
I think we should also postpone the debate.
Dunbar will hit you hard for that.
Say you're dodging.
Well, have Jackie request the postponement.
- What's her reason? - I don't care.
Just as long as it isn't coming from us.
Talk to her.
Thank you, gentlemen.
What's next? Uh, you're slated for fund-raising calls until 4:15, then a DOD briefing.
Also, your friend from the Sentinel called, Tim Corbet.
Thank you.
You know, I can fold my own clothes.
Took me two seconds.
You remember when we shared a room my senior year? If I left, like, one sock on the floor, you'd freak.
I started doing that on purpose, just to see you flip out.
Yeah, I remember.
Come on, leave it.
Be a rebel.
Hey, sweetie.
Well, tell her, if it wiggles, it means it's going to fall out.
All right, let me talk to her.
Hi! Now, listen to me.
I know your mom doesn't want you playing with it, so you have to do what she says.
Well, because the tooth fairy doesn't want fingerprints all over it.
Okay, I'll do it, but you have to promise me that you and your brother will stop playing with your tooth.
Okay, are you ready? Well, are you super ready? Okay.
Put your mom back on.
How much of a postponement? Until we get this crisis resolved.
Dunbar will see right through that.
Not if it's coming from you.
Say you want to focus on meeting people face-to-face, not a televised debate.
We'll back you up.
All right, I'll talk to my staff, we'll draft some language and I'll run it past you.
Jackie? I wanna talk to you about what happened a couple weeks ago.
I crossed a line Remy, you don't have to.
I want to.
I want to explain myself.
I still have strong feelings.
I'm not going to deny that.
Maybe a different job, a different time, different place, but, uh Look, I've loved people before and I've learned to let them go.
I'm not gonna put you in that position again.
It's been hard for me, too.
You've got work.
I'm glad you said something.
Hello? Tim, it's Frank.
I'm sorry it took me all day to get back to you.
Eh, no worries.
Your plate must be pretty full.
Well, more than I'd like at the moment.
Is this a bad time? I think I can spare a few minutes for the President of the United States.
- Are you good? - Yeah.
Uh, last kid got off to college, so Beth and I are on our own.
Yeah, and the business is strong.
I'm actually, uh, actually thinking of expanding to Glenwood Canyon.
Oh, that's great.
Listen, I-I called because that, uh, that writer reached out to me.
You know, the one doing your book.
Said, uh, he wanted to talk about the Sentinel.
What'd you say? I said I was in a rush and I'd call him back later.
I didn't want to say more without talking to you first.
Well, he should've checked with me beforehand.
I don't want him harassing my friends.
Oh, he wasn't harassing me at all.
He's a nice guy actually.
I-I mean, I'm-I'm happy to talk with him if it will help your book.
Well, the book isn't really about the Sentinel, so I don't know why he bothered.
But I'll talk to him and I'll let you know.
Whatever you need, Mr President.
Oh, stop that.
Hey, listen, uh, we run a half-price special for Commanders in Chief, so, uh, if you're ever in Colorado with some time on your hands Well, I hope the same goes for ex-presidents, too.
Only sitting ones.
So you better win that damn election.
I'll do my best.
Nice talking to you, Tim.
You too, Frank.
I want to set aside time for Tom Yates, in person.
Yes, sir.
Yes? Francis? I just got off the phone with Cathy.
The Israelis are instituting the no-fly zone.
I'm scheduled to have a call tomorrow with the Prime Minister.
They want to cancel the call.
Let me see if I can get him on the phone now.
They just sent out a communique to all embassies.
Good morning.
As you Excuse me, it's been a long night.
Thank you.
Israel instituted a no-fly zone over the Jordan Valley Israeli time.
And while I disagree with this action, I understand the reason behind it, and we must stand with our ally.
Our chief goal remains de-escalation in the region.
Ambassador Underwood and the State Department are working with all interested parties toward that end.
Our utmost priority is to guarantee civilian safety When are you off to Des Moines? - A couple of hours.
- Mmm-hmm.
I have to make some donor calls first.
You have surgery today? Double bypass.
A triple tomorrow.
But nothing scheduled for almost a week after, so maybe I can come out to Iowa and we can What's going on? This Jordan Valley thing is a mess.
- Mmm-hmm.
- He's in big trouble.
And then there's the whole AmWorks thing.
All the baggage from last year.
You having doubts? I don't know.
That sounds serious.
If there was an ideal time to walk away, now is it.
And then what? Focus on Congress.
Yeah, but you want more than that.
I could spend more time with you and the kids.
Well, I don't want a wife who's miserable because she turned her back on the White House.
Look, the thing about surgery is, once you're in, you're in.
There's a beating heart in front of you.
Someone's life.
There's no room for doubt.
So whatever goes wrong, it's a haemorrhage, or a blood clot, you deal with it.
You don't get to walk away.
But that's life or death.
This isn't.
It is for you.
The United States is committed to diffusing this situation.
We are here for Israel, we are here for Palestine, we are here for Russia.
And we are here for Ready to go to your meeting? Yeah.
Come on.
I was thinking, you know how a while back, you mentioned the kids coming out from Ohio? You want them to visit? Maybe you don't want them to see me like this? Doing my 60 days.
You've been doing great.
I-I'd be thrilled for them to come out here, meet their uncle.
If that's something you want to do.
I could hit the couch for a few nights.
You guys can have the bedroom.
I'll call Sarah.
I say to Israel, keep your airspace.
Keep your no-fly zone.
I will be flying through it nevertheless.
Shoot me down, if you wish.
Because nothing can stop me from standing side by side with my countrymen.
I will embrace the men who serve this country.
Because I am Russian, and the Russians do not abandon their own.
Russian TV, 45 minutes ago.
It could be hot air.
Petrov wants the world to see this.
He wouldn't put it out there unless he meant it.
Israel says they're prepared to enforce the no-fly zone.
They'll never shoot down a head of state.
Yeah, which means they'll lose face and compensate by increasing their ground presence.
I got Jerusalem to agree to a pullout, 2,000 troops.
Not if Petrov flies there.
If we downplay Petrov's move as political theatrics, I might be able to convince the Israelis to follow through.
No, we need to respond to Russia directly, not waste our time with Israel.
Israel is our ally.
We're far more likely to have a productive dialogue with them than with Russia.
Yes, but what's our main objective here? To get Russian troops out of the Jordan Valley.
Let's stop poking around from the sides.
We need to tackle this head-on.
Open up a line of communication with Moscow.
Tell them I'm coming to the Jordan Valley myself.
Sir, I I'm going to meet with Petrov face-to-face.
On the ground.
Mr President, the risk factors of I'm well aware.
I want to be notified the moment that Petrov is on his way.
You work with the CIA and DOD to figure out any logistics and security you have to.
Talk to Seth, let's start drafting our message.
Cathy, I want to sit down with you and Defence and work out bargaining chips.
Thank you, all, very much.
I meant now.
I'm not to be disturbed.
You have a meeting with Mr Yates.
Have him wait.
And tell him it might be a while.
Yes, sir.
You're on with Ambassador Moryakov.
Alexi? You're wasting your time, Claire.
We can't let Petrov go.
I'm powerless.
Then tell me who we can speak to, who can influence him.
His mind is made up.
No one would dare challenge him on this.
All right, then I'll come to New York.
Let's meet with Caspi.
We'll ease Jerusalem's fears together.
I can't.
I'm on my way to Washington.
What for? The embassy sent for me.
I'm being recalled.
Is it because I don't know.
Alexi, if you need anything The Ambassador has ended the call, Mrs Underwood.
Mrs Underwood.
Edward? Wait here a moment.
Yes, ma'am? What's he doing here? The President wanted to meet with him.
He asked me to have him wait upstairs.
- Thank you.
- Yes, ma'am.
If he wants the same terms as we had before, I'll smooth it over with our NATO allies.
It's tough to lose Poland, but I think that we can compensate with anti-missile subs on patrol here in the Finnish sea.
Francis, do you have a moment? I'll be right back.
Give us a minute.
I think this is a mistake.
You're chasing him.
Let me work with Israel.
You've been working with Israel.
And now there's a no-fly zone.
One step forward, two steps back.
Diplomacy takes time.
Iowa is in two months.
You can't let the campaign drive our foreign policy.
If I don't win in Iowa, there is no foreign policy.
Excuse us, Mr President.
Let's not talk out here.
If you go to the Jordan Valley, you have to walk away with a solution.
And he knows that.
Which means he gets all the leverage.
Well, it's not as if we have much leverage at the moment.
He's going to want the peacekeeping mission out.
That's right.
And the missile defence system, too.
And I'm prepared to give him both if necessary.
What are you talking about? Don't toss the mission aside, Francis.
Claire, you're too invested in this.
The mission is dead.
It was dead the moment those troops got blown up.
Your plan failed.
I'm sorry, it's my fault.
I approved it.
But now I have to fix it.
Why won't you place faith in a diplomatic solution? This is diplomacy.
Sometimes it comes down to two men in a room.
I have no faith in the UN any more.
I do have faith in my ability to negotiate with this man.
Francis, I know you value my opinion.
Above all others.
We've both put a great deal of effort and thought into how to handle Russia.
I'd like for this to be a decision that we make together.
Instead of an impulsive response Not right now.
Petrov's in the air.
Get Admiral Dale on the line.
Claire, I value your opinion, I just don't agree with it this time.
Mr Yates.
The President is going to have to reschedule.
Can you give us a few moments, Edward? Yes, ma'am.
I'll be by the stairs.
How's the book coming? I've hit a bit of a roadblock.
There's a big piece missing.
What is it? You.
He hasn't mentioned me at all? Plenty of times.
But it's not enough.
What has he said? You're putting me in an awkward position, Mrs Underwood.
You don't want to betray his trust.
He and I have an agreement.
I understand.
I shouldn't pry.
I'll leave you be then.
He said he loves you more than anything.
That there wouldn't be a White House without you.
He showed me your first house, in Gaffney.
Where you planted the tulips.
And he said he was ashamed.
Of What? That you married him.
Because you deserve better.
You should really be in this book, Mrs Underwood.
I've got a lot of stories from his perspective.
But not a single one from yours.
Well, he's the one running for President.
Not me.
I don't know, maybe I'm wrong.
I think people need to hear your voice to hear his.
Can we set up a time? To meet? Um.
I'll think about it.
Thank you, Thomas.
Seth, this is good, but downplay expectations even more.
There's no telling what we'll walk away with.
Yes, sir.
We shouldn't inform the press until after you land, for security purposes.
Donald, if anything should happen to me I'm prepared.
But nothing will.
God help us.
Danton will walk you through the full brief.
Everything's set up in the Situation Room.
Good luck, Mr President.
Thank you.
I'll be right back.
Now listen, I know you have reservations about all this.
You're doing what you think is best.
Please be careful out there.
I will.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Let's go.
- Hello? Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Wow, you guys really look alike.
We're a hugging family.
I see.
You must be Francine.
No, I'm not! She likes Franke better.
Well, nice to meet you, Franke.
- No.
- Yep.
Oh, my god Careful.
- That's your uncle.
- Hey, who's that? Nathan, do you want to give your uncle Doug a hug? Come here, you.
We'll land in Tel Aviv.
Then take a Special Forces convoy from there to the perimeter of the Valley.
The Israelis will provide air support until we get to the Valley, then our helos will take over.
Once we get to the camp, the Russians insist on ground units only.
We'll pass through a checkpoint How secure is this location? The position is not fortified to our liking.
It's not blast-proof.
Sir, we're going to ask that you wear your Kevlar and helmet.
Why were no press allowed to go? Given the security situation, we didn't want to put any press in harm's way, or risk any hostile elements knowing in advance.
So the President has already landed? About 90 minutes ago.
What exactly does the President hope to achieve? Ideally we'd like the Russians to vacate the region.
We can't promise that they will, but the President hopes that we can make progress toward a withdrawal.
This could be seen as an election stunt.
He's trailing Dunbar in the polls, so he wants to save the day.
I guarantee you this is no stunt.
The President is taking extraordinary measures to end this crisis.
Mr President.
You can take your vest off now, Mr President.
We're safe here.
You trust these walls? If you're frightened, you shouldn't have come.
When I was in the KGB I spent six months in Afghanistan.
This place is a palace compared to the hole in the ground I lived in.
Here, you should stay hydrated.
I brought a shipment of water in on my plane.
Thank you.
So much for the Israelis stopping our resupply.
I wish we were in the fertile part of the Valley, though.
I hear it's quite green and beautiful.
Well, this is better for pictures.
How do you mean? Well, if you flew into a paradise, it wouldn't be as effective now, would it? You do have a flair for the theatrical.
I can say the same about you, showing up on my doorstep like this.
This isn't your doorstep.
You're squatting where you shouldn't be.
I don't think my men would see it like that.
Do your men know that you're responsible for killing their comrades? Accusations.
That's how you plan to convince me? What do you require to pull out of the Valley? That your troops leave as well.
And the entire peacekeeping operation.
Well, as soon as your troops withdraw, I'll make sure the UN forces do exactly the same.
And you scale back missile defence.
As we agreed to twice already.
That's when we were making an entirely different deal.
The main difference now is that we're both standing in the desert, and you can't leave with nothing to show but sand in your shoes.
I'll agree to the scale-back.
Same terms as before.
How soon can you mobilise a withdrawal? Well, the moment UN forces begin to pull out, we will do the same.
I've had the Pentagon come up with an exit plan that we can put into effect as early as tomorrow.
As for the rest of the UN forces, I can reach out to the Secretary General immediately.
You or your wife.
Well, yes, she would probably make the call on my behalf.
I don't think she should.
You think I should make the call? More than that.
I think she should be gone.
Gone in what way? Gone from these negotiations? As Ambassador.
My final condition.
That cannot be on the table.
It is.
And it's non-negotiable.
Mrs Dempsey.
I'm a friend of Lisa's.
- Max? - That's right.
She told me to tell you she's running a few minutes behind.
Okay, I'll just wait outside.
Thank you.
No, it's chilly.
You can come on up to her room.
I just want you to know, I'm so sorry.
Lisa told us and our prayers are with you.
Thank you so much.
She said you and your husband were like parents to her.
I see why.
Come on in.
Max, hey, sorry I'm late.
Here, I want you to take that back.
No, no, no, no, that money's yours.
No, I can't I can't take it.
Everyone at the Fellowship pitched in.
Just give it back to them.
I can't.
You said that you needed the money for the medicine.
Yeah, sit down.
Sorry, please.
What I'm about to tell you is going to sound fucked up.
But just hear me out before you say anything, all right? Okay.
I'm leaving.
And I'm not coming back.
And I have to leave because I'm in danger.
My name isn't Max.
I don't have AIDS.
Wait, hold on.
Let me finish, please.
I wanna explain everything to you, but I can't.
The less you know the better.
But listen to me, if the FBI comes here, you can't say anything.
You have to tell them you don't know me.
- The FBI? - Yes, and if they do, I want you to contact this man.
His name is Doug Stamper, and he can help you.
This is crazy.
It's not my name.
I made it up.
I made up everything.
The name, the girlfriend, the clinic.
No, I was there with you.
I faked it.
I had to.
If you're not Max, then who are you? Take this.
He will help you.
He can protect you.
I know it's not fair.
Please leave.
Let me leave this with you.
I don't want to have anything to do with it.
Please, just take it with you.
Please leave.
You're a good person, Lisa.
I'm just not.
And I'm sorry.
What can I offer you instead of her? Nothing.
What about a humanitarian relief fund, for your allies in Africa? You can distribute it any way you see fit.
A few billion dollars? I'm not that easily bought.
All right, let's say that we re-examine our base in Izmir.
Congress would never let you.
And realistically, you're willing to barter major strategic airfields on account of your wife? You can't make this about her.
She was never equipped to be an Ambassador.
You know that.
I understand.
How could you say no to your own wife? But she's blinding you.
I'm doing you a favour.
You're being petty.
The SEAL team you sent, look how easily we manipulated her.
Moryakov didn't have to work too hard.
Did we blow up our own men? Maybe we did, maybe we didn't.
But we made her believe that we did.
And she convinced you.
Now, wouldn't you call that blindness? You want to kill me now.
I can see it.
I read an amusing article about a, uh, Civil War re-enactor who said that your great-great-grandfather killed a Yankee soldier with his bare hands.
When I was in Afghanistan, we were ambushed by the Mujahideen.
And the man who shot me here, and here? He stabbed me when his rifle jammed.
I pulled the knife away and slit his throat.
Yes, I know, you've told that story dozens of times to the press.
The part I don't tell is that after I slit his throat, I kept going.
We strapped his head to a donkey so it would carry it back to his village.
I've killed a man with my bare hands.
It wasn't make-believe.
Do you think you're capable? I think you are.
You're ruthless, like me.
Sometimes we must be ruthless with those who hate us.
And sometimes we must be ruthless with those we love.
I don't see why Claire means so much to you.
Because she means so much to you.
And if you do this, I will know you are serious.
Your wife is on the line, sir.
Tell her I'll call her back.
I've told her that twice now.
Tell her again.
Yes, sir.
You really don't have to do that, Sarah.
No, I don't mind.
It doesn't take long.
No, no, let us do it.
You go relax.
I'll move the monsters in a few minutes.
See you in bed.
See you tomorrow.
Wish I could sleep like that.
You ever think of settling down? Getting a couple of these for yourself? Hasn't ever crossed my mind.
Never? It's not for me.
A life like that.
You mean, a life like mine? That's not what I said.
I know you've always felt that way.
The mortgage.
The 9:00 to 5:00.
The wife, two kids, dog.
It's just my freedom is important to me.
I'm freer than you are, pal.
I stayed in Columbus because I liked it, not because anybody made me.
I chose to put down roots.
You've always been running from something.
Hey, I don't judge you.
Don't judge me.
Listen to your big brother for a second.
No, the last thing I need is a lecture right now.
During your whole recovery, all you kept talking about was getting back to work.
Over a month I've been here, using all my vacation time and then some.
You know, if you don't want to be here, then maybe you should go home.
It's not about that, Doug.
I'm here because you're family.
Because you're more important than work.
If I lost my job because of you, I'd find another one.
What do you have? Frank Underwood? You don't even have that.
You got two pictures on your fridge, and they're of my kids.
That's not freedom.
Petrov wants a diplomatic change at the UN.
Me? It was non-negotiable.
Clearly, you didn't say no.
I wanted to discuss it with you first.
I called more than once.
I wanted to convince myself to refuse what he asked.
But I couldn't do that.
I told you it was a mistake to go, Francis.
And the resolution was a mistake.
And Corrigan was a mistake.
We could tally up all our mistakes, but we are where we are.
I need to concentrate on what's in front of me right now.
I am.
I'm in front of you.
The Russians need to leave.
It's as simple as that.
You want me to say this is okay? No.
Francis, I would've preferred if you had walked in and just told me I was fired.
They played you, Claire.
Moryakov was not having some crisis of conscience.
It was all so that we would send our SEAL team in.
So that we would provoke the Israelis.
And I didn't see it, because I trusted you too much.
I didn't look at it objectively.
Because you're my wife.
Petrov told you that? Yes.
And you believe him? I do.
I'll resign.
I wish it didn't have to come to this.
What do we say? To the press? That you want to focus on the campaign.
That that was your plan all along.
But I want to see this crisis through first.
No one will question that.
Tell Petrov.
And I'll make the announcement whenever you want me to.
Claire, you were right.
I shouldn't have gone.
That was your decision to make.
Not mine.
Good night.
My decision.
Sometimes I think the presidency is the illusion of choice.
What is it? I have to go to the White House.
It's the middle of the night.
He's the President.
Thank you, Meechum.
Have a seat.
Did I wake you up? It's fine.
I'm a light sleeper anyway.
If it wasn't you, it would've been a siren or a dump truck.
I get woken up in the middle of the night all the time.
Some crisis somewhere in the world.
Some situation in the Situation Room.
Well, that's better than a dump truck.
You reached out to Tim Corbet.
I did.
I spoke to him a few days ago.
He called to let me know.
So you two are still close.
Not any more.
At school we were.
I thought he might have some insight to how you were back then.
Those are formative years.
More formative for you than for me.
I learned how to march and shoot a gun.
That's about it.
I would've been better off in military school.
Yeah, why is that? You go from turning tricks to being on the best-seller list before you can legally drink, it messes with you.
You told me your friend was the one who, uh I lied.
Why? You were ashamed? The first time I did it, I was scared out of my mind.
Knock on the door, it opens, the guy's in a satin robe.
He's fat.
Stringy hair, combed over his bald spot.
Beads of sweat rolling down his cheeks.
I almost ran back to the elevator.
But you didn't.
I needed the money.
Before I get undressed, he tells me that his wife just died.
Car accident.
Says they had plans to visit Tokyo in the spring.
Tells me about his three kids.
The one that was born with a cleft palate.
Describes his house in Westchester, with a Juliet balcony in the living room.
Says how beautiful she was.
Tells me he doesn't wanna die.
Never touched me once.
Sometimes it was just sex, a lot of times it wasn't.
They would tell me everything.
These men.
That access, those stories, it was an addiction.
I craved it.
I lived for it.
And then you wrote about it.
When I got famous, I had to stop.
I tried and once, I got recognised.
I wasn't invisible any more.
I couldn't escape myself.
I wish I could do that sometimes.
Escape myself.
Is it Claire? You didn't ask me here to talk about Tim Corbet.
What's in this for you? I'm addicted.
To me? I betrayed her.
How? I'm not asking as your biographer.
I'm asking as your friend.
Are we friends? We can pretend to be.
This isn't pretend.
I'm real.
And you're hurting.
She's hurting more.
Everyone's hurting.
Go home.
You should get some sleep.
And so should I.
Thirty years is a long time.
You've made it this far.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I didn't hear you come back.
I didn't want to wake you.
- What is it? - The Mid-East bureau.
They say the Russians are pulling out their troops.
Whatever he did out there must have worked.
I wonder what it cost him.
We ran the different looks by a couple of focus groups.
These are the three favourites.
Not this one.
Uh, this one.
What do you think? I like it.
The hair colour as well? Do you mind going back to blonde? I'd prefer it dark.
The groups in Iowa, in particular, they like the blonde.
We'll go blonde then.
You're popular among women.
We want to push those numbers as high as we can and every little bit counts.
You don't have to explain.
We'll do the colour change after we announce the resignation.
Thanks, Abbie.
If you don't want to, you don't have to do this.
It's fine.
The nomination is not gonna hinge on your hair.
You heard what Abbie said, every little bit counts.
We'll do what we have to.