House of Cards (2013) s05e09 Episode Script

Chapter 61

1 [theme music playing.]
The general talked about killing the president.
That, along with Conway's outburst on the plane That sounds worse than it was.
No, that sounds exactly as bad as it was.
What's surprising to me is the campaign couldn't get their hands around this.
I mean, Harry Marshall is as good as they come, but First they denied, and then they equivocated I mean, that's just, like, ridiculous.
You just come out, "I apologize.
We misspoke.
" Everybody knows the drill here.
And it's not like the Republicans rushed in to save the day either.
- Uh, off message throughout.
- [Van Jones.]
They got quiet.
Which I will never understand.
Will Conway was a rising star in the party.
Look, it's hard to compete with the Underwood machine.
Oh, God.
Let's not do the whole "black helicopters" crazy stuff.
- [chuckling.]
- It's ridiculous.
Look, we need to accept Underwood won the election.
People need to accept the outcome and move on.
I'm gonna agree with Van.
I think we need to take a moment to appreciate the Constitution.
- It bent, but it never broke.
- That's right.
And in the end, as we all know, it came down to the Electoral College.
[Frank over cell phone.]
You don't have to say the words, Governor.
I think I do.
Congratulations, Mr.
President Elect.
- There's no script for this one? - Country first, sir.
I'm glad to hear you say that, Will.
I want to start to help the country heal again.
Are we done? We are done.
But Will I would very much like to show the country that our two parties can work together.
So I was hoping that you might consider becoming my transportation secretary.
I think it would send a powerful message if you agreed to join my cabinet.
You think I'd make a good transportation secretary? Oh, yes.
That's what you give the congressman from nowhere.
I'll be declining.
Well, I'm so sorry to hear that, Will.
And I wanted to wish you the very best.
You and your wishes can go fuck yourselves! - [line disconnects.]
- [button clicks.]
[reporters speaking indistinctly on TV.]
What do I do now? [reporter.]
everyone thought it would happen.
No one thought that Underwood would win again I don't know.
[inhales deeply.]
Acknowledging defeat is never easy.
Doing it in public [clicks tongue.]
is a living hell.
- Well, at least the cameras like him.
- [chuckles.]
Do I look satisfied? You look somewhat satisfied.
- Good.
- Not good.
Francis, enjoy this moment.
- You deserve it.
- You mean "we.
" We made it to the other side.
But what is on the other side? Victory.
With a whiff of defeat.
It's taken a long time to get here, but we're here.
Cheers, Francis.
Everything gets easier from now on.
They're ready for you.
- Hannah.
- I don't want to go.
- Hey.
- No.
[Hannah sighs.]
I'll do it on my own.
I'm gonna say, this is a crucial moment.
For both of you.
How you handle tonight.
The party abandoned me.
Your party.
I'm not the Republican Party, Will.
I work for candidates.
I worked for you.
Listen, you lost.
But more than half the country still considers you their president.
This is what's required.
Go down there, give your speech.
As I accept all of your letters of resignation and dissolve my old cabinet, I wanna welcome each and every one of you to my new cabinet.
- Congratulations, Mr.
- Thank you, Cathy.
And I especially wanna thank my wife.
Madam Vice President thank you for your unending and unwavering support.
Your steady hand kept this country running this past month.
I owe her more than I can possibly fathom.
And she owes me.
Not true.
You were with me all the way.
I would like to make my first 100 days as the duly elected president as productive as possible.
Of course, there are many challenges.
Shoring up the economy, securing our nation from ICO and reducing unemployment.
But the biggest challenge that we face, and the one that I'm going to need all of your help on, is reuniting a country that has never been more divided than it is today.
I believe we can meet this challenge, and that's where I'm gonna need all of your help.
So let's let the healing begin today and let's make history together.
I thank you all for your continued service.
Now let's get back to work.
[indistinct chatter.]
I need a minute.
I think we should see what we can do about making Usher persona non grata.
I don't think that's wise to start a war.
We've just won the White House.
This is exactly when we should strike.
This is a moment that we have the political capital Usher needs to be managed carefully.
President? Take a breath, Doug.
We've only just landed on our feet here.
Sir, Madam Vice President, this is the type of person that we used to crucify in the House.
Yes, but we're not in the House now.
We're here.
We have a full term ahead of us.
There's gonna be a great deal that we're gonna be able to accomplish, the three of us.
I appreciate that, sir.
But Mark Usher will become a problem.
Well, everyone becomes a problem, eventually.
- [door closes.]
- [Doug.]
LeAnn's out.
What? [door closes.]
Why? She screwed up.
Well, is it something I need to get ready for? The Underwoods want this handled indirectly.
So what exactly are we saying? She's being pushed out.
Okay, but the campaign's over.
Is it necessary to say anything? We need to distance this administration from her and her work.
Her tactics.
So it needs to be a leak.
Reach out to the people who don't like us.
They'll be prime to go with it.
Okay, so when we respond - On the record or - On.
What did she do? She showed some very poor judgment.
I'm trusting you to be discreet.
We won, Seth.
Changes need to be made.
You know I'm off politics.
Surprised you reached out to me.
You're a highly-respected journalist.
Just here for the inauguration and the parties.
So I imagine you've heard that I'm on the outs.
They're not telling the whole story.
So what happened? An acquaintance of mine stole classified documents from the NSA and took off to Russia.
They're blaming me for it.
What did this acquaintance take? That's just the thing.
I have no idea.
If you could find him, talk to him, he would tell you that I had nothing to do with this.
Who is he? What's his name? Aidan Macallan.
He'll talk to you.
He respects you.
Tell him that I'm okay.
That I'm going to be okay.
I'm a firm believer in boots on the ground.
Well, we're there for the oil.
Let's not pretend.
Oh, I'm not denying how crucial it is to protect the oil supply.
But it's in the world's best interest that we're the ones keeping an eye on it.
- On the world or the oil? - Both.
Well, that explains your strong interest in Antarctica.
I do focus on things and people.
I tend to get attached, but I think it makes me better at what I do.
And what are you focused on now? Petrov.
Ahmed Al Ahmadi.
To begin with.
[door opens.]
Oh, I'm I'm sorry.
I just Uh I'll run this by you tomorrow.
Yes, tomorrow.
Sorry for the interruption.
[door closes.]
He's one of our speechwriters.
Tom Yates has quite a reputation.
Well, if his books are any indication, he has lived quite a life.
My father wore striped socks.
Do you think the president will be sympathetic to our agenda? "Our agenda"? That's very presumptuous.
Well, there are regions in the world that are important to our national security and they have to be protected.
Would you like to join us at the inaugural ball? Oh, no, I can't.
Something terrible always happens when I go to a party.
Uh, by the way, my husband is not managed by anyone.
- That's not what I'm asking.
- Isn't it? I'm asking for your help, Madam Vice President.
That is all.
Oh, my God.
Come in.
I'm sorry.
Sit down, sit down.
Aren't we working out tonight? Oh, I just don't think I'm gonna have the time for it.
- [stammers.]
But come sit for a minute.
- If you're too busy, I understand No, no.
Join me for a minute.
I want you to hear something.
"This is the dawn of a new era.
It's a time for peace.
A time to respect the past and embrace the future.
A time" Time to what? "A time to hear all the voices.
For there is nothing more lonely or terrifying than feeling unheard.
" - What do you think? - It's interesting.
I like it.
- This is for - My inauguration, yes.
Where does it go from there? What do you say? Uh, uh "America, I hear you.
Whether you voted for me or not, I hear all of you.
" Now, what do you think my great-great-great-grandfather would think of all this? - Awesome.
- [chuckling.]
- In the original sense of the word.
- Yeah.
How long you in town for? Leaving tonight, actually.
I thought you were here for the inauguration.
- I got a tip I have to move on.
- Mmm.
What's the tip? - Mmm-mmm.
- [chuckles.]
We used to have a rule about shoptalk.
- Did we? - Mmm-hmm.
Fair enough.
What's your read on LeAnn Harvey? That she's hard to read.
That's what I like about her.
- You trust her? - [chuckles.]
Kate, come on.
You look tired.
I'm working eight days a week.
I mean, you always looked tired, but now you look tired in a not sexy way.
Sorry to disappoint.
I actually have to get back there in a minute.
Oh, it's little late to head back to the office, right? I've been there since last Tuesday.
Honestly I know this sounds weird There's no place I'd rather be.
The way you say that sounds so rote.
I don't know What am I supposed to say to that? I just want to know how you're doing, that's all.
I'm just asking about you, this person I'm sitting with.
Where'd you go, Tom Yates? - Hi.
- I was looking for you.
Not very hard, then.
I need to talk to you.
I'm done.
With the speechwriting, I don't want to do it anymore.
I want to get back to some other stuff I was working on.
No offense.
I mean, I know writing speeches is writing but it's not what I really wanna do.
You sure? Yes.
We'll transition you out.
But you'll need to have a reason to be here.
Special advisor? Are you kidding me? There's speculation that he's already It's not speculation, Seth.
People know that Mark Usher is working for us in some capacity.
- I mean, isn't that enough? - Clean up this release.
Uh, reaching across party lines, that sort of thing.
- And get it ready, just in case.
- [Seth.]
Of course.
That's it.
I know you're not happy about this.
What has he done to earn the title? This is not about him earning anything.
He's already getting classified memos.
Why does she want this? "She"? I'm sorry.
The vice president.
What she wants is for this administration to succeed.
And what I want is for you to befriend him.
Get to know him.
We want him to think he's managing us while we're busy managing him.
She has been pursuing Francis Underwood for a long time.
- I don't wanna talk to her.
- Aidan How does she even know I'm here? Miss Baldwin is a very good journalist.
Yeah, going public will not help you, or me.
You'll tell her how you manipulated the American mood, hmm? - How you helped steal an election.
- That would be it for me.
You're a valued guest of the Russian state.
I want my passport back.
An American passport is the last thing that will keep you safe.
I'll take my chances.
This will make you famous, hmm? A whistle-blower.
I don't wanna be famous.
But you do want to be free.
[Doug scoffs.]
You spent $15,000 at The Capital Grille? What the fuck are you eating? - This is Romero using the House Ethics - It's a liability.
And you should know better.
How did you not disclose this, Terry? I want to pull him off his committee assignments.
Put him on Science.
See how he likes NASA briefings.
I'd like to hold off on that.
Romero's about to become an ally to the president.
And why's that? Because he was able to find out about your tab.
It's because he's relentless.
Because in four years, 35% of the vote in Arizona will be Latino.
Because he's the future.
This is how it starts.
I gotta get back to the Hill.
You know, Doug you and I, we've been around long enough to see the guard change.
And it changes because the people at the top forget how they got there.
Romero's trying to change the guard, Doug.
And we are the guard.
If Congressman Womack has nothing to hide, he has nothing to fear.
We all have something to hide, Congressman Romero.
It's time for a change in the leadership.
The president would like to be a friend to you, but you're making it very difficult.
We can guarantee the immigration ban will be lifted in the next week.
Come on.
Are we doing this again? You offer me some racist gesture.
And I, what? I'm a friend forever? Ban isn't even sustainable.
What matters to you? - The president's attention.
- You have it.
- His full attention - You know, that's enough.
What is it that you really want? I want Medicare coverage bumped up to where it was.
There are retirees in my district.
We're here now because you want a bump in Medicare? Come on, Congressman.
And two seats to the inauguration.
- We are two days out.
- On the dais.
You are going about this entirely wrong.
You came here.
You asked me.
I'm telling you.
I want to be there when Francis Underwood says to me that there will be an increase in Medicare.
He does that, I'm his friend.
Well, I think I speak for the president when I say that's not going to happen.
Stamper, I really appreciate all the work you do for him, but you and I know that my bloc is growing.
All I'm looking for is a line in his address.
Two seats and a line.
The balls on him.
I told him it was highly doubtful.
- I can get back to him with a firm no.
- Or you could give him a line.
His promises are unreliable.
Look, I know Alex.
We met on Conway's campaign.
Once he's in, he's in.
Sir, we have to be very careful with what we're giving away.
He's capable of giving this administration an enormous amount of grief.
He's asking for a gesture.
Oh, I'd say it's a little more than that.
I completely agree.
He's going after the people who got us here.
He's not wrong, is he? There are some in leadership whose time has come and gone.
Look I'm just here to make sure your four years turn into eight, but it's up to you, of course.
But we're talking about two seats one line Give him what he wants.
It's lovely to see you.
- How are you, Congressman? - Oh, I'm fine.
It's good of you all to be here.
It's a big day.
Listen, why don't the two of you take my seats? Oh, thanks, but we're already on the aisle.
I insist.
You'll be right in the president's line of vision when he says what you want to hear.
I can be anywhere.
- Thank you, Mark.
- Sure.
[chief justice.]
I, Francis J.
Underwood, do solemnly swear I, Francis J.
Underwood, do solemnly swear That I will faithfully execute That I will faithfully execute The office of President of the United States.
The office of Pres Yes, here we go again.
Secretary of State.
That's what I wanted.
That's all I wanted.
That's what I was promised.
And now, here I am, President of these United States.
You made this bed, America.
You voted for me.
Are you confused? Are you afraid? Because what you thought you wanted is now here.
And there you are, staring back, slack-jawed, bewildered, wondering if this is what you actually asked for.
This democracy, your democracy, elected me.
And if you think it was hard getting here, you're beginning to understand what I'm willing to do to stay.
I look across at this crowd gathered today and I know that these are not my supporters.
I'm looking at people who are waiting, with a smile on their face, for their turn.
And the most vicious among them are the ones who are smiling and clapping the hardest.
Power is a lot like real estate.
Remember? - [chief justice.]
So help me God.
- So help me God.
[crowd cheering.]
America, I hear you.
I hear all your voices.
I hear your struggles, your concerns, but most of all, I hear your hope.
Opportunity and security is what we all want.
And in my first 100 days, I will reach across party lines and devote my administration, your government, to securing them.
For too long we have ignored our seniors and the healthcare they depend on.
That is why I am committed to fixing Medicare before I devote one more dime to the program.
AmWorks was only the beginning.
We have to learn to live without entitlements, because we are not an entitled people.
I believe in your sweat.
I believe in your hard work.
And a job, that's what I'll promise you today.
[crowd cheering and applauding.]
[Mark on phone.]
You couldn't give him one line? We give no quarter to those that are disloyal.
The message sent today wasn't just for him.
- Alex feeds off of retribution.
- So do I.
- Is he worth the fight? - There is no neutrality.
I expect total loyalty or you are an enemy.
Understood, Mr.
[button clicks.]
What are you thinking? [clicks tongue.]
Let mortal tongues awake Let all that breathe partake Let rocks their silent break [chuckles.]
I have a soft spot for that patriotic stuff.
Please spread your arms and legs.
Excuse me? Otherwise, there is no interview.
And if you would please take off your jacket.
- I'm a journalist.
- I know.
I read you when I was living in London.
- So I'm not a spy.
- I know you're not a spy.
Does anyone even use that word anymore? So the interview won't be happening here.
Uh, we agreed We need to move you to another location.
Oh, and I'm sorry, you cannot use your own crew.
- That's unacceptable.
- Then the interview will have to wait.
We cannot trust your people.
And you wouldn't want to endanger Mr.
Macallan, would you? Are you coming, Miss Baldwin? And your cell phone needs to stay here.
- [man speaking Russian.]
- Thank you.
You have a lot of support out there, no matter what the president did or didn't say.
There are people eager to work with you.
I should tell you I'm encouraging the Republicans to restart the Declaration of War Committee, to investigate the president.
That's bold.
I'm not trying to impress you with that.
It's risky.
You don't want an enemy in the White House.
- But you're in the White House now.
- [chuckles.]
And you're what to me? Why don't you let me help you? Everybody doesn't have to lose for you to win, right? [Seth.]
Is Sean Jeffries there? - Who's calling? - Who's this? I work for Tom Hammerschmidt.
I don't understand why I was transferred to you.
The receptionist is a friend of mine.
I know him.
She knows him.
Well, I've been trying to reach him all day.
I can take a message.
No, I'll try him later.
Look, he doesn't work here anymore, so - I'm his girlfriend.
- That's all right.
- Who is this? - Don't worry about it.
[line disconnects.]
Hey, it's Seth Grayson.
I've got something for you.
LeAnn Harvey, she's being pushed out.
Yeah, she's out.
Yeah, well, you're the only one that's got me telling you at this point.
I'm writing the release right now.
All right, bye.
Hey, it's Seth Grayson.
Yeah, I got something for you.
Kate Baldwin's people were ready to go, but the FSB replaced the crew.
You have something on your tooth.
[LeAnn sighs.]
Do we know where they were going? No, but they're still being tracked.
Kate Baldwin was never supposed to talk to him.
- This interview cannot happen.
- We still have time.
No, we don't.
We need to go in.
And there might be some unforeseen consequences.
I don't think Aidan would reveal anything that would endanger me or anyone else.
How far back do you and he go? Far.
That's all.
I'm sorry it has to end this way.
I don't need your sympathy.
You almost ready? God damn it.
I can't find my "F.
" Someone must have stolen it.
I'm sure it will turn up somewhere.
Tom, you look very handsome in a tuxedo.
I act like a man that can wear a tuxedo and suddenly I'm a man who can wear a tuxedo.
- [chuckles.]
- This should do for now.
- I just saw that Eric Rawlings arrived.
- Yes.
Tom, we'll meet you downstairs in just a few minutes.
Stamper tells me that we'll have a bead on Macallan's location in about an hour or so.
I just spoke to Jane Davis.
Her contacts are ready and waiting.
- We'll have distance, Francis.
- We'll owe her.
You look very beautiful.
You look beautiful.
Vice Presidential.
Here we are.
The night of Zoe's death.
Who does that look like to you? Just another white guy waiting for the train.
Look closer.
I know who you think it might be, but I'm really not sure.
[breathes deeply.]
Yeah, shut that door.
Gerald Ford's son used to sneak up these stairs to go to the roof, play Led Zeppelin to his friends.
Teenagers are teenagers, doesn't matter where.
And this is where Viktor Petrov put out his cigar.
That guy seems like a real piece of work.
Oh, believe me, he is.
So are you.
No, I don't know about that.
- What are you doing? - Oh, I'm sorry.
And what are you sorry about? I thought you wanted something that you don't.
So what is it that you think I wanted? [stammering.]
We can go back up.
I'm I'm really s You know, they say the most vulnerable part of the human body is the throat and that you never really know how you feel about somebody until they have their hands around your throat.
So tell me.
How do you feel now? Congratulations, Mr.
[Eric moaning.]
[man speaking Russian.]
Before I forget, LeAnn Harvey wanted me to say hello.
How is she? Well, she wanted me to tell you that she's she's all right.
She's gonna be all right.
What does that mean? She's, um, taking a leave of absence.
Well, that's what they're calling it, but it it seems that she's being pushed out of the administration.
She's the one who told me you were here.
Suggested I talk to you.
LeAnn hired you, isn't that right? Friend of the family? [breathing heavily.]
Uh Yeah, um, are we starting the interview now? No, no.
We're just talking.
But we should be ready soon.
I'm sorry.
Can I, uh Can I just have a second before we start? - [Kate.]
I think so.
Um - Okay.
Um Yeah.
I'm I'm gonna need some air.
No, I just I just need a second, okay? Of course.
Get some air.
[man 1 speaking Russian.]
[continues speaking Russian.]
[laughter, indistinct chatter.]
[man 2 speaking Russian.]
[continues speaking Russian.]
Hey, hey, hey.
I want your phone.
I need your phone.
Take this.
One call.
[cell phone vibrating.]
Hello? [Aidan.]
LeAnn, it's me.
My God, Aidan.
I know you're in trouble.
Here's the plan.
All right.
Get a pen.
Write down this number.
He he's a lawyer.
He can get you out of the country.
Once you're in Russia, I can protect you.
I'm sorry.
Why? Oh.
How long do I have before they come and get me? They're right outside.
And if I run? Uh, people will get hurt.
You don't want to do that.
I like Texas.
Maybe it's the sun or the dust, but people kind of squint when they say hello.
I always liked that.
I never should've left.
You've always been very good to me.
I liked your mother.
I liked her a lot.
I'm really sorry.
Don't be.
There's a guard on the second floor working with us.
He'll escort you to a corner where a cab will be waiting.
Someone will open the door.
Just get in.
So you don't miss Texas? No, I do.
Barnes over phone.]
I'm trying to find some peace with this and you're not helping.
- [Tom.]
Just a couple more questions.
- I'm moving, you know.
- I got a new job - [stammers.]
Barnes? They ruled your daughter's death an accident.
I am starting to doubt that.
Could we just go over one or two more You know what? I just can't keep doing this.
- Stop calling me, please.
- [phone beeps.]
[line disconnects.]
[speaking Russian.]
[continues speaking Russian.]
[in English.]
The interview will not be happening.
Someone will escort you back to your hotel.
[speaks Russian.]
[jazz band playing.]
I hope I'm not too late to the party.
I'd say you were just in time to make your grand entrance.
Well, when all this started, I don't think I imagined myself - standing here with you tonight.
- [chuckles.]
- Congratulations, Mr.
- Oh, thank you.
- [chuckles.]
- Um, should I wait for you? No, no.
I'll see you inside the party.
So how's Romero? Well, Romero wants to get the Republicans to restart the Declaration of War Committee.
What a lovely inauguration gift.
Don't tell me you're surprised.
I'm not.
I'll see you inside.
Get a drink.
Well, don't you look stunning.
It's been a long night, Frank.
- I need to get home.
- Oh, come on.
Do me the honor.
Not tonight.
[music continues playing in distance.]
[woman chuckles.]
No, absolutely.
- Doug! Don't you look good.
- Thank you, Madam Vice President.
- Have you seen Francis? - Not for a little while, no, ma'am.
Well, the party's breaking up.
I want him to say goodbye to people.
- Yes, ma'am.
I'll let him know.
- Um, Doug? I have a question for you.
Just a small thing.
- What is it? - Why weren't you at the beheading? - What? - The night James Miller was beheaded.
We were all there, the four of us.
Francis, Tom, LeAnn and myself.
Why not you? You see Francis, tell him I'm looking for him.
Yes, ma'am.
- I thought you got lost.
- No.
I just needed a break.
- Shall we bid our guests farewell? - No, the night is young.
Look what I found.
They're restarting the committee.
I thought we killed that committee.
Nothing ever really dies in the House.
It just plays in front of a smaller and smaller audience.
- This is serious.
- I know.
But let's enjoy the rest of the party.
- [band stops playing.]
- [guests applauding.]
What do you do here? I work for them.
[speaking indistinctly.]
The president asked me to make sure that you get home safely.
I have a car for you.
I thought I'd stay a little while longer.
The president has an early morning tomorrow.
Right this way.
[breathes deeply.]
The tour guide? - What? - Yes.
What am I supposed to do about the tour guide? The press briefing room, Tom, really? [exhales deeply.]
I didn't think anyone would care.
Well, should I keep her on or let her go? I mean, it was rather unprofessional on her part.
She's good at her job.
Tom don't cheat on my wife.
[indistinct chatter.]
Barnes? Do you want to get a coffee somewhere away from this? I keep thinking about what you said.
I found this with her things.
It was Father's Day the last time I heard from her.
We weren't close.
I was surprised she called.
I mean, I was happy, of course, but Can I hold on to this? I didn't know that she was in trouble.
When the police asked if I thought she was suicidal, I said, "Maybe.
" I didn't know her, really.
Neither did I.
I'll look into this.
Thank you.
Five minutes on Morning Joe.
- Was a press release really necessary? - You're taking a leave.
The press release said that you were taking a leave to consider your career options.
This has to look real.
You know that.
What if they need to meet with me? Then they'll meet with you.
I could have security escort you out.
So since Usher is special advisor now, where does that leave you? Like I said, they'll call you if they need you.
I can be a friend to you, you know.
- It doesn't have to be like this.
- I don't have any friends.
I landed him at the Jordanian Embassy in Paris.
When do we plan to get him out? Well, as I understand it, you don't yet know what Mr.
Macallan may have told President Petrov.
I want Macallan back here sooner rather than later.
It's better if these things don't happen on American soil.
- Yes, but I make those decisions.
- Of course, Mr.
And rest assured, neither of your fingerprints are anywhere near this.
- [door closes.]
- [sighs.]
So what do we do about LeAnn? She's been involved in election fraud, for Christ's sake.
She's made a lot of mistakes.
- Yes, but lots of people have.
- Yes, but some people run their course.
It's hard to know who to trust these days.
Isn't it?