House of Cards (2013) s06e01 Episode Script

Chapter 66

Claire Hale.
Stop! [MAN.]
"I'd like to fry her eyeballs.
If no one else steps up to kill the president, I will.
I'd enjoy it.
" A tweet out of North Dakota.
What else? "God never intended a woman to rule this land.
She is the anti-Christ.
- And a Jew.
" - [MARK.]
A Jew? - Do we really need to hear all of this? - Yes.
An unpublished editorial.
Someone pointing a gun at your likeness.
Lots of other online stuff, including a contest For? For the most creative way to kill you.
And the winner? Rather not say, ma'am.
I want to hear.
Just hand me the report, Rick.
It involves, essentially, skinning you.
Cutting your body into dozens of pieces and arranging them in the shape of the American flag.
Flesh for the white stripes, blood for the red.
What else? Lot of threats involving the C-word, ma'am.
Lots and lots of the C-word, unfortunately.
You mean Claire? It's a long list.
- If you really want me to, I'll - Listen, I am not the first president to face threats.
I know with Francis, sometimes there were several a day.
Is it about the same what we're dealing with here? It's significantly up.
By how much? [MARK.]
There are roughly four times as many threats on any given day since you took office.
Now it's twice that since Francis died.
I thought everyone loves a widow.
Not if she's also Commander-in-Chief, I guess.
These are not rational people, Madam President.
But, ma'am, as far as today's threat, regarding your first scheduled appearance We're canceling the appearance.
We're not canceling.
It's a military base.
That's got to be the safest place on Earth for a president.
An anonymous soldier has made a serious threat "To shoot me in the cunt on behalf of the United States of America.
" Yes, Mark, I heard.
The threat's unconfirmed.
He says he's among those shipping out today.
- Anyone can claim that.
- [MARK.]
And that you have no right waging war in Syria.
You, in particular.
I think we stay away.
Rick, don't you agree? There's no proof the threat is credible.
Isn't that right, Rick? Our intelligence division is investigating, and the advance team is already there, but it'll take at least a day to comb through that base.
I think what the vice president says is the best course.
- Maybe by tomorrow you could - Tomorrow is the fifth of July.
- Yes, ma'am.
- So what do you suggest I do? Wish the nation a happy belated birthday? Our only concern is your safety [CLAIRE.]
We're not cancelling.
I am sending those soldiers onto a battlefield.
The first female president of the United States is not gonna keep her mouth shut on the Fourth of fucking July.
Lieutenant General Gallagher would understand.
- I could appear instead.
Speak for you.
- Stop.
Is it my safety that concerns you, or my potential endorsement of Gallagher? Your safety first, of course.
But singling her out, that's a provocation.
And so? I can't provoke them? You're forwarding a candidate the Shepherds are against, in their home state.
- After months of negotiation.
- This is not a negotiation, this is an ultimatum.
Sign the bill or what? Or what, Mark? When Francis was looking to finance his foundation, why did you point him towards Bill and Annette? I didn't.
Raymond Tusk arranged it.
Or maybe they reached out to him? I don't remember.
I What does it matter? They're working with you now.
I need to meet with the Shepherds directly.
Madam President.
I'll see them before my appearance at the base.
- You can't.
- I what? I'll let them know.
Thank you.
You're due at the base by 4:45, which will have you back here by 8:30.
The fireworks show begins right after nine.
And the Examiner would love your okay on the photos.
Is there any progress on the source of the sound? The GSA is still looking into it.
They're checking the floorboards above and below, in case there's I don't want to wait anymore.
Please tell the executive housekeeper I'd like the former president's belongings packed up.
I'll have it taken care of.
It's not true what he told you all those years ago.
That there are two kinds, useful and useless.
There's only one kind.
Pain is pain.
I'm done with you.
No more pain.
You do this all day? I'm under psychiatric observation, Seth.
This is what you do.
Who's your new tailor? You gotta look the part.
So, when do they decide whether you're crazy or not? Because if you're not, you should come work for us.
Us? Have you been working there for about five minutes? It's been a month, actually.
So his body wasn't even cold.
It's what he would have wanted.
The Underwood Foundation was basically gonna be modeled after the Shepherd Freedom Foundation.
I don't need the job.
Well, for a confessed murderer, you're pretty confident.
I'm about to be pardoned.
Pardon? You really think that she's gonna give you one? As usual, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
You know, there wasn't the kind of crowd that you'd expect for him down there in Gaffney.
He wanted to be buried in Arlington.
Not next to his father.
That's not what his wife said.
Tell me something.
She even shed a tear? You know I'm almost envious, to tell you the truth.
That even beyond the grave, you'd do anything for Francis Underwood.
Doug, do you have my lighter? Much obliged.
Was that who I thought it was? Fred Amburg? He went off the deep end? Everyone has problems, Seth.
Especially the ones who think they don't.
- Claire.
- Annette.
Oh, did you get my note? Oh, I haven't had the courage to read the condolences yet.
It's good to see you finally out and about.
Oh, what you've been through.
You know all about it.
Well, for a long time, I pretended he was still alive.
Out of town.
It was our son Duncan that really saved me.
Of course, we weren't married anywhere near as long as you and Frank.
Claire Hale.
Nine years.
Late spring, Sun Valley.
You look exactly the same.
Well, it's cities that age you, it's what I tell everyone.
I hope you don't mind saying hello to a few of our closest friends.
They're just here for a cocktail before the The sun goes down and the rest of the party shows up.
My sister's fireworks show have become a bit of a tradition.
Don't worry.
They know how to be discreet.
Scotty here just got his hands on Nexis Security.
I heard you are speaking to the vice president about this.
It's a company of peacekeepers, mostly.
Oh, tremendous potential to create global partnerships.
Your husband helped me secure the deal.
I wanted to bring him onto the Board.
Bill was saying Yes, I was just saying.
Why in the world do they play the "1812 Overture" at a fireworks show? It's Russian, for Chrissakes, in every sense.
This is Tabitha.
Peters, I know.
Frank - Wasn't he planning to be here today? - He was.
You must miss him terribly.
I had some long and hard-fought conversations with him.
He was going to help me resolve this AFL-CIO thing that's been going on forever out in Nevada, with your help, of course.
When the union stands in the way of innovation, it's sentencing itself to death.
I do admire the way you hang on to your party.
Your loyalty.
Did I hear that Lieutenant General Nancy Gallagher will be appearing with you later today? I think she'd make an excellent candidate, if she decides to run, of course.
Oh, she's going to run.
The president is on a tight schedule.
Excuse me.
Well, this is a surprise.
You know how Midwesterners feel about those.
Oh, don't listen to him.
It's about time you came out.
Seems we have some things to discuss.
Well, as far as this special election is concerned, Claire, you need to know that the soon-to-be-retiring Miss Gallagher is out of question.
And I'm happy to see we're both fans of the Declaration of Independence, unalienable rights and all that.
But it says down here in the speech you're gonna give later Miss Gallagher has my support.
I believe Mark conveyed our concerns.
And communicated mine, I hope.
She's a tax and spend Democrat underneath that uniform.
- A patriot with a pristine resume.
- Claire.
Who is very vocal about keeping private contractors away - from US military operations.
- Even as a negotiating point, you can do better than her.
And I am tired of these delays, Madam President.
It is time for you to deliver.
- Your husband and I had an agreement.
- Francis is dead.
- Promises were made.
- Not by me.
Just like you, I like to negotiate my own agreements.
And make no mistake about it, the lieutenant general is not an anomaly.
I know that.
I've seen your list of candidates for the midterms - Yes, mostly women.
- I don't care what sex they are.
And for the record, nobody loves women more than me.
But this slate of yours, it will bankrupt the country.
They will set us back a generation.
They will completely Support me and what I stand for.
And what is that? - Oh, come on, Bill.
- No, no.
Tell me.
I wanna know.
What's your mission? - I wanna know what your platform is.
- Oh, please.
I know you'd like to drown DC all at once.
But I'm gonna tell you right now, I cannot let that happen.
I still believe in government and its ability to make the everyday lives of its citizens better.
- Yeah.
- You don't wanna support my slate, that's fine.
- Claire - All I ask is stay out of the way.
There's a bill sitting on your desk.
A bill that took years and money to get passed.
You sign that, and I know I got a friend in the White House.
If not - Then I don't.
- Enough.
Nothing good happens to you when she's around.
Why did you come out for Francis? For his foundation? I don't think you ever really liked him.
Probably never respected him.
Why back him now? Because he gave us you.
Tell our friends I'll be back down in time for the fireworks.
Just so you know, I always liked Frank.
His desperation.
I'm sorry you can't stay.
I do enjoy curating our little show.
I collect a variety of fireworks shells as I travel.
Italy, Spain, China.
Do you know what the hardest color to make is? - Red? - No, red's easy.
White's easy.
It's blue.
Very tricky chemistry involving copper and heat.
A truly bright blue is extremely elusive.
Whatever Francis promised or did is buried with him.
No, I know.
We all need to let him go.
Start from some kind of scratch.
Though it must haunt you, the fact that he died next to you in bed.
Hon be patient.
- [WOMAN.]
She doesn't like the name? - [MAN.]
I think she finds it incomplete.
What's wrong with the Comprehensive Safety Act? [MAN 2.]
Comprehensive Chemical Safety Act? [MAN.]
Or we could go back to the Smarter Safety Act.
- Would she like "Smarter" better? - No, we need a good acronym.
Vice President? Mark? Yeah.
At one point, we talked about the Repeal Unsafe Regulation Act.
That's RURAL if we come up with an L.
Legislation? That doesn't make sense with the rest of it.
"RURAL" is too hard to say.
"SAFE" is good.
- I like "FUTURE.
" - Federal Universal Toxic and Unsafe - Regulation Eradication.
- [MARK.]
- The FUTURE Act.
- That could work.
May I ask, Mr.
Vice President, does her hesitation go beyond the name? She'll come around.
I'm guessing - by the end of the day.
Because in one form or another, - this bill has been on her desk since - She'll sign it, Henry.
- [BEEPS.]
- Bill.
What do you want me to do? Yank her from her own military base? [WHOOSH.]
When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, you just have to do it.
Sever the relationship.
Our nation's founding document, the Declaration of Independence America's independence Was hard-fought and hard-won.
Are you still there? Our Founding Fathers imagined a nation that was free.
Free from despotism.
Free from absolute tyranny.
Free from an oppressive king.
Do you miss Francis? Tyrants come in many forms.
From the American oligarchs trying to change the very fabric of our society, to autocrats threatening from abroad.
Now, each one of us has to defend our destiny.
And as I see it, the fight against tyranny is the only justification for war.
My first 100 days as president have been difficult.
I lost my husband.
We were about to celebrate 30 years together.
But I know what he would want.
For me to stop mourning and carry on.
With the help of women like Lieutenant General Nancy Gallagher, my presidency will not rest.
Nancy has been an inspiration to me.
A tireless warrior.
I promise her and all of you that I will work on behalf of the rights and freedoms earned over the last 241 years of our democracy.
As I look into the eyes of you brave soldiers standing before me today Here's the thing.
I'm feeling so proud right now.
Proud to be your Commander-in-Chief.
Whatever Francis told you the last five years, don't believe a word of it.
Our country is 241 years old, my friends.
Let's wish this great nation a happy birthday.
Say it with me.
Happy birthday, America! [ALL.]
Happy Birthday, America! It's going to be different for you and me.
One more time.
I'm going to tell you the truth.
Happy Birthday, America.
- Thank you for your service.
- Thank you.
Thank you for your service.
- Thank you for your service.
- Thank you.
I want you to know how wonderful it is to be here and meet all of you new recruits.
So, thank you.
Thank you for your service.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you for your service.
Where are you from, private? Kalamazoo, Mr.
- Excuse me, Madam President.
- That's quite all right.
I actually hate "Madam.
" Makes me sound like I'm running a brothel and not a country.
Thank you for your service.
- Thank you, Madam President.
Thank you for your service.
And where are you from, Pvt.
Burton? South Bend, ma'am.
Oh, I love Indiana.
I enlisted right before you took office.
Well, I promise you and every woman in this country that during my presidency the key components of the Equal Rights Amendment will finally pass.
I'm going to make sure of it.
I want you to know I support you.
Do you even have a plan? What did you say? One that won't get us all killed? [MAN.]
Oh, man Would you have asked me that if I were a man? - [REPORTERS SHOUTING.]
Madam President! - [SHOUTING CONTINUES.]
- [MAN.]
One question, please! [MUFFLE DOUBLE THUD, ECHOES.]
How much longer till we get to the plane? Just another 25 minutes or so, Madam President.
Okay, thank you.
- [MAN.]
- [MAN.]
Is she shot? - [MAN 2.]
Stay down, stay down! Shots fired! Shots fired! Are you okay, Madam President? - Are you all right? - Yes.
[MAN 2.]
Lone Star is safe.
Sir, someone just tried to kill the president.
I just got the alert.
Is she all right? [RICK.]
This way.
Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy.
Successful assassinations, total of four.
The attempts Nine? Jackson, both Roosevelts.
Ford twice.
Reagan the first Underwood and I will say, whoever tried to kill me, perversely, it's the first sign of real respect I've gotten in 100 days.
Somebody tried to kill her.
Can you blame them? The Underwoods have always been hard of hearing.
She's not him.
No, no.
She is not.
You know that better than anyone.
Is it public? Secret Service shut it down.
Standard procedure, apparently.
- Threats beget threats.
Bill were you behind this? - [FIREWORKS BOOMING.]
We're gonna miss the show.
- How are y'all? - Madam President.
Hi, I'm so sorry.
I want to apologize for the late departure.
I know you all have families and festivities waiting.
Madam President, may I ask what happened? Oh, the Beast was re-routed due to security concerns.
 Pretty routine.
I know it's been a while since I've been back here.
I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Fourth, even if you're gonna be celebrating it on the fifth.
I'm so sorry.
Your speech, afterwards with Yes, the new recruit.
If a new recruit, especially a female one, can't speak her mind, I don't know what kind of country we actually are.
And be sure to tell us if you run out of beer.
Because I am sure there's a couple of cases left over - from the Carter administration.
And you're new.
Yes, ma'am.
Melody Cruz.
I'm with Beltway Television.
Well, I hope everyone is making you feel at home.
Very much so.
It's an honor to finally meet you.
I'm a bit overwhelmed, sorry.
- Don't worry, I don't bite.
- No, I know.
It's strange, I was supposed to interview your husband.
It was scheduled for a few days after he died.
It was going to be an exclusive.
We'd had a number of pre-interviews.
Questions we'd agreed on.
Questions like? Like, was the president going to pardon him? And when? Will you? Even now, posthumously? I know you did an exclusive with The New York Examiner, butl'm guessing that's only going to scratch the surface.
I bet you have more to say - about the state of your marriage - Miss Cruz, is it? I don't know if anyone's told you, but when the president visits this part of the plane, it's usually considered off the record.
But you can ask my press secretary anything you like once we're back on the ground.
You're especially quiet this evening.
Maybe I'm a little agitated.
Our patients don't do too well when it comes to fireworks.
Pardon me.
Yes? I don't understand why you leave that on when we're meeting.
Well, it's not like you're saying anything different or new.
Your dedication to your script would be admirable if it weren't so concerning.
In a few weeks, I'll be appearing at a hearing regarding your state of mind and when it comes to your confession, even a guilty man changes his story now and then.
Who do you answer to? I mean, who do you work for? - You.
That's the idea, anyway.
Everybody works for somebody.
I worked for a man who refused to fail.
I respected that.
I appreciated it.
I'd be dead without him.
Why? I was working as an aide for a congressman.
He was idealistic and naive.
Had one-term written all over him.
But I needed a job, a place to be.
I was barely keeping it together.
Francis and I met at some function.
You know, the kind you stand up at.
I don't know how he knew, but I had eight bottles in my trunk.
I got through four that night when he came to my door.
I don't remember much.
Not clearly.
He took me to his home.
But Claire Francis got me dry.
I shook so badly I thought I was gonna die.
And then when I was finally got clean, he gave me my first job.
As an aide? Hmm.
Sort of.
He asked me to go talk to Congressman Kyle from Iowa.
To what end? To persuade him.
And I did.
But Claire The way she treated him, in life and in death [EXHALES.]
But you pay a price, when you work for somebody like him.
Somebody you owe.
Somebody close to me died in a car accident.
That's how I broke the terms of my house arrest.
I went to see the site of her wreck.
It was twisted on the side of the road.
I just stood there.
An accident? So they said.
And Zoe Barnes? I killed her.
For the president.
That's what he used to do when he won.
What did he leave you with? Last thing that Francis gave me was the letter opener from his desk.
I mean, I chose it, but But I guess really the last thing he gave me was an apology.
I spoke to him the night he died.
My presidency will not rest.
Nancy has been an inspiration to me.
A tireless warrior.
I promise her and all of you that I will work on behalf of the rights and freedoms earned over the last 241 years of our democracy.
Tyrants come in many forms Pathetic.
From the American oligarchs trying to change the very [MARK.]
Are you sure you don't want to take an hour or two to Mark.
I'm inside the White House.
There's only two of us in the Oval, so unless you're packing, it's literally the safest place I can be.
Well, I'm not packing, Madam President, but no one would fault you for taking a breath for a minute.
I'm breathing just fine.
Can we keep news of this contained? - I've taken every possible step, I think.
- So who is he? Well, they did forensics on the route.
Compared notes with the aerial detail.
Homeland Secretary and the Bureau were brought in.
He never left the place he took the shot from.
Can you answer a single question directly and simply? He shot himself in the head with his own US military-issued handgun.
And we're sure he's the one? Yeah.
Dishonorably discharged last year.
All the typical markers.
Secret Service is confident.
And the Bureau's investigating.
How did Bill Shepherd get his hands on my speech? What? Um Well, the press usually gets it hours before.
It wouldn't be that hard to access a copy, I guess.
I won't be signing that today.
You went there to declare your independence, and you declared war.
That was a mistake.
No, the mistake was I didn't hire a chief of staff, and things are slipping through the cracks.
That's where I have to disagree with you.
We need to keep this circle small.
You know, Francis warned me about you.
I assure you, I serve at your pleasure, Madam President.
You need to stop meeting in my office without me.
Yes, ma'am.
Secret Service took the lead.
But do you believe the theory? That it was a disgruntled service person who took a shot at me? PID does.
I'm asking what you think.
It depends if it was a warning or an actual attempt.
Given the accuracy, the shooter would have been informed enough to know that a 50 caliber round wouldn't penetrate the Beast.
I think he wanted to scare you.
On behalf of someone.
Lots of people make threats against sitting presidents.
I'm starting to believe Francis was murdered.
Before he died, he aligned himself with some very powerful people.
And I think they turned on him, and they wanted him dead, and I think they want me dead, too.
Do you think that sounds crazy? No, ma'am.
But I think we need to bring in Special Agent Bowman Of these people, these powerful families, they advocate dismantling intelligence agencies.
CIA, FBI, Homeland.
You know that, right? - Ma'am - We cannot bring anyone else in at the moment.
I'm relying on you the way I know my husband could.
So, please see what you can find.
Is it ever Nate or always Nathan? Nathan.
Like Francis.
For me, anyway.
Oh, have you spoken to Doug Stamper? No.
I'm so worried about him.
He did things no one in this White House should be proud of.
Hey, Mom.
How many people do you have there? Not many.
Nobody that interesting, anyway.
Her visit to the base.
Independence speech, even the naughty soldier is playing well for her.
Her charmed life persists.
Tell Uncle Bill we should step up.
I can manage the narrative.
De-charm her.
He won't like that.
He's not going to like any of it, so what's the difference? - I don't know.
- Mom, just say the word.
Trust me.
Don't do a thing until I get back to you.
Can't even tell you're still in DC.
There are parts of this city that will always remain a secret.
I don't think I'll be welcome back in the White House press pool anytime soon, FYI.
Doesn't matter.
She won't speak to me.
- An interview? Not after - She will.
Tonight, for the first time, he was forthcoming.
But still saying he's guilty? Yeah, as always.
And did he mention Mr.
Grayson by name? No.
He was just more distressed.
So he's getting worse? Or better, he's finally talking.
But the idea of his leaving the facility anytime soon, that's still out of the question.
I mean, for his own good.
He's either guilty of the crime - or psychotic for admitting to it.
- Madam President, Miss Shepherd is on the White House line.
Well, maybe it's time to give him one of the antipsychotics.
But we'd have to consider his history of addiction.
By the way, in answer to your question, it was a letter opener, the last thing that Francis gave him from his desk.
Keep me posted, Charles.
And thank you.
Are you prepared? Excuse me.
Don't you remember? Andover? Our prep school joke? [SIGHS.]
I'm prepared to fail the test.
Are you all right? I'm sorry to call so late.
I I heard about what happened today.
These things have a tendency to leak out.
I'm worried about you.
It's bulletproof, the motorcade glass.
Did they catch the guy? How do you know it's a guy? It's always a guy, right? What was it Bill wanted adjusted in my speech? Oh.
Something about freedom.
You're in my thoughts, Claire.
Thank you.
He's still with us, don't you think? Who? Frank.
We're so glad we got to spend so much time with him before he died.
He told us some fascinating things.
He's been on my mind.
Bill and I finally went down to Gaffney a few days ago to pay our respects.
Claire! I shouldn't have let them.
I'm sorry.
Come on out now.
Are you still there? Yes.
Help! [CRYING.]
Help! I know.
You want to know what really happened to him.
A man like Francis doesn't just die.
That would be what's the word? "Convenient.