House of Cards (2013) s06e04 Episode Script

Chapter 69

Brothers and sisters, behold, I tell you a mystery.
We shall not all fall asleep, but we will all be changed in an instant, in the blink of an eye, at the last trumpet.
For the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
Almighty God, remember the mercy with which you graced your humble servant.
Receive her, we pray, into the mansions of the saints.
As we prepare our sister's final resting, look also with love on those who mourn and give them comfort in their loss.
Grant this through Christ, our Lord, Amen.
- Madam President, can I ride with you? - Of course.
Has he approached you? Who? Petrov.
Didn't he just arrive? If the talks on Syria have broken down, what's he doing here? It's either a good thing or a bad thing.
Well, which is it? Madam President? He was fond of Cathy.
I need to know that you won't stand in the way of my handling Mark.
It's done.
You won.
It was necessary to show you, but not what I wanted.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You did that to both of us.
You did it.
You involved me, you implicated me.
- You left him in my house.
- Mark, that's enough.
It doesn't matter anymore.
Stan, my deepest condolences.
This is Cathy's brother Hunter.
He flew in from Eugene.
Just outside Lane County.
Beautiful country out there.
I was planning to come out anyway.
Stan's birthday is on the sixth.
Cathy and I have been back and forth for months.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
- Doug, this is Cathy's brother Hunter.
- Hi.
- Hey.
And you've met Stan.
- Of course.
- Thank you for coming.
Doug, I think, spent more time with Cathy than anyone.
She didn't deserve this.
Honestly, it doesn't seem real.
Would you excuse me? What time did she die? I don't Sorry, I know it's a weird question.
I just I had one of those feelings that day.
Um 5:43, I think.
Yeah, right around then.
President Underwood.
Secretary Durant was from a time that's passed.
Holbrooke, Albright They knew how to have a good meal and some friendly conversation before diplomacy got ugly.
It certainly won't be the same without her.
I hear they have you on a short leash.
How could you let that happen, Madam President? Now, when we're only moments away from crisis.
You know, in some cultures it occurs to them to actually honor the dead.
Every seven years the Malagasy people exhume the bones, wrapping them in cloth, so they can dance with the bodies.
How does this town rise to the occasion? It's like their heads are on a swivel.
What do you call those things? Bobble heads? Terrifying.
No, don't Let her be.
You wanted her to play the part.
- The president.
- The president is too agreeable.
What did you do to her? I trust her contempt more than whatever this is.
Love, I know what you're capable of.
DIA believes there are over 100,000 Russian troops - on their way to the border.
- Did you find Bugayev? As of a few minutes ago, his second in command assured me that was the last contact we would have from anyone at the Kremlin.
Except for him.
He's requesting a private meeting with the president.
- Sure.
- God damn it.
- Mr.
- Mr.
Vice President.
You know Secretary Siegerson.
- Yes.
Of course.
- So good to see you.
Madam President, excuse me.
Oh, yes.
Excuse me a moment.
Of course.
Cathy was kind to me.
A role model.
Sensible, shrewd.
Fluent in French.
Rest in peace.
I know it's not the place, but this isn't normal, what's going on.
When I accepted my position, it was to work with you and your agenda, not not Certain members of our Cabinet in positions related to National Security have had several secret meetings regarding Syria.
President Petrov has become aware of their plans for sending private contractors to the region.
Ma'am there are officials in the Pentagon, people at the Kremlin, who would very much like to prevent - a proxy war - Nora, I appreciate your candor, but Mark has this.
Ma'am, the Cabinet is his.
He knows what we need to do.
What makes me suspect you're vying for speaker is the frontrunners change day to day, but everybody's second choice remains the same.
- You.
- Brett, are you saying you wouldn't do it, if the party asked? If the party knew what was good for them.
This is Douglas Stamper.
He's coming on as a consultant.
We've met.
Jonah, back when Francis was whip, and you, back when you were getting us coffee.
I do wonder how he'd feel with some of the legislation the good congressman is putting his name on.
Constitution was built on checks and balances.
And the people's will.
It's not about who the president is.
It's about what the office has become.
Gentlemen, if you'll excuse me for a minute, I promised Brett here I'd introduce him to a blue dog Democrat, assuming I can find one.
I never thought I'd see him again.
He was in rehab.
And is back in the program.
Those charges were dropped, but he's still got a case chasing him.
If anything, my bet is that case is chasing the president.
Petrov is no longer in the main room.
Secretary Siegerson is still with Ms.
Davis, while the vice president's exiting.
And Homeland Secretary Cafferty was just whispering with the president.
As for Doug Stamper, he's with Assistant Director Green.
I want to know who Durant was with, when and where, leading up to the moment she was pronounced dead.
If I start asking around Questions bring more questions.
- Is this an open investigation? - No.
But for any agent I work with, I'll be the red flag.
Doug, the more I know, the better it is for both of us.
You trust me? You've always followed through.
Then do as I say.
But what did you find? Is he talking? All right.
Get back to me when you know anything more.
Day or night.
Is everything okay? That was about Tom Yates.
There's been a recent charge on his credit card.
The Grand Mark in Prague, except it wasn't Tom.
He didn't make the charge.
Or any of the others.
- Somebody stole his - His identity.
As of now, we have no idea where the real Tom Yates has been.
Well, I hope he's safe.
Wherever he is.
Me too.
1945 Mouton-Rothschild.
"V" label.
Rothschild commissioned it to celebrate the Allied victory in the Great Patriotic War.
You mean World War II.
I wonder what she was saving this for.
Should we? Ah, come on.
There must be some mischief in you somewhere.
Do you object? Not my place.
And where exactly is your place? I specifically asked to meet with the president.
There must be a corkscrew somewhere, hmm? She wouldn't keep these bottles in here without one.
- When it comes to Syria, Mr.
President - A moment, please.
Sir our only goal is stability, peace, prosperity for the Syrian people.
We need to re-engage.
We need to re-start talks Talks? Talk, talk, talk.
While you're busy making side deals with Nexis and the rest of your Republican friends.
The Shepherds.
That is who you really work for, isn't it? We can freeze assets, put sanctions back into place.
Must be about 7:30 at night in Damascus.
If we do nothing, by dawn, skirmishes between our troops and yours will begin.
And once Russian soldiers start killing American soldiers, the chaos will continue.
Or we can pull out a map of Syria, right here, right now.
And you and I, like the imperialists we are, can decide who gets what.
Shall we? I'll speak to the president.
Whoever decides is who you should speak to.
What a shame.
What a shame.
I talked to Doug.
He asked me, and at first I thought he was just covering his tracks, as far as the Secretary's death, but Now I wonder the nature of his questions.
Ma'am, I've made some calls.
There are some inconsistencies.
When she left her house.
Where she died.
- Wait, what are you telling me? - I'm not saying it isn't true Just a second, back up.
It's just hard to be certain is all I'm saying.
- I'd like you to go find him.
- I can't talk to him again.
My fear is he'll become suspicious.
He knows me as someone who does what he's told.
I don't understand, If it's not him, then how did she die, for God's sake? Ma'am I don't know.
Shepherd would like to be kept informed in real time.
It's under control.
Then it shouldn't be a problem to keep us included.
Do you understand how long I've known the Shepherds? Whatever you discussed with Petrov needs to be run by him.
Let me enlighten you about something, Mr.
I do not need you to convey a message e between me and Bill Shepherd, okay? Well, that's preferable, as long as, and forgive me, you make no decisions when it comes to Syria without his say-so.
- Don't get over your skis, sir.
- We're done here.
- I don't think - The vice president says we are done.
Doug Stamper.
How are you? - You weren't at the funeral.
- I arrived late.
Out of politics, I understand? President Walker made sure I had a soft landing.
I'm at a university in Colorado, where the water is fresh and the air is clean.
- Hmm.
Sounds dangerous.
- It is.
To think that clearly.
How are you? What have you read? About you? Most of it.
The last three months of it.
About your supposed confession.
What more could I possibly add that you haven't already read? There's what you read, and there's the truth.
I'm not ashamed.
The time away led me to finally realize who I am.
Does the congressman know about you? I mean know.
With my help he's gonna be the next speaker of the House I went to law school with the US Attorney.
She's tired of waiting.
She's issuing a subpoena with your name on it sometime tomorrow.
Tell her what you know.
You have a chance to survive all this, Doug.
Tartus, yes? But the rest of the coast can we afford to let it go? Goodbye.
- It could work.
Petrov has plans to expand the Naval base to the port of Tartus.
The only reason he's propping up the regime is because they control the coast.
He needs the ports.
Force him to fight for those and he'll leave the rest of Syria alone.
Mark the moment is here.
He's here.
- It can't wait.
- I still don't understand how agreements which haven't even been finalized yet - Doesn't matter.
He got wind of it.
- From who? The point is, is he is a greedy - Motherfucker, yes.
- And greedy motherfuckers always find out.
He's relentless.
I spent two years in the Kurdish northwest, outfitted rebels in the southeast.
I know every angle Petrov will keep in play.
He has a sixth sense when it comes to hesitation.
- If you need me to be in there - [LAUGHS.]
You just can't do it, can you? What? Nothing.
- Mark - You just can't step back and trust.
I trust you, Mark.
But if the backseat president is gonna take the wheel, you gotta drive.
There's a reason you and I are alone in the world, Jane.
Yes, of course.
- How long? - A lifetime.
You moved out west, right? More time with your son.
As much as he'll give me.
- And is he still enjoying Stan - Claire.
Madam President, we don't need to exchange pleasantries.
These days I tend to think a lot about what might have been.
I'd like to apologize.
- For what? - My one regret.
I should've been there in Gaffney.
Honestly, it's been haunting me.
There was something he needed to know.
It was a mistake.
Overlooking Francis for secretary of state.
- Linda, it's water under the bridge.
- No.
If we hadn't, I don't know.
Maybe everything would have been different.
For who? This country.
Obviously, there's no way for me to tell him that now.
The least I can do is tell you.
There is no need for that.
How do you expect to separate yourself from his crimes? As corrupt as these politics we put up with have become [SCOFFS.]
how can the people against you not use it? You thought you got away with it all, Claire.
But that remains to be seen.
Everything happens exactly as it should.
Nice seeing you.
What are you up to? I'm thinking about mortality.
I think a lot of us are doing that today.
We're about to have a meeting.
I can't be a part of it.
Viktor knows me all too well.
I'm on board.
Claire, I see you.
I told Mark not to worry about it.
But I have an inkling that's not necessarily Spare me your inkling, Jane.
This deal is for your own good.
It's about the whole region.
Our presence.
Our authority.
Mark and Marcy can do the heavy lifting.
Help me prevent a war from happening today.
Any more instability and everybody loses.
Help me avert that.
I promise you I will chip away at Bill and Annette Shepherd.
Because the only way to truly take them down is one piece at a time.
What do you think really happened to Cathy? Okay.
I guess you got lucky then.
No one is that lucky.
The president is willing to leave the coast uncontested.
- Tartus - That port is already ours.
And will remain so.
We'll keep our forces away from the entire Western coast.
This will give you unfettered access to the Mediterranean.
- No.
- Sir, the Sixth Fleet is en route.
- No.
- If you want a naval standoff No! Let's not pretend.
What's really at stake here is your country lining its pockets and [KNOCKS ON DOOR.]
Madam President, Mr.
President, - the vice president asked me to join.
- Mr.
Grayson [SETH.]
On behalf of a company - with subsidiaries in the Middle East.
- Excuse me.
We want to ensure that we're part of the solution.
This will signal to the world that Russia is back.
- Russia's back? - [NORA.]
Vice President, there are terms being negotiated here that need to be discussed Christ! If Secretary Durant were here, we'd be long past this posturing - and dealing with the real question.
- Yes, peace in the region.
Peace? Really? You want to use peace to decide who will rebuild this pizdets? [MARK.]
I don't understand what that means, - Mr.
- That means clusterfuck.
Sir, stability in the region helps all of us.
You want to give me the West and take the East? That's a first.
So, here's what I want.
The ports, yes, of course.
But I also want Russian exclusivity on all offshore oil and gas exploration.
- [SETH.]
I think we need to wait.
- Shut up.
We can't be in a position where we can get in, and we can't get our resources out.
If history has taught us anything, it's that the Americans always find a way to leave, no matter what it costs them.
So thoughts, Madam President? Anything? I concur with the vice president.
I believe we have much to consider.
Playing incompetent is so exhausting.
Here's a copy of the president's remarks for the secretary's memorial this evening.
I already have a copy.
It includes the changes she made in the car.
Thank you.
Is it true Tom Yates is missing? I believe so.
Is it true he had an affair with somebody in the White House? Was it you? Excuse me.
I'll look through this.
Thank you.
- I don't like liars.
- Me neither.
Why would you let me believe It seemed like you wanted me to be the one responsible for Cathy.
That it might be useful to you somehow.
Every time I plan to quit, something happens.
Francis would certainly be disappointed in me.
Terrible habit.
Helped me though when I quit drinking.
Don't say anything to the US attorney, Doug.
She's working with the Shepherds.
I pardon you tonight, and anything else she has will be my problem.
I'll always be a problem for you.
What do you want from me, Doug? You're the one with all the leverage here.
Congressman Cole.
I'll put him on my ticket 2020.
Mark won't survive, I'm sure of it.
2024, Brett Cole will be the president.
And you will be back in the White House.
We can make him president, just like we did with Francis.
Cole will mean a split ticket.
And that might be the very best thing for this country.
Pardon Francis as well.
If I do that, I could get impeached.
You're a survivor.
You've proven that much.
Pardon him as well.
Bill's gonna hate anything even approaching a partnership with the Kremlin.
It's his sister who holds a grudge.
But still, you have no choice.
I mean, in my experience, once the chaos tips into forever, you've got nothing.
And we're very close to forever.
And she said nothing.
It really bothers you, doesn't it? When you can't figure a person out.
- Especially when you're attracted.
- Oh, my God, what are you I am not involved with Claire Underwood.
I'm talking about Annette.
I'm not involved with anyone at the moment.
Every time I see the both of you together, it brings back memories.
Never thought you'd step out from behind the scenes.
Well, wherever I can do the most good, Congressman.
He hasn't changed.
Not at all.
Blessing and a curse.
I haven't forgotten everything you did for me.
Oh, you made it to the House with or without me.
You showed me the way.
Well I've been meaning to say hello, ever since you left the party and went to the other side.
Haven't spoken to him in over a decade.
He knows.
He knows I was involved.
Well, weren't you? Weren't we? When's the last time you were in my house? Don't.
Mark, I'm not going back there.
No, no, Tom Yates was sleeping with the new press secretary in the White House.
He traded the East for the West.
Yes, all offshore oil and gas exploration, sir.
They're saying we'll still have access, but all shipping through the Mediterranean will be affected.
And there's no denying we'll be somewhat at their mercy.
Because there wasn't time to consult you.
Petrov upped the ante and it looks like the vice president is going to cave.
It's not a complicated question, Miss Stewart.
Were you sleeping with him? Do I need to say this administration has taken a huge chance on you? - Were you sleeping - It is none of your business.
Well - that answers that, then.
This is exactly the kind of thing the White House needs to avoid.
And Tom Yates is missing.
Which only makes the whole story more problematic.
I have no idea where any of this is coming from.
Well, I suggest you find a more convincing way of denying it.
Because your inability to lie is a liability, right? Now, where is our president? Why didn't you tell them I invited you? You didn't rat me out.
You sound like a gangster, Madam President.
Curiosity, I suppose.
I wanted to watch you and hear them.
Your vice president is serving too many masters.
Strange, hmm? Cathy passing away so soon after Francis.
Death usually comes in threes.
Except when it comes in fours or fives.
Are you free now, Madam President? Not quite.
Were you happy with what they proposed? Mostly, I'm just curious.
` Hmm.
About what? What you're about to offer.
That is why you invited me.
- And that is why I said yes.
- Hmm.
Well, Nexis Securities or any other contractor connected to Shepherd Unlimited will never be allowed in Syria while I'm president.
That's a strong declaration.
Bids will be contingent on my approval.
You can have the oil and gas, the ports.
And 20% of profits from the resources passing through.
That's That's quite a taste.
Maybe you are a gangster.
And how will you defend your position? Peace.
Isn't that what our two countries have used to justify what we've done in the region for over a hundred years? Peace is overrated, Claire.
So are my vice president's promises.
And yet, yours seem too generous.
Your husband would have lost himself in the brightness of this day, blinded by how he needed to be seen.
That always cost him.
Can I ask? If you knew this why did you marry him? Do you even know? As it turns out my husband was a means to an end.
Tell the people you work for that I'm not going to testify.
- [SETH.]
A second.
- Seth, do you hear me? Back off, Doug.
Whatever you told them, I'll have no part of it.
The U.
Attorney can subpoena me.
She can try to I'm done.
You wouldn't know a good thing if it smacked you in the face.
I don't know why I'm trying to help you.
You're not in the White House anymore, Doug.
Where were you? Even presidents need to pee, Mark.
Look, there's a rumor flying around.
- Was it good? - It's easily dismissible.
Then I talked to NSA.
It's not gonna work, Claire.
Some White House affair is not gonna make it go away.
The dead never really stay dead, Mark.
Not for the people who loved them.
- Ah.
Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
Did you get taller? Yes.
So strange for someone trapped in a Napoleon complex.
If only your personality matched your looks, Jane Davis.
I was surprised you left negotiations to your surrogate Ms.
Always best to speak for oneself.
That's rich, coming from you.
Doublespeak is your mother tongue.
And subterfuge is yours.
You and your agencies, hmm? The CIA is nothing short of a cultural terrorist.
It's men like you Barging into countries you know nothing about.
- You get under my skin.
- Profiting from destabilization.
Leaving nothing but ruin in your wake.
- It's chemical, it's - And then you're offended You're offended when it's my men, my air strikes, - that bring some kind of order.
- Chemical! You are nothing but a communist in a handmade suit.
A pig! So emotional.
Emotions make deals come apart, Jane.
Tell me, why should I trust any deal that involves you? [SPEAKING RUSSIAN.]
I will not rest until you're done, Viktor.
Dead and buried.
Bastard! Then I guess you'll never rest.
My directions were clear.
- No doubt.
- So where's the confusion? Well, I'm guessing somewhere between what you wanted to happen and what had to happen.
If you didn't want me to call Bill, e you shouldn't have given me a reason to.
There was no place for you in that room.
And unless you show some proper respect, no place for you in this whole fucking town.
I'll see to that personally.
I'll keep that in mind.
From now on, stay in your lane, keep your mouth shut, unless I say otherwise.
You got it? Again, coming in clear, but not a dent.
It's okay, we'll get there.
Even if we don't, fuck do I care? I don't work for you.
We both work for him.
We usually meet under more orchestrated circumstances.
Not that this isn't one of those, as well.
Where do you find yourself these days? Consulting for an ambitious Congressman.
Midterms are coming.
I bet he has no idea how well you see in the dark.
Who do you fear most? Out of all of them.
- I can't eat at these things, either.
The spread looks lovely.
You all did right by her.
Well, I didn't do a thing.
Stan took care of all of it.
How you holding up? I can't make sense of it.
My dad went the same way, you know? Never sick a day in his life.
And then Right when he was driving, just drifted onto oncoming traffic.
- Jesus.
- Oh, my goodness.
I had to quickly grab the wheel and swerved us over to the shoulder.
How old were you? Twelve.
That's rough.
It's all rough.
You're never ready.
Wednesday afternoon she calls me, as she does.
Said her head hurt.
Like migraine bad, so she was headed to her personal doctor.
I call back to see how she was doing.
Stan hits me with it.
She didn't even make it to the office.
It happened in the car.
So, I got on the first flight out.
Hey, it's okay.
Doug's right.
It's fine, let it out.
By the time I landed, it was all done.
Body was whatever, at the place to get cremated.
No autopsy, nothing.
Stan made it happen so fast.
And I'm the only one who can't keep his shit together.
But it's just I never got the chance to see her.
To say goodbye.
I'm sorry.
You all didn't ask for any of this.
- [DOUG.]
We get it.
Yes, Doug Stamper and the president seem very much in sync.
- Mm-hmm.
- I was hoping to attend the secretary's memorial as well, but my time is limited.
It was meaningful that you traveled all this way.
I've been thinking about what you said to me.
I accept.
I'm so happy to hear that.
One other thing.
Tom Yates.
Your government was behind whatever happened to him.
Presidents aren't allowed to be human.
You have to choose.
Power or love.
That was very clear from the beginning.
Forgive me, Tom Yates.
I'm about to drag you through the mud to deny we ever happened.
I'm killing you for the second time.
One day, you'll rest in peace.
Madam President.
Ma'am, I have to tell you - there are rumors circulating - I know, I know.
- If you need me to resign - Kelsey, you're not going anywhere.
You can stay at my place as long as you like.
I appreciate it.
Two weeks in Bellport tapped me out.
Well, your paper will cover some of that.
They don't do expenses, Tom.
And my mom didn't have much to leave.
I liked the piece.
It was strong.
What's your follow-up? Well, it's not like anybody at the EPA can confirm.
Well, if the emails exist, they went to somebody.
Yeah, but my only source won't return my calls.
He's gotta show up to work every day.
He's afraid.
He should be.
Follow up with the app.
Grayson was there, signing up people who were very scared.
They took advantage of a crisis.
- The Shepherds.
- It's unethical, but it's not illegal.
Oh, shit.
They shut down Pennsylvania Avenue.
It says to take Massachusetts.
All right.
It's Cathy Durant's memorial today.
The bodies are adding up.
Tom, from the very beginning, we did what we thought was right.
At the time, anyway.
Is that how we ended up in this car together? Look, you cannot blame yourself for For not doing enough.
Why not? Why shouldn't I? Rachel Posner? Somebody with her name is bouncing checks in and around New Mexico.
And if it leads to nowhere? Will you ever be able to leave it? If the truth starts to fade away? Truthfully I don't know.
I just heard from Bugayev.
20%? I haven't told Mark and the rest yet.
Just know you'll be crucified.
Yes, and how will I feel the difference? You shouldn't have excluded me.
What's going on with you and Claire? Look, I can only assume while you were away somebody broke down the definition of insanity.
If not, here's a refresher.
Doing the same shit over and over and expecting different results.
Yeah, I don't know what she told you to induce such amnesia, but if you're seriously looking down that road again, there is something that you should know about Francis' will.
Has she told you what's in it? Who told you? If I were you, that's not the question I'd be asking right now.
I'd be asking, "Why is she keeping me from the truth?" He left you more than those cuff links.
You're welcome, Doug.
President Underwood, Brett Cole.
Yes, I know who you are.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Madam President, you should make your way to the stage.
Yes, of course.
Thank you.
- Speak soon? - Yes, ma'am.
Anything you need to tell me now? Nope, nothing.
That story about your father, is that true? Does it matter? Well, if it's true, it explains a lot.
If it's not, it explains a lot.
- Thank you for coming.
- Sorry.
I appreciate it.
So sorry.
Good to see you.
To weather the slings and arrows of 30 years of service and not lose a fraction of one's signature grit and integrity, that's not a legacy, that's a miracle.
But Catherine Durant wasn't just a Secretary of State.
She was a sister.
Why isn't someone on the house right now? Well, then you heard wrong.
That's right.
Day and night.
until he is on the C-130 to Switzerland.
No, no, no.
No ETAs.
Hard dates and times.
I'll be the one to intercept him in Annecy.
Yes, of course.
As soon as the money is wired, you'll be taken care of.