House of Cards (2013) s06e08 Episode Script

Chapter 73

What would Frank do? Given that she's carrying his child.
I've always promised to tell you the truth.
Transparency is the cornerstone of my presidency.
And in that spirit, I feel compelled to share the following.
For some weeks now, the Justice Department has been investigating allegations that the former president, my husband, falsely inflated 2016 election day dangers in several states that may have played a role in tipping the results.
[MURMURING] [CLAIRE] This news, as you can imagine, has caused a widow's dark night of the soul.
- [MAN] Madam President! - [SHOUTING] This used to be my office.
That was my desk.
The couch is different, but I slept here more nights than I care to remember.
Congressman Underwood's desk was right through there.
He never slept.
Never button the bottom.
- Madam President! - Sarah, yes.
Ma'am, to follow up.
What specific action, if any, are you planning to take, since your husband is Dead.
Well, everything is on the table.
Up to and including a posthumous indictment.
- Larry.
- But, Madam President, if you're calling the election results into question, what does that mean for your presidency? This is the highest office in the land.
Public service is a sacred privilege, and no one is above the law.
Not the father of my child, not me.
- [CLAMORING] - Marcus.
Were you given any warning about this article that just came out? By Janine Skorsky? - I don't know what you're referring to.
- It was posted as you were speaking.
The headline reads, "Former President Underwood excluded his wife from his will.
" Would you care to comment? Well, I can't comment on what I haven't seen.
Thank you.
The source named in the piece is Douglas Stamper.
[MURMURING] I have known Douglas since he became my husband's right hand man over 20 years ago.
And it is no secret that he's been having a difficult time lately.
Emotionally, above all else.
And when I pardoned him months ago, it was based on compassion.
I feel for the man, I do.
But Doug Stamper will never be the one to lead us to the truth.
[MAN] "The former president apparently handwrote an 11th hour will, technically known as a holographic will, with instructions that his estate be left to his former Chief of Staff Douglas Stamper.
" Does it say anything about what's in it? "The specifics of the will are not yet public, but in an exclusive interview with Mr.
Stamper, he promised to reveal the contents 'soon.
'" That'll be all for now.
Get White House counsel.
No, no, actually get my personal lawyer on the phone now.
Yes, ma'am.
And Assistant Director Green is here, but he insisted that his Madam President.
Let me introduce you to my wife Abby and this is our son Jackson.
[CLAIRE] Hello.
Abby's such a fan, we were hoping to take a picture.
Of course.
I wanted my family here with me when I let you know, I'm leaving the Bureau.
I already submitted my letter of resignation.
[SIGHS] Nathan, we can't possibly accept that.
Please, President Hale.
I'm begging you.
- [INTERCOM BEEPS] - Lynn, can you come in here, please? Nathan, I insist we speak about this one-on-one.
Can you give us a moment? I'm sorry I failed you as far as the desert, but I can't do this anymore.
- Nathan - I've made up my mind.
It's better for both of us if I go quietly.
I'm sure you're looking forward to walking Jackson to his first day of school.
I am, ma'am.
Well, my feelings haven't changed.
I want Doug to finally, finally get the help he so desperately needs.
You're right to be concerned.
There are some crazy people out there.
In my last conversation with Doug, he told me entities had approached him, hoping to recruit him.
You should cancel your upcoming public appearances.
- The president said, "Doug Stamper will never be the one to lead us to the truth.
" You care to comment? It must serve the president to paint me as some sort of crazy man.
Bu I'm sorry to disappoint her, I am of right mind, and she knows it.
In terms of a revised will, who knows about its contents? - Why don't you ask her that question? - Sir, how did you become aware of it? I was with him the night he died.
He asked me to his suite at the Hay-Adams.
He told me he no longer had faith in his wife's ability to serve as president.
And President Underwood, the real President Underwood, kept an audio diary.
- Pieces of which I've heard.
- [CLAMORING] Then let's find a court that will rule in our favor.
[WOMAN ON TV] Stamper, former Chief of Staff to President Francis Underwood, recorded earlier today.
Let's turn to our panel for their take on the claim that the leak [MAN] remember, this is a troubled man.
We can't take everything he says at face value, right? [WOMAN] The question is, what is Stamper's endgame here? - Why the whole attack on President Hale - What? - He was supposed to provoke her.
- He walked away from murder charges.
- Don't forget that - Mark - I don't have time to read your mind.
- I tried to warn you.
I've worked with this guy.
We could be exposed.
- Do you trust me, my instincts - Yes, of course I do.
That has nothing to do with evaluating the risk he is becoming.
He's unhinged, Annette.
Unhinged is what's called for.
Contain him.
That's your job.
Annette! What's going on? If my son were anyone else in this country, he'd be out by now.
- No, what's going on here? - [SIGHS] Between us? We're having sex again.
Until it seems like a bad idea, again.
- Hey, listen to me - That bitch is tipping the scales when it comes to Duncan.
And there's no way he can get a fair hearing, until she's gone.
Okay, hold on.
Just, um Can you back up a few words? How far back? Uh, "Moments like this require " What is it? "Someone who will act.
Who will do the unpleasant thing.
" You know what? Can you just let me hear it? No.
Why not? I can't.
It's What are you doing? Nothing, I Nothing.
Look, we don't have to go ahead with this.
Okay? And whatever you need to figure out, you should.
Like, can't you just leave him alone? - What do you think I am? - Look, I know exactly what you are.
She's gonna come after you.
"Requires someone who will act.
Who will do the unpleasant thing, the necessary thing.
Don't be fooled by her beautiful face.
My wife is ruthless.
" [CLAIRE] "The most ruthless woman I've ever met.
If people only knew.
" We've filed an injunction.
But Skorsky's saying her source believes the material belongs to him.
- This is insane.
- Unless someone produces evidence of a will, - there's no - Why are we even taking this seriously? I am confident I can silence her with a gag order.
But once a thing is in print, - any other news outlet has the right to - Print? This isn't print, Geraldine.
- Can't we just shut down the site? - No, ma'am.
I don't think we can.
My advice, let's depose.
Get Mr.
Stamper under oath.
- If he perjures himself - No.
That's exactly what he wants.
He wants a public forum.
And he's been through enough already.
[JENNIFER] Madam President, I have to ask.
And I will ask you this in front of your attorney.
Is it your position that you were entirely unaware of your husband's - You don't have to answer that.
- No, no, I want to.
I don't know if he did it for his sake or mine, but he never told me a thing.
Ma'am, in United States v.
Nixon I swear on his unborn child.
Well, there's no doubt that there's areas of the company she's not quite as well versed in.
Partly my fault, our Our father didn't believe in succession.
Are you saying you don't think your sister deserves No.
That's not what I'm saying.
If anything, when I talk about succession, I'm talking about this presidency.
Let's face it, our Commander In Chief, who basically inherited the job from her husband, is acting like a goddamn monarch.
When When a tyrant pretends to be transparent, nation beware.
And these These comments, these public comments from Doug Stamper make nothing but sense.
I mean, follow the complicity.
So, do you have any advice for President Hale? Yes.
- Oh.
Come on now, Bill.
- No, no.
Listen it wouldn't be the worst thing for this country if she didn't finish out her term.
If that's what was fated for her.
- Mr.
Shepard - Listen, I was flipping around the channels last night, and I came across The Alamo.
I know it's not a great movie, but when John Wayne chokes up saying "Republic Bill Shepherd, shut the fuck up.
Reach out to the others.
Remind them of the perils of loose lips.
[SIGHS] Nathan Green was in a meeting hosted by Annette Shepherd.
I don't get rattled easily, but the secrecy around this one, who was there and why, is more than I have ever come across.
I suspect there were some very powerful people in that room.
Douglas Stamper? I don't know yet.
Anything else? Walter, you have worked with us from the beginning.
I liked Frank.
So, I'm curious.
How did you pull it off? Oh, Claire, my calling is a practical one.
I don't judge.
I don't question.
I simply work for the highest bidder.
I'm agnostic, but this virtual landscape is new to me.
And someone out there is working very hard to make Frank look very bad.
Listen, it's just a lot of noise at the moment.
It's not only about him.
[CLAIRE SIGHS] How will you manage to separate yourself from all this shit? All that's left is Doug to connect me.
Be careful, Claire.
Oh, you guys.
I really didn't wanna have to have to do this, but An extreme faction of the ICO terrorist group made an attempt to purchase a nuclear device in Pakistan.
That's a fact.
- Madam President, all due respect - Maria, I know you're new to this, but please don't ever use that expression with me.
"All due respect" means precisely the opposite.
Ma'am, it's just that this threat remains squarely in the category of a potential The intent is there.
Until we have confirmation that the deal has Our intelligence has told us that they will regroup and try again.
This goes back to the warning from Rafiq Nasser two months ago.
Now acting Secretary Gallagher and I have been keeping a close watch on this threat ever since Nancy took over for Nora at Homeland.
And in the spirit of the full transparency this administration is embracing, we're going to take it public.
Frankly, I'm concerned.
From a strategic perspective, if ICO doesn't act, we appear to be crying wolf.
But on the other hand, are we putting ourselves in a position where we're daring them to act? We don't want to appear reckless.
I couldn't sleep last night.
For obvious national security reasons, of course, but also because the baby kept me awake.
And for some reason the word "misogynist" popped into my mind.
And I was trying to think of the word for the opposite.
You know, the word for when a person hates men.
Does anyone around this table know that word is? The word for when a person hates men? Anybody? I had to go and look it up.
" And no one really knows that word because it's not used in our culture.
So what I'm getting at, is maybe we all, regardless of our gender, would do well to examine the pre-conceived notions that we have about who can and cannot act as Commander In Chief.
[SETH] There you go.
They're from a place called the Federalist Pig.
I don't know it.
Well, I've been told it is the next best thing to Freddy's.
I'm good.
You want some? No, they're for you.
Doyle has been asking around about you.
[SETH] Now we can shut him down.
But Yeah, come on, give me one.
I mean [SIGHS] What kind of man says no to ribs, right? The articles and the press conferences.
A little goes a long way, Doug.
A lot of people, in a way, the whole country, we're relying on you.
Seth, I can take care of myself.
Can you pass that sauce? - [CELL PHONE BEEPS] - [VIBRATES] [LINE TRILLING] [RINGS] You must be so alone.
Do you even have anyone around anymore that you can trust? What are you playing at? "Surely, she saw it all.
The killing.
The lying," says Frank at minute six.
Doug, you and me have to have a come to Jesus.
Stop publicly accusing him or it's all gonna come down.
All I'm trying to do is seek the truth these days.
Minute 76 "Before I ever made any big moves, I always ran them by my wife.
" I like the sound of your voice, Doug.
It's so soothing.
- [SCOFFS] - I never really thought about it before, but in just this way, you remind me of Francis.
The one thing I really miss is his voice.
It was always my favorite thing about him.
No matter what he would say, the sound of his voice made me feel like everything was going to be all right.
It's not.
Besides Annette, who else was there? I'm the only one who can save you, Doug.
"And then he asked if I had no faith in God.
I said, 'You have it wrong.
It's God who has no faith in us.
'" Minute 14.
Would you like me to play it for you? Drop the investigation and apologize for what you're doing to him or more of this is gonna come out.
I'm gonna press play.
I want you to hear it.
[CLICKS] [PHONE BEEPS] [EXHALES] My security team just informed me that Russian soldiers are firing - at American Special Forces, Viktor.
- They invaded the coast, which violates agreements you and I made.
- Preventing a nuclear device from - Did you orchestrate this, Claire? For what? To distract from your husband's diary? And don't act like that would be beneath you.
I don't believe motherhood automatically makes a woman a saint.
- Rafiq Nasser - Is dead.
We hit him with a drone strike an hour ago.
He was providing us with necessary intelligence.
That you provided him with first.
The threat is real.
I'll have my people, the GRU, take it from here.
No, you won't.
Look, Claire, just worry about having your baby now.
[SIGHS] I've always been entertained by your arrogance.
It's like watching some movie, just out of date.
If a rogue element gets their hands on a nuclear device, Viktor, I will strike first.
What time is it there now? Must be close to sunrise, huh? Just about.
If you drop an atom bomb, our world, your daughter's world [SCOFFS] That sun will never look the same again, Claire.
What time is it there? Uh I'm about to have lunch.
And what are you having? Oh, a salad.
Cucumbers and tomatoes, a bit of feta.
Some Spanish olive oil and herbs from Tangiers.
I don't eat bread anymore, you know.
We never had a proper meal, you and I.
- Not really.
- I'll have to oppose you now, openly at the UN.
And at every turn.
Privately, I [CHUCKLES] - I will miss you.
- [BEEP] As I made clear to President Petrov, I will not have terrorists waltzing out of the desert with an atomic bomb.
It's time for me to treat you all like the adults you are.
The truth is I'm not the only one who's in danger.
No one's safe.
Not really.
Not ever.
Does that mean a nuclear strike? The first one since Nagasaki? If need be, yes.
[TERRY] You've become a vocal critic of the president.
Even before your arrest.
Actually, the first time you went public was to support legislation limiting her powers.
Which is now more urgent than ever.
And recently, as you await trial, you got into some more hot water with your comments.
Yes, I misspoke.
But let's face it.
This president is fatal.
I mean, she's out there evoking end of days.
And with her in office, that is exactly where this country is headed.
And what am I? Some antiquated soul because I still believe in family? Listen, if you want to do something in this country about poverty, family.
Crime, family.
Education, family.
It's family.
My parents had dinner at six o'clock.
Every single night.
They didn't care where you were, what the hell you were doing.
Dinner was at six, goddamnit.
[TERRY] And when's the last time you and your sister had dinner? That is a fair question.
And it has been some time since we sat across from each other.
[BIRD CAWING] [BIRDS CHIRPING, COWS MOOING] How you doing, Bill? Depends on the day.
And the dose.
I brought you some pastries, from Poupon, Georgetown.
I know you have a soft spot for those.
Well, I don't do sugar anymore.
It's fuel for the tumor.
You can have one, if you want.
No, I'm good.
Twenty years ago, I probably would have sat down and written out my memoirs, instead of trying to just get it out there any way I can.
I thought she would have come out.
I'm sorry.
She sent me.
Does she want me to stop? The opposite.
She wants you to keep hitting the president hard - so that she can come out against you.
- [SIGHS] Is this gonna be a mess? Could be.
When did it happen? That we were the ones catching up.
Were we not paying attention? Not enough.
Francis was a son of a bitch.
[LAUGHS] But he was a talented son of a bitch.
He saw her coming.
He just couldn't stop himself.
Or her.
Where do you think we're gonna be in ten years, Mark? Huh? Come on.
I'm asking everybody.
- For obvious reasons.
- You think about it more than I do.
Fat, wasted and distracted.
Might be a good night out, but it's no way to live a life.
Come on, ten years? I don't know.
Things don't really change, Bill.
They just They just fade away, man.
God, I'm angry.
[ANNETTE] I heard your husband's voice.
Douglas Stamper came to us.
Offered up Francis' diaries, snippets of which Doug played for me.
And to tell you the truth, I considered using it against you.
But I don't think it should ever find its way into the public sphere.
- Forgive my surprise.
- I'm not my brother.
Bill's become bad for democracy.
Like Francis was.
The world loves a cat fight, but I say let's deny them the satisfaction.
It's not too late for us.
You know, you're right.
Let's not give them what they want.
Fuck them all.
Sorry, Angel.
They hear things, you know.
There have been studies.
Is it amazing? It is.
She's an active little thing.
May I? Sure.
Oh, she's kicking.
[ANNETTE GASPS] We'll take care of Doug.
I don't believe your support.
You're a bad liar, Annie.
And you tried to kill her.
You have my son.
How are you gonna do it? I don't know what you're talking about.
Tell me who the others are and I will let Duncan go.
- He's innocent, as am I.
- God, please.
This so-called nuclear crisis.
You're worse than Frank.
She's kicking again.
It's like she senses we're nearing the end.
The only question, Doug, is if you're their plan A, what's their plan B? [DOUG] If Francis were here, we'd know.
Well, if he was going to kill me, - how would he do it? - He'd find an opportunity you provided.
He was always three steps ahead, wasn't he? [YOUNG CLAIRE] Francis Underwood [DOUG] Maybe he still is.
[TELEPHONE BEEPS] [YOUNG CLAIRE] Have I been keeping him alive? Just how far am I willing to go? [YOUNG CLAIRE] I'm having second thoughts.
Am I sure this is a good idea? Yes.
What if I'm carrying a demon seed or something? The odds are 50-50.
So tired of talking about Francis.
I miss my boyfriend Reed.
- I do too, sometimes, but - Reed wanted too much.
Francis gave me permission to hunger.
Because he felt it himself.
All the time.
Everyone thinks I should feel sated.
Then he said, "No, Claire, be as hungry as me.
" And so I ate him? He ate himself.
Doug Stamper? Am I going to eat him? - Herr God.
- Herr Lucifer.
[BOTH] Beware.
[SETH] You know, I always thought - maybe one day, you know, but - Put it back.
- What? - The picture.
It belongs on the fridge.
[SETH] Okay, sorry.
You know, if there is anything that I can do.
- I mean, in case it doesn't go as planned.
- Can you please stop moving? I'm a little worked up, all right? Claire Hale Underwood lived and then she died.
- She's no different from anyone else.
- Yeah.
Well, I'm not sure the world's gonna see it the way you do.
If this breaks right, you can be a hero.
[SCOFFS] Don't spin me, Seth.
How do they plan to do me in? Seth? Look.
[CLEARS THROAT] I'm gonna say this to you.
Not because we're friends.
But because of everything that we've been through together.
[GAGS] [SETH SIGHS] You're an asshole.
You don't have to be a part of this, if you don't want to.
You saying that for me or for you? Maybe both.
I don't know who it is but they have someone inside the White House.
Military always hated her.
Hmm? That's one thing.
Fuck 'em all.
[SCOFFS] - What about the two of us? We just leave.
- [CELL PHONE RINGING] Where do you wanna go? - [BEEPS] - Hello.
How does he look? He's fine.
He's sure that she'll invite him in.
Put him on.
- Yeah.
- What extraordinary times these are.
I wish I could be there to shake your hand.
Annette, I want to make something very clear.
I'm not doing this for you.
We'll be sure to move him from Gaffney to Arlington.
And help fund the Library.
And, Doug, given your recent struggles, nine or ten years from now, you could be out.
- [DOUG SCOFFS] - And I want to thank you.
Everything is set from our side.
The quarterback is standing by.
And Duncan? Is going to have to wait.
What else did she say? Nothing.
Just everything's in place.
It's not going to go like you think.
I never liked talking to you in the first place.
[NATHAN] From what I hear, you were right to cancel your public appearances.
- You think so? - I do, ma'am.
I think the White House is the safest place for you to be right now.
Nathan, you're a liar.
Do me a favor.
Kiss your sweet baby's forehead for me.
[BEEP] Our intelligence confirms the hand off is on the verge of taking place.
And our intelligence says that's not so.
We're talking about a 20-mile radius of sand.
Unreachable by conventional means.
I'll have my forces coordinate with yours, okay? I'm not asking for your permission, Viktor.
Look, Claire.
I can see how eager you are to show your enemies just how powerful you are.
But, please, please don't do this.
I know you, the things you've done.
Think how the world will judge you.
As if you have any credibility with the world stage.
Prepare a statement.
Ma'am, I need to object.
Pardon me? The public is aware we're prepared to strike.
We don't need to alarm them further.
I will not be a part of this this fabrication.
Alert the military aide.
I want him ready and waiting with the briefcase.
A targeted strike will destabilize the region for decades to come and it will create a distrust that will ripple through Europe and much of Asia.
Markets will be rocked.
Yes, the consequences will be grave.
But it has come to my attention that there is a plot against me.
Someone in my White House is planning to betray me.
And until I find out who that is, I will not reconsider my position here.
Ma'am? Something arrived for you from Doug Stamper.
It was passed through security.
Thank you.
- The men in uniform don't support you.
[BEEPS] I want the White House emptied out.
Other than yourselves, minimal and essential staff only.
- All visitors need to be cleared by me.
- Yes, ma'am.
[RINGING AND VIBRATING] [RINGING STOPS] Are you fucking kidding me? Are you standing me up? [SCOFFS] God bless you, man.
But this is not what you promised me.
And you can tell the president that she can send an army of lawyers at me, but I won't be buried.
I am not going to stop.
And I don't know when it will be or how.
But I am going to finish this godforsaken story, okay? [PHONE BEEPS] [SEAT BELT CLICKS] [BILL] See, the Harry Brooker painting, that's my very favorite.
And then there's the Hogarth.
That's 1700's, English.
And from France, the Chardin, same period.
Maison des Cartes.
There's one from the 1800s from Germany that's very interesting in here.
There, see? They all have one thing in common.
Children watching, waiting for the cards to fall.
[MARK] Annette.
I won't be here for this.
Where would you rather be? I don't know.
Tenants Advocacy Group, south side of Chicago.
But I can't be there, so I don't know.
If you're leaving, leave.
Thank you, Colonel Flora.
What did they promise you? - Ma'am, I didn't - Quiet.
What took you so long? May we have the room, please? - Are you sure, ma'am? - Yes.
It's all right.
Thank you.
Do we need a drink? You can't.
Well, desperate times, right? Here's who wants you dead.
Annette Shepherd had me waiting.
I know who was there.
Thank you.
Whatever happens here It's between us.
Doug, I know you.
You've never really had anyone else.
Rachel Posner, but How long do you think you're going to get away with that? I don't.
What are you going to call her? I haven't decided yet.
- What do you think? - Frances Underwood.
Frances with an "e.
" That belongs to her.
She ever gonna get to hear his voice? His words? No.
And neither is anyone else.
- Her father was a great man, Claire.
- Doug.
How many times did he even mention your name in those recordings? - He was protecting me.
- No.
I'm so sorry you need to believe that.
Do you want it? I'm the only one left who knows you, Claire.
You're using that child out there, acting like the mother of this nation.
- [USB DRIVE DROPS] - I know the truth.
Doug, I'm happy.
Believe me.
I'm good.
I want you to know that I forgive you.
It was you, right? He was coming here to kill you.
And then he was going to go to you next.
I couldn't let you destroy him.
Did you want him to die in my bed? Was that your plan? I didn't have a plan.
I didn't know.
[BLUBBERING] I didn't I didn't know.
I used his meds.
I didn't know how long it would take, but I I knew.
I couldn't let him destroy everything we built.
I had to protect the legacy from the man.
He got weak, Doug.
That wasn't your fault.
[GRUNTS] He made you! Say it.
Say it.
Say it.
I'm not going to give you what you want.
[SOBBING] Damn it, Claire.
Just say it.
You're happy he's dead, too.
- Then say it! Say it! - [GASPS] Say it! Say it right now.
Let him go, Doug.
I can't! - I'm sorry.
- [GRUNTS] I'm sor [CLAIRE] It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
[DOUG GRUNTS] [GASPING] [GROANING] - It's all right, Doug.
- [GASPS] - Everything is gonna be all right.
- [EXHALES] It's all gonna be all right.
No more pain.