House of Hammer (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Love Bomb

All right. Buckle your seatbelt.
This is gonna be the bet.
If I won,
I get to come over to your
house with my bag of goodies.
Uh, inside my bag of goodies
there are several different
bundles of shibari rope.
Shibari is the Japanese
art of rope bondage.
My bet was going to involve
showing up at your place
and completely tying you
up and incapacitating you
and then being able
to do whatever I wanted
to every single hole in your
body until I was done with you.
Trouble for Golden
Globe nominee, Armie Hammer,
known for his roles in The Social
Network and Call Me By Your Name.
Disturbing and racy
messages allegedly sent to women
by the actor Armie Hammer
are trending on Twitter.
Shocking DM's allegedly sent from
Armie Hammer's public accounts
are going viral on social media.
How did Armie Hammer
go from Hollywood golden boy
to an alleged abuser?
The actor Armie Hammer
has been confirmed as the suspect
in an alleged
sexual assault case
by the Los Angeles
Police Department.
I thought we were all joking about
that Armie Hammer stuff, but that's real?
I just found out
that that's real.
I have a new development, his
aunt wrote a book about their family,
and let me tell you, this
stuff didn't start with Armie.
I know my
grandfather had a dark side,
but I saw my father's
dark side firsthand,
and I've seen my
brother's dark side.
And I've just heard about
Armie's dark side, but I believe it.
More. One more.
Every generation in my family
has been involved in dark misdeeds
and it just gets worse
and worse and worse.
My name's Courtney Vucekovich,
um, I am from Dallas, Texas.
I am the CEO and founder
of an app called FLASHD.
I started that in 2017.
I'm here to talk about
what happened in my
relationship with Armie Hammer.
I would love to be
able to paint a picture
of the red flags
that I saw and
what happened in order
for me to get in the mindset
where I was almost fully
controlled by somebody.
I had lost my
entire sense of self.
You're his. Completely.
I think it was November,
December, 2019.
I remember the Christmas
lights in Highland Park Village.
They light up. It's
super gorgeous.
I'm just trying to enjoy a night
with my friends at a bar in Dallas.
Then my friend's like, "That's Armie
Hammer, from the Facebook movie."
I didn't know who he
was. Like, he was tall,
and he didn't dress like a frat boy, so I
was like, "Wow, yeah. He's super cute."
We, like, saw each
other in passing, like,
spoke very briefly at the
bar, and then I go home.
Then I woke up the next morning,
and he had added
me on Instagram.
I followed him back, and just sat there
from afar looking at each other's lives.
He acts very goofy. I remember
being like, "This is fun."
It made him feel interesting.
Breaking news tonight as
the COVID-19 virus continues to spread,
forcing millions of
Americans into lockdown,
non-essential business
ordered to close.
COVID happened
in March, so with everything shut down,
my business was on pause.
So you're like, sitting
there with your thoughts.
It was difficult, and
then June 2020,
I get an Armie Hammer
DM, a little blue checkmark.
He just chose to speak to me
one day, so I was like, "Hmm."
You know, my brain, I'm like
"I've been doing
nothing for a month.
It's COVID. This
is interesting."
But I was very hesitant
because I see the persona
that was public, was he's
married and that he's the father
of these two beautiful kids.
So I was like, "Aren't
you married?" You know?
He's like, "My wife and I, we have
been separated for almost two years."
I've been living in New
York. She lives in LA.
And I believed it
because he would
send me text messages
and call me every day,
constant communication.
The second he woke up to we'd
fall asleep on the phone together.
And immediately he was just
sharing all these things with me,
intimate details
about his parents,
family secrets, and I'm like,
"Wow, this is, like, really powerful.
He must feel, like, really safe."
In return, I felt very
safe telling him mine.
I had gotten out of a really,
really, toxic relationship.
And we were sharing
just very intimate things.
A lot of the things we shared were
trauma we experienced as children.
And it is even a
deeper connection,
like, really, like, rooted
those bonds for me,
that he was so vulnerable to
share something like this with me,
because I'd never told anybody.
I wanted to help him.
At the same time, he's
blowing me up with compliments.
"How could you be this
beautiful? This smart? So funny?
You're such a good
listener. You get me."
It's like, he's like, "I feel such
an intense connection with you.
Is that crazy? Are
we being crazy?"
And I'm just like,
"Maybe we are."
Between the love
bombing and the attention,
I felt like this
was all perfect,
this was amazing, this was,
like, what we're all taught to think
is a fairy tale
when we're little.
Not only is he an actor, a
pretty well-known actor
he was gorgeous and tall
and What does he want with me?
You know, to say, to say that
it didn't have an effect would
I think it would have
an effect on anybody.
Unfortunately, Armie Hammer can't
be here today, which is probably better
because we'd all
be staring at him
since he's such a God damn hunk.
There's, like, certain people
that if they shine their light on you,
you believe, like, you're
the only person in the room.
There is an element
of that to Armie.
I know Armie
through acting class.
We were in the same Tuesday
night acting class for years.
I got to watch his,
kind of, rise to stardom.
Armie had bit player
roles in the beginning.
He would have a couple of lines,
you know? It builds a resume.
Hey! Star dork.
And then he got
Gossip Girl, and that was, what?
Like, a couple of episodes?
But we were all in
the same kind of boat.
We were all just scrambling
to try to get auditions.
The Social Network auditions
kinda hit like a tornado.
Everybody was auditioning for these roles,
you know? This is a great opportunity.
Armie was cast as
the Winklevoss twins.
They had the idea for
Facebook on the Harvard campus.
You know, the attributes are tall,
good-looking, comes from extreme wealth.
Armie has all of those.
And I do remember
hearing that David Fincher,
the director of The Social
Network, liked Armie's pedigree.
These are millionaires.
Who knows better than that
than a descendant
of Armand Hammer?
I just can't get over what a
great name "Armie Hammer" is.
It's just a really hard name
to be when you're like, five.
Especially 'cause it's,
like, short for "Armand."
Which is, like, a big
name for a little kid, so
- You were named for your great grandfather
- Yeah.
Who was the billionaire owner
of, uh, Occidental Petroleum.
- Yes.
- Which sounds like the bad corporation
in a Batman movie, by the way.
Armie didn't like speaking
about his family or his history.
Having lived
in Hollywood for twenty years,
you see the name Hammer
on museums and on parks.
So I knew their family had
a lot of money and power.
My name is Seth Abramovitch,
and I'm a journalist.
I write for the
Hollywood Reporter.
When I interviewed Armie, he was in
awards contention for Call Me By Your Name,
and was on that teetering cusp
of establishing himself as a force to
be contended with within Hollywood.
We started at Holmby Park
in Westwood, at his request.
There's a big sign that says, "The
Armand Hammer Golf Course."
I was like, "Look, it's your
great grandfather's name."
Dr. Armand Hammer
has parlayed outstanding private success
into public power as a Chairman
and CEO of Occidental Petroleum,
a diversified $16
billion company.
Dr. Armand Hammer is one of
the world's leading capitalists.
Armie's a very
handsome actor who came out of privilege,
and the history of his
family is very interesting.
He did not have a
typical childhood.
So right away I was
intrigued by this person was.
Armie was born in
Santa Monica, California,
and he said his father
made an unusual decision,
which was to move the
family to the Cayman Islands.
He and his young brother were
brought there from a young age.
I was curious why out of all the
places in the world, the Cayman Islands.
I associate the Cayman Islands with offshore
bank accounts that sort of can't be touched.
So I assumed it was
something financial.
They returned to Los Angeles,
I think he was in seventh grade,
and Armie started pursuing
this idea that he had
when he was younger, which
was that he wanted to be an actor.
The Social Network
absolutely launched his career.
He was starring opposite Justin
Timberlake, Andrew Garfield.
It was the movie of the year.
That was what made him.
I remember bumping into
him, and all of a sudden
there's Armie in
a three-piece suit,
looking amazing,
looking like a movie star.
It's official. I have arrived.
And Elizabeth was with him.
- I'm here with my beautiful wife.
- Hi.
The roles just kept coming where he
was always playing the handsome man
but the problem
was it was a wave
of box office bombs after bombs.
You know, these
movies weren't hitting.
What movie besides Social
Network had really made money?
Thankfully, Call Me By Your Name
happened and got
him buzzing again.
There was this
buzz everywhere you looked
in the run-up to this
movie coming out.
It just sounded very
daring, very sexy.
The two of
them together being sexual on screen
was going to make
headlines no matter what.
He already
was taking a real risk.
Hollywood loves when an
actor takes a risk like that,
and so that buzz is really
what pushed him onto our cover.
You were reading about him
all the time. People cared about him more.
He, of course, was doing
massive press for the movie
because he was on
on Oscar campaign.
Your fans want to hear from you.
At the time, you
could say Armie started
cosplaying the life of kind of
a perfect movie star, if you will.
He seemed to be doing
things the exact right way.
He had the picture
perfect marriage he had two children.
Everything he described was
very much lovey dovey fairy tale.
He came from this family of wealth and
privilege, and his career was swimming.
Generally, you did not get
the whiff of scandal around him.
There was one thing
that repeatedly came up
when I talked to people and
told them I was profiling him,
and it was about, that he had a
sort of edgy interest in BDSM sex.
I did bring it up, and he shut
me down pretty decisively.
He said he has less of a comment
than even if he had no comment.
are you okay to
bring up your phone
- so we can talk about some of those examples?
- Yeah.
I haven't
really digested this one.
He says
"I have a fantasy about having
someone prove their love and devotion
and tying them up in a public place
at night and making their body free use
and seeing if they will
fuck strangers for me."
When I first saw that
Armie Hammer was following me,
it was about a week
before quarantine,
and I looked up his
Instagram, and I said,
"Oh, it's the guy from
The Social Network."
Like, you know, he's a big movie star,
he was just in Call Me By Your Name.
I opened up my messages with
the intention of saying, you know,
"Hey, thanks for the follow."
Or something like that.
And I had seen that he had
already messaged me in 2017.
And it was this long message.
He was inquiring about a
series of photographs of me.
And when I reached out back to
him, almost exactly three years later
he got back to
me within an hour,
and then we just
started talking.
My name is Julia Morrison.
I am a artist and writer, uh, based
in New York and Los Angeles.
That series of artworks
is titled For Arabella,
by an artist named Sarah Bahbah.
They are about a toxic relationship
and breaking free from that.
You have, you know,
very existentialist sorts
of captions with
beautiful girls.
A lot of them are
quite provocative.
I did ash him which artworks of
that series he was most drawn in by.
He said he liked that
photo of me being choked.
He started saying things
like, "God, you're so perfect.
It's like you were made for me."
Which is ironic because, you know,
he just completely missed the message.
Being a young
woman in this industry
where you're modeling,
acting, making art,
people will shower you with
compliments, and you're like,
"Oh, yeah. Well, my
shit's tight." You know?
"Like, why wouldn't they
be obsessed with me?"
So, like, I mean, I don't want
to sound, like, totally full of myself,
but, no, I was not fully alarmed
at first. I was more intrigued.
He invited me to a
play really early on.
I mean, within a few hours,
really, of our conversation was,
you know, "Oh, are
you in New York?
I'm working on a play
here. Do you want to come?"
And I was interested in going,
and then lockdown happened.
Shortly after that, things
became sexual in conversation.
It didn't really seem that
unnatural at first for me
because of the context of the times that
we were going through in that moment.
You know, my friends were
telling me about Zoom dates
and phone sex with so and
so from, you know, Hinge or Tinder,
and I'm, you know,
speaking with Armie Hammer
like this in my Instagram DM's.
Once the sexual nature
of the DM's started,
it was all that he ever
wanted to talk about.
He says to me, "Fine,
let's be open and honest.
"I've wanted to tie you up since
I saw those god damn pictures
and messaged you about it."
"Shibari is how it's spelled.
It's the Japanese
art of rope bondage
with its cousin Kinbaku."
For total restraint.
And then he was
saying to me about how
if I were to submit to him, um,
at the level of, uh,
where he could, you know,
call me and say one word
and get me to come on demand,
um, like Pavlovian dog style.
Like, kind of getting you into
this, like, submissive space
where, like, you know,
he's, you know, the dominant.
These are messages that are being sent
literally within seconds of each other.
You know, very heavy
and very frequent.
"Let me take care
of everything?"
"You don't think or worry about
anything except being a good little pet.
My own personal little slave."
"In return you will be
worshipped, fed, and fucked."
I was like, like.
But those little
hearts just means
that you're engaged or
that you even received it.
That's totally different
than actually being, like,
in a intimate space
with someone.
All of that very forward
talk was just kind of, like,
back and forth like
that for six months.
But I did google and see that
he had, you know, had a family,
and so I figured a
man who's married
who is doing that with me, I'm not naive
enough to think that I'm the only one.
For July 4th, he
tells me he was doing this road trip.
He was going Miami to LA, and
he's gonna cross through Texas.
And I have had plans to go into
the Hamptons with some friends.
It was already set, and he
almost got upset with me,
that I was gonna be gone
when he was driving through.
Somebody had my
phone, they're like,
"Somebody named Armie
has called you like 22 times."
He sends me a picture when I'm in
the Hamptons of my building in Dallas.
At this point, we've
never spent time together.
So it was weird.
I remember being like, "Are
we flirting or is this scary?"
I get back from New York,
and he left me this note.
"Oh, this will be a cute
note." So I open the envelope,
and it just says, "I'm going
to bite the fuck out of you."
And then he
autographed this note.
I didn't know how to feel
about the note, you know?
It was, like
he talks so sweetly
sometimes on the phone,
just, like, compliments
and compliments,
then you get a note that says,
"I'm going to bite the fuck out of you."
As crazy as that sounds, I took
it metaphorically, not literally.
I thought he just wanted the intimacy,
the closeness, wanted us to be together.
So I chose to look at it as
more flattering than concerning.
When I told my friends about
us talking, I left that part out.
I think that says a lot.
Chambers and her actor husband,
Armie Hammer, split.
On Friday, the movie star shared
the news in an Instagram post.
Quote, "It has been
an incredible journey,
but together, we've decided to turn the
page and move on from our marriage."
They released a joint
statement, interestingly enough,
so, you know, they were gonna
be super supportive of each other.
"This was an amicable split. We've
grown apart. We've done everything."
You know, there's this
thing of, like, if you get married young,
if you have kids young, eventually you're
gonna have some sort of midlife crisis
or something that you're gonna
explore all of these darker sides.
Or was that Armie all along?
We are number one for departure.
Please prepare the captains.
I was coming to
LA. I was coming to see a friend,
and after just
talking constantly,
Armie and I were both,
like, okay, we have to meet.
And this is a new
experience to me.
I've never been with
somebody like this.
He's, like, we're going on
an adventure to the desert.
This is flirty!
Fun, different, but bizarre,
risky. I've never met this man.
So I'm freaking out.
I'm so anxious. I didn't know
what was gonna happen.
When I got to LA,
the plan was, Armie was gonna pick
me up after I had dinner with my friends.
I was very nervous,
and so was he.
I mean, he was texting me, like, "I can't
believe this. This I'm so nervous."
He pulls his truck up, and I had
my dog, and I had a little suitcase.
We saw each other and we,
like, kissed on the lips immediately.
And I was, like, I think
we were both, like, whoop?
What? Like It
just felt natural.
I got in the car, and then we
were, like, off to the desert.
It was very surreal.
I had spent, like, the last
month talking to this person.
Five hours a day, and then you're
spending time with each other.
We spent every day together
for the next three weeks.
We spent a lotta time
in Twentynine Palms.
Armie's friend owns a
motel that he's renovating.
We painted it.
I have a picture of my little
dog under this, like, motel sign.
Right here, this is where we
would have, like, you know,
like, dinners right
here on this long table.
Candlelit dinners.
We didn't leave
each other's side.
If my chair was a foot away
from his, he's pulling my chair over.
He always, like, his
hand's on my leg.
It's like, even the first day that we met,
his hand was always just, like, on my knee.
Like, always needed
to be touching me,
showing me affection, making me
feel really comfortable, and really safe.
It was so hot, so
I'd just be, like,
in a bikini all day, like,
on the back of his scooter.
At night, we would go by the
pool in the back of the motel,
and, like, put a projector out and a
screen and then just, like, watch E.T.
I just felt like, I don't know,
it felt like another world.
It felt magical.
We really connected
just as two people,
not a famous actor and me,
who's a very private person.
I'm just a business
owner in Dallas.
It's so not me to
drop everything
and leave for a man, that's
I've never been like that.
I think I was starting
to fall for him, for sure.
I mean, I wouldn't have said, "I love you,"
but it was It was heading towards that.
I took a picture right there.
Just a pose to remember
how happy I am for a second.
I truly was so fuckin' happy.
I was like, I can't believe
this is happening to me.
But there were times that
something didn't feel right.
This is the first time
at this tractor supply
that he, like, looked
for those ropes.
He would take me
in the rope section.
They were completely out of rope
and I was just, like, thankful, you know?
Or I'm just, like,
"Okay, let's go!"
I think that's when he sensed that
that was out of my comfort zone,
so he kind of softened.
One night, he was, like, "Watch
this movie, it's called The Secretary."
It's one of his favorite movies.
Maggie Gyllenhaal is
the assistant to this lawyer
What is wrong with you? That
He was training
her to be very submissive.
She acts as the desk,
or she'll do the stapler with her
chin, or do everything for him,
and just, like, that's
what he wants from me?
And there was one thing
that happened to me,
I don't even like
to think about it.
The situation that happened
was something I didn't
I think it's something you
speak about before it's done,
and we didn't speak about this.
I It was something that
has never been done to me,
and it is something
that is very degrading,
very belittling,
and I just don't
I don't like to I don't
wanna put it out there.
Then I'm, like, holy shit!
I've gotta get back to my life,
so I go home.
I broke down in the shower
crying in the shower.
And I had this wave of anxiety,
it's like my body
was responding,
trying to be like, hey,
something's not right.
But I I put it
out of my mind,
because when we talk, it's like, "I
miss you so much, I miss you so much,"
"You should move to
LA, be my girlfriend."
He needed me, and it felt nice,
and so we saw each
other about a week later.
He's, like, giving me quality
time, and constant communication,
and PDA, you just feel so loved.
When we were together, it felt
good, but when we were apart,
I had this, just, like,
pit in my stomach.
We didn't have the conversation
where we're exclusive,
but we have all these talks where
I'm not supposed to be with anybody,
so it's just him.
He wants complete control of me,
and I didn't have the mental
capacity to think about another soul.
Because, you know, usually he's sending
me a thousand texts and a hundred calls.
I wasn't going on dates,
and that's how he wanted it.
Actress Rumer Willis was
spotted on a date with Armie Hammer.
The couple were
photographed walking around LA.
According to an insider, he's
not looking for a relationship,
and they denied claims that
he is currently dating anyone.
The thing
with Rumer happened and
he said it
didn't mean anything.
But it's like, I remember seeing
the way his hand was around her,
'cause he's very
aggressive with his hands.
He always wanted to be, like, hand on me,
hand on my arm, hugging me, like, always
But, like, the way he was
touching her, I was just, like
Made me feel,
like, even smaller.
And I felt betrayed,
so I tried to end it.
I was supposed to come
back to LA in September.
By this time he had moved
into this teeny-tiny pool house.
So I go to the teeny-tiny pool
house and I'm like, I'm gonna end it.
When we were at that pool house,
and I was, like, "You're hurting
me, I can't do this anymore."
He And he said, "No, you're
You're gonna have to block me,
you're gonna have
to do all these things."
I leave, we're both crying.
The next day, I go to my
friend's in Beverly Hills,
and we were on a walk and
he showed up on his scooter,
where we were walking, he
had my location on his phone.
And And I fell
right back into it.
I thought it was romantic.
I thought this
He's fighting for me.
And instead of going back to
Dallas, we went on another road trip.
I think when you really
care for somebody,
it's kind a crazy what your mind
is willing to look past or justify.
But then There, you know, there's
these things that keep happening that
Just I would have, like, hand
marks, like, that would stay on my body.
I think Armie took that picture.
He bites really hard
and he tells you to wear
them like a badge of honor.
Almost like he convinced
me that I'm lucky to have it.
It's like As fucked
up as that sounds,
at that time, I was
interpreting that as love.
Like, looking at it
now makes me sick.
And he pushes your
boundaries a little bit at a time.
And then the
tone of the next trip
just felt different from
the very beginning.
This time when he picked me up, I
saw a brown bag and it had ropes in it.
We drove through Sedona.
We get to this hotel.
We have dinner.
There's this gin, vermouth,
like, it's He orders four a these,
I've had one margarita.
And it's like, we're
not getting along.
He's in a weird mood.
Nothing about the moment felt
good. And then he mentions the ropes.
I was My heart
dropped in my stomach.
He told me he's only ever tied
up mannequins, never people.
He wants to share this with
me. His fantasy, this experience.
Something new that he's
never tried with anybody.
So then I was, like, "I'm really
not in the mood, I don't feel good.
I don't feel well."
He was just like Acted
mad, like, would look away, like,
I I just was like,
how do I get outta this?
And then that night,
he was drunk, I was not,
and I didn't say, "No."
Um, I said, "I didn't feel good,"
I I said everything except, "No."
So he puts
on this creepy playlist,
Just like
It's The ropes were
around your neck,
your wrists, your
ankles, behind your back.
It's like
It was I mean, I had
bruises, I had I hated it.
It's like, I understand that
if this is, like, your fantasy,
or this is your thing
more power to you, but this was
not I didn't like it, and it's like
it didn't feel safe, or like
I didn't feel, like, loved,
or it was just horrible.
And you're like,
completely immobilized.
And it's like, there's
something about trauma
while you're
immobilized and can't move.
There's that fight or flight, you
can't do either, you're just stuck there.
And I'm just closing my
eyes until it ended and
and we just He just went
to sleep like it was nothing.
Can we take a break?
I almost didn't wanna
make it real by writing it down, but
After that night, this is
what I took away from it.
"Armie wanted total control of
me and absolute compliance,
destroying any sense
of bodily autonomy.
His ultimate fantasy."
After that scenario in Sedona, I
really started to, kind of, unravel.
It didn't sit well with me,
but then it's followed up with
him pulling me even closer.
And being, like, "I want
you to meet my mom,"
which is huge to me.
I think that's a really big
deal, like, it felt like, okay
You know, I'm just clinging to,
like, little things to make this okay.
The situation with the ropes was
three days before I met his mom.
But at that point, it was kind of
like a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.
There was just, like
Too much had happened.
We broke up two days
after meeting his mom.
I knew something about him
would come up in the future,
because I know
how careless he is.
I know how he texts, and he just leaves
trails of all his madness everywhere.
I woke up
on the second week of January.
I got my coffee, I sat down.
I started opening up
Twitter and combing through.
My name is Candice Cronkhite
and my IG handle is BBFBravo.
I've always been interested
in anything with pop culture.
I really liked, you know,
deep diving people's backgrounds
and why are they the way that they are,
and curating things that the
public may not know about a person.
I passed by a screenshot
of a DM with the headline,
"Armie Hammer's Ex-Girlfriend
Is Leaking His DM's."
All of these screen grabs
that were pulled on Twitter
were coming from a anonymous
account called houseofeffie.
When I opened up that
first text, it was shocking.
The content that you're reading and
you're like, okay, this is a little kinky,
to progressively getting
darker and darker.
Like, "this is shocking"
to "this is disturbing."
After a couple a text messages, I
would see this one posted by houseofeffie.
You know that there are some kinky things,
or things that you are unfamiliar with,
but the idea that somebody
gets off on raping somebody,
and that is what
they're pretending to do,
it's It's I I
can't It's just really Sick.
And so I couldn't stop.
I had to do a story on it, because I
could tell that this was gonna be big.
Armie Hammer has been in
hot water over leaked texts.
Because of the community guidelines,
I'm not going to say what that's about,
but you could head over to my
IG highlights to see for yourself.
Sadly, I saw people laugh it off
and not believe houseofeffie
and give it the
attention it deserves.
In January, I see a message
from the DeuxMoi account,
a gossip account.
She knew that Armie and I had
been together in a relationship,
because my name had
already been leaked
and so, DeuxMoi
would talk about it.
The DeuxMoi account was
posting these screenshots
from an account
called houseofeffie,
and they were really
sexually violent messages.
So, she messaged me
"Is this true?"
I know how this man speaks.
I could write a text for him,
I've seen them a million times.
I know the language he
uses, punctuation he uses.
He always used the word kitten.
He'd be like, "hi,
my little kitten."
That was very common.
The messages that
House of Effie was showing,
he said this exact
same word to me.
You know, I was like, "that's
100% true, that's Armie."
At that point,
I just wanted to validate
what houseofeffie was saying.
The next morning,
my life just blew up.
Armie Hammer's
ex-girlfriend, Courtney Vucekovich
Vucekovich has come forward
with claims against
her ex, Armie Hammer
Once Courtney
was willing to go on the record,
this story blew wide open.
It was about abuse and
power and gaslighting.
He said things like he wanted
to barbecue and eat her.
What is
happening with Armie Hammer?
Disturbing and racy
messages allegedly sent to women
by the actor Armie Hammer
are trending on Twitter.
Shocking DMs allegedly
from Armie Hammer's public accounts
are going viral on social media.
His sexually graphic
texts and DMs are dominating.
BDSM and even
cannibalism began trending.
I think this specific
one that she posted
really shocked people.
I mean, he said, "I'm
100% a cannibal."
He's, like, "fuck, it feels
weird even saying that,"
and I can picture him
saying that so vividly.
And then he said that he shot
a deer and then ate its heart.
There's this whole, then,
darker underbelly that just starts
getting you sicker and sicker.
He's talking about
wanting to eat flesh.
Really, really, really
horrific things and imagery.
Where does this end?
Where does this go?
At this point people were just
running with the cannibalism.
Nobody cared about
anything except the word cannibal.
Pretending like it was all a
joke didn't sit well with me
because it wasn't a joke.
Now it's entertainment.
Now we're, like, we're leaned in
waiting to see how dark this is.
While the DMs remain unverified,
the stories have kept coming in.
Once Courtney came forward,
other women started coming forward.
One of them was
the writer, Jessica.
She had said, "if anyone's
questioning whether these DMs are real,
I'm here to tell
you that they are."
Paige Lorenze
was another woman involved
with Armie Hammer.
She told her whole story
and she did not hold back.
He kind of just took me in
under his wing and he really
was so all-consuming,
and he made me feel
like it was a safe space,
made me feel like
this was normal,
he made me feel like this
was gonna be fun and sexy,
but I think he used BDSM
as, like, a smokescreen,
ultimately, to hurt women
and inflict pain on women,
which is the scariest part.
Hollywood is a very
business-oriented industry,
and now after Me Too
happened and Time's Up,
nobody is taking a
chance on anybody.
The actor Armie Hammer
has been dropped from the
upcoming film Shotgun Wedding,
which he was due to be starring
in opposite Jennifer Lopez.
Armie said in a statement,
"in light of the vicious and
spurious online attacks against me,
I cannot in good conscience
now leave my children
for four months
to shoot a film."
As soon as allegations start to
come out that seem to have substance,
they're dropping
you like a hot potato.
WME immediately
dropped Armie Hammer.
Armie Hammer has
been fighting for his career
after being plagued by
a social media scandal.
It was always talking about how,
"what is Armie going to
do? He lost this movie deal."
Nobody was talking
about the victims.
I just felt like I couldn't
leave the story alone.
I really wanted to figure
out more about him.
Wondering what different
things has he dropped
that we have all been missing.
The first thing I
saw was a interview,
one where he was talking about
tying a rope within 30 seconds
People get thrilled when
you pull out rope at a party.
and it was, like,
"hmm, that's weird."
You look through the Twitter,
you look through Instagram,
you look at who he's
following on Instagram,
He followed a lot
of shibari accounts,
which is a form of
Japanese bondage.
A lot of women in
suggestive poses.
And then there was
an article on Playboy.
Armie Hammer in Playboy said
he likes rough sex,
he likes to pull hair.
Maybe a bit of choking, but
he would never do it to his wife
because he respects
her too much.
I found DMs
that were showing more texts
and more and more
and more content
relating to him being
involved in the BDSM world.
At that point I was
just confused about it
beyond Fifty Shades of Grey.
Soon enough, I found out that
if you set these
pre-determined boundaries
and they're crossed
over and over again,
that is a problem.
The more research
that I've done,
the more I found that
these things that he did
are actually not BDSM,
but he's calling them BDSM.
But it's actually just
unsafe, um, behavior
that would, you know,
normally be criminal.
When I looked into it, you could
clearly tell this was not BDSM.
It was getting darker.
This looked like abuse.
And then Effie of Instagram
account houseofeffie came forward.
She had hired famed
attorney, Gloria Allred,
who's known for
advocating for women.
Effie is 24 years old,
and she lives in Europe.
She had a romantic and an intimate
relationship with Armie Hammer
on and off between 2016 to 2020.
Effie issued a statement that
was an absolute bombshell.
I'm attorney Gloria Allred.
I'm a women's rights
attorney in Los Angeles.
I'm a partner in a law firm.
I deal with many victims
of rape, sexual assault
and sexual harassment.
I do represent Effie.
Victims need to have
support if they're going to
come forward against a
rich, powerful, famous figure.
They shouldn't
have to do it alone.
Doing it alone is
dangerous, it's frightening.
This is not for
the faint of heart.
I met Armie Hammer
on Facebook in 2016
when I was 20 years old.
The relationship
progressed rapidly
and the emotions from both
sides became really intense.
He would often test
my devotion to him
by removing and
crossing my boundaries
as he became
increasingly more violent.
He abused me mentally,
emotionally and sexually.
How can you see somebody
breaking down like
that and not feel for it
and, oh, it was hard to watch.
On April 24th, 2017,
Armie Hammer
violently raped me for over
four hours in Los Angeles
during which he repeatedly
slapped my head against a wall
bruising my face.
During those four hours,
I tried to get away,
but he wouldn't let me.
The way that she was
speaking through her story
through tears, and her conviction
about what she had been through,
I just thought, you know,
every woman thinks,
"oh, God, that could
have been me,"
you know, and it's been
really close to being me,
and in other situations,
it has been me.
So, I was really grateful,
um, for what she had done in
her bravery of coming forward.
She came
forward and told everything
He also committed other
acts of violence against me
to which I did not consent.
And it launched a police
investigation within the LAPD.
The actor Armie Hammer
has been confirmed as the suspect
in an alleged
sexual assault case
by the Los Angeles
Police Department.
Right now, Armie's
being represented by Andrew Brettler
who's known for his
defense of people accused
of sexual abuse or
sexual misconduct,
and that seemed a
very strategic move.
And in a statement vehemently
denied any wrongdoing
on behalf of his client.
I know his attorney well,
we've had many cases
against that firm, and I
have said many years ago
and it's still true today,
that firm represents
Hollywood bad boys
and I represent
the women they hurt.
Even in BDSM relationships,
consent is still
at the heart of it.
It doesn't mean that
anyone can do anything
to anyone during
a sexual relationship.
If she withdraws her consent,
and he continues,
that's a crime.
Simple as that.
Kinky is not against the law.
Rape is.
I do think
a lot of women and men
can relate to engaging
with somebody
who presented themselves
in an almost too good to
be true way in the beginning
that was really just
a manipulation tactic
that led to really bad behavior.
My name is Lauren Skae,
I go by the Zen
Blonde on social media.
Okay, so, Armie's
lawyers have spoken,
and they called these
claims outrageous
and said that all of his
encounters were consensual.
So, I saw the Armie
Hammer case unfolding,
and in hearing all these
stories, I wanted to amplify them
because I wanted to
push them towards justice.
I had so many tips coming in,
and it wasn't just
tips about Armie,
it was tips about
the whole family.
Armie Hammer's not
only a famous actor,
but a famous actor whose
family is an institution.
And then, eventually,
my friend tipped me off
that the Hammer family was crazy
and that there were a few books about it.
Casey Hammer is
Armie Hammer's aunt.
I found Casey's book on Audible,
so I downloaded it, and
immediately started listening to it,
and literally, like, could not
believe what I was hearing.
"That is when I understood
that the red down
her front was blood.
She was screaming
for my father to stop.
I could see pain and fear
shooting out from her eyes.
I heard her voice in my head,
'Run! Run!'
I was paralyzed with fear."
I was so infuriated by the book.
For me, like, just
observing it from afar,
it seemed like it was a
multi-generational trend.
That very, like,
wealthy, privileged men
got away with different bad
things throughout these generations.
And then I'm on
Google, and I'm, like,
"I can't be the one
that tied this together,
I can't be the one
that tied this together,
this has to be something that's
known, I'm just late to the story."
And then realizing
that nobody knows this
and then feeling like
I need to put this
out immediately,
this needs to immediately
become part of the narrative.
I'm gonna let everyone
catch up with the Armie stuff,
but I have a new development, his
aunt wrote a book about their family.
And let me tell you the
stuff didn't start with Armie.
He is the great grandson of
Armand Hammer, an oil tycoon.
His son, Julian, who would be
Armie's grandfather, was insane.
He beat the living
daylights out of his wife.
I posted everything
in rapid succession
as I was still
listening to the book.
The first video
started going viral,
and then everyone
jumped to the videos after,
and some people were
literally watching them live.
She ended up finding photos of
her dad, again, Armie's grandfather,
watching as one
of the housekeepers
performed a sexual
act on another man.
I have to say, like, things
exploded on TikTok really quickly.
It grew overnight.
When it started
going viral, I was, like,
"oh, no, this is a real human,
I should have maybe alerted
her that I was doing this."
I remember
someone texted me and said,
"someone's blowing
you up on TikTok."
I remember pulling up that video
and I was watching
comments on the screen.
Things like, "are
you sure it's his aunt?
Did anybody do a DNA test?"
I mean, it makes sense.
I had been erased
from the family.
She actually
reposted me on Instagram.
She said, "I don't know
who you are, but thank you."
Part of me was kind of pleased
because the world
was finding out,
and the other part of me was
"oh, my God, I'm dead.
My brother's gonna
fucking kill me."
What Armie is experiencing
came from, I'm convinced
maybe even further
back than my grandfather.
Because you just
don't wake up
and become this dark
controller, abuser.
There has to be a
seed that's planted.
My grandfather
built an oil empire.
He had politicians
in his back pocket,
so, he never took
no for an answer.
His life was all about secrets.
My father had loaded
guns all over the house.
He used to shoot at me.
It was terrifying.
That's the sign
of a true monster.
You can look in the
mirror and not see any fault
or that you're doing
anything wrong.
And that's how deep
it goes with my brother,
and that's why he's so scary
because he has no conscience.
Now, it's Armie.
Every generation in my family
has been involved in dark misdeeds,
and it just gets worse
and worse and worse.
There's so much beneath the surface
that now is finally coming to light.
My name is Casey Hammer,
and I'm about to reveal
the dark twisted secrets
of the Hammer family.
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