House of Hammer (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Follow the Money

The Hammer
men, you just don't know
what's hiding behind their
personality or behind their demeanor.
And it's really
apparent with Armie.
What's coming out publicly
about the love bombing and
the texting and the controlling.
I'm not surprised
by any of that.
And it weirds and
scares a lot of people,
but for me it's really familiar.
If you believe about
making deals with the devil,
the Hammers are
top of the totem pole.
After the documentary was
announced before we started filming,
I received a text.
And it was a friend.
She said
I have this reoccurring dream.
It starts with this motel sign.
But in my dream, the
motel just keeps going.
Something worse is
happening in each room.
And I can't get the fuck out.
There's no way out.
You have to go through
the whole thing again.
The scenario with the ropes in Sedona
was six days before I met his mom.
After that, it was horrible.
I completely disassociated.
It was like I wanted to
get as far away from him,
as far away from
what had happened.
I always keep a journal.
This piece is something
I wrote on my way
to my first treatment
center on October 5th.
This is on the plane.
"I surrendered
to him 100 percent,
gave him anything
good I had left.
What in the fuck
is wrong with you?
He used me in every way humanly
possible for months and I fucking let him.
I feel absolutely numb and
small and disgusting and ugly."
While I was in rehab
Some idiot texted me,
"Armie has a new girlfriend."
And I looked her up.
The first thing I saw,
she was really young.
She's gorgeous.
But she posted a picture, it
was like, kind of a lingerie picture.
She had bruises
all over her arms,
her chest, her legs.
I could see the bruises and I
knew exactly what that picture was.
You know, he says, "Wear
it like a badge of honor."
My heart fucking sank
because I was like,
"He's gonna do this
to somebody who's 22 years old.
What he just did
to me." I was 30.
She's 22.
I know how it is
in the beginning.
And I just like, I knew
what she felt at the time.
She looked so happy, like
I was there.
He was on to the
next one who's
Younger? Maybe more naive?
Maybe more
impressed with his fame?
It was He was
off to do it to her.
I had just got out of a two
year really long relationship
when I moved to LA. I had
never been to LA before.
That was um, my second
time ever going. So
My first impressions of him
were extremely charming.
Just captivated the room.
He was just full of life.
Loving, charismatic.
Kind of the person that
we see in the interviews
and the person that
we see on the screen.
Armie, turn your head for me.
And he really was
so all consuming
and he made me feel
like it was a safe space.
Made me feel this was
normal. He made me feel like
this was gonna be fun and sexy.
He carried safety pins,
Shibari rope, knives
Uh, like a paddle.
Just a lot of the BDSM tools.
He would always travel
with it wherever we went
and whenever he came
over to my home in LA.
He said he wanted to find a doctor in
Los Angeles to remove both my ribs.
He wanted to eat my ribs.
He wanted to smoke them.
He was obsessed with meat.
I brushed it off, but I do
believe that he was serious.
He would set up things
called high protocol nights.
He'd set up a night
with very strict rules
and it's all built around
like, inflicting pain
on the submissive one in
the relationship, which was me.
I didn't know what BDSM was,
so I thought that that was normal.
To me, it's obvious that
Armie Hammer chose people
who didn't have any
experience in BDSM
because it gives
him an advantage
to prey upon these people.
Because they're
more easily coerced
because they don't
know what BDSM really is.
I had no idea what
I was getting into.
And looking back, it's
like, very dangerous.
The traditional motto of BDSM
is safe, sane and consensual.
Most commonly in the
dom-sub relationship,
the scenes are all centered
around the sub's fantasies.
Safety and trust
are right there.
It's the foundation of
the BDSM relationship.
One of these high protocol nights,
I was tied up, and he basically
looked over my body and said to me,
"Where should I put
my initials on you?"
And then he just started
to carve his initial into me.
And I just didn't say anything.
It was bleeding
and he was licking it,
drinking kind of like, blood.
Yeah, that's heavy.
The part that stands out to me is,
you know, him coming to her and said,
"Where should I put
my initials on you?"
And then, he just
proceeded to cut her.
So there was no negotiations
before the scene about it.
She is in a very
vulnerable position
because she is
feeling submissive,
she's in a state of
wanting to please him
and she doesn't want
to say no in the moment.
I was in a weak position
and he was in a
position of power.
He knew how uncomfortable it
made me, but I just never said no.
And I think that kind of
being coerced into things
and we just don't
want to say no.
We don't want to be undesirable.
It's traumatizing.
I was vulnerable.
I was groomed by him.
Someone who's getting
off on somebody else's fear,
when that person feels
uncomfortable about it,
is not a kinkster doing BDSM.
That person is an abuser.
And that's
very sad to think about.
When you look back and you realize
it was just abuse and manipulation.
It wasn't somebody
that cared for you
and you just like, fell into
their trap so gracefully.
When the
abuse allegations came out,
it was a mixture of
shocked and not shocked.
I had an opportunity to
work with Armie Hammer.
What I had experienced was nothing
compared to what they had experienced.
But the same kind of
qualities were there.
Basically every story I have to
tell about him can be rooted in,
"I control you 'cause
you're my employee."
Armie puts on this
beautiful face to everybody.
I was just trying to make a damn movie.
Everybody just needs to calm down.
You'd work
with him the entire movie
and never see
through that facade.
Behind closed
doors, it's different.
There was one instance
where he told me
that this old friend of
his was coming into town
and he wanted me to go to
the airport and hold up a sign
in the airport that
said, "Faggot."
I have chills actually
thinking about it right now.
If I said no to him
about something,
he'd try and find
ways to shame me.
And this time he took
a poll from everybody.
"Should I fire him because he
won't do what I told him to do?"
I was a big kind
of joke or whatever.
And he kept really pushing
and pushing and pushing
because he
thought it'd be funny.
We ended up at
a strip club once.
10 a.m. on a Tuesday, me and Armie
and other actors and other crew members
and lording his position and
my position over my head,
forced me into
getting a lap dance.
I was very against
it. I didn't want to do it.
I felt incredibly
uncomfortable with it.
But he basically ended up
again saying, "I'm your superior.
You need to do this."
And so, he made me believe
that I had no choice.
I could have walked away,
but you just get scared
of the stature of it all.
The job title and the person.
- You do dangerous things?
- Yeah, I mean I like to, yeah.
It just snowballed.
We would get into his car and
then we would do 140 miles-an-hour
like, through residential
streets while he was inebriated.
And it would
scare me like crazy.
My wife, uh, for the
longest time was convinced
that I had what she
called a frontal lobe issue
which I guess she says that's where
you assess risk and danger and all that,
and she says that mine is
just severely underdeveloped.
It was just kind of
daredevil machismo and exerting power.
I just want to be helpful
to the people that need it.
There are a lot of women
that have had their lives
irreparably damaged
by all of this.
It's like Dante's Inferno.
It's gonna get worse
the deeper down you go.
At the bottom it's just Armie.
I knew Armie came from wealth.
There are stories about like, his
connection to Armand Hammer.
I would say had I chosen to
sort of follow the family's path
and gone into business, it would
have been much more advantageous.
He told me about
growing up in the Caymans.
And how his father
bought a mansion there
'cause he had seen The Firm.
That's rich people shit.
I feel like with a lot
of wealthy families,
there's always a
dark story there.
No one can ever be totally normal
when you have that much wealth.
And Armie's father is the
picture perfect example of that.
Michael and
Dru basically walked away
with everything after
my grandfather died.
They took control of
the Hammer Foundation,
his estate and
millions of dollars.
There were
famous rabbis at his funeral.
And he literally was supposed to
have a bar mitzvah the day after he died.
Dru's father in the middle
of Armand Hammer's funeral
declared that Armand
had changed his religion
and accepted Jesus
on his deathbed.
Dru's father says
that before Armand died,
he said, "I accept Christ."
And all these people's
jaws just fell open.
Michael Hammer
had $40 million in that trust
and he is now
taking Armand's funds
and putting them into all of
these Evangelical causes.
Christian organizations
and Christian universities.
It feels like he rewrote
the script for his grandfather
and it just doesn't seem
like things are being handled
in the way that Armand
would have wanted.
Michael technically worked for
Occidental for like another year.
And then he left Oxy.
Michael didn't want to carry on
the name from my grandfather at all.
You have Michael who is the most
Christian man out there to the public.
But at the same time
behind the scenes,
it's clear to me that there
was some really bad behavior.
Hang onto your hats, guys. The
Armie Hammer article dropped
and the tea is piping hot.
Michael Hammer, Armie's father,
it seems he may have passed
down some of his proclivity to his son.
The sex throne, I heard
about a confirmed photo.
So the sex throne's
like, seven feet tall.
And there's also the Hammer insignia,
their family crest, on the throne.
"For years, three
people claimed,
Michael boasted
about a sex throne
or naughty chair,
as he has called it,
and kept in Armand Hammer
Foundation headquarters."
There is a hook,
like a meat hook.
And I
Almost don't even want to imagine
what somebody would do with this.
Michael's lawyer came out
and said that this was a gag gift.
It seems like an awfully large gag gift and
a very customized gag gift to give someone.
Sex thrones most certainly do not
align with a Christian image.
Like father, like son.
It's such a facade.
I think
we're all seeing the pattern.
It's just generation
to generation.
We all know Armie's
public persona.
I think his team and his
family kind of curates this image
around him?
The Hammers are
very keen on presenting themselves
for public consumption
in a certain way.
And so, Armie Hammer
used the same practices
as his father, Michael,
and his great-grandfather,
Armand Hammer.
You don't see what's
going on behind the curtain.
Armand Hammer had many secrets.
When Armand Hammer died,
to my surprise, Julian Hammer
gave me a great deal of material.
He gave me all
his private papers
as well as recordings
of his father.
I think that it was because,
very simply spoken,
he hated what his father had done
to him in cutting him out of his will.
He decided that he was
gonna expose his father
as a criminal.
Occidental would have
been a very small oil company
which we wouldn't even
know the name today
except Hammer was
a master at bribery.
Armand Hammer would
go to a powerful person.
He would offer them money,
illegal cash bribes.
He would deliver the money.
And Julian would record the
entire crime being committed
so he could later
blackmail the person.
Very little
shocks me, I should say,
but the tapes he
gave me shocked me.
That's the President
of Venezuela he's bribing.
Hammer had no shame.
He ignored all laws.
Armand Hammer built
his own business empire
on a great number
of great crimes.
The extraordinary thing
about the Hammer family
is the consistency
of vice over virtue.
I shall resign the presidency
effective at noon tomorrow.
In the movie
All the President's Men,
which was about the
Watergate Scandal,
Deep Throat says,
"Follow the money."
If they did, they would have
found that it led to Armand Hammer.
Hammer routinely made illegal
campaign contributions to politicians.
I saw it firsthand
that the political establishment
is buyable from top to bottom.
This money was used
to pay off the Watergate burglars.
Hammer orchestrated a cover
up where other people lied.
And when that collapsed,
Hammer had to plead
guilty to a misdemeanor.
Today, Hammer pleaded
guilty of hiding contributions
to the Nixon
reelection campaign.
Having an outstanding
conviction was bad for business.
And he saw creating a
relationship with Prince Charles
Well, I am indebted
to Dr. Hammer.
as a way of making
himself respectable again.
He knew that
everybody has a price.
With Prince Charles, he just had
to discover what that price would be.
When Prince Charles and
Diana visited the United States,
their only unofficial,
non-state occasion
was the gala that
Hammer threw for them.
On the front pages of every
newspaper, every magazine,
their visit was the top story.
And in the end, Hammer
provided £40 million
to Prince Charles' causes,
which would add up to like,
a quarter of a billion today.
And Charles did see
Hammer as a source
of the funds for
everything he cared about.
How on earth do they expect us to
get anything done without money?
I will faithfully execute the office
of President of the United States.
George Bush Sr. did give
him a pardon for the Watergate Scandal.
Why did George Bush pardon him?
Hammer was a major
contributor to both political parties.
Hammer told me
his private golden rule
was the person with
the gold makes the rules.
I had reservations
about the way he presented himself.
But it was only really from '88
that my eyes were fully opened
to the lying on which
his life was based.
Now the situation
in the North Sea
where an Occidental
petroleum oil rig blew up.
Piper Alpha was a platform
owned by Occidental
in the North Sea.
It was the cornerstone
of Occidental's wealth.
Mayday! Explosion
and fire on the Piper Alpha.
In July 1988, there
was an accident on Piper Alpha
that was the worst accident on an
off-shore platform in the world ever.
The ensuing fire was
so severe, half the platform collapsed.
167 people died.
Within minutes, the first London
newspapers were on the phone calling me,
asking if I knew anything.
And I started to think about
how I could serve Armand
Hammer in these circumstances.
I said to Hammer, "Be the
spokesman for the corporation.
Don't duck away.
The worst thing
you can do is hide."
There were
hundreds of journalists.
And Hammer took the stage
and just gave the
performance of his life.
- Well, how do you feel personally about it?
- I feel very sad.
He was sad, he was brave,
he fronted up. He said,
"The buck stops with me,"
which was a complete falsehood.
And the press
completely swallowed it.
There was not one
skeptical question.
Nobody said to him, "This platform
has a deplorable safety record.
There's already been one
man killed in the recent year.
There was a mass evacuation."
And he got off exactly in
the way that he intended
and in the way
that I had devised.
We went to the airport.
Prince Charles and Princess
Diana came to the airport to meet him.
They came striding towards him
with their faces a kind of
picture of sorrow and grief.
Prince Charles puts his hand out
to shake Armand Hammer's hand.
He said, "You mustn't
blame yourself."
He got on the plane and Hammer
called to the guys on the plane.
He said, "Let's have
champagne and caviar.
We've had a great day."
So, to enlist Prince Charles
as his supporter paid off.
There were no direct
consequences whatsoever
uh, in terms of punishments
for Armand Hammer
or the board of Occidental.
Nothing at all.
Hammer took no
interest whatsoever
in the survivors
or their families.
The families of the dead.
I go back every 10 years
for the 10th anniversary
memorial services and
ceremonies around Piper Alpha.
And you see there,
children who didn't
know their fathers.
Grandchildren who didn't
know their grandparents.
There was no moral
defense for what I'd done.
After Piper Alpha,
I decided to get out
of my degrading
position with Hammer
as fast as I could.
I think he was the most Satanic man
of the second half of the 20th century
In terms of corrupting
the political process,
in terms of controlling people
and making them dance his tune,
there is no comparison.
Armand Hammer was
the embodiment of sin
because he was the
embodiment of ruthless ego.
After my grandfather
died, I gave up my career,
quit my job, came
back to Los Angeles,
and moved in with my father.
My father was out of control.
He slowly started deteriorating.
He would come downstairs
and he was foaming at the mouth,
which later I found out was meth
and coke and all kinds of, just, drugs.
He would be carrying
a loaded .357 magnum.
He would wake me up with
a gun barrel on my temple
and make me open my eyes
and say, "I need to look in your
eyes to see if you're possessed.
Because if you're possessed,
I'm pulling the trigger."
My father would
have sane moments
and then just totally
volatile moments
where he was going crazy
and he wasn't getting help.
And this went on for months.
I just knew that I
needed to get out of there.
And so, I moved out.
It was just a way
to protect myself.
Hi, Casey. Come on in.
Watch your step.
I tried to move forward
and make a name for myself.
Welcome to my home.
A friend of mine was a
producer for a local news station
and she was doing a
piece called Victim No More.
I wanted to be an
actress, so I was like,
"Sure, you can film me."
You can scream,
Case. Whatever you want.
Someone came
up from behind me
Get out of the car!
Something visceral was
happening in my body
and I was so afraid that he
was going to kill me or hurt me.
Something took over inside of me
and I hurt him.
God dammit.
I realized I needed help.
So I went to a
psychologist in Beverly Hills
and I remember
walking in to his office
and I said, "Hi, my
name is Casey Hammer.
My grandfather was
Armand Hammer.
And I'm really fucked up."
And we started
And then the memories started
happening when I was in therapy.
The floodgates opened.
I remembered one in
particular incident where
there was a lot of noise
and partying going on.
My brother was there as well.
My father started
shooting at the walls.
And then my father was
like, "Wait, I've got an idea."
And said to me, "Casey,
hold this phone book."
And I did it thinking,
"They're not going
to shoot at me."
So, the phone book was
held up to the right of my head.
I drop the phone book.
I remember taking cover.
I started remembering
all the abuse.
Being choked and suffocated.
Then I thought, "Oh, this
can't be. Something's weird."
I remember talking to my mom
and started saying to her
what I was remembering
and hoping she would tell
me, "Oh, you're just crazy."
But it turns out, she
did know about it.
And what I was remembering
was actually happening.
Things happened to me that
shouldn't ever have
happened to a child.
Yes. And
That's all I've ever said.
Maybe he's the only
person I want to see when,
I don't even think
he's in heaven,
or on the other side or
whatever you believe, but,
and that's how I know
that it's so deep and so
Like, I don't know if I'll
ever be normal because
the fact that I still
think that he'll save me
or be there for me.
I found out what
my father was doing
and I never confronted him.
Because I didn't want to
hear him say the words.
There's that hope that the
person's going to change
and that they didn't
mean to hurt you.
My father ended up dying in '96,
five years after my
grandfather died.
But, it's still so hard.
Because you want to
share your back story.
You want to explain
why you're fucked up.
Why you're broken.
The generation I grew
up in, it was closed door.
But, you know,
it's a different time.
That was my
sentiment with Courtney.
It's incredibly brave
nowadays because
not only are you traumatized
from what he's done,
but you're probably traumatized
over and over and over.
But he needs to be
held accountable.
And I hope she finds peace
and whatever that means for her.
I went to a residential rehab.
It was based on, kind of,
what you were struggling with.
Which, they placed
me in a trauma lodge.
I had a specialty therapist.
She was like, "What's the last
time you felt really uncomfortable,
really embarrassed,
really afraid?"
Then I went into that night.
I remember the music that
was playing really vividly.
I remembered the feeling
of the ropes on my wrists.
It was just very surreal.
I felt like I was, like,
back in that room.
Back in that moment.
I got diagnosed with
trauma and PTSD.
My therapist said
I had to repeat,
"I was used, abused
and abandoned."
So, you're, like, trying to
make sense of what happened.
And that's what she had
me repeat over and over.
Like, "It's not your
fault you feel this way."
It really stuck with me.
And it really made sense.
That's truly what happened.
I was used, abused, abandoned.
Just discarded after, just,
having my life
turned inside out.
Armie Hammer's
ex-girlfriend, Courtney Vucekovich
Armie Hammer's
public accounts are going viral.
Vucekovich has come forward
with claims against
her ex, Armie Hammer.
When all this blew up,
Paige messaged me on Instagram.
I just sent her my phone
number and she called me.
The first thing she said
was, "Why didn't you tell me?"
And then she told me her story.
It's like, holy shit.
It is a copy-paste.
It was the same road
trip. The same motel.
We wore the same
cowboy hat in our pictures.
We both watched that
movie, the Secretary.
I sent her the
album that he played
when he tied me
up, traumatizing me.
She goes, he played the
same exact album to her.
She was like, "Does
he call you 'little thing'?"
And I said, "Yeah,
'perfect little thing'?"
She was like, "Yeah,
'perfect little thing.'"
He says the same, he
called us the same nicknames.
She meet his mom.
She went home with him.
I mean, who just introduces
everyone to their mom?
They had known
each other a month.
I had meet her weeks prior.
We had the same relationship.
And we'd almost guarantee there
was another one that same day
that he was going
to do it again to.
And he was going
to continue this cycle,
this destructive cycle,
until he couldn't anymore.
To Armie Hammer, and
some good news for him,
involving one of, uh, the
allegations against him,
an allegation of rape, is looking like
that is not going to result in charges.
It's a huge slap in
the face to see something like this.
I am in shock, but
I'm not surprised.
I can assure you that
when TMZ made that report,
the case had not yet been
sent to the district attorney,
let alone dropped.
TMZ never even checked with
me before they ran that story.
It's a common PR
tactic, quite frankly.
It's like, "Okay, I'm going to
own up to having a problem,
so I'm going to
try to rectify it."
It seems Armie Hammer has quietly
hired a new PR person. Hear me out.
So, this was front page on the
Daily Mail this morning on Snapchat.
That his new girl, Lisa Perejma,
has turned Armie
Hammer's life around.
The article says, "Armie's
happier and healthier
than I've ever seen
him in a long time."
I think rehab
was his stepping stone,
trying to rebrand his image.
Of course, in the same week that
Death on the Nile is coming out,
an article saying that
Armie's really done
so much work in rehab came
out right before the movie.
"Cancel culture" is
on people's tongues
way more than "rape culture."
And rape culture is
a much bigger issue.
And cancel culture wouldn't exist if
rape culture wasn't such a big issue.
I think at the end of
the day, PR will win in this situation.
Obviously, Hollywood
is built on money.
And, obviously, Armie comes from
a family that was built on money.
So, if Armie can find a way
to make somebody money,
then why couldn't
he possibly work?
I think that we all expect
that he's not going to get in trouble.
We all know there's no justice when it
comes to people with this much power.
I'm sure there are
people, probably a lot of people,
especially in this town,
who look at who I am
or, you know, sort of,
my family and all that
and say, "Well that's
why he got the part."
Generation to generation,
they have had a history of just doing
whatever they want and getting away with it
because of the power and
the money that they have.
And that's pretty intimidating.
Every generation,
every period of humanity
has always dealt
with the same shit.
And we will always
deal with the same shit,
we just wear different
clothes when we do it.
I'm really grateful
Armie and I didn't meet up.
By the time that
we got to January
and I had seen that he had
been doing this for years,
that's when I realized how
close to danger I really was.
A lot of the press was just all
about all of the roles he had lost
and that was very
frustrating to me.
My intention was to bring
back to the conversation
the abuses that this
person has inflicted.
I felt like art was the way
for me to speak to this issue.
So I decided to make art pieces
from my conversations with Armie.
Going back into these messages
was really something
I had avoided.
Um, but when I did, I did
it from a place of power.
The first two pieces that I
made painted a good picture
about the intersection between
wealth, predation and the abuse of power.
Here I posted this meme
which is about the
greatest wealth transfer
that we've seen in the
history of humankind.
It says, "Trying to enjoy the weekend
without fear of impending doom."
This was in August of 2020,
so this is still during the
height of the pandemic.
I said, "Eat the rich
for real nom nom nom."
And then Armie
reacted to my story.
Slid right in, "100 percent."
Which is ironic
because he comes from
one of the wealthiest
families on the plant.
He said, "Dibs on the glute
muscles and ribs for smoking."
In light of everything
that's come out since,
I don't find that funny.
And him mirroring
my frustrations,
is a way from him to
say that he's just like me.
It's a way to gain my trust.
And it's a way for me
to let my guard down.
I'm quite vocal on my Instagram
about my background of
having grown up in foster care.
I wouldn't be surprised if he
read those things and thought,
"Oh, okay, she's vulnerable."
We spoke about my
past history of abuse
and he, um, very openly
confided about, you know,
almost getting into a fistfight
with his father in the Islands.
And his father, like,
drinking and taking, like,
Vicodin at the same time.
He painted a pretty
chaotic picture.
But it wasn't coming from
a place of good intention.
It was coming from
a place to manipulate
and figure out what tools
that then he could use
to keep you under control
or use them against
you in the future.
When I came forward about
my experiences with him,
there was a lot of
online harassment.
If you're just, like, some
troll, like, in a dark room,
just, like, spewing hate
towards other people who are
actually doing shit
with their lives, like,
you know, I'm not going to
let someone like that get to me.
I went into this not
understanding the fandom
that was Call Me By Your Name.
But, the charmies are essentially
superfans of Armie Hammer.
The woman that
have come forward,
uh, they target
in a very big way.
Shame on them.
If any of them would
like to show their faces,
I would love to
know who you are.
One of the hardest times
of my life was that news coming out.
I started getting harassed
by his, like, die-hard fans.
I mean, they really
hit you where it hurts.
I mean, they have endless chat
rooms about, like, what to do to me.
They would text my
personal cell phone number.
They would send me
pictures of my high-rise
apartment building
that I lived in.
They would send
me death threats.
I moved out of my apartment.
I bought a house and
I put cameras all over.
The charmies made my life hell.
They want me to break so bad.
Fear is the weapon
that keeps victims
emotionally paralyzed.
It's very hard.
Because once the victim
enters that dangerous world
of the court of public opinion,
there is generally going
to be some backlash.
But, they didn't expect how
ugly it could be out there.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Can I give you a hug?
- Yes. Absolutely.
- How are you?
- I'm good. How are you?
I'm okay.
How are you handling everything?
Um, it comes in waves, you know.
I think I can say now that
I'm out of it, looking back.
- Mmm-hmm.
- I'm a lot stronger than I was.
And I've learned a lot
from what I experienced.
And I've learned a lot about
how to avoid people like that.
It's one of those things
where it just continues
until someone breaks the cycle.
And it's so important
for someone like you
who's very intelligent,
very successful,
to let people know it
can happen to anybody.
It's so common.
The way we grew up, it was
very secretive in a sense, right?
And now, for me,
with social media, like,
I can't even imagine when
I see someone like you,
up against this dynasty
that have gotten away
with this for so long.
Before the internet, it
was difficult for women
who were used and
abused to speak out.
They felt silenced. And,
in fact, they were silenced.
Now, with the
internet, many women
refuse to suffer in
silence and speak out
against those who have used,
abused and manipulated them.
I hope that speaking out
about the abuse I endured
at the hands of Armie Hammer
is that he will be
held accountable.
They want
their voices to be heard.
For many of them, they
want to warn other women.
They have the feeling
that they can't undo
the wrong that was done to them,
but maybe they can protect
someone else's daughter.
That's why they speak out.
While I say that
these charmies were being horrible,
I had thousands of
people message me.
Like, women that were like,
"I've had this exact
same thing happen."
I mean, everybody was relating.
It gives me chills because I
got the saddest, most real,
vulnerable messages
of everyone being like,
"I realize it's toxic.
I'm getting out."
I was willing to open
up about it to help people
avoid a situation like this.
There was a thousand
messages that were, like,
"Okay, well, something
good came out of this."
You want people to be able to
recognize these abusive patterns.
I feel like, then it changes.
Like, you feel good doing it
because you're doing
it for the right reasons
and not because you're
bitter or you're sad.
So much of what Courtney echoes
is what I still continue
to struggle with.
And mine was a long time ago.
I was sent a letter
recently by my brother.
And it says, "Dear Casey,
although we haven't
spoken in many years,
I heard the untrue
and hurtful things
you've recently
said about our family.
I can no longer remain quiet
and allow you
to feed your thirst
for notoriety at the
expense of our family
and the Armand
Hammer Foundation.
If you chose to
continue pretending
that the stories you have
invented are the truth,
I will have no choice
other than to pursue
every legal remedy to
set the record straight.
Despite all the pain your
fabrications have caused,
you share the blood
running through my veins.
You are still my family
and I wish you
nothing but the best.
Very truly yours, Michael."
My brother thinks
he can silence me.
The way my brother is
intimidating me right now
through that letter
and those words,
it's exactly what my
grandfather would do.
I've let the Hammers control me
so much my whole life.
It's time to stop.
I refuse to be silenced.
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