House of the Dragon (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Rhaenyra the Cruel

War is coming.
We cannot wage it without
the support of the North.
My Lord, a raven's arrived.
Urgent news from Dragonstone.
The Queen remains absent.
She's been gone for days.
She is grieving.
Errors were made in the hours
following King Viserys's death.
We mustn't compound them.
Otto Hightower was your father's Hand.
I would think you would wish
to be viewed differently.
Prepare to be boarded!
Search the hull for stowaways.
When last we met, there were two of you.
Hail King Aegon!
Hugh, Your Grace.
Iron costs have grown.
To put it simply, we are struggling.
Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen,
First of Her Name.
I want Aemond Targaryen.
Through the years,
as a merchant of gossip,
you surely accumulated spies
within the Red Keep.
You're to find and slay the
Prince Aemond Targaryen.
What if we can't find him?
Who the fuck is she?
She's the Queen, she is.
A son for a son.
Helaena! What's happened?
They killed the boy.
I'll kill them!
I'll kill them all!
Traitors and villains!
- They dare strike at me!
- Your Grace.
- I am the king!
- Your Grace! Yes, yes.
- I am the king!
- Yes, Your Grace. Uh, please, Your Grace.
Traitors and villains!
Fire from the sky.
This is war! I declare war!
I declare war!
The gates have been shut.
The search progresses.
The villain will be found.
We mustn't be shaken by this.
This act.
- The child.
- The child is dead.
His pain is ended.
But what they've done to-to-to my girl.
And they will pay for this.
Who will pay?
Whosever hand did this
or caused it to be done.
And what if the hand that's done it
is not who must be blamed?
The gods punish us. They punish me.
For what sin?
Daughter, listen to me.
We will mourn as we must,
but some good may yet come of this.
And where were the members
of this council
while the murderer
threatened their king?
Were you also threatened, Your Grace?
I could have been!
My son is my legacy!
My son is heir to the Iron Throne!
And where were you,
the Lord Commander of my Kingsguard?
I was abed, Your Grace, having
ordered the Night's Watch.
Instead of safeguarding
the sanctity of my family!
This is not the time for blind
accusations, Your Grace.
We'll know who did this soon enough.
Who did this? Who d What?!
Is there any question who did this?!
Who would do this save
the bitch queen of bastards,
the smug cunt of Dragonstone?
There she sits across the bay,
on her rock, laughing at me.
She's fucking laughing at me!
You wished her life to be spared.
If I may, Your Grace.
My Lords.
The guard has detained someone.
The man we apprehended is known to us.
He's a gold cloak.
Noted for his brutal nature.
We caught him, fleeing
the Gate of the Gods
with the child's head in a sack.
I'll kill him myself.
We'd do well to get
what information we can
from the blackguard.
I trust in the mastery
of your trade, Lord Larys.
Oh, always studying, always protocol.
- We know our enemy!
- A king may have
more than one enemy, Your Grace.
We would do well to ascertain
if this is your sister's hand
or if there is a serpent
nestled closer to our bosoms.
I suppose you're right, Ironrod.
Could be anyone.
It could be any one of you in this room.
Lord Jasper is correct.
In one sense, we must
determine what happened
and if we in the Keep
are still in peril.
In another sense, of course
it doesn't matter.
You mean to blame Rhaenyra.
Tell the realm she has done this.
I'll have the realm told nothing.
We were assaulted within our own walls.
Within our own beds.
I will not be seen as weak.
You're already seen as weak, Aegon.
You fucking
A hasty coronation,
a dragon escaping the pit.
The people see an omen.
They whisper in the streets.
They say, perhaps
Rhaenyra should be queen.
And so, you would name her: monster.
Slayer of infants.
I would do more than that.
A funeral progress.
Let them see the child.
Let them look upon the works
of this pretender to the throne.
- My king
- No.
I will not have my little son's body
dragged through the street
like a dead dog.
Not dragged! Honored!
Escorted to the dragon pit
to be burned as a Targaryen prince.
Your Grace.
Let no one say I do not grieve.
Jaehaerys was my grandson.
I loved him.
I will not have him die in vain.
Those who declared for Rhaenyra,
will they still support her
when they hear of her depravity?
Or will they rather not renounce her?
Jaehaerys will do more for us now
than a thousand knights in battle.
You will have your war, Your Grace.
But if you wait a short time,
you may yet double your strength.
The Hand sets on a
difficult path, my darling,
but it, it might be the right one.
Let the Silent Sisters ready
the prince for his final journey.
And riding behind him,
his mother the Queen,
and with her, the Queen Dowager.
No, I do not wish to be a spectacle.
The realm must see
the sorrow of the crown,
a sorrow best expressed
through its most gentle souls.
I think you'll all agree the king
himself must be spared.
There's to be a funeral for Jaehaerys.
We've been asked to ride
on a wagon behind his body.
I don't want to.
Neither do I.
But when a thing like this happens
a blow to the king
is a blow to the realm.
When the people share our
grief, they draw closer to us.
I don't want them closer.
I don't know them.
Sometimes, we have to pretend.
We are representatives of
the throne. We have a duty.
Helaena, what you saw last night
when you came to my room
This is for my boy.
I was, I was hired by Daemon Targaryen.
He paid us. Half now,
half when the job is done.
- Who is "us"?
- A-A ratcatcher.
Employed by the household.
I don't know his right name.
Behold the works of Rhaenyra Targaryen!
Pretender to the throne!
Deepest sympathies, my Queen.
Gods be with you, my Queen.
We support you, Queen Helaena.
Defiler of the innocent!
Behold the works of Rhaenyra, the cruel!
Are you gonna hurt me?
But I cannot vouch for His Grace.
Behold the works of Rhaenyra Targaryen!
Our Queen!
Pretender to the throne!
Queen Helaena!
What's happening there?
What's going on? Move it, then!
- Queen Helaena!
- Helaena.
Queen Helaena!
Heave! Heave!
A curse, a curse on Rhaenyra,
the monstrous!
It is yet unclear how the
Keep itself was breached.
The boy's head was
severed from his body.
Thousands witnessed the procession.
And they are accusing me
of having a hand in this.
It appears so.
There have been messages
sent to that effect
throughout the realm.
We must send our own messages,
denying this vile allegation.
I will do so at once,
but I'm not sure they will
be received in good faith.
And we must double our guard,
here and in Driftmark.
There will be swift retribution
in one form or another
I have seen to it, Your Grace.
Let me fly out on Vermax.
Rhaenys is needed in the Gullet
and I can watch for movements
- from King's Landing.
- No.
It must be said that the damage
to our position is immeasurable,
at a time when we most
need loyalty to our cause.
B-But it's a lie.
Having lost my own son,
that I would inflict
such a thing on Helaena,
of all people
an innocent.
The death of Prince Lucerys
was a shock and an insult.
A mother so aggrieved might, naturally,
- seek relief in retribution.
- Are you suggesting, Ser Alfred,
that my grief drove me to order
the decapitation of a child?
I merely thought, perhaps,
an action taken in haste.
Mind yourself.
Did you send assassins to
murder children in their beds?
I sent the queen's
vengeance for her son.
What did you tell this "vengeance"?
What did you say to him, Daemon,
that a boy lies dead and I am accused
- of killing it?
- Mysaria provided me with names
and a subterfuge.
I was clear in my instructions:
Aemond, the brother
of Aegon the Usurper.
- I cannot be responsible for a mistake.
- Cannot be responsible?
If Aemond was not to be found,
what were your instructions then?
They did not concern, in any way,
- that of a little child.
- You said that it was your aim
to spill Hightower blood,
and if not Aemond, then anyone would do.
- No.
- You have wounded me.
Weakened my claim to the throne,
my ability to raise an army,
my standing among my own council.
I said no.
I don't believe you.
And so we come to it, at long last.
Cannot trust you, Daemon.
I've never trusted you, wholly
much though I wished to,
willed myself to.
But now I have seen that your
heart belongs only to you.
And when I was a child,
I took this as a challenge.
But I am older now.
I have challenges enough.
- I have served you faithfully.
- Have you?
Or have you used me as a tool
with which to grasp
at your stolen inheritance?
When Ser Erryk brought you the crown
did I myself not place
it upon your brow?
Yes, but before that,
you sought to lead a council of war
while I labored alone in my bedchamber.
And afterward, when I thought
it meet to consider
- the terms our foes put before us
- A folly! A folly!
To give up my brother's
throne to the traitorous lies
- of Otto Hightower!
- My throne, Daemon,
I think you used my words as an excuse
to take your own revenge
to indulge the darkness you keep
sheathed within you like a blade.
You think me some kind of monster
Oh, I don't know what to think of you.
I don't know what you are,
or who it is you serve.
Am I not on my way, even now,
to Harrenhal to raise an army
in your name, Rhaenyra?! Yours!
Do you accept me
as your queen and ruler?
Or do you cling, even now,
to what you think you lost?
- What I think I lost?
- You did not lose it.
You gave it away
because you thought ever
and only of your own glory,
and not of my father in his grief
- who needed you.
- Your father was a coward
who knew I was the stronger son,
that I was the leader of men
and he was afraid
to be seen in my shadow.
Is that what you understand
of your own brother?
Oh, you know him better than I do,
who was raised at his side?
Do you believe he made you heir
because of your great wisdom?
Because of your virtue?
- How dare you
- Or did he merely use you as a tool
to put me in my place
because he was afraid of me?
Because he knew your legacy,
unlike mine,
would never outshine his own.
He was not afraid of you, Daemon!
He could not trust you
any more than I can trust you.
He was a fool who sought greatness
but shrank from spilling
blood to achieve it.
And I see you will suffer the same fate.
You struck down a child.
It was a mistake.
You're pathetic.
You wish to see me, Your Grace?
When morning comes, take Moondancer
and keep a watch on King's Landing.
I must know which course they take next.
I will be vigilant.
I depend on you, Baela.
Stay high and keep your distance.
We can afford no further mistakes.
My father?
He must follow his own path.
If you please, m'lord.
Have you told anyone?
What do you take me for?
One who seeks absolution.
There is none for what I've done.
What is this?
It's a reminder of yesterday, I think.
The procession was muddy.
- I'll replace it hence.
- Do it now.
The night was long, Ser Criston,
- and I had not eaten
- You defy my authority, Ser Arryk.
I do not.
The white cloak is a
symbol of our purity
our fidelity.
Kingsguard are a sacred trust.
Will you so easily sully
our ancient honor?
I have erred, my lord.
I'll remedy the error.
Where were you when
Jaehaerys was murdered?
With King Aegon.
And you were not in the private quarters
where you might have
prevented the crime.
His Grace wished to entertain his
companions in the throne room.
But if you had thought to go upstairs
Where were you, Lord Commander?
And why has Helaena the queen
been granted no sworn protector?
Surely once she ascended, she
Your brother is a thief and a traitor
to the crown!
You well know how it pains me.
How are we to know that
you do not secretly share
- his sentiments?
- I denounced him before the king.
We were one soul in two bodies, yes.
If I'd shared his sentiments,
I would've fled with him.
First, your brother betrays us.
And then the young prince
is murdered on your watch.
You are mad, Ser.
- Mad! You cannot think that I did this!
- What I think
has no relevance!
You have brought disgrace
upon our ranks
and now you must restore it.
How am I to do that?
You will go to Dragonstone
and strike down Rhaenyra
in her own halls.
The way she sought to do with Aemond.
We will pay the princess
back in her own bloody coin.
- Alone?
- Does your courage fail you, Ser Arryk?
It's not a matter of courage.
The castle is defended against
all enemies, now especially.
- How would I enter?
- Your twin serves there
at the pleasure of the so-called queen.
They will mistake you for
him if you play the part.
We are sworn to serve forthrightly,
not to traffic in deception.
Put down the pretender
and you will end a war before it begins.
- If they see the two of us
- You must not let that happen.
- You would send me to my death.
- Or to triumph.
And glory.
Now, will you go?
Or must I question
your loyalty to the king?
As you command my lord.
You missed supper.
I wasn't hungry.
I don't think anyone was, really.
Too many empty seats.
Do you know where he went?
Harrenhal, I would think.
Sometimes I think I hate him.
It's hard with fathers.
What do you remember of my uncle?
He taught us to catch fish
and sing sailors' shanties.
He had a weakness for cake.
And Ser Harwin Strong?
He was gentle, and fierce.
They called him "Breakbones".
He loved us I think.
Of course, he did.
I miss Luke.
Daemon sent them to kill me.
I was out.
You were with me.
In truth, I am proud
that he considers me such a foe.
And that he seeks
to murder me in my bed.
He's afraid of me.
As well he should be.
The boy is grown into a man.
Mm. No. Not here.
I do regret that business with Luke.
I lost my temper that day.
I am sorry for it.
I am glad to hear it.
They used to tease me, you know?
Because I was different.
I would remind you only that
when princes lose their temper,
it is often others who suffer.
The smallfolk Like me.
How is she?
Much the same.
The markets have been running
low since the blockade.
Surely the city cannot
yet be short of food.
I think not, but people are afraid.
Those with means are hoarding
everything they can.
I walked two hours today
to find a chicken for the pot
and paid three times
as much as I should have.
The selfishness of people.
I cannot blame anyone for doing
what I myself would do if I could.
I don't think you'd
let children go hungry
while you filled your own cellars.
Lucky we don't have
enough coin to find out.
The king has promised us some relief.
Did he say when?
I'm afraid, Hugh.
I see all your great adventures
have done nothing for your looks.
Well met, brother, after
many months away.
I missed you.
Did you slay many pirates?
Oh, more than you, to be sure.
Ha, a jest.
One you may regret as
you're supping alone tonight.
I regret it already.
I've broken my teeth
on hard tack, Addam.
Say you have a pot of your
goat stew simmering at home.
You're in luck.
In more ways than one.
I hear Lord Corlys himself commended
you for your service to him.
- He did.
- Will you sail with him
when his ship has been repaired?
I am one of a dozen shipwrights
now called from Hull
to attend with all speed to your fleet.
He made no offer.
And I would rather he didn't,
truth be told.
Do not be foolish, Alyn.
To serve with the Sea Snake
is to make your fortune.
Had I such a chance, I would leap at it.
That's because you haven't
seen what I've seen.
There is a war brewing, Addam.
A real one.
Another opportunity
to distinguish yourself.
- Remind him of your worth.
- Oh, I need no favors.
But, brother, he owes you, he owes us.
Does the stew have carrots in it?
I mistrust this silence.
Daemon flies when we most
need his hand at the oar.
Devotion has never sat well with him.
Where he goes, he wishes
to be his own master.
Well, he is the king consort.
But he is not the king.
Neither am I, but I manage.
I too have felt the crown pass over me.
It is a hard thing to accept.
And now Viserys is dead
and all claims are in doubt.
You do not think
Daemon will challenge her?
Not as such.
But neither can he allow
her to command him.
I have, on occasion, found
that to be quite enjoyable.
Let us take him at his word.
If he can take Harrenhal,
all may well be forgiven.
In the meantime, I am here.
And Meleys.
We will not let the queen falter.
The lady Mysaria, Your Grace.
You're aware of yesterday's
events in King's Landing?
I am.
Tell me what part you
played in their unfolding.
I had nothing to do with it.
I know you are entwined
with the usurpers,
that you aided them
in denying me my birthright.
I took profits from an inevitability.
I regret it now.
I'm sure you do.
Who are you?
A prisoner.
I gave Daemon two names.
That is the extent of it.
And I did not wish to do that much.
He said it was the price of my freedom.
Does he say otherwise?
He is gone.
For how long?
A week, or forever. I do not know.
He does do that doesn't he?
You remember me now.
He said he would marry you.
- He said you carried his child.
- Not everyone found the jest funny.
And now it seems he's done it again,
made a promise and then slipped away.
You trade in the secrets
of the Red Keep.
Your web runs unseen
through King's Landing.
And now when my enemy
coils himself to strike at me
I can do nothing now
but ask you to honor
your husband's words.
It would not serve me to set you free.
At best, I lose an asset to my cause.
At worst, you betray
me in some foul way.
I have no interest in betraying
you, Your Grace.
So you say.
I was brought to Westeros with nothing.
I toiled in service, I stole.
I sold my own body for coin or bread.
And I listened.
I collected confidences. I made
myself valuable to powerful men.
Bit by bit, I earned my living.
A house, a household, a home.
Then they set it all aflame.
- Who did?
- The Hightowers, I can only assume.
The Hand did not like it
when I showed my teeth.
But I thank him for it.
For too long, I made it my
aim to be of consequence.
But now, I see that was
the wish of a child.
Daemon. Otto Hightower.
Makes no difference.
They will never accept me.
I might as well have remained a whore.
How did you get that scar?
Oh no.
My son.
- Who are they?
- Ratcatchers.
In the king's employ.
What'd they do?
What have you done?
The ratcatchers!
Oh I had them hanged.
The maggot who took my son
confessed to an accomplice.
He could not say for certain
which man it was, so
- Idiot!
- Beware how you speak to your king, my lord.
The king is my grandson
and my grandson is a fool!
He's worse than a fool!
He's murdered innocent men!
And one guilty one.
And hanged them from the walls
of the city for all to see!
Plot against the king, and
I will pay it back a hun
They are fathers and brothers and sons!
And their wives and children
gather now at our gates to weep
and curse your name!
With your child's blood,
we bought their approval.
With your mother's tears,
we made a bitter sacrifice
against the deprivations to come.
And you've thrown it away.
After all I've done for you.
Thoughtless, feckless
At least I did something.
I have not answered injury
to the crown with, what?
Wailing and currying favor
with the fishwives?
I will not be thought weak.
Even now, news of Rhaenyra's
monstrous crime
spreads through the realm.
The great houses falter.
They cannot but come to our side.
I wish to spill blood, not ink!
We must act.
Ser Criston Cole has acted.
And what has Ser Criston Cole done?
He has sent Ser Arryk to slay Rhaenyra.
He's pretending to be
his own twin. Brilliant.
Gods help us all.
It's time the bitch queen paid a price.
And you acceded to this, this prank
without consulting me or the council?
Instead of judgment, you
display impetuousness,
and diminish us in the
eyes of our enemy!
Ill-considered, trifling!
Do you never think of your father?
forbearance, his
judiciousness, his
his dignity.
Fuck dignity! I want revenge.
My father is dead.
He is.
And we are the poorer for it.
He was right about you.
He made me king.
Is that what you think?
Remove your badge, Ser Otto.
You were my father's Hand.
Not mine.
Take it off.
You wouldn't dare.
I have dared
and I find it stimulating.
Insolent pup.
You think yourself clever,
but without a strong
Hand at your side
to guide?
Give it to Cole.
Your Grace?
In this hour, you have proven
yourself of more worth
than a hundred old men.
My new Hand will be a steel fist.
You will regret this.
Give it to him.
You are dismissed.
I do not know if I trust you.
And I sense that there
is danger in you yet.
But I will keep the word of my house
if you say that it was given.
You may go.
Your Grace.
There's a Velaryon ship in the harbor
bound for Myr by way of Pentos.
I will see that you are given passage.
I'm not so unworldly
as to let you fly free.
I am Thank you.
Ser Erryk, Mysaria will be leaving us.
Let her collect her things.
Then have someone take her down
and secure her berth on the "Corwyn".
Your Grace.
A moment.
Ser Erryk
- I thought you were within.
- A sorry lack of vigilance.
The enemy is about, good ser.
Please try and lay down, Your Grace.
Thank you, Elinda.
Ser Erryk.
It's been a strange day.
I'm restless. I will stand
this evening's duty.
You must sleep tonight, Your Grace.
Let me ask the maester for a draught.
Perhaps that would be best.
Thank you, Elinda.
Ser Erryk?
Believe me I had no choice.
I don't understand.
Do not do this.
I beg you.
You were the one who betrayed us, Erryk.
Run, Elinda! Run and find Ser Lorent!
- Your Grace!
- Ser Lorent!
With me, Your Grace!
Which?! Which is Erryk?!
- We were born together.
- You parted us!
But I still love you, brother.
Your Grace.
Forgive me.
It is ignorance and vanity.
You know as well as I do that
Aegon must be kept in check.
As does Ser Criston.
The two of them together
Ser Criston is not temperate
but his devotion cannot be questioned.
- If it does come to war
- He's ensured it.
He's young and unschooled.
His faith is in steel and bone.
He has not the long view.
None of them do.
They wish now not for
the good of the realm,
but for the petty satisfaction
of vengeance.
Aegon is still malleable.
It is the death of the child
that has unstrung him.
I can't stay here.
Exiled from the council.
Witness to the blundering of our plans.
I'll return to Oldtown.
The Hightowers still have strength,
and you have a son there
who will take more
kindly to instruction.
Daeron may yet help us in weeks to come.
Go rather to Highgarden.
The Tyrells must be taken in hand.
Their bannermen are wavering.
While you're gone,
I'll speak sense to him.
His blood will cool.
In time, you may yet return.
The young are peacocks
all shrieking and feathers.
But we will yet prevail and bring
forth peace, I still believe it.
As long as you and I hold fast.
I have sinned.
I do not wish to hear of it.
Soon, they will not even remember
what it was that began the war
in the first place.
When the desire to kill
and burn takes hold
reason is forgotten.
We cannot hide in our castle,
waiting for war to come to us.
Good. To war, then.
Alicent is in King's Landing.
Her son sits my throne.
There has been no word
from Prince Daemon.
We must press what advantage we do have.
- And what is that?
- Dragons.
If dragons begin fighting dragons,
we invite our own destruction.
It'll be savage beyond all compare.
I really love this episode.
We were already in a very tenuous place,
but there's now been
the murder of a child,
and it's meant to be a harbinger
for things to come.
This is starting to become
a pure Game of Thrones story now,
where everyone's struggling
with the legacy
that they've been left by their parents.
In episode two, any kind
of stability for Aegon
has now been ripped out
from beneath his feet.
I am the king!
We always knew that
Aegon was gonna get rid
of that Valyrian model,
and it's a really powerful dramatization
of how there is a new sheriff in town,
and Aegon's reign as king
is very different than Viserys.
I declare war!
The aftermath
is grief like you just never,
ever want to experience.
Aegon feels completely alone,
like no one really understands
or appreciates the pain he's in.
And I think we see why Aegon's
respect for Helaena grows,
because she's the only other
person in this environment
that really knows what this pain is.
And seeing that look in Helaena's eyes
when they cross on the stairs,
they don't say much to each other,
but they communicate through pain.
I think everything's just
so traumatic at that moment
that for Helaena, time stands still.
I think the noise and everything
goes under the radar for her.
I think she's feeling it in the
most raw and visceral way
because she's not angry
over the loss of an heir,
she's bereft over the loss of a child.
After Blood and Cheese, Alicent is just
completely devastated,
and all she can think about
is if she wasn't in bed with Cole,
then maybe he would have
been able to stop
that horrendous murder.
We'll know who did this soon enough.
Who would do this save
the bitch queen of bastards?
There she sits across the bay
on her rock, laughing at me.
She's fucking laughing at me!
Otto doesn't think
Rhaenyra is capable of it.
He knows she's good, and
he knows that's a weakness,
and hopes to use that to his advantage.
We were very interested
in the propaganda of it.
Not only the horror of what's happened,
but also the way that it's spun
and how it can be used
to a political advantage.
It's a way of manipulating
the population with fake news.
And as cruel as this society is,
no one likes a dead baby.
So in Otto's job, it's
a weapon to employ
in terms of public opinion.
Otto is forever the pragmatist
thinking about how to make
the best of every possible situation,
and it seems to me he's a character
who's completely able
to compartmentalize
his emotions, and that
makes him seem cold
and calculating. But the child is dead.
How can we use this to our advantage?
Somebody once wisely said,
"Never let a crisis go to waste".
Otto is exploiting the moment
to extract maximum
political value, but
it's a very effective
political tool because these people
that are seen by some of King's Landing
as the usurper are
now suddenly embraced,
and that's why it's diminished
Rhaenyra's position so badly.
And they are accusing me
of having a hand in this.
I think the death of the
prince is a paralyzing event
in the story for Rhaenyra.
It marks a reckoning with
what her desire can do.
Her vengeful feeling caused
the death of another child.
And causality suddenly starts
to feel threatening,
like one can set things in motion
that one would never anticipate.
As for Daemon, I think
she has never really
trusted him wholly.
I think the question will become
how important that actually is.
Like with anything between
them, it's utterly complex.
And the thing with Daemon
is his sense of morality.
Although it's perverted and mad,
he thinks he's doing the right thing.
Do you accept me
as your queen and ruler?
Emma and Matt are incredible actors.
They really search for
the feeling of a scene,
and they find ways
to really pace themselves
through the scene, so
they're not coming in raging,
as might be their first instinct.
Claire gave us such freedom,
and something I spoke to Claire
about was women's rage.
And I think we saw Rhaenyra
in season one
keep a lid on intense feeling,
and I was really excited
to find out what happens
when you take the lid off that.
He was not afraid of you, Daemon.
He could not trust you any more
than I can trust you.
They have a really
interesting relationship,
and we love writing for them.
They have a connection that
nobody else on the show shares.
They are the same person,
almost, in different bodies.
The difference that Daemon was a man
and gets to do whatever he wants
And Rhaenyra has to wear a dress
and stay cooped up in a castle,
and so feels that frustration.
At the same time,
Daemon was the heir to the throne,
and it was taken away
and given to Rhaenyra.
And there's just no way
that you're not angry
and resentful about that.
And so we wanted to delve into the fact
that they have a deep connection.
They have each other's back,
but we're not sure
where they're standing and how
everything's gonna play out
in the end.
I don't think she realizes
how bad this is for her
at the moment, because
so much of her claim
is wrapped up in the realm's
assurance that,
yes, Rhaenyra will be queen,
but at least she has
Daemon Targaryen at her side.
And now she doesn't,
and she will have to reap
those consequences
in the episodes to come.
Cole is wrapped up
in his own guilt and shame,
because he was in the queen's chamber
when all this was going down.
If you please, my lord.
He's been commander for five days,
and there's been the most
catastrophic thing that's happened.
So I think he loses it a little bit,
and he feels so guilty,
but he can't admit the guilt to anyone.
And so he needs to externalize it,
it sets him on this mission
that he deep down knows
is a fool's errand.
From the perspective of Arryk and Erryk,
they're very honorable, very diligent.
And Arryk respects the fact that Criston
probably comes from
a similar background,
but he's not very honorable
with his oath.
So there's a little bit of an
underlying tension there.
You will go to Dragonstone
and strike down Rhaenyra
in her own halls.
Arryk thinks it's a terrible idea.
The only things Arryk
and Erryk had was duty
and their love for each other.
So it's putting those things
together and making him choose.
As you command.
The Erryk and Arryk duel
is a giant moment
in Westerosi history.
And of course, Arryk infiltrates
the castle successfully, uses
the uniform and the helmet
that makes them all look
alike to his advantage.
We always love that moment
of these two brothers
who love each other more than anything
also being set to kill each other,
and there's a very American Civil War
brother-on-brother aspect to it.
Why are they doing this?
It's because these nobles have decided
that they're mad at each other,
and now these guys
have to battle it to the death.
But Elliott and Luke are
phenomenal in that scene.
It was a really incredible
moment on set.
Ser Arryk.
Believe me, I had no choice.
We must have done over
30 hours of rehearsals
on the fight scene.
We wanted to put all our energy into it,
and I feel like in the midst
of the aggression of it,
I think it should be
quite a beautiful scene.
And it was super emotional as well,
and hopefully we can capture that
for the audience anyway,
because it'd be wicked
if they could get a sense
of how we felt on the day.
I can hardly talk about the fight
between Arryk and Erryk,
because it's heartbreaking.
But it's an incredible scene.
And I know it sounds
completely opposite to it,
but this is a love story.
This is a story about how much
these brothers love each other.
So, what are the questions?
What are they saying to each other?
Why is it so hard?
It's because they love
each other so deeply.
So for me, this was a story
about brotherly love like no other.
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