How to Be a Cowboy (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Welcome to Radiator Ranch

[Western music playing]
[man] The cowboy,
an iconic symbol of the American West.
Born on the plains of Texas, the cowboy
has come to symbolize a set of values
often forgotten in our modern world.
On horseback, we ride together,
but in our hearts, we are self-reliant
and answer to no one.
[phone ringing]
Whoa, whoa, hold on, guys.
Yes, Mom, what?
[Mom on phone] Hi, honey,
can you help me for a minute?
Help you what?
[Mom] I'm trying to send some pictures
on an email.
I don't know how to get 'em
to stick to it.
- What do you mean "stick to it"?
- [Mom] How do you get 'em to attach?
- Tell her to turn it off and back on.
- [Mom] I need to send pictures.
- Is she on a Mac or a
- I don't know.
Mom, just Use the paper clip.
[Mom] No, honey, I'm on an email.
I can't use a paper clip.
- Oh my gosh.
- Can you tell your mom I said hi?
I'm gonna stop what I'm doing
and come help you
attach 72 pictures
so you can send them to your cousin.
[Mom] That's why you're my favorite.
Well, Leroy just heard that. Bye.
[whistles, clicks tongue]
Wanna get something to eat?
Oh man. I know this great place
to get chicken wings.
It's amazing. Ooh.
[Western music playing]
[cattle mooing]
[man 1] The cowboy life
is about tradition.
Let's push them down that road. Ride up.
Only way to keep that tradition alive
is to spread the message.
That's where I come into the story.
Through social media, I brought
our traditions into the future,
and now I'm bringing 'em to you.
If you're not a cowboy,
don't step in here, okay?
Whoa! ♪
[man 2] There you go! Yeah!
There's a lot to learn
from our way of life.
So you may as well learn it from the best.
All Dale, yeah.
[Dale] That's me,
in case it wasn't obvious.
[announcer] That is Dale Brisby.
Whoa! Shoot!
We're training the next generation
of cowboy here.
When you're working on Radiator Ranch,
you're my responsibility.
And lesson number one is
cowboys look after their own.
[Western music playing]
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,
to Radiator Ranch,
the largest ranch in Texas.
I haven't fact-checked that,
but I imagine it's probably true.
[man] I looked it up.
It's not the largest.
It's not? Okay, well, you Probably
Who really believes the internet anyway?
This is a real working ranch.
We work with cows every single day.
And since we're real cowboys,
we do everything horseback.
It's a lot to manage,
so I've got guys working for me
like Leroy, Donnie and Cheech.
- What's up?
- [Cheech] Hello!
- I'm working.
- Get on this plug. Let's go.
Let me just trot her around a bit.
So he's gonna try to get her
real tired beforehand
because he doesn't want to get bucked off
in front of the cameras.
Some of the guys like to pick on me,
but I am cool
as the other side of the pillow.
- We're avoiding that situation.
- Mmm.
[Cheech] I don't get worked up very easy.
Only, you know, when you start messing
with my bugaboos, then yeah.
- [man] Bugaboos?
- Yes, sir.
For instance,
when people go to get lottery tickets,
and they're taking forever at the very
front of the line, that's a bugaboo.
I like to go in and out. That's why
it's called a convenience store.
[Dale inhales deeply]
Gotta get this arena drug.
- You got it, Leroy?
- [Leroy] Sure!
Me and my brother,
we are complete one-eighties.
On a ranch, you'll find that
there is always something to do.
We could work for 24 hours.
Dale likes to wake up
at 4:30 in the morning,
I like to wake up whenever I wake up.
There's no resting.
He works harder than he ought to,
so it's my obligation to work less.
Go and grab the feed buggy,
drag this arena.
Next up, we've got our former intern,
Donnie Ray Daytona.
Saddle bronc rider extraordinaire.
He's learning. I'm teachin' him.
[Donnie] I came here on an internship.
Now I've been hired full time.
Which sounds exciting, but
If you go in reverse
you're doing it wrong.
All in all, it's still the same job.
This pipe sucks.
What Donnie is trying to do
is drag this arena
so that horses, bulls,
they don't step in a big hole
and roll their ankles.
So, I have Gosh darn it, Donnie.
Donnie! Donnie!
Our internship program started
a number of years back
when a young guy reached out.
He actually needed college hours.
He said he loved my videos
and asked if he could come to the ranch
and learn some cowboy skills.
I said sure. Before I knew it,
I had people from all over the country,
all over the world, hitting me up
and asking me to be my intern.
What's the What's the deal
with this new intern?
[Dale] Today, we've got
a new intern coming in
and couldn't have got here any sooner.
It's a busy time of year.
We can use all the help we can get.
- What kinda car is she driving?
- [Leroy] A Toyota.
- [Dale] Ah.
- They are reliable though, I will say.
- How are you?
- Good. How are you?
[Dale] Would you like a chair?
In case you don't already know,
that's Leroy.
How are you? Nice to meet you.
- [Dale] Josiah "Cheecho" Nation.
- [Cheech] Hello.
[Dale] And Donnie Ray Daytona.
And guys, this is Jorden Halvorsen.
By the way, she rides bulls.
Do you perform well under pressure?
Riding bulls, yeah.
It's kind of a pressure scenario
all the time.
I'm Jorden Halvorsen. I'm 25 years old,
and I'm the first female intern
and I'm a bull rider.
Female bull riding is really small.
There's maybe 15, 20 girls
that get on in the whole country.
There's not very many of us.
Not a lot of people know about it.
First, I'mma give you a little tour
and, uh, show you around.
- I'm very excited.
- Let's go.
- Nice to meet you.
- [Jorden] Nice to meet you too. [chuckles]
- I'm excited to see her get on a bull.
- Me too.
Right before I came to work for Dale,
I had busted my knee
and I had a knee surgery.
I thought Dale's internship
would be a great way for me
to get back into bull riding because
I wasn't riding as much as I wanted to.
I know he's supposed to be
a really good teacher.
If you wanna grab that other bag
We're gonna go in and feed 'em.
What made you reach out?
I wanted to learn a bit more
about the ranching aspect.
You run cows and stuff,
and you gather and stuff like that.
We don't have that back home.
I wanted to get that experience.
You're in the right place. We buck bulls
and horses a couple times a week.
We're constantly moving cows around.
I wanna learn to ranch.
It's a dream to have a ranch one day.
Back home in North Carolina,
there's not many places that you can get
on bucking bulls and learn how to ranch.
You gonna get on bulls this week?
You feel good?
- Yeah, I feel good.
- Knee feels good?
Soon as I can get the other three bulls,
we'll get them caught and buck them.
- I don't know if it'll be today.
- Okay.
On to the next one. On to the next one.
[crickets chirping]
[birds chirping]
[guitar music playing]
[Dale] Yeah!
[smacking lips]
- [Dale] Hey.
- [Leroy] What's up?
- [Dale] Carl Wayne got out again.
- Carl Wayne?
Carl Wayne's one of my bulls,
and he busted through a panel.
So, he's out.
And now what we call a maverick.
He's got all the makings
of a great bucking bull.
But first, we gotta find him.
Y'all come back here
and see this panel that's down.
He went through there.
And then the corner over here,
there's a little bitty hole in the fence
that he can fit through.
The big bulls can't fit through it,
so that's why John John's still in here.
We'll bring your buddy back,
John John, don't worry.
[clicking tongue]
Cowboy always takes care of his own stock.
So, no matter where Carl Wayne went,
I gotta find him, bring him back.
Let's pull that trailer over here.
Jorden, stay here.
This might get a little western.
Here we go.
Come on through. Come on through.
Be sure and tighten your saddles
really good.
He's probably already made his way
back to that corner.
He's probably on that fence line.
Most important thing when we get in there,
let's get him off the fence.
We'll get him out in the open,
in the middle.
[Cheech] Carl Wayne.
[Dale] I kinda got an idea
of which way he went.
We're gonna head that direction
and look for tracks.
- [Cheech] These are fresh.
- [Dale] They look like him?
- [Cheech] Yeah.
- [Dale] Good.
Yeah, I see him right there.
On the other side of them sunflowers.
There he goes.
Look at him going across there.
[Cheech] I wanna get him off the fence.
[Dale] Yeah, me too.
Get your rope down.
When I see Carl Wayne, he's headed for
a tree line and he's moving fast.
We've got to get there,
get him caught before he gets there.
we're never gonna get him in the trailer.
Let's go in there easy.
[Cheech] We're here to help!
[Dale] If we hurry,
we'll be able to hoof it and get him.
- [mooing]
- Ah, stay away from the fence, Carl Wayne.
- Easy, Carl Wayne.
- [mooing]
Gosh dang!
Hey! Hey!
[continues mooing]
- [Dale] Put a heel loop on him.
- [Cheech] I can't.
[Dale] All right, Leroy.
Turn your horse towards him.
- [Leroy] Come on.
- [Dale] Turn the horses left.
Hold him. Hold him.
Put your heel loop on him and stretch him
out there, Cheech. There you go.
Keep it tight, Cheech.
I won't let him get you, Donnie.
Donnie is on the radio. He's supposed
to come in with the truck and trailer.
We got three ropes on him.
He's probably gonna be all right.
We find out he's okay.
He's got a few little cuts
and bruises, but he's good.
- Leroy, when he gets up, we're going.
- Yep.
Get the gate, Donnie. Get the gate.
- Donnie, get it shut! Get it shut!
- [Donnie grunts]
[Dale] Carl Wayne!
Get in the trailer, Carl Wayne!
Push his ass in there.
- [Donnie] Get inside!
- [Dale] Hold him there, boys.
There you go!
Yeah, he did!
- That was wild for a second.
- [Leroy] Y'all good?
Yeah, that dude about killed me.
Golly! You and me both!
[Donnie] You hear horror stories
about guys getting killed
because of cows coming back through a gate
and they catch a gate to the head.
- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Could have been
Yeah, it could've been bad.
My adrenaline was going good.
You don't really think like,
"This is how I die." It's after.
You're like, "Dang.
That could have been really bad."
I thought we were gonna lose
both of our teeth there for a second.
Well, luckily,
I had my hand on this thing.
[Cheech] You're putting a lot of faith
in your fellow cowboys
that are riding with you
to go and catch these cattle.
And you're putting a lot of faith
in who you are as well.
[Dale] An animal this destructive,
they're just not worth keeping.
- I say we take him to the sale barn.
- [Dale] Yeah.
[Donnie] Yeah, this dude's an outlaw.
The fate for Carl Wayne
is a padded room till the next sale.
The fate for the interns
is learning how to fix fence.
Everybody say your goodbyes
to Carl Wayne. [chuckles]
Carl Wayne's still pissed!
Jorden, Donnie.
On to the next one, guys.
Now we gotta fix this fence
before anything else gets out.
And we're gonna fix it
to where it's just as effective,
if not better than when we found it.
- Yeah, he's very particular.
- [laughs]
- But he does it right.
- Let's build some fence.
Fixing fence may seem like a boring task,
but the way you handle
little things like this
says a lot about
what kinda cowboy you are.
If you got a firm grip, take your pliers
all the way around.
You'll take it off.
Go around as many times,
once you get a few, clamp it down.
We're gonna do the same thing there.
I'll let you do it.
There you go. I like it. One big twist.
You are a really good listener.
Jorden's new. Don't know a lot about her.
Boop! Bingo bango.
Ooh, that's golden, ponyboy.
If she can pay attention
and be safe doing this,
she'll probably do the same
on a bucking bull.
She's learning humility here,
and that's that's good.
Fixing fence will humble you.
Carl Wayne almost humbled us today.
Carl Wayne might make a great bucking
bull, but it ain't gonna be on my ranch.
So, when we take Carl Wayne
to the sale barn,
I think we might need to find something
that will fit her better to practice on.
We'll go there and sell something
and we'll buy something.
A new bull for you to ride.
You know what I'm saying?
- Is that cool?
- That's fine.
[Dale] Bye, Carl.
Can I help you pick it?
I don't wanna get smoked
every time I go to get on it.
[sighs] But it'd be so fun.
[both laugh]
I can't wait to get on a bull
in front of Dale
because I haven't been
on a bull in months.
I want something
that I could ease my way back on,
to getting on bigger and better bulls.
That's good as new, y'all.
That's professional.
- Good job today.
- [Jorden] Star, get in the back.
It's a good day.
Carl Wayne caught,
fence fixed, on to the next one.
[rock music playing]
[Dale] Leroy!
[Leroy] Hey!
We're loading up Carl Wayne.
Gonna take him to the sale barn.
[man] For people that might not know,
what's a sale barn?
It's an auction for animals.
- You don't have a sale barn?
- [man] No.
What do y'all do with maverick bulls?
First team all-state trailer backing.
That was me, old son.
One cut.
Didn't have to readjust.
- That's what I'm talking about!
- Why'd I have to hook the truck up?
You had to hook up the truck
because that's not, like, the boss's job.
- You work for me.
- [mockingly] "You work for me."
One thing about being brothers
and working together,
we can't tell each other what to do.
We have to ask each other.
If he tells me, I'm not gonna do it.
- This is gonna be smooth.
- [Leroy] Need help? You got it?
- Of course I got it.
- Get that cut gate opened.
[mimics Leroy]
[Leroy] If we disagree on something,
one of us has to be right in the end.
We've had too many
wrestling matches over that.
Never fist-fought,
but we've wrestled a bunch.
[Dale] Before we load him,
how much money is he gonna bring?
Eight-hundred dollars
would be bad to the bone.
- I think he's going to bring 675.
- I hope he brings more than that.
Six-hundred-seven dollars and
eighty-three cents.
[clicks tongue] Whatever.
[Jorden chuckles]
Hopefully, I can get about $800.
Otherwise, it's gonna be a big waste
of time and money.
- [gate opens]
- What's wrong, Carl?
Oh! Ahh!
- You all right?
- [Dale laughs]
I didn't expect him
to follow me around the back gate!
Watch your toes!
[Leroy and Jorden laugh]
You're sure making it easy
to get rid of you, Carl Wayne.
Why you gots to be so mean?
I'm not convinced this isn't
a fire-breathing dragon in here.
[rock music playing]
[Dale] Big ol' horn stuff in there.
- [Leroy] Look at that right there!
- [Dale] That's money.
- [Dale] Mornin'!
- [man] How are you?
[Dale] Good. How are you gentlemen?
It looks like Cheech texted me
and wanted to go with us
and I forgot to respond.
- [Leroy] You forgot or you didn't?
- I got busy loading Carl Wayne and forgot.
Cheech is an aggressive texter.
Yeah, a cowboy looks after his own,
but only up to a certain point.
I texted you two times.
That's my bad, Cheech.
I can't text you all day, Cheech.
Dude, you straight up ghosted me.
I got a ranch to run.
No, I was trying to load the bull!
Put your food down.
Help me unload Carl Wayne.
[laughing] No!
One time, he left me on "read"
for, like, three days.
I think cowboys text each other back.
Have you ever been ghosted?
- How about I respond to you right now?
- No!
Hey, buddy.
- Bingo. Now I've responded.
- [phone chimes]
I don't care.
[Dale] I sent him a GIF.
It's Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute
raising the roof.
Above that, it's me telling him,
"Love you too."
Just 'cause you gotta text him back.
- Watch him, boys.
- [gate squeaking]
Yeah, he's a little mean.
See you later, buddy.
Hope you find your dad.
- Thank you, sir.
- [man] Thank you.
At least you guys text back.
[speaking indistinctly]
We're gonna get started here.
- [laughs]
- You want that one?
[laughs] No.
[auctioneer speaking indistinctly]
He's kind of big.
Yeah, he's big.
Yeah, this sucker right here.
He's got some horns.
He's kinda big though.
I wanted something
that wasn't going to buck as hard,
'cause I hadn't been getting on
many bulls after having my knee surgery.
So I wanted something that was gonna
go out there and just kinda jump and kick,
that wasn't gonna be too strong
for my knee.
There you go.
That's more what you're looking for.
[speaking indistinctly]
You like him?
[auctioneer continues indistinctly]
Sold. 590 bucks. Rodeo time!
[Dale] Yeah, boy.
That one you got, he's gonna be cool.
[Jorden] In the show ring, he didn't seem
mean. He didn't show any aggression.
So, that made me really happy
that he was not acting like Carl Wayne.
You think Carl Wayne's
gonna try to jump out of this?
I don't think he tries to jump.
There's Carl.
- Carl Wayne!
- Carl Wayne!
- [auctioneer speaking indistinctly]
- [Dale] Look how calm he is right now.
I told you he didn't try to jump out.
[continues speaking indistinctly]
[Jorden and Dale reading]
- Dang!
- Who was right?
He brought $615. I won.
Dang. Hey, let's get out of here
before I spend any more money.
Losing to Leroy stung a little bit.
He's kind of what I like
to call a sore winner.
Who was right?
- I guess Leroy.
- Wait, what? Who won?
I guess Leroy.
I won?
Dale needs to be humbled on a daily basis.
Let a little air out of that head.
Feel like it's one of my callings.
- It's so exciting!
- [Jorden] So exciting.
[Dale] Oh, he's perfect!
[man 1] Hey!
- [bellowing]
- [whistles]
- [man 1] Hey! Hey!
- [man 2] Oh!
- [Dale] Oh Lord, have mercy!
- [Leroy] Oh my God.
- [Dale] Go, go, go, go, go!
- Right there. Get ready.
- Go, go, go, go.
- [man 3] Yah!
It's almost like the spirit of Carl Wayne
left him and entered this new bull.
- [man 3] Oh, there it went on the inside.
- [Dale] Whoop on him!
Yah, yah! Yah! Yah, yah!
Come on. Bring it on.
[Leroy] Get you another Get Oh, man.
I'll wait right here.
- [Leroy] Watch your back!
- [Dale] Yah, yah! Yah, yah!
[Cheech] Whoo!
[Dale] Yah, yah! Yah, yah! Yeah, come on.
Yah, yah, yah, yah!
- [man 3] Yeah, baby!
- [all laughing]
- [Dale] Attaboy.
- [Jorden laughs]
[Dale] You got it, ol' son.
All right.
It brings joy to my soul
to watch Dale
in an uncomfortable situation.
That was so fun.
For me.
I'm not gonna say whose fault it was.
- But it's not mine.
- Not mine either. It's your fault.
[laughing] It wasn't my fault.
They ain't gonna let us come back.
That was embarrassing. [smacks leg]
Sorry. [chuckles]
There he comes. Not this time, buddy.
It's all about good TV, Netflix.
- [Dale] Can we go home now?
- [Leroy] The excitement's not over yet.
[groovy music playing]
Whoo! Oh yeah.
Leave it to Dale.
[gate squeaking]
[Leroy] Hey, this sucker is ready
to be a bucking bull.
[gasps] I have the perfect name for him.
Can we name him Frostbite?
He's got white balls. Frostbite.
- [Leroy chuckles]
- [Dale] Jorden
Only because the young lady
pointed it out.
His name is Frostbite
because his balls are white.
- His old jelly beans.
- His old jelly beans.
[Jorden] I think it fits him.
Don't let Jorden's long blonde hair
distract you
from the fact that she knows
what she's doing in the bucking chute.
You ready, Frostbite?
Jorden is a very experienced bull rider.
Bull riders! Bulls are loaded!
[Jorden] I hate wearing knee braces.
There's a lot of pressure
when it comes to getting on bulls
in front of people
you think really highly of,
especially your first time,
'cause you don't wanna disappoint them
and you just don't wanna
fall off really fast.
Ladies and gentlemen, we got Jorden.
What's your last name?
- Halvorsen.
- [Dale] Okay.
Jorden Halvorsen,
coming out of chute number one
right here on the Beaches of Winnebago.
Getting on a sale barn bull
can be dangerous.
They've never been in a chute.
Don't know how they're gonna act.
Animals feed off of you
and feed off of how you're feeling.
[Dale] Jorden named the bull,
now she's gonna tame it.
If you haven't been getting on
a lot of bulls, you'll blackout.
You let your adrenaline take over.
It can freak them out
and they can do something crazy.
Leroy, you pull her bull rope.
Donnie, you spot her. Dale's gonna flank.
- Frostbite's gonna buck.
- I'll spot you. What's your bench?
[Jorden] Personal safety
kinda goes out the window
when you're going to tie yourself
to the back of a bucking bull.
[Dale] Really set your feet.
D up and buck eight.
Keep shuffling your feet.
All right, read Ready when you are.
Take your feet with you.
Coming out rock and roll. Here she comes!
Sit up! Sit up! Sit up!
- Yeah! Yeah!
- [Leroy] There you go!
Sit up! There you go! Sit up! Whistle.
[rock music playing]
- [Dale] You all right?
- Yeah.
- I feel good about it.
- Turned him into a bucking bull.
He had a lot of kick. He looked good.
Frostbite was, like,
the perfect bull for me to get.
It's gonna help me get back on track
to riding where I was
before my knee injury.
I thought you looked really good too.
- [Leroy] Look out!
- Look out! There's a bull in the arena!
- You better turn in. Turn in, ol' son.
- [Donnie whistles]
- [Donnie] Ha!
- [Dale] Yeah, Donnie.
- Good job.
- He's gonna be cool.
[Dale] He is gonna be cool.
Bingo bango. Let's go watch Rango.
Carl Wayne being gone, now our animals
and interns are all tended to.
But there's still a lot to be done.
I'm gonna coach Donnie on his bronc riding
and get him to his first rodeo.
I think Cheech is ready to face
some of his fears and bugaboos.
I'm gonna get horseback with my brother
Leroy and do a little bonding.
Cowboy style.
After seeing Jorden ride that bull,
I'm confident I can get her back
to the rodeos, right where she belongs.
All in all, the cowboy spirit is alive
and well here at Radiator Ranch.
That's taking care of your own, ol' son,
Dale Brisby style.
[Western music playing]
- [Dale] That was wild there for a second.
- [Leroy] Y'all good?
- [Donnie] Yeah, that dude about killed me.
- [Dale] Golly!
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