How To Get Away With Murder (2014) s02e03 Episode Script

It's Called the Octopus

Previously on "How to Get Away with Murder" Levi.
You don't know who you're dealing with here.
That's the long, sad, cliché story of how I got it.
It's my fault.
If you're interested in me, get to know me.
Otherwise, this is closed for business.
Today's the preliminary hearing for Caleb and Catherine Hapstall, accused of murdering their parents.
We have to establish an alibi in order to get the charges thrown out.
An alibi for the night that their parents were killed or their aunt? I have evidence that will show that these charges are without merit.
That was awesome.
You lie to me again, and I'll fire both of you.
Screw you for putting me in this position.
I'm the new prosecutor on the Hapstall case.
Lahey, you're free to go.
- Come with me.
- To New York? I'm not saying marry me.
Just think about it.
- She's dying.
- It's the only way we end up okay if we leave right now.
Come on, answer the phone, damn it.
This is Annalise Keating.
If it's urgent, call my office at 215-555-0122.
Hey, it's me.
Call and tell me you're okay, please.
Why'd they do it? Most parricides are the result of years of abuse, but Catherine and Caleb say they had a happy childhood, so why kill their parents? What's the motive? The prosecution will argue that it's the billion-dollar inheritance.
And then there's the outsider theory.
They felt so unloved and resentful that they tied up, tortured and shot their parents execution-style.
Bonnie, test psychological defenses based on adopted child syndrome, oppositional defiant disorder, selective mutism, primal wound theory.
Get me some chocolate-chip cookies.
I hate all this healthy food.
Frank, get me that update on Nate.
If I have to ask you again, you're fired.
Let's focus-group the siblings, see how a mock jury responds if they like 'em, hate 'em, think they're strange because motive is everything in this case.
If the prosecution invents a good one, we're screwed.
Hell, we're already screwed.
I got a gun, and I called the police! Thank you for coming.
- Frank wasn't picking up his phone.
- Where is it? Here.
What are you doing? It's suffering.
You probably shouldn't look.
Now you're worried I'm gonna be calling you every night the crazy old kook who's afraid to be in the house alone.
Don't worry.
I-I wasn't asleep.
Is it Rebecca? You miss her? - No, no, that's - Okay if you do.
And you? Do you miss Sam? God, no.
And I don't you to ever worry about that.
Promise me.
Okay, but I was actually gonna say Nate.
You should go home, get some sleep before class.
" I know what you're thinking.
"I paid 80 grand a year for this? What does sex have to do with criminal law?" Everything.
Get out.
What? Oh, God.
Look, honey, I want this.
Oh, God, I want this.
But I am not a third-date kind of girl, so - Leave.
- But I thought Mm, r-right now.
I'll go.
Last chance.
Oh! Go! Sex, after all, drives most criminal behavior.
For instance, a husband discovering his wife had an affair is one of the leading causes of murder.
I hate you! Asher? - Hey.
Sexy lady.
- You're late.
Yeah, sorry.
My, uh, conlaw brief took forever, but I'm here now.
And I thought maybe we could take a trip to the zoo.
The zoo? Yeah, so I could show you my elephant trunk.
Come here, Dumbo.
We call these crimes of passion, and the heat-of-passion defense is your most valuable tool when representing a client you know is guilty.
So, is this like a "mea culpa" breakfast? 'Cause I'll say it over and over until you finally hear me You didn't give me HIV.
This isn't an apology breakfast.
This is a celebration breakfast 'cause today marks day 20 of Operation Prep, which means only one more day Until "D" day.
The "D" stands for - I know what the "D" stands for.
- Yeah.
But what if there's a "cooling of the blood" period? Ms.
You can't use a heat-of-passion defense.
The client would've had enough time to contemplate their action.
You still mad at me? Why would I be mad at you? For leaving you with blue balls the other night.
But don't worry I'm sure you'll get back in my pants eventually.
Actually, I think we should end this.
- Really? - Mm.
Not even gonna try to get to know me? - I do know you.
- No, you don't.
I think you're just afraid to get to know the real me 'cause you know you'll fall for him.
And good luck if the prosecution's painting your client as being a sexual deviant.
Juries are way more likely to hand down a guilty verdict if they think your client is a pervert.
How's the suit? I bought it three sizes too large so no one would think I had boobs.
Hell, I'm not even sure they're in there.
You look good, but you have to relax.
Juries see nerves as a sign of guilt.
Deep breaths so I don't look like a killer got it.
She's got to be the most smoking client we've ever had.
That's just because you know what she does for a living.
She's not a prostitute.
You really think there's a difference? Yes, the only reason why they're charging her is because she owns her sexuality.
Or because she killed the guy.
He had a heart attack during sex.
Yeah, rough sex.
She screwed him too hard.
That's involuntary manslaughter.
That's how I want to go out, yo laying underneath a hot woman, my Johnson all snug as a bug in a rug.
All rise! How'd you first meet the defendant, Mr.
Holt? I'm a loan officer at True Heritage Bank.
Tanya came to me with a business proposal.
An indecent proposal.
And what was the nature of this business? She wanted to open up a holistic center where her clients could have privacy during their healing.
Oh, sexual healing.
And when did you learn that the center would actually just be a home for sex parties? Objection.
Prosecution is leading the witness.
Watch yourself, Mr.
My apologies, Your Honor.
Holt, isn't it true your exchange with the defendant went beyond the bank? Yes, I had a private meeting with Tanya at Utopia Circle.
You slept with him? Look at him.
How would you describe your experience? Traumatizing.
The sex started out pleasant enough, but then things escalated and it got rough.
- And now the fun begins.
- How so? She held me down and even choked me at one point.
He asked for that.
So Ms.
Randolph put her own sexual desires before your safety - Objection, counsel is testifying.
- Just like she did - with Dominic Ewing - Sustained.
Thereby killing him, leaving his wife a widow and his children fatherless! That's it, Mr.
Morris! Strike the prosecutor's last statements from the record.
Jury, please disregard everything that was stated after I sustained Ms.
Keating's objection.
That bastard's lying.
He's just ashamed to admit he's a submissive.
Which makes you the dominant.
That's all the jury heard in there.
Then put me on the stand.
I'll make it very clear I did not murder anyone with my vagina.
I have a good solution give me the list.
Utopia Circle's anonymous.
I can't win this unless I have the names of every guest at the party the night Dominic died.
I'll lose all my clients.
You want to keep your business, or do you want to go to jail for being a negligent slut? - Excuse me? - It's not me who thinks this.
It's the entire jury in there.
So Seems like an easy decision to me.
Tanya's confidential guest ledger.
Talk to everyone who went to that party, get them to testify that Tanya and Dominic's sex was routine and not rough.
What do we win if we do a good job? My respect.
Find me a pervert.
You cannot be here.
I teach children.
Do you think there is any way I would be able to keep my job if people knew I had spent my entire weekend at tantric sex parties? Your entire weekend? It's called Utopia Circle for a reason.
Well, then help Tanya keep it open.
If you testify Kevin, that is not something we put in our mouth.
It's big.
It being Sex-party scene in Philly.
Good, I thought you were talking about My member? Yeah, that, too.
You have nothing to be embarrassed about.
Oh, I'm not embarrassed.
I love sex, especially with guys who look like you, but How dare you? This is a complete violation of the anonymity we were promised at Utopia Circle.
Utopia Circle won't exist if Tanya's convicted.
Maybe she should be convicted.
I mean, Dominic's dead because she pushed him too far.
It's called "The Octopus" Dominic's favorite position mine, too except Dominic also liked to get slapped in the face during it.
Uh, how does this help Tanya's case? It doesn't.
I was just gonna say only Tanya was willing to smack him like that.
Okay, like, one time, she took her fist and Put my ass on the stand? No way.
Okay, but if you testify, people would know about your your gift.
You could be famous.
As a whore, freak, nympho, and whatever other derogatory terms the world throws at you when you're sex-positive.
Do I wish that I were strong enough to take the stand and talk about the eight-hour orgasm I once had at Tanya's house? Eight hours? Oh, yeah.
You can Come if you're at all interested.
It's tonight small party until Tanya's back in business.
Uh, thanks, but I'm gay.
Even better.
You're just my husband's type.
What about your wife? What about her? She was at the party that night, too.
See, you're not supposed to know that.
Now leave.
But if we can't find anyone in We're not testifying.
Hells no.
I'd rather go to jail.
You couldn't find one witness to take the stand? Some of them believe Tanya's innocent, but they're too afraid of being outed.
They would do anything for love, but they won't do that.
Maybe we could subpoena them, force them to testify? So they can hate us and sabotage the case on the stand? - Annalise - I mean, what is it about you people? The more experience you get, the worse you get at this job.
- Annalise.
- What? Look.
Where are they? - I'll tell you if you just me a chance to.
- I don't have time for that.
Wait here, or I'll have to call security.
It's all right, Sandra.
What's going on? Why don't you two tell me? So, tell us, are you two lovers? This was the morning our parents were killed.
I was comforting her.
With a kiss? That's not how I comfort my siblings.
Why are they here? Oh, them? Those are the strangers judging you as sick, incestuous freaks.
Okay, we didn't she's putting words in our mouths.
Get used to it because that's all the jury pool knows about you now, that you two are scrEwing and that's why you killed your parents, because they found out and threatened to cut you out of the will.
- We would never.
- How do I know you're not lying to me again? Love is love, after all.
Who am I to judge? How dare you? You begged us to hire you, said you'd protect us from all the crap everyone is saying.
So either you trust us when we tell you the truth, or we'll find a new lawyer who can.
I can't be the only one that noticed the heat coming of those two.
They're totes smushing.
- At least they're not related related.
- Mm, legally, they're related.
Well, if you're gonna incest your brother, might as well look like Caleb.
I know.
Those eyes, right? Well, Catherine's hot, too.
Well, helps she's great in bed.
I'm allowed to make jokes, too.
Look, if you're gonna sleep with another client, make it Tanya apparently, orgasms for days.
Okay, that's not actually possible, right? You can't like pbht more than once or twice, right? - Uh, speak for yourself.
- Be honest.
Frank is he your best? My best was Matt Harris, my physics tutor.
Reminder, straight guys over here.
Waitlist, let me guess Rebecca.
- Can we stop this conversation? - Why? Are you upset that you spent all of those years of bad sex with Aiden? I'm just saying not everyone wants to discuss the number of orgasms they've had in their life.
You mean in a row.
Yeah, I mean, who remembers the number of orgasms they've had in their life? I don't know maybe someone who hasn't had many.
Yeah, or any.
Never? Not even when Aiden went He didn't do that! And Okay, I know I should've known he was gay a long time ago.
And it's not that weird.
Planned parenthood says that one in three women have difficulty achieving orgasm, and it's mostly due to society sex-shaming us.
So maybe stop doing that to me.
What are they doing? Figuring out how to discredit the loan officer? Proving Dominic had a heart condition? Just don't say gabbing about your pathetic sex lives.
Actually, uh, uh, Michaela and I have a lead on a witness angle.
Finally, someone doing their job.
You know I'll tell Oliver if you do anything.
That's why you're here to make sure that I stay soft.
Besides, this is the perfect place for you to learn how to hit your "G" spot.
- Oh, God.
- Connor.
You made it.
This is my husband, Ajay.
We're a match two snakes.
You think Sinclair planted that? I know she did.
Find out who got it to her in the first place.
I'm on it.
Are you forgetting something? Nate.
I asked you about an update on my recorder.
Oh, it wasn't on your desk this morning.
There's not much to tell.
He pretty much goes to see the wife at the hospital and spends the rest of his time at home.
What about his job? Not gonna happen.
doesn't want him anywhere near them.
You're doing everything you can to make it right for the guy.
Because I did all the wrong.
And he should get over that.
Really? That's your dating advice? Leave me alone.
Tanya's confidential guest ledger.
This isn't possible.
Yet there's your daughter's name, as plain as day.
You expect me to believe that my daughter's one of these sickos? It's not what you believe, sergeant.
It's what your future son-in-law believes once her name surfaces in connection to a death in a dirty sex house.
What do you want? A job.
Uh, we should be leaving.
But only if you agree to testify for Tanya.
I already told him that.
An innocent woman might go to jail.
- Maybe she deserves it.
- Ajay.
- No, what does that mean? - It doesn't matter.
He wasn't there that night.
No, but you told me Tanya switched cards with you.
Is that true? Alicia.
It wasn't an accident.
- Of course it was.
- No.
You traded cards so you could have sex with Dominic that night.
Why? So you could kill him.
- That's ridiculous.
- You think the prosecution doesn't have evidence against you? Neither did I until now.
So maybe I can just take this info to them, - see what they think of it.
- Please don't.
Why'd you do it? Because I loved him.
I'm not a relationship person.
That's what I told myself my whole life.
That's why I opened Utopia Circle.
But then I fell in love with Dominic.
He told me he felt the same, but there was his wife.
Switch cards with me.
I begged him to leave Cynthia, but he said he couldn't do that.
He said he had a family and he couldn't hurt them that way.
Fate has brought us together again.
Are you sure? There's plenty of other men here that want you.
And I want you.
For old time's sake.
And I brought you a treat.
Ah Nitroglycerine.
If you take it with Viagra, it can cause a heart attack.
Dominic! Somebody call 911! Hurry! I never wanted him to die.
I promise I only wanted Cynthia to find out who he really was.
So she could leave him and you two could end up happily ever after.
We had something rare.
Maybe you don't believe that, but I loved him more than anything.
No, you love yourself more than anything.
You know, you brag about being free and modern, but you're really just selfish alone and sad and too weak to put up with it like the rest of us do.
And the worst part is you give those of us who really like sex a bad name.
Get out.
But this was I said go! We're good.
He's gonna find out who gave Sinclair the photo.
- Who's he? - Does it matter? - What? - Nothing.
Just Thought you brought me here so that I could "get to know you better.
" Fine.
What do you want to know? What does your mom do? Homemaker.
And if I ever mess up and say housewife, she slaps me.
Your father? Consigliere to Donnie D'Elia.
No, I'm kidding.
He's a mechanic.
We play poker every Sunday.
What's next? You want to know about my childhood? It was awesome.
I was good at sports, I got laid whenever I wanted, my parents loved me.
After high school, I went to community college, - but got kicked out for cheating s - Why are you speeding through this? I'm interested.
You're just interested in knowing the good things.
That's not true.
You know things about me that aren't good, so good things, bad just talk to me.
What if it's mostly bad things? Like what? We should get back to the house.
Oh, my God.
You leaked that creepy incest pic.
What's the motive? It feels good, doesn't it, being on the right side of justice for once? Justice? Is that why you're gunning for Annalise? 'Cause, uh, it's really pretty stalkery how much you care about taking her down, to be honest.
Just text me when you know what she's gonna do with the picture.
No, I'm done.
- Excuse me? - Look, I stole your little recorder thingy, and I almost got killed doing it.
Trotter Lake, Asher.
Shut up with that! Look, if you want to make a threat real, you go for it.
But I am done being anyone's mole.
This woman lost her husband, the father of her two boys, and they deserve justice, no matter what the defense says today.
Tanya Randolph committed involuntary manslaughter when So, what's the plan here, unless you just want me to lose? I never lose.
Is the defense ready with your case-in-chief? We are.
But before we call our first witness, there's something I need to share with the court.
The prosecution is right Dominic Ewing's death was not an accident.
However, they're wrong about the charges being brought before the court.
This is not involuntary manslaughter but intentional, premeditated first-degree murder.
I have physical proof that Dominic Ewing was murdered.
As such, it's my ethical duty to reveal that evidence to the state.
This is a stunt, Your Honor.
She's upping her client's charges.
This isn't upping my client's charges.
Ewing, when was the last time you and your husband had sex? Objection relevance.
Since when is the victim's sex life not relevant in this case? Overruled.
Um Over a year ago.
Things cooled off after we had kids.
Very well.
Ewing, can you read the first drug that was found in your husband's system? Viagra.
Were you always aware that your husband was taking Viagra? No.
Not until I went to the pharmacy to pick up medication for my son and they asked if I wanted Dominic's, too.
I imagine, if I were in your shoes, that news would hurt me quite a lot.
To say the least.
I understand.
Can you read the second drug that the lab found in your husband's system? Nitroglycerine.
This is wrong.
You have to stop her.
Nobody stops her.
Blood-pressure medication that your husband was not on, but when taken with Viagra, nitroglycerine can cause a fatal coronary.
But you already knew that, didn't you, Mrs.
Ewing? - Of course not.
- Really? Because the warning is on the prescription pill bottle that you just testified to picking up.
But are you suggesting I killed my husband? - No, I know you killed him.
- Objection, speculation.
You were upset that he was having sex with strangers, so you got revenge the only way you knew how.
Objection, Your Honor.
Ewing wasn't near the party the night Dominic died.
But she knew where he was headed, and after he took the Viagra, you slipped him the nitrate pill, knowing that it would kill him.
- Tell the truth, Cynthia.
- Your Honor.
You were angry at your cheating husband, so you killed him and framed it on my client.
That's the truth, isn't it? You did it.
You're the real killer in this courtroom.
Has the jury reached a unanimous verdict? We have, Your Honor.
In the case of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania versus Randolph, on the count of involuntary manslaughter, the jury finds the defendant not guilty.
Feel better? You shouldn't have done that.
And you shouldn't have killed your boyfriend.
The D.
's not gonna charge the wife.
You destroyed her in front of her children.
I did my job.
You should be thinking about what present you're gonna get me as a thank-you.
How do you sleep at night? Alone.
On very comfortable sheets.
I like expensive bottles of vodka.
She's pretty.
It's her, right who you've been seeing? N-no, I-I You show up late for dates.
You're constantly on your phone.
I met her in the library.
I was making copies, the printer jammed, she was helping me un-jam it, and we s started talking.
Look, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It's probably better, considering we work together.
It's not you, Bon.
You're great.
I swear Don't do that.
Really, I'll be fine.
Look what I found on the porch.
Knock yourselves out.
"Don't let my mistakes ruin sex for you.
" Okay, she's just creepy.
- Yep.
So is this.
- Wow.
Maybe little missy could use it to have her first big "O.
" Oh! No one is allowed to talk about my sex life ever again.
You know, something tells me that this stud is gonna know exactly how to make it rain.
- Who's that? - That is Levi, Michaela's new boyfriend.
- Ohh.
- Mm.
See, look.
He's even got Waitlist sweating.
- Oh, God, what time is it? - 8:00.
Oh, crap! Oh! He's coming over in a half-hour and I said I'd cook, but I have no food! Get it in, girl! Hey, Wes.
You're "Eggs.
" No.
Don't lie.
Rebecca's Eggs.
She knocked over a carton once.
Our foster dad made her lick 'em off the floor.
I called her Eggs after that.
You're her foster brother? Yeah.
You mind letting go? I kind of can't breathe.
What do you want? The same as you To find Rebecca.
You haven't heard from her? No.
I think she's dead.
You don't know that.
We talked the day before I got the 911 text.
She said things were bad.
She didn't tell me why, but if I didn't hear from her, it would be her lawyer.
Nobody wanted to hurt her.
You expect me to believe that? It could be you, for all I know.
- No.
I - You loved her.
I know.
So either she was wrong about you or it's that lady you work for.
We know where Rebecca is.
But you're afraid I'm gonna try and find her.
Do you want to find her? It's time to move on.
Stay away from Michaela, or I tell her who you are.
Oh, you're not gonna tell her anyway? - No.
- And why the hell not? Because I want to know the truth just like you.
Deal? Deal.
I made you promise not see Frank, and then I go and hook up with doucheface? And the worst part I fell for that putz.
And don't you dare tell anyone this, but the sex it was good.
Maybe we should talk about something else.
Oh, like you're such a prude? Hey, I know what Frank's into, so if he's into you, that says a lot about you, little missy.
So, you and Frank He tells you things? What do you mean, "things"? I don't know.
It's just he's always hinting at all this bad stuff he does, and I don't know if that's just a front or Mm, you minx.
You invited me out for drinks so you could pump me for info about Frank.
Men lie to us, Laurel.
We don't need to do it to each other.
I like him.
And I want to know more about him.
Why is that so bad? You do like him.
That's too bad.
Me and Frank, we got a fight club.
And the first rule is we don't tell you knuckleheads crap about each other.
Hey, lazy, another round on her.
Found your recorder.
It's on the floor next to Bonnie's desk.
Thank you.
So, I talked to my guy about who sent the photo to Sinclair.
He give you a name? No, but he tracked the I.
address to an apartment building in South Philly.
Guess who happens to live there.
I'm just glad the world finally knows the truth.
It was time.
Wait here, or I'll have to call security.
You were their employee.
They trusted you with their privacy.
Something that perverse should never be private.
How do you know it's true? I've known Caleb and Catherine their entire lives.
You notice things, especially when they're not right.
So when I found Grant and Ursula that morning saw the things that had been done to them They're guilty, Ms.
So, we have a motive.
Parents find out about incest, take them out of will.
Bye-bye billions.
So the strategy is to I don't know what the damn strategy is.
It's a miracle we made it 21 days.
I can't wait any longer.
On your stomach I'll get the lube.
I, uh, I have to tell you something.
O-okay, you're scaring me.
It's it's It's nothing bad.
I just I met this girl through work who invited me to a sex party, so I went.
- How is that not bad? - Just just listen.
Why? So I can hear your lame excuses? I didn't hook up with anyone, Ollie.
I didn't even want to.
You can ask Michaela.
She was there.
She'll tell you that I was good.
For once, I I was good.
What? I, uh I mean, even I probably would've had sex at a sex party.
So we're okay? Yeah.
You've changed.
Yeah, 'cause of 'cause of you.
You know what? Lie on your back.
Why? I want to look in your eyes.
So I changed my mind.
I want you to sleep over.
To sleep or do other things? Other things.
Got any ideas? Mm I can think of Mm.
Spell it.
Did your mother put you up to this? She doesn't know I'm here.
Dad, I'm in trouble.
What's wrong, Ash? It's about Tiffany.
Is this so you could get a thank-you? Like there's any other reason the sergeant's offering me a job.
- What do you want? - A job.
I know it doesn't make up for everything, but I ain't taking the job Not if it means owing you anything.
You don't at all.
I just wanted to do what was right.
Is that why you screwed Eve, too, to do what's right? She was just someone from my past.
Just like Sam, me, and the next person you decide to use.
You're right, okay? Everything you want to say to me right now, all the names you want to call me pathetic, conniving, selfish but I had to try, Nate Not so you'd forgive me, but because I miss you.
And, uh I understand if we can't get past this, but I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I didn't at least try.
You need to go home.
I'm not saying no, Annalise.
Just I need more time.
All right.
I'm in.
Car! - Was that a cop? - I think so.
The hell are you doing?! Oh, my God, is that Get in the car now!