How To Get Away With Murder (2014) s04e11 Episode Script

He's A Bad Father

1 Previously on "How To Get Away With Murder" We need a face case, so the three of you are gonna dig through this mail until we find one.
Look at his name.
- What is it? - Nate Lahey.
There's evidence here that links Antares to your campaign funds.
- I destroyed it.
- Why? Because I want to keep my job here.
Tell me you found Dominick.
We have a bigger problem Bonnie Winterbottom.
Then make the time for Laurel! Don't tell me it's about Laurel.
We both know it's not.
Of course it's not! It was about saving me.
Your mother's files show a history of mental illness.
Bipolar I.
She was hospitalized until she was so drugged out that she was no longer considered a danger to herself.
- [CELLPHONE VIBRATES] - Why do you still have Dominick's phone? It's Christophe.
Laurel, that's your father.
He's been calling every day.
It's not my father! Hi, Mom.
[SPEAKING FRENCH] - That's not Spanish.
- It's French.
[SPEAKING FRENCH] Did she just say I killed Dominick? [SPEAKING FRENCH] [CELLPHONE RINGS] [SPEAKING FRENCH] [SIGHS] Now's not a good time.
Did you know Nate's dad has been in jail for 33 years? - ANNALISE: What? - She didn't know.
See? You owe me 50 bucks.
Connor, explain.
One of the files that came in is for a 71-year-old convicted murderer named Nate Lahey.
Okay, that doesn't mean that that's Nate's father.
I-I hacked into his prison records.
The only family member listed is our Nate.
Nate didn't tell you any of this? - No.
- Okay, but why would he put the file in the mail instead of just talking to you? [SPEAKING FRENCH] I have to go.
I know.
She can help us.
How? She a French assassin? - What does she know? - Almost everything.
- Are you kidding me? - How? Dominick's like her son.
They talk every day.
He told her that I was pregnant and that he was coming here to tell me that my father already knew.
That's why she kept calling Dominick's phone, because she was worried that something had happened to him.
You have his phone.
That's proof you're the something that happened to him.
I told her that I found it in his rental car.
Now she thinks my dad killed him.
It's a lot, I know, but she's gonna come here, and she's gonna testify against my dad at the custody hearing.
- And say what? - That he's a bad father.
That she saw it firsthand when they raised me.
This is a good plan.
Stop acting crazy! I should've left your ass to rot in the psych ward, because right now I'm thinking that's where you need to be.
Had to beg Isaac to get you out, out of the goodness of my heart.
Meanwhile, I'm neglecting my class-action suit all because I want you to get your son back.
That is all I want, too.
You're the reason why we're in this mess.
So grow the hell up.
Tell your mother to back off.
Or I'm gonna walk out of here and I'm not coming back.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
But she's not gonna sit at home on the couch now that she knows any of this.
She can help us.
I promise.
I thought her mom was crazy.
She's bipolar.
Well, either way, won't her mental-health issues make whatever she says on the stand unreliable? See? Even the non-lawyer here thinks this is a terrible idea.
LAUREL: It's not.
And I didn't come here for any of your opinions.
Not even on that outfit? Try the pink blazer I had to buy for Easter at Aiden's mom's.
[HUSHED] Okay.
Can we talk about the bigger concern here? Simon waking up? That Wes called Dominick.
Christophe called Dominick.
- Why wouldn't he tell any of us? - Maybe he did.
[NORMAL VOICE] What does that mean? He told you? No, but it's obvious that Laurel likes to hide things from us.
LAUREL: I didn't know about Wes and Dominick.
- [SIGHS] - Better? The pink feels a-a little cliché.
Why wouldn't Wes tell you that? I don't know.
I just need to focus on getting my baby back right now.
I'm just saying it doesn't make sense.
Michaela, I can't start doubting Wes right now! Please? I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I think the judge is really gonna like the pink.
As will my mother.
Let's go.
CONNOR: Okay, boys, let's get to work on Nate's dad.
Here are all of his arrest reports, sentencing transcripts Oh, my heart can't take any more injustice.
Annalise doesn't care.
ANNALISE: Was it a test? Did you think I wasn't paying attention? - [PEN BOUNCES] - Maybe.
Did I pass? He was in jail since I was a kid for drugs, stupid parole violations.
We'd visit him every month, but Mom cut off contact after he beat another inmate to death.
I was 15.
Now we're here.
And honestly I got no idea if he's a guy who deserves your help.
I'm gonna dig through these files.
- Only if you have time.
- I do.
You've got Laurel's custody hearing Nate, let me do something nice for you for once.
Don't get your hopes up.
I never do.
[DOOR CLOSES] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] FRANK: I've never seen her this nervous.
- I think that's you.
- What? You're nervous about meeting the mom.
I am not.
We making bets yet? What are we betting on? About how crazy she's gonna be.
Okay, no one's allowed to use that word anymore.
SANDRINE: [FRENCH ACCENT] Laurel! Ohh! [SPEAKS FRENCH] [CONVERSING IN FRENCH] [SPEAKING FRENCH] English so that you're ready for the stand.
Castillo, I'm Frank.
- Annalise.
- Yes.
I don't have the words to thank you.
- It's okay.
- No.
You have been more a mother to Laurel than me lately.
- Come.
- Oh, okay.
- All right.
- Mom.
Let's go.
We should go.
[SANDRINE SPEAKING FRENCH] Mom, Michaela's gonna go freshen you up - before we go in.
- Good idea.
Really? Shouldn't we go inside? Uh, do it now.
Just Right this way, Mrs.
Call me Sandrine.
[METAL DETECTORS WHINING] And here I thought you'd try to protect your mother from all this.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] You gave me no choice.
How is he? He's perfect.
The doctors are saying he should be home soon.
Your home, if you'd just give me what I want.
I don't have the hard drive.
Don't worry.
We're finished.
I didn't do it.
ANNALISE: Ignore him.
What are you talking about? What do you mean, "I didn't do it"? Wes.
It's a shame you're destroying our family because of a misunderstanding.
Castillo, did you use cocaine during your pregnancy? Of course not.
Were you ever tested for it? Yes.
My OB, Dr.
Huang, told me that three of my blood panels had included drug testing.
ANNALISE: I have the lab reports right here, Your Honor, and as you can see, all show no drug use.
These are all scheduled appointments, Your Honor.
Are you saying that the only blood tests that matter are the ones taken at St.
Edith's lab postpartum? That is our contention, yes.
Your Honor, I'd like to enter into evidence the following records that show that St.
Edith's lab has had eight false-positive drug results in the past year.
This data doesn't discredit the fact that Ms.
Castillo was displaying extreme hypomania at the time of delivery, to the point where she was hospitalized in a psych ward for five days.
Because Ms.
Castillo woke up restrained and discovered that her father had stolen her son.
Careful, Ms.
My apologies.
Had gotten custody of her son.
And what was your reaction to that news, Ms.
Castillo? Devastation.
It was like a part of my body had been taken, but worse.
At least your child was with your father and not with a stranger.
I would've felt better if he would've been with a stranger.
Why? Did you not think your child was safe in your father's hands? My father has never had my, or anyone in my family's, best interests in mind.
So you believe that your child is better off with you? - Of course.
- Why? - I'm his mother.
- Well, you've just been through a very traumatic experience, Ms.
You don't think that you need time to recover? Getting my son back is the only thing that's gonna help me recover.
I never got to see him.
I never got the chance to hold him, touch him.
Can you imagine? Having the child who grew inside of you for seven months, who you spent every second worrying about, talking to.
Can you imagine waking up to find out he'd been taken? Without your consent? I love my son.
I just want the chance to be his mother.
- [SPEAKS FRENCH] - It's just round one.
The judge was moved, Laurel.
I saw it with my own eyes.
All I saw was her counting the minutes till lunch.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
This is what makes her a good lawyer.
She seems like a big jerk, but it it's all part of her charm.
Who are you again? Frank, Mom.
I told you about him.
Let's get you some lunch.
I'll see you guys back here.
We'll hang later.
- Well, that was mortifying.
- It was not.
What are we doing about the Christophe voicemail? 'Cause I was thinking we could get Wes' phone from evidence.
- No.
- It'll help us find out how many times he and Dominick spoke.
Annalise has already got Bonnie on it.
- They made up? - For now.
[KEYBOARD CLACKING] BONNIE: Someone is mirroring my computer.
That's the only explanation, right? I'd have to come to your office to see.
No, I shouldn't even be talking to you on my phone.
Why? Do you think this is Denver? D You think he's spying on all of us? - BonBon thinks that? - Are you serious? - Just tell them not to worry.
- Uh, okay, but can you j [BEEP] What are you doing? [MOUTHING] Looking for bugs.
Okay, now I'm scared.
Castillo, why were you admitted to a rehab program when you were a teenager? Objection.
I'm trying to establish a pattern here, Your Honor.
You may answer.
I had an eating disorder.
DEAN: Really? Because the files on our records show that this was for cocaine abuse.
I'd only done cocaine a handful of times to suppress my appetite.
So you admit that you had done cocaine in the past - to control your body? - Objection.
Move on, Mr.
Castillo, how many men were you sleeping with - when you got pregnant? - Objection! Counsel's question is tantamount to slut-shaming, - and I'm offended.
- As am I.
I'll rephrase.
During your pregnancy, did you ask for a paternity test? I did.
And is this the same reason you told your father that you had had an abortion? No.
I just didn't want him to react negatively to the fact that I was having a child.
But didn't you consider having an abortion? The medical record states this.
LAUREL: How much time do I have? Pennsylvania allows abortions up until 24 weeks.
It's my legal right to be informed of my options.
Or is the truth that you were changing your mind - about having the child? - No.
You were so concerned that he might turn out like his actual father, Wesley Gibbins - Objection.
- a mentally ill sociopath who admitted to killing other people - and then killed himself.
- Counsel is testifying! You took cocaine in order to harm your unborn child.
No, that's not true.
Well, it's very convenient of you to say that now.
Your Honor, I'm gonna pull my client from the stand if counsel continues to verbally abuse her.
Dean, this court will impose sanctions on you if this line of questioning continues.
Unnecessary, Your Honor.
The witness is excused.
FRANK: Are we worried we got this wrong? - Which part? - Jorge.
All we know about him is what Laurel's told us.
So he's gotten into your head, too? I just want us to be careful.
And I just want people to start bringing me solutions instead of problems.
- A.
- What's wrong? I just got through all of Nate Senior's arrest reports.
We just got through his arrest reports.
Well, technically, I'm the one who found the more relevant information.
There's no trophy involved in this.
Spit it out.
What's the verdict? Say it.
He fits the criteria.
He's had over 15 public defenders, all of whom told him to plead guilty.
Maybe 'cause he was.
Asher found out that they didn't even take statements from the other convicts who saw the murder.
They just took the guards at their word.
He still murdered a guy, Annalise.
I'm not saying that we're gonna make him our face case, just that he's no worse than some of my other plaintiffs.
I called the prison.
We can go visit him tonight.
Tonight? No.
The class goes to trial next week.
I haven't seen the guy since I was 15.
And how has it made you feel all these years? Good? GUARD LEON: All visitors to Segment 10 have to adhere by the following rules no touching, no speaking loudly, no sudden movements.
This is for your safety, as well as the safety of the inmate's.
Any questions? How long's he been in solitary? Little over two years.
Lahey, what happened to you cannot happen again.
And that's what this case is about.
It's about stopping the cycle of good men going to prison for crimes that a white man wouldn't even serve a day for.
And I see it happen in my profession all the time and to people that I know and cared about.
And I want it to stop.
And you can help.
All you have to do is sign this.
You don't have to decide today.
That's not why I'm not talking.
I'm just surprised that you think that a-a, uh broken-ass, old convict like me could help you with your case.
That's thanks to your son.
He asked me to come see you.
Who did you say asked you to come see me? Nate.
But you called him my son.
It's me.
It's been a while.
You stopped being my son the moment you became a pig.
You still a pig? Look.
We got a lot to talk through.
You know what a pig is? He's a bitch for the white man.
You ain't my son.
You ain't my son.
This pig ain't my son! GUARD LEON: Lower your voice.
That's you, ain't it?! - Okay.
Visit's over.
- You bitch! - Visit's over! - You're just like these, who have been keeping me locked up in here! I don't care.
Visit's over.
Get him out of here.
- All these years! You bitch! - Get him out of here.
ANNALISE: It must have been something that I Yeah.
Get them all out of here! Get her out of here, too! Take your ho! Get the hell on out of here! 'Cause I ain't signing nothing for no pig! Take your ho and get the hell on out of here! I ain't signing a damn thing for you! I ain't signing nothing! - Hey! - [SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY] Get out of here! Get the hell out of here! There is no scientific basis for solitary confinement.
It's based on a religious thing that the Quakers did, but they created it as a way for criminals to spend time alone and repent.
It was intended to rehabilitate people, not to turn them into head cases.
- What are you doing? - Huh? Baby, that was a "let's have sex" kiss.
And, literally, you're talking about the most depressing subject in the world.
That's my point, is poor Nate's dad's been locked in a shoebox for most of his life.
And that's not gonna change tonight, just like we're not gonna find out how Wes knew Dominick or if Laurel's mom's gonna tank it on the stand or one of a dozen other worries that have been flooding my brain every second of every day.
So, please, can we just get out of our heads for one night? I'm sorry.
Lil' Asher's, uh, still thinking about Nate's dad.
But I'm happy to alphabet you.
[SIGHS] Just hold me.
That's all I really want.
[SIGHS] CONNOR: What are you working on? I'd tell you, but you'd get mad.
Or I'll just get more mad because you didn't tell me.
Either way mad.
I'm making a fundraising page to help Simon's parents come visit him.
[SIGHS] Okay.
Maybe you shouldn't have told me.
We're helping everyone else with their parents.
Why wouldn't we help Simon? - He's brain-dead, Oli.
- You don't know that.
His parents need at least $15,000 to pay a lawyer to get the visas that they need to visit their son, who they believe was so depressed that he shot himself.
I need you to listen to me Stop trying to control me.
Not as your boyfriend.
As your lawyer.
You were there when Simon shot himself in mysterious circumstances.
Then you went to visit him in the hospital.
Then you raised money for his parents.
Those are the actions of a guilty person.
That is what any prosecutor will tell the jury, and then you will get caught, and you will go to jail.
Unless that's what you want.
it's not crazy, thinking that you should pay for this.
But you going to jail will literally break my heart.
So just think about that before you make any decisions.
Watch your words Turn to dust [CONVERSING IN FRENCH] [LAUGHS] English.
So that you're ready for tomorrow.
So, this Frank Let's not talk about that.
To let you No talking about my love life.
Slip away [SIGHS] I'm sorry.
I should've told you.
I just didn't want to risk having Dad find out.
You know you don't need to protect me from him anymore.
I don't know that, actually.
Laurel, please look at me.
I'm doing good right now.
[INHALES SHARPLY] Please don't make this about that.
I-I've gotten so much better.
You just haven't been around me enough to see it.
None of this is about you being sick! It's about my son, about keeping him safe.
At least that's what I thought I was doing, but I failed, obviously.
Oh, come here.
Okay, I'm just I'm I'm fine.
I'm just I'm tired and I'm hungry.
Do you have some food? I can cook you something.
Uh, let's just do take-out.
Magnets Thai okay? They've probably bugged my house, too.
I'll come over, do a sweep.
They'll know I know if you do that.
Or you're just being paranoid.
It's kind of spreading around here.
What's wrong? Are you seriously considering keeping more secrets from me? What if Laurel's wrong? If Daddy didn't kill Wes? Then I'll kill her.
- Stop.
- No.
I'm putting my life on the line by playing your stupid mole here.
We're gonna protect you.
How? Denver is happy to get rid of me, however he needs to.
And then after me, it's all of you.
Or is your head too far up your own ass to realize that? I'm gonna keep us all safe, Bon.
Just because you keep saying that doesn't mean it's true.
I mean it.
Denver will have to kill me to get to you.
Have you heard anything from Bonnie yet? We're not talking about that here.
Because she didn't find anything? Your nosy shtick isn't cute anymore.
This isn't the '50s.
I'm not gonna sit here and smile like some housewife.
Where's my mom? Uh I told you to talk to her while I was in the restroom.
She makes me nervous.
Whatever mean thing you're about to say, I'm already thinking it.
You okay? I just needed a moment.
- You don't have to do this.
- What? Laurel's therapist from the hospital, Dr.
Roa, is testifying on her behalf, so if you're too scared to take the stand - I can do it.
- Can you? Your ex-husband is a very intimidating man.
I can handle him.
Yeah, but if you're anything less than perfect, Laurel loses custody.
Testifying in a case like this would be hard for anyone.
You mean hard for someone with mental-health issues.
My job is just to protect Laurel.
And what do you think my job is? - How dare you.
- LAUREL: Maman! - What's wrong? - Absolutely nothing.
JUDGE WILLIAMS: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? - She looks scared.
- What the hell did you - say to her out there? - Nothing.
And what did I tell you about letting me do my job? JUDGE WILLIAMS: Ms.
Keating? Ms.
Castillo, is it safe to say that you think Laurel would make a good mother? An excellent mother.
And how would you know what a good mother is? From what my client has told me, you weren't exactly a good mother yourself.
Please answer the question.
I was overwhelmed during much of Laurel's childhood, but mostly due to the fact that my husband was having numerous affairs.
So Mr.
Castillo is to blame for your bad mothering? DEAN: Objection.
The Castillos' marriage is not on trial here.
Is it true that you dragged a 7-year-old Laurel out of bed at 3:00 a.
to help you repaint the poolhouse, an incident that caused you to be involuntarily hospitalized? I don't see what any of this has to do with Laurel.
Well, Laurel witnessed both events.
No wonder she would later need to go into rehab.
She probably felt like it was a vacation from that kind of chaos.
That was a time I was improperly medicated.
And I'm offended that you're implying that people with mental-health issues - cannot be good parents.
- I'm not implying anything.
I'm simply asking you whether you think you took care of your daughter.
Asked and answered.
The witness has made a lot of excuses, but I still haven't heard an answer.
So tell us the truth.
Were you the mother that Laurel deserved? I was not.
Laurel spent most of her childhood taking care of me.
So what you're telling me is that Laurel helped you through these mental-health episodes? Yes.
[VOICE BREAKING] She talked to me each night until I fell asleep.
She made sure I ate, took my medication bathed me.
That's how I know Laurel will be an excellent mother.
Because she had always been one for me.
No further questions.
JUDGE WILLIAMS: Let's take a short recess before Ms.
Castillo's cross.
ANNALISE: Thanks again for doing this.
That's actually what I came to tell you.
I can't do it.
I'm kidding.
I'm I'm all set.
I don't have the energy for jokes right now.
Okay, you're gonna be the first one on the stand after Laurel's mother finishes.
And then I'm gonna start with your credentials and ask how many courts have relied on On my opinion.
I-I know, Annalise.
I have done this before.
Not with me.
I'm tough.
And so am I.
And that's what I'll testify to that I was extremely discerning when I did Laurel's psych eval and that she passed with flying colors.
Therefore, any questions about her mental competency are unfounded.
[VOICE FADING] I also want to hit home that using the mother's mental-health history against Laurel is unwarranted.
Her mother's mental illness ANNALISE: Your father never had a psych evaluation.
[INHALES SHARPLY] So? So, he's mentally ill.
We both saw that.
Jail makes everyone insane.
But studies have proven that solitary affects the brain.
It causes paranoia and psychotic delusions.
Now, not once was your father ever treated.
You don't have to do this.
What? - Try and make me feel better.
- I'm not.
I made a mistake, okay? I knew it from the minute I put that file in the mail.
Some people cannot be helped, and he's one of 'em.
I've known that my whole life, and I was fine with that.
I moved on.
There are people we just got to let go.
- No.
- I'm telling you to stop.
Not one of your dad's public defenders considered an insanity plea in any of his cases, not even the murder charge that happened right after he spent a year in solitary.
He was mentally ill, and they tried him like he was competent.
That's the very definition of ineffective assistance of counsel.
- You heard him.
He's not gonna sign up.
- Then you convince him.
You have more than enough plaintiffs.
Because I want to make him my face case! I don't need a model prisoner.
I need someone that the system has completely broken down, and that's him.
Now, I'm not asking you to do it for you.
Do it for me.
Is this gonna be a thing? What's that? This pig visit.
Sit down.
This lawyer, Ms.
She really wants you to sign up for her case.
You two bonin'? To be honest with you, I got a whiff of your mother off of that one.
Okay? I did time, too, not like you, but enough to know what breaks guys waking up to the same thing every day, being around people all the time, paranoia that someone's always coming to take what little you got.
There ain't nobody taking nothing away from me.
- The system took from you.
- Well, it didn't break me.
I'm still here.
But you're also not well.
Well enough to whip your pig ass.
You're sick, is what I'm trying to tell you.
Your brain is sick.
The way you feel getting angry the outbursts.
You probably get real low, too, right? Out of nowhere.
Maybe you even hear things or see things that aren't really there.
This place This place did that to you.
And it's not right.
We both know that.
I know you haven't meant anything to anyone for a long time, but if you sign up for this case, win or lose, you will mean a lot to people who need help.
Including me.
JUDGE WILLIAMS: Your witness, Mr.
We have no questions for this witness, Your Honor.
- You're excused.
- What's going on? You may call your next witness, Ms.
I'd like to call Dr.
Isaac Roa to the stand.
Roa, why were you confident that Laurel should be released from the inpatient center? Well, both myself and the mental-health administrator from St.
Edith's agreed that Laurel exhibited no signs of drug withdrawal that would be expected from a habitual drug user.
She also showed no signs of depression or self-harm that would require her to be hospitalized.
So in your expert opinion, is there any reason why Ms.
Castillo should be deemed unfit to care for her newborn baby? None whatsoever.
Thank you, Dr.
Your witness.
Roa, your career as an addiction counselor started as a result of your own drug addiction, correct? Objection.
Goes to his credibility, Your Honor.
You may answer.
Yes, Your Honor.
I am a recovering heroin addict, yes.
I find that it's one of the things that best helps me to empathize with the struggles that my patients suffer.
Is it also true that you were investigated as a person of interest in the death of your daughter Stella? Objection.
Roa's personal life should not be taken into account here! If we are supposed to trust Dr.
Roa's opinion about a young woman's mental health, certainly his actions regarding his own daughter speak to his credibility.
I'll allow it.
ISAAC: I was interviewed briefly.
The police informed me that it was routine, and they eventually determined that she, uh committed suicide.
How did she commit suicide? Pills.
- What kind? - Oxycodone.
Which is an opioid, like heroin.
Is that a coincidence? Objection.
Calls for speculation.
Let me offer proof.
During the vetting of Dr.
Roa, our investigators uncovered that Stella Roa had no history of drug abuse.
She had a history of mental-health issues.
You claimed that you found her unconscious when she died, but the security system shows that you entered the house 15 minutes before you called 911.
Now, what elapsed during that time? Your Honor, this case has been closed for several years! Were you staging your daughter's suicide? Any evidence from opposing counsel hasn't been verified yet, Your Honor.
Not true, Your Honor.
Due to this new evidence, the D.
's office is, in fact, reopening Stella's case and investigating Dr.
Roa for murder.
Judge, counsel has no standing to speak on behalf of the D.
's office.
We can get the A.
down here right now.
I'm sure they would love to ask Dr.
Roa Sanction Mr.
Dean immediately.
- Mr.
Dean, not another word.
- Why kill her? - Were you molesting her? - Your Honor! Were you afraid she would tell her mother? One more word, and I hold you in contempt.
Apologies, Your Honor.
But I beseech the court to strike Dr.
Roa's testimony from the record as unreliable, due to his status as a suspect in an active homicide investigation.
Is it true? Are they investigating him? Denver's personally overseeing the case.
And Jorge's paying the whole police department to make it look real.
Unless it is real.
They're framing him, just like they did me.
I'm just saying, the evidence they have on him looks real.
I'm the devil.
You didn't cause this.
I begged him to help me.
All right? You can't afford to make this about yourself right now.
[KNOCKING ON WINDOW] Judge has a decision.
JUDGE WILLIAMS: Our research shows keeping an infant with their mother is always the ideal outcome, and whenever the evidence allows, I will come to that conclusion.
But because I must now exclude any of the evaluations proffered by Dr.
Roa, I have no expert to corroborate Ms.
Castillo's claim that she's mentally fit to care for her child.
Therefore, I have decided to extend the initial custody and have the child remain in the care of his maternal grandfather.
The petition for custody is denied.
What about visitation, Your Honor? I need to confer with the Department of Human Services.
After that, you and your client will be notified about a visitation schedule.
Why can't we do that today? That's not how this works, Ms.
[GAVEL BANGS] Don't do anything stupid.
He'll win for good.
[SPEAKING FRENCH] Mom? Hmm? What if I'm wrong? About? Dad.
What if he didn't hurt Wes? This is what he wants, honey, for you to doubt yourself.
[INHALES DEEPLY] Well, it's working.
Wes is going to come home.
- What? - Baby Wes.
Maybe not today or tomorrow.
But he'll be here soon.
[INHALES SHAKILY] ISAAC: This is the cellphone of Isaac Roa.
If this is an emergency, please call 911.
- No.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
He could be the downfall of your whole case.
I'd wait on the "thank you.
" Can I take you to dinner? Uh.
Oh, Nate.
I can't.
You're right.
Talk to you soon.
[DOOR CLOSES] Where is that? Where is that? Hey! Who took my Who took Ohh! Ah.
Oh, God.
Oh, damn.
Oh, damn.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [KEYS JINGLE] [DANCE MUSIC BLARING] Hey! - What the hell?! - Join the party! Why are we having a party? We found a face case.
It's Nate's dad! - Wha - [SQUEALS] We're finally gonna do something nice for someone.
- Put me down! - Aw, come on, Michaela.
Even I'm dancing! [LAUGHS] [LAUGHTER] Laurel lost her hearing! [MUSIC STOPS] Her dad's keeping the baby.
Isaac, it's Annalise.
Open up.
Isaac! I'm sorry.
I know it's not true.
The pressure's building up It's just Our time is running out We see the warning signs We try to block 'em out We hear the shots get fired We see the flames get higher FRANK: This about Isaac? 'Cause I don't have time to touch that mess.
It's about Wes' phone.
I got his call log.
He only called Dominick that once.
So we're screwed on all fronts.
D-Depends on how you look at it.
Wes entered an address into his map the day before he died.
I pulled the street-camera footage.
And look who he met.
Dominick? Daddy? No.
The pressure's building up Our time is running out