How To Get Away With Murder (2014) s05e03 Episode Script

The Baby Was Never Dead

Previously on How to Get Away with Murder We all deserve something good.
You don't need me to tell you how stupid this is.
You're hired on a trial basis.
How's your father doing? Got his bad days.
But just knowing he can get a retrial will cheer him up.
First official C&G case.
The psychopath CEO? It's not a good case for me.
This ship is sinking, Annalise.
And you're gonna make the firm some cash.
I finally found a way into the kid's head.
The DNA sample was from a blood test run on a baby boy abandoned at St.
Lincoln Hospital.
The baby was kidnapped.
Any suspects? Just her.
Whose blood is that? Whose blood is that, Bonnie? Bonnie, tell me whose blood it is.
Bonnie, whose blood is it?! Relax.
I cut myself shaving.
What makes a psychopath a psychopath? Pathological lying a lack of realistic long-term goals Christopher! Mira este jugete.
Can you laugh for Mommy? Blb-blb-blb-blb-blb! early behavior problems Not even a giggle? Please? the constant need for stimulation - Ahh.
- Hold still.
I just I don't understand how this could happen.
I clench my fists in my sleep when I'm stressed.
- Why are you stressed? - Why are you not? We can't afford a venue or a band.
Or rings.
- Ahh.
- I'm sorry.
a parasitic lifestyle a cunning and manipulative nature Gabey, baby, open up! You in there? I'm kind of having a toilet-paper emergency.
Yeah, one sec.
glib and superficial charm impulsivity and lack of planning Uh, sorry.
I have a big day at work and my stomach doesn't handle nerves very well.
criminal versatility and a grandiose sense of self.
Now, the prosecution wants you to believe that these are not only the traits of a psychopath, but my client, Niles Harrington.
What's their evidence? A gimmicky, tongue-in-cheek career book, "The Psychopath CEO.
" "The psychopath CEO must do whatever it takes to win.
" These are the defendant's own words, written right here.
In this case, "whatever it takes" meant the brutal murder of the defendant's business partner, Andrew Rowland, because when the defendant discovered the victim was leaving him for a rival company, he did what any psychopath would do and he killed him.
The murder weapon? The defendant's belt.
There is no hard evidence tying this belt to Mr.
Harrington no DNA, no fingerprints.
What is hard evidence is my client's alibi, Doris Reid.
Now, she will testify that she saw her boss at his desk at the time of the murder.
Could you find a more convenient alibi than your secretary, a woman who spent 12 years being subjected to the psychopathic tactics of the defendant? My client is a beast in the boardroom, yes, but you ask anyone in his personal life, and he is a kind, generous, loving man and husband.
Read the stories the defendant tells about himself in his own book how he once fired an employee for taking time off for her mother's funeral.
The only crime Mr.
Harrington ever committed was writing a provocative book.
But is that who we are as a society people who judge others by their image and not their heart, who trust gossip over fact, reputation over reality? God help us all if that's the country we live in.
I'm pretty proud of myself for making you take this case.
Annalise, that was phenomenal.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves, honey.
I'm giving validation, just like H.
's constantly recommending.
I don't need your validation to know I'm doing a good job.
Listen to your wife.
Oh, good.
More publicity for the book.
Don't say a word.
You just stand here.
Hold, uh, Bethany's hand.
We appreciate, uh, your interest in the wrongful persecution of Mr.
Harrington, but we won't be answering questions today.
Keating, what's your reaction to Governor Birkhead's - new executive order? - I'm sorry? Are you concerned the governor's executive order will stall your class-action appeals? How do you think you'll win cases if your students can no longer help you? Have either of you guys seen Christopher laugh? No.
Maybe he's a psychopath.
Right? He's just a boy.
They develop slower than girls.
Look at Connor.
Was this you? Uh, I-I-I knew you had a meeting with the Monarch team.
How did you know about that? I might still have the password to your calendar.
Stay out of my calendar and my life.
She's gonna like me again.
I hope you're all rested because tonight's gonna be an all-nighter.
'Cause we get to work with a psychopath? No, because you get to become experts on Legal Ethics.
Why? We don't take Ethics until next year.
It's to hit back at the governor's executive order.
- What? - What do you mean? You don't have me on Google Alert? Here "In order to prevent future instances of ineffective assistance of counsel, all student non-lawyers must fulfill an ethics requirement in order to continue legal duties, effective immediately.
" We are the people preventing ineffective assistance of counsel.
It's her lame attempt to stall our appeals.
But as long as you study, you should do fine on the exam.
When is this? Tomorrow.
You'll each get interviewed in front of the Ethics Board.
We don't have time for this.
- Talk about unethical! - Hey, listen, I cannot argue these appeals on my own.
So, study your asses off, or the clinic goes away, and that's including the 64 grand.
I'm sorry.
Take your time.
Anything you remember might help.
It's been over 20 years since I worked at that hospital.
But the police records say you were the last person to see the baby.
He was left at the hospital with just a blanket, not even a note.
Me and the other nurses all fought about who would get to adopt him.
So, when he was taken that night, on my shift everyone blamed me.
As they should have.
So, was it a turn-on watching me in court, kind of like seeing your boyfriend at football practice? If my boyfriend was on the losing team.
Ooh, ouch.
Juries always like Annalise better.
You might as well accept that now.
It's Miller time! Let's not make that a thing.
And I didn't ask for coffee.
But like any good intern, I know what you want before even you know.
I think he likes me.
Miller, is the prosecution prepared to call its first witness? The Commonwealth calls Doris Reid to the stand.
Objection! Ms.
Reid is not on the prosecution's witness list.
But she is on the defense's list.
I'm sure counsel has had plenty of time - to interview their own witness.
- In none of our interviews did the witness tell us she'd be flipping.
The witness can take the stand.
- Did you know about this? - Absolutely not.
Reid, in your statement to police, you said that you were working with Mr.
Harrington until 11:30 the night of the murder.
Is that true? T-To be honest, I don't remember.
Objection! Ms.
Reid gave sworn statements to the police about being with my client that night.
Now she's sworn on a Bible in this court.
So, is she perjuring herself now, or was she perjuring herself then? You will have your own opportunity to cross, Mr.
Reid, if you don't actually remember, why tell police you were with your boss that night? - Because I was scared.
- Scared of what? Mr.
Harrington, that he would strangle me next.
Objection! The prosecution has coerced the witness into changing her testimony.
Crawford can't make false accusations like that before the jury.
Neither of you continue to speak.
Jury, you will strike both the prosecutor and defense's statements from the record.
The prosecution paid the bitch.
That's the only reason Doris would flip.
Ah, just just to be clear, you remember being with her that night? Of course.
12 years of bonuses and holiday gifts, and this is how the ingrate repays me? We need to pin this on Doris.
No, no, no.
We have no evidence against her.
She flipped at the last minute to cover her ass.
- That just looks guilty.
- I said no.
This is why you hired me.
I didn't hire you, and I'm with Crawford.
Doris wouldn't hurt a spider, let alone a person.
You're putting me on the stand.
Like hell we are.
I built a billion-dollar business from scratch because I know how to charm people.
You give me five minutes in front of that jury, I'll own them.
You talk to them like you're talking to me right now, and they'll hate you.
What just happened in there was a disaster.
Crawford? We'll prep you this afternoon.
Why are you letting an egomaniac tell us how to do our jobs? Part of our job is to provide good customer service.
I'm not a telemarketer.
Clients like me because I tell them the truth.
Well, we need this client to more than just like us.
Niles is considering moving all his legal accounts to C&G.
That's a billion-dollar deal that would more than make up for the Antares loss.
So, we just need to keep him happy.
Well, why didn't you tell me that before? To keep you from feeling the pressure I'm feeling.
Tori at reception told me I should come here.
Oliver, meet Emmett Crawford.
The guy who's giving away all the money.
- Nice to meet you.
- Why am I meeting him? Oliver's an I.
He'll find something to incriminate the secretary.
We just decided on the strategy.
No, we decided on your strategy.
And when it fails, you'll be glad that I have a backup plan to save your ass.
Thanks for calling me a genius.
Just find something juicy, genius.
You put a nanny cam in the daycare? They have a live feed.
And guess who still hasn't laughed.
Okay, how does it make any sense that Tegan's okay helping you get into daycare, but she won't even speak to me? We can't talk about that here.
Why? 'Cause you seduced her? No, but maybe Michaela should try that.
Ooh, peek into her vagina, not her calendar.
- I like it.
- Are we talking about getting - Tegan and Michaela together again? - Again? - What are you doing here? - Annalise hired me.
To hack in the Ethics Board and get us our exam? To find dirt on some secretary.
She's letting you work on the psychopath case? She likes me better than all of you.
And honestly, I'm just happy to see my boyfriend again.
It's hard to think ethically when he's around.
And "fabstinent-ly.
" You guys need something? - Nope.
No, I'm good.
- No, I'm just looking for a pen.
Uh, anyone, um, understand this evidence-concealment issue? No? Knock, knock.
Go away.
I've had way too much coffee.
I know what A.
's next move's gonna be.
Step 2 in her Criminal Law class is to introduce a new suspect, okay? The The secretary flipped, so she's the obvious target.
There's no evidence that incriminates the secretary.
This is what A.
She figures out what you think she's not gonna do, and then she does that exact thing and, boom, she kamikazes her way to a win.
You were her intern for five minutes.
But I was a part of her inner circle.
Well, then why'd Winterbottom not want you working here? It's not really for me to say.
Because you're more loyal to Annalise than the D.
? It's a personal thing, not Annalise.
What personal thing? Hey.
Millstone? He told you? Yeah, what you should've told me.
I'm sorry.
Am I supposed to tell you about everyone I've had sex with? If I'm gonna be the guy's boss, yeah.
Then you need to tell me about every paralegal you've ever dated.
I haven't because I've always wanted to avoid this.
You know what? You're right.
This just got too complicated.
Only because you didn't tell me.
- Tell you I'm a slut? - What? No.
Or are you just scared what else you're gonna find out about me? O-Okay, now you're twisting my words.
'Cause there are way worse things about me than sleeping with Asher.
Bonnie I drink too much.
I hate dogs.
I like it rough sometimes.
Okay, stop.
Was that too much? I never said I expect you to be perfect.
Good, 'cause I'm not.
Neither are you, apparently.
Get out.
I can make a scene really easy here.
Nate! Where were you all morning? I had to interview a witness.
What's up? My dad gave me his tickets to the Eagles game on Sunday.
You in? As long as I don't got to meet your dad.
Hey Bad time? I'll get you those labs ASAP.
Let me guess.
The governor's executive order is screwing with my dad's appeal.
Not at all.
In fact, the judge just called and set the trial date for the end of the month.
That's even sooner than you thought.
- When I push, I push hard.
- Mm-hmm.
You wanna tell him or should I? Yeah, no, I got it.
Annalise? She seems nice.
You getting back out there? No.
I'm dating 90 clients and a psychopath.
I have enough on my plate.
Harrington, at what point did you discover your business partner was leaving for a rival company? Not until I learned that he had passed away.
Why is she here? You don't agree with my strategy.
Tegan does.
So, your relationship with the victim wasn't strained? Oh, God, no, no.
The success of my business relied on Andrew and me getting along.
Harrington, did you know that strangulation is usually committed by someone who knew the victim personally? You know, I don't have a violent bone in my body, Ms.
Keating, unlike you.
Excuse me? A simple Internet search told me all the reasons not to like you, but what's your problem with me? See, his ego can't even handle a simple cross.
Is this chip on your shoulder the reason why you never re-married after your husband died? Yeah, okay, uh, let's let's take a break.
You have no ring.
I'm guessing that's because you have no idea how easily men see through this act of yours.
Which part of me do you think is an act? Niles, you're out of line.
All work and no play makes for a bitter woman.
Actually, it's mediocre men that make women bitter.
No ring on you, either.
What, do you both just enjoy being lonely? I-I'm sorry.
He doesn't mean any of this.
- Oh, I think he means it.
- Of course I do.
I was a mess until I met Bethany.
Loving her has made me a better man.
Ooh, I'm having trouble seeing that.
Here's a tip for you single ladies put on some heels and land a man.
This is who we're gonna put in front of our mostly female jury? Niles, I will fire your ass if you don't shut up.
You think your partners would let you fire me after what you did in London? Like you're not already in the doghouse.
Say another word, and we will quit your case.
You can't afford to quit this case.
I'm not sure I've ever hated a client so much.
I hate them all.
Do you know what Emmett did? In London? All I heard was "misconduct.
" Sexual? I don't know.
I don't want to, either.
Take it from me the less tea you know around here, the better.
You're speaking my language.
So, you'll forgive everyone but me? Why is it so hard for you to follow instructions? You meant something to me.
I've never met anyone like you, someone successful and outspoken and nice.
I was nice until you lied to my face.
For my friend, whose father killed her boyfriend.
Lower your voice.
I just want to make things right.
Please let me.
You knew what I gave up for this job my girlfriend, friends, a family.
It was worth it because I was about to be crowned king of this firm.
But look at me now playing second fiddle to Annalise and taking orders from another flawed white man who keeps failing up.
And if that weren't bad enou, I have to see you in the halls, giddily building your career while mine's on life support.
We're way past you making anything damn right, Michaela.
I'm not giving up on us.
Are you all doing poppers over there? 'Cause there is no way in hell that I'm helping Annalise or the clinic.
You wouldn't be helping Annalise.
You'd be helping your friend Connor pass his ethics exam.
The odds of you passing ethics are about as likely as me taking Michaela back, meaning it's not gonna happen.
Look, Asher, just help a guy out.
- I said no.
- Asher? Why are you asking him for help? 'Cause he could tell us what A.
s or judges are on the panel.
Or you could just study.
How hard is that? And that applies to all of you.
Stay up all night if you have to, but know that this is bigger than just a test.
- Anything? - Not yet.
You leaving after that? Daycare's about to close.
Single mom.
I forgot.
And how do you know that? You know, you all don't talk as quiet as you think.
Or you just like to eavesdrop.
I grew up in a single-parent home.
I know how tough that is, so just don't be so hard on yourself.
Also, maybe the reason your kid's not laughing yet is because you're not funny.
Neither are you.
I haven't seen this much traffic from a single user on the Tor network in a minute.
Looks like it's written in something other than C++.
Just tell me what it is.
It's a drive with a browser that allows you to send e-mails anonymously.
Can you mess with it so they're not anonymous? I'll need a day to crack it, but you'll probably want me to install a keylogger and a VNC server so Otis.
So you can see on your computer what he sees on his computer.
24 hours.
No more.
You've reached Bonnie Winterbottom.
Please leave a message.
I'm sorry, okay? Everyone has a past.
God knows I do, too.
What matters is that you're you.
And I really like that you, so call me.
Yeah? I know how you can out-kamikaze A.
The first witness on their list is Niles, not the secretary.
Why let them put anyone on the stand when we can get a conviction another way? What are you talking about? There's something that A.
wants even more than winning this case.
Tell me we're not here to make out.
I want to make a deal.
Voluntary manslaughter, 10 years.
I'm leaving.
Now, it'll be damn hard to win your peals if your students fail their ethics exam.
And since I've worked with about everyone appointed to that panel The jury is on your side.
You have no need to make a deal.
Well, we both know you always have a trick up your sleeve.
And I want to be the D.
, which means getting convictions.
Now, whether that's in court or through a plea, it's all the same to me.
You're more interesting than I thought.
What's wrong? Did you tell him to offer me that deal? Who? Your boyfriend.
Is this a setup? I don't know what you're talking about.
Well, hey, it was a good idea.
I'll give you that.
We're having a fight, Annalise.
I don't know anything about a deal.
What'd he do? Nothing.
- Oh, did he cheat on you? - No.
Asher told him we used to be together.
Why'd Asher do that? It's Asher.
Why does he do anything? - Why didn't you tell him? - What? When Asher got the internship, Miller had the right to know.
Why? Because he's your boyfriend and your boss.
He's not my boyfriend anymore.
You were right.
I was stupid to think it could work.
You're scared he's gonna run - when he finds out the rest.
- Stop.
Listen, I'm not saying that you need to tell him.
I'm not going to.
Pushing people away will only result in what you say you don't want, Bonnie.
I don't know what I want.
Well, you say that you don't want to be alone.
At least, that's what you told me.
You're more than what happened to you.
Are you going to take his deal? No.
It'll screw my new boss.
I'm a company man now.
- Hey.
- Oh, my God.
What are you doing here? C&G kicked us out, so we're studying here.
- Thanks for telling me.
- Cute nighty.
Thought people your age would be in bed by now.
I'm in your hood.
Wanna grab a drink? Nah, man, I can't.
I'm at a friend's for study group.
You're not gonna be there all night, though? - I might, actually.
- I got it! Annalise was right.
I'm a genius! Who was that? Just someone from my clinic.
I got to go.
You find something? Yeah.
I went through the secretary's e-mails.
She once got a message from ladybug@altafena.
Geniuses talk faster than this.
It's Bethany's secret e-mail.
She used it to talk to Andrew because they were having an affair a-a very kinky affair with whips and handcuffs and I'm guessing belts, too.
You found out your wife was screwing Andrew, so you killed him.
I didn't kill him.
Niles, you've lied to us long enough.
Bethany killed him.
Andrew told her that he was leaving the company.
She knew that would destroy everything I'd built.
And she loved me too much to let that happen.
Only a psychopath would try to pin this on his own wife.
Bethany will tell you.
She's wanted to all along.
It was her belt, not mine.
And before you even suggest it, know that I will kill you both before letting her go away for this.
You find out your co-counsel used unethical means to win a trial.
If you expose them, your client also goes down.
What do you do? I would make an anonymous report to the ethics committee, detailing what I knew.
Let's say your co-counsel was your supervisor.
I'd still have to turn them in.
It's my duty.
What about your duty to your client? Who cares what Niles wants? We slip those e-mails to Miller, he gets released, his business stays afloat, and you get your money.
In what world does he sign with C&G when we've sold him out? When he realizes he's a moron for saving his wife over himself.
Your supervisor tells you to win your client's trial by putting the blame on an innocent person.
Do you do it? Just who exactly is this supervisor? It's a hypothetical, Ms.
Well, hypothetically, or in reality, I'd find another strategy, since the ABA recommends lawyers avoid tarnishing the innocent.
Let's find a new suspect, someone Niles fired once.
Where do we find that person right now, when we have an hour until court? You've found your client's gun in your supervisor's office and are certain it's the murder weapon.
Do you turn it in? How can I be sure it's the murder weapon? It fits the police description.
Doesn't matter.
Rule 1.
3 requires zealous advocacy.
The lawyer must give all benefit of the doubt to the client.
We use Andrew, say he killed himself by accident auto-erotic asphyxiation.
Even though we never mentioned it in our opening? The jury's gonna know we're flailing.
You want the jurors to like your client, so your supervisor tells you to hire an actress to look like a loving spouse and sit behind them in trial.
Is this ethical? A lawyer can't be held responsible if the jury makes assumptions.
assumptions, which are an inherent part of human nature.
For example, did this assumption rise to the level of tampering? to the level of tampering? If it didn't, then it's not technically unethical, although it is desperate.
We have nothing.
So unless you have a better idea, we have to go with self-harm.
We don't have nothing.
We have the belt.
Let's O.
Reid, you stated that you don't remember where you were the night Mr.
Rowland was murdered.
Do you still stand by that statement? - Yes.
- Got it.
So, is it possible you don't remember strangling the victim with your belt? - No, of course not! - Objection, Your Honor.
There is no foundation for this line of attack.
- How can the jury believe - Sustained.
anything that you say after you admitted lying to the police? She's ignoring you, Judge.
Keating, the objection is sustained until you provide the evidence to substantiate these claims.
I'm about to have evidence.
You just have to order Ms.
Reid here to try on the belt.
The witness isn't on trial here.
The D.
has established his theory that the owner of the belt committed the murder.
We have broad discretion to prove our theory of defense.
You can't think this is reasonable, Judge.
I think it's the 6th Amendment, Mr.
I'll allow it.
Okay, but if the witness is forced to try on the belt, I'm gonna demand the defendant does, too.
Absolutely not.
A defendant cannot be forced to self-incriminate.
Self-incrimination only applies to testimony.
That's more prejudicial than probative, Judge.
I disagree.
If the defense wants the witness to try on the belt, then Mr.
Miller has the right to have the defendant do the same.
The choice is yours.
Are we really doing this? Well, you hired me because I take big swings.
The defense agrees that Mr.
Harrington can try on the belt, as long as the witness does.
This doesn't prove anything.
I didn't hurt anyone.
Say no more, Ms.
Now, Mr.
Harrington? If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.
Quiet, Mr.
There will be no direct address to the jury by you or anyone else in this courtroom.
All right.
Your supervisor instructs you to destroy case files.
You suspect those files contained evidence of her own wrongdoings.
What do you do? I would remind her that it's my ethical duty to keep all evidence safe and sound.
What if this supervisor said she would fire you, though? - What's going on here? - Excuse me? Every single question has been about my supervisor "she" which leads me to believe that this so-called exam is actually just the governor's personal attack - on Professor Keating.
- Let's just keep on track.
Think about how unethical that is, that we're we're wasting all of this time and these resources on this exam when you could be hiring more lawyers for the indigent.
That's why we students need to defend these people because no one else is willing to help them.
But we want to help them.
I want to help them.
So, why why are you making it more difficult for us to do that? I'm I'm sorry.
Could you, uh Could you repeat the question, please? Has the jury reached a verdict? We have, Your Honor.
To count one, first-degree murder, we, the jury, find Niles Harrington guilty.
How long have you been Stage 4? Excuse me? You're taking Lipodox.
My wife only lived another few months after they put her on that.
I need you to go.
You really wanna take this lie to your grave? I said leave.
Some people would say keeping this secret is what made you sick.
You agree? You want peace, don't you? Clear your conscience.
He said he was the baby's grandfather.
It's a woman in that picture.
She was the mother, according to him.
She panicked after the birth and dropped the baby at the hospital, but she wanted him back, and he didn't want her to get in trouble with the police.
I was trying to do the right thing for the baby.
Was it her? Yes.
It's not over, Niles.
We can file a motion for a new trial, argue the jury had bias.
It was the book.
They hated me before they ever knew me.
They wouldn't hate you if you'd let us tell them the truth.
She killed to protect the money she'd lose if he left the company, not because she loved you.
You don't know love at all.
I do.
That's what matters to me, not my damn business, not my reputation, but dying knowing that I truly gave myself to somebody else.
Christopher! Oh, Christopher, my favorite little mister.
Look at that yummy little face! What's up, little man? You get kicked out of daycare again? Excuse me.
- Great news.
- We passed our ethics exam? Semi-decent news.
Crawford just hired me full-time to work at C&G.
I'm sorry.
Are you Are you sure that you want to work here again? Uh, if it means being able to afford rings that don't cause gangrene, then hell yeah.
Listen up.
I got your exam results back.
You all passed.
Oh, my God, look at Christopher! You're laughing! I didn't think he could get any cuter.
Why is it a big deal? He just laughed for the first time.
Says who? He laughs for me all the time.
In what world does a jury vote guilty after that? They hated Niles more than we did.
I didn't think that was possible.
He's a big boy.
He can clean up his own mess.
I know.
You taking Niles' advice in those heels? Yeah, right.
I'm going salsa dancing at The Dominicano alone.
- Unless you wanna come? - Oh, God, no.
I got a couch and bowl of pasta waiting for me.
We lost the Harrington trial.
No, uh, just give me some time.
I'm meeting some more potential clients.
Next week.
So, does this actually count as a "W"? 'Cause it seems like we kind of lucked into this verdict.
Well, the jury said we won.
That's all that matters.
When you say "we," do you mean that I've graduated to a permanent job? - Fine.
- Dude! Team Miller for life! Go home.
I am so sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
This was my fault.
- I overreacted.
- I overreacted.
- Bonnie - You don't need to apologize.
I do.
I will never talk to you that way again.
And I don't want to talk to you that way again.
Just I need you to know I'm complicated.
I know.
Really complicated, and that scares me, 'cause this us I don't want to screw it up.
Nothing's screwed up.
I promise.
So, could you do it? I'm not gonna lie.
I'm a little hurt you asked that.
Give a straight answer for once.
All right.
I was able to install the keylogger and the remote desktop server on the box.
So, from now on, anything that he types or sees on his screen, you'll see, too.
But he won't know I'm looking? No clue.
- Why are you here? - What are you doing here? I was just seeing if Doucheface wanted to hang.
You? I-I had to drop off an outline.
I'm so stupid.
Hey, come on.
What's wrong? People don't like me.
Especially Tegan.
She liked me for a second, but now she hates me.
Okay, stop.
Are you annoying sometimes? Hell yeah.
But if you think coming here and knocking on Asher's door, hoping he'll tell you he likes you or maybe even ask him to take you back I-I wasn't gonna do that.
Okay, maybe I was.
Well, don't.
It's not fair to him.
You still mad at Laurel? Of course.
'Cause you miss her? Get up, drunky.
I'll drive you home before you make a fool of yourself.
Hey, Ma.
I just need you to teach me how to clone a flip phone.
The whole point of having a flip phone is to avoid being cloned, hacked, or monitored by someone like you.
What? I didn't want to tell you till I found out more.
This is Denver's file on Bonnie.
There's a DNA test in it that says Bonnie's kid might still be alive.
I looked into it and found this.
It's Bonnie.
She kidnapped her own son from the hospital.
The baby was never dead, Annalise, I'm telling you.
This is not Bonnie.
This is her sister.
All right, gather 'round, party people! It's time for that special moment I like to call the "boy-quet" toss.
Where are my two lovebirds at? Come on up to the front, gentlemen.
Ah, there's one of my grooms.
Where's the other? Anyone seen my husband? Come on, folks.
Let's make some noise to get his attention.
Oliver to the dance floor.
Oliver to the dance floor.
Now, you can't get cold feet after you say "I do," Oliver.
Oliver? Where you at, buddy?