How To Get Away With Murder (2014) s05e07 Episode Script

I Got Played

1 Previously on How To Get Away With Murder Get married in a church.
They're cheap.
Hey, Dad.
It's me.
I wanted to talk about the wedding.
I'd never hit on you knowing it hasn't been that long - since what happened to Wes.
- You know about Wes? Don't talk to me anymore.
BONNIE: You ripped open the part of my life that I killed myself to get past.
- What can I do? - You did what you did.
I want you and I to work together to create the Pennsylvania Fair Defense Project.
I promise I will have your back at every turn.
The Board agreed to free Nathaniel Lahey.
You just need to accept the job.
I have Ms.
Keating in my office.
Please relieve her of her badge.
She no longer works here.
WOMAN: I'm afraid there's been an incident.
I'm Dr.
Maureen Groff, Chief Medical Officer of Philadelphia.
Over the past month, my office has been conducting an investigation into the death of Nathaniel Lahey Senior, a 71-year-old inmate.
On the night in question, Mr.
Lahey was escorted by two correctional officers from his cell.
They were to transport him to Wilson Park Hospital.
When Officer Gladden uncuffed the inmate and attempted to take a letter he had written, Mr.
Lahey became agitated.
A struggle ensued, during which Mr.
Lahey took a pencil he was holding and stabbed Officer Gladden in her right leg.
Lahey then reached for her gun.
Officer Wagner fired one shot at Mr.
Lahey, striking his frontal skull.
Lahey died instantly on contact.
And there was gunshot residue present on his forehead - Do you have a minute? I need - both indications that - your signature on these plea memos.
- he was shot at close range Hey, are you watching this? I mean, you should be, at least if you want your blood to boil.
- Millstone, can you go get me a coffee? - He fired the gun I just got you one.
before the deceased could grab Officer Gladden's firearm.
- Mr.
Lahey additionally suffered - Right, Boss.
a postmortem blunt-force injury - [DOOR OPENS] - to his anterior skull I'm fine.
- I just want to prepare you.
- as a result of falling backwards.
We observed no other notable external injuries.
Nate's planning on coming back to work this week.
- Any imbalance or alteration - Good for him.
could have caused this behavioral disruption.
Multiple attempts to calm him were unsuccessful.
I'm sad for him, obviously, but I also still get to be pissed.
When questioned about Mr.
Lahey's state of mind during the time leading up to the incident, - both officers described - Mr.
Lahey's behavior as wild-eyed and volatile.
Unfortunately, there were no other witnesses to verify the officers' account, and the surveillance cameras outside the prison malfunctioned that night.
Maintenance records show this was a common occurrence It's called a cover-up, or are you in on it, too? - in this section of the prison.
- You know she can't hear you.
God can hear us.
She better damn well send all these people to hell.
Well, maybe that's something Connor and I can ask the minister to make happen during our meeting later.
No, I am too depressed to be pretend religious today.
- Amen.
- You know how hard it was to find a wedding venue last minute? So we go, smile, and say we're all about the good Lord.
Two separate toxicology screens were performed on the deceased.
Neither Zyprexa nor lithium were found in his system, even though he'd been prescribed both anti-psychotic drugs several months prior.
This evidence suggests Mr.
Lahey stopped taking his medications, a possible cause of his behavior - the night of his death.
- Bull.
As Mr.
Lahey had a long history of mental illness - Your first interview's here.
- Send her in.
In conclusion, due to witness accounts and the exemplary service records of both officers, it is my office's conclusion that the manner of Mr.
Lahey's death was not due to criminal negligence but was rather a justifiable homicide.
This investigation is hereby officially closed.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] The Dispatch and The Voice are gonna keep digging, doing stories every day.
And I'm gonna push for an inquest.
They don't even do inquests on cops who shoot kids on playgrounds.
We fought too hard for him to give up now, especially with the Governor on our side.
You still think she's on our side? I'll beat her ass if she's not.
TV REPORTER: It's a tragic end to the life of Nathaniel Lahey Senior, a man whose life's story shed light on the ills of solitary confinement.
- Many also thought his Supreme - What morons thought that? ruled that the issue of ineffective assistance of counsel is systematic and needs to be nationally addressed with more robust funding.
Should I get you some popcorn? Are you sure you can't zoom in closer? [SIGHS] What for? Wanna count his abs? Look at that Post-it on his desk.
It could be a list of his passwords.
I have his computer mirrored.
All he ever does is homework.
So what? We just wait for him to do something terrible, - like to go the police? - He knows nothing.
So you can stop freaking out and go to class.
[SIGHS] [BIRDS CHIRPING] There's no way the Governor can afford to give away 64 grand.
We lost our stupid prize, not our clients.
- That's what matters.
- Yeah, but if this governor thing is really happening, why haven't we started working there yet? Because she's announcing the project next week.
- We hope.
- She signed a contract.
She also signed a contract at Caplan & Gold, whose office we are now banned from entering.
Why are you so upset? You miss Tegan? I'm upset about prisons systematically covering up inmate deaths by having guards lie or hide evidence.
That or make it look like a suicide, ban families from being able to investigate.
See? At least our little 2L here gets it.
CONNOR: I get it, too.
I just think that working with the Governor will help our clients, - and that's who Annalise cares about.
- [CELLPHONE CHIMES] True, 'cause she definitely does not care about us.
- What does that mean? - She just canceled class again.
[ALL MURMURING] - Annalise.
- [DOOR CLOSES] Unfortunately, I only have a few minutes.
This will be short.
I need you to push an inquest into Nathaniel Lahey's death.
My office is still reviewing the evidence.
The security cameras at the prison were broken.
If that doesn't say cover-up, I don't know what does.
Keating, this is really not a short conversation.
It's okay, Paige.
I am so sorry that your client went through this, but we need to focus on launching our Project right now.
The Project was about preventing crimes against people like Nathaniel Lahey.
You think people are gonna believe that two public servants shot an elderly man for no reason? Not for no reason! To hit back at me! I went before the Supreme Court to argue that the mistreatment of Nathaniel Lahey led him to commit a murder.
You think the guards are happy about that? This is sounding like a conspiracy theory.
Cover-ups like this happen all the time.
And I'm protecting us, Annalise! You, me, our Project because that goes away the minute the press finds out I was about to pardon a violent man.
They don't care if he's innocent or not.
They're looking for a headline.
Is that what you want? For us to hurt our chance to help millions of wrongfully imprisoned people get out of jail? You have to trust me here.
Okay, so, let's talk marital turkey.
Why do you two want to get married? That's pretty simple.
I want to know and spend time with Connor for the rest of my life.
- Connor? - What? Why do you want to marry Oliver? Oh, uh, because he's the best thing - that's ever happened to me.
- Oh.
And do either of you have any concerns about getting married? Connor doesn't like "Mamma Mia!" [LAUGHTER] [SIGHS LIGHTLY] Connor? No.
I only say that because, you know, it's not often that we get young men like yourselves coming to St.
Well, I mean, is that surprising? Historically, the church hasn't been that cool to people like us.
But we are so happy that you all do gay marriages here.
Might bring up some issues, though.
Tell me about some of those issues.
I don't think it's really that helpful Well, I mean, the Presbyterian Church here may be open-minded, but in other places, like Ireland and Brazil, they still won't marry gays.
It's horrible.
I agree.
My question is, knowing that, why did you pick St.
Claire's for your wedding? We really connect with your philosophy on love.
Not because your parents wanted a church wedding? CONNOR: His mom did.
And your church was the only one available for the day that we wanted.
Okay, Connor, I have one more question for you if this feels so wrong to you, why get married here? Because I love Oliver.
I can't wait to marry you both.
[CHUCKLES] [CHUCKLES] I hope you're here to poach me.
I'm having one of those days I want to smash all the walls in there with a sledgehammer.
The Governor played me.
- How? - She had me take a job that she had no intention of following through on.
You have the proposal in writing? She hadn't announced it to the public yet because she never planned to.
She waited for me to quit my job, lose my funding, the clinic, and then she had my client killed.
- Annalise Listen.
- He was my face case.
She had to destroy him to destroy me.
I got played.
Did she tell you for sure that your Project's dead? - No.
- Then stop this.
I was a fool not to see it coming.
- No, you're grieving.
You're no fool.
- I tried not to believe it - for the past month.
- Because it's not true.
It is! I put a target on his back, and she took the first shot.
[VEHICLES PASSING IN DISTANCE] There's no way I can get Emmett to hire you back.
You know all the people in the London office.
You can find out what the misconduct was about.
So you can blackmail your way back in here? It's for my clients.
I feel for you, but your mind's tired.
It's making things up.
- I know I'm right.
- No, you're upset and looking for someone to blame.
Get some rest.
[CAR DOOR CLOSES] Everyone here has your back.
So if that means needing more time or just coming back a few days a week at first, just ask.
That's not why I'm here.
You gotta open up an inquest on my pop's case.
- You're worried about - pissing people off before an election, I know.
You're my employee.
Me asking for an inquest it's just gonna seem biased.
Let a jury hear the evidence.
He stabbed a guard, Nate.
"They grabbed my gun" is what cops say when they're covering their ass.
You claim to be on the right side of the law? - Yeah, of course I am.
- Then do everything to get the truth.
- Hey, calm down.
- They murdered him! Made him look like an animal! You actually have everything in your power to do something about it.
So order the damn inquest.
Otherwise, his blood's on your hands, too.
You're gonna get slammed by the police union, - Mayor's office - I know.
Then let someone else order an inquest.
What's the point of having this job if I'm afraid to actually do this job? You're not gonna have the job much longer if you alienate every cop and prison guard we need - to get a conviction.
- Why are you so against this? Because it's going to hurt your career.
It has nothing to do with the fact - that you're actually pissed at Nate? - [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] [ELEVATOR DOORS OPEN] Don't make me trying to protect you a bad thing.
And I'm telling you, this isn't one of those times where I need protecting.
This is something bigger than us.
What's all this? You didn't see Annalise's e-mail? Miller scheduled an inquest into Nate Senior's death.
She wants us to come in tomorrow with ways she can impact the hearing.
I pulled transcripts of old inquests from the D.
You're not in their class, though.
Yeah, but I'm, uh, the Miller Whisperer, so if anyone knows how to get in his head, it's me.
Okay, before you all disappear into the doom and gloom, I think we need one last night out before the wedding.
- We just threw you a bachelor party.
- Yeah, the best bachelor party ever.
Our mothers were there, and Connor's been generous enough to give Joanna her church ceremony.
So I say we shake off the hetero and be super gay for a night.
I'm thinking Debriefed, tequila shots, a contest to see who can make out with the most guys - Obviously that's me.
- Okay, thank you for giving me what you think I want, which is not watching you make out with other guys, but we need to work on the Senior stuff.
That's kind of the point to forget how depressing the world is for one night.
So, who's with me, huh? - Gays gone wild! - [DOOR OPENS] - I'm in.
- What are you doing here? - [DOOR CLOSES] - I invited him.
- Are those the excessive-force cases? - Yeah.
I still don't understand how you guys ended up living next door to each other.
That I understand what I don't is how you became friends with someone who took your spot in the clinic.
Well, I have a forgiving nature.
And yet, I'm still not your plus-one to the wedding.
Unless my invitation got lost in the mail? Uh, our parents filled up the guest list.
And there's no way I'm letting someone with those cheekbones steal all the chickadees I'll be macking on at the wedding.
- Oh, charming! Okay.
- [LAUGHS] Let's divide up these files and get to work, people.
[PAPERS RUSTLING] - We have to tell Annalise.
- Not yet.
He's at the house all of the time now.
Because as soon as I shut him down, he went after Michaela.
She thinks he's a good guy.
Maybe he is.
Okay, well, then, tell Annalise, let her deal with him.
She's got enough going on right now.
She always has things going on.
Gabriel is Annalise's worst nightmare.
Do you understand? End of discussion.
LAUREL: You know what happened last year.
I almost ruined everyone's life because I wanted to keep everything secret.
- We got through it.
- Christopher almost died! If not for Annalise, I would not have him.
Please, just tell her.
[TELEPHONE RINGING IN DISTANCE] RYAN: Harry told me you made a mess on the 9th hole at Birkdale.
[CHUCKLES] That's why he can't hold down a wife.
Can't stop lying.
I'll be in touch.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [TELEPHONE RINGING IN DISTANCE] [CONVERSATIONS CONTINUE] Were you just interviewing Ryan Stack? You two know each other? He was an associate for Unger and Pace when I was an intern.
You think he'd make a good addition here? Hell, no.
He's conniving, arrogant, manipulative Great.
We need a shark to replace you-know-who.
Why replace Annalise at all? We need new business.
I've brought in three accounts in the last month.
Tegan, no one's denying what you do for the firm.
Then give me the responsibility and pay you plan on giving to that blowhard.
Aren't you forgetting something? The FBI was responsible for killing Antares, not me.
Well [INHALES SHARPLY] that's not how the board sees it.
I can't be the sole partner taking the fall for an account that was rotten to begin with.
That's funny.
No, that's exactly what I told the board when they transferred me from London.
Don't like eating crow for the firm? Maybe this isn't the right job for you.
Let's go.
We all know that investigations into police officers who've killed people of color rarely favor the victim.
So hit me up with ways that we can make this go our way.
In an inquest, the judge can choose who questions the witnesses, so I say we convince Judge Cruz to let you do it.
That's a great idea.
So great that I tried it first thing this morning.
I was Nathaniel Lahey's lawyer through two trials.
It's within your power to let me question those guards.
Miller's more than capable of handling this inquest.
I'm the only one who's lived and breathed this case.
You're too close.
Miller is objective, and, therefore, the only person questioning witnesses in my courtroom.
[DOOR CREAKS] Inquest juries are made up of only six people.
There's no voir dire they're randomly selected from the county's jury pool.
I suggest we try finding out their names.
That's jury tampering.
You want me to get disbarred? I wasn't suggesting that you do it.
My password isn't giving me access to the juror's office.
- Try Miller's.
- I don't have his.
Wait, I have Bonnie's.
I just changed all my passwords.
And how stupid are you? - This case is under a magnifying glass.
- Oh.
It's for Nate.
You mean Annalise.
So she can help Nate.
What's the difference? You tell her, if she wants my help, she should return my calls.
MICHAELA: One of the advantages of an inquest is that hearsay is allowed we can exploit that and have Miller introduce uncorroborated evidence.
- What evidence? - The corrections officers' bad character.
Their employment record is squeaky clean.
But what about their personal lives? Statistics show that correction officers commit domestic abuse at least twice the national average.
What he said.
Find something.
Make me a believer.
OLIVER: This guard is an angel.
He shot Nate Senior in the head.
- But he also sings in his church choir.
- Then hack the other guard.
She probably stabbed herself in the leg.
Who knows what else she's capable of? - What's her name? - Paula Gladden.
ANNALISE: Paula Gladden beats her husband.
He never reported it to the police, but he had multiple trips to the E.
for beatings that medical records list as "domestic disputes.
" - How'd you get this? - Well, if I tell you, you'd never be able to use it.
That's exactly why I can't use it.
Oh, no, you're gonna use it but not before you get her to testify that she never abused her husband.
It'll prove that she's a violent liar, and that's more than enough to convince a jury that this was a cover-up.
You got this.
The inmate was getting increasingly agitated, so I approached to calm him.
That's when he jammed the pencil into my leg and reached for my gun.
He would've gotten it, too, if C.
Wagner hadn't followed protocol - and saved my life.
- [DOOR OPENS] That must have been a relief to your husband - that you made it home that night.
- [DOOR CLOSES] It was.
But he knows what comes with the job.
Does a violent streak come with the job? - Sorry? - Have you ever been - abusive to your husband? - No.
What are you talking about? This photo is what I'm talking about.
JUDGE CRUZ: Where'd you obtain this evidence, Mr.
Miller? An anonymous messenger sent these to my office this morning.
I had nothing to do with his injuries.
Really? 'Cause hospital records noted that the injuries were the result of a domestic dispute.
A domestic dispute between my brother and husband.
They were drinking, - being stupid - They why did the nurse write that the cuts on your husband's face were caused by a ring? Isn't the real explanation that they were caused by the engagement ring on your finger? - That's enough, Mr.
- Your Honor, this speaks directly to the credibility of one of the only people who claimed that Mr.
Lahey was violent that night.
Only if you have proof Mrs.
Gladden was responsible for her husband's injuries otherwise, this line of questioning is out of the scope of this hearing.
Move on.
We need a new strategy.
You know I don't work for you.
- Put me on the stand.
- [DOOR CLOSES] As his past lawyer, I could speak to Nate Senior's state of mind.
The jury will see you as biased.
You were too intimate with him.
The intimacy is what makes me an authority.
You're a great lawyer.
But you don't keep Michael Jordan on the bench when the game is on the line.
Okay, that line might work with your students, but I'm the freaking D.
Stand down.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] - Can we talk? - I'm late for the Governor.
[CONVERSATIONS CONTINUE] [BIRDS CHIRPING] [TELEPHONE RINGING IN DISTANCE] Annalise, I am so sorry to call you in last minute.
Paige said it was important.
I'm just gonna pull the Band-Aid off here.
Due to the negative press around Mr.
Lahey's death and reports that the inquest is going as poorly as I feared, we won't be able to move forward with the Fair Defense Project.
- Why? - Like I said, now that this inquest is proving Mr.
Lahey was violent No, I mean the real reason.
Annalise, you have to understand this is as painful for me as it is for you.
- Please.
- We are still gonna do whatever we can to support you I can't wait to take you down.
PAIGE: Okay, this meeting is over.
Then call your damn guards! Just like you called the prison guards that night? Ordered them to do your dirty work? Okay, I'm getting security on the phone right now.
You sure you want to do that? Because I can go on live TV right now and say that your boss ordered a kill on my client.
You are deeply mistaken, Annalise.
And you're basic.
You knew how easy it would be to paint the black man as a threat to that white woman.
It's a story your people have been telling since the dawn of time.
Do you understand how unstable you sound? But this time, you used it against me.
Anything to take down the enemy you knew was smarter than you.
You're not smarter than me, Annalise.
Otherwise, you'd know I have this.
[FOLDER THUMPS LIGHTLY] We do thorough background checks on anyone coming to work for us.
Like I have anything else to hide.
That's what I thought, but then we uncovered your adoption paperwork.
You just got your reputation back, Annalise.
Don't make us destroy it again.
Bring it.
You think I'm scared of this? You've never gone up against a Governor before, have you? And you've never been up against me, either.
- Try it.
Pick this fight.
- [DOOR OPENS] His name is Nathaniel Lahey, and I'll take a thousand bullets to make you pay for what you did to him.
How'd it go with the Governor? I'm too tired to talk about it.
You want soda? What's wrong? Ron has a friend who works at the Governor's office.
- [REFRIGERATOR DOOR CLOSES] - She pulled the offer? [SIGHS] You know, for something that's supposed to be a secret, everyone in town seems to know about it.
I'm worried about you.
You're worried I'm pissed at you.
So you didn't listen to me about Julie so what? I'm over it.
I'm worried you're drinking again.
[SIGHS] You know what? Leave.
- Because you are? - No.
You're not allowed to ask me that anymore.
I'll throw your ass out.
[CLATTERING] You know what? How about I just throw you off my deck out there? You think I won't? Hm? I'd tell you if I was drinking again, Bonnie.
[BOTTLE THUMPS] You were good for so long.
You can get there again.
The Governor knows about the adoption.
[GLASS TAPS] [SIGHS] One more won't hurt.
What's going on? Uh, I'm calling Annalise.
Is she there? She's asleep.
I just put her to bed.
What the hell? Is she okay? She's drinking again.
Bonnie? [BIRDS CHIRPING] [HORN HONKING IN DISTANCE] [CELLPHONE RINGING, VIBRATING] [CELLPHONE BEEPS] Hello? I stayed up all night trying to think of a way to ensure we win this.
But I came up with nothing.
So, how about we go with your idea - and put you on the stand? - You sure? 100%.
Let's win this.
Keating, during the Medical Examiner's press conference, she suggested that your client, Mr.
Lahey, was not taking his anti-psychotic medication.
Do you find that suggestion credible? - Not at all.
- Mm.
But the tests performed on Mr.
Lahey showed no signs of these drugs in his system.
Well, I'd like to talk to the person who ran those tests to see if they were encouraged to say whatever they needed in order to make that story stick.
What story are you referring to? That Mr.
Lahey was violent with the guards that night.
You believe they're trying to cover up some sort of misconduct? No, I don't believe it I know it.
Not once did Mr.
Lahey act violently in my presence.
My notes of my visits with him will prove this.
You can read them yourselves.
JUDGE CRUZ: Do not address the jury, Ms.
This is a man who sat in the Supreme Court and listened to the most powerful judges in the world call him a monster, and not once did he make a sound.
That's how together he was.
So to believe that he suddenly picked a fight with guards on the last night that he knew he'd ever have to see them, how does that make sense? Well, he was a violent criminal in his past.
Who's to say he couldn't be violent again? He was violent only one time in his life, and that was during a severe mental-health episode.
What those guards are hoping that you believe is the oldest, most racist stories in our country.
- I said no addressing the jury.
- Emmett Till, Scottsboro Boys, Central Park Five - [GAVEL BANGS] - Judge Cruz: Ms.
Keating! These false accusations all started with the same lie that black men are wired to attack white women.
It's a stereotype sewn so deep in the fabric of this country that they just know that you're gonna ignore huge plot holes in their cover-up that the surveillance cameras were broken, or that an elderly man could physically overpower two 30-something guards when there's only one true story here, that those two people right there wanted to punish my client for exposing the torture and abuse happening in our prisons.
- Don't address anyone in this courtroom.
- So they slaughtered him.
They shot a defenseless man in the head, - and here we are - [GAVEL BANGING] another black man's body being paraded in the court - and me having to beg for justice - Ms.
Keating, may I remind you - that you are a witness here? - beg for you to see - him as a human being.
- I will not stand for this - Six people - grandstanding in my courtroom.
and you're the only ones who have the power to do right.
- So do right! - [GAVEL BANGING] JUDGE CRUZ: Ms.
Keating! You are dismissed from the stand.
The jury will hear no further testimony from you.
Miller, no further questions.
Your witness has disregarded my warnings for the last time.
She may step down.
How'd it go? How do you think? AK killed it.
I-I like him for you.
I know I'm not supposed to know, but, uh he was this big-mopey-beard-face when you were out sick, and, um, it was kind of adorable.
No one else here knows, Asher.
Yeah, and I won't say anything.
I I'm happy for you.
I understand the jury has reached a verdict.
Yes, Your Honor.
In the matter of Nathaniel Lahey Senior's death, we, the jury, find no evidence of criminal acts or negligence by anyone involved.
Accordingly, we concur with the Medical Examiner's conclusion that the homicide was justifiable and that no charges be filed with the matter.
Thank you.
This inquest is closed.
Jury discharged.
I can leave if you'd rather be alone.
I know that's not enough, especially with how you've always protected us from God knows what, but if there's anything I can do yell at someone or organize a protest or just be angry for you please tell me.
I talked to my people in London.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - They were all tight-lipped.
So I called my IT guy, and he found this.
Our boss's misconduct is a lot more messy than we thought.
You don't want to know what changed my mind? I figured you just liked me.
If you're right about the Governor and something in my gut tells me you are I can't wake up to any more headlines about innocent, unarmed black men getting shot.
And our Governor nee to be the first one we burn at the stake.
But so you know, you're gonna owe me someday.
I'm good for it.
[ DANCE MUSIC PLAYS] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Here we go! Tequila shots, shots! Did you order them with poison? Because dying sounds really nice right now.
You can die after the wedding so that Connor's dad doesn't get mad that we wasted an invite.
Now, I say we do another round, and then the contest begins.
I'm not letting you make out with dudes, Oli.
Oliver's right.
Is this country a scary, evil, racist place? Yes.
Are those guards probably home with their families right now, not giving a damn about what they did - You're not making anyone feel better.
- You two are in love.
That's a glorious thing, so we need to embrace that.
Otherwise, the terrorists win, and they cannot win.
Hell, no, because we are going to work for Annalise - at the Governor's office - No, you're not.
Okay, that is not the can-do attitude we need right now.
No, Miller said that the Governor pulled the plug on the program.
Didn't AK tell you? Now can we die? No.
No! We have survived so much, all of us.
So pick up your damn shot glasses.
- Right now.
- [SIGHS] To Nate Senior and the hope that, someday, we will live in a world that isn't always so terrible all the time.
Keating, you can't be here.
- Do you want me to call security? - Not yet.
I'm I'm a good guy, Annalise, but not so good that there's any chance in hell I'm hiring you back.
- I know about your misconduct.
- [FOLDER THUMPS LIGHTLY] [PAPERS RUSTLE] So what? This is blackmail? - It was going to be.
- Get out of here.
I can fix this for you.
You're not the one to blame for what happened.
It was her a woman you said you loved who betrayed you, and I know how that feels, to trust someone you love with your life, only to have them stab you in the back.
Oh, you mean like you did to me? I mean my husband.
He played the good boy for 20 years.
That's how long I fell for his act.
I promised myself I'd never get played like that again, and here comes the Governor.
- I feel like a damn fool.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You know, you always know the right thing to say, Annalise.
- It's not a ploy.
- Everything with you is.
I'm desperate, Emmett.
I'll do whatever I can to fix this for you.
- How? - I'll figure it out.
But this playing the good little boy for this firm ohh, I can fight this for you.
Take me back.
- [ DANCE MUSIC PLAYS] - CONNOR: How do you do that? - Do what? - Know exactly what I need.
Oh, who doesn't always need go-go boys and tequila? [LAUGHS] I meant a night out without our moms.
- Or in a church.
- Hey, listen.
I will marry you in a church a million times, as long as I get to be with you.
You should write that down.
That would be good for the vows.
- Hey, what did you say? - Hey, just ignore him.
Hey, douchebag.
Why don't you say that to our face? Or we could just go home and eat ice cream.
- You didn't hear me the first time? - No, no, no, no.
I want you to say it again.
- Connor, please.
- Come on.
I dare you.
I said, get a room, fa - [GRUNTS] - Oh, my God! Ohh.
Come on.
Let's go.
- [GRUNTS] - Oh, my God! Stop! Stop! Get off of him! - [GRUNTS] - Somebody, help! Hey! You guys! - [BOTH GRUNTING] - [MAN SHOUTING] Stop, please! Help! Ohh! - Connor, please! - [GRUNTING] Please, stop! - Stop, please! Help! Connor! - [GROANING] We said gays gone wild, right? Yup.
[SIGHS] Did I freak you out? No.
Look, just tell your mother that I - fell off a scooter or something.
- Hey.
[SIGHS] It's not your fault the world's so awful right now.
It's his.
'Cause if we saw him on the street like that being himself, happy and we would have smiled and kept on walking.
He's just lucky my big muscles were there to stop you from killing him.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] - No making me laugh.
- I'm sorry.
Don't leave me.
I have to go.
Please, just one more minute.
I've missed our snuggles.
You're gonna be mortified you said this in the morning.
30 seconds, then.
- Asher.
- 10 seconds? - Fine.
- Yay.
Just count slow.
10, 9 Slower.
I just put a very, uh drunk Asher to bed, so, um, can you check on him in the morning? Sure.
Can I get you a drink or anything? Oh, I've had too many.
Well, come in, anyway.
There's something I want to show you.
We do look good together.
You know where else we'd look good together? On the dance floor.
Why do you want to go to this wedding so much? Everyone likes a good party.
[LAUGHS] I don't even know you.
Get to know me at the wedding.
What are you doing? I'm sorry? This.
The smile and inviting yourself to be my date.
[CHUCKLES] You knocked on my door.
Are you hitting on me? I don't know how to answer that.
How about with the truth? The truth? You intimidate me, you're incredibly smart, and I know I don't have to tell you this, but you're damn gorgeous, too.
And I know you maybe have a crush on Tegan.
Th-That's just what everyone says.
Either way, anyone who doesn't realize how great you are is not paying attention.
Thank you for saying that.
- We can't.
- Why? Because I'm "fabstinent.
" I don't know what that means.
Oh, God.
It means nothing.
You don't have to check on me.
I'm not.
I got my job at Caplan & Gold back tonight.
How? I begged.
- It's the only way to keep fighting.
- Stop.
Governor can't get away with Enough, Annalise! It's my fault he's dead, Nate.
What? It was the Governor's plan all along.
Agree to pardon him, get me on her side, and then she had him killed.
I know you hate me.
I hate me.
But I'm gonna keep fighting.
Even when she comes after me next, it's the only way to make it right.
I know it's her, Nate.
I mean, you're not fighting this alone.
We're gonna make her suffer.
What the hell did I tell you? This is exactly what I said would happen.
Gabriel is playing us, just like I said, so you need to tell Annalise who he is already.
She's not in a place to hear this right now.
Okay, if you don't tell her, then I will.
Take his car and him and drive away.
[BABY CRYING] We can figure out the rest later.
Just do whatever you need to to get yourself together.
I know you can.
I'll take care of everything.
Just trust me.