How To Get Away With Murder (2014) s05e13 Episode Script

Where Are Your Parents?

1 Previously on How to Get Away With Murder You trust Tegan? She recently got an e-mail that caught I.
's attention.
Emmett's watching you.
Clearly something weird is going on right now.
You haven't seen this yet? An anonymous tip led to the discovery of an abandoned car.
This was Nate? Annalise tried to adopt Wes Gibbins.
I heard Miller on the phone talking to someone about the adoption.
- Who? - Someone named Lynne.
FBI agents were just seen arriving at the Governor's mansion.
Connor needs to call his mom right now.
She just posted a photo of us.
With Nate and Miller, too.
Happy Christmas It's starting to look a lot like Christmas! How did you even afford this crap? Credit card.
No expenses will be spared for my son's first Christmas.
This side needs more ornaments.
I don't think Christopher's gonna notice.
Okay, so, when do we get to, like, eat chocolate cookies and watch Hallmark movies? Uh, when you stop complaining and start decorating! How fun is this, mi amor? Hello? Hello? Maman? Your mother? - Maman, c'est toi? - Oh, my God.
Was it her? I'm just being paranoid.
That's upside down.
I don't understand.
What are we doing in a hotel? This is my apartment, Mamma.
My, oh, my.
Oh, my.
If I don't feel like I'm visiting Miss Winfrey herself.
My baby done good! How 'bout a nap? Not until you tell me what I'm doing here.
It's Christmas, Mamma.
You fly all the way home just to pick me up, though? Celestine should see this mansion, too! I know, but I wanted you all to myself.
We can do whatever we want.
We could watch TV, pig out.
I'll do all the cooking Mamma, what is it? Hm? My baby is living her best life.
I'm so proud of you.
Just proud.
- What's the matter? - Phone.
Give me a minute.
Hello? Ms.
Keating, Agent TELESCO with the FBI.
Are you free to come in and answer a few questions? My mother's visiting.
We know you tried to adopt Wes Gibbins.
What case are you working here, exactly? Miller's or my husband's? Let's have this conversation in person.
- I'm hanging up - We're prepared to offer you complete immunity, Ms.
For what? All of it.
Just come in.
After the holiday.
Not visiting your mom for Christmas? Don't talk to me about my mom.
I'm here to make amends.
I told the Feds everything Annalise wanted me to.
Why are you here? - To kiss and make up.
- Just leave.
I would've told Annalise who you were months ago if I thought you were a bad guy.
But I didn't, and now she hates me.
Ain't that enough for you? You wanna know why I didn't go home? My mother would've asked me a thousand questions, any of which I answer with the truth would've sent her on a pill binge.
So you're protecting her.
No, I'm lying to her, every day.
And maybe you're okay with doing that, but she's a good person, and she deserves better.
She deserved better than Sam, too.
So did you.
Ronnie wasn't just my son.
He was my friend.
He would come over on weekends.
We'd watch the Eagles he'd make his famous seven-layer dip.
Maybe it's 'cause he was my only child, but I always felt that our connection was rare.
It's my faith that lets me know that Ronnie is not alone.
He is with his father who I know is so very glad to see him.
Thank you so much for coming.
Of course.
- Hello.
- Um, Asher Millstone.
I was your son's intern.
- Oh.
- He's my mentor, more than he needed to be.
Really believed in my potential and Um, I'll let you - What have you heard? - Just what's on the news.
But you knew the Governor was involved before we talked.
- How? - I just heard what the police told you.
You know I couldn't even see his body? They used bleach on him.
He was unrecognizable.
- I'm so sorry.
- Listen, Bonnie.
You need to catch the people who did this and make sure they get the death penalty so I can watch them die.
Police have revealed new information about the murder of D.
Ronald Miller namely, that the bleach and acid used in the disposal of his body match a previous murder allegedly committed by an employee of Moretti Construction.
The Moretti Family was a top donor in Governor Birkhead's last campaign, therefore offering one reason as to - Nate is so smart.
- why the FBI questioned the Governor about the D.
last Hey! - No more murder.
- Great.
My mom's almost here.
Aw, she's gonna be sad that Asher's not here to greet her.
No more Asher jokes.
She's feeling very sensitive ever since I had her remove that photo from Instagram.
Why? Because she's in love with him? No, because she's ashamed, as she should be.
So let's all just act normal, and maybe she won't notice that we're all terrified about going to jail.
Well, she didn't notice that her husband was gay for 20 years, so I think we're good.
Normal and happy, okay? - Happy holidays! - Hi.
- Hi! - Hi! - Hi! - Hey! - It's so good to see you.
- Honey! Oh, nice to see you! Ophelia: There he is! Come wrap them big arms around me.
Don't hurt him, Mamma.
How you doing, Miss Ophelia? Better than ever.
And your daddy? - How's he doing? - Mamma Please tell me he's coming for dinner tomorrow.
He's a little bit under the weather, but maybe you can see him next time.
I understand.
But that's a promise.
Of course.
Mamma, let's get you to bed now.
- I'm not going to bed.
- Okay, Mamma.
I don't need to go to no bed.
People go to bed at nighttime.
That's when people go to sleep.
- It's nice you invited her.
- It's selfish.
She's keeping me from drinking my way into the new year.
Now, what's going on? TELESCO wants me to come in for an interview.
That means your plan is not working.
The body already led them to the Governor Then why are they offering me immunity? - You gonna take it? - Stop You have nothing to do with this So you think I should sell you out, - put you in jail? - You've done it before.
This is what they want, Annalise turn us against each other.
That's the only way this thing falls apart.
There are a million ways that this could fall apart.
Listen to me, right now.
I can take care of myself, and I believe I've done that.
But if you feel like that's too much, then maybe you should take the deal.
- That's not what I want.
- You say that now.
Wait until the deal's in front of you.
Drinking again? Course not.
I heard you and Nathaniel talking.
Now, what trouble you got yourself in? None.
Then what is this deal you're thinking about taking? It's a legal matter, Mamma.
It's It's about my work.
But it can hurt Nathaniel if you take it ain't this right? Don't you dare do that.
Nathaniel is a good man.
Not as good as you think.
Let's go to sleep, Mamma.
We got a big day tomorrow.
Smile! Smile, Christopher! Ho, ho.
It's the beard.
He can sense I can't grow my own.
Here, Mom.
I'll take a photo of you and Oli.
Oh, love that.
Check there aren't other photos.
Why do you think I asked? What are you guys whispering about? Oh, I was just saying how jealous I am that Connor has you.
My mother's idea of Christmas is running a toys-for-tots scam to pay off her gambling debts.
Well, I guess that explains why you're not spending the holidays with your family.
- What about you, Laurel? - Mom, don't be nosey.
Ho, ho, ho.
Can I talk to you both? - Who is that? - Mom, no.
Gabriel's gonna spend Christmas here with you guys.
No, he's not.
- I already made Asher invite him.
- Why? Sad, lonely people do stupid things.
This is an easy way to keep him on our side.
Maybe just wear something a little more form-fitting.
- Frank - Did Laurel tell you she got a creepy call from a mouth-breather? It was a blocked number, and they hung up.
- She thinks it was her mother.
- I don't know that, though.
You'll tell us if we're not safe? Just let me know if it happens again.
It's Christmas, okay? We can all afford to have one nice day a year.
This is my home.
I wouldn't be here if you'd return my calls.
You are the one person who can find out what Annalise knows.
I was with her when the news of Miller's body broke.
She doesn't know anything.
Is that why you're okay going to her Christmas dinner? Call me if you find out anything.
Why are you working today? I wasn't invited to Annalise's.
Thought pie would be better than booze.
Did you talk to them? Gabe's gonna be at their house all day.
- We're good.
- Okay.
- You okay? - God, I will be once my mother is away from the stove.
Mamma! There's the man.
I gotta hand it to you.
I had my doubts, but copycatting the Moretti hit was pure genius.
I'll fix that later.
I didn't want to tell Bonnie, but the FBI's calling Annalise in for an interview.
They're offering her immunity.
She should take it.
She's the only one of us that hasn't actually you know What's wrong with you? What do you think? I told you not to go to that funeral.
Like I had a choice.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
Annalise Nice to see you.
Can you trust her? Can I trust anyone at this point? - Hey.
- Hello.
- Merry Christmas.
- Ooh, salsa partner! Merry Christmas.
Asher! Perfect timing.
Take off your shirt.
- What? - What? No, not for Uh, I-I'm giving everyone their presents.
- Uh-huh.
- Ugly Christmas sweaters! - Ah.
- Here! Oh, Gabriel, I'm so sorry.
I-I don't have an extra.
- I think I'll be okay.
- Ah.
Hey, uh, you can't be nice to her.
Yeah, don't worry.
I'll just, uh, bring out the old "hit it and quit it" Asher.
You just made it worse.
Beer or wine? Beer.
- Thanks for having me.
- Thank Frank.
He made us invite you.
Oh, and, uh, no flirting with Michaela.
All right.
Uh Listen up.
Oh, no.
We We are not doing toasts.
Oh, you can handle a few compliments, Annalise.
To those I'm I'm just meeting, Mrs.
Harkness, uh, thank you for sparing me from having to, uh, dine alone at an IHOP.
To Annalise, our lovely host, please know how grateful I feel to be here today.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Who are you? Mamma, Emmett is my boss.
Way you were talking, I thought that you were - a new boyfriend.
- Okay, let's eat.
My baby is generous, though.
Although that's not the first word that comes to mind when you mention Anna Mae.
- Anna Mae? - First grade, I get a call from the principal We're not doing this, Mamma.
No, no, we gotta hear this.
wanting to know if everything was all right at home, 'cause Anna Mae never had any lunch to eat.
I started yelling at that man.
How dare you accuse me of neglecting my child? Turned out that Ms.
Anna Mae was giving her lunch to a homeless man on her way to school.
I didn't do that.
Yes, you did.
You don't remember.
That's why you're a lawyer, baby.
And that's why you teach.
You will always be my generous baby girl, whether you like it or not.
- Are you finished? - Yes, I am.
Okay, then I order all of you to eat so that your mouths are full so that you won't be able to talk about me.
You have to got to see this place, Mac Daddy.
Anna Mae is in the big money now.
I miss you, too, my Mac Daddy.
And Anna Mae misses you Yes, she does! She said it right to my face.
- Hey.
- I miss that, too.
That story up at dinner about you and me? Hm? You ought to behave yourself.
Shame on you.
I think she heard us, wants you to help me.
That wasn't me in the story.
It was Celestine.
No way in hell would I ever give away my lunch.
I miss you kissing on me.
I'm All right.
Back off, now.
Don't get naughty.
Don't get naughty on me.
Bonnie? I haven't had a chance to say this, but please accept my condolences.
I can't imagine how hard this is.
How did you know we were together? Our friends at the D.
Was it not public knowledge? No.
I'm not feeling well.
- Everyone dig in.
- Mmm.
Don't forget your roughage.
Oh, come on, Connor.
Hey, Mom, why don't you have something to eat? Don't you take his side, Oliver.
Take his side about what? We don't need to talk about it.
- Asher and I had an encounter.
- Mom It was not my finest moment, but we're all adults with needs.
- Stop.
I'm begging you.
- And if another adult with their own needs wants to do something that, you know, nobody's done for me in a very long time, he should be praised for that.
Right? I'm gonna I'm gonna go to the restroom.
This mac and cheese is really good, babe.
Yeah, and let me remind you, Connor Morgan, I was the mom who let her teenage son have sex with a 23-year-old man in her home.
- That happened? - None of you realize how much parents sacrifice their own happiness - for their children.
- Laurel has a child.
Yes, well, then, she gets how hurtful it would be if Christopher decided not to spend Christmas with her.
- You're here.
- I know, but the rest of you.
Where are your parents? W-Why aren't you calling them? Because I can guarantee you, they're heartbroken none of you are choosing to spend the holidays with them.
Special Agent TELESCO from the FBI.
- Are you Oliver Hampton? - Yes.
- And, uh, your husband.
- That's me.
I have a warrant for your wedding photos.
Where's Tegan? Uh, she had had to go see a friend.
I'll call an Uber just as soon as I get these leftovers in order.
Take them home.
Yeah, to my, uh, mini-fridge at the hotel? At least tell me that they gave you a suite.
Oh, yeah, so I have more room to, uh, be by myself in? Well, it works for me.
Does it? You know, I-I get it, 'cause you have, uh, a lot more than I do.
What do I have that you don't? You have a great mother and friends who admire you.
That doesn't mean they like me.
Why don't you just accept that we do? "We"? Yeah, we.
Okay, well, all I'm saying is, is that you have this whole life that, you know, you don't share at work.
Today you did.
And you made me feel at home, and I haven't felt at home anywhere in a really long time.
So thank you for that.
Well It's late.
Yeah, I'll go.
Sorry, precioso.
No crying, okay? Do we need to call your father? He does tax law.
Why didn't you tell me that District Attorney - was at the wedding? - I didn't know.
I guess Bonnie was dating him, and he showed up.
Well, I'm not drunk anymore, Connor.
And they're asking for photos, and you had me delete a photo.
Yeah, because you hooked up with my friend.
Can I jump in? Um I'm an intern at the D.
's office, and I know the guy who died.
It's a really sad situation, so the FBI's just doing their job.
Connor just didn't want your memories of the wedding to be ruined.
Thank God you went to the bathroom when you did.
They already know I'm on your guys' side.
- Are you? - I can leave if you all don't trust me.
Just take this peace offering and entertain yourself.
Let me ask you something.
This whole time, all anyone's ever told me is that Sam's a bad guy.
I told you, we barely even knew him.
Just tell me one thing you remember about him.
- Get off! - Laurel! Aah! Aaaah! Oh, God.
I'm sorry.
There's nothing I can tell you.
How do you not want to find your birth parents? You looked for yours.
You feel good about what you found? - Actually, yeah, I do.
- How? He impregnated a student and then murdered her.
Well, at least I'm not wondering anymore, walking around with this whole abandonment complex.
Well, there's where we're different.
I never felt abandoned.
I don't believe you.
Y Stop projecting on me.
You know what? I'm taking my wine back.
This isn't legal under the 4th Amendment.
Read the warrant closer.
- What's going on? - They're now saying - they have to take my laptop.
- What?! Ms.
Castillo, nice to see you again.
You can't do this.
It actually says they can take anything that might help with the investigation.
Okay, but why haven't you looked into my father for this? He killed Denver he must've done this, too.
The evidence isn't leading us to your father.
Well, where is it leading to? Here, apparently.
We'll be in touch.
Some drama after you left.
The Feds raided the kids' house, took Oli's laptop.
Maybe you can ask what they're looking for when you're back in the office? Bon? I should've gone with you to the funeral.
I'm sorry.
I'm a week late.
I've been feeling dizzy the last few days, too.
And nauseous.
You, uh take a pregnancy test? I can't do this.
You got me.
No matter what happens, I'm here.
Tell me there's nothing they can find.
There's definitely things they could find.
- They just won't.
- Are you sure? I'm the only one who can get past my firewalls.
This is the FBI.
As long as they don't have my passwords, we're fine.
We're not fine as long as my mother's threatening - to call my father.
- It's my father I'm most worried about.
Maybe he's the one prank-calling me.
Then I'm not safe, and neither is Christopher.
So maybe I go to the FBI, talk to TELESCO - What's wrong? - It's just a bug.
- Annalise? - Hm? Do you think that I should talk to TELESCO about this? I'm already going to talk to her, so don't do anything until after.
Why are you talking to the FBI? They called me in for an interview.
We've escaped this long, so why should that change? Hey.
What are you thinking? Nate told me about the immunity.
Did you tell Bonnie? No.
Why don't you just admit you're here to babysit me? Oh, no.
Just to hang out.
I have a present for you.
From your father, really.
We started writing to each other after the Supreme Court.
And then he passed, and I thought you would like to know how proud he was.
Thank you.
What's wrong? Why does something always have to be wrong? That's right, because both of you always getting yourself in some kind of trouble.
Mamma, we're fine.
You're not fine.
You'd be fine if you got married.
So you wouldn't have to testify against each other.
Isn't that what you lawyers call "spousal privilege"? Isn't that what you call it? Huh? I don't know.
I'm just saying it, if you I'm gonna mind my business.
You left so you could talk about what's going on without me hearing.
Uh, it was just a boring legal conversation.
Yeah, it was so boring, I wish I could've skipped it.
Oliver, you're a wonderful singer, but a terrible liar.
Just give us a second.
Tell me the truth.
Otherwise I'm packing you in my suitcase and I'm taking you home.
You can't tell Dad.
- Oh - Promise.
I won't.
Um This all involves the Governor.
I know.
I-I read all about that investigation online.
Yeah, but what you don't know is that the Governor's been coming after Annalise.
It's all because we won our Supreme Court case.
And now the FBI is working with the Governor to try and scare us into dropping clients.
- This is not making me feel better.
- Of course not.
But that's the type of man that you raised me to be to live a life that's about something bigger than myself.
And that feels really good.
Even if it means the FBI has to show up at my house sometimes.
I hate all this.
But I'm so proud of you.
Mamma? You're sad because I gotta go.
So am I.
Then stay.
Your Daddy wouldn't like that.
I know that you're mad at me still for taking him back.
Oh, Mamma, I'm happy if you're happy.
Anna Mae, I'm happy because I make myself happy, and I make myself happy by loving him.
God knows I tried not to, just worrying about myself and my children.
Well, I worry about more than just myself, Mamma.
- I know that.
- Do you? 'Cause it sounds like you want me to be that little girl who goes hungry so everyone else can eat.
Nobody wants you to go hungry, Anna Mae.
You know that.
We just want you to be happy.
Sam had a son.
With his first wife.
His name is Gabriel.
I didn't know until now.
Sam lied all that time.
Every man I ever loved has hurt me, Mamma.
And I'm not you.
I can't forgive and forget.
I tried, but And I don't want to let anyone else in.
I just want to be alone.
How in the hell are you alone when I'm here? Because you're packing up to go home, and I'm gonna be left here to do what? Save everyone else, even if it kills me? What about me saving myself? Only by saving everyone else - can you save you.
- Oh.
Loving your Daddy was not for him.
It was for me.
Because that love fills me up.
Just like my love for you fills me up.
And, God Almighty, I wish you knew what it was like for a mamma to love her child, but you gotta take what you got.
And all you got right now is Nathaniel.
What about me loving myself, Mamma? Doesn't that count for anything? You'll never love yourself if you hurt people, Anna Mae.
We both know that.
We're all right, baby.
We're all right.
Hello? I can meet you tomorrow at 3:00.
Does that work? Of course.
Should I prepare immunity paperwork? I don't see why not.
Well, I'll see you then.
You're offering Annalise immunity? Unless you can give me a reason why she doesn't deserve it.
Agent TELESCO will be in shortly.
Hey, Ma.
You got the present I sent you? See, I do pay attention.
Yeah, I-I-I actually spent the day with Michaela.
So? No.
This is FBI Special Agent Claire TELESCO.
Leave a message.
This is Laurel Castillo.
Call me back.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
I imagine you're quite busy.
You have something to report about D.
Miller's case? It's about the lead agent on the case, Claire TELESCO.
You're offering Annalise immunity? Unless you can give a reason why she doesn't deserve it.
What? Promise you'll protect me.
Of course.
I mean it, Claire.
I've got no one.
You've got me.
You don't care about me.
You work past 9:00 every night never leave your house on Sundays.
So you know I'm pathetic and single.
If that makes you pathetic, so am I.
You're single? You're surprised? Claire Come here.
Did you feel coerced? Not at all.
Claire and I both share the blame for crossing that line.
But my personal safety is still at risk, so I'd feel more comfortable if I was reassigned to a new agent.
You're overreacting! This has become a pattern of misconduct.
In the past month alone, you've planted evidence Now, as you can see, the agent plants the evidence that the FBI can't find in the first place.
you offered a deal to a defendant without his lawyer present I'm not doing this without my lawyer.
So you don't want us to drop the charges? and now you have slept with an informant, an act that could discredit this entire investigation.
This is Keating playing us.
All of our hard evidence points to Birkhead.
It's planted evidence We just got the report on Miller's car.
The dirt on his tires matches the soil at the Moretti construction site.
Claire, no one has worked harder on this than you.
But I'm gonna have to take you off Bonfire until further notice.
I'm sorry, Ms.
We're going to have to reschedule you.
- Why? - I'm not at liberty to say.
Why are you doing this? The same reason little Anna Mae gave up her lunch.
And don't relax too much.
I just bought you time until Telesco's replacement catches up.
You can sleep with that one.
I don't know what to say.
Then that's all you need to say.
This is Annalise.
I came here against my better judgment.
I'm glad you did.
I want to end this, Annalise.
Then confess.
We're in the right place for it.
None of this was me.
Miller, Nate Lahey Senior You could've lied to me over the phone.
I know who killed Nate Senior.
You know him, too.
Emmett Crawford.