How To Get Away With Murder (2014) s05e15 Episode Script

Please Say No One Else Is Dead

Previously on How to Get Away with Murder They know everything.
I can offer you and your son protection, but I need information in return.
We need the video.
Warden Sykes is the only one who can sign off.
Give me all the security-cam footage from your visitor's room on this date.
- What is this? - I'll tell you who killed your father.
You just need to return the favor.
- Laurel.
Is that - My mother.
You called Paula Gladden, the guard who lied about Nate Senior reaching for her gun! This is all fake.
There's a photo of you meeting with him.
Or are you gonna lie about that, too? What? Emmett's not the lawyer in the photo.
- Who is it? - Xavier Castillo.
Laurel's brother.
- You're not my lawyer.
- Not yet.
But I've been following your case.
Please, sit.
Uh There ain't no way anybody's gonna poach me from Annalise Ms.
Keating did great work on the class action no one's denying that.
She got me a big win a-at the damn Supreme Court! She got herself a win, but your trial date still hasn't been set No, she said that the judge is gonna set that any day now.
That day may never come.
- Bull.
- You're leaving your future in the hands of one woman and a bunch of her law students.
I can offer you a team of lawyers with endless resources.
We don't want you to end up in some mental health hospital we want to get you your actual freedom.
Who sent you here? Come on, man.
I'm locked up with some of the best conmen in the country.
You think I don't know when somebody's polishing a turd? Mr.
Lahey, any smart lawyer would want you as a client.
Well, you know, that slick suit and shined shoes don't make you half the man Annalise is.
I don't think you understand what's at stake here.
Now you gonna tell me my business? Your life depends on this decision.
And your life depends on you getting your ass out that door.
You want me to throw you out? But I might be old, but I can still knock those teeth out.
I think you're gonna regret this.
I'm so sorry, Nate.
Just tell us why he would do this.
My father.
He wasn't going to let us win.
- Me, or Annalise - Don't include me in this.
I'm just saying my brother wouldn't do this on his own.
- So you're defending him? - No Then why didn't you warn us about him? I haven't seen him in years But now he's a man capable of killing his own mother? No, I'm just trying to figure this out like you I put your father in jail so that we wouldn't have to deal with your family anymore, Laurel! We always knew Jorge would be a threat - Don't protect her! - She just found out her mother died Everyone's dead! Nate's father, Wes they're all dead because of you! Not Laurel, her family I'll do whatever I can to fix this.
Okay, Annalise? I didn't think that this was gonna happen Because you don't think! Ever! My point is it's not Laurel's fault.
You're right.
It's your fault.
Because I never wanted to hire her as an intern, anyway.
That was your penis that decided that.
So fine.
Hate me, then.
I don't want to hate anyone! I just want my life back, because this isn't a life! It's hell.
We're all living in hell, and I want out! Maybe we, uh, test the DNA to make sure it's her hair? Or we can hand it over to the FBI they can add it to evidence on their little murder board.
So Laurel's brother scalps us next? I'm just saying, unless you want to end up in coffins or you want to meet your birth parents in an orange jumpsuit, we need to come up with a plan.
Since when do you want to meet your birth parents? I sent in a stupid form.
It'll take weeks to get a response.
I'll probably change my mind by then.
What did Annalise say? Uh just that she hates me.
Understandable, really.
I really need a whiff of that magical baby scent - right about now.
- Yeah, me too.
W I told you no I figured, after a good night's sleep, you'd have come to your senses.
You framed me as a terrorist.
Professor Keating's the only reason - I'm not locked up right now.
- She killed your father.
I think she owes you way more than some free legal counsel.
Then why isn't she in jail? She's a genius that is even more obvious now that she's got you on her side I'm not on anyone's side.
Yours either.
Read this before you decide that.
Who is he? Your mother's ex.
They were using drugs together.
Her drugs.
Your mother survived too much to go to jail, Gabriel.
But that's on you.
Choose Annalise, or choose your mother.
We have about five minutes.
I only need one.
Crawford's phone logs are fake.
You think that I have the ability to fabricate phone records? Not you, but I'm sure you had a donor who works in technology.
I guess we'll fight this out in court.
Who dug up my adoption papers for you? I bet it was that same donor.
Or was it DA Miller? Look at where we are, Annalise.
This is who I am.
Since when is blackmailing me something Jesus would do? You forced me into this predicament.
30 years building the life of my dreams, and it's ruined because of a lie you started.
You think that I have the power to get the FBI to investigate a Governor? Well, someone did.
And it worked.
But I'm innocent.
God knows that, even if you don't.
I don't know what's more fake you or those phone records.
Then let the FBI figure it out.
I had no choice but to send over Mr.
Crawford's records myself.
It's happening.
- What is? - The FBI's here.
They're taking in Emmett right now.
Go to him.
Tell him I'm gonna fix it.
Fix it? - This was the Castillos.
- What? They're framing Emmett.
I can prove it.
Just go help him.
- I can't.
- We were wrong, Tegan.
And who do you think that family will come after next? Me.
So I'm sorry I'm staying out of this.
Miller's burner logs.
Nate and I called every number and this one, right here It's the only number now disconnected.
- Stop.
- Maybe it's Xavier's.
That would prove they were working together.
No more assumptions.
Hey, you're right assumptions aren't proof, but if we just put our heads together I've been working this case for weeks, telling myself Miller died for the right reasons.
That's still true.
He never said one word that night about working with anybody.
He would've ratted out who put him up to this.
But he didn't.
No more guessing.
I didn't do this, Nate.
You and Bonnie are wrong about this.
Mom, it's too early for any of that.
All right, fine.
Her name's Bonnie.
And that's all I'm telling you.
So if I hear you called my secretary to find out more about her, well, then, I'm probably not gonna bring her home for Christmas, okay? Um, can I call you back? I love you, too.
Can I help you? Depends.
Do you want to be the DA? You don't wanna be the interim guy you wanna be the permanent one.
But you've got no clout, and you've got no money for a campaign.
We can offer you both of those, just like we did for Denver.
You know, your father is in jail for killing him.
Annalise Keating killed Denver.
What are you talking about? Denver was about to put Keating away.
She found out, so she fixed both her problems at once.
I have proof.
Well, then, give it to the FBI.
They can help you get your dad out of jail.
That's not why I'm here.
You just offered to buy my campaign.
So we can hit back at Annalise.
I know you want that, too.
How? You're familiar with her Supreme Court client, right? Is it too early to start drinking, or should we just eat our feelings? You know who can't do either of those things? Everyone who's dead on this board.
Some of whom we've killed.
No more screen-time for you.
Why? Are you afraid of facing your own guilt? Now's not the time to be thinking about this.
Look, the FBI knows that we're the bad guys.
Laurel's mom's gift-bag-head is in the other room.
Now is exactly the time to be talking about this.
Gabriel wants me to come over.
To "study"? He says it's urgent.
What about Michaela and Asher? Or the godparents Christopher already has? You think Frank and Annalise should raise my child? No.
I think you are going to raise your child.
It's just in case something happens.
- Nothing's going to happen.
- Connor.
Look at our lives.
Look, you need a back-up plan, sure.
And Oliver, I get.
I want him to raise all the babies in the world, too.
I never said I wanted a baby, let alone all the babies.
I'm just asking for you to think about it.
No, you drew up legal guardianship documents with our names on them.
I did it after I met your moms, who are amazing.
Laurel, I I am moody and and selfish.
Like, I'm probably pathologically bad at caring about other people's emotions.
You care about Oliver, and that was very clear at the wedding.
- It was a wedding! - Of course, you didn't mean any of that.
Listen to me, okay? This isn't about what's best for me, or for you, honestly it's what's best for Christopher.
And looking back at my childhood, I had money, privilege everything a stable home is supposed to provide except for one thing love, okay? And both of you have more of that than any of us.
Who let you in here? I said I was your lawyer.
You just have to hire me.
You just accused me of killing a man, Annalise.
Because that's what Jorge Castillo wanted me to believe.
Yeah, I know.
I had that same look on my face when I found out.
But who else could fake your phone records? Who? And then, when you consider the fact that the Governor fed them to me? - You have proof? - Yes.
Look I'm not going to waste your time apologizing again.
Instead, I'm promising to get you out of here so you can run for DA And I don't make that promise to anyone.
Annalise sold Emmett.
She'll call as soon as she gets him out.
You hear from Nate? Bon? He was right.
There's no way this number is Xavier's.
- Why not? - Look at the date I was at Julie's then.
Ron was there for me that whole time, calling every hour - And? - There's no way he was planning on killing Senior during all of that.
I get why that's hard to believe.
He wasn't that guy, Frank.
We were wrong.
I need to stay here.
I don't feel good about this.
I love you, but now I can handle this.
I'll make it right.
Help you find him if that's what you want.
She wants to help me find him.
Like it's that easy And you? Do you want to find him? Tell me about your day.
Please, I just need to talk about something normal.
Oh, God, normal? Um Okay, uh, like how Peggy spent about 10 minutes trying to tell me how she couldn't upgrade my phone? Be nice to her.
I'm too nice.
That's the problem.
That is not a bad quality.
Mm, well, it is for a DA - Stop.
- I'm serious.
How would you feel if I decided not to run? You've wanted this your whole life.
I'm just thinking about Denver.
You know, all the shady people he had to get in bed with to win a campaign? So do it your own way.
Yeah, like it's that easy.
Come on.
I'm sorry, honey, I'm just I'm tired.
You'll call me first thing in the morning? Of course.
I love you.
I love you, too.
- Ron? - Hey.
So? I hope this is good news.
I'll do it.
What do you need from me? Listen, I gave that footage to Winterbottom.
It's one last gift to the both of you.
You gave it to her so she can cover your ass.
So you hear me out, or that deal's over.
What do you need? Xavier Castillo, was he involved in my pops' transfer? Who? I'm serious Miller was the only guy I ever talked to about your dad.
The earliest we can transfer him is Monday morning.
Well, the hospital I got him into will have the spot filled by then.
Well, you'll just have to wait for a new spot.
Okay, you don't understand I need this transfer to happen by tomorrow night at the latest.
We don't do transfers at night.
Then make an exception.
Exceptions are how things go wrong when you run a prison.
Come on, man, please.
Just help me out here, okay? It's important to me.
So I caved.
I went against my gut and gave him his night transfer.
So, here we are.
And you're coming up to me like I did something wrong.
Your guards did something wrong.
That's it.
We're done.
You know their story makes no sense.
You were a cop.
You know what happens when a perp reaches for your gun - That didn't happen! - It happens all the time, especially when you're dealing with mental cases.
And your dad was one of the worst.
Hello? This is a collect call from the Philadelphia Police Department, 10th District.
To accept the call, say yes.
- It's me.
- What happened? I went to the Warden.
Things got heated.
What did you do? It was just a little shove, but I'm gonna need help.
- Of course.
I'm on it.
- Wait Sykes said Miller forced him to schedule the transfer at night.
What did I tell you? Miller was part of it.
I'll get you out as soon as I can.
He was guilty, Bon.
Bad news? Family crap.
Here's the security footage showing Xavier Castillo meeting with Mr.
Lahey last fall.
If that's not enough to release my client, then you need to look closer at the phone records that the Governor gave you.
I'm sorry, did we tell you what evidence we have on Mr.
Crawford? The phone records were completely fabricated by the Castillos.
Now, I can tell you why, or you can talk to his father that you already have in prison.
So you believe Jorge Castillo arranged Mr.
Lahey's murder to hit back at you? And it worked.
Once they killed him, it broke my career and my heart.
And here we are.
Crawford, I don't think I need to explain to you that we're concerned by your choice of attorney.
Concerned or intimidated? You are a person of interest in the death of Ms.
Keating's client.
So in what world would she represent me if I killed Mr.
Lahey? Which he didn't, by the way.
Can he go now? - Not yet.
- I just handed you your suspect on a silver platter what more do you need? An explanation of this recording we discovered in Mr.
Crawford's office.
Emmett's guilty.
I want to look him in the eye.
Make his guilty ass sweat.
Now would you like to consider hiring different counsel? If I show you this, it means I'm trusting you with my life.
That is perhaps too big of an ask at this stage in our relationship.
Will you listen? Okay.
I'm here.
TELESCO wants me to help her find something on Annalise.
I told her no, but but then she brought me this.
It's my mom's ex Telesco's gonna say that my mom gave him the drugs.
- It's enough for a murder charge.
- She's bluffing.
Either way, if my mom finds out Your mom's gonna find out eventually, Gabriel.
If she finds out the truth about the drugs What does that mean? Wait, y-you did this? I'll tell you once you pass the bar and you can be my lawyer.
So I'm right this was you? Just give me something on Annalise that involves Sam's case, or or Miller's Annalise didn't do anything wrong.
Then why won't TELESCO stop? - I don't know! - No, you do know.
You know, just like everyone else in that house does.
No, we don't.
Then what was Laurel gonna tell TELESCO to get immunity? What? Laurel Castillo! Get your ass downstairs right now!! - What happened? - I'm gonna make her tell you.
- Tell you what? - Did you meet with Agent TELESCO so she could offer you immunity? - Immunity for what? - Is Gabriel lying, or is TELESCO lying, or are you lying? I didn't meet with her about immunity - So you lied to us? - Snake! No, I just wanted her help figuring out if it was my mother making those calls.
So you asked her for a deal? Okay, TELESCO brought up an immunity deal I obviously said no! Well, then, why not just tell us that? To prevent this from happening! Or you were actually thinking of turning on us.
Look, I have a son, okay? I have to consider every opportunity to protect him.
- Are you off your meds again? - What does that mean, Connor? An hour ago, you asked Oliver and me to be Christopher's guardians, and now we find out this? - You did what? - Guardian like parent? Why would you even ask us if you were gonna make a deal? Because I didn't take the deal.
And this is exactly why TELESCO went to Gabriel so that we would all turn on each other! And, look, it's working.
How are we supposed to believe anything that comes out of your mouth anymore? Where are you going? Probably to get her gun.
This is Christopher's blanket from the wedding.
That's Miller's blood, okay? I could've used this to get immunity and disappeared with my son, but I didn't.
Because I am loyal to all of you.
Just like you are to me.
You have to go to the FBI and help Emmett.
- I can't represent him anymore.
- What happened? They have the recording of us in your office the other night.
Oh, dear.
Nate Lahey.
Nate's in jail? Just go to Emmett we owe him.
If you can't represent him, neither can I.
But only you know the Castillos.
Like I said, that is who I'm terrified of.
Tegan, we are too strong and too smart to let these bastards scare the fight out of us.
Or is that just me? I'm on my way.
You get me out? Bonnie's working on it.
Why aren't you? I barely pushed the guy, Annalise.
That's not what the witnesses are saying.
I just want the truth.
Even if that means watching you end up like your father? Locked away 'til you lose your mind? I'm not him.
Then stop using your fists to get answers otherwise, we're all gonna end up in here.
Just get me out.
Lahey stabbed Officer Gladden in her right leg then reached for her gun.
The only way I'll let the air back in your lungs is if you tell me who ordered the hit on Lahey.
Nod "yes.
" Lie, and the next neck to get this cord is your son.
I'll tell you.
I swear it.
All right, say bye-bye.
He paid us! We tried to say no.
Who paid you? Xavier Castillo.
Crawford, perhaps you didn't understand what we meant by conflict of interest.
I'm not here as his counsel.
I'm here to make a statement.
Price, you're not a person of interest here.
No, I'm a material witness on this case.
This drive contains numerous instances of proof that phone records can and have been doctored by the Castillos.
You don't think it's a little convenient that you're only coming forward with this evidence now? You mean because I'm Jane Doe? My deal with Agent TELESCO was only to provide you with Antares documents related to illegal activities concerning going public.
The evidence on this drive wasn't part of that.
You're willing to testify to that under oath? - Yes.
- No, that's a breach of privilege you could get disbarred.
Only if someone inside this room talks.
But I'm taking this risk because that's how certain I am that Mr.
Crawford is innocent of any involvement in Nathaniel Senior's murder.
This doesn't explain why the Castillos would frame Mr.
Crawford for the murder.
Actually, it does.
I'm running for DA The Castillos have a history of keeping DAs in their pocket.
Having interacted with me at C&G, they know I can't be bought.
Can we kiss and make up now? No chance we're gonna make it that easy.
I agree, and I'm the nice one.
Connor? I got our fix.
Kubecka v.
State of New York! Who can brief me on the case? Let me help you.
Kubecka was a garbage contractor who informed on the mob and got killed.
The court found that the agents on the case were in breach of their duty to provide reasonable protection - for an informant.
- This is about Gabriel? Not just Gabriel, but Laurel's mother.
You told TELESCO that your mom, an informant in Witness Protection, may be in trouble.
They did nothing, and look what happened.
We take the bag to the FBI, argue that TELESCO breached her duty to protect Sandrine.
They'll fire TELESCO she'll stop threatening Gabriel.
Tell me that I'm not a brilliant stud that you all want to shag right now.
This was a warning.
If my brother finds out that we go to the FBI, he's gonna kill me and Christopher next.
- He won't know.
- He wasn't even supposed to know where my mother was, either.
Okay, well, that was my best idea.
Gladden's been lying this whole time.
So why believe that she's suddenly telling the truth? I can be very convincing.
As you know.
What happened to you being a better Frank? Maybe everybody else is better if I'm just Frank.
- You believe her? - Of course.
Xavier is Jorge's little bitch.
And for the rest of it, well that's for the two of us to figure out.
What do you mean "the rest of it"? Annalise? You ready to do what you promised? What did I promise? To fix this for all of us.
Xavier, hi.
Ma'am, please step back.
Mitch, it's my sister.
I'm so happy to see you.
And me? You happy to see me, too? This is Michaela Pratt.
A text or e-mail is preferred to voicemail.
Um, look I-if you don't want to help me, fine.
I-I'm used to handling things on my own, anyway.
I just thought that maybe someone smarter than me could help me with this one, but no worries.
I'll be good.
Why am I starting to feel sorry for him? Because he's smart that's what he wants.
- And I want to help him.
- Michaela.
Gabriel told us that TELESCO came to him when he didn't have to.
Why would he do that if we couldn't trust him? And And I know that makes me sound naive, but he has no one.
Meanwhile, we all have each other.
Laurel almost sold us out, and my idea was good.
She was the only one that said no.
But it's the only way that we take down TELESCO and stall her stupid Operation Bonfire.
Take action now, ask for forgiveness later.
That's what Annalise would do.
And what you did with Simon.
Enough about Simon.
It worked, didn't it? I say we take a vote.
If it's not unanimous, we don't do it.
So, who's in? So, are you gonna deny this is you? Say someone photoshopped your head? Stop.
Can you just tell me why you did this? - Don't tell me you did this for Dad.
- What is it you think I did, huh? - You paid those guards to kill him! - No.
No, no, no.
I tried to get him to fire his lawyer - that's all.
- Why? Why? Because this woman has destroyed our family.
Oh, please, your family was destroyed way before I came along.
You wanted to hurt me, and this was your sick way of doing it.
See, if I wanted to hurt you, I'd actually hurt you and not the old man.
Oh, how? By burning me up in my house? Scalping my head? - What? - You know what she's talking about.
No, I don't.
What you did to Mom.
We're told you have evidence regarding Sandrine Castillo? Yes, sir.
Uh, I came on behalf of Laurel Castillo, who was, uh, too scared to come here herself.
- Why? - Because the last time she was here, she talked to Agent TELESCO and told her that her mother might be in danger.
She did nothing, and this, uh, arrived at her door.
It's Sandrine Castillo's.
We believe she was killed by her son.
I haven't heard from Mom in months.
Because she didn't want you to know where she was.
Yeah, but you knew where she was? No.
But she called me on Christmas you probably already know that, 'cause that's how you found out where she was.
You were the last one that saw her alive, Laurel not me.
And she begged me to forgive her.
She dug her nails into my arm asking me not to leave, because she knew that Christopher and I weren't gonna be safe.
And that's exactly what happened.
She was right.
You've turned into Dad.
Your mom's just being careful.
There's no way that I'd have to be your dad.
Even though I would be good at it because I think you're very cool.
And funny.
And smart.
Just like your mom and dad it's no surprise there Wow.
You know, if Laurel doesn't die, maybe we should have a baby of our own.
Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa! You're not making any sense right now.
Can you just tell us the truth, Xavier? You know, all I ever wanted was for you to be happy now look at what this woman has done to you.
I told you that he would just lie.
- Can we go? - You go, I still have something to say.
I don't care what you have to say.
What did you offer Miller? Hmm? Tell me.
Did you promise to make him DA? Pay for his campaign? Do you want to be the DA? But you couldn't win him over, could you? Because it's too easy to play you.
So that's what he did.
So? I hope this is good news.
I'll do it.
What do you need from me? Talk to the Warden.
Get the old man a transfer on Thursday morning.
My guards will be working then.
Thursday morning got it.
You took his word for it.
You believed he would help you, and, instead, the boy played you, because you couldn't bribe a pathetic interim DA to get what you needed You don't understand I need this transfer to happen by tomorrow night at the latest.
We don't do transfers at night.
Then make an exception.
I bet that happens a lot in your life.
People take advantage of your bad instincts That's why your father fought so hard to get Laurel back.
She's the one who shares his mind, his gut you're the disappointment.
It's why you fight so hard for Daddy's love, but you fail every time.
Just like you failed at this.
Who says I failed? Police have just confirmed that Nathaniel Lahey Senior, the named plaintiff in a recent Supreme Court case, was fatally shot this evening.
Details have yet to emerge but reporters say Lahey was being transferred to a mental health facility when the shooting occurred Nice try with the early transfer.
I guess I underestimated you.
And you, me.
You play me again, I will take out everyone you love.
The girlfriend first.
I'm sure your father is not happy about the mess you made here You're not as good at this as you think you are.
Did the Governor approach you with this plan? Huh? She promise to get your father out of jail? Pardon him? Laurel, I'll be here whenever you need me, okay? Be careful how far you want to push this.
Why should I be careful? You're the one helping the Governor to bring me down, but guess what I'm still standing.
Yeah, so why come here, huh? Just so you could shout at me? Shut up.
You're just as boring as you think.
But you lost this round, boo.
And the FBI has everything they need to arrest you and your pathetic ass.
Turn yourself in.
Maybe they'll let you share the same cell as your father.
Just let me go.
You and Dad.
Yeah, it's me.
They know more.
Of course they do.
So, Plan B? She's given us no other choice.
This is insane.
I know this isn't a celebration, per Se, but I feel like we need to toast to the fact that we got an FBI agent fired, a move that AK should pay me the 64K for, even if Xavier comes and tries to kill us.
So, who wants a shot? Please tell me no one else is dead.
Michaela might die when she finds this out.
What? I hacked Louisiana Family Services and found her birth father.
Who is it? His name's Dwight.
Sounds like a nice guy's name.
Annalise knew him.
I fixed your problem.
Well, it was mostly Asher.
What do you mean? Agent TELESCO is no longer an employee at the FBI.
- Wait, what? Are you serious? - Y-You're all good.
Well, until the next agent shows up I'm sorry.
W-Was that okay? I'm not sure.
We deserve to feel good for once.
Hello? Mrs.
Maddox? I'd like to talk to you about your son Gabriel.
Not sure if I should be celebrating or drowning my sorrows.
You dodged the FBI, not the Castillos.
You've been holding a lot.
- But looked hot doing it.
- Always.
- Here.
- I'm a gin girl.
Don't move until I'm back.
We'll get stupid.
Good evening, my fellow Pennsylvanians As many of you know, news reports have stated that the FBI has been investigating my office regarding the deaths of Nathaniel Lahey Senior and DA Ronald Miller.
While I can confirm those reports are true, I can also assure you, without a shadow of a doubt, that these allegations are nothing more than lies.
I, therefore, have no other choice but to speak my truth to all of you here tonight.
Why am I here? Nate Lahey Senior.
People are asking questions, threatening me - Who? - I don't want to say.
I just want to tell the truth.
You want a deal? Only if you tell me who gave you the order DA Miller.
- You believe her? - Of course.
Xavier is Jorge's little bitch.
And for the rest of it, well that's for the two of us to figure out.
What do you mean, "the rest of it"? Miller begged for the transfer to happen at night before Xavier wanted, so the shooting wouldn't happen.
He was innocent.
They can't know.
You're a good mother you want to protect your kid, not worry about me sneaking through his window one night Please, I'll do whatever you want This is A.
DA Winterbottom's number.
Ask for a deal, and then tell her Miller ordered the hit.
I don't know who Miller was working for, but he paid us off, prepped me before I took the stand at the Inquest While I've respectfully let the FBI do their work for the past few weeks, I've now lost faith in the impartiality of their investigation.
This is a smear campaign, as fake as fake news gets What is it? Gladden confessed.
It was Ron.
No more hating yourself, okay? It's done.
What the FBI is refusing to tell the public is that there is another person of interest in both Mr.
Lahey and DA Miller's murders.
This individual has been protected by a powerful law firm.
Miller was innocent? You're a parent.
You know that there are certain things children shouldn't know.
Annalise You've done so much to protect me.
So, I just want to say thank you.
Let's get the hell home.
I can only guess that this is why the FBI's ignoring the damning evidence I've personally seen with my own eyes Evidence that proves that one person orchestrated the shooting of Mr.
Tell me you got him out.
- Not for long.
- What? The Governor just pointed the finger at Emmett on live TV.
The foundation of our justice system is that we are all innocent until proven guilty.
Well, I've proven my innocence to the authorities and to all of you I don't believe Mr.
Crawford can do the same.
I'm supposed to go upstairs and get drunk with him right now.
What the hell do I tell him? All right, keep him calm until I'm there.
Who's gonna keep me calm? You are my rock.
Stop panicking.
Can I come sleep at your place tonight, then? 'Cause you know Jorge's probably sending his hitman over right now.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
Laurel? Laurel, where are you? Laurel?! Where's Christopher? He's in the nursery.
Why? What's wrong, Frank? He's passed out.
Is he okay? He's gone, Annalise.
He's gone.
They're both gone.
No, he's right here.
It's on a loop They took 'em, Annalise.
They took 'em Laurel! Laurel! Laurel! Laurel!