How To Get Away With Murder (2014) s06e07 Episode Script

I'm the Murderer

1 Previously on "How to Get Away with Murder" I'll pursue you all day.
But I won't chase.
Why does she have half a mil in stock from a company Laurel Castillo owns? That is a question for Tegan.
CORA: Now, do you want to ask her yourself or should I send her this recording? Get your shady ass the hell out of my firm.
I'm gonna help you get what you want.
We'll file a wrongful death lawsuit.
- Paul? - I did it.
It's murder, Ma.
He's not the one, Michaela.
You feel like bitch-slapping the Castillos? We're gonna file a restraining order against the whole family.
And here I am, considering disappearing because I'm afraid for my life.
Either you protect me or they kill me.
ROBERT: How about ice skating? I tried ice skating once.
Made me appreciate the concrete.
Do you consider mini-golf a sport? Is golf-golf a sport? Golf is my religion.
I'm hanging up now.
Hey, whoa I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
My hobbies mostly include the arts, like old movies, the opera And you don't like the arts either.
Why does it matter? I'm trying to plan out our sixth date, Annalise.
Sixth? We went on one, for ice cream.
Yeah, over a month ago, and as much as I thoroughly enjoyed dates two through five being on the phone, now I'd like to meet in person.
Come forth, young Gabriel.
I challenge thee, Spawn of Sam, to a battle for me-lady's heart.
The good lady Michaela shall pick her prince! En garde! Ha ha! MICHAELA: Put that down before you stab someone.
But that's the point, my fair one.
I'm willing to battle Cheekbones to the death.
And if I don't want that? But of course you want this.
You get the cameras working? Yep.
If the Castillos try to kidnap one of us again, we'll have it all on tape.
Just put a sock on the camera next time you two bone.
There's no boning happening in my room, not with you or Gabriel because I am fabstinent and focused until exams are over.
I feel like we've heard that before.
ROBERT: Are you scared of me? - Should I be? - Well, I mean, my awesome does tend to intimidate women.
- However - [CHUCKLES.]
I knew this was coming.
Like, this phone romance it's fun, sure, but you know I'm looking for something real.
And, uh, if if that's not what you're looking for, I just need you to let me know.
Less heartbreak that way.
You're gonna give yourself a hernia.
- Or is that what you want? Me to have to spend more time in the hospital with you? I wanna look good for when you're finally ready for me.
What makes you have hope for this? "This"? As in us? No clue.
But that's mainly because you won't go out on a second date with me.
You've had two failed marriages, God knows how many relationships before that Is it my bad jokes? I mean, aren't you tired? I know I am, from work, teaching, life, and then add getting to know someone on top of that? [SIGHS.]
I think the point is for that someone to make all of that hard stuff easier.
- And, yes, there's gonna be - [THUMP.]
annoying things that go along with that, - like in-laws.
You still there? Stay on the line.
- What's wrong? - Quiet.
- Hang on.
You need me to come over there? [RATTLING CONTINUES.]
Go away or I shoot! WOMAN: Oh, my God! No, please don't! Who are you? Sara Gordon.
I think this is my Airbnb.
Isn't this the penthouse? - Which one? - There's more than one? Yeah.
Penthouse 1, across the hallway.
Y Right.
I'm so sorry.
Annalise, what the hell is going on? ANNALISE: Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just some idiot.
How to Get Away With Murder 6x07 I'm the Murderer GABRIEL: Greetings, class.
Today, we're gonna do things the Maddox way.
Professor Keating, why is this 2-L leading our class? He's first chair on this case.
- Why? - Because he brought me the idea that is the future of the criminal justice system.
Sit your ass down and learn.
So, before I introduce our case, I need a volunteer.
Pratt, why don't you come give me a hand? - No thank you.
- Didn't I just say we're gonna change the world? Get up.
GABRIEL: So, here's the situation Michaela here has wronged me, to the point that I would like her to be severely punished.
MICHAELA: I don't know how to say this, so I'm just gonna rip the Band-Aid.
- I'm breaking up with you.
- - What are you talking about? - I just need to be alone for a little.
Is this because I told Annalise about Solomon? No, it's because of everything.
D-D-Did you and Asher get together? - No.
- Then tell me.
I'm about to graduate and you're not, and I'll probably move, but first, I need to finish strong so I can be ready for whatever's next.
And that can't include you.
Michaela No, there's no changing my mind.
So we're done.
- GABRIEL: Now, I know what you're asking yourself just what did Michaela do to hurt me so bad? - You're gonna let him get away with this? - I object.
She shot and killed my son.
So, what are my options here? I could take her to trial, could push for the death penalty Hire a hitman and take her out? Legal options, please.
If I want to forgive her and move on? Is that really the legal system's job? Shouldn't it be? Victims' families want justice.
That doesn't mean we have to lock away the offender for life.
There are other ways to reconcile.
It's been used after the genocides in Rwanda and Guatemala.
It's a legal process where a defendant faces a victim's families in a public forum.
That, my friends, is called [CHALKBOARD SLIDES, THUMPS.]
"Restorative Justice".
And it's perfect for our current client.
DAVID: I told my last lawyer the same thing.
I just want to plead guilty.
You'll get 25 years.
I deserve more.
Why? I mean, who does that help? Meanwhile, a restorative justice hearing will help everyone affected by this tragedy move on and heal.
GABRIEL: Our client is high-school teacher David Golan.
Kept a Trasker 98 hidden in his classroom at St.
Bridget's due to his fear of a high-school shooting.
This guy illegally brought a gun to a school.
Why does he deserve a more cushy trial than any of our other clients? Because it was an accident.
You see, David thought that his student, Ryan Fitzgerald, was going to attack his class.
DAVID: Ryan's dead.
If he can't heal from this, then I shouldn't either.
What about his grandparents? Your students? Do they get to heal? Hands up.
What's the first step of a restorative justice hearing? - Mr.
- The defendant acknowledges their wrong.
I never even saw if Ryan had a weapon on him.
I just assumed.
There's no excuse for that.
But there is.
Parkland, Sandy Hook, wherever it happens next.
It is scary as hell to be a teacher in America today.
It's scarier to be a student.
And I just made it worse for mine.
Step two? Ms.
Osborn? Share and understand the negative effects of your crime.
Do you want to help the people you hurt? Because this hearing will give Ryan's grandparents the chance to weigh in on your sentence, and his friends will get to say what they want to result from this tragedy.
This This is what you're not getting.
Ryan Ryan didn't have any friends.
He was alone.
Right? And I bought into that idea of him.
Step three? Really? Nobody has an answer for me? Agreement on terms of reparations.
DAVID: I don't want a trial or a hearing.
The D.
's already agreed to my sentence.
But Ryan's grandparents were not a part of that decision.
If they want me to do more time, I'll do more time.
I don't think you deserve 25 years for an accident.
I do.
You're playing the victim, David, because sitting in a jail and sucking up tax dollars does absolutely nothing.
But if you speak about your pain, you can teach people.
Take this tragedy and make it mean something.
Gabriel convinced David to do the hearing.
I got the D.
on board.
The last approval we need are from Ryan's grandparents, Thomas and Donna.
I'm going to their home later today to convince them.
We're going.
I never said that.
Now, how do we persuade these grandparents that the hearing is good for them? Well, my idea was to hit them with the faith angle 'cause they're devout Catholics.
And I think that we can do better.
Anyone? Let them know that they would be doing - their community a service.
- Like they haven't sacrificed enough.
Come on, this case can prove that the justice system doesn't have to be just about crime and punishment, but actual healing.
We speak from the heart.
When my dad committed suicide, my family never talked about it.
The avoidance tore us apart.
I'll share my story.
Millstone, meet me at my office at 2:00.
We'll leave from there.
Class dismissed.
I'm busy changing the world.
I don't have time to meet a new client.
NATE: Not even me? You set me straight about what Nate's been going through since his father's death.
I decided to put my hurt feelings away - and help him.
- How? Following a wrongful death suit against the state.
You're naming the Governor? She ordered the hit.
You're standing in a man's office who's dead because of that woman.
- You want to be next? - How is this any different than filing a restraining order against Xavier? She's gonna hit back, Nate.
Out things that none of us want.
- You feel that pain? - MILLER: No! Now do you feel that pain? You're not on board.
That's okay.
But I didn't hire you I hired Tegan.
And we're filing this today.
Okay, let's all chill, take a night to sleep on this, make sure we're naming the right people in the suit.
Or if you want to file at all.
This will be filed, with or without you.
ANNALISE: We can't let them file that suit otherwise, we risk everyone finding out that Miller was innocent.
Told ya this would happen.
Well, it's not gonna happen, because you're going to scare Tegan from filing.
What about you just asking her real nice? I need Bad Frank for this.
Is he ready? He's always ready.
Frank? Scare her good.
What secrets are you hiding? Come on.
Out with it.
Better they come out now than during the trial.
You don't have to worry about me.
Words every lawyer loves to hear.
Are you getting cold feet? You're avoiding my question.
I know the FBI was investigating you last year.
They brought me in for questioning.
Look, if I'm gonna take a shot at the Governor [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
- Hi.
- Unh-unh.
You're still fired.
I called her.
No, she's not helping on this case.
She was in the D.
's when Miller put the hit on my pops.
Again, I fired her.
Because of me, and here we are.
Tegan I'm sorry.
More importantly, I can help you win.
ASHER: A hearing like this is about supporting you two in the grief process and making sure that you have the chance to speak your mind before Mr.
Golan's sentencing.
We wrote letters to the judge, A.
We told them we want that man to get life in prison.
Look [SIGHS.]
I don't know your pain, and I never will, but when my dad died recently, uh, it it tore our family apart.
Um instead of talking about it, we we blamed each other, and it spread like cancer, to the point where we still don't talk.
Speaking your mind, even if it's all anger, grief, and rage, eh it can help.
Maybe we do it.
Then our only option is to take this to trial.
But he was about to plead guilty.
As his attorney, I can't let him do that, not when there are witnesses who are willing to testify that he thought he was acting in self-defense.
There will be a trial, but it won't be David's.
It'll be Ryan's, his entire life raked over the coals in court his arrests for fighting, drug use, rumors that he hurt his mother Sue died of a heart attack.
I'm just telling you how the system works.
That's why we're bringing you this option.
It's not just to protect you, but Ryan, too.
Gabey better put on some lipstick 'cause this ass deserves a kiss.
Did you get Grammy and PopPop to agree to do the hearing? Like you need to ask.
I'm sure Annalise had nothing to do with that.
Then why did she make me your co-chair? Huh? Careful.
Your jelly's showing.
Hey, Michaela, how bad do you want this fiyah right now? What is he talking about? Can you two leave me out of your pissing contest so I can study? Yeah.
Is your vag laced with, like, magical fairy dust or something? Surprised? What is he doing? I asked him to entertain me.
I want to be entertained.
You already have two dudes.
Eyes off mine.
: It was almost time for lunch.
G was finishing up when Ryan came in.
He wasn't supposed to be at school that week.
He had been suspended for throwing a stapler at Mr.
That kind of stuff happened all the time with Ryan, but this time he kept yelling all of this stuff that didn't make any sense.
So, when he reached into his bag, [VOICE BREAKING.]
we all just thought this was it.
That's when I saw Mr.
G holding a gun.
Ryan made jokes all the time about finding an old grenade in his yard, or that he was learning to make a bomb.
He was a bully, but not just to me, but teachers, too.
G got the brunt of it for some reason.
MALONEY: David's my friend.
W-We've worked together 20 years.
He cares about students.
Some people got under their desks when Ryan was yelling, but I didn't, so I saw when he reached into his bag.
Everyone thought for sure it was a gun.
It was his phone.
We all found that out later.
Look, Mr.
G didn't mean to kill him.
It was a bad decision to bring the gun, but I really just think he was just thinking that it would protect us.
It was a terrible accident.
I'm so sorry, David.
I have to tell them.
I think Ms.
Maloney might need a recess.
Emotion is the point of the process.
The thing Ryan was going to show everyone on his phone was David's profile for a dating app just for men.
We work at a Catholic high school.
David would have lost his job, and Ryan knew that.
So, part of me wonders if that's why David shot him, so no one would find out.
Were you sleeping with that boy? God, no.
But he knew you were gay? Yes.
That's not why I shot him.
How are we supposed to believe that? I had Ryan in my detention one day, and I I just left my phone out and he saw a message come through.
I don't think that's why I did it.
But who knows? Maybe there's just some part of me that Maybe I did it on purpose.
Promise me you won't do something stupid tonight? - I won't.
- Good.
Because the D.
's talking about taking this to trial, but we're going to keep this hearing going.
No, Ryan's grandparents are gonna want to take it to trial.
That's for me to figure out.
Your job? Is to sleep.
Get him on suicide watch.
You got it.
Did David set off your gaydar? 'Cause he definitely didn't mine.
CONNOR: I knew the minute I saw his photo.
- You think everyone's gay.
- Gay for me, sure.
I've missed that arrogance.
Oh, he's speaking from experience, Oliver.
There's the, uh, the straight soccer player, - straight banker - Oh, and don't forget about Andy Dresher.
Partner at the law firm Connor interned at before Middleton.
Did you know that he had a wife and kids? - Of course.
- And you didn't feel bad? - He should feel bad, not me.
- Should we tell his wife? - Are you insane? - And ruin his life? Would you say the closet is a very bad thing? It made David shoot his student.
- That's not why he shot him.
- Then why does he feel guilty? Because he killed someone.
Okay, but he feels more guilty - than most people would in his shoes.
- You don't know that.
He feels more guilty than us.
And we're not in jail.
We're just sitting here, eating cookies.
Can we not talk about this? I think seeing my mom brought everything back from everything we've done.
- Stop.
- Don't do this.
Look, the whole point of restorative justice is to talk and heal, and we never talk about any of it.
Asher I just I still don't even know what you all did exactly to Sam.
Okay, that's it.
I'm gonna go upstairs to study.
GABRIEL: Michaela.
It's Gabriel.
I know you said to stay away, but I [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
Today was hard.
And I don't have anybody to talk to about it.
And I can't call my mom because she'll just yell at me for staying here.
And you know what? I don't Maybe she's right.
I only stayed here because Annalise is ballsy enough to do hearings like this, but now I just feel like David might just get more time - because - And how is that your fault? Stop making it about you.
See? This is why I need you.
CONNOR: This is stage-5 clinger territory.
ASHER: Quiet.
She's gonna break his heart again.
Yeah, that's my girl.
Gabriel, I've been very clear about what I want.
Yeah, I-I know, but isn't that just because you're pissed at me? I'll be pissed if you don't respect my wishes.
It's so easy not to try at all I'm talking about me convincing you to find your father, because he was here and then he left, and and the next thing I know, you're breaking up with me.
That has nothing to do with this.
Then what happened? Look, you can tell me anything.
There's no way you will take this from me [VOCALIZING.]
I just need time for me and only me.
Please go.
There's no way you will take this from me [VOCALIZING.]
You'll figure out the case.
You're too smart not to.
And I will try to make it real [DOOR OPENS.]
Where've you been? - Went for a jog.
- Really? You wanna smell me to make sure? 'Cause we can do what no one can [SIGHS.]
What are you working on? Nate Senior's wrongful death suit.
I know it's not a good idea, but it's what Nate wants.
Nate's an idiot if that's what he wants.
But he's gonna do it with or without my involvement.
The only life I'm gonna shower.
You wanna come? we really want - 'Cause I'm just chasing after dreams - Good night.
I am chasing after dreams [VOCALIZING.]
They must know we're about to file the wrongful death suit.
That's why they did this.
Xavier got into the C&G server, saw we were about to sue the Governor, and this is their way to scare me into silence.
What? You really need me to say it? You told me to fight back, and you also got me to want to help Nate.
I never said to help him.
I said to put yourself in his shoes.
Well, it's too late.
Now I don't know whether to call Cora and tell her to Don't.
They could kill her, Annalise.
They just want to scare you.
And, look it's working.
Good job.
She's not filing the suit.
I always come through.
You know that.
Bad Frank always comes through.
This was Good Frank.
I thought, "What scares me the most?" It's losing the love of my life.
Laurel? I'm not talking about Laurel.
Bonnie? - No.
- It's not your call.
Then why the hell did you tell me? 'Cause I want your approval this time.
Well, you don't have it, and you never will.
- Why? - Because you're gonna hurt her, Frank.
What's the point of fighting so hard to stay alive if we're just gonna die alone? [CELLPHONE BUTTONS CLICK.]
Hello? - Yes.
- Yes what? Yes, uh, to the 18th date or whatever.
In person? In person.
Tomorrow night.
You plan it.
TEGAN: I hate myself for doing this, especially to you, Nate.
The last thing I want is to cause you more hurt.
Annalise get to you? Is that why you're bailing? The Castillos got to me.
There's no winning with these people.
There's just more death.
And God forbid I'm gonna let them do to Cora what they did to your father.
I'm sorry.
I understand.
We get why finding out David's gay, that Ryan knew, complicates this case.
Yes, it does.
But if we go to trial, you both won't have been heard, and you won't have heard from David.
This is your chance for him to explain the why why he acted so irresponsibly, why he regrets it with every ounce of his being.
Speaking the truth out loud has so much power in it.
You, young man, have no clue what it feels like to lose a child.
First my daughter to a heart attack.
Now this? Ryan was the only piece of her I had left.
I understand.
I lost my baby boy to a hit and run.
And every day, I think about finding that driver and doing unspeakable things to him.
But more than that, I just want to hear him say he's sorry.
David's going to prison.
That's not ever gonna change.
But this is your chance to get your apology.
The baby you lost it was with Sam? [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
Surprised your mother didn't tell you.
She knew? Is that when things started going wrong for you two? It's like what they say nothing's harder on a marriage than losing a child.
Those grandparents are still together.
I get now why you begged to make this a restorative justice case.
It's not about changing the system.
You want for David what you want for yourself to confess your guilt about killing your mother's ex.
You're wrong.
When we lost our daughter, Sue, Ryan became our son.
And now he's gone, too.
That's why it felt good to hate David, just to have some other feeling besides loss.
And I hate this man.
I do.
But the Bible says that we should forgive our trespassers, the sinner who repents.
I want to forgive you.
I really do.
I don't feel the same.
I forgave God for taking my daughter from this world.
But this? Did you do this because you're homosexual? Did you think Ryan was, too? Did you try to No, I would never! I-I swear on the Bible! Please don't speak, Mr.
I've had to sit here and listen to these kids tell those lies about my Ryan, blaming him.
But let's be clear here you are the adult! You're the one that took the gun to school! If Ryan was so troubled, it was your job to help that child.
Instead, you made it up in your mind that he was gonna hurt somebody.
I'm suffering, Mr.
I'll die suffering.
But it's you who should be suffering.
In jail.
For life.
That might make me suffer a little bit less.
You still think this was a good idea? Why wouldn't I? I know more than you'll ever understand the self-hatred of being in this closet.
Expressing grief is a part of this process.
Now it's time for you to express yours.
There are no words I can say that's gonna make anyone feel better.
Let that be the last lie you tell today.
DAVID: I would, uh, much prefer to go to jail for the rest of my life than to explain how we all got here today.
Because I don't think I deserve forgiveness.
Ryan is the one who deserves that.
The thing that I'm afraid to say, because that's how much shame there is, is, um, when Ryan came into the class that day I had hate in my heart for him.
Not because he was trouble in class, but hate because of what he knew about me.
The thing that I've most hated about myself that I'm And what what character is lacking in me that I didn't have the courage to stand up to a 16-year-old boy and say, "Yes, I'm gay"? Instead, I let hate take over, and I, um I'm I'm not sure if it's the reason that I pulled the trigger, but I'm sure that it was a part of it.
and Mrs.
Fitzgerald I am so sorry for taking away the most important part of your life.
So, give me a-a-any punishment you want.
I want that, too.
I want to take your suffering and I want to make it my own.
That is That is my only wish here today.
Gabriel? Hey.
You were right.
Why we broke up.
I cheated on you with Asher.
What? A month ago.
Just once.
I'm sorry I lied.
I'm sorry.
The judge has his sentence.
The purpose of restorative justice is to help repair the harm done to victims and families.
To the degree that this hearing has brought even a little solace to the Fitzgeralds' loss, it's been time well spent.
But this court is also about justice for the guilty.
Therefore, taking into consideration the recommendation of the victim's guardians, we have come to the decision to stick to the original terms of the plea deal 20 years for third-degree homicide, plus five years for possession of a weapon on school property.
Defense, do you accept this plea? We do, Your Honor.
The plea is accepted.
Golan will begin serving his sentence immediately.
That's it? We go through all that and he still gets the same 25 years? This hearing was a better use of tax dollars than any damn trial I ever argued.
It's a damn miracle that it even happened.
Because of you.
Let's not do this here.
Look, I don't care about what happened between you two.
You made a mistake.
Mistakes happen.
Don't trip over something so small.
The fact that you're not pissed about that actually means that your feelings for her - are absolutely not real.
- Okay.
You don't know anything about me.
I know she deserves better than you.
- Oh, my God! - Aah! - Just stop! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
Come on! You're gonna get arrested.
- ROBERT: Welcome.
Can I take your jacket? Oh, yeah.
I'm starting to read my audience.
I figured, uh, a nice, simple dinner in would be enough.
Here you go.
- I can feel your heartbeat, baby This is Michaela Pratt.
A text or e-mail is preferred to voicemail.
- It's something I cannot see Is it too soon to apologize? What would be better is if you didn't do anything that needed apologizing for.
At least no one got arrested.
Not the point.
I can feel, like I know how you feel all alone I'm really sorry.
And I'm bored.
I'll be upstairs studying.
I don't know what happened.
It's like I just blacked out and came to when everything was over.
That doesn't sound healthy.
Like any of us are healthy.
I got a couple good hits in, though, right? Sure.
Night, champ.
Baby Okay.
It's something I cannot see, it's crazy Why do you want to do this? What? Wonderful dinner, small talk.
You seem like a guy who has prospects.
I mean what is this all about? I hoped it would lead to real-time dating.
You know, we've had some fun talks on the phone, but I really don't know you, and you sure in the hell don't know me.
Both of my exes they said some version of, "It's not me, it's you".
So, after a lot of therapy, I get told that I don't feel worthy.
I'm working on it.
But whatever small part of me that does feel worthy of love, I want to share it with you.
Golden windows in the sun You are not ready for this.
Try me.
You've been single for a long time.
What about letting someone get close? When you're alone, don't you miss being touched? Not all touch is welcomed.
It's not something I talk about, but it's there.
I can feel your heart beating CORA: It's Cora Duncan.
I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
- I know I made it clear I never wanted to talk to you again, but I just wanted to check in, make sure you're still alive.
So, please call me back.
ANNALISE: You've reached the voicemail of Annalise Keating.
- Please leave a message.
You think I'm crazy if I sleep at the office tonight? I'd be up for a hang if you have no plans.
Well, it's either that or more small talk.
Go on, do what you want Come here.
Or don't - It's all over again, yeah - Mm-hmm.
Y-Y You know you're leading, right? You go on and mess up my head [BOTH LAUGH.]
Oh, right.
You go on and mess up my head Trust me.
There's just something about her Takes me over the under Smells good.
My special sauce.
Thought it might be nice to take care of you for a change.
- Where were you? - Nate's.
Doing what? Working on the wrongful death suit.
The Castillos got to me.
I understand.
But see, I want the Governor's head, so I'm filing this suit whether you're my lawyer or not.
I'll file it.
I'm sorry they threatened you, Cora, but you didn't see what Nate went through.
It's not okay.
I'm your lawyer.
FRANK: What happened to wanting to move on from all that? We only move on by finally getting to the truth of what happened.
You saw what Xavier did to me.
What makes you think he won't do that to you? Hiding is never the answer.
You tried to kill yourself in the garage because of this.
I already filed the suit, Frank.
You named the Governor? Either she does down, or it's us.
- - Who's Bonnie Winterbottom? Keating's right hand.
Get me everything we have on her.
You got it.
- WOMAN: Hey.
- You still in Philly? Where else would I be? Isn't this the penthouse? Good.
Send me a copy of the Winterbottom file tonight.
No problem.
He's such a frat boy.
OLIVER: Seriously, what's wrong with straight guys? Gay guys get in fights, too.
You don't have to remind me, Mr.
Bash-the-Gay-Basher- Before-Our-Wedding.
What? Can we turn it off? [SNORING CONTINUES.]
I've done worse than that.
Sam? I never told you about that night.
- No, you haven't.
- Our case today, that teacher just saying everything, it You know you can say everything to me.
You won't stop loving me? I'll never stop loving you.
I I was the one who chopped up the body.
Come on, guy, let's get you out of here.
Sweet-O, look at me.
Connor's smart.
He's gonna be fine.
- I did it! - Oliver! It was me! Arrest me! I did it! Arrest me! I'm the murderer! Arrest me!