How to Sell Drugs Online: Fast (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Score Big or Don't Score at All

1 [Gerda.]
The book shows how much pressure young people face.
Everyone expects something from them.
Parents, teachers, and friends.
But they're just trying to find their place in the world.
SPRING AWAKENING This explains the drama's subtitle: A Children's Tragedy.
Because indeed none of the teenagers' stories ends well.
The author, Frank Wedekind, however, doesn't blame his main characters for this.
He blames their shortcomings on the intolerance of a society that allows no space for teenage exploration.
A mirror image of society at the turn of the century.
- Thank you for your attention.
- [knocking on desks.]
Good! Are there any questions? - Anyone? - [girls clears throat.]
It hasn't really changed much.
What do you mean, Lisa? People act like they have it all figured out.
Sex, drugs - [boy.]
Rock 'n' roll! - [laughter.]
But when that stuff actually comes up, everyone freaks out.
Lisa, thank you for this enthralling commentary.
But I don't think this is the right setting to discuss those subjects.
But Sorry, but isn't that exactly the problem? [students whispering.]
That it's never discussed? Just banning it isn't a solution either.
Just because society has decided what's allowed and what's not, we all think it's normal that things like drugs are forbidden, and things like zoos are allowed.
[scattered laughter.]
It's totally absurd! We go to the zoo and look at caged animals.
And no one questions it.
It's not like there aren't enough reasons.
They're prisons for innocent animals who did nothing wrong.
Just because some person at some point decided what's right or wrong, doesn't mean we can't question it.
[girl clears throat.]
[theme music playing.]
LIFE IS NOTHING - [child laughing.]
- [people cheering.]
- [upbeat music playing over radio.]
[phone buzzes.]
Yeah, baby! The Clear Web shop is finished, man! It turned out awesome.
No joke.
Code of the century! - Now we can finally sell drugs worldwi - [phone beeps.]
[ominous music playing.]
THE COMPANY IS PAYING [ominous music continues.]
- [indistinct chattering.]
- [sniffs.]
Is that cologne? - I celebrated my seventh birthday here.
- I know.
You remember stuff like that? This is kind of like a birthday, too.
And now we're celebrating the finished Clear Web shop.
Let's get to the first item on the agenda.
While you were programming, I asked around What did you do, Moritz? Welcome to the Fairytale Forest.
Are you ready to order? - [Moritz mumbling.]
- [romantic music plays.]
Mozzarella sticks, and Why don't you order first? I'll take a cheeseburger and a cola.
A cheeseburger and cola light.
With barbecue sauce.
And a small dish of honey.
- Honey? - Honey.
- Honey.
- What is the Sleeping Beauty plate? Schnitzel with mushroom sauce and croquettes.
I'll have the chicken nuggets.
Mayo? Remoulade? Cocktail? Barbecue? Sweet 'n sour? - Ketchup.
Thank you.
- [Lenny.]
Thank you.
- We're expanding.
- What? Right now we only sell one type of pill.
I mean, Amazon doesn't sell just one book.
- Mm.
- I met with a producer.
- Goodtimes.
In Rotterdam.
- Hm? They're awesome.
What did you do? [Moritz.]
Good question, Lenny.
In order to understand that, we should maybe go back a little bit.
- [rewind screeching.]
- We have to go on the Clear Web.
And this is not an easy job.
You said so yourself.
And while you were busy programming the site, I've been working on our external perception.
And I did a market analysis.
SELECTION TOO SMALL MORE PILLS! MORE VARIETIES! As CEO, I asked myself, how could we rapidly increase our assortment? And offer our customers the ecstasy they deserve? We buy straight from the source! The manufacturer.
And please don't try and tell me I didn't include you.
- [tires screeching.]
- [clanks.]
Wait a second.
Do you maybe have time to drive me somewhere? - Hm? - Hm? Sorry, I can't, I'm in the tunnel.
I'm getting security tips.
Off-shore hosting and stuff.
Don't worry, I won't say that we're putting a freely accessible online drug shop on the Clear Web.
[keyboard clacking.]
And the times when it's going really well are the best times to expand.
RIDESHARE Sometimes, in order to grow, you just have to get out of your comfort zone.
SUCCESS! [woman's voice.]
Have a nice trip to Rotterdam.
[music playing over radio.]
[woman moaning.]
WELCOME TO THE NETHERLANDS [siren wailing in distance.]
[GPS in German.]
You went where? [scoffs.]
[seagulls screeching.]
[woman in English.]
This way, please.
So, how do you like the soda? [inhales.]
You can be honest.
- [in Dutch.]
Give him time! - Just saying.
[in German.]
It hasn't been officially released yet.
You are our first real test How do you say it in German? Our rabbit.
- Rabbit? [in Dutch.]
That's not it.
- [in German.]
Our test hamster! - Our first tester.
- Our first tester? Guinea pig.
Hm? - We say "guinea pig.
" - [both.]
[in Dutch.]
Guinea pig.
[in German.]
Yeah, but I'm actually here for another reason.
My business partner and I are expanding our MDMA product range.
Our current supplier only offers one type of ecstasy, and our customers' demands are steadily growing.
So we're looking for a reliable supplier - Maart.
- Coffee? - who can satisfy these demands.
- [in Dutch.]
Thank you.
[all speaking Dutch.]
[woman 1.]
I really needed that.
- Is that the German? - Yes.
Looks boring.
A little like somebody who has never had any fun in his life.
[in German.]
Our company is young but our growth forecast is good.
Who has supplied you up to now? We only know him as "PurpleRain.
" From the Darknet forum CBW.
Recommended by Beeblebrox42.
[woman 2.]
He recommended your shop, too.
Yes, trust is always a big thing in our line of work.
But that's why we're here today.
[woman 1.]
Why not take our starter kit? Do you need anything else? Would you like to go party a little tonight? I have to go straight back.
- Oh, you Germans! - [all laugh.]
[in Dutch.]
Told you so.
We're gonna have a lot of fun with this little fellow.
[in German.]
What is wrong with you? I have enough problems with your weird amateur pilot! Who we know nothing about except that he throws narcotics out of a tiny plane! Just when I think it can't get any more dangerous, you prove me wrong.
This is how the division of responsibilities works in a startup.
"Division of responsibilities"? I work the whole time making sure we're secure.
And the whole time you bring us into danger.
Fuck your division of responsibilities! I'm responsible for the vision, and you for how it technically functions.
- You're officially out of your mind! - [Moritz grunts.]
Our growth potential is much bigger than I thought.
You were totally right about Buba.
And PurpleRain doesn't cut it either.
What we need is a reliable partner who's willing to invest.
I mean, they're producing our first shipment as we speak.
And when Buba gets out of provisional detention, we'll have to pay him a fair amount.
Right now it's still cheap to buy him out.
Wait a second.
What do you mean, "When Buba gets out of provisional detention?" They can't hold him forever.
I told you.
No, you didn't! Do you even hear yourself? - And what the fuck is this? - Pebble Time.
A gesture of my appreciation of your work as CTO.
- Seriously? - Would you prefer an Apple Watch? The Pebbles are really rare.
- They were bought out by Fitbit - [yells.]
Forget the fucking watch! [chatter stops.]
[chatter resumes.]
I mean, are you serious about all this? You act like this is a regular start-up.
But it's not a business meal with an agenda.
We're not CEOs or CTOs.
We're two friends who sell illegal drugs online.
- We're not just - No, let me finish.
I'm really sorry that Lisa broke up with you.
And the way she did it.
I can understand if old fears of loss come up and stuff.
And it's okay that you haven't been a great best friend lately.
Screw it.
But you can't just forget that I exist.
I just wanted to hang out together, like the old days.
But you're taking it so seriously.
I probably don't have much time left.
But you You'll have to live with the consequences.
Do you realize that? Tell me one drug story that ends well for the dealer.
Nobody wants to see that.
Well, nobody knows the good drug dealers because they all stay anonymous.
If you want to hear a survival strategy, figure out your shit with Lisa.
And forget the fucking shop.
I'm out.
Check, please! I thought the future would be cooler I thought the future would be cooler Cooler, cooler, cooler - [Marie.]
- Hey Some more packages arrived for you.
What kind of clothes do you keep buying? Crowdsourced cults [groans.]
- Look at you.
- What's wrong? - [camera shutter clicks.]
- Nothing! Moritz! Guess who's coming to my birthday party tomorrow! Mom! You don't even believe that yourself.
She wrote to me.
Oh, like last year? And your school concert? And your play? And your first day of school? [Marie's voice on video.]
[door slams.]
I thought the future would be cooler I thought the future would be cooler I thought the brave world Would be newer I thought the future would be cooler Loving comes easy - Nothing new - [machine whirring.]
- But liking it ain't free - [sighs.]
- We save our face in public - [gasps.]
- I can't save you - While we erase each other privately You're already gone Got my broken heart I got it sold right back to me By an algorithmic social entity I thought the future would be cooler I thought the future would be cooler Cooler, cooler, cooler [music stops.]
[phone buzzes.]
[phone chimes.]
Hi, Mo! I wanted to ask if you'll make it to my party tonight.
I'd be really happy if you came.
Bye! I thought the future would be cooler Nothing new I thought the future would be cooler Underneath the sun I thought the brave world Would be newer I can't save you I thought the future would be cooler You're already gone I thought the future would be cooler Nothing new I thought the future would be cooler Underneath the sun I thought the brave world Would be newer I can't save you I thought the future would be cooler You're already gone [Moritz.]
If you don't leave your comfort zone, you'll never achieve anything.
Trust me.
I've spent 72 percent of my life in this room, and where am I now? Life is what happens outside your comfort zone.
People change.
Stages of life end and new ones begin.
- [rave music playing.]
- [crowd cheering.]
Is it aspirin? Where did you get them? - The Internet! - Show me, I bet there's bad shit in there.
Police! Show me your ID! Huh? [laughs.]
Scared you, didn't I? Hey, Gerda.
Your handsome friend here told me where you were.
This is my Uncle Frank.
This is no good, Gerda.
You all look too sober.
Iris! Iris! Can you set up five Bonebreakers? Five! You look good.
What do you bench? Seventy, 80 kilos? - I do Capoeira.
- Cool.
I lived in Bali for a few years.
- Okay.
- Yeah? We could fly there together.
I'm going outside.
Wanna come? - [Frank.]
Bali's are all shit! - Yep! - A club like this is - [Lisa.]
We'll leave you two alone.
[Frank in English.]
The party has started! [in German.]
The short one is cute, huh? Do you have something with her? - No.
- Yes? [indistinct chatter.]
[phone chimes.]
- Now your uncle's trying to pet Dan.
- [sighs.]
- What are you afraid of? Come on.
- Hm? Any idiot can see there's something between you two.
Lisa, no one knows what will happen.
We're all stuck here in Rinseln with our questions.
Oh, Philosopher Fritzi! Whoa.
So why do you make life so hard for yourself? Just do what you want! None of our decisions have any big consequences.
And even if our parents say we can achieve anything if we make the right decisions, it's complete bullshit.
Think about it.
All the people living in Rinseln don't do it out of choice.
They never said, "My dream is to become the bored wife of a bank teller.
" [sighs.]
Nobody! Ever! I mean, I'm sure I'm never getting out of here.
And that's okay.
That's how it is.
Why would you of all people stay in Rinseln? You're smart, talented [scoffs.]
Just like you.
And Gerda.
Even Moritz and Lenny.
And they're both total fucktards.
I can't imagine any application process where I'd choose myself over any of you.
But you know the good thing about it? I can do what I want until then.
I could even kiss Gerda.
- Hm? - [both moan.]
- [Fritzi in English.]
Happy birthday.
- [coughs.]
[in German.]
It's not so complicated.
- See you later.
- Hm? - [Fritzi.]
That didn't take long.
- [Gerda.]
[rave music continues.]
I think the guy at the bar hates me.
The whole time he was ignor [giggles.]
- What was that for? - I felt like it.
Is it bad? - I'm not complaining.
- That's a relief.
I wonder if Moritz is coming.
- Huh, why? - Oh, just wondering.
So, what do we do now? [clears throat.]
[in English.]
Go, Gerda.
[hip-hop music playing.]
[crowd cheering.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[in German.]
Everything okay? Mm-hmm.
Whoo! [Gerda.]
Moritz? Moritz! It's so great you made it! - How's it going? - What? Your project with Lenny! Yeah.
You're such a wonderful person.
You're glowing.
[in English.]
[girl exclaims in German.]
Gerda, seriously? You're into a loser like that? That guy's trash.
Come on, let's go back.
What about Dan? He's a total hottie.
[rain pattering.]
Just between us, I should have known better.
Nothing is forever.
Friendships end, relationships fall apart.
People die.
Yeah, even you.
I'm sorry you had to find out this way.
There's only one place where things really last forever: The Internet.
If something is on the Internet once, it's on the Internet forever.
[muffled music playing.]
[Jonathan Frakes.]
The truth is always a question of perspective.
[rave music continues.]
[cheering continues.]
Lisa! Lisa, come with me! Something's wrong with Gerda! [Lisa.]
What? - [video game noises.]
- [doorbell ringing.]
[phone buzzes.]
[doorbell continues ringing.]
[ominous music playing.]
Open the door, retard! I was already at your fuck buddy's house.
No one was home.
I know you ratted on me.
Hello! We have to discuss how to proceed with the shop.
[front door closes.]
- [door opens.]
- [Buba snorts.]
I thought the future would be cooler I thought the future would be cooler Underneath the sun I thought the brave world Would be newer I can't save you I thought the future would be cooler You're already gone I thought the future would be cooler Nothing new I thought the future would be cooler Underneath the sun I thought the brave world Would be newer I can't save you I thought the future would be cooler You're already gone I thought the future would be cooler I thought the future would be cooler Cooler, cooler, cooler