Hudson and Rex (2019) s02e01 Episode Script

Man of Consequence

1 They're late.
Relax, they'll be here.
(CAR ENGINE REVVING) You have the diamonds? May I ask how you got them? That's ancient history.
History is always important to someone.
You got the money? What is this? Hand them over.
MANNY: Hey hey hey! No no no no no! MANNY: What the hell, man? Are you nuts? Nice try.
Well, let's give him another five minutes.
I have no idea what's keeping him so long.
- (DOOR OPENING) - Ah! Well you're lucky you came home.
Your son was just about to- Lois.
I'm fine! I just- - Uh! - Nelson! SCOTT: Dad? Dad, what happened to your arm? Nothing.
I'm fine.
No no, you need medical attention.
Okay, no doctors, no hospitals.
I've already called 911.
They said they'd be here by now.
So it won't be long.
What have you done? - - (THEME MUSIC) - Hey, Sarah.
- SARAH: Hey, Charlie.
What have we got here? The homeowner's son called 911 to report his father was hurt.
And when first responders arrived- they found that he'd been shot in the arm.
Judging by the blood in the car- I'm guessing it didn't happen here? He says he was leaving his office when it happened.
He didn't see the shooter.
But it looks like- the bullet went through the passenger side window and got him in the driver's seat.
He lost a lot of blood.
He's lucky he made it home.
NELSON: I don't know what all the fuss is about, Detective.
CHARLIE: It's standard procedure for a gunshot wound.
I understand you refused to let them take you to the hospital.
Well, it's really not that bad.
SARAH: The bullet passed through cleanly.
But it's still a serious injury.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'll be fine.
You're sure you didn't see anything? Not a soul.
LOIS: Nelson works in the industrial district.
Sunday, is very quiet.
NELSON: Once the window exploded- I just got the hell out of there.
Wrong place, wrong time, hey? Why didn't you just drive yourself to the hospital? I didn't even realize I'd been shot! I'd assumed it was, a hoodlum throwing a rock.
And I just-I must've been in shock.
Friendly dog you've got here.
You have a deep bruise on that arm.
Do you know how you got that? I'm not sure.
You passed out.
And you hit the floor really hard.
That must have been it.
I bruise easily.
I'll be fine.
JESSE: I think he lied.
I don't think Nelson was near his office when he got shot.
How can you be so certain? Well, he used his credit card to purchase gas at a station near Middle Cove at 8:45 AM.
Something tells me this isn't the only thing he's been lying about.
What's in that area? Well, there's a road that leads to a marine research centre.
But it's closed on weekends.
Okay, I'll take Sarah down to the marine centre.
Have a look around.
Rex, let's go.
MANNY: Hey! Can I help you folks? Do you work here? Yeah yeah.
I'm the weekend custodian.
Rick Mannox.
People call me Manny.
How many staff members working here today, Manny? Oh, it's just me.
Did you see or hear anything unusual this morning between the hours of nine and ten a.
? Gunfire maybe? Gunfire? No, nothing.
(REX BARKS) (REX SNIFFING) What is it, Rex? Why? What's What's going on? We're just trying to figure that out.
Do you mind stepping back? (REX SNIFFING) (REX SNIFFING) Recently fired.
CHARLIE: That must have been what Rex was smelling.
Manny This is the part where you tell me who fired a weapon here this morning.
Or I'm taking you in.
Too slow.
(REX BARKS) CHARLIE: Can you give us a minute? So, Mannie.
I just found out you're on parole.
Three years for fencing stolen jewelry.
You want to go back? I didn't shoot anyone.
I swear.
I don't even own a gun! Well, if not you, then who? Come on.
You give me a name.
Maybe I put in a good word for you with the Crown prosecutor.
I'm not giving you her name.
Well, then you're going back to jail.
I've got friends in there I'm looking forward to catching up with.
Any luck? No, he's not budging.
I'll need to get some leverage on him, something from his past we could use to start getting him talking.
Maybe Jesse will have some luck with his phone.
Well, he did make one mistake.
He said "I'm not giving you her name.
" Removing half the population from the suspect pool - is a good start.
- Yeah.
How are you guys doing here? Well, we found shattered glass from a broken car window.
Ah, that sounds familiar.
We won't know if it's a match to Nelson's car until we process the blood and glass, but Based on the thickness of the shards, it looks likely.
Okay, well between that, and then- the slug you found in the post, it confirms Nelson was shot here.
It's not that simple.
So, the bullet we found in the post isn't the same bullet that passed through Nelson's arm.
How can you be sure? The one Rex found looked like a .
If that's the same one that hit Nelson in the arm, it would have done a lot more damage.
(REX BARKING) You got something, buddy? Nice job, Rex! Two for two! You just earned yourself a burger tonight! It's 9 millimetre.
Different bullet.
So there were two weapons.
Yeah, at least.
JESSE: I've done some digging around.
There are no guns registered to Nelson Dwyer.
But then again, nothing about Nelson Dwyer is what it appears to be on the surface.
I ran a deep background check on him.
Okay? Here he is.
Okay? Now.
Meet the real Nelson Dwyer.
Looks a little different to me.
Yeah, I'd say.
Well, maybe they just share the same name.
And the same birth certificate? And the same social insurance number? His last medical record was 24 years ago- when he was diagnosed as HIV positive.
So he assumed a dying man's identity.
And he's been living with it for the better part of two decades.
Well, if our guy's not the real Nelson Dwyer- who the hell is he? LOIS: Detective! CHARLIE: Sorry to disturb you folks.
You going somewhere? Well, after what happened, we thought now would be a good time to take a vacation.
My cousin has a fishing camp up north, so- Lois, do you mind if I talk to your husband privately? That won't be necessary, Detective.
I have no secrets from my wife.
I know you're not who you say you are.
I know you've been living under a stolen identity for quite some time.
And I take it that you know.
Like he said, we have no secrets.
What happened to the real Nelson Dwyer? I have no idea.
I never met him.
I bought Nelson Dwyer's I.
twenty years ago from a guy in a van.
And who are you, really? Nobody important.
Does it matter? Yeah, it does.
Because you're obviously on the run from something.
Why were you at the Marine Lab? I was short of money.
I needed to sell some of my mother's jewelry.
And I heard through the grapevine that Manny, the custodian there, could arrange that for me.
Why'd you bring a gun? I don't know what you're talking about.
You want to do this the hard way? This is sawdust, nitroglycerin, and graphite.
It's the scent of burnt gunpowder.
If there's a gun on the premises that's been fired recently, Rex will track it.
(REX SNIFFING) (REX SNIFFING) It's unregistered.
Good find, pal.
You want me to believe this is about some old jewelry? What is it that you're really peddling? (REX BARKS) (REX SNIFFING) What is it, buddy? (CLICK) (CLICK) Let's try this again, Nelson.
Those are not your mother's diamonds.
Where did you get them? If those are real, they're worth more than all of us will make in a lifetime.
Just tell me the truth.
(CELL PHONE BUZZING) Yeah, Joe? Jesse sent a photo of Nelson Dwyer out to US law enforcement agencies, and got a hit.
Apparently there's an active warrant out for him in the state of Maine.
Let me guess.
Diamond smuggling.
I understand.
You're wanted for homicide, in connection with a twenty year old robbery, Harper Vance.
Okay, let's go, Harper.
I haven't responded to that name in twenty years.
- I prefer Nelson.
- (DOOR BUZZER) What are you going to do about my family? Right now, you should be more worried about the charges against you.
I never killed anyone.
Tell that to Shane Milner.
Shane wasn't just my partner on the robbery.
He was my friend.
That was quite the haul you two took.
Two and a half million in uncut diamonds from a cargo ship in Bar Harbor, Maine.
And yet, ten hours later, your friend washed ashore with a bullet in his chest.
We spent two years planning that heist.
Shane had a friend in the London Diamond Exchange.
He knew exactly when the diamonds would make the Trans-Atlantic crossing.
Robbing a cargo ship, instead of a jewelry store? I mean, it was an interesting strategy.
Shane's family.
The ship was headed for New York.
But was scheduled to refuel in Bar Harbor, Maine.
Shane and I were there waiting for it.
You did your homework.
Almost pulled it off without a hitch.
At the last minute, ship security noticed our boat.
Opened fire.
One of the bullets must have struck Shane.
And before I realized anything was wrong, Shane had passed out at the helm and slipped overboard.
I tied the tow line to myself and went in after him, but, It was pitch dark.
The swells were massive.
I couldn't see a thing.
And it was so cold.
It was hopeless.
There's no way Shane could have lasted more than a couple of minutes in that.
Why don't you tell me about the buyer? What was her name? I didn't catch her name, or her partner's.
What did she look like? Late twenties.
Dark hair.
She had to have money.
I mean, she was driving some fancy red sports car.
You get any other details? No.
Please You've got to make sure nothing happens to my wife and my son.
I'm going to assign a squad car to your house.
They will keep an eye on things.
(DOOR BUZZER) (DOOR CLOSING) LOIS: Of course, I knew all about his past.
But one mistake doesn't define a man.
That's not who Nelson is.
You mean Harper.
That doesn't help, Scott.
I'm sorry.
Our son is taking this hard.
That's understandable.
How long were the two of you together? Oh We started dating about a year after Nelson arrived in the country.
But before we got engaged, he told me everything.
And after we got married, he started his electrician business.
He's worked so hard to give us this life.
Everything that we have built here, we've come by honestly.
SCOTT: This might all be my fault.
Oh Scott, honey.
They don't need to hear this.
It's okay, Mom.
My dad never liked to talk about his past.
I got frustrated not knowing who I am on his side.
So, I bought an online DNA test.
You share 50 per cent of your DNA with your dad.
If somebody had been keeping tabs, your test results could lead right back to him.
LOIS: There's so many other ways that woman could have found Nelson.
If she's been looking for your father for this long, who knows how she Don't try to protect me, Mom.
Dad's in jail because of me.
DONOVAN: Charlie.
Our team found a red sports car ditched behind a 7-11.
Anything? Well, it was a rental under a fake name.
Walk with me.
Now, we combed it for forensics.
But it had been scrubbed clean.
These guys know what they're doing.
JESSE: Hey hey.
Do you have a sec? Yeah, what is it, Jesse? I did a background check on Manny, the diamond fence.
And I think, I found that leverage you were looking for.
Oh yes.
This will do nicely.
Yeah, I already told the other guy, I have nothing to say.
I hear you can't wait to get back to prison.
John's Penitentiary.
It's kind of like a, home away from home.
Well isn't that sweet? Except the problem is, we're not sending you there.
You're going to Deer Lake Correctional.
You can't do that.
But why not? What, because you squealed on one of your customers? And he got 18 years, and you only got a slap on the wrist? I'll bet he's just sitting in there and can't wait to see you again.
Okay, what do you want to know? Tell me about the woman who came to get the diamonds.
She didn't give me her name.
Look, she anonymously contacted every fence in St.
John's, saying she had a big payday for anybody who'd deliver the goods.
And then I get a call from Nelson with diamonds to unload.
I mean, I thought I hit the jackpot when that Dwyer guy contacted me.
I just called the number that she left.
You know, and then her and her sidekick showed up a few days later.
Not good enough.
You're on that bus to Deer Lake first thing in the morning.
Look, if I had her name, I'd give it to you.
Look, I'm lucky she didn't kill me.
Oh, you're breaking my heart.
Okay wait wait.
She texted me this morning asking for confirmation that Dwyer was bringing the diamonds.
And the text is still in my phone.
Is that good enough? DONOVAN: Hey.
Manny caved.
Just like I thought he would.
Inside every hardened criminal is a coward.
Yeah, well let's hope this coward isn't taking us for a ride.
He claims he got a text message from the woman in question.
Jesse's looking into the phone right now.
CHARLIE: Well, that could take hours.
I'm not sure we can spare the time.
Would this be a good time to ask for a raise? No.
Well, I traced the text.
It came from a waterfront hotel, near Shea Heights.
You call the front desk.
And find out which rooms have been rented and by whom.
And have all patrol cars in the area meet us there! Hey, we'll take your car.
Rex, let's go.
(SIRENS) DONOVAN: Jesse, we're here! Talk to me! (WALKIE TALKIES) He says Room 111.
(REX BARKING) Rex is already on to it.
(COCKING GUN) (SIRENS) (CRASHING DOOR) DONOVAN: We just missed our mystery woman.
They left in a hurry.
The clerk at the front desk said that a woman checked in two days ago.
Paid for an entire week up front in cash.
Did she leave any I.
? Yeah.
Sir Walter Borden.
He's the guy on the hundred dollar bill.
Yeah, she basically paid him to keep his mouth shut and not ask any questions.
I'm just hoping that forensics is able to pull together some trace evidence.
Nice work, Rex.
What do you say? Burgers or pizza? (BARKING) Burgers.
I feel like burgers, too.
JESSE: So she got away? This mystery woman is no older than the case itself, and can vanish at a moment's notice.
This case has got everything.
Diamond heists.
Identity theft.
A sexy, gun-toting woman in a badass sports car.
I mean, this is a prime recipe for a graphic novel.
Focus, Jesse.
What do we know about Nelson's diamond heist partner? Shane Milner? Well, not much.
He died before social media took off.
I mean he did do a couple of B and Es.
Didn't do any jail time.
And left behind a wife and a seven-year-old girl.
You have any luck with identifying that woman from the motel? No, we're still waiting on forensics.
Maybe you scared her off.
I don't think so.
She's still after those diamonds.
The diamonds that aren't even there.
Well, hopefully, she doesn't know that.
Where's Rex? (DOOR BUZZER) He just wandered in on his own.
Came right up to me.
Hey, how are you doing? Those bruises look worse than before.
Just a product of getting older, I guess.
Of course.
That's why you're down here, pal.
You're not well, are you? Some of Rex's earliest training was to detect cancer cells.
I tended to avoid doctors and hospitals in case one of my old medical records gave me away.
I don't need an expert to tell me that I'm sick.
And it's getting worse But your dog is right.
I don't know how much longer I have.
That's why you're selling the diamonds now, after all these years.
To take care of your family? An assumed identity, and a murder charge.
I'm not exactly a candidate for life insurance.
I got a DNA hit on the strand of hair we found at the hotel.
Brace yourself.
It's a 50 per cent match to Shane Milner.
Did Shane have a kid? Jesse mentioned that he had a daughter.
But she would have been only seven when her dad died.
If she grew up thinking Nelson killed her father- Thanks, Sarah.
Nelson, did you know Shane Milner's daughter? 'Liv? Yeah, I mean she would have been very young when I last saw her, like, seven years old or so.
Oh my God.
That was her.
I think this is about a lot more than diamonds.
It's about a little girl who lost her father.
That little girl just turned into a very dangerous woman.
Who's to say what any of us would have done under the circumstances? She tried to kill you, Nelson.
I know that.
But she's Shane's daughter.
When you find her, all I ask, is don't let her get hurt.
Worked as a rep for a home security firm in Portland, Maine.
I guess that explains her ability to track people.
- Did she have any family? - JESSE: Well, no.
Her mother passed away a few years ago.
No siblings, never married.
Yeah, but she knows how to take care of herself.
She was tossed from university for erratic behaviour, in spite of getting straight As.
Four assault charges and counting.
JESSE: Including, breaking the nose of the captain of the wrestling team when he got a little too handsy.
That's pretty cool.
It's not cool.
We know she's after the diamonds, which could mean that she's staking out the Dwyer house as we speak.
Jesse, how long is it going to take you to set up eyes on the Dwyer household? 20 minutes.
DONOVAN: We're going to set you up with an unmarked police unit to make it look like you're there to pick up the Dwyers and leave the house vulnerable.
Come with me.
Think he's a cop? It's hard to tell.
But he's alone.
When do we make our move? As soon as it's dark.
CHARLIE: Just you and me, buddy.
Jesse, why are the cameras going down? They shouldn't be.
Like, how many of them? - All of them.
- That's crazy.
They're encased in wireless.
This is impossible.
It was working just a minute ago.
Now the whole system's down.
Okay, look out the front window.
See if you can spot the camera box.
The squad car is gone.
- (REX GROWLS) - You know, if she had a, (CRACKLE) Jesse? (REX WHINES) (CRACKLE) Jesse? - (DRAMATIC MUSIC) Sarah? Hey, where's Charlie? His phone's going directly to voicemail.
Well why don't you tell me what you've got? Okay, well two things.
I received the ballistics report on the bullet Rex found.
And it was definitely fired by Nelson's gun.
But get this.
The gun doesn't match a slug that killed Nelson's partner 20 years ago.
Wait, so you can prove that Nelson Dwyer didn't murder Shane Milne? Everything points to that being the case, yeah.
Now my other news isn't as positive.
I did some blood work on Nelson, as per Charlie's request.
And it turns out he has extremely high levels of lymphocytes.
Just pretend I'm not a doctor.
Nelson has leukaemia.
Rex was the first one to pick up on it.
He sensed it from the moment he met Nelson at his home.
And if left untreated, he won't have much time.
Does he know? According to Charlie, he suspected he was gravely ill.
How did you-? Officer! Officer!! He can't hear you.
And he won't for a while.
I disabled all the cameras.
I want to show you something.
This was taken today.
Son of a Let's get to the point.
Tell me where the diamonds are and they live.
You have until I place this call.
It's up to you what I tell her.
Olivia, you mean? OLIVIA: Are you with him? I'm here.
You win.
You can have the diamonds.
But you leave my family alone.
Where are they? Where do you keep the diamonds? In our bedroom.
There's a bookshelf.
You're looking for a book called Modern Psychology, Volume 3.
It's where you'll find them.
OLIVIA: Okay, I heard that.
Was that so hard? Will she keep her word? And my family will be safe? Olivia has a message for you.
You're going to have to be my eyes and ears.
(BARKING) CHARLIE: The only way we could charge you was to catch you in the act.
OLIVIA: On what charge is that? Breaking in? Grand larceny.
The diamonds were already stolen.
DONOVAN: You know what? I think I can come up with a better charge.
Conspiracy to commit murder.
You can't prove that.
DONOVAN: Sure we can.
Your partner, Clive, admitted as much after we arrested him.
Oh yeah.
Did we not mention that? (GUNSHOTS WITH SILENCER) (DOOR BUZZER) Drop the weapon.
DONOVAN: Though I have to admit- you did have us fooled with the uniform at first.
But our facial recognition software came up negative for a match with the officer's I.
so CHARLIE: Yeah, he's not the loyal servant that you thought he was.
In fact, he was really quick to point the finger at you.
DONOVAN: He said that you gave the order to kill Nelson.
Well, it's his word against mine, so Do you want to tell her? No, it's your case.
Tell me what? Well, we have a second person who can verify that you gave that order.
Who? You're too late.
I already did what I came to do.
NELSON: Ahhh! Gasp! Oh.
Ow! - Ow! That hurt! - You okay? NELSON: I'm fine.
Ohh! It's over, Olivia.
We'll come and see you as soon as they allow it, okay? I love you.
I love you.
I'm sorry we didn't tell you.
LOIS: We thought we were protecting you, honey.
Yeah, I know.
Look at me.
This is not your fault.
I would have done exactly the same thing as you.
You have every right to be curious about my past.
OFFICER: Okay, time's up.
Everything's going to be okay.
Look after your mom.
I hear you had an exciting night! Oh yeah, you could say that.
Oh, I got your message about Nelson's condition.
- Did you let him know? - I gave him the news this morning.
He took it pretty well, considering.
No wonder Rex was so drawn to him.
Good work, pal.
You may have just saved a man's life.
Is there anything he can't do? Make a decent cup of coffee.
But we're working on it.
I'm just kidding.
Did you guys hear that Olivia Milner was approved for her transfer to remand? SARAH: That was fast.
I figured they'd keep her in holding for weeks.
Although that's not necessarily a bad thing.
It'll free up some extra cell space.
Is that transfer happening now? I believe so, yeah.
Rex, let's go! - (DRAMATIC MUSIC) Let's go.
You cannot put me in there with that woman.
OFFICER: Not an option.
Let's go.
I'm serious.
Talk to Detective You can't - OFFICER: Let's go! - You can't do this! Look, talk to him! - I'm telling you! - OFFICER: Yeah yeah.
(SLAM!) (SLAM!) (SLAM!) Stop! Hello again, Nelson.
'Liv! Don't call me that.
My father called me that.
(REX BARKING) CHARLIE: Olivia! Drop the gun! (BARKING) He killed my father! Drop it now! (BARKING) Drop the gun! No, I can't do that! (BARKING) My father was my life! And you took him away! (BARKING) Easy, boy.
This is not what you think.
Nelson is not the man that you think he is.
Nelson didn't kill your father! We have ballistic evidence to prove it! (BARKING) I don't believe you! It's true! When Nelson came clean, he helped us to draw you in.
But his only request was that you be unharmed! You're lying! No no no! Ugh! Nelson! Don't do it! NELSON: I jumped into the sea to try to save your father.
But I failed.
I let you and your mother down that night.
But if you don't believe me- pull the trigger.
(REX BARKING) I deserve it! My best friend's life was cut short by a bullet.
Why shouldn't I suffer the same fate? There's so much I want to tell you.
So much I need to tell you about your father! If you kill me, those stories will die with me! This is all just a trick.
CHARLIE: Drop the gun, Olivia! If you shoot, we open fire! This is not worth dying for! (REX BARKING) If I could have traded places with Shane that night, I swear I would have.
If you don't believe me, If you truly believe this will end your pain You go ahead.
- Pull the trigger.
- (REX BARKING) But please don't make them kill you! (REX BARKING) He was everything to me! - (REX BARKING) - I'm so sorry.
(REX BARKING) Move! OFFICER: Don't move! Don't move! Hands up! Hands up! Down! Get down! NELSON: I'm so sorry.
OFFICER: We're clear.
(REX BARKING) (REX BARKING) CHARLIE: Well, thanks to your cooperation and the return of the diamonds, we were able to convince the judge to let you stay in the country under house arrest for the remainder of your cancer treatment.
They also dropped the homicide charges.
What's going to happen to 'Liv? CHARLIE: They're pressing charges.
She's probably going to do some time.
I wish that happened differently.
I lost a friend that night.
But she She lost her father.
(REX WHINES) I know, I know.
It's almost dinner time.
But It's going to have to wait.
A little snack to tide you over.
Here you go, pal.
DONOVAN: I hear there's rumours of whisky in these parts.
Yeah, it's been a day.
I figured we deserved it.
And we never have a chance to go to the bar outside of the office.
JESSE: So maybe, we can bring the bar to us? (REX WHINES) Okay.
- Thank you! - Thanks! - Into the wild - Here you go! Thank you! Are you going to give a toast? Is where we all will go Thanks for putting me on the spot! (LAUGHTER) CHARLIE: What do you think, bud? Um Through the fire Uh, to um Looking for our gold To family.
We move on (REX BARKS) but won't forget (REX WHINES) Where we never feel alone Of course I mean you too.
(LAUGHTER) We can always come home - To family! - To family.
- To family! - CHARLIE: To family.
(CLINKING GLASSES) We can always come home Mmm.
We can always come home (REX WHINES)