Hudson and Rex (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Blind Justice

1 Dude.
I am not dropping this at 130 an ounce.
This is quality product.
100% pure.
Give me a second.
I'll call you back.
I know what this looks like.
But I swear I was going to give you every dime.
(GUNSHOT) (THEME MUSIC) (DOGS BARKING) Hey, thanks so much for coming.
It was my partner's idea.
Rex doesn't drive here twice a week or volunteer to walk my dogs.
Well, I do have a bit of a soft spot for rescues.
Apparently, so does Rex.
This is his favourite time of the week.
I think I know why.
Rex's got a girlfriend.
Sorry to be a buzz kill but duty calls.
Catch you later.
Rex! - Let's go, pal! - (REX WHINES) Let's go! (THEME MUSIC) CHARLIE: Kelly! Where's Sarah? She got called in to court as an expert witness.
So you're stuck with me.
First time as the big kahuna.
- I'm a little stressed, to be honest.
- Ah, you'll do fine.
So who do we have here? Dwight Pilson.
A fellow dock worker found him around 7:00 this morning when he started his shift, putting the time of death between midnight and 2:00 AM.
They don't have security here at night? Yes, but no one seemed to have heard the gunshot.
And security footage shows no one arriving or leaving.
Well, that means they used a suppressor.
They knew what they were doing.
The question is, why? His wallet still had six hundred dollars.
Then it wasn't a robbery.
Any thoughts? Not yet.
My team's combed this place from top to bottom.
- They found nothing.
- That's because you guys don't have a Rex.
Come on, pal.
(REX SNIFFING) (REX SNIFFING) What have you got, pal? Vacuum up a sample of that substance.
(VACUUM) We need to fast-track that, but I think we all know what that's going to be.
Specifically, European white truffles.
I did not see that coming.
They're worth over ten grand a kilo.
The question is: Why would a low-level dockworker be killed for stealing a few truffles? Well because it is not about the product but the routing.
Which is a cool way to describe a smuggling racket.
We have all kinds of product flooding into this city and we don't know how.
What we do know is that smuggling is likely the reason behind the murder of Dwight Pilson.
Found in a shipping container with a bullet in the head.
This is why we're authorizing a JFO between SJPD and the MBSA.
Well, I am L-O-S-T.
Thank you very much, Jesse.
DONOVAN: We are teaming up with our friends at the Maritime Border Security Agency.
Good folks like Officer Purkis.
- Officer Leah Purkis? - Why, do you know her? Unfortunately, yeah, from the Academy.
She is pretty full of herself.
She's also standing behind you.
As always.
The floor is yours.
Thank you.
So our murder victim is the close associate of a man who has been on our radar at the MBSA for some time.
This is Tyson Biggs.
He is a high-profile importer who has smuggled everything from illegal weaponry to exotic birds.
But you will know him more as a prime suspect of a crime of another nature.
This is Garrison Joyce.
A 58-year-old former commercial plumber.
Found four months ago in his bathtub.
Also a bullet to the head.
Joyce had just smuggled in a pair of rare freshwater polka dot stingrays with the help of Tyson Biggs.
JESSE: Sorry.
Who gets murdered over fish? They're valued at over twenty-five thousand a piece on the black market.
They are.
As you were.
Where is Biggs now? He's in custody.
He's being denied bail while the Crown appeals a dismissal.
Well at least we know he's not good for this murder.
Not necessarily.
Even though Tyson Biggs is behind bars we see him as a very dangerous man who may have orchestrated this hit.
You think that he's arranging this from his jail cell? Well, it wouldn't be the first time.
Our dealings with Tyson Biggs have revealed a pathological liar who is prone to manipulating reality.
We believe he will stop at nothing to protect his routing system.
Yeah, well we don't usually like to begin investigations - with assumptions.
- Oh.
It's time to rethink the normal.
LEAH: I'm assuming we're talking to Biggs? Okay, no offence, but, I like to talk to my suspects alone.
What part of joint forces do you not understand? - We are partnering up.
- Rex is my partner.
Same old Charlie.
What is that supposed to mean? - That you don't like to be challenged.
- Oh.
Maybe that's why you're more comfortable with a canine partner than a human one.
Well, you're right.
Let's put it to a vote.
Who thinks that Rex and I should go solo? - (REX BARKS) - Oh, canine partner for the win.
(PERCUSSIVE THEME MUSIC) (DOOR BUZZER) BIGGS: Hey! Who's a good dog? I see you met my partner, Rex.
He's usually a better judge of character.
A dock worker named Dwight Pilson was found at the container port this morning with a bullet in his head.
I understand you knew him.
He pulled a few things for me back in the day.
But I'm out of the smuggling scene.
He was shot execution-style, handling smuggled items just like a certain fish-loving plumber.
I had nothing to do with that hit.
Your prints were found on the weapon.
Yeah, because I handled the gun when I smuggled it in.
My lawyer made that case clear.
Right, you were framed.
Without a doubt.
Then how come not a single other suspect ever came forward.
That's because the framers knew exactly what they were doing.
There's this somebody laying the groundwork for an illegal routing system.
Whoever controls the system controls the city.
Say that's true.
Why kill the kid? Because the system needs to be protected.
Now, if I had to guess it's because there's something big coming up the pipe.
And you know who's behind it.
But the rumour is that whoever is behind this is so smart, so ruthless, that it just might be the devil himself.
You want me to believe this isn't you behind it? Give me a name.
I like you.
So you get one name.
Big guy.
Real gun nut.
And he's not smart enough to run this whole thing but he'll know who's involved.
His name is Red Knowles.
Got it? Yeah.
Was that so hard? (DOOR BUZZER) (CELL PHONE BUZZING) Hey, Sarah.
Or should I call you Ms.
Crown Expert Witness? Ah, "Ms.
Expert" is fine.
- Hey, how'd things go with Kelly? - Oh, you've trained her well.
She's even down with your coffee order.
Oh, good.
I'm glad she's getting the chance to work the field.
She deserves it.
So are you almost done? - I need your help.
- We're taking a recess.
But we shouldn't be long.
Why? What's up? You remember that murder suspect, Tyson Biggs? - Oh, the smuggling guy.
- Yeah.
Plumber in the bathtub.
It wasn't mine.
Why? Well, Biggs claims that he was framed for that job.
I just wonder if you could take a look at the forensics trail and see if there's anything odd? - Yeah, I'm on it.
- Thanks, Sarah.
Keyser Soze.
Okay? A crime lord whose ruthlessness and power has achieved mythical status thus instilling the people who work under him to keep in line.
Our killer or killers, have left no fingerprints no witnesses and no evidence whatsoever.
Okay, this is next level stuff.
A real life Keyser Soze.
- Keyser Soze.
- (REX WHINES) Jesse, what do you have that ties either of these murders to Red Knowles? Well, I checked Dwight Pilson's phone records.
And he contacted Red six days before the hit.
DONOVAN: Except he also contacted several high profile import-exporters which widens our suspect pool.
Maybe it's time I pay Red a visit.
Maybe it is.
Take Leah with you.
Red's a smuggler.
You can use her expertise.
Now I know why they call him Red.
(THEME MUSIC) - LEAH: He's got a gun.
- CHARLIE: Stay here.
Call it in.
Tell Joe that Red is armed and entering the docks.
Track him, pal.
Red was going to shoot you.
That means you just saved my life.
(REX BARKING) CHARLIE: Hey partner! We found him in a shipping container.
Buddy! How are you? Everything checks out.
You did what you had to do, Leah.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I don't think he likes me.
No, he just senses you're in pain.
Dogs are reactive that way.
They took away my gun.
Yeah, they do that.
Then it's off to the station, you know, give your statement, a meeting with your union lawyer and enough paperwork to give you writer's cramp.
But, hey, after that, I want to take you somewhere.
CHARLIE: The first time I came here I'd just been called to a shootout.
A teenage girl had been hit with a stray bullet.
Died in my arms.
She was 15? At the time, I thought I'd never be the same again.
But the truth is life goes on.
Not for Red.
One minute he's alive and the next he's dead.
And that's because of me.
Look, I know his life took a turn but he was once just a man with a mother a girlfriend maybe even a dog he loved.
Well, I have a mother too.
And if you didn't do what you did - she'd be the one without a son.
- I know.
But if you need to take a couple of days you do that.
Nobody's going to fault you for taking some down time.
I'd rather have closure.
Well then, maybe we can work together.
I thought you normally work alone.
Maybe it's time to rethink normal.
(KNOCKING) Hey, you're back! Hey! I came as soon as we adjourned.
I heard what happened.
It could have been you in the body bag.
Oh, no.
I'm fine.
Because Leah.
- Hi! - Hi.
- A pleasure.
- Thank you.
Sorry, I'm a bit frazzled.
Yeah, it's been quite a day.
So, I'm all caught up.
Kelly filled me in on everything including the latest on Red Knowles.
Oh, what have you got? They found a Glock 26 in the trunk of Red's car with a suppressor.
Ballistics has it as a match for the murder of Dwight Pilson.
- So I guess that's it then.
- No, actually, there's something else I found.
Generally we can find small traces of gunpowder in the fleshy parts of the thumb but nothing came up on the Gunshot Residue Test.
The hit was a day earlier.
A good hand washing would have taken care of it.
Yeah, it's just that Red didn't strike me as the hygienic type.
Given that there was no gunshot residue on Red Knowles's fingers, we need to consider the possibility that it was a setup.
I just wonder if we're over-thinking this.
You know, where I come from, the easy answer is usually the correct one.
Yeah, but when Red Knowles was going to the container dock he was going to kill someone.
JESSE: I checked with the dock workers and two of them both admitted in private to rumours of something big arriving.
That's what Tyson Biggs was saying.
Jesse, is there any connection between Red and the other potential import/exporters that Dwight Pilson was talking to? No, but there is a guy who might know.
Red once had a partner.
Bruce Luxton.
He's a Realtor now.
He might not look like a smuggler nut this was Red's right hand man.
CHARLIE: Interesting.
See if you can bring him in.
Red wasn't the kind of guy who needed to follow trouble because trouble followed him.
That why you two parted ways? Yes.
He started bringing in drugs.
And that was not my scene.
I was an importer not a trafficker.
So I quit.
Well, we've been hearing rumours that something big is coming.
You know anything about that? Sorry.
Red was armed when he went to the container port.
You have any idea who he might have been after? I mean, I haven't been down to the docks in two years.
Any enemies back in the day? Well, none that I can recall.
A friend of mine she's thinking of buying a condo.
What do you think of the Realtor named Derek Schrier.
Ooh, I would caution your friend to stay far away from that guy.
He is notorious for screwing over his clients.
So you don't forget your enemies, do you? So I ask you again.
Did you and Red have any enemies? Now that you mention it, there was this one guy.
His name was Tyson.
LEAH: Tyson Biggs? BRUCE: Yes.
Tyson Biggs.
He was the man on the scene back in the day.
Nobody understood how he got his product in but he knew who to charm and how to hurt you if you crossed him.
Thank you.
But before you go, - we just have to ask you one question.
- Sure.
Where were you between midnight and 2:00 AM at the time Dwight Pilson was killed? I was in my hotel room in Clarenville.
I was working on a real estate project out there I'm happy to provide contacts if you like.
LEAH: Well, he seemed credible.
I'm still going to check his phone records.
I'm starting to like the way you work.
Okay, this is me.
Um That was nice work in there today.
You too.
Do you want to grab a drink? Uh Well, uh I, uh uh I can't.
I've got plans.
- Seriously, buddy? - (REX WHINES) Come on, man! It's not a big deal.
I'm not mad or anything like that.
I'm just saying there's no reason to be jealous.
I'm going to have lady friends in my life.
You're going to have lady friends in your life like Bella.
Right? You see me acting like a big weirdo? No! Because I'm on your side.
I'm just saying I don't think we should be, you know, each other's buzz kill.
(REX GROWLING SOFTLY) Mmm, this pizza's delicious.
No? Kibble? Okay.
Hey, uh Did I make a fool of myself? What are you talking about? With you and Leah.
And the hand-shaking thing.
It was weird.
I think I'm a little nervous around your new work wife.
No no no.
She's my work mistress.
- You're my work wife.
- Okay, good good! Yeah.
Yeah, just just don't forget it! - Hm! - Anyway, I reviewed the forensics trail on Tyson Biggs shooting that plumber like you asked.
Did you find anything odd? The fingerprints were definitely his.
The work is solid but I couldn't find any Gunshot Residue Test.
He's the lead suspect in a murder investigation.
There's always a Gunshot Residue Test.
Yeah, so either it was never done Or somebody made it disappear.
JESSE: Oh, I checked into Luxton's phone records and got some pings from a Clarenville cell tower between 12:00 and 2:00 AM.
CHARLIE: So Bruce Luxton's alibi holds up.
Well, yes and no.
I mean, look.
The calls were placed in 15 minute intervals which perfectly covered the time of Dwight's death.
It's almost too perfect.
As if by design.
This is where it gets really weird.
I reviewed some CCTV footage near the docks and stumbled upon this.
LEAH: Oh my God.
That's Bruce Luxton.
The man who hadn't been at the container docks in two years.
DONOVAN: The working theory is that Bruce Luxton is aggressively protecting some sort of smuggling operation.
And he's probably also involved in the two execution-style hits related to the smuggling trade.
Except my people checked into Luxton's import and export practices.
And there's no record of him for two years.
And his Realtor business is fully legit.
I did a deep-dive on Luxton and the guy has a Masters in business.
He's been wheeling and dealing since before he could walk.
If anyone knows how to keep themselves concealed, it's him.
I'm still not convinced.
Okay, we're all ears.
Tell us why not.
LEAH: Luxton said that the only person Red feared was Tyson Biggs.
Which means Luxton likely feared Biggs himself.
Keyser Soze! (REX GROWLS) Biggs is still in lockup.
LEAH: Yes.
But he'll be out on bail if the Crown loses its appeal and that could be any day.
Maybe he knows this.
Charlie, you pay Tyson Biggs another visit.
It won't hurt.
And you take Leah with you, she knows him better than all of us.
(DOOR BUZZER) BIGGS: Rex! My main man! Hey! It never feels like I'm locked up when you're around.
- Officer Purkis! - Hello, Tyson.
I'm glad to see that you've joined the big leagues.
So what can you tell us about Bruce Luxton? Well, as far as I know, Bruce Luxton, he quit the smuggling scene before I did.
Hey! Why don't you ask Red Knowles? Red Knowles is dead.
He got taken down by a police officer yesterday.
He was in a hostile state brandishing a weapon.
Oh, I I don't know anything about that.
Well, why did you call him one hour before he was shot? I called him just to get ahead of the rumour in case it got out that I ratted on him.
So you wanted him to think someone else was the rat.
Well maybe Red knew something about Bruce Luxton that I don't and maybe that's what got him killed.
What if we told you that Luxton may be behind all of this.
Building this routing system that you were talking about earlier.
Luxton certainly has the brains to do it.
But if he is he ain't doing it alone.
That might explain why the goods - have been flooding in faster than ever? - Mmm.
LEAH: This routing system that you mentioned How would it work? I'll tell you how I'd do it.
The container dock, it's divided into three sections: new arrivals, cleared by customs, and flagged for secondary inspection.
Now, the important one is the second one.
Because it has the poorest CCTV cam coverage which means it's the best place to mark a container.
For what? So a greased cop knows which containers to avoid for a further inspection.
I don't believe you.
My colleagues are not crooked.
You may be right.
But if you want to know for sure head down to the dock at 10:15 PM.
There's a 15 minute gap in between shifts.
That's when they pay off the dirty cops.
You're welcome.
I suppose you want us to put in a good word with you for the Crown.
- Hmm? - Nah.
The Crown lost their appeal.
I'm going to be out by noon.
Thanks, though.
He's playing us.
That business about being a crime god.
That is classic narcissism.
Because that's actually how he perceives himself.
You think that he's the one that's bringing in the large shipment of guns if the rumour is true? Well, it makes the most sense to me.
Because you know what? I'm not ready for a world where a man like Biggs is the good guy and my colleagues are not.
I know.
It's crazy.
You know, I have to admit I was very skeptical of this arrangement at first.
Yeah, you and me both.
But I was wrong.
I like the way your mind works.
(REX WHINES) (LEAH LAUGHS) Yeah, buddy! Timing! Maybe you're right about Tyson Biggs.
Maybe I've been looking at this all wrong.
Let's just wait and see how it unfolds.
Do we really need to wait? I mean, shift change is minutes away at the docks.
No way we could get a surveillance team there in time.
Charlie, we can do this on the sly.
Maybe this is how you stop the gun shipment.
I'm not putting any officers' lives at risk.
I'd have to let Joe know.
Sometimes I think you have too much integrity.
I need to freshen up.
We talked about this, buddy.
(PHONE CHIMES) - Rex, let's go! - (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) CHARLIE: Come on, pal.
OK pal, track Leah! - Leah! - (LEAH CRYING) - Good job, partner! - Help me! - Hey! - I've been shot! - Come here.
- Uhh! Ahh! Stay with me! Stay with me! This is Detective Hudson, Major Crimes.
I am at the southeast corner of the port container terminal.
Officer down! I repeat, officer down! Come on! Stay focused.
Stay focused.
Look at me, Leah.
It's okay.
Hey, you.
I'm so sorry.
I'm the one who should be sorry.
It was an ambush.
Tyson Biggs's men were with him but he was the one that pulled the trigger.
We were totally set up.
I'm just glad you put on your bulletproof vest.
Yeah, it's not so bad.
I have a bruised rib.
He only clipped me in the leg.
So I'll be out this afternoon.
Well, you can look on the bright side, gives you a good excuse not to answer to Donovan.
Oh! (REX BARKS) So we found the weapon used to shoot Leah under Biggs's floorboards.
Ballistics found it as a match and the gun had his prints.
Looks like Biggs is going back to jail for the attempted murder of Leah.
This time for good.
What about Bruce Luxton? His whereabouts are unknown.
But we're assuming that he's still on the run from Tyson Biggs.
Looks like Leah was right all along.
Sometimes the easiest explanation is the right one.
But you're both still off the case.
No, Leah should have never gone down there by herself.
And you should have known to call for backup immediately.
You forgot the oldest rule.
Lives first.
Case second.
Go home, Hudson.
You're suspended for twenty-four hours.
Third time this week.
You okay? Ah, I've been better.
You want to talk about it? Not really.
But you know, it is nice to see Bella and Rex doing their thing.
It's nice to know that there can be some relationships that are uncomplicated.
Well, I wouldn't quite say that.
- Hmm? - Bella's leaving soon.
You found her a home? That's great news.
It's not quite so good.
Her one month adoption period is coming to an end.
What does that mean? It means she's going to the pound.
Hopefully she'll have better luck there.
Well, we all know what happens if she doesn't get adopted at the pound.
There's no other option? I'm sorry, Charlie.
My hands are tied.
Is it just me? Or does something not feel quite right? (REX SIGHS) - Yeah.
- I guess congratulations are in order.
For what? The suspension? Or for almost killing my co-worker? Well, for getting your guy.
It's not so often you can solve two murders in one day and be confident enough to blow past a Gunshot Residue Test.
- What do you mean? - Leah said you figured it would be useless.
No, I never said that.
Okay, great.
I didn't think so.
I've got to say something.
I don't trust her.
But maybe she just misunderstood me.
No, there's something else.
And I hope I don't come across as a jealous work-wife but I checked in with my friend at the MBSA about Leah.
What do you know about how she got on this case? Uh, from what I know, she was assigned.
Yeah, according to my friend, she pushed herself onto it.
Like, specifically, to go sidecar with you on the murder of that dock worker.
I'm not sure what that means exactly.
I don't know.
What if there was a reason she wanted to be close to you? You know that expression.
Keep your friends close but your enemies closer? So she could keep a close eye on me and manipulate the evidence in her favour.
JESSE: Charlie.
I can't talk to you.
Don't use my name.
Look, I know you know I'm suspended but I have a task.
I'm in.
Focus, Jesse.
I need you to pull up all the CCTV footage that you can of the container docks.
Okay, one sec.
Okay dude, you're going to have to get more specific.
I mean, this place is huge.
Is there a lot somewhere near the section that's been cleared for customs? Southeast tip? Preferably somewhere that's a little off the beaten track.
Okay, there Yeah, there is a little abandoned lot.
Not a lot of cars, though.
Keep scrolling backwards in time.
See if you see any police cars.
Police cars? What are we talking about here? Don't talk.
Just do it.
Okay, how long back? I mean, this will take months.
Try and look around April 9th, around 9:00 PM.
That's the last container tanker to enter the dockyard.
Oh, wait, wait.
Because if there's an illegal routing system taking place then the police would be paid off! Right? Keep your voice down.
Yeah, Arthur.
We'll be free for euchre Wednesday.
We have a winner.
Can you see the plate? I'm getting a partial.
Enter it in the police database.
See what you get.
Oh my God.
It's Leah! And yet Leah just learned about Tyson Biggs's smuggling trick yesterday and here she is three weeks ago.
And if she's in on the container scam then she'd be paid off too, but didn't she just kill a guy to save your life? Jesse, meet me at the container dockyard.
Southeast corner.
- Now.
- Right now.
I got what you wanted.
Luxton's jacket from the house seizure and Kelly's report on Red's takedown.
Hey, can you tell me what's going on? Follow me.
This is it.
This is where Leah shot Red.
Buddy, come here.
Here's Luxton's jacket.
Get the scent.
All right.
Track it! (REX SNIFFING) Luxton was here.
You caught him on CCTV.
I think Tyson Biggs had Red believe that Luxton ratted him out.
So, Red came here with the intent to kill Bruce Luxton.
Give me that forensics file of Leah's shooting of Red Knowles.
We're going to try a little experiment.
Good boy, Rex.
Stay! This is where Leah was when she shot him.
You'll be Red Knowles.
Rex is Luxton.
- I was over there.
- Okay.
So, if Red were trying to shoot you, that means he'd be facing this way.
That doesn't make sense.
Kelly's report said that the bullet entered his lower right back and exited the left of his abdomen.
So you need to rotate 90 degrees.
Oh my God.
That means Leah didn't kill Red to save me.
She killed Red to save Bruce Luxton.
Donovan is still not answering.
He hasn't returned my texts in over two hours.
This can't wait.
We've got to talk to him in person.
Come on, pal.
(JESSE'S CAR STARTING) (CELL PHONE PINGS) Joe! Come on, pal! Joe! (REX GROWLING) - (REX BARKING) - Contain your dog.
- (REX BARKS) - Or I'll shoot him.
Oh, I wouldn't do that.
Keep your hands away from your gun I always wondered why you had the foresight to put on that bulletproof vest.
It wasn't an ambush at all.
It was a trick.
Now aim for my ribs.
- (GUNSHOT) - Aghh! Now one in the leg! You're the Keyser Soze character that Jesse's been talking about all this time, huh? (DOOR SLAMMING) The dark figure in the shadows pulling the strings? In the real world, Charlie, Keyser Soze is more than one person.
(GUNSHOT) LUXTON: You should have taken the hint! You know you're hunch was right about my shipment of guns.
But you're too late.
You know, I wondered why Rex didn't like you from the start.
I guess it's because you're not on our side after all.
LUXTON: All of this could have been avoided if you had just backed off! Is that what you said to Dwight Pilson? LUXTON: It's taken a lot of work to set up my routing system.
And he was just getting a little too flashy with the goods we were bringing in.
- (REX BARKING) Easy, buddy.
- Let's make a deal.
- LUXTON: Does it seem like you have any kind of negotiating power here? You are of zero value to us.
Yeah, I might not have any value.
But Rex does.
And Rex responds to me.
Come on! Rex can track any drug under the sun, even through metal.
Prove it.
If there are any drugs in these containers, Rex is trained to sniff them out.
(REX SNIFFING) (REX BARKING) (REX BARKING) This dog better know what he's doing.
(REX BARKING) OFFICER: Drop your weapons now! Drop them! - Go! Go go! - Don't move! Don't move! Show me your hands! (REX BARKING) Freeze! That's why I prefer a canine partner to a human one.
(POLICE RADIO) You should have seen their faces.
It worked like a charm.
Thank God you recognized they had compromised my phone.
Yeah, well, I knew you weren't a full-sentence texter.
Thanks for organizing tactical so quickly.
Well, it's Rex we need to thank.
Yeah, once again, I owe Rex big time.
Those are starting to add up! I don't think you'll ever pay him back at this rate.
Well, I'm not so sure about that.
(REX BARKS) (DOOR BUZZER) BIGGS: Do I have you to thank for this? For me getting out? No no.
This is Rex's doing.
Well, I see where he gets his integrity from.
Ah no, it's where I get mine.
Thanks, pal.
Thanks for everything.
Well, you're not out of the woods yet.
With Officer Purkis and Bruce Luxton behind bars, you're cleared of the murder charges.
But you are still a smuggler.
Well, no.
That game is behind me.
I promise.
And look, this isn't an excuse or anything, but, when you grow up like I did, you learn to fend for yourself.
Well, how did you grow up, exactly? Ah Alone.
Yeah, orphanage.
Foster home.
It's all a blur of no one knowing where to put me, you know? Sounds like someone else I know.
(DOOR BUZZER) This is Bella.
She's a bit of an orphan, too.
I figured that maybe the two of you could help each other out.
Hey, Bella! Hey! Hey! How are you? Hi, Bella! Hi, bud! Oh! I think this might be the start of a beautiful friendship.
Hey! (SOFT MUSIC) Hey! - (REX BARKING) - All right! There he is! The man of the hour! (REX BARKING) I know you're just clapping for Rex but for right now I'll pretend that's not the case.
- (LAUGHTER) - We're hitting up the Duke to celebrate.
In honour of our canine companion, a round of Salty Dogs! On me! Well, I will have to meet up with you later.
Because I have a date I have to get to! Really? It's something we should know about? Oh, I never said it was my date.
(PERCUSSIVE ROCK MUSIC) We can try try try To keep ourselves up high high high And there's no reason why why why We give up on paradise Yeah we're dancing in the rain And we don't feel it (DOGS YELPING) We can try try try To keep ourselves up high high high And there's no reason why why why We give up on paradise Yeah we're dancing in the rain And we don't feel it We don't feel it
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