Hudson and Rex (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

Dead Man Walking

Yeah I know, I know.
You got me again.
You're getting pretty good at this hiding thing, Rex.
At least somebody's enjoying the rain.
No, I haven't seen any whales, yet.
Why is it only sunny when we're working? Joe! What's up? Charlie, your private investigator buddy, David Mason, is here to see you.
Joe, what did Mason do this time? I don't know.
But he says it's an emergency.
Get your ass down here.
Can't this wait? I'm at the beach.
- No, it can't.
- Let me guess.
You got into trouble in a case again? It's more complicated than that.
I'm trying to find a murderer here.
Who's the victim? Me.
I've been poisoned.
The hospital diagnosis is correct.
Your organs are rapidly shutting down.
You've been dosed with some form of deadly toxin.
Can you identify what it is? It's not just one poison.
It's a hybrid of multiple plant and animal-based toxins, the most recognizable coming from the dart family of frogs.
Whoever did this wants to make it hard to figure out.
Before you ask, I don't know who's poisoning me, or how.
You're a private investigator.
You've got to have some theories.
I've been wracking my brain.
I don't know who wants me dead.
At least, not currently.
Well, I'd like to do more research.
But I need you to sign off on allowing me access to your patient file.
The doctor made it clear.
I'm a walking dead man.
There's nothing they can do to slow the process? Ohh no.
They're on the pain management stage.
So no.
How much time did they give you? Forty-eight hours.
So let's stop talking.
Let's get to it.
No offense.
But it's not you I need.
It's him.
Rex is trained to sniff out poisons, right? You're hoping he'll lead you back to the source.
Look, man.
I don't want to die without knowing the truth.
So can Rex do it or not? Yeah, Rex is trained to find various poisons.
But in your case, we'd need something to track.
That's not a problem.
Hold on.
Trace amounts of diluted toxin can be found in his sweat.
But not enough to be harmful.
Mason's poisoned.
But he's not contagious.
But there should be still enough that Rex should be able to pick up the scent.
Let's go! Rex! Clock's ticking.
Find it, pal.
I doubt whoever poisoned me is hiding in my office.
If someone poisoned your food or drink, it might still be here.
Sarah said you would have had to have been poisoned in the last forty-eight hours.
Yeah, well it couldn't be the pizza.
Because it's been here a few days.
Well, Rex isn't reacting to anything.
So I'd say, there's no sign of the toxin here.
I suggest we check your home next.
I mostly sleep here, Charlie.
I had a disagreement with my landlord over back rent.
It's a good thing I didn't rush to put a down payment on a new place, huh? Don't lose hope yet, okay? Rex and I are doing everything we can.
It has to have something to do with one of your cases.
It wouldn't be the first time you ran into trouble with a client, right? I've got a couple of cases on the go.
Mostly small potatoes.
Tell me about them.
Mason has two clients.
Case number one: Mason was hired by this man, a bestselling author named, Carson Bishop.
Yeah, he writes horror novels.
I've read one or two of his books.
Okay, maybe a half dozen.
- I've read all ten.
- Okay.
- I'm a big fan.
- Yeah.
What does he need Mason for? Well, Carson Bishop started receiving anonymous gifts of a macabre nature.
Melted dolls heads is how it all began.
Then variations started coming in, like dead birds in a noose, or a fake severed thumb.
They were all left where Carson could find them, and presented in the same way.
In a black box, with a red ribbon, like that one over there.
- That's creepy.
- Agreed.
Okay, what's the second case? Tim Vanderholt, who hired Mason to find out if his wife was having an affair.
Mason has already recorded his wife acting suspiciously, leaving the office for long periods of time, not telling her staff where she was going.
That kind of a thing.
Unusual behaviour for a city councilor, like Charlotte Vanderholt.
Okay, where do you want to start? I'm going to talk to the author.
He's got some kind of a limited book signing scheduled for this afternoon - for some of his most devoted fans.
- That is fantastic.
Why don't you take fanboy here with you? He'll fit right in.
Yeah! That's I'm totally happy to help.
Just remember you're on the clock, Jesse, okay? Keep your sights on what it is you're there for.
Yeah, our friendly gifter might be there.
And be careful.
If Mason was poisoned without knowing it, - it could happen to you.
- Not with Rex there, right buddy? I'm going to meet Carson Bishop? - Jesse! - Yeah! Coming! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome uber-fans! And congratulations! You 25 die-hard fans have earned your spot here this evening with the exclusive meet and greet with Carson Bishop! Whoo! Carson has fans all over the world.
But you You are all cream of the crop.
And I want to thank you so much for helping us spread the word on Carson's latest novel, Choir of Bones.
If you all just want to settle in, Carson will be out momentarily! That's a nice shirt.
It's from his third book.
Fourth book, actually.
I should know better than to second guess a fellow Bishop-head.
Well, that's that's me.
I'm just going to sit.
Okay! Yeah! That Nice to Okay.
I think this whole thing is being blown way out of proportion.
No, from what I've seen, you have legitimate cause to be concerned.
I'm a horror writer.
The genre attracts a certain kind of fan.
It comes with the territory.
Wait, then why did you call a private detective? That was my agent's idea.
Isn't that right, Haley? The gifts freaked her out.
Yeah, well That's putting it mildly, Carson.
We really need to go.
You should have called the police instead of a private investigator.
You may've put Mason's life in jeopardy as a result.
I see that now.
I just wanted to handle this whole thing quietly.
Hey there! Looks like your dog likes my first book.
Man's Best Friend.
It was about a dog with a taste for human flesh.
This one prefers chicken.
Chicken isn't scary.
Okay, Carson.
We really need to go.
Okay, come on.
That was weird.
We're looking for a killer, Jesse.
Might want to widen your focus a little bit, huh? Right.
How'd it go? Carson swears that he never told anyone that he hired a P.
So it's not clear that our potential stalker even knew about Mason's involvement.
Well, we can ask them ourselves.
We just have to figure out who they are.
You want to look at her, don't you? Um This is Joe.
I'm going to take this.
You man the fort, okay? Rex, let's go.
Hey, Joe.
Hey, Mason's other client is here to see you, Charlie.
Tim Vanderholt is in the lobby.
I'm on my way to meet him.
- How close are you? - Not very.
Look, can you field this one? I'm kind of tied up.
Do? Yeah, sure.
I'm Brenda.
Jesse Mills.
Thank you! Thank you all for coming today to this unique location.
I know that I'm a Bishop.
But this is ridiculous.
If you would all indulge me, I would like to read you the opening chapter of my new novel.
Choir of Bones.
Right this way, Tim.
We're interviewing all of David Mason's clients.
To be honest, this is all kind of odd.
I didn't want to get the police involved.
I want to do this discretely.
I don't want to Charlie Foxtrot my wife's career.
Charlie Foxtrot? You're a military man? Royal Newfoundland Regiment.
Special Ops Forces.
Though I left that all shortly after meeting Charlotte.
That must have been difficult.
I don't want to harm her career if I'm wrong about her cheating.
What makes you think that she was cheating? It's the little things, you know? The way she hides her texts.
Her lies not adding up.
You know, one time, she thought I was asleep.
And I looked over her shoulder.
She was texting and What did they say? I can't stop thinking about you.
When can I see you again? I couldn't believe what I was reading.
Did you see who they were sent to? There was no name.
She slipped off to the bathroom.
I tried to take a screenshot of her phone.
The texts were gone.
What, do you think she caught you looking at them earlier? She's careful.
She was just covering her tracks.
Well, maybe she found out you hired Mason.
No, she would've told me.
Can you think of any enemies that your wife may have had? Or anyone who would want David Mason out of the way? No.
I don't think I was poisoned by food.
I've been going over everything I ingested for the past two days.
And nothing I ate could've been corrupted.
- Is that it? - No.
If uh If this ends badly, I need you to call somebody for me.
Last name is Pillar.
First name's Logan.
He lives in Arlington, Texas.
He's my son.
You've got to stop thinking like that.
Just do it, okay? I want you to tell him that I Tell him that I love him.
And there isn't a day that goes by, that I don't think about him.
And And while you're at it, I want you to tell my ex-wife, that she's the she's the best thing that ever happened to me.
And that she deserves to be happy.
Why don't you just tell her that yourself? No.
Give Give me your word.
But when I get you out of this, you're going to make that call yourself.
Chrissy knew help wouldn't be coming for her.
Not today.
Not ever.
Thank you.
Whoo! If you will please just form a line to receive your free copy.
And Mr.
Bishop, will sign as promised.
Thank you.
So? What did you think? Honestly? I'm sure it's going to be an amazing read.
But it's wasn't his best opening chapter.
That would have to be Blood Crusade.
I was going to say Resurrection Beach.
Yeah, that one's better, yeah.
Say, would you like to, maybe go for a cup of coffee with me, some time? - Sure.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Okay! - I'd love that! - Great! I'll just grab my phone.
We can exchange numbers.
Blood Crusade was better, by the way.
Oh! Okay.
Oh, here I go.
I hope you enjoy.
Yeah? Charlie, where are you? Just something I had to do.
How's it going in there? I know who's leaving the gifts.
Her name is Brenda Mathis.
And she has a package with her.
Black box, red ribbon.
Same as the others.
- Is she there now? - Yeah! She is here right now.
But I don't know for how long.
Okay, keep her there.
I'm on my way.
What do you want me to do? I be creative! Hi! Hi! I'm a big fan.
Truth is, I work with Detective Hudson, okay? And he's not here.
But I need to stall until he gets here.
So if you could just Just one second, sign my book, that would be great.
Thank you.
Big fan.
Name? Uh Jesse Mills.
Double s.
Double ls.
I'll just be a sec.
- Enjoy.
- Okay no, he's not He's not here yet.
So if you could just keep writing that would be great.
I'm happy to give you some intimate details about my life That really won't be necessary.
Oh! Thanks! I can't wait to read it.
Where is she? Right there.
Excuse me.
Yes? Detective Hudson.
I'm going to need to check your bag.
Will that be all, Detective? Yeah.
I think you forgot something.
No, I've never seen that before.
That's not true, I I saw it in your bag earlier.
What's going on? Are you a cop? Yes.
No no.
I'm well Okay, I work for the Major Crimes Unit.
Technical crime analysis mostly.
But I also dabble in a little - Yeah.
- That's too much information.
I'm sorry.
Look I know this looks bad.
But I could never hurt a fly.
The bloody letter opener says otherwise.
It's It's fake blood.
And the blade is dull.
I really didn't mean any harm.
I'm an aspiring writer.
And I wanted Carson to notice me so that I could convince him to read my novel manuscript.
And this was just a way to get his attention.
So it was a stunt? I thought the imagery would intrigue him.
You scared the crap out of his agent.
She thought you were a stalker.
I'm so sorry.
I guess I just took it too far.
Am I going to be charged? It depends on whether or not you're telling the truth.
It's corn syrup and food coloring.
So Brenda wasn't lying.
That's stage blood.
That takes me back.
The high school production of Hamlet.
I played the hell out of Guildenstern.
Uhh Brenda gave us permission to search her apartment.
But Rex couldn't find any trace of our mystery toxin.
Okay, so it's unlikely that she poisoned Mason.
Based on our conversation I'm not even sure she was Another warm welcome from Officer Furball.
Mason, I thought told you to get some rest and leave this to us.
Actually, I called him to come in for some additional blood work.
Human pin cushion, that's me.
I've been in contact with a few colleagues who have some experience in the field of rare toxins.
And together we're working on developing an antidote.
Ah, well, that sounds promising.
We're trying everything.
Though it's still a bit of a long shot.
This way.
I can't just sit here.
I think it's time I paid the councilor a visit.
We need to know if she knew about Mason.
Her husband would not be too happy with that approach.
No time left to be discrete.
It's life or death for Mason.
Rex, come on.
Huh, that was easy.
Hey, look out! Ughh! Are you okay? Hey! Hey! Thank you! David Mason I've never seen that man before.
You're certain? Yes.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm busy.
Well, we just saved your life.
The least you can do is answer a few questions.
Your name came up in David Mason's case files.
He's a private detective.
Did anything out of the ordinary happen at work lately? - No.
- How about at home? Look, Detective.
Not to sound ungrateful for helping me, but what does this investigator have to do with me exactly? Well, I don't know yet.
Councilor Vanderholt! - Are we still on for tonight? - Yes.
We'll finalize the guest list for the cocktail party.
Detective This is Mike Friezen, my assistant.
Detective? Is everything okay? Yes, Mike, it's fine.
Are you okay? No, it's just eczema.
Humidity aggravates it.
Excuse me.
Cocktail party? It's a fundraiser for a new museum.
Somebody just tried to kill you.
You need to postpone that until after we've investigated.
I can't postpone.
Well then, Rex and I are coming too, for your own safety.
Something tells me you won't take no for an answer.
And you look just as stubborn.
Cute as hell.
But stubborn.
But bring a date.
You'll look less like a bodyguard.
Do I look like a bodyguard? I ran the plate on the car, and it's a rental.
- You get the name on the lease? - No, it's not a person.
It's a long-term rental paid for by the city.
Part of the fleet used by City Council.
The person who tried to run over the councilor had access to the company car? Superintendent Donovan had me put an APB out on it.
But no hits yet.
Okay what, so Mason is poisoned, and then someone tries to run over the wife of the man who hired him.
It's got to be connected.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Charlie, I got your message.
I know that you're working on an antidote with your team.
But something came up related to the Mason case.
And uh Could you do me a favour? What kind of favour? Hello again, Councilor.
Meet Sarah.
And Sarah, this is Councilor Vanderholt.
Oh please, just Charlotte for tonight.
This is my husband, Tim.
Nice to meet you both.
Excuse me.
Let me get you some champagne.
No, thank you.
We're on duty.
You can still have some fun.
Councilor Vanderholt! Excuse me.
Well, thanks for doing this.
Okay, so You really think one of these people tried to kill her? Or someone on her staff.
Someone who had access to the city council vehicle pool.
There's a chance the same person poisoned Mason.
Somebody's not enjoying the party.
He's worried I'm going to tell his wife about Mason.
You don't think the champagne? - Poisoned? - Yeah.
No, Rex would have given us a heads up.
Listen! Be right back.
What I wouldn't give for your ears right now, buddy! Nothing more to talk about! Don't say that! No, I'm not going to explain it again! - It's not too late! - It's over! It's done! You can't do this to me! Things They change! It's over! Done! I want it to work between us, but that's - This is not okay.
- Charlie? Sorry, but we've got a problem.
What kind of problem? You've got to go! No! No, I don't take orders from you! I don't work for you anymore! You need to leave! Not before I get some answers! You need to leave now! No, not before I get some answers! Mason, what the hell are you doing here? Rex! I'm running out of time.
I'm getting worse! - I need some answers now! - Hey! Even if that means this jerk's wife needs to know he hired me to follow her! You did what? Charlotte, I can explain! You can start by explain explain Come on! Somebody get an ambulance now! - I'm dying! - It's okay, David! Breathe slowly! Breathe slowly! Hudson! What's Mason's condition? He's awake and responsive.
But his organs are showing signs of failure.
Without knowing what the poison is, we're out of options.
We need new leads, Charlie! There is something going on between Charlotte and her assistant, Mike.
We caught them arguing at the party.
Sir, we got a hit on the missing car.
A patrol car found it parked out of sight near the boatyard.
No CCTV cameras in the area.
Was there anything inside? Yeah, an empty tube of hydrocortisone cream between the seats.
Must've fallen out of a pocket.
It's on the way to the lab for fingerprint analysis.
Hydrocortisone cream.
I mean, that could be used to treat any number of skin conditions.
Including eczema.
Good job, Jesse! That's not mine.
It has your fingerprints all over it.
I go through a tube of this stuff a week.
Maybe someone went in my trash! I told the other cop! I was never in that car! Sit him down.
Tell me about you and Charlotte.
I work for her! That's it! That's it? No, I don't think that's it.
What's going on with you two? Are you having an affair? Of course not! She's just my boss! Then what is it? Mike? Mmm? Okay.
Councilor Vanderholt is quietly building a campaign to run for Mayor.
The whole thing is shrouded in secrecy until the official announcement.
What does this have to do with you and her? She agreed to give me a senior position in her campaign.
So what, she changed her mind? That's why you had words earlier? You heard that? I heard some of it.
Her advisors feel that I'm too green for a senior role.
I thought she'd fight harder for me.
I was.
But I would never do anything to hurt her.
If you're not going to charge me, I've got to get back to the party for clean-up.
They're probably going to fire me anyway after you arrested me at the fundraiser.
Come on, guys.
We only have 10 hours to find an antidote.
You'd think he'd be used to not being allowed in here.
Must be reacting to the toxins.
I heard you let Mike go.
I couldn't find his fingerprints in the car.
His lawyer would have eaten us alive.
Yeah, we have another problem.
I called the hospital a short while ago to check in on Mason.
- How's he doing? - I don't know.
That's the problem.
He's disappeared.
Just got on the phone with the nursing staff.
Mason's clothes and personal items all gone.
Mason was spotted on the security camera exiting the front door.
I'm surprised he can even stand in that condition.
Well, survival instinct is a powerful motivator.
He's probably running on pure adrenaline.
Yeah, but what's he running to? We need to find him before he does more damage to himself.
I don't think he wants to be found.
He's not answering his phone.
Maybe we don't need him to.
I've been tracking his cell phone signal.
And as long as it's turned on, we should be able to Bingo.
- New Cove Road.
- What's there? That's his office.
- Rex! - You know what? Zoom in right there.
Show me what that is.
Mason? Mason, it's Charlie Hudson.
I'm coming in.
What is it, buddy? Charlie, is Mason with you? His phone is off.
I can't track it.
Mason's not here, Jesse.
Tell me you got something.
Sort of.
An email was sent to him just before he left the hospital.
I'm forwarding it to you now.
- Jesse, who sent this? - I don't know.
It was a public IP address.
And the account was deleted right after the email was sent, so Charlie, you need to get to Mike Friezen before Mason does.
Yeah, I know where he is.
Rex and I are heading now.
I need to know.
Look, I swear.
I don't know what you're talking about, man! Liar! Why'd you do it, man? Mason! Put the gun down now.
Hudson, you need to let me do my job.
I've got this under control.
No no no.
You're not thinking straight.
Come on, come on.
We've got to take you back to the hospital.
I'm a dead man anyway! And we both know it.
But if I'm going to go, I'm taking him with me.
Please, man! I didn't do anything! Shut up.
Mason! Even if Mike did poison you, shooting him in cold blood, that's that's not justice.
That's revenge.
If you kill him, you become a killer too.
Hey hey.
Look look.
Hey, you know what? The David Mason I know, he's He's not a killer.
He's not a killer.
He might be a lot of other things, but Thank you.
We're not done with you yet.
Backup is going to take your statement.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die.
Oh great.
Now you want to be friends? Hey.
How is he? Not well.
Still no word on an antidote? No.
Not until we find the poison.
But Sarah's doing her best.
And still no leads on who sent that email? No, but listen.
I have an idea.
It's not exactly by the book.
You're starting to sound like Mason.
We send a direct message from Mason to our mystery emailer, demanding a large sum of cash in return for not turning him in to the police.
Charlie, we don't have an address.
Who are we sending an email to? Everyone.
Everyone who was at that party.
If it doesn't pertain to them, they'll just ignore it.
But to our mystery suspect, they think they're the only recipient.
And they'll do anything to make sure that Mason doesn't turn them over to the cops.
Oh, you heard all that, did you? You guys are talking about a phishing scam.
You don't approve? Ha! I invented phishing scams.
Well in that case, I'll get Jesse right on it.
And Charlie, I want to make sure that we have a secure location.
I want to lure them out into the open.
I have the perfect place.
Drop your gun, Hudson.
Hi, Tim.
The gun and the phone.
You know, I figured Mason didn't send that email.
But I needed to know.
Come on, Tim.
Just put the gun Put the gun down.
You're the only one who knows I'm involved in this.
Why'd you do it, anyway? You tried to kill your wife with a car.
Come on! You're threatening to kill a cop, okay? It's not what innocent people do.
What do you know? Oh, I know that you lied about seeing those texts on your wife's phone.
Because there weren't any texts.
Right? Charlotte wasn't having an affair.
You just wanted everyone to think that she was.
She said she didn't love me anymore.
She wanted to divorce me.
I gave up my career for her.
Do you know how that makes a man feel? I would become a laughing stock.
So you planned to kill her and then frame her assistant, Mike, for the murder, by planting the hand cream in the car.
She was going to divorce me.
She would have taken me to the cleaners.
- I had no choice.
- But tell me Why did you have to poison David Mason? What are you talking about? I didn't poison anyone.
You didn't want David Mason dead? I mean, the guy's got a big mouth.
But he's no threat to me.
Okay, you know what? This is over.
Put the gun down.
No no no.
If you haven't killed anyone yet, then don't start now.
If you follow me, I'll kill you.
You're not going to get far.
Please tell me you've made some progress.
Unfortunately, no.
We could really use a Hail Mary right about now.
Okay, alright, well what do we know so far? We know that Tim Vanderholt tried to kill his wife.
But he didn't poison Mason.
Are we sure? Vanderholt didn't strike me as being very stable.
I can't connect him to the toxin.
He's already confessed about trying to kill his wife.
Why would he lie? That's the second time he's barked at the door.
He's reacting to the toxins like you said.
Yeah, but there are no toxin samples in the lab.
So What's he reacting to? Maybe something that Mason needs.
Hey, listen.
I know Rex isn't supposed to be in the lab, but Ooh.
Okay, just this once.
Rex, track it! Hey, where did you get this pen? I need you to sign off, allowing me access to your patient file.
That's Mason's pen.
He had it with him.
Rex, step back.
It's positive for the toxin.
Rex just found our murder weapon.
So it wasn't ingested.
It was a contact poison.
But where did Mason get this pen to begin with? It's monogrammed.
Initials are, C.
Carson Bishop.
Rex! It is one of my personal pens.
But I have a million of these.
I buy them in bulk.
Okay, if that's true, how did this particular pen end up in the possession of David Mason? You ever see this before? That's Carson's pen.
It has his initials right there.
But I'm sure he could have told you that himself.
He did.
He told us a few other things as well.
Like the fact that you attend all his signings.
And that you place the pen that he uses on the table for him.
Am I being accused of something? The attempted murder of Carson Bishop.
What? Oh my God! You can't be serious! You see, Carson remembers Mason well.
What other P.
would have swiped his pen before their meeting? Except that this pen, this was intended for Carson, because you put it on the desk for him, after you had coated it with a cocktail of deadly toxins.
This is, completely ridiculous.
Oh, but a member of my team was able to access your computer's browsing history.
And it turns out that you were doing an awful lot of research on rare plant and animal poisons.
Well, as you're aware, I handle a lot of mystery and horror writers.
And sometimes I do some research for them.
And were the purchases you made on the dark net, were they research as well? I do understand that you overpaid for the marbled cone snail venom.
Overpaid? Yeah, well well well.
You have no idea.
No idea.
Try me.
Carson is looking for new representation.
I have held his hand, for years when he could barely sell a thousand units.
And what? Now, someone else is going to reap the rewards of all of my hard work? You mean the royalties.
The ones that will skyrocket after Carson's death.
I made him! That ungrateful, piece of It's not fair.
Well you tell that to the man who's fighting for his life because of you.
Well, you know what they say The pen is deadlier than the sword.
That doesn't sound right.
The pen The pen's more, powerful than - It's mightier.
- It's mightier? It's mightier than the sword.
How is a pen mightier than a sword? It's definitely mightier than the sword, guys.
Well, it looks like I'm just in time to deliver some accolades.
Great work, you three.
I can't forget you, Rex.
Of course.
Great work, you four.
Especially given the time crunch.
Let's just hope it was enough.
I checked in with the hospital earlier.
They've administered the antidote.
Looks like it might be working.
Well, we've got you to thank for that.
Actually, we should be thanking Jesse.
If he hadn't found the precise list of toxins that were used in Haley's computer, we'd be having a very different conversation.
Well done.
So Mason's going to make it? Well, it's not a done deal.
He still has an uphill battle.
I can't believe Tim tried to kill me.
He was worried you were going to leave him high and dry.
He was right to be worried.
And now I can file the paperwork without worrying if it's going to damage my campaign.
Might even give me a boost in the polls.
Your husband tried to kill you.
And you're looking at that as a positive? Detective.
It's called spin.
But, I do appreciate everything you've done.
And you too, Rex.
You're a good boy.
Politics! T's nice to see you're back on your feet! Listen, Sarah.
I kind of felt that you and I made a connection.
I'm just going to put myself out there.
Is there any chance that maybe you'd want to grab a drink with me sometime? Ooh, can I pencil you in for never? So I'll chalk that up as a maybe? I'm glad you're back to your old self again, Mason.
You are a true original.
Hey, buddy.
Thank you for keeping your promise, man.
You never gave up on me.
I really respect that.
What? I'm just waiting for the part where you sarcastically undercut the moment.
No no no no.
I'm talking from my heart here, man.
So pretty soon, you get to go back to sleeping in your office.
I made enough on the Carson Bishop case to get an apartment.
Oh, you mean the Carson Bishop thing that Rex and I solved? That was a team effort.
In fact, I'm considering consulting you guys on a couple more cases.
Rex, what do you think of that idea? Huh? Shake on it? Yeah.
Yeah, see? Even your partner loves the idea.
Let's chalk it up to a maybe.
You got jokes.
I'll call you.
Yeah, not before you call somebody else, first.
There was more than one Pillar in Arlington.
But I did manage to find your family.
Maybe it's time you give your ex-wife and your son a call.
Thank you.
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She was my best friend Our best friend.
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