Hudson and Rex (2019) s05e03 Episode Script

Run, Donovan, Run

How long until Watson gets here?
He's on his way now.
You know he's a former cop?
Yeah, yeah, I'm aware of that.
Excuse me.
It's not a good time, Jesse.
Joe, hi, it's Jesse.
Sorry to bother you.
I know you're taking a personal day.
Yeah, I wouldn't exactly
call transporting a prisoner
halfway across the
province a personal day.
No no, I know. I know, I just meant
Well, I mean,
you insisted that you be the
one to handle this yourself
and not make it a team thing.
Also, you weren't really forthcoming
about why you volunteered
to be the one to
Jesse, is there a reason you called?
Yes, right. Okay, do you
remember the Clynburg case?
Yeah, well, it rings a bell.
80 thousand dollars worth
of stolen music memorabilia.
Right right. The cold case
from about six years ago?
Eight years ago. Time flies, right?
Anyway look. One of the stolen items,
a hollow body guitar
- just made its way to the black market.
- Okay.
I mean it's the lead
we've been waiting for.
Look, the guitar is in
my hands as we speak.
So how do you want to proceed?
I don't know, Jesse.
I'll get back to you.
Just take care of it, all right? Thanks.
What the hell are you doing here?
He's all yours.
You've got to be kidding. I thought
Sanchez was running transport.
Change of plans. I'll be the one
transporting you to Corner Brook.
Well, one driver's as
good as another, I guess.
Donny and Watts rolling out.
Just like the old days, huh, partner?
We're not partners.
Those days are long gone.
Get in.
Hey, boss.
We've got a problem.
Hey, Rex.
Get the toolbox?
That's it. Good job, buddy.
Yeah, put your back into
it. Just a little further.
Way to go, pal.
Jesse? Everything okay?
Yeah, absolutely. More than okay.
I just got assigned lead on my own case.
- Is that right?
- Yeah, Joe got pulled to some private matter.
Oh yeah. The Blake Watson thing.
He told you what it was?
Yeah, why? He didn't mention it to you?
Yeah. Yeah, we're tight like that.
So, who's Blake Watson?
He's Joe's old partner
from back in the day.
Joe caught him tampering with evidence.
Blew the whistle on him.
Blake got his badge taken away.
A couple of years later,
he was behind bars.
So, no love lost between the two, huh?
Yeah, I don't know the whole story
but if Joe's pulling strings
for this transportation gig,
he's gotta have a reason.
You were saying something about a case?
Yeah, okay so get this. A few years ago,
somebody robbed a private
music memorabilia collection.
Oh yeah, I remember
something about that.
More Chuck Berry.
Excuse me?
What? You knew it was Chuck Berry's
guitar that was stolen, right?
Jesse, back in 1977,
NASA sent the Voyager Probe into space
and one of the things that was in it
was a disc containing some of the
greatest recordings of all time.
Bach, Mozart, Louis Armstrong
and Chuck Berry.
Is there a point to this?
Rumour has it that
NASA received a response
from aliens.
What did they say?
Okay, so I would really like
to get a leg up on this thing.
I have a few theories
I want to run by you.
Okay, Jesse, this case
is how old? Six years?
- Eight years.
- Okay, so it can wait another half hour.
So make yourself useful
and help me finish this.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Yeah, I'm still here.
Oh, the silent treatment, huh?
It's going to be a
long trip then, I guess.
What is it? Eight, nine
hours to Corner Brook Pen?
So how's your daughter? She must be
Do not talk about her.
Whoa, okay, relax.
I was just making small talk.
Please tell me you brought
some snacks or something?
- I'm starving.
- Yeah, you'll live.
You know, I'm starting to think
the only reason you're here
is to make this trip as
miserable as possible.
It's more of a perk than a reason.
Funny guy.
So, why are you here, Joe?
The moment I heard they were
transferring you to a different prison,
I immediately thought you
were going to try something.
You think I got a price
on my head on purpose?
You tried to sell the leader of
the Aryan Brotherhood up the river.
You didn't think that wasn't
going to get back to him?
- Come on, man.
- Well, I'm off my game.
12 years behind bars
will do that to a guy.
Yeah, well, you know what I think?
Enlighten me.
I think
that you intentionally got
on the wrong side of a killer
so that they would have no
choice but to transfer you.
Why would I do that?
It's easier to escape from a transfer
than it is from the
inside of a prison cell.
So, I figured you would do that.
I've got less than 14
months left on my stretch.
Why would I try to escape
when I can walk away a free man, huh?
- Tell me that?
- If you ratted out the Brotherhood,
we both know you're not
going to survive 14 months.
So, here we are.
You and me, man.
You and me.
Is that really his signature?
Yeah, it was authenticated
before it was stolen.
Well, the owner will be
happy to get this back.
Mr. Clynburg passed away
shortly after the robbery.
Then his family will.
No no. Clynburg wanted
everything sent to a museum.
So, you'll dust this for fingerprints?
- Trace evidence? DNA?
- Yep, of course.
Excellent. Okay.
Well, I am going to go see
if I can track down the original
detective notes from archives.
He's taking this very seriously.
Yeah, he's been trying to prove to Joe
he can be more than just a lab
tech. It'll be good for him.
So, I'll see you later?
- That you will.
- Yes. You too, my handsome guy. You too.
We had some good times back
in the day, didn't we, Joe?
Yeah, well, if you say so.
Come on, man. Don't pretend
like you don't miss it.
What about Spencer's cabin?
Remember that?
Middle of the woods.
Beer and poker 'til the sun came up.
Yeah, yeah. I do remember that.
The cabin's not too far
from here. I don't
Yeah, it's not too far
from here if I remember.
Yeah, maybe when I get out,
I'll go see it for myself, huh, partner?
Don't call me that.
Come on, man. Was I really that bad?
I always had your back.
I would have taken a bullet for you.
Yeah, let's be glad
it never came to that.
It's true.
You weren't just my
partner. You were my friend.
At least I thought you were.
Until you slid that blade in my back.
Right, there it is. Right?
After 20 years, it's still my fault
- you can't take responsibility for all
- You ratted me out to Internal Affairs.
You planted evidence on a suspect!
I did what needed to be done
to get a dirtbag off the street.
Guess what Watson? It
doesn't work like that.
Here we go with the holier
than thou Joe Donovan.
So this is all my fault, right?
What about everything
that happened afterwards?
What about the drinking, Watson?
What about the assault charges?
What about the embezzlement?
The thing that actually
got you thrown in a prison?
Is that my fault too?
Is that why took this assignment, Joe?
So you could be my mother?
No, I took this assignment
because I don not trust you.
Yeah, well, trust me or not,
I've still got to use the can.
- You want to pull over for a minute?
- Well, unfortunately,
this train makes no stops, my friend.
Come on, man. Nature calls.
You want me making a mess of
your nice leather seats here?
Fine, fine. There's a rest stop
about 20 minutes up the road.
We'll stop there.
Thank you.
Let's go!
Give me two minutes, will you?
This ain't easy with the cuffs on!
Two minutes?
You've got one!
Hurry up!
What's your damn rush?
It's not like there's
any windows in here.
You worried I'm going to
escape through the pipes?
Just hurry up, all right?
- Oh my gosh!
- Is that your daughter in there?
We've got to get your
daughter out of there!
It could blow! Listen, sweetheart,
we're going to get you out, okay?
Go with your mom! Go!
Go, go, go, go!
We need some help here!
Get those off and let's get out of here.
- What are you doing here?
- Watson.
It's been too long.
Good to see you.
What are you waiting for, man? Let's go.
Come on. Hop in.
Where else you gonna go?
You found your way back to the car.
I told you, Joe. I'm
almost done my time.
I'm ready to get my life back.
You wouldn't happen
to have anything to do
with that fire would you?
That'd be one hell of a blue angel, Joe.
Blue angel.
Let's go.
What was that all about, huh?
Did he change his mind when he saw you?
How should I know?
Relax, Gregory.
It's still a long way to Corner Brook.
I don't think they'll be making
it all the way to Corner Brook.
Why is that?
Don't worry.
I got it covered.
Now I'm filled with relief, Gregory.
I know I talk a good game, but
I really messed up this time, Joe.
The Brotherhood can get
to me in Corner Brook
just as easily as in St. John's pen.
You don't know that.
You can't guarantee
my safety on the inside
- and you know it.
- No, I can't.
But I also can't let you go.
I need your help, Joe.
Let me make one thing
really clear, okay?
I'm here for one reason.
That is to get you to Corner
Brook without incident.
- Change of venue, huh?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I just needed
another place to think.
What do you have?
Okay, so the robbery took place
between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM.
Now the owner, David Clynburg,
he was at the hospital
for some planned surgery
but when he got home,
the door was locked.
No signs of tampering.
First thing he notices,
is that the music memorabilia
collection is gone.
Not a single other
thing in the apartment
was out of place.
Okay, so it wasn't a random B&E.
His collection was targeted.
Probably by somebody
Clynburg knew and trusted.
Right. Which brings us to our suspects.
Here, have a seat.
Okay, suspect number one.
Ah yeah.
This lady.
Tammy Markov.
She's Clynburg's neighbour.
He would have her
over for tea and chess.
He also entrusted her
with his spare condo key.
Anyone else have his key? His family?
No, his wife passed away
several years previous.
He had a son but they
were estranged at the time.
Okay, well, so, aside from the key,
what makes Tammy Markov
such a compelling suspect?
Okay, so Tammy,
she was moving out that exact same day.
She had movers coming and
going in and out of the condo
at the time of the robbery.
One of her movers this
guy here, Victor Hess,
he's had two priors for theft.
I mean what if he and
Tammy were working together?
Stolen memorabilia just
goes right out the front door
in one of those moving boxes
without anybody batting an eyebrow.
Makes sense.
The original investigators, did
they ever look into Tammy and Victor?
No, see here's the thing.
Tammy or Victor were
never formally charged.
There was no trail to follow
and no trace of the stolen memorabilia.
Until today.
So, what's your next move?
Well, I mean we're still
waiting for the guitar
to come back from forensics,
but in the meantime,
I'm thinking that we
pay a visit to the condo.
Maybe the new owner will
let us take a look around,
have a lay of the land, so to speak.
Okay. Let me know how it goes.
Yeah? That the right next move, yeah?
- Can't hurt.
- Okay.
You're saying don't overthink it.
I got you.
The engine's overheating.
- You going to pull over?
- Yeah, there's a garage off the next exit.
No no. You don't need a garage.
Pull over. I can take a look.
Yeah, no. No thanks. I think I'll
let the experts handle this one.
Everything okay?
Yeah, he says we've got
a punctured radiator.
You know anything about that?
So this is about 20 minutes to fix.
We'll be on our way.
So, can we grab a bite to eat?
- I don't know about that.
- Ah, come on.
What am I going to
do? Make a run for it?
I already had the chance, remember?
Come on. For old times' sake, Joe.
Besides I bought last time we
were together. So you owe me.
Have a fry.
- I don't want a fry.
- No?
You lived on these things
back when we were on patrol.
Yeah, that was 20 years ago.
I've got to watch myself now.
So, you been good?
I just want to say I really
appreciate you doing this for me.
Feels good having Joe
Donovan have my back.
Even though I stabbed you in it?
I was a bad cop.
We all do what we do, right?
I wasn't just giving
you a hard time earlier.
I really do hope your
daughter is doing well.
She was just an ankle
biter when I saw her last.
And what she's 17, 18 now?
She's 19.
19 and she's doing great.
Yeah, here she is.
Look at that.
- They do grow up fast, huh?
- Yeah.
I guess it's too late for me now.
I wouldn't say that.
Go in. Finish your time.
Get out. Keep your nose clean.
Still make some memories.
If those fries don't kill you first.
Yeah, it's not them I'm worried about.
- Don't talk like that.
- I know. I know.
You've made your position clear.
I made my own bed. Now I
get to lie in it, right?
You know, we should get going.
Sure thing, partner.
Before we hit the road,
one more thing I've got to do.
Are you serious?
Man, the pop's running right through me.
Come on, it'll just take a minute.
Okay. Let me see the cuffs.
This is a surprise. You trust me now?
Not quite.
You really think this is necessary?
I'm not taking my eyes off you again.
I can't go with an audience.
Yeah, well, don't worry about it.
I'm not watching what
you're doing, okay?
- Watson just hurry up, okay?
- Okay, okay.
Doing my best, all right?
Oh, hey. And uh
I just want to tell you
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry for what?
- How did you ?
- You left me no choice, partner.
Give me the key.
Or what? You'll shoot me?
Go ahead.
It'll be a lot quicker than what's
waiting for me at Corner Brook.
Okay, listen to me.
Okay, I'm telling you
right now, I can help you.
I know you'd try, Joe.
Because you're a decent guy.
Thanks for the hamburger.
Come on!
Hey, did you see a tall
guy come through here?
Blue jumpsuit?
Don't give us a reason.
Marty Knox.
Superintendent Donovan.
You're a long ways from home.
Ah, we're both slumming it today.
Blake Watson tends to drag a man down.
This doesn't need to get messy, Joe.
I just want Watson.
That makes two of us.
We could just waste him right here.
Then you'll never find Watson.
Pardon my partner, Joe.
He's new around here.
How are you going to build a career
if you waste a cop on a whim?
You only do that when it
becomes absolutely necessary.
Thank you for agreeing to
see me on such short notice.
Sure, sure. Come in, come in.
No problem. Um
So, what do you want
to talk to me about?
Right, yeah. I want to discuss with
you a case from a few years back.
A break, enter and theft
against one of the owners.
That was Mr. Clynburg.
Yes, that's right. And you were
the building manager at that time.
Yeah, still am. Look at me.
Moving up in the world.
Well, we've had some recent developments
and I would like to um
This music
Yeah, it's some jazz
compilation on vinyl
I picked up at a garage
sale. I'll turn it off.
No, no, that's okay. I like it.
Um you were saying you had
some new leads or something?
Yeah, yeah. I was hoping you
could show me around the building.
You know, maybe the unit
that Mr. Clynburg lived in
as well as the one that
belonged to Tammy Markov.
Of course, yeah.
- Great and you have keys to the units?
- Oh yeah.
Only the empty ones.
The locks are changed
when new owners move in.
But I'm sure they'd be happy
to let you have a look around.
And who cares if they're happy.
I'm the manager, right?
An old fishing shack in the woods, huh?
How come I can't see
any road on the map?
Because it's unmarked.
What makes you so sure
Watson didn't hightail it?
He's got no friends.
He's got no cash.
He's got no way of getting
a ticket off this island
without getting flagged.
That's how I know.
This better be the truth.
Look, I put myself out
on a limb with my bosses
in order to transport this guy myself.
Thought I was doing him a favour, and,
look where it got me.
I guess his loyalties
lie elsewhere, huh?
I guess so.
Man, you must be Brian Patrick's nephew.
How'd you know that?
Charming Irish personality.
Same weird taste in footwear.
One ham sandwich away
from a heart attack.
Yeah, you've got to be related.
But it looks like Watson crossed
your family as well as me.
So, I guess we've got
that in common, huh?
You're on your own, pal.
Watson's a friend of the family.
Thought he'd be excited to see us.
Instead, he gets all
squirrelly at the gas station.
The gas station?
Wait, so the fire wasn't an accident?
Oh, it's like having a trainee.
I'm too old for this I swear.
No need to tell him our life story Greg.
Looks like all of our
bosses are mad at us, huh?
Wait, guys, tell me the truth.
Which one of you do you think
your boss is going to hit first?
- Huh?
- Not me.
He's not your friend, Greg.
Greg, tell me. Look, the gas station
was supposed to be the pickup, right?
But Watson went with me instead.
So it looks to me
- like your family's losing clout.
- Oh, bull.
This guy spooked him.
Ah, don't worry about that. No.
See, because your uncle's
going to be really happy
with the fact that you guys
chose to puncture the radiator.
The radiator.
That is the best idea I've
heard in my entire life.
How far away is this cabin?
It's 90 minutes.
But you'll never find it without me.
And you don't live
if I decide otherwise.
Right foot.
That's left!
Okay. Close enough.
- Hey!
- Hey.
So how did it go? You find
anything useful at the crime scene?
I shouldn't have gone by myself.
I didn't find anything useful.
It is an eight-year-old
case for a reason, Jesse.
Yeah, but you know what
I was hoping to find
is just you know when a case emerges
and then suddenly everything
falls into place and
I don't know. That's
what I was looking for.
Uh Yeah, well, I wish
things worked that way.
Yeah. Yeah, this is Detective Hudson.
When was this?
Give me the address.
You know, if you keep coming
down here for little visits,
people are going to
start getting suspicious.
- What's wrong?
- It's Joe.
He's heading out to
Corner Brook today, right?
He was. He brought his car to a
garage and never came back for it.
The prisoner he was
transporting is also gone.
We should get out there.
Yeah, I chartered a flight
to an airstrip in the area.
There's a car waiting for us.
Don't worry. We'll find him.
- Rex will make sure of that.
- Yeah, that's what I'm counting on.
- Okay, let's go.
- Okay.
Come on, pal.
Hey, I've got a question.
What is it with Watson that makes
you want him dead so bad, huh?
- We don't want him dead.
- You don't?
Seems to me like your friend
Knox here certainly does.
What's he talking about?
Oh, wait.
Wait, that's why he took off.
He didn't expect you to be there.
I mean, I know that Watson has
crossed a lot of people in his life,
but it looks like you've
got a score to settle, man.
That better not be true man.
We have our orders.
Your uncle said to get the information
and help Watson disappear.
Yeah, disappear out of the country!
Yeah, that's one interpretation.
- It's the right interpretation!
- Hey.
Last time I'm going to tell you,
you're not here to think or talk!
You should have let me
shoot him back there.
No weapons. No phone.
If Watson's out there,
he'll lead us right to him.
You better be right.
I usually am.
I checked out the car.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
The mechanic says he didn't see
where Watson and Donovan went
after he brought the car into the shop.
Okay. Local police
are starting a search.
Find Joe. Track him.
What have you got there?
It's Camilla.
Good find, Rex. Joe must've
left this for us to find.
Whatever went down happened right here.
Well at least we know he was alive
and well enough to leave us a clue.
That's something.
Jesse, what have you got?
I accessed the GPS on Joe's car.
Looks like Joe made
another stop on the way
at a gas station just
off of highway seven.
Nothing out of the ordinary
about stopping for gas.
No, maybe not but I looked at the
footage from the gas station cameras
and ran the plates on the
other cars that were there.
There was one car in particular
that is registered to a company
associated to the Patrick family.
Mob boss Brian Patrick?
Jesse, get a APB out
on that car immediately.
Already on it.
- Hey!
- What the hell?
- Partner?
- Surprised to see me?
- No, not really.
- Yeah?
But I was hoping I'd
gotten through to you
and you wouldn't come after me.
Yeah, well then you don't
know me very well, do you?
Huh? And guess what?
I'm not the only
person coming after you.
Marty Knox is on his way too.
Yeah, that's right, partner!
You screwed up.
And this time you might
take me down with you.
Okay, okay.
Rex led me to these
in the men's bathroom
- cuffed to a pipe.
- Nice work.
- Jesse.
- Greg Patrick's car was spotted
parked on a side road about
90 minutes from your location.
Any visual on Joe or his prisoner?
No, no. Nothing reported
but I'll get those
coordinates to you right now.
Oh, along with some leads on
the music memorabilia theft.
Good job, Jesse. We're on our way.
Let's go.
Come on, pal.
Hey, man, how do you
know you weren't followed?
How do you propose we defend ourselves
against two armed gunmen?
Bestcase scenario is that we get lucky
and they don't even find this place.
Also my team is aware that I'm missing
and they're probably on the
hunt so, we just need to
hold tight for a couple of hours.
Yeah, don't count on it.
Knox is highly motivated.
Tell me something. What did you get
What did you get us into?
The gang leader I sold out in prison
has connections in Corner Brook.
So a prison transfer was
just delaying the inevitable.
So I contacted Brian Patrick, told
him I'd give him everything I had
on the cartels I was working
for when I got busted.
And in exchange, what? He helps
spring you during the prison transfer.
Right? Try to get you safe
passage out of the country?
That was the plan.
It all went out the
window when I saw Knox.
So why does Knox want you dead?
Uh, I may have conned him out
of two hundred and fifty Gs.
You may have?
I didn't know he was working
for Brian Patrick now.
Yeah, well when it comes to you,
I think Knox is working for himself.
Okay, so, listen, you can either
sit there and feel sorry for yourself
or you can help me.
With what?
We're going to make a
We're going to make an
early warning system.
Thanks for seeing me again.
Happy to help.
Did you need to have another look
at Mr. Clynburg's old condo?
No, actually, I wanted to
ask you about that record
you were playing earlier.
- The jazz compilation?
- Yes, that's the one.
And the arrangement was by
trumpet legend Clifford Brown.
But the only thing is that
that piece never actually
appeared on a compilation album.
- You're obviously mistaken.
- In fact,
it only appeared on vinyl once
due to a contract dispute
and it had a print run of
less than a thousand copies.
- What is this? What are you trying ?
- And of those thousand copies,
only 14 of which are known
to be still in circulation,
one of those was listed
as one of the stolen items
from Mr. Clynburg's collection.
- Is that so?
- Mm-hmm.
It's just such a coincidence how
you happen to own the
same rare and, oh, also,
insanely expensive album.
Unless your copy and Mr. Clynburg's copy
are one and the same.
How could I have robbed him?
I don't have a key.
- And he had an alarm system.
- Yes.
- But it wasn't activated Miss Harris.
- I couldn't have known that.
That's fair but you didn't actually need
to go through the front
door, did you? See
Mr. Clynburg's apartment
had a wall adjacent to yours.
So I'm betting, judging by
this phenomenal repair work
if I move your stove away from the wall,
we would just be able to go right
into Mr. Clynburg's apartment.
Isn't that right? Shall
we take a look Miss Harris?
Are you even a real cop?
I'm a special constable
assigned to this case.
What kind of cop doesn't carry a gun?
I mean, for all I know,
you're here to rob me.
I'm not.
A woman alone in her home
has a right to defend herself.
I could really use a drink.
Yeah. Yeah, you and me both.
It's a shame these are empty man.
Yeah, well, if they weren't they'd
probably be skunky by now so
Oh man, still better than
the toilet gin they serve at club Fed.
A toast.
To the old days.
Before it all went to hell.
To the old days.
You know man, I spent years blaming you
for everything that
went wrong in my life.
Well, the part of me
that's still your friend
can't help but feel guilty
for how I things went down.
I should have handled them differently.
- I should have protected you.
- Yeah, from myself.
No. Fact is, you're a good cop, Donny.
You did what you needed to do.
You know, I'm serious
about what I said before.
I can help you.
They found us.
- Stand back.
- Hey, hey. Maybe it's your guys?
No no. They would have
identified themselves.
Okay, listen, you need to
get out of here. Okay? Uh
I need you to keep your head down
and stay as far away from
St. John's as possible.
- What about you?
- I'll be fine. I'll create a distraction,
a diversion, give you
some time to escape, okay?
Just be safe.
- You sure?
- I'm sure.
You be safe, partner.
Go on.
Okay, okay. Okay.
Where's Watson?
He wasn't here when I got here.
I was just stalling for
time until I could get away.
Knox isn't here to keep
you alive this time.
Joe's phone and wallet are in the car.
- No sidearm?
- No.
Why abandon the car out
in the open like this?
Maybe that wasn't their intention.
Maybe they had to leave in a hurry.
One of the officers mentioned
they have a search team en route
but these woods are huge.
That's going to take some time.
Good thing we have our own
search team ready to go.
I'll take that wallet.
Hey, pal.
Get the scent.
Track it.
He's got something.
Just take it easy.
All right?
You don't want any of the heat
that comes with killing a cop.
Out here in the middle of
nowhere? Who's going to know?
You know, you should be thanking me.
You know that?
If you had found Watson already,
Knox would have shot him, killed him.
And what do you think, huh?
Do you think he's just going
to just going to let you run off
and rat him out to your uncle?
What do you mean?
Greg, come on. It
means he would kill you.
He'd kill you next.
You're just saying that to confuse me.
I'm done with you.
Nice shot!
Give me that rope!
I thought I told you to get out of here!
Yeah, when've I ever
listened to good sense?
Well, I've got to tell
you, it's good to see you.
I never thought I'd
hear you say that, man.
Isn't this a nice reunion.
Too bad I can't stick around.
We could talk about this.
Let's talk about this.
No, no, no. No. I
think I've heard enough.
Wait. Wait, wait.
It wasn't you who pawned
off the guitar, was it?
- Why do you say that?
- Well, I mean if it was, then,
you must have known the police
would be back to investigate.
You would have been more careful
to hide the stolen record.
Who were you working with?
Look, Miss Harris,
if you cooperate, I
mean, you can make a deal.
Probably get probation
instead of prison.
Why would you want to defend the person
foolish enough to lead the
police to your front door?
a good point.
It was Clynburg's son's idea.
He knew his dad was sick
and he didn't want
to see his inheritance
handed over to a museum.
Wait, so you gave him access
to his dad's unit through your kitchen.
He packed up everything
in here and left with it.
One of the other owners was
moving out at the same time.
So, no one noticed that
he was carrying out boxes.
What about the Clifford Brown record?
It's all I wanted.
You risked a lot for it.
The curse of being a collector.
Just, knowing I have it,
makes me feel like I've
accomplished something.
And if I didn't take it,
it would have been lost
to the world forever.
You know, Miss Harris, I
I still have to take you in.
I know.
Just give me a minute.
This is a long time coming, Watson.
I'm going to enjoy this.
But first,
you get to watch.
I'm going to make an
exception to my no cop policy
as a treat to me.
That's a bad move, Knox.
Bad career move. You said so yourself.
Except when Watson disappears,
it's going to look like he did it.
It's a sad story.
- Hey!
- Wow.
He just bought you ten
extra seconds of life.
What a bonus!
What the hell was that?
That's a friend of mine.
And I'd like to think that,
he's too close for your
coverup plan to work.
Right here.
Sarah, hey!
Didn't I tell you I'd
take a bullet for you?
Yeah, you told me.
Help's on the way.
The bullet didn't hit anything vital.
Okay, just keep pressure on it.
- Okay.
- See? Didn't I tell you I'd save your life?
Yeah, you told me.
Where the hell did that dog come from?
Good job, partner. Come on.
Yeah, Charlie. I cannot believe
you put this thing back out on the road.
Hard keeping it there.
Joe, you mind passing
me the torque wrench?
Torque wrench? Am I supposed
to know what that looks like?
Thank you, Rex.
So what happens with Watson?
Well, because of his
testimony against the Patricks,
the Crown should put him
in witness protection.
You help plant that idea with the Crown?
Yeah, well, he was my
former partner, Charlie.
If I don't have his back, who will?
Kind of like you had
my back today, huh, Rex?
And as for you,
I read your report.
I can't believe you went and
questioned a suspect without backup.
I did. Yeah, I did.
But I mean to be fair, you
did ask me to handle it.
Well, I'm proud of you.
You did good work.
Rex and I are going
to have to step it up
now that you're gunning for our jobs.
You know what? I give it
a couple of months tops.
What do you think Rex? You and me?
Hey, pal?
Next time on Hudson & Rex.
Can you tell me what's going on?
- You Katie Barrett?
- I'm her sister Toni London.
Miss London, we found a woman's hand
inside the Honest to Cod crate.
This was definitely someone she knew.
And wanted the person
opening it to find it just so.
Yeah, like a horse head in the bed.
Can you think of anybody
that might hold a grudge
against both your sister and yourself?
- Kevin Barrett.
- When was the last time you saw Katie?
- We're not together anymore.
- I say something to upset you?
Look, I don't know about her car
and I got nothing else to say to you.
- What's going on?
- My partner just found blood in your truck.
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