Hudson and Rex (2019) s06e05 Episode Script

Hero by Night

Congratulations on a
hard-fought victory.
It's your victory, Nick.
You should be proud!
Getting a will declared
invalid is no small feat.
Don't undersell yourself, Marcy.
Not every paralegal goes the extra mile.
We make a good team.
Yeah, not for much longer.
- Did I do something wrong?
You're wasting your talents chained
to a desk in a place like this.
It's time for you to fly free.
I put in a recommendation
with the partners.
- Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
It's long overdue.
You've earned it.
Well, this calls for a drink!
I can't.
I have to see one last client tonight.
I didn't see anything scheduled.
Well, this one is off
off the books.
Just a little favour for a friend.
Of course.
You do too much pro bono, Nick.
- Keep it up
and you'll put yourself
in an early grave.
Do you want me to call you a car?
No it's not that far. I'll just walk.
Good job.
- MUGGER: Your wallet!
No problem.
Just take it easy, okay?
- Hurry up!
- Hey, look.
If you need some help,
I know where you can find shelter.
- Who's there?
Is this some kind of joke?
I don't need your help.
It's okay. I got this.
- Hey. Good morning, Rex.
- Hey!
What are we looking at?
Well, dead male.
Stabbed once in the chest.
- Jogger found him at dawn.
- Yeah, we know who he is?
- Found this next to the body.
- Mm-hmm.
ID, cash.
A business card.
Nick Drummond, Attorney.
His office is just a
couple of blocks from here.
- What is it, partner?
Yeah, I see him.
- Who is he?
- I don't know
but Rex is picking up his scent.
Possibly from the murder weapon.
Yeah. Go, pal.
Excuse me.
Well, that's a new one.
But I didn't kill him!
Your prints are all
over the murder weapon.
I was just trying to scare the guy.
I needed money for
You were desperate.
- Maybe he wasn't cooperating?
- But he was!
There was another guy
jumped out of the bushes.
Another guy jumped out of the bushes
and used your knife to kill
the guy that you were mugging?
It sounds cuckoo bananas, I know,
but you haven't even
heard the half of it yet!
Try me.
This guy,
he was dressed in a superhero costume.
Okay? Like it's Halloween!
Mask and everything!
- Cool story. Let's get you booked.
- No, look!
I I'm telling you the truth, okay?
The guy scared the crap out of me.
I dropped the knife and ran! I swear!
We test your hands
and clothes for blood,
we're not going to find anything?
Good idea! Yeah.
Nice one!
So, you believe him?
Yeah, why would somebody
dress up as a superhero
in a city park on a Tuesday night?
Right, so, the mugger made it up.
- SARAH: Charlie.
- Well
SARAH: The knife went
through the sternum,
directly into the victim's heart
and that would have
taken a lot of strength.
Our guy is definitely not that fit.
Okay, all right. So, we
look into the superhero thing
but we hold him in the meantime.
Okay, well, I will check
security cameras in the area.
- See if any masked avengers show up.
- Yeah.
We'll visit Nick's firm.
If it wasn't a mugging, maybe
they know someone who had motive.
Lawyers have a lot of enemies.
I can think of a few who've
made an enemy out of me.
Come on, pal. Let's go.
MARCY: I was just his paralegal, but,
Nick was a genuinely good person.
Do you know how rare that is?
I do.
Can you think of anyone who
might've wanted to hurt him?
Everyone liked him!
Can you tell me what time
Nick left the office yesterday?
Just after ten.
He walked me out.
Any idea why he might
have gone to the park?
He told me he was
going to meet a client.
That's that's pretty late.
He said the client kept odd hours.
You have a name?
He didn't tell me.
And you won't find it
in his calendar either.
The partners think he
does too much pro bono work.
He tries to keep it off the
books as much as possible.
Well, I'm still going to need
to take a look at that calendar.
Of course. Anything you need.
- Ohh.
Oh, there was a superhero!
You found him?
There was a security cam
a block away from the
west entrance to the park.
I can see the victim walking here.
And a little bit behind him
- There. You see?
Wait. Zoom in.
The symbol on the costume. What is that?
Moon and stars. I don't know it.
Hold on. Look up the Night Keeper.
Night Keeper.
NIGHT KEEPER: That brings us to the end
of another crime busting feature.
And with justice served once more,
this is your host, the
Night Keeper saying
stay on the straight
and narrow, my friends
or the next criminal
we hunt in the dark,
just might be you!
- What did I just watch?
The Night Keeper.
He used to host the late night
movie feature on local cable television.
The Night Keeper.
Played by Chip Bellamy.
He retired the character when
the TV station changed formats in '95.
Or did he?
- Let Charlie know.
- Okay.
Can I help you?
I'm looking for Chip Bellamy.
Oh, he's resting right now.
Maybe you can come back later?
I'm Detective Hudson. SJPD.
It's important I talk to him
now. Are you his wife?
No, I am his caregiver. Ramona Escareno.
I'll let him know he has a visitor.
Please come in.
Good afternoon, Detective.
CHARLIE: Mr. Bellamy.
I hope I didn't keep
you waiting too long.
I have great respect
for the law enforcement.
How can I help you?
Well, there was an attack in
Harbourside Park last night.
A man was killed.
Oh, that's dreadful news!
- Who is it?
- A lawyer, Nick Drummond.
Do you know him?
Uh The name sounds familiar
but I suppose it's because
I've spent so many years
in high-end real estate
that I've dealt with my
fair share of lawyers.
Yeah, can you account for
your whereabouts last night
- between 9:00 and 11:00 PM?
- Certainly.
I was here at home.
My housekeeper Ramona,
can attest to that.
Why do you ask?
We believe that the killer
was wearing a costume,
one that you would be familiar with.
Night Keeper?
I'm afraid I can't help you.
You'll have to leave.
Sorry, some days are better than others
but I can confirm he
was with me last night.
You said that you're his caregiver
but he called you his housekeeper.
He doesn't like to believe
he needs a caregiver.
He seems like he's in good health.
Physically, yes.
But he has Delusional Disorder.
What kind of delusions does he have?
Well, he believes his secret identity
is a character he used to play on TV.
He wasn't always like this.
A few years ago, Chip and his wife
went out for a walk in the park.
There was a shooting nearby.
Chip's wife got killed.
He's never been the same.
I remember hearing about this.
She was hit by a stray bullet.
The doctors believe the
trauma triggered the disorder.
What about the Night Keeper costume?
- You ever see him wearing that?
- No.
A man came around a few months ago
wanting to buy some old
memorabilia for the show.
Chip told him he
didn't have the costume anymore.
Do you remember the man?
He left his card.
He said he wanted to do a reboot
of the show for a new generation.
I remember because it
upset Chip for days.
He gets confused when people
refer to the Night Keeper
as a fictional character.
To him, it's real.
- You mind if I hang on to this?
- Sure.
HAL: Excuse me.
Can I help you?
Detective Charlie Hudson. SJPD.
Hal Bellamy.
- Chip's nephew.
- Oh.
What's this about?
Well, your uncle is a person
of interest in an investigation.
You should know that my
uncle's not a well man.
Ramona explained everything
to me. We'll tread lightly
- but I have a duty to investigate.
- No, no, no, no, no.
I have the power of attorney
and a responsibility to his health.
Police could be traumatizing for him.
I'm trying to keep him in the house
and not in an institution.
Okay? You have a good day though.
Same to you.
Yeah, I don't care for
him too much either, pal.
I've had some experience
with Delusional Disorder.
So, it is possible that he
thinks he's the character
that he used to play on TV?
The trauma of seeing his wife killed
could trigger psychosis, yeah.
I need to know if it's an act.
Well, Charlie, I'd need
to spend some time with him
to make an evaluation. Um,
how's first thing tomorrow?
I'll let the caregiver
know you're coming.
Okay, great! I'll see
you at dinner tonight?
We're going to be a little bit late.
One more stop to make.
- Slide slide ♪
We're on a slippery ride ♪
Slide slide ♪
- Baby it's you and I ♪
- Slide slide ♪
- Bader Gorley?
We're on a slippery ride ♪
- You mind?
- Slide ♪
That's me.
I need to ask you a few questions.
Hit me.
Hold that thought.
Looks like my partner has
some questions of his own.
What's he looking for?
Funny you should ask.
Where did this costume come from?
I won it at an auction
when the channel finally
let it go a few years back.
Bidding went pretty high.
But it's worth it to me.
Worn on camera by Chip Bellamy himself!
Came with a certificate of authenticity!
Wow, you're a real fan, huh?
Of Night Keeper?
Heaven, yeah! As a kid,
seeing a superhero who looked like me?
It was special!
- Hmm.
- But,
what does this have to do with the cops?
A suit just like this
was worn in the commission
of a violent crime last night.
What? That makes no sense.
The Night Keeper fought for justice.
Yet a man is dead.
Well, if they were really
posing as the Night Keeper,
they have no respect for the character.
So, not you or this suit?
No way!
I haven't taken it out of
the case since I got it.
It's display only.
I heard that you paid
Chip Bellamy a visit
asking permission to use his character.
Night Keeper was ahead of its time.
These days, superheroes
dominate the market.
The Night Keeper is
an original character
and it's begging for a reboot.
With you as the lead?
And I've been working on the voice too.
Stay on the straight
and narrow, my friends,
or the next criminal I hunt in the dark
might just be you!
Not bad, right?
I don't think Chip loved
the idea of a reboot though.
I bumped into him a few years back
and we got really friendly.
He loved talking about the old days.
But, um,
he's totally changed.
It was like he didn't even remember me
the last time I saw him.
Can you tell me where
you were last night?
Watching a hockey game at O'Reilly's.
There were six of us.
And the bartender's a friend of mine.
RAMONA: I've explained
to Chip why you're here
but don't be surprised
if he doesn't remember.
Well, delusional
disorder would prevent him
from retaining information
that doesn't fit
the narrative he's created.
I'm glad you understand.
Is he on any antipsychotic medications?
A daily neuroleptic
to stabilize his mood.
Does he ever get violent?
Not that I've seen.
He gets occasional bouts of
temper when he gets confused.
How often does he leave the house?
A few times a week.
He likes to go in the evening.
He calls it his neighbourhood patrol,
keeping an eye out for trouble
but really it's just a walk.
And you go with him?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
He's quite independent
despite his illness.
Here we are.
Mr. Bellamy. I'm, um,
I'm Sarah Truong. It's
very nice to meet you.
I'm not in the mood for
visitors today, Ramona.
Please show her out.
Chip, we talked about this.
Let me.
Mr. Bellamy. I, uh
I understand that you have
an affinity for crime solving.
I'm the Head of Forensics with SJPD.
I was wondering if you would consider
sitting down with me for a chat?
I actually could really use your help
with a case that I'm working on.
I would love to!
Please, call me Chip.
Thank you.
JESSE: Hey boss, you have a minute?
- Yeah.
- Okay, so, working backwards
through the victim Nick
Drummond's case files,
I found a case that connects
Nick to Chip Bellamy.
How so?
So, we know that Chip's wife was killed
by a stray bullet in the park, right?
Yeah, Diane Bellamy.
We charged a 22-year old biker, Spivey.
Yeah, Will Spivey. That's right.
Nick was his defense lawyer.
Yeah, but they won.
Spivey was acquitted.
Maybe Chip wasn't
happy with that outcome.
MARCY: I remember the Spivey case.
Nick mounted a good defense, of course.
But Spivey was headed for conviction
until the victim's
husband took the stand.
- Um, Chip something
- Chip Bellamy.
That's it.
He was the eyewitness.
But he testified that
Spivey had targeted his wife
because he knew his secret identity.
He sounded crazy.
His ID on the shooter wasn't credible.
That's why Spivey wasn't convicted.
Is it possible that Chip blamed Nick?
Something he did during
cross examination set him off?
No, he said all this
during direct testimony.
The defense didn't even
have a chance to cross.
Nick felt sorry for Chip.
He tried to help him out
when the trial was over.
Is it possible
that Nick went to go meet
Chip the night that he died?
He did say the client was a friend.
He could have meant Chip.
You have a lovely home, Chip.
- Thank you.
Homes are my business.
Real estate isn't
your only job though, is it?
I don't know what you mean.
You have a reputation among
law enforcement professionals.
Or maybe I'm being silly.
Maybe it's just rumours.
Well, what have you heard?
I've heard that
you're the Night Keeper!
If I were
we'd have to keep this
between us, you understand?
She can't be trusted!
Who do you mean? Your wife?
The housekeeper.
So, you think Nick
specifically went to the park
to meet up with Chip?
That's my theory.
The question is why were they meeting?
And did Chip have a motive to kill him?
Well, maybe there isn't a reason.
Chip has displaying
classic signs of paranoia.
He thinks his caregiver
is out to get him.
Yeah, I'm heading back now.
I'll catch up with you
back at the station.
- Yeah, sounds good.
I'm getting another call.
- Hey, Jesse, on my way back now.
Wait, Charlie. Are you still downtown?
- Yeah, why?
- Someone is live-streaming
an armed robbery in progress
at the Little Bee
convenience store on Belmont.
A person in a Night Keeper costume
has confronted the gunman.
I'm not sure why he's out
in the middle of the day.
- Okay, we're on our way.
Hang on, pal.
No selfies, please.
Cops weren't a part of the deal!
What are you talking about deal?
He was supposed to let me get away!
Look, I was paid to
pretend to rob the place.
The guy gave me that.
Look at it!
It's a prop!
- What guy?
- The masked superfreak.
After he tied me up,
he posed for the cameras
and took off that way!
Rex, go!
I wouldn't.
Bader Gorley.
I had nothing to do with any murder.
And yet there you were
in the costume you told
me that you never wear!
I had to!
- Because of the murder!
- What are you talking about?
- Look, the Night Keeper,
he's a hero, not a villain!
He's a champion of the little guy
not a cold blooded killer!
The people, they needed to see that.
You're telling me that
you staged an armed robbery
to protect the reputation
of a fictional character?
it sound worse than it is.
The actor you hired is
probably going to see jail time!
He took my money. He knew the risk!
I don't think you understand
how much trouble you're in.
Look, I'm sorry.
Okay, it won't happen again, I promise.
But can I get my suit back?
It means a lot to me.
Your suit is with forensics.
And I hope for your sake that
Nick Drummond's blood isn't on it.
No trace of blood on the costume.
Well, with nothing connecting
Bader to the murder,
we're going to have no choice
but to release him for now.
What about the other charges?
Ah, it's Public Mischief.
He'll get a court date.
JESSE: Well, he got what he wanted.
Night Keeper is a hashtag now.
As long as he keeps his
hashtags away from this case.
Yeah, you got anything on Chip?
I'm heading back today.
Do you think he's capable of murder?
He believes his delusions are truth
and that can be dangerous
but he does seem
driven to help people, not hurt them.
Last night you mentioned paranoia.
Yeah, he seems to believe
that his caregiver, Ramona,
has been placed there to spy on him.
It could fit with the delusion.
Jesse, you did the
background check on her right?
Yeah, yeah I did. There's nothing
in her background or job history
to suggest she's anything but
a consummate professional.
Okay, well, I've got to go see Chip now.
- You be safe, right?
- Of course.
But, you know, so far,
he's been friendly.
Well, he was also friendly
with Nick Drummond.
Didn't turn out too well for Nick.
Nice to see you again, Chip.
I've been looking forward to it.
So, have I.
It's such a nice day. Why
don't we go for a walk?
Young lady, you read my mind.
I know a wonderful park nearby.
Sorry to interrupt.
We were just going out.
To the park.
Oh, lovely!
Chip, your pill, before you go.
Ah, yes.
My daily vitamin.
Keeps the bones strong
and the blood pumping.
Charlie, take a look at this!
What is it?
Okay, so, that's the costume from
the night of the murder, right?
That's Bader's.
The symbols are slightly
different in design.
So, this is likely not the
suit that the killer wore.
Well, I've looked at
a few of these videos
and this is the version from the show
and it is the one that Bader owns.
Bader said that it was authentic.
So, where did this other one come from?
Could be fan-made?
I mean no IP is too obscure
when it comes to cosplay.
Yeah, but why would you go
to all the trouble to recreate
this entire suit in perfect detail
only to get it wrong on the symbol?
The pills Ramona gives me.
They play cruel tricks with my memories.
You've stopped taking them?
Well, I need to know my own mind.
I can't have someone
else take control of it.
Is that what you think
Ramona's trying to do?
Ramona and my nephew Hal.
They've both turned against me.
Dies ira, dies illa ♪
First you arrest me.
And now you want my help?
May win you some bonus
points with the judge.
What I want
is for my suit to go
back where it belongs.
Behind glass.
Yeah, so, I'm guessing you
want us to close this case
so we can release the evidence?
You ever see this version of
the Night Keeper symbol before?
Heaven, yeah.
That's the prototype.
Chip designed it himself.
The studio changed it slightly
when the show got picked up
so the star popped on camera.
How do you know all this?
Chip gave me the history
when I first met him.
I told him that I had the original suit.
He told me it wasn't the true original.
At the time, Chip had the suit
that he designed? You saw it?
That was about three years ago.
Not long before his wife died.
His caregiver told me that
he never kept the suit from the show.
All I know is,
he sure seemed to love it then.
This is a beautiful park.
I come here to clear my mind.
But lately, that's been a challenge.
Because you're suspicious
of Ramona and Hal?
Are they not following
your doctor's orders
by giving you that medication?
Ah, they do what suits them.
You be careful and keep an eye on them.
But don't let them catch you doing it.
What do you think they'd do?
They'd come after you too!
But if they do, I'll protect you.
- Like The Night Keeper?
Do you think the Night
Keeper would ever hurt anyone?
Not if it can be helped.
And if it can't?
The police can only do so
much to keep people safe.
They have rules and protocols
that must be followed.
A true hero has no such limitations.
What about a moral code?
Self-imposed restrictions only
hinder the pursuit of justice.
Those who would do harm to others
must be dealt with quickly and harshly
to protect the innocent.
HAL: If Uncle Chip kept anything
from his time on that show,
I'm sure I would have seen it.
- What if he keeps it hidden?
- Why would he do that?
Well, if Chip believes
that he's the Night Keeper,
keeping his costume
and his identity secret
could be part of his delusion.
Batman is Bruce Wayne
and well the Night
Keeper is Chip Bellamy.
Even if that's true, which I doubt,
this is a big house.
Yeah, that's why I asked you to come.
The house is still under Chip's name
but you have power of attorney.
So, I need your consent
to conduct a search.
And what if I deny your request?
I'll come back with a warrant.
Go ahead.
- Waste your time. I don't care.
Uncle Chip didn't commit a murder.
So, why would his
scent be on that knife?
It's not Chip's scent I'm
looking for. It's Nick Drummond's.
- Track it.
What's this room?
Chip's private study.
That sounds like a good place to start.
I had no idea.
CHIP: That's private!
You have no right to be in here!
I'm sorry, Uncle Chip.
- You know
- It's okay, Detective Hudson only wants to help.
Blood on the gloves.
And if Rex is right,
it's probably Nick Drummond's.
Did you get the confession?
Chip is adamant he wasn't in the park
the night Nick Drummond was killed.
Yeah but Nick's blood
is all over the gloves.
Chip's DNA is all over the costume.
Yeah but that's all circumstantial
until we prove that the
knife was in his hand.
Do you think he's capable?
I think he's capable of violence
if he felt it was needed
to protect someone.
- DONOVAN: We can't release him.
Yeah, but he should be
in a hospital, not a cell.
Yeah, I agree.
Great, I can facilitate his transfer.
- Good, do it.
- Okay.
CHARLIE: Chip doesn't have a motive.
Not a single one that
fit with his delusion.
Nick was a good guy.
He's not protecting
anybody by killing him.
Yeah, there may not be a reason.
I don't know. I don't buy that.
Chip thinks he's the Night Keeper.
The Night Keeper is a hero.
There's got to be
something else at play.
JESSE: You know what? I was
able to get into Nick's voicemail.
Chip left him a message two
days before Nick was killed.
Chip doesn't have a cell phone.
He called from his landline?
I was able to trace
it to a burner phone.
- Here's the message.
NIGHT KEEPER: It's me. We need to meet.
Let's meet at the usual place.
He's doing the Night Keeper voice.
Except that's not the Night Keeper.
It's somebody doing
an impersonation. Rex.
BADER: You know, I have
a spare room I can rent you.
It'll save you and your
friend some gas money.
I've got something for you.
Search warrant.
- Looking for what?
- A burner phone.
The one you used to lure
Nick Drummond to the park.
- NIGHT KEEPER: It's me.
We need to meet.
Let's meet at the usual place.
Okay. Look
Look, yes I made the call.
But I never met this Nick guy
and I sure didn't kill him.
It was just to seal the deal.
What deal?
I'm not supposed to talk about it
until the paperwork's drawn up but,
Chip was finally considering
selling me the Night Keeper rights.
And what does this this
have to do with Nick?
Apparently the lawyer
thought it was a bad move.
That call was to prove to
Nick that I could do the voice.
To convince him
that the Night Keeper,
the Night Keeper was in the right hands.
Chip told you this himself?
I haven't spoken to him yet.
But Ramona,
she told me everything.
Hey Sarah, you got something?
Yeah, I got results
on Chip's medication.
It's a sugar pill. A placebo.
Wait, so even when he was on
his medication, he was off it?
- Exactly.
- Thank you.
That's great.
RAMONA: I never imagined
Chip would hurt anyone.
So, you tricked Bader
into impersonating Chip
so you could set up a
meeting with Nick at the park.
- Yes.
- Why?
A few months ago,
I caught Chip leaving
the house late at night
wearing the Night Keeper costume.
I was worried he was going to get hurt.
When I asked him to stop, he got angry.
He told me he would be
contacting his lawyer
to discuss my dismissal.
So, in other words, you're saying
you did know he had the suit
and that he was trying to fire you.
I just wanted his lawyer
to know he was sick.
I just wanted him to understand
I only had Chip's best
interests at heart.
Best interests.
Why did you switch out his
medication for placebos?
Chip would refuse his medication.
But I was the only one
who could see the effects.
The placebo was to be sure
everyone else could
see he was truly ill.
Hmm. How did you get Chip to the park
in the suit no less?
I made up a story about
a crime in progress.
I knew Chip could not resist helping.
Still, I didn't think
it would go this far.
Chip's delusions have more in
common with reality than that story.
I agree. She's definitely lying.
- But why? And who is she protecting?
How did he get past security?
Okay, fine.
That was Waterford Hospital.
Chip stole a key card from a doctor
and was able to leave the facility.
- Resourceful!
- Yeah.
You know, Charlie, check the house.
And take Sarah with
you. They have a rapport.
- She'll be able to calm him down.
- You got it.
You here? It's Sarah Truong.
Oh no.
It's Hal. He's alive.
SARAH: Paramedics are on their way.
Not really necessary, but thank you.
SARAH: Did Chip do this?
I came to get him
clothes for the hospital
and then suddenly he showed up here.
Was he agitated when he arrived?
I don't think so. He seemed to agree
when I told him that we had
to go back to the hospital.
- Then, I turned my back and
- CHARLIE: All right.
We checked the whole
house. He's not here.
He likes the park down the road.
He took me there before.
Worth a shot, once the
paramedics get here.
No, don't wait for me.
I'll be fine.
Just please, find my uncle.
There has got to be something.
Yeah, even if there is, it's
beyond my skill set to find it.
And I don't want to brag but my
skill set is pretty darn high.
- Jesse.
- The point is that Ramona's record
is squeaky clean. No
bumps in her job history
and she seems like a pretty good mom.
- Hold on, she has a kid?
- Yeah, yeah.
A sixteen-year-old son lives
with her parents in Mexico.
She sends them a chunk of
her salary every month.
She's applying for a visa
so that he can go to
university here next year.
So, she put that all at risk
getting involved in this.
Lots of ground to cover.
- We should split up.
- Yeah, that's agreed.
- You take Rex.
- No, Chip won't hurt me.
No, we can't take that chance. Look,
if you see him, then
just make sure you call me
- before you approach him, okay?
- Okay.
Come on Rex, let's go!
I told the detective everything I know.
Not everything.
You didn't mention your son.
We know you've been
trying to bring him here.
The question is why
would you risk everything
that you'd been working towards?
He didn't give me a choice!
He who?
He said that if I didn't cooperate,
he'd fire me.
He'd spread lies about me.
I would lose my nursing license.
My son wouldn't be
able to come to Canada.
Are you willing to testify
that Hal set Chip up to kill Nick?
Chip didn't kill anyone.
He was home.
I didn't lie about that.
I wouldn't have done it
if I knew what Hal was planning to do.
You messed everything up.
- SARAH: Hey, Joe.
- Sarah.
Is Charlie with you?
He's not picking up.
We split up to cover more ground.
You need to find him.
Why, what's happening?
Look, it wasn't Chip who killed Nick.
- It was Hal.
- Wait, the nephew?
He knows that we came
here looking for Chip.
Okay, listen Sarah, I'm
sending backup your way, okay?
Be careful.
I've got to go! Rex is on the move!
What's your end game now?
Finish what I started.
The whole Chip thing, obviously.
Chip didn't kill Nick.
It was you in the costume.
You were using your power of
attorney to spend all his money.
You know, he was going
to make Nick Drummond
his legal representative.
And Nick would find out that
you were stealing from Chip.
Okay, shut up and let me think.
You better hurry. My partner's coming.
You know, you had my Uncle
Chip in custody for murder.
All you had to do was
literally lock him up!
Doesn't work that way.
- Well, you only have yourself to blame.
No one else has to die!
And what exactly are
you going to do about it?
You couldn't even save your own wife.
You remember that?
- Remember Auntie?
- Don't.
Don't move.
You okay?
Getting there.
Chip saved my life.
With a little assistance
from your partner.
Nice working with you, Rex.
Are you all right, Night Keeper?
I told you, the park
was under my protection.
solemn duty I can't refuse
watching for those who believe
the dark will wash away their misdeeds.
Even now, I cannot rest.
It is still an hour until sunrise.
- DIRECTOR: And cut!
You know what? I was skeptical at first
but Bader's reboot looks pretty good.
I'm surprised Chip wasn't here today.
- Anyone hear how he's doing?
- Yeah, I talked to his doctor.
They've got his meds straightened out
- and I think he's turned a corner.
- Ah, that's good to hear.
- He's been through a lot.
- Yeah, well, he's not the only one.
I mean, Ramona had
her nursing license suspended.
And for what?
Hal Bellamy's greed.
I hope this doesn't affect her
ability to bring her son here.
Well, it's okay. I made
a couple of phone calls.
- Oh, you old softie.
- Yeah, well
The Night Keeper would be proud.
You know, it's a shame we
don't all have super powers.
It would make our job a lot easier.
- Oh, who says we don't?
I've got my super power right here.
Good boy.
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